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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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s me. even in morning, a new one. mike says that it is going to be a chilly friday. you know, 40s -ish. up. ben: police arrest a man who they say randomly slashed a woman on a chelsea street. the woman was on her way to work when the attack occurred.
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the catalyst, china and whale. ben: former mets catcher being inducted into the hall of fame. he is the strongest catcher. juliet: love it. very happy for him. ben: is this thursday, january 7, 2016. thank you for being here. juliet: maybe friday. ben: i had suggested lunch. i had been -- over the. we said that we could cook lunch. juliet: can we make it a nice evening out? ben: we can. i said that i might have to make
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mike: he has a young one. juliet: no fruit about what they may see. [laughter] mike: let's get you open out the door here. today into tomorrow. sun." it does get very chilly up night. we have rain coming to us here. the rain looks like it could be pretty heavy at times. milder temperatures. cold weather back behind that. we have 32 degrees out at central park. twenty-nine and montauk.
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five-10 degrees warmer. there will be some high clouds around the tri-state region. that is about it. tomorrow, or cloud cover love cover things to the area of low pressure. working their way into our general direction. things are still looking drive. today, mainly clear skies. high clouds by 8:00 a.m. 44 degrees. still some high clouds in the area. the average guy for today is 38 degrees. the clubs will start to increase as we head into tomorrow. tomorrow your high temperature gets up to 43. it looks pretty solid for you on sunday. rain could be heavy at times. guys out for you as we go into
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let's get over to ines rosales. she has an eye on the roads and rails. ines: the commute this morning, not to that of all right. no problems with the southern state or the northern state parkway. the parkway, 287, smooth sailing. the coast is clear both ways. the major deegan, construction delays starting to ease out. just cleared away construction. northbound side, no problems. 495 headed towards the lincoln tunnel. five-minute delay. all the trains are running on a close. street cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: police nabbed the man they say randomly slashed a girl and chelsea.
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good morning, robert. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect is still here at the 13th precinct. he will be walked out at some point later this morning. expecting that to happen around nine. he is charged with felony assault. he is responsible for terrorizing this young woman who was simply walking to work. police say the 41-year-old approaches fichte and randomly slashed her on the left side of her face. the chilling attack happened on her way to chelsey. she posted pictures of her injuries on facebook. she wrote that she had never seen him before, but had a bad feeling immediately when she encountered him.
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officers. he told them what happened into was arrested. he was arrested more than a week ago. yesterday, it comes amid a state of seemingly random unprovoked slashings around the city. a chinese exchange student was walking to school in whitestone. a man / her. he has not been arrested. he left a note on a vandalized car. he promised for slashing the wrong click, but promised to return to get his thick dome. they have not made any arrests in that case. now back to yesterday's attack and chelsea. she was taken to bellevue hospital. she receives seven stitches and
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we mentioned her facebook page. i was just on that page. she said it is important to trust your gut. even in a safe neighborhood like chelsea, always be alert and aware of your surroundings. that is the latest in gramercy this morning. back to you. juliet: thank you very much. so disturbing. a gruesome discovery in the bronx. a father is accused of killing his pregnant daughter and bearing her in their home. ben: that is the 61-year-old. he has been charged with murder now. cadaver dogs found the body of his daughter. she was five months pregnant. she had been missing since sunday.
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second mortgage on the home. her father had given that money to someone else. juliet: a day care center. he was keeping the books on it. the suspect wanted in the murder of fabric donald's manager has come forward. gonzales was caught on surveillance video after the murder. garcia was escorting gonzales out of the mcdonald's when he stabbed him in the back. the suspect was a regular at the restaurant. trading on the chinese stock market was halted. ben: the shanghai composite index was shut down just 30 minutes into trading today. tumbled more than 7%.
