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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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also this. rosanna: david bodie died at 69 years old. sixty-nine is so young these days. now we are learning he has been battling cancer for more than one year. sadly, he just released his new album on his 69th day this last thursday. rosanna: greg: he is survived by his wife and a couple children. rosanna: this is his last use it video where he is in a hospital bed. maybe you was kind of foreshadowing what was going to happen here. greg: you heard about that gang rape in brooklyn park. some questions are being raised about the police response.
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we have the winners. we have the losers. i don't think that there were any major faux pas was last night. greg: he gave a good speech. lady gaga one something. rosanna: so happy. however, i do not think that she was prepared to get up there and make a speech. greg: sitting down with charlie sheen. hiv-positive. committed to finding a cure for aids. can doctor dr. -- can dr. oz help? rosanna: what was that robot
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greg: mr. robot. go to the videotape, if we can. i thought the host was terrific. he did not take everything seriously. rosanna: do not stop crying when you come up year. nobody cares. greg: he is drinking beer. rosanna: he had some good lines. greg: how about this "recommended." rosanna: it was very rough shooting conditions. i love leonardo dicaprio. greg: i do not think leo -- rosanna: i don't know. i don't care.
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i understand. you could not pronounce the name until this morning. does anyone know what that means? first off, mike woods is on vacation. rosanna: again? ines: audrey: you know. greg: you would have been there. audrey: he is resting. we are having to bundle up. it is chilly outside. today, we are back to winter. temperatures are in the 30s across the tri-state area. now we are at 31.
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monticello checking in at 25 degrees. we are in store for a very chilly monday. wind coming in from the west. sustained. gusto size 25 miles per hour. twenty-three. islip. twenty-five in new york city. nineteen in sussex. eighteen in newark. nineteen down the short and bulbar. we should stay mostly sunny today. temperatures staying near the freezing mark.
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sunshine you see out your wednesday. today a high of about 36 degrees. forty tomorrow with a chance of snow showers. another shot of cold air comes wednesday. temperatures only in the 20s. fact or in that wind and it will feel like teens. that is a check at your weather. ines: a couple of problems in the bronx. by westchester avenue, two lanes are blocked. expect delays off the whitestone expressway. partially blocked because of a stall. earlier problems. leading some delays.
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they had to shut down the roadway. that has been cleared away. everyone heading to work. let's go to our cameras. this is by 57th street. traffic jams. more delays on seventh avenue. the bqe headed towards the brooklyn bridge. traffic. there is a stall blocking a lane. trains are running on or close. greg and rosanna. greg: thank you. david bodie. dead at the age of 69. kind of intrigued by his creativity. his breaking of the mold.
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it was never the same. greg: let's go to to reset priolo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there happens to be a small memorial. a simple note here. someone who was a fan of david he leaves behind a legacy. it was a career that spanned five decades and numerous number one hits. this morning, fans mourning the loss of rock and roll's biggest stars. david bowie losing an 18 month battle with cancer.
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simple message. furman -- david bowie died today peacefully from cancer. january 8, 1947. david bowie rose to international stardom in the early 70s. his music led to part of his success. when he wendy was not singing, he was acting. in recent years, he kept a low profile here in new york city. last friday on his 69th birthday
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released his 26th and final outcome. he is survived by his wife of more than 20 years. his son and daughter. teresa priolo. "good day new york." >> so much reaction on social media. this one from his son. i will be off-line for a while. love for all. a true innovator. kanye west leading david bowie was one of my most important inspirations. he gave us magic for a lifetime. that is the latest outside of his apartment. >> you play that video that came out last month. this is last arrest.
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look up year. i am in heaven. almost like a farewell song. they actually credited him for helping to bring down the wall. it contains i can remember standing by the wall. the ministry wrote good by david thank you for helping bring down the wall. he lived in west berlin in the 1970s. greg: remembering modern love.
