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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. jersey high school. tweets. she said that she was called to the principles officers. the. dari: and accused of violating the anti-bullying laws. we have more with dan bowens. reporter: was this simply a set of local view is or was it bullying one student against another. that is at the heart of the case here in bergen county that is drawing international attention. >> administrators say that they were following new jersey's tough anti-bullying laws when they called this 16 year old to the principles office.
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student, often critical of israelis. she has thousands of followers her trip to the principles feed. saying that the principal does call me down, i'm about to be exposed for being anti-israel. pray for me. hundreds of messages and there's been no shortage of them critical of israeli policy. she wrote a message on december 27, expressing joy that a fellow student doesn't share her view. and that another message threatening to name that student. that caught the attention of administrators here but she was called into the principal's office. she also recorded the conversation and says that she was forced to write this letter about what happens. later she tweeted that i should not feel unsafe in my own school for its blessing a political belief or the issue went viral with many on both sides of the israeli and palestinian debate
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the school district saying that the intent was not to squash free speech, the superintendent saying the district administration received a complaint alleging harassment, or bullying by one student one another. we are obligated to investigate. stuart green is not so sure it's not clear, at least from what i've read that this is more than a political expression. one likes it or dozen on the >> the 16-year-old said that she left school early today attention. it's unclear if the legal action me account has drawn nearly $500 in donations. dari: a volatile start to the
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sent stocks in oil prices to their worst one-day drop in three months, the dow jones finished 392-point, marking the worst close of the week. the december jobs report comes out in the morning. dari: developing news to tell you about. a two year old is in the hospital after falling down an elevator shaft. this happened in the bronx. this happened during a reversal dinner at a catering hall earlier. the boy was taken to the jacoby medical center and the good news serious injuries and is expected to be okay. >> president obama continuing his push for strict dirt on gun laws. sharon joins us to tell us how he was received. reporter: it was supposed to be an hour-long, but it may be
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there is no conspiracy or plots take the guns away from law-abiding americans. he tried to make the case for tighter gun restrictions to the public and the televised town hall meeting. gun owners pushed back saying that the president is only punishing lawful gun owners. >> i have never owned a gun. >> president barack obama on the hot seat defending his push for gun control. >> i respect the second amendment. i respect the right to bear arms. reporter: the televised meeting, gave an emotional speech that they include the licensing requirements for small-scale gun sellers. hiring one fbi employees to process background checks and enabling speeds to share information and a federal research into gun safety technology. the president's ideas were challenged by gun control opponents in the audience.
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prevent these mass shootings in the terrorist attacks and how do we get those with mental illness and criminals, that is the real problem, how are we going to get them to follow the laws. >> i think it's important for us not to suggest that if we cannot solve every crime that we should not try to solve any crimes. >> the national rifle association declined to take part, calling it a public relation's campaign. other components included the widow of chris kyle for trade in the movie american sniper who is also a bit of gun violence. >> the hope that i have is the reporter: tonight the president was calm, conversational and >> there's nothing else in our lives that we purchase or we don't make it safer if we can. >> the nra responded by calling
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petition that will show politicians that any candidates that support this will not get your vote. during tonight's event the president said that he would be willing to meet with the nra at the white house. the invitation is open, that is what he said. dari: the nypd has settled to civil rights lawsuits. over accusations that police were illegally spying on muslims is on religion. >> if that person is not satisfied with the police commissioner, that independent person has an obligation to go to the mayor and if that person still does not get satisfied, that person has an obligation to go to the judge. >> the officials say that the settlement simply formalizes a guard that already are in place.
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its first anniversary of the deadly "charlie hebdo" attacks. a map steve: officials say that a man was arrested after tearing a paper with the image of a isis flag. >> probably not in decades has the mission been more demanding. steve: france has been under a november attacks that killed 130 dari: so many people are scratching their heads over a tweet that donald trump posted. police station just announced that the terror threat is at the highest level. germany is a total mess. a big crime, get smart. that left a lot of people asking whether he made a mistake in saying that paris is in germany instead of france or some grand
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talking i had this big event tonight. he has not clarified his tweet but the hash tag is showing up all over twitter. >> i went outside. there were like 20,000 people. we cannot get the man. so you are very lucky tonight. i hope. we are going to be very happy. steve: this is the big story today. a lot of people, waiting all day in line outside of the event in burlington. the campaign offered up 20,000 free tickets to the venue. it can only hold 1400 people, for those that made it indoors, they kicked out some hecklers. >> get them out of here.
