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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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your vote will hold the key. it's up to you, so tell us who will be star of the dadada >> right now on fox 5 news at 6 -- >> and we should all be irate, we should all be disgusted, we should all call it for what it is. it's stupid, it is criminal, and it needs to stop. >> powerful words from the bronx borough president after an nypd officer was shot after trying to break up a massive fight. i'm christina park, antwan has night off. the officer stewart is spending his four-year an verse by the police department in a hospital bed. now the community is speaking out to bring an end to all the violence. fox 5's dan bowans has details on how all happened concern this all happened.
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lincoln avenue in the south bronx, hundreds of people in the street. there was a big fight, this knife one of several weapons that was recovered. one of the responding officers was shot in the ankle, and tonight community activists are speaking out. >> i mean, you can't even walk down the street anymore without somebody pulling a gun out on you, trying to slash your face, you know, stabbing you? it is scary. >> police say the party, organized inside a rented hall, turned into a fight with kniveses, bats and guns, spilling into the streets around two a.m. saturday in this neighborhood. >> it's dangerous because you don't know if you're safe. >> officers responding, trying to calm the so-called jump up party that had been advertised on social media when gunfire breaks out. >> as backup units arrived, the officers engaged in a gunfight during which police officer stewart was struck in the right ankle. he returned gunfire, striking the male suspect four times. >> nypd officer sherrod stewart receiving a visit in the
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commissioner. mayor bill de blasio noting the officer's father is a detective with the nypd and army reservist. >> very, very committed to this city in every way, and it's actually very, very impressive to see this family and their closeness and also all they have done for all of us. >> the suspect, christopher rice, badly wounded. he has five previous arrests, including a charge friday morning. he'd been released only hours earlier. >> three hours before the shooting involving our police officer. >> community activist tony herbert urging action on gun violence from city hall. >> guns are going off. we're starting off 2016 just like 2015 was. there's no break in the carnage. >> it's just not who we are as bronxites, it's not who we are as new yorkers, and we should all be irate, we should all be disgusted, we should all call it for what it is. it's stupid, it's criminal, and it needs to stop. >> as for the officers he's expected to make a full recovery.
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today. in from the south bronx, dan bowans, fox 5 news. >> the suspect in thursday night's shooting of a philadelphia police officer who said he did it in the name of allah was charged today with attempted murder and held without bail. law enforcement officials say 30-year-old edward archer confessed to the shooting and said he believed the department of defense laws that are contrary to islam and that he pledged his allegiance to isis. officer jesse hartnett suffered a broken arm and nerve damage after aroundture fired -- archer fired at least 13 shots at him. >> certainly, he was targeting police. he knew who he was shooting at, and my god, i mean, the way he's got be his arm inside that vehicle, i mean, he knew what he was doing. he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> the fbi and police have yet to call this a terrorist attack though. however, the shooter's mom told the "philadelphia inquirer" that she believes her son is suffering from psychological issues, saying he has been
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one of new york's bravest was given the key to the city today. retired firefighter ray pfeiffer was honored for his work in persuading congress to extend zadroga act benefits to responders suffering from 9/11-related illnesses. he was diagnosed with kidney cancer six years later. we worked with comedian jon stewart to get the zadroga act passed on capitol hill. >> we dealt with people that didn't really get it, you know? we held them to it about never forgetting, and we told them we're still dying from terrorists. >> it's my honor. i love this man. he is a great example to all of us about how to live our lives with grace and with selflessness. >> ever humble, pfeiffer also said he was only a very small part of the effort to pass the extension. time now for a first look at
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rain is coming our way, but it won't wash out your plans tonight. samantha is in for audrey. hi, sam. >> hi, christina. that heavy rain will get here tomorrow, and it could become heavy at times. we will also be looking at strong onshore winds, and because of that there is a tomorrow. pretty much along the coastline here for parts of long island through the city, new york harbor, southwestern connecticut and along the jersey shore. that heavy rain will be pushing on in tomorrow, and with easterly winds gusting close to 30 miles per hour, during times of high tide in the morning, we'll watch for minor to moderate coastal flooding, and that just means if you live on a street that typically gets water on it when we do have that coastal flooding situation, you could see that through the first part of your sunday. now, with the rain on the way, we're also looking at warmer temperatures. right now we're in the 40s, on the mild side today. 46, central park, 47 for you in islip, a little bit chilly in