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rest in peace. we are also learning more about four teenagers. they are in custody after what investigators say is a gang rape. greg: a fifth person is out there. a young woman was walking in the park with their father. five men came upon them with a gun. the man did the father leave. then they gang raped that woman. >> reporter: the four teenage suspects in custody. here at the brooklyn special victims unit. charges against them are pending. one of the more heinous crimes in the city's recent memory. police are still looking for one suspect that they say participated in a brutal gang rape in brownsville. he along with four other
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surveillance video before the attack. 114-year-old, 215 -year-olds and a 17-year-old are already in custody. >> this is unacceptable. it will not be tolerated. police say the victim and her father were inside the playground when the five approach. one pointed a gun at the father and a mandate that you leave. he to get help. each of those five suspects then raped a young woman. >> these streets along to our women. these streets along to our daughters and they should be able to walk them safely. >> reporter: a delay in telling the public about the alleged crime. the local precinct started
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it on friday. the day after it happened. some also criticized the department for what they claim was a delayed response. the chief spokesman said there was no delay. the officers responded as soon as they were notified by the victim's father. the victim was taken to the hospital. treated there and released. that is the latest. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: one of the most wanted drug lords in the world is in custody this morning. greg: there he is. el chapo. although long, the actor sean
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he actually arrange this interview. it is published now and rolling stones. rosanna: he had to take a private plane. knocked off radar from them. greg: when i first saw this, i thought it was a typo. here it is. he had an exclusive with el chapo. here it is. [inaudible] rosanna: he is talking about why he got into the drug business. he basically said that there is no other business in mexico. greg: sean penn interviewed him. rosanna: by the way, he may be protected by the first amendment. what was he, of all people,
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you are a journalist. greg: a lot of people are criticizing his writing style. yes. questions have been made about the ethics of it all. more on that. we will have a link on our website. greg: everyone is still trying to digest what happened at the golden globes. some of this just makes no sense to me. anna gilligan is here right now with the highlights. it is kind of a lead up to the oscars. they do not really take this with much. >> they do not take it that seriously. people do. he also made a joke about
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he was very salt and vinegar. making fun of everyone. let's take a look at some of these wonders of the night. awards season is officially underway. honored at the 73rd annual golden globe awards. the host wasted no time coming out of the gate with his comedy. >> i will be nice tonight. i have changed. not as much as bruce jenner, obviously. leonardo dicaprio named test drama. so buster stallone reprising his iconic error. >> that is what makes them viable today. he is trying to achieve something that is perfect.
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he never stops trying. >> reporter: the small screen, lady gaga earned best actress. her first major acting gig. >> i always wanted to be an actress. i went to act in school for many years. this is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. honestly. >> reporter: taking the role of cookies was a huge career risk. >> it was scary. i am the type of artist that if the world does not scare me, i do not want it. it will not change me as a person. i took a risk. i jumped in feetfirst. you see where it goes.
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already looking for his next product. >> most recently. >> reporter: a very interesting show. we can only hope that the oscars are as entertaining when they happen. greg: a lot of shows that rosanna and i have never heard of. >> eva longoria. also to people whose your future president donald trump cannot wait to deport. [laughter] rosanna: really funny. by the way, eva longoria coming up that 9:00 o'clock. talking about her new tv show.
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greg: really funny watching a party you are not attending. rosanna: were you drinking alone? >> with the globes, you feel like you are. audrey: what a difference a day makes. we are back to winter. temperatures hovering at the freezing mark. monticello and sussex, 20s. across northeastern new jersey, we are in the 30s. hoboken checking in at 31 degrees right now. we have some high clouds. a couple of snow showers. we should see mostly sunny skies as we go through our monday. wind direction coming in from the west. i think upstate new york is the only place we will see snow showers today.
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or 4:00 o'clock. in the evening, we could see a snow shower quickly moving through. everything clears out for wednesday. it will be sunny once again did today will be sunny. temperature readings will mostly be near the freezing mark today. it will feel like the 20s. temperatures north and west of the city. snow and rain likely in the afternoon and evening. highs only in the 20s. it looks like we will be back into the 40-degree range by friday and saturday. let's check the roads this morning with ines. ines: good morning. i see conditions out there. nassau county, you are fine on that delight you. if you are traveling in connecticut, 95 south down. traffic slow as you approached
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rosanna: i think you know by now that no 11 on saturday night. i think this is the first time it is over a billion dollars. $1.3 billion. the biggest jackpot in the world. rosanna: ines did a nice job with the numbers. i think we won $8. greg: i would like to cash in, please. greg: wednesday is the next drawing. commissioning a poll. what would happen if i ran as an independent? rosanna: interesting. the polling results were not disclosed.