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times at. steve: heckling began to keep a illegal immigrants out of the country. dari: medical marijuana dispensaries are open for business. jessica visited one shop in union square. >> it took lawmakers 18 months to make medical marijuana illegal in new york state. this is the first dispensary in the city and is open for business. the program is off to a slow start because only 150 positions have registered with the state. >> influencing here in union square. take a look inside and it looks like a high-end doctor's office. >> commission is medically focused. we don't participate in any recreational market. >> patients would come through the stores will have to go through tight security. they must have an id card from the department of health in
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cannabis. >> the state has gone through a very exhaustive process the state works very closely. reporter: all patients must have one of 10 conditions including hiv, aids, cancer, als and spinal cord injuries. >> the effect that our products have on a person dealing with something like that is a stabilization. we shouldn't think of it as someone trying to increase their happy doctor. >> new york has some are laws. a licensed pharmacist have to be at the dispensary at all times and you won't find joints in brownies. >> new york is developing the regulatory framework. the first product will be a naturally extracted product. a tincture that a patient can take orally. we will also offer capsules and concentrate. reporter: it isn't covered by
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of pocket. a month's supply can cost you 100 to $300. steve: take a look at this. this driver is very lucky after being crushed between a truck and a minivan. that happened in brooklyn this morning. scott fox's overhead as the rescue workers tried the driver out of the car which was reduced to a three by 3-foot box. several people were hurt, but the injuries are not life-threatening. that's amazing. dari: that is a miracle. steve: a short text message that's a lot. dari: what can be interpreted from even the shortest text. steve: and a delicious dessert and a cake in the cookie called a wealthy guy. the spot in brooklyn making the streets from scratch. dari: this and other cliche s over and over. especially when there is an
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dari: texting is a great way to communicate. a short and sweet method usually does the trick. steve: sometimes things can get in the way. it is all in the interpretation. reporter: texting is our mode of communication throughout the day and the nuance of messages makes all the difference. how is the context of text messages impacting our relationship? >> how do you make sure you communicate clearly over text messages? >> i read in complete sentences. >> if you say something like oh, we should go out to dinner and see a movie and the response is okay, it's like okay, what does that mean 2 are you into it or not? >> what about that moment when someone's typing abc the. >> i hate that. i'm waiting and waiting.
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>> and then there is the whole world of emoticons. >> i love emojis. >> they are supportive the body language of text messaging. >> this technology expert offers good pointers to keep your messages on point. >> when you speak with someone in person, there is so much more about what you're saying than the words and letters that you are saying. the same thing applies to text messages. it's all about empathy. putting yourself into their shoes. and you need to reply to their message with as much emotional weight as they are put into theirs. people take this seriously. it's going to be as important to them as if you were talking. >> i will always try to call the person or talk in person.
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to just go back to basics. dari: parents are keeping close lives. you have to according to new survey by the pew research center. half say that they go through their teenagers cell phone history and more than 60% czech web history and social media accounts. parents say that they know the password to their teenagers e-mail accounts. steve: time warner cable warning customers about a massive data breach. up to 320,000 customers may have had their e-mail password stolen. as a result of mao where. their other companies that store their information. they are sending e-mails and direct mail response encouraging customers to immediately update their e-mail password yet again speak of a federal judge says
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picture of himself can be declared the owner of his own image. the monkey accidentally took the picture of the photographer. it is argued that he should own the photo. steve: totally delicious. will be pious and whipping up the decadent treats. customers stock in or pumpkin harvest cookies, peak on bars
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pies >> the whoopie pies or a customer favorite. >> ginger fisher, yes, that is really her name, took us into the kitchen to show us how to make them. she gets all of her dry ingredients together. then she creates a mixture of coffee and hot water. >> we make a rich deep dark chocolate paste. this is what makes the whoopie pie chocolatey. >> then she cracks for eggs and pours buttermilk and vanilla extract. then she adds canola oil and gives it a good mix. >> how strong are your arms? [laughter] >> here we do a lot of things by
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you do get a workout here every day. reporter: the cocoa powder goes in with brown sugar. >> i just want to make sure that we get all of the goodness out of it. >> all of the ingredients are mixed together in one huge batter. >> after it is all combined it looks awesome but i'm tired. [laughter] >> then it goes into the oven at 350 degrees for 16 minutes. in the meantime, the sugar and egg whites, butter and vanilla are mixed to make a moraine filling. add some simple syrup and their
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stay line breaking in aid money. adam lambert, the biggest moneymaking idle in 2015. dari: not too shabby. a must-have they must have accessories or the hollywood a-list or is.