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we're going to get close to 60. winds are starting to to pick up a little bit out of the east, and that's just pushing in the moisture and also the water towards the shoreline here. that's why we have that coastal flood advisory in effect. other than that, not too much happening for the time being. could be some sprinkles tonight, but we'll show you the storm west. there it is, all the rain building into the ohio river valley. tomorrow. it's going to be a soaker kind of a start to the day. so 36-46 tonight. overnight. periods of heavy rain tomorrow. looked at that, a high of 60. we might even see a thunderstorm in the amp. then we're -- in the afternoon. then we're turning colder to start off the week. christina? >> thank you, samantha. are you feeling lucky? the powerball jackpot has now reached an estimated $900 million, and it keeps on glowing. while everyone flocks to the nearest convenience store to pick up a ticket, one man tried a different lottery drawing and won big. fox 5's jessica formosa is live
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winning ticket was sold. hi, jessica. >> christina, a winning megamillions ticket was sold here, of course, that person has not come forward, but they're $165 million richer, and that is why people are flocking into this store, because they think it's a lucky one, and they say they are going to win that powerball. we are just hours away from finding out if someone will win the $900 million jackpot. >> it's a winner. >> it's the largest in u.s. history. the previous record of $656 million megamillions prize was won many 2012. >> do you have plans already? >> oh, yeah. pay off all the bills and buy into house. >> lotto officials say the odds of winning tonight are growing, yet chances of someone actually winning is 1 in 292.2 million. according to a professor, the odds of you cashing in the ticket are about the same odds of flipping a quarter and
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you think someone will actually win tonight? >> i'm hoping so, and i'm hoping it's the guy you're talking to right now. [laughter] >> stores like willowbrook deli are seeing green this week. >> just today we sold around 5,000 since within, like, 12 hours. >> 12 hours. and for the week? >> for the week we're at 22,000. 22,314. >> and here's a fun fact, winning the lotto is effective on family life. the percent of people who remain married is 90%. >> we're married 32 years, and hopefully we'll be together forever with that money. >> and if luck is on your side and you happen to win tonight u you can cash out $900 million and walk away with $428.4 million. and, christina, maybe the winner of the megamillions will be walking into the -- through this door anytime soon, we're hoping n. the meantime, getting back to the powerball, if no one wins
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go up to $1.3 billion. so good luck to everyone. christina, i send it back to you. >> good luck, indeed. jessica, thank you. coming up, preparing for the end. how some people in our area are getting ready for doomsday. plus, mexican drug lord "el chapo" is back at the same prison he escaped from. what he was planning that may have led to his recapture, next. okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online, you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year.
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 6. >> police clashed with demonstrators in germany today, protesting organized by anti-islam group. violence erupted when protesters began to throw firecrackers and beer bottles at police officers. law enforcement had to dispurse the crowd by using a pair of water cannons. two people were hurt, several protesters arrested. the rally follows a number of attacks on women blamed largely on foreigners on new year's eve. and protesters took to the streets in kosovo calling on government leaders to step down. they claim political leaders broke the country's constitution in reaching deals last year with serbia and montenegro. following a rally, violence erupted with opposition supporters pelting police with rocks and molotov cocktails. police responded with a water
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the crowd. kosovo declared independence in 2008, an act that serbia has refused to acknowledge. "el chapo" wanted to be in the spotlight, but instead he is back in the slammer. new details claim the world's most notorious drug lord was captured while contacting producers to make a biopic of his life. fox's lillian wu explains. >> his dreams of hollywood helped mexican authorities get shorty. officials say joaquin "el chapo" guzman was shopping his life hiding. >> translator: joaquin guzman had the intention of making a biographical film, so he reached out to actresses and producers. >> by most standards, including apparently guzman's, the story of "el chapo" is a fascinating if dark tale. he went from being a farmer's son to the head of one of the cartels. his houdini-like escapes from