7:25 am
clinton's democratic support. greg: i did not even know what you look like in may. rosanna: i have ran into him at various events. i asked him whether he would run for president of the united states. greg: we cannot do it as a third party candidate. rosanna: set for february 1 in iowa. they are now neck and neck in that state. beating her in new hampshire higher. a new wall street journal poll. >> i am betting on hillary. rosanna: finally responded to
7:26 am
her and her husband. >> let the voters judge that. i will not let him or any of the other republicans rippled waves of progress. i will stand up and make it clear. there is a huge difference between us. >> the largest voter turnout in this country. they are doing it. i think we will do very well. >> he was rather mild. >> trailing senator cruz by four points in iowa. coming up. dr. oz will be here. he will be sharing some of his exclusive interview with charlie sheen. dr. oz visiting incredible shape.
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now that david bowie has died at the age of 69. rosanna: anyway. loved his music. loved his style. always had a fun way of dancing. rosanna: a movie star, two. we used to run into him and his family on vacation sometimes. greg: just good people. regular people. though golden globes. it will probably be the number
7:30 am
>> it doesn't mean anything. >> though golden globe people. they just want the actors to be there. they want the star-studded choking alcohol flowing kind of party atmosphere. >> before or after he gets eat-in or hack by a pair. one who returns. possibly including death. they won last night. good for him. >> a happy 13th birthday from his family. happy birthday. get ready to go to school. audrey: back to winter today.
7:31 am
sitting near the freezing mark. 31 degrees. the same number in poughkeepsie. these readings are running about 15-20, over 25 degrees colder than what they were yesterday. we are in store for a big change. when speed is roughly between 15 and 20 miles per hour sustained. combine that with current temperature readings. when shells falling over the next couple of hours. inland sections are down into the teens. monticello checking in with a very cold wind chill at this hour. we should stay mostly sunny today. temperatures kind of staying
7:32 am
near the freezing mark. the temperatures have fallen and will stay steady as he go through the rest of the day. colder on wednesday. highs only in the 20s. let's see how it looks for your commute this morning. ines: good morning. so much going on. a emergency construction. southbound by the across westchester. two lanes are closed. there is a stall pass the cross bronx river parkway. take a look at that both their mile delay. at least one lane closed. slowing everyone down. there is ice on the roadway. causing spin outs.
7:33 am
laissez-faire. closure between 54th and 52nd year at age of pre-spill. trains are doing fine. metro-north. looking good. >> charlie sheen. coming apart at the seams. jogging with charlie sheen. this looks like exactly what he needs. >> a lot of people saying he is not being exactly truthful about his situation. i am sure you know how to get to
7:34 am
why did charlie sheen come to you? honest about it. honesty is incredibly freeing. i really had not been able to help. i am still -- i agreed i would help him tell his story. he struggled not just with hiv, but the other demons. greg: lots of people are
7:35 am
and productive lives. >> two things. >> just a premonition. what you are going through now. >> it is very vivid. i can see you like it was yesterday. my face is bloated and my eyes are pinched. i had something around my neck. it had one word on it. written in red. it said aides. >> age 28.
7:36 am
knowing that he would develop hiv. rosanna: he had reckless behavior. >> maybe he did what he was doing because he was tempting death. reckless and not thoughtful. that is part of the puzzle of charlie sheen. he is a remarkable insightful man. he can be on this. greg: what is his personality like. he seemed the most normal i have ever seen him telling that pretty dark tale. >> he response to provocative questions. completely audacious.
7:37 am
it sounds beautiful and elegant. he is willing to embark on this journey. rosanna: is he in pain? what is his day to day like. he is not happy with hiv
7:38 am
he is 2:00 o'clock tomorrow. he has a bombshell of an announcement. rosanna: more? >> he has gone on in two directions that are quite different than many of us would
7:39 am
i told him i will tell you and your story if you are honest. if you are willing to tell us everything that you are doing in a way that helps others, it is a story of redemption. we all take away from folks that fallen and struggled to get back up again. i am asking him to be transparent about that process. it is true about anyone trying to get up in the morning and live their life. greg: went to the right man. charlie sheen. compelling stuff. what is your favorite movie in 2015? >> the big short was a great movie. the martian i thought was good.
7:40 am
big short. greg: ryan gosling. steve correll. rosanna: before we go, david bowie, 69 years old. sixty-nine years old is very young these days. >> the painful reality. i don't have any details. we are so frail. we are so weakened. had a heart attack on stage in germany about nine years ago. maybe the treatments themselves were just a bit too aggressive. if they had cancer or a relative
7:41 am
greg: doctor raj, you are awesome. a wild announcement from charlie sheen. rosanna: anyway.
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>> good morning, everyone. temperatures are in the 20s in the northwest. thirty-one in central park. thirty-two in bridgeport. colder air still sitting off towards the west. clear skies out there right now. it will be called. sunny skies. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark.
