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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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there's talk that apple is cutting iphone production because of slowing demand. the iphone is more than half of apple's business. apple is the biggest company in the world by market cap. this is a real biggie. apple shares have lost almost $40 a share since february. that's wiped out $200 billion in market cap. what now? as far as apple, experts think it could be a good buy opportunity. apple is certainly not on its way out, but it does have exposure to the problems in china, so watch out there. as for our markets, watch for december jobs data out tomorrow morning at 8:30. we're expecting 200,000 jobs to be added. if you see a number lower than that, it could be a free-fall again. dari: because apple has exposure to china, i wonder if their stock will go lower >> reporter: it could not be the end. you've got to watch. dari: might want to wait to buy. >> reporter: it's a tough one to play. steve: thanks.
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putting safeguards an police intelligence gathering. dari: arthur chi'en is live at headquarters to explain the changes. >> reporter: this represents the biggest change in policy in a decade. before 9/11 the standard for police surveillance was whether or not a future crime was envisioned. after 9/11 that changed and many felt the new standard for allowing for surveillance is whether or not the individual was muslim. now they go back to the old standard with a fresh pair of eyes from outside the police department. in a move that settles a pair of lawsuits regarding police surveillance of muslim communities after september 11th, the nypd agreed to an independent civilian who will review intelligence gathering and investigations by the department. >> this person is not a monitor. they're an appointee of the mayor to work on the hand choosed committee by the police department. that person has no relationship to the federal monitors that we interact with. >> reporter: civil rights lawyers claimed muslims were being investigated purely because of their religion, a violation of their
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>> i think what we have here now is a -- an agreement that moving forward, the police department is not going to engage in surveillance when religion is the motivating factor. we want criminal suspicion to be >> reporter: the independent will be a lawyer appointed by the mayor to a five-year term, insulating it from politics, and will bring back civilian oversight to a process that was discontinued after the attacks in 2001. the nypd described the new role. >> if that person is not satisfied with the discussion with the police commissioner, that independent person has than obligation to go to the mayor. if the person is still not satisfied with the discussion with the mayor, that person has an obligation to go to the judge case. >> reporter: police brass embraced the function as news of it broke pointing out as with this change, many of the controversial nypd practices
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administration had been discontinued without compromising public safety. >> i haven't lost the ability to open any investigation, to extend any investigation, to close any investigation. >> reporter: officials say the biggest change is about transparency, that in the future if there are questions about whether or not their program is operating legally, the public won't just have to take their word for it. there will be that independent observer to corroborate. live at police plaza, arthur chi'en, back to you. dari: thank you. just days after being brought to tears while announcing new gun control measures, president obama is set to tackle the issue once again during a live town tonight. the event will take place at virginia. the president is expected to explain and defend his new executive actions. we'll have much more on the gun control discussion coming up at 6:00. steve: a terrorist scare in a paris police station ends with one person dead. dari: dan bowens joins us with details of the deadly
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be on the anniversary of the ago. >> reporter: no doubt. france. that is definitely for sure. the most deadly attacks on that country's soil all in the last 12 months since world war ii. today, as you mentioned as the nation marked the anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attacks, another scare, another threat of terrorism. a man in paris shot and killed trying to enter a police station. officials say he was waving a knife, wearing a fake explosives vest, carrying a paper with the image of an isis flag. the french interior minister claiming the attacker said god is great in arabic as he tried to enter the station. it all happened only minutes after french president hollande honored others. >> probably not in decades has your mission been more necessary, more demanding,
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burdening our country with this threat. >> reporter: the potential assault almost one year to the minute after the "charlie hebdo" terror attacks. islamic extremists targeted the satirical newspaper, a kosher market and police last year. >> the sense of loss is awful and our life is broken. it's broken, but we carry on. we don't have any choice. >> reporter: even now france is under a state of emergency following the november attacks in paris that killed 130 people. the threat of terrorism creating a cloud of uncertainty in europe. fox news reporting 2015 was the deadliest year of militant attacks in the region since 2004. british prime minister david cameron. >> we agreed to do more across europe to counter the propaganda and the poisonous ideology of islamic extremism. dire threat is a threat to us
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>> reporter: fox news reports fingerprints recovered from the scene identified the man as a man with a criminal record. he was convicted of a theft in 2013. back to you. steve: thank you. police arrested a man they say slashed a woman across the face on a chelsea street yesterday morning. he is accused of killing 24-year-old amanda morris. this is terrifying video. dari: oh, man. steve: the suspect recognized by a good samaritan who saw the surveillance video. disturbing. the 41-year-old turned himself in. he's homeless with 32 previous arrests. >> i'm so happy that he's caught because he could do that again. he could have killed someone. steve: you see her injuries. this was the third slashing in the past few weeks in the area. police investigating if he has others. dari: thank god she's okay. a homeless man faces murder charges in the stabbing of a mcdonald's worker in the kings bridge section of the bronx.