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his most spectacular disappearing act happened from inside the cell of a maximum security prison in mexico. he entered the bathroom area of his cell, as seen on this surveillance video. then, instead of taking a shower, he took a powder down into a mile-long tunnel and onto a motorcycle that had been stashed to aid in his escape. the shootout that led to guzman's apprehension left five suspects dead and one mexican marine injured. the recapture of guzman, who'd been on the run since last july, is being celebrated by mexican authorities. [speaking spanish] >> translator: this is an accomplishment for our country and our institutions. it's an accomplishment for everybody. >> the united states is asking mexico to extradite guzman to mace charges here before he has a chance to escape again. he's currently wanted in several states on drug trafficking charges. lillian wu, fox news. >> new details about what the
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mom did before fleeing to mexico. tonya couch took $30,000 from a bank account and called her husband before they fled to mexico. she's being held on one million dollars' bond on charges of hindering apprehension of a felon. her son ethan who invoked affluenza as a defense for a drunking driving accident in 2014 that killed four people, remains in custody in mexico. you will need your coat and umbrella this weekend. there are some windy and rainy conditions ahead of us. samantha's in for audrey to tell us all about it. hi, sam. >> a lazy sunday coming up. why not some rain, you can sleep in late tomorrow morning, don't have to worry about rushing on out, because we're going to see a healthy dose of rain and also gusty winds and also, maybe, record-breaking warmth. we'll show you in just a minute. here's a look at today's highs, more of a mild feel to the air. the breeze will be picking up. your high temperature in islip
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sussex, just a little bit on the chilly side in monticello, 36. that's actually where you should be for this time of year. belmar, you made it to 50 today as well. right now in central park we're at 46 degrees, and we may fall off a degree or two, and then overnight tonight temperatures will actually be on the rise ahead of this storm system that is coming in our direction. we have east/northeasterly winds about 9 miles per hour. to show you the big picture, not very winter-like at all. we have the mild air in place all the way up to albany. right now the cold air is retreating into canada. bangor, maine, just below freezing, but in washington, d.c. you can see the 40s and 50s. this is your forecasted high tomorrow, of 0 degrees -- 60 degrees. the normal is only 38, and tomorrow's record is 60. so we're going to tie it, and we even have a chance of breaking that. so warm air coming in but also wet weather.
6:17 pm
off to the south and east. right now you might notice a sprinkle or two, we had some of that around today. you can see it pushing north and east. but for the time being, thicker clouds are moving in. with the warm air and moisture, we could also see some patchy fog tonight. ball that rain you see right now in tennessee, pushing into kentucky, almost ohio, that will be getting here tomorrow morning for the first part of your sunday, especially around lunchtime. that's when the heaviest rain will come through. we'll start to clear it out, and then we'll get back to some winter-like weather to kick off next week. so to show you the forecast overnight into morning, at about 7:00 rain starts to push in. might have a heavier downpour in new jersey at that point. heaviest rain i would say between about 9:00 and 1:00 in the amp. can't rule out -- in the afternoon. can't rule out a thunderstorm. we see a hint even over the ocean. that rain will push off to the north and east by 4:00. clouds break up a bit, and then
6:18 pm
push in by monday, and you'll definitely feel the difference in the air for monday and even on into tuesday. so tonight lots of clouds around with the warmer weather pushing in, maybe some fog, and we have just a chance of showers towards morning. temps pretty much bottom out where they are now, rising into tomorrow. we have highs near 60 tomorrow, but it's kind of a wet day. rain heavy in the morning. we're talking about 1-2 inches of rain which is not really a bad thing since we were so dry last year, pretty dry so far this month. and then we'll clear it out. now, looked at tomorrow's high and then monday's high. we go down into the 30s, so the cold is back. on wednesday it looks like, christina, we are going to see our first chance of maybe a light snow accumulation, maybe just some flurries. >> samantha, thanks for the update. >> you're welcome. >> if you haven't got rid of your christmas tree yet, this weekend could be the perfect
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>> surviveing the end of the world is big business. you may be surprised at how many people are preparing for doom cansday and the lengths they will go to to protect themselves and their loved ones. that includes building elaborate survival bunkers. fox 5's dan bowans has part one of our special report, apocalypse: are you ready? >> open this door here, and there's the bunker. >> a survival space, about 8 feet by 10 feet, barely larger than a prison cell, big enough to keep its occupant toes alive. >> it's got a couch and big kitchen, the air system.