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in on monday. rattling other asian markets. fueled in part over fears of china's economic slowdown, plunging oil prices and the test by north korea. apparently, it is finally going to happen. penn station. it really is the worst train station between dc and boston. juliet: governor cuomo. we talked about that yesterday. a new $3 billion plan to renovate the station. moving across the street to the old post office. ben: it is so nice. juliet: it is about time. we developed. the project is expected to take three years. cuomo says it will be paid for by private funds. ben: madison square garden.
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worth it. were they just fancy up the entrance? juliet: that is kind of how it sounds. surely, they would not do that. ben: a billion goes a long way. juliet: nodded new york city i don't think it does. ben: all right. former new york mets. finally getting the call he has been waiting for. the call from the hall of fame. juliet: he was allowed to yesterday. on the ballot for times, actually. the ceremony will take place july 24. he was a 12 time all-star with the mets and dodgers.
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history with 427 career home runs. ben: the lowest draftees ever inducted into the hall of fame. juliet: they did not know what they were doing back then, apparently. duke will have more coming up in sports. ben: good for him. we still have a lot more to come. the first-ever bluetooth pregnancy test. why we need that, i don't know. juliet: i don't understand, but we will tell you in a minute. mike. mike: another cool day out there. it is starting to get better. a little more doable. still freezing in central park. there will be some high clouds. still feeling a little bit chilly. the average high is 44 degrees. forecast information on your phone. all broken down for you.
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ben: i have heard it both ways. juliet: we should ask him what he says. piazzolla. he used loaded now, two. he played professional baseball. they were rich before. just in case you did not know. ben: i have some trivia right >> 1996. we remember it well.
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ben: i was in high school. mike: the six through the eighth, the sixth biggest new york city snowstorm. twenty years ago today. we need some. it is just not really shaping up for us. we have 32 degrees out at central heart. northwest wind. checking in at 12 degrees. staten island. we are looking at a mainly clear
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we will keep it mainly clear throughout the day today. we will eventually swing up this way. the showers do not kick in until saturday. dave picked up even more so late saturday into sunday. sunday looks like it could be a soaker. get ready for that. sunday looks like it will be pretty wet. let's bring in my nest. let's see what she's got.
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traveling into new jersey. over by deer park avenue, you are fine. george washington bridge, upper level. the lower level, there is a tractor-trailer. it did not belong there. this is causing delays. lower level, not too bad. the holland tunnel, five-10. ben: thank you very much. more powerful for chapultepec. juliet: this is a strange situation here. a grand jury subpoena. the criminal presence is looking into how the company handled the moral fire us outbreak at that
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several reports of tainted food. the sales dropped 30% in december alone. ben: it disappointing holiday sales. the chain says it will / 4800 jobs after sales fell 5% over the last few months. they include two stores in the tri-state area. juliet: uber. everyone is taking uber. a couple pennies to them, really. up until late 2014, the car service at eight shield locator at. kind of spy on the people that were in the car. the customers.
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celebrities. it displayed the current location of the customer. attorney general eric schneiderman said abuse would affect customer privacy. the uber says it is deeply committed to protecting writer privacy. >> an employee could sell that information. juliet: exactly. you get a new cell phone and people start, oh, let's look at this cell phone number. ben: the first ever bluetooth pregnancy test. juliet: the companion app on the phone.
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working properly. combing the test-taker's nerves. there is also going to be an alert. ben: be careful what you say there. come. nobody one last night. a gigantic powerball.
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>> expect more long lines at your deli in vegas. juliet: the payout was good. $675 million. ben: i think that it is going to be 750. juliet: carried through is on the upper east side. for poor we could be making history saturday night. the powerball tab pop. $675 million. people are already here.
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you have to be in it to win it. 656 million. nobody purchased a winning ticket last night. the jack how was the sixth largest of all time. a powerball of 17. there were tickets in new york and connecticut. those are worth about $1 million each. the job but has now gone untouched for 18 drawings. we are talking with those getting powerball fever. number? what would you do with it? >> it is unbelievable. begin. >> that is a lot of money.