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in last night. police say he stabbed a 28-year-old adam garcia multiple times early monday morning in the restaurant's parking lot. garcia died at the hospital. steve: police searching for a suspect who robbed two men at gunpoint in the village. he approached the men in their apartment building on december 13th 13th. he pulled out a silver gun and made off with 400 bucks. anyone who knows the guy is urged to call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. dari: time warner is warning about a massive data breach. up to 320,000 customers may have had their e-mail passwords stolen as a result of a malware through phishing attacks or through data breaches of other companies that stored time warner's customer info. the cable giant is sending mail encouraging its customers to update their e-mail passwords. steve: the attorney general has
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in a personal privacy investigation. they will pay 20,000. the settlement follows an investigation by him into reports the ride sharing company had tracked the whereabouts of specific riders. 17 miners were pulled to safety after being stuck underground in one of the deepest salt miles 40 miles outside of syracuse. their he will elevator broke last night. the good news, everybody is said to be doing well. >> their spirits are tremendous. i am -- i don't know. i'm inspired by them, to be honest with you. the first four that came out of the mine waited until the last two that came out. steve: amazing. at this point, they're trying to figure out what caused that elevator malfunction. dari: one of the most popular mets ever will enter coopertown wearing the blue and orange. steve: mike piazza's emotional
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the hall of fame. dari: and new honors for the man who created an iconic symbol of lgbt pride.
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channels for a year. hurry and go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. dari: mike piazza will become the second player to wear a mets
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fame. steve: the retired slugger making that announcement a couple of hours ago. dari: ryan is live on the west side where he showed his team colors. hi. >> reporter: he sure did. mike piazza back in new york today, but he is here as a baseball hall of famer. the wait is finally over after four years. we now know that mike piazza will go into the baseball hall of fame as a member of the new york mets. the hall of fame and piazza made that announcement this afternoon at the new york athletic club where mike and ken griffey, jr., the 2016 electees, sported their jerseys and hats. he will join tom seaver to enter the hall as new york mets. considered the greatest hitting catcher of all time, he was reflective this afternoon during his press conference. told some nice stories. he called his eight years in new york an amazing eight years. he said his connection with mets fans is what led him to decide
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plaque in cooperstown. >> there's absolutely no -- nothing negative with the dodgers, but, you know, your heart can only be in one place. for me it's with the new york fans. as much as i appreciated coming up with l.a. and learning through that organization, i ended up here, and this was the most special time of my career. >> reporter: as for that career, i spoke about that. we'll hear from him at 10:00. the ceremony will be july 24th up in cooperstown. steve and dari, back to you. dari: a special day it will be. thank you. all right. the powerball jackpot is making history. nobody matched all six numbers last night. so the jackpot for saturday's drawing is a whopping $700 million. almost a billionaire. saturday's time. it's the largest lottery prize
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the previous record was $656 million. that was a mega millions jackpot that someone won in 2012. steve: works for me. dari: insane. steve: pretty good. all right. 45 degrees. the warmup continues, nick. nick: i was wondering what i would do with all that money. dari: there was a guy who had a suggestion. steve: i saw that clip from vegas. google that. dari: fox 5, a vegas affiliate. very funny. nick: we were above average today. we'll take that over the next couple of days into the upcoming weekend. there will be deterioration in weather by the weekend. 64 for the record high. that was 1907. in 2014, it was 4 degrees. neither of those coming anytime soon. 7:20 sunrise. down at 4:44. clouds have moved in the later part of the day. they'll stay for a chunk of the night. the air is pretty dry. 33 percent humidity. wind light and variable.