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costner made the movie the bodyguard. it now looks that whitney houston may have had it right all along. you want someone who protects you and looks good doing it. steve: the former bodybuilder has set tongues wagging with his classic books. he makes us want to say hello. >> he looks like a lovely guy.
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a long time. >> katy perry has a look or two. >> it's someone that i think that if they were on a date, she would put them together. let's remember that these lobby cards the everything. they are in the limo, in the clubs. you want someone who fits in your lifestyle. >> sources are saying that he's so much fun to have around but he actually lists the morale of the group. some celebrities bodyguards eventually become their boyfriends. >> why would bodyguards not hook
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why not have that extra added accessory with that super hot bodyguard. steve: why not indeed. standing in line at the pharmacy when you are dick. dari: been called the uber for prescriptions and how much it will cost.
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dari: it is being called the uber for prescription drugs that delivers medication to your door you can skip a trip to the farm the period. dari: service is available in manhattan. >> you are sick and the last thing you want to do is wait at the drugstore to get your prescription filled. >> the wait time is 45 minutes. which is pretty substantial. reporter: and for prescription deliveries, this drug. you could think of it as the uber of medications. if an application that you download. >> the open of the application
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was sent to. >> the map time takes about 16 minutes from pickup to drop off on average. >> all of our data is 100% secure. >> whether we have anything questionable, they go through a drug screening as well. >> right now it also works at any pharmacy across manhattan. the judge plans to roll out service to the rest of the
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dari: two state troopers responded to the call of a lifetime on monday. helping to deliver a baby on the side of the garden state parkway. [inaudible] dari: wow. the two troopers arrived to find a woman and her husband in the backseat. she had gone into labor by being driven to the hospital. the head of the new baby girl to her mother. >> that one day is my daughter's [laughter] >> so i delivered a baby and then celebrated my daughters
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that is really nice. >> the food and drug administration banning three chemicals often found in pizza boxes. the chemicals are used to help protect the boxes from being soaked with greece or oil or water. no word if they will have to be replaced. steve: mark zuckerberg says he plans to run 365 miles, 1 mile for each day of the year, he also created a public facebook
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for anyone who wants to accept the challenge. just so you know that research shows that running is 10 minutes a day that can improve your health. dari: this driver found out that he could not be on flooded roads. >> and somehow it was able to get through. dari: not good. that cost $200,000. the let's get into on brand and
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speed this neff steve: just two days to put this song together by the black keys. and jeb bush has a surprising campaign trail in michigan that he loves his mother more than his father. nevertheless he somehow managed to overshadow this admission. and on a date, still on the menu at a japanese restaurant which is in tribeca. dari: we have all heard that you have a better chance of being
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>> if you like coffee, be happy about this. the feds say that coffee in moderation can be considered part of a healthy diet. all part of the dietary guidelines, they recommend that people limit their sugar intake to fewer than 10% of their daily calories. but there is no limit on how much cholesterol that you should ingest each day. the new guidelines suggest less
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steve: if you think of those guidelines are strict, wait until you hear about tom brady diet. >> at age 38 tom brady gives a lot of credit to his diet. his site is so strict that he excludes a group of vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and mushrooms because they are not anti-inflammatory. >> she said to die and isn't that unusual but it focuses more
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>> they eat about 80% of food coming from vegetables. >> his supermodel wife also organic steak and chicken and wild salmon as well as a lot of fruit. so what did they do when they're on the road? the chef says that he calls the hotel and gives the chef there the lowdown on what to make for them. no caffeine, coffee or white flour or sugar and definitely nothing process and no dairy. the chef only cooks with coconut oil, forget pasta. >> even though there is a famous chef preparing the foods, there are elements of the program that we can all do. we can all eat more fresh foods and fruits and vegetables. reporter: brady doesn't drink alcohol and as for soda he has been known to call a poison.