6:23 pm
feet below the surface in the backyard, beneath the garage. >> that's the generator pod right there. >> the sales pitch from ron hubbard, owner of the atlas survival shelters. this is the last life insurance policy you'll ever need. >> the atlas are survival shelter is, basically, the last protection that you could buy in case of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. >> his california manufacturing yard pumping out more and more of the core gated pipe, air-purified patches as paranoia how do you think that the headlines of the day have about the future? >> every time there's a terrorism attack, my phone starts ringing, and people start buying bunkers. >> this is called radioactive fallout. >> the history of bunkest in the u.s. dates back to the '50s and '60s when anxiety over nuclear war led to the creation of the civil defense administration. >> these people are occupying a shelter --
6:24 pm
like these intended to educate americans. survive inevitable atomic destruction. >> perhaps nothing is more important than extra food and water. >> perhaps nothing now incites fear like the prospect of terrorism, a wave of attacks in 2015 dominating the political landscape. >> as groups like isil grew stronger amidst the chaos of war in iraq and then syria -- >> and providing fuel for some some on the campaign trail. >> i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. [laughter] [applause] >> i'd blow up the pipes, i'd blow up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> the air system's through to the floor. the furniture is all left in the boxes for assembly. >> what do you say to pokes who say, you know -- to folks who say, you know, this is paranoia, this is crazy talk? something like this, you would never actually need it. >> gun sales are on the rise, and people -- preparing is on the rise. but it's a whole different world we live in now.
6:25 pm
he has bunkers about the size of those micro apartments in the city. he sells them for $300,000. lately he's advertising more of his latest product, a smaller, 80-square-foot model. price tag, $20,000. the target market -- >> the average american, average person. as long as they have a house and a place to bury it, can have a fallout shelter. >> the last line of defense you never want to use. dan bowans, fox 5 news. >> in part two of apocalypse: are you ready? meet some unlikely new yorkers who are planning their escape, that's tonight on the news at 10. a world champion runner sharing a very personal story. >> the thread that fits into the entire fabric of my life. >> he opens to up to russ salzburg about his struggles with alcohol both past and present. and it is a debate that --
6:26 pm
seems to end, the n-word is in the title of song, and you hear it in movies and on the streets. lisa evers explores whether there is ever a time when it's okay to say. plus, here's samantha. >> we're tracking lots of clouds tonight, rising temperatures, then rain -- heavy at times -- tomorrow with gusty winds for your sunday. >> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents, it's the center of culture. it's the greatest city in the world, and i want our wear to reflect that. >> we all till type, but fewer and fewer of us do so with a typewriter. >> having the feel of the machine, seeing the words hit the paper -- >> this is one of few latinos working in computer science. he came to the united states at the age of 4. when did he fall in love with computers?
6:27 pm
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 6. >> a former champion runner who ended up an addict is now focused on just putting one foot in front of the other. russ salzburg takes us through his long road to recovery. >> this is frank shiro at his home away from home, the track at sixth street and the fdr drive. now 63 years of age, frank is a masters champion in the 200, 400, 4x200 replay, 4 economy 400 replay and sprint medley, having owned at one time six world records. so as we're here running on the track now, what's going through your mind? >> russ, i just feel connected. i feel connected to a better part of myself. >> but despite that connection and all the success on the track, frank has suffered greatly from a disconnection off
6:31 pm
of his 51 years running, almost all have been spent battling alcohol and drug addiction. frankie, would you say running is a life preserver for you? >> russ, to be honest with you, i mean, running is really, really important to me. it's a thread that's been to the fabric of my entire life since i've been a kid. but my life support gips with aa -- begins with aa, because if i don't maintain sobriety, i don't get to run. >> so where did this lifelong battle with addiction begin? frank begrudgingly refers to his childhood in chatham, new jersey, when his 17-year-old brother nicholas, his protector, was killed in a car accident. frank was just 12. >> i think it had an effect on me. it definitely was a time in my family, you know, italian-american family, my mother wore black for ten years, and it was kind of a sad time in my house all the time. but i don't see that as a reason why i picked up drugs or alcohol. >> whatever the reason, frank
6:32 pm