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i will play just in case. >> reporter: $675 million. if you win, it would be just over $413 million if you take the cash option. it would equal a little over $10 million each. i will send it back to you guys in the studio. ben: $10 million. juliet: you'll have to go around the rest of us for that. we have hurricane news. >> new york city's first medical marijuana dispensary opens today. juliet: seriously recommended by doctor. we will tell you about it coming
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juliet: good morning. sam over there is having a meltdown. mike says, it will be chilly with a mix of sun and clouds to end the week. >> at least it is warm. >> ines and i disagree with you on that one. telling us about a very big accident. the catalyst, according to the experts, china and loyola. juliet: new york city first medical marijuana dispensaries set to open.
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note. ben: let's check the forecast at 6:30 a.m. we were talking about it. lots of people were tweeting about it. i called the creator of the show. he called me back. it is like the coolest thing ever. it is so cool. it is very high on my list. it is cold outside. still pretty cool. we do have mainly clear skies around the tri-state region. that is what we will keep around
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cloudy skies. sunday looks to be pretty wet. there is a rain / snow mix. >> good morning. all lanes are closed. the fire department on scene. that car pretty much standing on its front side there. it looks like a two or three car pileup. a lot of firefighters on scene unit this is why they shut down the gowanus. traveling eastbound, you do have a lane closed. let's actually go towards our cameras and show you the
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this is the westbound side. there is the verrazano. duvets way beyond the felt merge there. northbound express only. ben and juliet. ben: new york city's first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open today. juliet: joined by a special guest. >> that is the exact opposite. why can't you just roll up here and get a joint. you cannot do that. there is a major social security system in place. it is just beyond the cameras. that is how strict this is with
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and the fact there is where you will see licensed pharmacist that will be able to give you your medical marijuana. i want to introduce you to one of the people that is making this possible. good morning to you. this is a very controversial issue. first, let's talk about how it actually works inside your clinic. >> sure. they come into a waiting area, as you mentioned. they will have a one-on-one interaction. go through an educational process that can either be done in private were on the floor itself.
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can someone get a rowdy here? can they get a bag of weed? >> a great deal of care. the first product that we will be offering will be a naturally extract the product. we will also be offering capsules. >> where is this stuff growing? where is it fixed? how did it get here to this clinic? >> we have repurchased. it is an incredibly advanced facility. for poor we do not need to tell people what will happen. will you have the same effect taking a capsule, vaporizing it or putting it under your tongue?
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alternately. >> those are people who are looking to live normal lives. they are not trying to have a good time. we should not take of it as something like they're happy fact there. >> how do you ensure that there is no abuse of this? >> the partnership. educating and certifying physicians. the state works very closely with us. >> it seems by and large to kind
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what else do you want people to know? this does not seem like the place that you really want to be. if you are here, it seems to suggest that you have a very serious illness. >> a sense of community. we really try to embody those principles. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. best of luck. fox means business. good morning. >> good morning. bad morning. imagine going into work on wall street. walking into the new york stock exchange.
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the chinese stock markets closed. the circuit breakers were triggered. it is kind of a panic. it is what we are seeing today. here in the u.s., you have a 401(k). you are losing two or 3%. this is the second day in just four days that the chinese stock markets have closed early. is the second largest economy in the world. slowing down so much so. trying to devalue their currency. correction. who knows.
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hopefully it is not too bad. thursday, january 4 team. the primetime debates that to start at 9:00 p.m. juliet: let's get over to mike >> today and tomorrow, they are pretty much the same. highs getting into the low 40s. rain is coming back here. colder temperatures take back over. it could even be rain mixed with snow here it interesting things going on in our seven day forecast. >> it is still gowanus. the westbound by 86th street.
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the inbound side did traffic already packed the. metro-north. long island railroad. path trains running on or close to schedule. >> coming up in sports. the greatest home run inning catcher ever.