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ice cream for a treat. dari: in it to win it. a dollar and a dream. dari: these are the phrases that you hear too much between now and saturday. we will run through every lottery cliche . dari: and the guy that pulled a kanye west last night.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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drawing is on saturday, we will the a lot of news stories. the majority have them between then and now. so we sent mack king out. because it's coming from him, you know it's going to be good. >> a lottery story must open with the sound of a small printer dispensing a ticket. before introducing the viewer to someone they don't care about enforcing the stranger to talk to the strangers about the hundreds of millions of they will win. reporter: if that answer fails to satisfy us, and it always fails to satisfy us, we might
10:44 pm
could buy with the prize money. your computing the cost of hundreds of millions of cups of coffee is our favorite calculation. at this point we must remind everyone of odds described as nearly impossible, comparing the player's chances of winning the fun things like lightning strikes and shark attacks that says hey, this money is up for grabs. if you don't buy a ticket your odds of winning are zero. he said that even he was cautious and skeptical and chose to communicate just how crazy this has become. >> asking still more strangers
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>> the winner is hitting it big and in the concluding with a barrage of idioms pertaining to lock, out into the largest jackpot in the history of american lottery, you're going anything you're going to learn from a story like this one. that came for "fox 5 news". >> that is exactly right. nick: when it comes next week,
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pattern is going to be changing. by middle of january, winter is going to make itself known around here. forty-six and 31. 7:20 p.m., drive, went out of the northeast, light, we don't have any issues going on tonight even though we do have clouds from time to time. confirming nothing to track on the radar tonight, light rain or drizzle as we head into the weekend. forty-six in the city, 48 adult mind. forty is coming all the way to to the east end of long island. twenty-seven north and west.
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colder valleys. the wind is light and coming come into the northeast as we head into tomorrow. no big deal. temperatures chilly, 20 city go north towards albany and west towards pittsburgh. and big issues here on the coastal side. to the north and west, this line of showers. amount of sun, or a lunchtime, 44 in the afternoon in the drizzle should start in the
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way to the clouds. intermittent, spotty, don't look for a lot there, look for a lot here, saturday night into sunday. the rain moves in on internet half, heavy downpours and breezy and mild and it turns colder next week. clouds 34 tonight. midday on, 44. clouds and mostly in the morning, gusty breeze with some heavy downpours. colder monday, but you the full. staying in the '30s. the pattern is getting quite susceptible to reality.
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is typically pretty ugly. dari: going into the hall of fame. steve: russ salazar is next. >> the grand central parkway towards the long island expressway, the right way will
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russ: how are you doing, everyone? both voted into the hall of fame. here in new york we found that it will be as a seattle mariner. >> as far as my hat, i want to say that as much as i love to
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cherish my time there. >> so that made all of the fans here happy. but forget about it. what a brilliant career and just think that back in 1988 mike was drafted by them in their 62nd round as the 1390th assist, by far the lowest ever to make it all the way to cooperstown. >> never give up, believe in yourself, trust the people that want you to excel and understand for me it's a true american success story in what our country is all about. >> he always knew what it would take to get there. he says today that at the very
10:54 pm
as a pro. >> his hand and eye coordination was so exceptional that he could push this the other way. >> the work ethic that he had in the passion. >> the official induction will be july 24. dari: a stage crasher pulled a kanye west.
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>> they say that we are like a motley crew. >> .hi.thrown off the stage. giving him. dari: coming up next connector great stories on "fox 5 news".com. have a great night. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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