but still went on to have a stellar track career at chatham high school, setting records and garnering some 25 scholarship offers. places like princeton wanted him, but frank didn't want them. instead of going to college, and do drugs. >> i'm from the school where you don't have any excuses. i know guys on the track team that i run for, you know, that were born in the ghetto without a mother, without a father, and they got their own ph.d.s, and they pursued an education, and they didn't let anything hold them back. so i believe there is no excuse. >> excuses or not, frank's decision would have devastating effects. after committing robberies to support his heroin habit, frank spent four months behind bars in 1977. when he got out, it was right back to heroin and an overdose. twice he was given last rites. but frank battled back, cleaned himself up, and amazingly,
6:33 pm
15 years of sobriety. >> frank is a very gifted person, he's a gifted athlete, and he's also has an amazing art of communicating and developing a rapport with other people. and those skills always enabled frank to just be a great counselor, and he's a natural born leader. >> but according to robert, the president and ceo of integrity house -- the rehab facility in newark visited recently by president obama in november -- frank's leadership was just not enough to keep him running in the right direction. >> frank continued to battle his own demons which resulted in frank going in and out of recovery over a period of years. >> i don't really think there's anything that can prevent you from going back. if you're going to pick it up, you're going to pick it up, and you have to suffer the consequences. i know guys who have wonderful family lives and incredible careers, and hollywood is calling them, and they can't step away from the drugs or
6:34 pm
>> talk about hollywood, frank's story reads like a hollywood script. one of triumph and despair. running taking him to the top, drugs and alcohol sending him crashing down to the bottom. fair to say running is a good addiction taking over for a bad addiction? >> well, i'm glad you asked that question, because to me, the definition of addiction is characterized by harmful consequences. you know, people say, oh, i have a chocolate addiction, but they don't go and stick up a bank to get a chocolate bar. the thing is, addiction has negative consequences. i have never had any negative consequences from my running. i never stole running shoes, committed a crime that enabled me to run. so calling it an addiction, i disagree with that. >> as for those negative consequences of addiction, frank suffered the worst this past june. because of a drug deal gone wrong and an ensuing fight,
6:35 pm
sentence in rikers island. you're in with killers and rapists and bad people, and they're offering you drugs for free, and you got the willpower at this judgeture in your life to -- juncture in your life to say no. explain that, because it's crazy to me. >> to me, it's not will power. i don't see it as will power. i think it's a matter of surrendering to your disease of addiction. >> he really went down. i mean, he's had some demons to struggle with and overcome, and he's been down and out. we were really worried about him because he was pretty down deep in the pit. >> it's a really miserable existence. i mean, you compromise your values, you compromise what you love to, you know? it could be your family,it could be your job, you know? you surrender all that stuff to keep using. it's a very unhappy existence.
6:36 pm
is out of the pit, but can he stay out? maybe, with a new understanding. >> here i was a world record holder, and, you know, i can't go a day without using, you know? and it creates this conflict in myself, you know, where i'm really unhappy, and it's almost like schizophrenic. you wonder who you are, am i the guy who set world records or am i the guy who's buying drugs now? who am i? i actually lose myself. >> for the time being though, frank appears to have found himself and with his running, is headed in the right direction. >> i do the maintenance that i have to do by attending my meetings, i go to after care, i see the psychiatrist. so i'm doing everything in the proper steps to not pick up a drink or a drug, and that's the path i'm on. recovery, i believe, is a path. it's not a destination. you know? it's not like you get to recovery. you travel the path of recovery, and i'm on path of recovery.
6:37 pm
one day at a time. >> the iconic playboy mansion is on the market, but before you bust out your checkbook, you may want to know about the roommate that comes along with it. plus, why justin bieber was asked to leave an archaeological
6:38 pm
back. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> the playboy mansion in l.a.
6:40 pm
according to tmz, playboy enterprises is looking to get one yard of $-- upyard of $200 million, and apparently the house is in horrible shape. if you buy the property, you are stuck with hugh hefner. apparently, one stipulationing involves giving the 89-year-old a life estate so he can live in the mansion until he dies. tonight we're starting a discussion about the n-word. you hear it in songs and movies, but is there ever a time when it's okay to say? our lisa evers will look into the topic on the first episode of street soldiers, a new show debuting tonight on fox 5. here's a preview. >> the n-word was in the title of jay-z and kanye west's hit song about their experiences in the paris. >> but it caused a backlash for gwyneth paltrow when she included the song title in a tweet and highlighted the confusion about who can use it.