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we have a bit of cloud cover, but no big deal. as you look at highs today, in the 40s. lower 40s poughkeepsie towards sussex. 48. island. we'll do almost similar temperatures again for tomorrow thinking. right now, 45 here and newark. 35 at poughkeepsie. towards sussex, upper teens and lower 20s. 41 at the jersey shore. most areas are a little warmer than last night. particularly near the coast. 7 degrees warmer in town to belmar. the same temperature north and west of the city. our wind, light. the wind has generally been out of the west-southwest. it will come out of the north tonight and eventually north-northeast as we head into tomorrow. our futurecast showing that -- or our satellite photograph showing some of the clouds just sneaking up in here. not expecting a lot. they'll be around for a while.
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combination of sun and clouds. this system moving off to the north and east. while we had a southwesterly behind today, it will become northeasterly tomorrow. a swirl offshore. that storm is not coming our way. that's basically going to be sliding off to the north and east. let's see. why won't the system advance? there it goes. that system will be moving along. this system will be moving along. eventually as milder air tries to return more so, clouds come in again during a portion of tomorrow and particularly tomorrow night into saturday. might see spotty light rain or drizzle. it will be around into the first part of saturday morning through midday or so. then the second half of the system comes in. that's the bigger portion. that's going to bring potentially heavy rainfall saturday night into sunday. sun and clouds tomorrow. 30 at lunch. it will top off at 44, 45 in the afternoon, similar to today. you can see the clouds arriving through later in the day. there's the drizzle, light rain, tomorrow night into saturday morning. the front moves along. we'll be in the upper 40s on saturday.
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the rain will be moving in and it will be heavy. then it turns colder. 18, 25 tonight in the colder spots north and west. 44 tomorrow. it's not bad for this time of year. 47 on saturday. spotty light rain or drizzle in the morning. rain for sunday. we may end up with an inch, inch and a half of rain. 57 on saturday. 38 monday. 37 tuesday. looks like we're going to keep the system offshore wednesday, but we'll see if it staying chilly. in the middle 30s at night. where it should be. steve: the original rainbow flag in permanent display at the museum of modern art. dari: linda schmidt spoke with the man who created the iconic symbol of lgbt bride. >> the rainbow flag is part of history and part of moma's collection. who designed it? it was 1978. he was 27 years old. you're about to meet him. >> we needed something
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>> reporter: artist gilbert baker turned to nature and the beauty of the rainbow. >> it's magical. it's from nature. we're magical. we're from nature. it's important to remind people we're not demons, we're not devils. that we're people. just like everybody else. >> reporter: baker was 27 and living in san francisco when he designed the flag that would become the symbol of gay pride. how did you come up with the idea? >> i like to sew. i love fabric. flags are proclaiming power and visibility. those are very important things for our community. >> reporter: one of baker's rainbow flags is part of the permanent collection at the museum of modern art. >> it's really thrilling to see it here celebrated as design, as art. >> reporter: the original flag had eight colors. >> this is a fragment of the hand dyed cotton. >> reporter: he removed the pink
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all these years later, did you think this flag was really going to become the symbol it has? >> i wasn't sure. i knew it was going to change my life when i made it. i didn't know until the moment it was in the air, it was a flag in the sky on a flagpole. that's the moment i went, oh, my gosh, this is really something and i can just see in the eyes of people, my friends and stuff around, they owned it. everyone instantly owned it. >> reporter: now you can enjoy it on your visit to moma. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. dari: being the best in the u.s. isn't good enough for a squash player from long island. steve: the tournament she's going to need to win if she wants to be the world's top player. dari: and more than a dozen dogs looking for permanent homes. where to go if you're thinking about, nick, adding a furry friend to your family.