7:45 am
wednesday everything clears out. tonight we will drop back into the team's north and west. 40 degrees for a high under tuesday. back to 40 degrees going into the end of the week. our next chance of rain on wednesday. do so with our weather out. you can download our free at your google play store. normal delays on the expressway. heading towards a bqe. keeping a eye on another prop on there. this is a camera the camera
7:46 am
you have seventh avenue. let's go to our other cameras. approaching exit 35. an accident blocking a lane. bqe, still heading towards the brooklyn bridge. right here. that's slowing everyone down as you had towards the goal on us. twenty-30 on the lower. forty-five minutes headed into the city. holland, 10-15. good morning to the martinez girls. greg and rosanna, they love you.
7:47 am
greg: who is getting married? rosanna: i thought you were going to point to your self, ines. ines: no. greg: in the meantime, it is time for duke. >> he fired a head coach. the interim coach for the rest of the season. a year and a half in brooklyn. a general manager position. the berkeley center. a lot of people think it may make a run. head coach at mgm. we will see. ninety-six-99.
7:48 am
night to milwaukee. going in for the rebound. a 50-point rebound. off the brake. it will be carmelo anthony. going in for the layup. twenty-four points. ten rebounds. two wild-card games yesterday. seahawks fan minnesota. a huge factor. that did not stop former from coming out. short sleeves. the vikings lead in the fourth. wilson picks it up. taking it all the way down. two-five.
7:49 am
midway through the fourth. adrian peterson. ten-nine. the field goal. 27 yards out. kicking it wide left. richard sherman. towards the kicker. greg: is sherman still mad at what's his name? >> i think that he is over that. seattle plays carolina next week. of course, green bay. college championship later tonight. >> it is freezing out there.
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watching right now. rosanna: give him our no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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rosanna: i am so happy you watched the golden globes last
7:52 am
it was a fun evening. greg: he was okay. a lot of shows. let's take a look at some of the act in winners of the next golden globes. kate winslet. she seemed quite fosters accepting. greg: it looked like she was not even nominated. >> she did manage. matt damon. actor for a comedy motion picture. hereof selected on how lucky he is. a lot of movies that people did not see.
7:53 am
lots of buzz about her. greg: what is that? a very serious drama. lady gaga also won best actress. it was her walk to the stage that got the biggest reaction. we got some video of this. the top trending. he made a bunch of expressions. it was huge for people on the internet. greg: i understand. >> would you say excuse me if you had done that? >> her or him.
7:54 am
taking a jab at steve harvey. announcing a winner that was not even nominated. take a look. >> it is right here on the card. [laughter] it is right here on the card. i take full responsibility. >> keep rings and other good point. i know more about that that that other movie. >> that was a big hit. the real winner -- greg: he was weird when he gave that acceptance speech. his demeanor. the content and the style.
7:55 am
everything pretty much. >> okay. [laughter] rosanna: meanwhile. thank you for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. good day is taking a quick break. we will be
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rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. it is freezing outside. we could see a few snowflakes around here. mike woods. so cold he could not get himself together today. audrey puente came in for him. greg: he is a big man. meanwhile, david bowie. dead at the age of 69. illness. cancer. rosanna: basically battled cancer for 18 months. he may have known that his days were numbered when he put out his latest song. it was kind of -- his fans. >> always liked him.
7:58 am
thinking about running for mayor again. commissioned yet another poll. winning a race for president as a third-party candidate. and independent. the results are unclear. rosanna: everyone talking about sean penn's interview with tran through. can he be brought to brooklyn? greg: he escaped prison over the summer. remember that? sean penn getting this interview. covered under the first amendment. seems like a surreal thing. in exclusive interview. the most wanted drug lord in the world. powerball up to over a billion dollars. we have no choice. we have to play.
7:59 am
over a billion dollars. thanks to ines. greg: we got re- numbers right. put that in the bank. ten years, i will be nicely surprised. hi, everybody. rosanna: you may need to win the powerball. greg: it is cold outside. let's take a quick peek. new year's resolution is very easy to mimic, if you want to. if you do not do it today, and do it tomorrow. rosanna: that is not what i am saying. if you fail that it yesterday, you have permission to restart and do it again today. it does not mean that it is
8:00 am
you can still beat it. rosanna: do you have a problem with that reset? screwed up on your diet, that is it. greg: i do not know if you have this fully around this resolution of yours. audrey puente joins us. the flesh and blood right here. >> keeping his spirit. >> it is wonderful. >> if you will be heading out doors, put the jackets back on. we are back to winter. temperatures are at or below freezing. across much of the tri-state area. we have are ready reached our high numbers. we have seen our numbers dropping.