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ben: let's check the headlines this morning. charts with killing his pregnant daughter. the father was found in the basement of the home that they shared. andrea had been missing since sunday. juliet: the historic restaurant in jericho dates all the way back to 1672. it was taken over by two catering companies. they will keep the restaurant open after much-needed renovations. ben: a media right that they say is for the half million years old. ben: they look like they're from the silicon valley desert.
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duke is here. juliet: he says piazza and i say affluenza -- he says piazza and i say piazza. ben: whatever. ben: i do say piazza. when i refer to the company i say piazza. duke: he is going to cooperstown. twenty-eight shiite.
6:41 am
83%. >> it is something that i always loved. >> a 12 time all-star. 396. he is a really good guy. the most rheumatic emotional run i have ever seen. ten days after 9/11. from queens. remember, shea stadium. after 9/11. you can see carson. eighth inning. two run home run put them up for good. it was so hard. all right. ken griffey junior. 440 votes in his first
6:42 am
>> oh, and you know. duke: that is a new record. twenty-two years. 660 home runs. the best player i have ever seen. conducted into the hall of fame. interesting thing. we were talking about mike piazza. the lowest round draftee now to ever get into it. ken griffin is the highest. juliet: godfather or relative? ben: miami with their third
6:43 am
it is going to go in. down the other end. going back the other way. getting good dunk. welcome to the nba. the knicks when. ninety-eight-90. toronto raptors. beating the buzzer. a long three. raptors up. fourth quarter. raptors up for it team. twenty-two points. eight straight home loss. devils up in montre al.
6:44 am
it turns into a two-one. montre al goes on to beat new jersey two-one is the final score. despite a wonderful bit of sportsmanship tuesday night. one of the shots was called out. he counts himself lucky. the umpire is like, what? two-one, by the way. when on to leave the match. he was a real winner. juliet: i love that.
6:45 am
>> are they friends, to we know? ben: by the way, 7:45 a.m. the question everybody wants to know. juliet: how do you pronounce piazza? ben: one more game with the mets than the dodgers. they say that the mets have the dodgers to think for piazza. they drafted him as a favor. we will see. ben: thank you, duke. let's check the forecast. mike: we will be on periscope in just a few minutes.
6:46 am
the sky will be breaking up soon enough. we have temperatures starting in the 20s and 30s. high pressure is keeping us nice and clear and dry beard for the next couple of days, tries guys coming to you. ski conditions. you are open. thirteen trails open. you have 26 trails open. it looks like that is going on for another day or so. then it gets a little bit warmer. no rain today, but it will be here by the weekends. it dries out and cools down on monday. do not forget the weather out. daily and hourly forecasts.
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speed good morning. a pig marathon that gowanus this morning. skyfoxhd. it looks like serious injuries are involved. all lanes are closed at 86
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now going to the left. that is that use found delays that you are seeing. closed. this backup goes all the way back to the verrazano bridge. this accident is so serious. three cars involved. it is standing upright. that is how bad this accident is. right now they are inspecting one of the cars. it looks like it will be out there for a while. trying to get the driver out of the vehicle. let's talk about the triborough bridge. this is the goal on us. triborough bridge. you have one lane blocked there. ben: thank you. juliet: thank you.
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here is anna gilligan. anna: "american idol" farewell. here they both are auditioning. anna: let's listen to him. turn it up. they are both worship leaders. the judges said that she was so sweet it was distract inning. i am rooting for these two.
6:51 am
loveliest two people. i think they will be just fine. i think they thought that she was a little too sweet. needed a little bit more depth to her. he was good. there's there is more coming up at 8:00 o'clock tonight. janet jackson is telling fans that she is recovering. the reports that she may have cancer are not true. shoe release the song on her twitter account. along with a personal message. sources say, where are you getting it. these reports are that she has cancer.
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that the rumors are untrue. i did not have cancer, i am recovering. you guys had thought maybe -- juliet: it is no one's business what she has.
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ben: we wish her the best. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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