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>> new york is more than fires and traffic accidents. it's the center of culture. it's the greatest city in the world. >> we all still type, but fewer and fewer with a typewriter. the last typewriter repairman in the city spends five weeks. >> having the feel of the machine, seeing the words hit the paper. >> this is one of few latinos working in computer science. he came to the united states at the age of eight. >> my father brought me the atari. >> from playing games to his own company, he has created over a thousand web sites. >> i count my blessings. >> reporter: what are you doing? i don't want to touch that. beekeeping. it's been legal in new york city since 2010. there are a lot of rooftop hives
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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dari: she is the best in the country. now watch out, world. steve: a squash player from long island has her eyes on the prize. stacey delikat makes the introduction. >> reporter: amanda soby is
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she's the highest ranking squash. now the 21-year-old from sea cliff, long island, has her sights set on clinching the top spot in the j. p. morgan tournament of champions at grand central and moving up the international ranks. she's eighth best in the world. >> this tournament is huge. the fact that it's in my backyard is amazing. family for her. her father played in the '80s and her mom and older brother play. >> i was dragged to tournaments because of my brother. i would sit on an empty court. people are saying you're pretty good. one day my dad threw me in a tournament. i did really well. >> reporter: fast forward 10 years and she's gone on to an undefeated record at harvard year. now she travels the world playing professionally. her younger sister is following in her footsteps. >> the fact that my sister and i
5:24 pm
considered the venus and serena of squash, that is truly a great feeling. >> reporter: their high profile is boosting the popularity of the sport in the u.s. as j. p. morgan tournament's director says. >> the whole idea of getting the 20-year-old sports fan interested in squash is a holy grail for us. >> reporter: helping shape the reputation has been key. >> it was mainly a northeast thing played in country clubs and prep schools and everybody else would be like thinking squash, a vegetable. now, you have it in over 60 colleges played across the country. >> reporter: her first match is saturday afternoon. she hopes to make it to the finals next thursday to play in front of a sold out crowd. in grand central station, i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. steve: very exciting. all right. medical marijuana now available here in new york state. dari: we're going to take a look
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>> you have to want to survive. steve: how these urban survivalists are getting ready in case of the apocalypse. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more.
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steve: here's what's making news
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worries about a slowdown in china caused stocks and oil prices to plummet giving the market its worst loss in three months. the dow dropped 392 points marking the worst close of the week. the latest cause for worry was a weakening in china's currency. dari: medical marijuana is legal in new york but you can't smoke or eat it. steve: jessica shows us the carefully restrictions in place to make sure those who need it have access. >> reporter: it blends in with the other storefronts, only this is a medical marijuana dispensary. it's one of 20 in new york state. it opened today. and there is tight security inside. it's a look inside the first new dispensary. focused. we don't participate in any purely recreational market. it's not what we do. >> reporter: new york has one of
5:29 pm
programs in the country. those here won't be smoking weed or eating pot brownies. >> the first product that we'll be offering is a naturally extracted product that's a tincture. we will be offering tablets and concentrate that can be vaporized. >> the ceo of columbia care says dispensaries are for people with severe medical conditions. the average person can't just walk in. >> those are people looking to live normal lives. they're not trying to have a good time. >> reporter: the patient must have one of 10 qualifying conditions, including h.i.v./aids, multiple sclerosis and als to receive the cannabis. the program is off to a slow start. why? only 150 physicians are on board. you must obtain certification from a physician registered with the program and apply for an identification card from the state's department of health in order to come down to a
5:30 pm
dose of medical marijuana. because a lot of doctors aren't registered, that's why we haven't seen patients at the dispensary. this is not covered by insurance, so a month's supply can cost anywhere from 100 to $300. in union square, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: mayor de blasio signed an order that will provide 20,000 new york city employees with paid parental leave. it allows non-union workers to take six weeks off paid time. parents who have or adopt a child or take one from foster care will be able to take six weeks off while receiving 100 percent of their salary. the order takes effect immediately and is retroactive to december 22nd. steve: a new jersey man is charged with aiming a laser pointer at a tv helicopter. police say he pointed a green laser at the chopper pilot last november. remember that? the aircraft was covering a house fire.
5:31 pm
in prison and a $250,000 fine. dari: would you know what to do if the world was ending? if you have no idea, pay close attention to this local group that's ready. steve: they come from all walks of life with a common goal. dan bowens introduces us to the new york city prepares in surviving the apocalypse. >> we live in a world of uncertainty. >> you want to survive. >> we can get moving. >> reporter: this is no ordinary sunday stroll. >> the scenario is if we are leaving new york for disaster, we want to make sure no one is following us. >> reporter: an urban trek up manhattan's riverside drive. >> the guy in the rear is going to be dimitri. >> you've got a spark like that. >> reporter: the tools to survive. 40 pound bags filled with gear. >> i always carry a head lamp.