8:01 am
central park right now. 28 degrees in belmar. these readings are running about 20, 30 degrees colder than they were at this time yesterday. you know there is a big change. sustained. we had gusts higher than that. fact or in the wind. along with the current temperatures. it feels like 17 in belmar this morning. check out monticello. drop down to 8 degrees for your windchill. bundle up. a couple of high clouds across the area. probably starting the northern sections. it will stay dry today. plenty of sunshine.
8:02 am
feel the difference. near the freezing mark all day long today. it will feel like 20s for much of your monday. the chance of a couple of snow showers and rain showers. on wednesday, even colder air comes into place. highs only in the 20s. temperature slowly rise back up to 40 degrees by the end of the week. over the weekend, a chance of more precipitation. let's talk about the traffic with ines. ines: good morning. it is cold out there. route 88 eastbound. it was icy. it was shut down for an hour. you can see traffic slow.
8:03 am
long island, l.i.e. doing fine. let's go to our cameras. take a look at our canoe. a dupree spell from one of the buildings. seventh avenue closed between 54th and 53rd street. a lot of police act to remedy. problems there. let's go to the camera shop. traffic jammed because of an accident. you have a stall by the bronx river parkway. there is an unauthorized vehicle passed 96. >> thank you very much. david bowie died at the age of 69. rosanna: we did not realize it. he was battling cancer for the last 18 months.
8:04 am
york, of course. rosanna: he has two children. birthday. the release of a new outbound. teresa priolo is outside david now. what is going on. >> there is a small memorial outside the apartment here. people have been taking pictures. a candle burns here. here was a man who had a voice, a look and a talent. it was a career that spanned five decades and numerous number one hits. this morning, fans are mourning the loss of one of rock 'n
8:05 am
david bowie. losing an 18 month battle with cancer. he died peacefully today. many of you will fare in this loss, we ask that you respect his family's privacy. david bowie rose to international stardom in the early 70s. space odyssey, let's dance and hero. his music is as much a part of his success and his nature. when he was not singing, he was acting. 1986 movie. in recent years, he kept a low profile. his off-broadway play in december.
8:06 am
birthday and days before his death he released his 26th and final outbound. he is survived by his wife of more than 20 years. his son duncan and daughter alexandria. there has been a lot of reaction on social media. very sorry and sad to say it is true. i will be off-line for a while. love to all. the man who fell to earth. your spirit lives on forever. the original star man returned
8:07 am
that is the latest from outside. some reports say he may have died in his apartment. others say he died in london. greg: let's go through some of our favorite david bowie songs. china girl. i am not sure if it is politically correct these days. a great little peach. it has a cool look, you know. >> he has so many good songs. i love the good american. greg: hit it. greg: the james bond movie. david bowie dead at the age of 59.
8:08 am
>> moving in there to block the security camera. it does not work that way. give them a call at 1-800-577-tips. rosanna: a gang rape in brooklyn at a park. greg: five teenagers happened upon a young girl and her father. let's go to robert moses. >> reporter: good morning. one of the more horrific crimes in the city's recent memory. police just confirmed to me that
8:09 am
one woman walked by a few minutes ago. a brutal gang rape thursday evening in brownsville. he, along with four other suspects were captured on surveillance video before the attack. 114-year-old, 215-year-old and a 17-year-old already in custody. >> this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. >> echoing what many feel. the victim and her father were inside when they approach. demanding that he leaves. he then raped the young woman.
8:10 am
rapists took off. >> these streets belong to our women. these streets belong to our daughters and they should be able to walk them safely. >> a delay in telling the public about the alleged crime. the nypd said a local precinct commander started telling people about it on friday. the day after it happened. >> the victim was taken to the hospital, treated and released. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: michael bloomberg. is he thinking about running for president again? he issued a poll recently to see what it would take for him to run as an independent and when. greg: bret baier is in dc this morning.