6:41 pm
when we've sort of started to embrace a different version of the word, i think it's lowered the standard and allowed people to kind of say, well, if you guys don't have a problem with it, then maybe it's not that big of a deal. >> the use of the racial slur n-word ending in er and the period western movie django unchained came under heavy fire. quentin tarantino, who's white, reportedly used it more than 100 times in the script. >> fifty years ago, it was one of the most terrifying things a black person could hear. >> fast forward to 2016. a white criminal defendant, upset over his bail, used it against a black circuit court judge. >> [bleep] >> he was punished with a 60-day sentence. >> you don't use that word. >> later lifted after he apologized. the explicit version of the chart-busting "hot boy" uses the n-word in the title, and it's just one of more than 417,000
6:42 pm
to music authority dr. watkins is challenging artists to be more creative. >> i don't think that you can really go around and say black lives matter as fiercely as we have and still have music sort of using the n-word in every other sentence. >> lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> the discussion will continue tonight at 10:30 p.m. when street soldiers debuts right here on fox 5. lisa will be joined by papoose and j-love as well as dr. chris edmund, and then the professor behind hip-hop ed. and it's too late for justin bieber to say sorry. why he was kicked off a tour of the mexican ruins. plus, here's samantha. >> welsh we are tracking lots of clouds tonight with some patchy fog. temperatures are rising by tomorrow morning, we're near 54 with some heavy rain on the way for your sunday. >> breaking the mold of local news, particularly in this market. definitions on the board so they know what it means, and we say
6:43 pm
in hip-hop, the kids are doing everything you want them to be doing in school. >> students write verses to popular beats using the terminology of their science lesson. >> so many of these students look at the potential for their lives in a whole new way. >> maybe the universe started with the big bang. who started the big bang? >> it's a question humans have been asking for millennia, why are we here? be did it just happen? or was there something else involved? a higher power perhaps? >> faith versus science narrative, it's truly ridiculous, because there are tons of scientists who are serious people of faith. >> veterans in command, one of the real success stories when it comes to helping former military members transition. >> behind the numbers, there are real people. >> i had to adapt. >> it's more than a house, it's
6:44 pm
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at >> former nba star lamar odom has been transferred to a private facility. yesterday a spokeswoman said odom was released from the hospital earlier in the week and added his family is proud of his miraculous and continued improvement, but she didn't provide any further details about his condition. odom was found unconscious and in critical condition at the love ranch in nevada in october. police say he overdosed on cocaine and other drugs during a three-day stay. justin bieber wore out his
6:47 pm
official says bieber and his entourage were asked to leave the mayan site after he apparently tried to climb onto or among the ruins. bieber was visiting the ruins on thursday when the incident occurred. now, visitors can climb some mayan pyramids in mexico, but officials rope off or place no entry signs on ruins considered vulnerable or unstable. all right, samantha is here with the forecast. >> hi, christina. well, we're tracking some wet weather. you know, we still have not had any snow for this winter so far, but we're going to be turning colder. we might see some of our first flurries next week. as for tomorrow, it is all about the wet weather and warm temperatures, so tonight with the warmer air starting to nose in, you probably even felt the difference today. it was on the mild side. there could be areas of fog, already starting to see some of that just off to the west of the city and late showers. right now maybe just a couple of sprinkles flying on by. temperatures rising by tomorrow. tomorrow now, that's when the
6:48 pm
and it could be heavy at times through late morning into the early afternoon, then we'll start to clear it out. we're talking about rainfall totals 1-2 inches which is not such a bad thing since we have been quite dry, and on monday we'll clear it out, sunshine is back, but windy and cold. 30s. it will feel more like the 20s, which is actually more typical for this time of the year. now, tomorrow morning we also have a coastal flood advisory in effect during times of high tide for the areas you see shaded in green here. there could be minor to moderate coastal blooding with an onshore wind and some of the heavy rain coming through. if you live near a rod that typically -- a road that typically gets water, be aware of that. temps not too bad, these are probably our lows for the night, 47 in montauk, 47 in islip, 36, in monticello, the chilly spot, 39, sussex. right now 48 degrees for you in belmar.