5:32 pm
>> this is my first walk with the group. >> reporter: cassandra sampson of the east side. >> i just wanted to be in a sort of real life scenario if something happened and i wanted to be amongst people that are -- have done this for a while. >> reporter: she joined the new york city prepares organization. >> i've always lived a life of preparedness. anything can happen anytime. >> the group is about getting people prepared for emergencies and disasters. >> jason charles is the organizer. >> i believe it's a necessity because you can end up in a jam anytime in your life. >> reporter: the evacuation route, get across the george washington bridge, over the hudson river, just get out of new york city and away from the 8-1/2 million people who live here. interest in the group tripled after the terror attacks in 2015, the shootings in san bernardino, the events in paris.
5:33 pm
something happens? >> the average person freaks out and they go into their shell and they're like sitting there feeling bad feeling feeling bad for themselves. we start preparing in our home just in case we need it. >> basically, form two sides. the haves versus the have nots. >> reporter: you want to be with the haves. >> yes. you find like-minded people you can depend on. >> marlin smith is a fashion executive. maybe why his bug out bag is so thorough. >> this is cotton balls dipped in petroleum vasoline. you get a spark, it lights. >> reporter: he started prepping after 9/11. >> the next thing, and there will be a next thing, will get people more panicked because they saw what happened the first time around. and i think it can potentially be worse. >> reporter: it's why they're mapping escape routeses. >> you have to want to survive. i have two kids, a wife.
5:34 pm
how to do some of this stuff. >> reporter: dan bowens, fox 5 news. if you're curious how many people there are, there are 340 registered members in the group. dari: 19 dogs are looking for permanent homes in new jersey. they were among 166 animals rescued from a home in ohio. officials say they were found living in squalor with little food or water. they're at st. hebert's center in madison and they're looking for a home. >> they have been receiving medical care for skin and ear infections. they need some dental work. spay and neuter. and lots of love and affection, which is what we do best. dari: right now 11 of the 19 are ready to go home with you. the other eight will need more medical care. steve: a federal judge says the man who snapped this picture of himself cannot be declared the
5:35 pm
this photo was taken in 2011 in indonesia when the monkey tripped the shutter of a camera owned by a nature photographer. peta sued. the judge said there's no indication the copy right act extends to animals. the perfect selfie. dari: he's aware to smile. it's weird that he's on camera. he's posing. more comfortable than i am in a selfie. steve: ditto. dari: i don't know about that. but definitely me. steve: me, i'm terrible. dari: it's a debate that never seems to end. steve: the "n" word is in the title of this song and you hear it in movies and on the street. lisa evers explores whether there are ever times when it's okay to say. dari: watching what you meet. the new dietary guidelines come
5:36 pm
drinkers. >> breaking the mold of local market. it's a new era. we want to be at the forefront of it. "empire". >> the legendary dj marley is with us. >> we were there for the birth of hip-hop. you never know what's going to be a hit. the public has to hear it. >> when the public gets it, that's when you know where it's going. >> in a city where every time you turn around there are new places to eat i find myself town? >> you've got it. you've got it. >> what's the secret to your neapolitan pizza? >> it's all about the oven. it's an old-fashioned oven that goes to 900 degrees. it's got enough heat to cook the fine flour from italy. >> welcome to the lap of luxury. we visit lamborghini. we'll take you inside and for a
5:37 pm
dari: the "n" word. you here it in songs, movies, on the train. but is there ever a time when it's okay to actually say it? steve: lisa evers looks into that topics in the first episode of street soldiers, a show debuting saturday night on fox 5. here's a preview. >> let's go. >> reporter: the "n" word was in
5:38 pm
west's hit song about their experiences in paris. it caused a backlash for gwyneth paltrow when she included the song title in a tweet and highlighted the confusion about who can use it. >> sometimes in entertainment, when we sort of start to embrace a different version of the word, it allows people to say if you don't have a problem it, maybe it's not a big deal. >> reporter: the use of the slur n word ending in e-r in the movie django unchained came under heavy fire. quentin tarantino used it more than 100 times. >> 50 years ago it was one of the most terrifying things a black person could hear. >> reporter: fast forward to 2016. a white criminal defendant upset over his bail used it against a black circuit court judge. he was punished with a 60-day sentence.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: later lifted after he apologized. the explicit version of bobby's chart busting hop boy uses the "n" word in the title and it's one of more than 417,000 hip-hop songs that do, according to music authority dr. watkins is challenging artists to be more creative. >> i don't think that you can really go around and say black lives matter as fiercely as we have and still have music using sentence. >> reporter: lisa evers, fox 5 steve: all right. the discussion will continue saturday night at 10:30 when street soldiers debuts on fox 5. lisa will be joined by hip-hop arts and dr. chris, a professor behind hip-hop ed. dari: it's a dessert known by a few names, but whoopi pies are delicious. steve: kerry drew heads to the brooklyn deli where they're being made from scratch.