8:11 am
it would obviously shake things up. hillary clinton and donald trump. bloomberg would actually consider it. that is what his people are saying. i talked to him before. getting into the race back then. if the parties to use these nominees, it is possible. that was, obviously, change the whole dynamic. would that take away from donald trump or hillary clinton? how would that factor in? he would be a supercharged ross perot. rosanna: interesting. are we getting ready for the
8:12 am
>> it is going to be different. he is doing anything to protect the fashion. we are told that this is more like a legacy speech. really looking for the next candidate. greg: some people clap here to some people don't. tomorrow night. the state of the union. michael bloomberg running for president. it looks like it will be trump and hillary clinton right now. rosanna: you do not know. greg: putting it to good use. it will be used for homes. i actually forgot about this. every year they take it to a lumberyard. they chop it up. some of the wood will be used for habitat humanity.
8:13 am
i like that. they have been donating the lumber for nearly 10 years now. greg: -- rosanna: it needs a little. you are from brooklyn into are not impress. because you are from brooklyn. rosanna: it doesn't seem like there is much creativity. greg: you are from brooklyn. [laughter] rosanna: what was your impression? greg: that was over the top here it that was intense. rosanna: compared to rockefeller? greg: a had a dj up there. you are right. rosanna: you never know.
8:14 am
it looks spectacular. it is definitely feeling a lot like winter today. we are back to cold temperatures across the area. freezing mark in bridgeport. twenty-eight is the current reading and belmar. the same number we are finding out toward sussex. the westchester. the freezing mark. 30 degrees and ride. also 32 enthralled snack teens and 20s in many locations. monticello. down 8 degrees at the moment. colder. breathing in the teens. twenty-three in williamsport. twenty-nine in philly.
8:15 am
but i think we will stay sunny for most of the area. we have a couple of snowflakes. we should stay mostly sunny and dry for monday. tomorrow is a different story. in the afternoon, three or 4:00 o'clock, starting to see a few flakes falling. then tomorrow evening, there will be a and the snow rotating through the region. everything clears out for wednesday. plenty of sunshine and another shot of cold air. today we will hover around the freezing mark did tonight, dropping down into the teens. into the 20s on wednesday. it looks like we will be back into the 40s and a chance of rain starting on sunday.
8:16 am
let's see what is happening on the roads. inez is here. ines: good morning. problem spots out there. some issues. two lanes closed on the hutch. there is a stall on the cross bronx westbound. an accident eastbound by webster avenue. your jersey commute, it looks like you are okay northbound here. no problems with the 78 and 280. just a slight delay for the parkway. let's take a look at the l.i.e. traffic. normal delays westbound. you are fine on the eastbound side did as far as the trains, there is a checklist. everything running on or close. good morning to alex. it is her birthday today.
8:17 am
seventeen years old. greg, they always ask about you. you, too, rosanna, but mostly great. probably has an ipad. rosanna: eva longoria is going
8:18 am
when we go to the store, of oats m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. were p22, that'
8:19 am
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8:20 am
rosanna: check out this video. not unusual that anyone steals a path from a store. this happened in portland. a man stole a snake and put it down his pants. is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me? worth $200. waddling out the store with the
8:21 am
the owner is very angry. he said he is lucky that the guy didn't take him on feeding day. you have a little bite they are. greg: did they catch this guy? he is on the loose. business. rosanna: happy monday morning. i have good news for you guys. friday, a terrible day. how did we do today? it is happening again.
8:22 am
oil is down. china is down. for once, we are not copying back commodity. i cannot promise that it will hold. we will take it. >> thank you. >> fox business will get ready to hold two more debates. the primetime debate is set at 9:00 o'clock. there earlier debate at six. greg: what else do we have coming up here? el chapo. escape from prison. a big drug lord. >> apparently he wants a movie
8:23 am
let's talk about it coming pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good
8:24 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
8:25 am
greg: oh, there is a coffee shop. rosanna: oh,yeah, on lexington avenue. have you been there. >> greg: yes. i get hamburgers. what's another gimmick to try? rosanna: we had a guy on last week. greg: eat right and exercise. rosanna: you hate that. greg: there is good stuff in that. rosanna: don't have bread for the meal. that gets the glycemic levels high. greg: bread is delicious, but it makes you fat. it made me obese.