6:49 pm
city here and long island, but you can see parts of new jersey, especially pennsylvania visibility is reducing, and some of that fog could roll in overnight tonight. satellite radar looking for clouds and rain, we certainly have the clouds. we've had a few sprinkles as well, but this is all ahead of a bigger storm system. there it is with the heavy rain now creeping closer to the ohio river valley and this area of low pressure reaches us tomorrow. a cold front will kick it on out of here, and then we get that cold weather to start off the workweek. tonight 36-46, patchy fog, chance of rain by morning. tomorrow, look at your temperatures. we are topping out near 60 degrees. this is the beginning of january. and with the heavier rain from about six a.m. through noon, there could even be a thunderstorm. now, after that it gets a little bit better, and by tomorrow night we will begin to clear it out, and temperatures will go down pretty quickly. look at change on monday, 37. and with the wind it feels more like the 20s.
6:50 pm
we have sunshine, a couple of high, thin clouds. seasonable. year. another to shot of cold comes in with a couple of flurries tuesday night into wednesday. those flurries are out, and we're left with the cold weather, but it looks nice. weekend. more of that sunshine to help it feel better. >> we're waiting for that, samantha, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> images of a snowy owl has gone viral. a camera captured the majestic creature in flight on sunday, and they were tweeted out on thursday and have been liked and shared there and on facebook thousands of times. the images have reached millions worldwide. all right, ryan is here with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> lots of football to talk about here. the playoffs as well as we're going to take a look at the giants' coaching search. one hot target, well, he's now been hired. we're going to tell you who's in new york today for an interview
6:51 pm
meeting with john mara and jerry wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
6:52 pm
>> well, while the nfl kicked off the wildcard playoffs this afternoon, the giants are busy trying to find a coach. you can cross one name off the list, bears' offensive coordinator adam gates who was hired today by the miami dolphins. it means the search continues for big blue. the latest name linked to the giants is doug marrone. the former syracuse and buff low bills head coach interviewed in
6:53 pm
he spent this past season as the offensive line coach in jacksonville after opting out of his contract in buffalo two years into his coaching stint with the bills. marrone will mark the fifth coordinator the giants have met with. this week the team interviewed their own coaches. lions' defensive coordinator also interviewed with john mara and jerry reese. >> a beautiful job, and it's intercepted. >> the giants also have their eyes on the leader of the panthers' defense. according to, the team has requested permission to interview defensive coordinator sean mcdermott. the 15-1 panthers ranked sixth in total defense this past season. as of now, the only man with head coaching experience is mike smith. the former atlanta falcons coach will meet with mara and reese on monday. all right, let's switch gears, talk some hockey. there's losses, and then there's what happened to the rangers
6:54 pm
with a win in their grasp, just seconds away, disaster strikes the blue shirts today. rangers hosting the capitals at the garden, new york came back from 2-0 down, six minutes to play, the shot deflected by viktor stalberg, rangers grab a 3-2 lead. this would set up one of the best wins of the year, but this happens instead. niklas backstrom in front of the net all alone, five seconds to play, and he scores and ties it at 3. then in overtime, rangers with a golden opportunity. can't bury it, the capitals end up going the other way, and look at alexander ovechkin, does it by himself. blows by rick nash, and he scores the game winner. unbelievable. this is brutal. caps beat the rangers 4-3 in overtime. tough day also for the islanders today. they were dominated down in philadelphia. scoreless second period when michael raffle eventually is going to put this one home, up 1-0 at that point. philly wouldn't need much more,
6:55 pm
st. johns on the road taking on marquette, chris mullins' team looking for their first win in the big east. red storm led by 8 in the half, but they started pounding it down low to luke fisher. the hoop and the foul, marquette can wins it 81-75. johnny's now 0-4. and those nfl playoffs are going on right now, the chiefs and texans, chiefs lead 20-0 in the third quarter. we'll have highlights tonight. >> all right, ryan, thanks a lot. you're a hockey fan, right? >> islanders: i don't love the rangers, but, you know, i love a good, exciting game like that. they end up losing, it's a shame, but good stuff. we have, i guess, excitement in the weather department too. >> okay. [laughter] >> a lot of changes. >> go for it. >> coming up throughout the week. look at tomorrow, we hit 60 degrees. that could be a record breaker, but it's not going to be the best day. a lot of rain, wind, a good morning to sleep in and take it easy. sunshine back on monday, and
6:56 pm
back to the biting cold briefly, maybe a flurry on wednesday, but if you look as whole, it looks like the colder weather will stick around. >> all right. plenty of sunshine. that's the news for now. i'm christina park, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at ten. stick around, tmz weekend is
6:57 pm
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