5:40 pm
efficient way to get rid of christmas trees. but a zoo in germany has a method that's much more adorable. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over.
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mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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steve: in fox 5 health news, eat eggs and bring on the coffee. new dietary guidelines released by the government and while there are big changes, some say these new recommendations don't go far enough. dari: joining us is nutritionist
5:43 pm
this is so interesting. let's start with cholesterol. >> so interesting. there is no longer a limit on dietary cholesterol. so previously we've been told to limit our intake to 300 milligrams per day. now the scientists removed the limit on dietary cholesterol. we've always really known this. as a nutritionist when i was training at brigham & women's hospital, we were told dietary cholesterol does not have the same impact on blood cholesterol as saturated fat. it's just that now the government is catching up with the science. so that being said, you can enjoy your eggs, but you want to limit your saturated fat to 10 percent of calories. foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat need to be limited. like butter and fatty meats. eggs and shellfish are okay. if you like lobster -- dari: the yolk is okay? >> it is. it's a great source of antioxidants and protein. dari: and lobster.
5:44 pm
a good thing, then a bad thing and now we're putting it in a better light. same with coffee. coffee we've had all sorts of different opinions on over the course of my lifetime. >> it's fascinating. the research shows coffee can be beneficial for our health, particularly when it comes to reduced reduction for diabetes and possibly protective against parkinson's. the researchers found that three to five cups of coffee per day is considered safe for the exactly. and you can enjoy your coffee. again, if you have high blood pressure, if you have a heart condition -- dari: or it makes you anxious. >> as long as you're drinking enough water as well, it's not necessarily going to deplete you there have been -- steve: you're better off having had the coffee than not having had the liquid? >> i always say if you're concerned, have tea, which is a little lower in caffeine. somewhere in the middle. dari: if you think that means you can add the half and half and the sugar, forget it.
5:45 pm
mandatory evacuation. -- recommendation. let's talk about salt. >> limit sodium to a few milligrams per day, about a teaspoon. it's nothing. but again, this applies to healthy populations. so if you have high blood pressure, if you're older or if you have other risk factors, if you're sodium sensitive. you want to limit to 1,500 milligrams. this is in the fine print of the dietary guidelines. sodium, 2300 milligrams. when you read the fine print, a lot of the advice applies to different individual groups. it depends on your health risks. dari: we're running out of time. we have two huge beefs. sugar. let's talk about that. >> for the first time ever, there's a limit on added sugars to 10% of calories. what that means, if you're following a 1600 calorie diet, many people i know do, you would max out just by consuming one
5:46 pm
watch the added sugars. steve: the added stuff is bad. >> exactly. steve: and meat. >> this is really interesting. in the report that was issued, which serves as the basis for the guidelines, researchers found that it's helpful to limit red and processed meats, but it didn't make the final cut with the recommendations. steve: was that pressure from the meat industry? let's be real. it's a powerful lobby. that's how it works. >> if you read the fine print of the report, which i did, you will see that they do say that limiting red and processed meats, especially poultry, is a good idea. it can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. dari: you heard it here from a nutritionist. the fda won't say it. [indiscernible - talking over one another] >> don't get me in trouble. steve: fair enough. thank you, lisa.
5:47 pm
we could walk through the winter like this. nick: it would be great if we keep this going. we won't. the next few days will be like this and milder over the weekend. that will come with a price when the clouds come back and the threat of rain over the weekend. it will turn colder and stay colder for an extended period of time. today, 46 in new york city. not bad for early january. 45 in philadelphia. 39 albany. that's nice for them. buffalo, 40. 46 pittsburgh. 43, washington, d.c. there's fox 5 sky guardian. quiet tonight. have some clouds that have moved in. you can see them on the satellite photograph. the clouds will brush by us here as we go through a chunk of the night. nothing really will happen out of that. we'll be back to sunshine tomorrow. it will be battling the clouds again, particularly as we get into the afternoon. current temperatures cooling down quick north and west. 32 at monticello. 33 at sussex. 41 allentown. mid 40s around the city. 41 islip. upper 30s jersey shore to the east end. bridgeport, coming in with 38.