8:26 am
greg: remember the scale. rosanna: the bmi. it was tmi for us. greg: this is cool, by the way. a guy on the subway, homeless, suffering, no shirt on, look at what the guy did, he took off his shirt and gave it to him. this is a train. rosanna: it happened on friday night. greg: that is great. i would rationalize to stay away from the guy. he was cold friday night. rosanna: by the way, see the homeless man and he wipes away the tears. he was emotional someone gave him a shirt of his back. you know. greg: we have seen that in the city. a couple of years ago, a police officer, i think this is in times square, a new cop saw a
8:27 am
new pair of boots. rosanna: in fact, today in one of the papers 311 calls are up because of the homeless sightings and people are concerned for their well being. it is cold out there. greg: look out for one another. how could is it outside? audrey? audrey: it is cold out there. temperatures around the freezing mark. folks, if you are headed out dress in layers, it is a cold one because of the windchill. it is feel like on the skin, it is cold out there. right now we are hovering beneat the freezing mark. poughkeepsie 32. 28 sussex. 21 monticello. they are returning 20-30 degreeser than at this time yesterday. bundle up. wear the layers today.
8:28 am
miles per hour and we factor that together and we have windchills making it feel like the 20s in the city and feeling like the teens in belmar and newark. it is going to stay with the cold feeling throughout the afternoon. the temperatures staying where they are right now. things are quiet. no rain, no snow. snow showers up to albany. we are expecting plenty of sunshine today. we are going to stay near freezing throughout the afternoon and tomorrow 40 degrees with a chance of snow and rain showers into the evening. wednesday it is a cold shot of air. the highs in 20s. windchills in the teens in many of the locations. 40 degrees by friday and thinking ahead to the weekend we have a chance of rain. now to traffic and for that we are headed to ines. ines: good morning. it is one of those tough days
8:29 am
right now problems in the bronx. construction happening on the hutch southbound. a stall cleared away on the cross bronx by the parkway. then route 80 working on an accident here exit 35 blocking a lane. a delay there. 7th avenue, expect delays by 57th street. debris spill because of the high winds. some debris fell from one of the buildings. bqe finally clearing away a stall here on the southbound westbound side. police on the scene. blocking the left lane. hudson river crossings, 40 on the upper. 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel 30 minutes headed to the city. holland 10-10.
8:30 am
>> when i heard el chapo recaptured i wasn't surprised and however, sean penn found him before being captured and had interviews with him a number of times. well. rosanna: i was floored. how did this happen, why sean penn? >> this is the picture here. sean penn found elle chapo and interviewed him. rosanna: yes, for rolling stone magazine. greg: for more on the very bizarre story we have film maker, charlie minn. sir, welcome, what'd you think about this? >> bizarre. how does an actor like scene
8:31 am
criminal, he killed 80,000 people in mexico and how does the actor get the most wanted criminal before the law enforcement? rosanna: aparentally they are now saying because of the interview the law enforcement was able to find el chapo and that, you know, somehow or another things may have helped them with the evidence. >> well, chapo wanted a move made about him. >> he didn't cooperate with this one? >> sean? >> no. chapo didn't cooperate with your documentary? >> no. i went to his home but he wasn't there at the time. greg: you rang the doorbell? >> yes. greg: that is a gutsc thing to do?
8:32 am
>> some folks, 80,000. this is a some what sympathetic view of el chapo by sean penn, so far. he really killed that many people? >> yes, with the interview that i saw with sean is not revealing. i think we have to consider the sources, rolling stone, they do anything for a buck and sean penn the good one that won the oscars and the bad one. rosanna: he's an activist. >> and he's a film maker. rosanna: he's protected under the first amendment. he went there under the guise of being a journalist right? >> well, he's a film maker and at the same time, here is a man
8:33 am
my mind he got to chapo before the authorities. a well noun actress in mexico and she brokered it. you can't make it up. first donald trump and chapo and now sean penn. greg: it is weird. what are the chances he's coming back to united states. some would like to prosecute. >> he's wanted in 7 u.s. districts, including brooklyn. the u.s. is trying to get back to the u.s. if he comes here, it is game over. he'll escape from a mexico prison. >> yes, we are putting him in sup super max. o >> in mexico is prison system is corrupt. >> so you are not happy about
8:34 am
>> he's poking his nose as the law enforcement and law enforcement should take this at greatest insult. how does the actor get to the most wanted criminal in the world, months before the law enforcement gets there. how could that happen? >> mexican law enforcement is different than the american law enforcement. he escaped right. half of that is corrupt. mexican mexican law enforcement relax everyone, corruption is ripe. yes, 95% of the murders many mexico are not investigated. >> sean penn and chapo. he's staying in new york and about to meet a contact a couple of blocks away from the regency.