5:48 pm
west-southwest wind much of the day. that held the temperature up. the wind will be light tonight, come to the north and northeast as we head into tomorrow. high pressure is moving along. that's going to continue to slide off to the north and east. that pretty large storm offshore. that's going that way. we don't have to worry about that. this system is going that way. we won't worry about that. we'll see a warm front trying to swing northward. that will bring the cloud cover and light rain or drizzle late tomorrow night and to about midday saturday. it will stay cloudy through a chunk of saturday. eventually as energy dives out of the southwest, a storm will be tracking in our direction for sunday. that could bring pretty heavy rainfall. 43 tomorrow in the city. 44, around there. 50s atlanta. here's that surge of cold. denver, 23. billings, 18. that cold air will be arriving here and stay here as we head into next week. futurecast shows some clouds around tonight. sun battling clouds tomorrow. by tomorrow night, watch the clouds move in. spotty light rain or drizzle. not a lot.
5:49 pm
most of it will be in the morning. and we won't see that much rain until we get to saturday night and sunday. 34 in the city. 18 to 25 in the suburbs. fair amount of clouds. tomorrow, sun and clouds, 44. clouds saturday. spotty light rain and drizzle at 47. the rain comes in saturday night. some heavy at times into sunday. and could be an inch at least, inch and a half, gusty breeze sunday. 57. monday, 38. we'll stay in the 30s next week. watching something nearby wednesday, but looks like it will stay offshore. steve: thank you, nick. christmas is long over, so it's time for the city's annual mulch fest. when i'm walking through the park, i'll watch them mulch. it smells great. [indiscernible - talking over one another] steve: they come out as little shreds. the parks department will be collecting live trees. we got a sneak peek at astoria park. those who donate get a chip of
5:50 pm
dari: and then there's this. elephants at a zoo in berlin were treated to leftover christmas trees. they provide nutrients and supplements to their diets and were checked ahead of time to make sure they were not treated with any pesticides. steve: good, good. it's a sensational dessert with a silly name, whoopie pies, all delicious. dari: we went to see how they're made in tonight's edition of " "the snack." >> reporter: if you love sweets, baked in red hook is heavenly. >> we have a lot of people who come and travel to red hook just to come to bake. >> reporter: customers stop in for chocolate bourbon pecan bars, pumpkin harvest cookies
5:51 pm
tell us about the famous pies here. >> they're a customer favorite. it was one of the first desserts that put us on the map. >> ginger fisher took us into the kitchen to show us how to make them. first, ginger gets all of her dry ingredients together. brown sugar, all purpose flour, baking soda and baking powder. then she creates a mixture of coffee and hot water. >> we take hot boiling water to dissolve the cocoa powder and make a rich, dark chocolate paste. this makes the whoopie pie so chocolately. >> next, the wet ingredients. milk, vanilla extract, canola oil with the brown sugar. how firm and strong are your arms because of what you do? >> you know, it's funny. here at baked we do a lot of things by hand. we're run by humans, not machines. you do get a workout every day. i have to say.
5:52 pm
powder mixture goes in with the brown sugar. >> i want to make sure i get all the goodness out of it. >> reporter: finally, all of the ingredients are mixed together in one huge batter. >> we let the batter rest. after it's all combined. >> reporter: because it's tired. >> yes. i'm tired. it's tired. >> reporter: it needs to rest. >> exactly. >> reporter: after 30 minutes, ginger scoops the batter on to a sheet tray. it goes into the oven 350 degrees for 16 minutes. in the meantime, sugar, egg whites, butter and vanilla extract are mixed together to make the meringue filling. sugar pie, honey bunch >> reporter: i couldn't leave baked without a bite or two. can't help myself. >> reporter: i've got to do one
5:53 pm
can't stop. for the snack, i'm kerry drew. steve: elevated old school snackery. nothing better than that. dari: without a doubt. i need real food. we'll see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's christina park with what's coming up at 6:00. >> the years keep moving forward, but looking backwards continues to be a big seller. why nostalgia never goes out of style. and meet a man who turned his talent for something illegal into art. all that and more is coming up next at 6:00. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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