8:35 am
greg: read it online. rosanna: okay. your documentary, what are you learning if you watch this documentary? >> el chapo is examining whether he was arrested in 2014, the documentary challenges whether it is actually him or not, because when arrested about a year ago, not a single shot was fired. his 2000 body guards were not present and staying in a condo. they took the polls in mexico and in the united states half thought tfts not him arrested in february 2014. >> are you changing your mind now? >> i don't know what is going on in mexico today. i don't know. he has to come here. has to come here, if he stays in mexico, he'll escape again. >> you rang the doorbell, what kind of chime did it have?
8:36 am
you wouldn't think that the house belonged to a billionaire. it wasn't lavish. greg: did you have the right address? >> yes. rosanna: when they arrested him, he was in a dirty t-shirt. he's a dirty man. he's killed 80,000 people. greg: take a look at this. sean penn with el chapo. sean penn is known to skip is showers from time to time. have you heard that. or johnny depp.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
i see the digital clock. rosanna: it says 999. liz? > reporter: yes, i have the ticket here. i hope it is the lucky one. the sign can't fit the actual jackpot. it is up to 999 million. this is the biggest jackpot in lotto history. it is a big deal. there is a steady flow of people coming into buy a ticket hoping they are going to be a lucky winner. this is the biggest prize ever seen. no one matched all six powerball numbers on saturday night. it started at 40 million and now to a massive amount and probably continuing to grow in the next few days.
8:40 am
here this morning. they come to see d owner of the store, that actually had a million dollar winner in november 2014. have you been selling a lot of tickets? >> a lot. >> maybe this is the lucky store? >> this is lucky store. we have had a million dollar winner. >> i have one. it is good to donate. >> i lost my money. this is the hardest working man in the lotto business.he's honest. he's good. he knows everybody. he's a community rabbi or a priest. >> so you got your ticket? >> yes. how do you feel?
8:41 am
god willing i get land and horses and rottweilers. save the dogs. >> big dreams coming along with the tickets here. what are the odds of winning, one in 292 million. those are the odds. there are a couple of options. take the 30 year payout process and getting $43 millions a year or take the lump sum $806 million. if you are a new york city resident, you have to pay the high taxes that we normally do and after the taxes you will get 502 million. we can handle that. the next drawing is wednesday night at 10:59 p.m. a lot of people will be watching that. greg: thank you, liz. rosanna: 502 million.
8:42 am
we heard about the guy that won 150 million and four years later dead in a parking lot. rosanna: and people go broke. greg: you can buy the dog you want, you don't have to be a billionaire to buy a dog. rosanna: whatever. talk about eva longoria. she's coming up on "good day." that is more concrete and realistic. greg: she's a super star. rosanna: she's here and talking about the new series and she's sporting a huge rock on her finger. greg: she's sporting all kinds of stuff. we are playing the lottery here. if you win and i'm not in it, i will shoot myself. [laughter] rosanna: that might be worth.
8:43 am
okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." well, because there's never been deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi
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8:45 am
greg: look, i watched the show. great. i heard anna talk about it 78 times. all that needs to be said is said. anna: well to the 79th report. the martians taking home gold. greg: she's looking different. >> leonardo dicaprio won for the rev nant. lady gaga earning honors for american horrors. greg: i didn't snow she was in that show. rosanna: i did. anna: and madmen's draper winning best actor in a drama series.
8:46 am
anna: it was still eligible. sylvester stallone winning supporting actor in a motion picture in creed. her is how he ended the acceptance speech. >> most of all, i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky for being the best friend i ever had. anna: taking home the globe for best actress for playing cookie on empire. she handed out cookies on the way up to the stage. she also shouted out everyone also involved in part of the speech. >> i'm nothing without the cast and crew, i'm taking this home for the entire empire. i love you. thank you so much.
8:47 am
this is after party and going to celebrate. rosanna: doesn't gaga look different? anna: yes. rosanna: we are used to the stage makeup and it is toned down. greg: where is this party? anna: in hollywood some where. greg: it looks like a heck of a ball. rosanna: and eva longoria is here and she's got it all going on, and recently engaged, greg. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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greg: debby. thank you. rosanna: debby. greg: david bowie, we are sorry to hear the news, dead at the age of 69 from cancer. we were intrigued by. this guy was pushing the barriers. rosanna: hefts a rebel, rebel. remember that song? he started it. every album was dint than the next.
8:51 am
the last one is jazzyish. we are sorry to hear about his passing. greg: we are talking to one of his collaborators and also this, we are touched by this video from the subway. this has gone viral. the a train headed downtown, a man took his shirt off his back and gave it to a people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health insurance, it's easy. i can help you. i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance.
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