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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> a lot of people have been asking the question are we making sure a lot of the units are available for folks at the lowest income levels. the answer is yes. and who are those people? a lot of them are seniors. some are veterans. they're grandmothers and grandfathers. they're a lot of people that have done a lot for us and deserve this chance for an affordable life. ernie: this is part of a 10-year plan to add 200,000 units of affordable housing. the mayor says right now the city is ahead of schedule. joining me to talk more about it is the senior reporter for crains new york business. affordable housing plan. how is it working? >> if you look at his announcement today, he talked about units. these are finance units that are going to be newly built and some that will be preserved because essentially these things expire after a certain amount of time. track.
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and break it down, they're doing well. but the plan's very broad. it's not all going as well as -- ernie: there are some issues we can talk about. there's been some resistance, too, by boards and others. what's the biggest problem? >> well, i think part of the problem is this -- the plan's very complex. there are a lot of parts. i would say the three major complaints, a lot of people talk about the units that are being preserved are created -- they're not for people with low enough income -- ernie: they're looking for higher income people? >> some of the critics would like to see them for lower income new yorkers. the mayor has advanced plans to do with zoning. ernie: people are concerned about that. if they're too tall and if they're blocking views. and construction is another issue. are construction requirements going far enough? >> yeah. i think that's a concern about
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and i think another big one is essentially the mayor, when he's making the changes to the buildings, it's part of a plan to get the market to build the apartments instead of the city to pay for them. so basically they give these developers, you can build a little bigger, but some of the units have to be affordable. i think some of the pushback has been how that fits in with the neighborhood. as you were saying, how tall are the buildings? how many people are -- ernie: a lot of neighborhoods are going through gentrification. how do you follow that plan so this dovetails? >> it's a tough question, the question of gentrification is happening in areas like brooklyn. it's part of a lot of the larger forces in new york city. the de blasio believes by rezoning the neighborhoods can
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lock them in so people who live there will have an affordable place to say. ernie: thanks for joining us. other developments in the news. mayor de blasio says the city is opening three more drop-in centers as a way of helping to get homeless people off the streets. many feel they're safer at the drop-in center than a traditional homeless shelter. they provide temporary help, food, showers, medical care and a place to sleep. >> drop-in centers are a proven strategy to help convince people to come in off the streets. so much of the focus has been in recent periods on the importance of bringing people in off the streets, and this is one of the tools that helps us do that. ernie: the new drop-in centers will open in manhattan, brooklyn and queens. each can serve 75 people. >> the nypd still searching tonight for a fifth suspect in a brutal gang rape in brooklyn. four teenagers are in custody. police say they pulled a gun on
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daughter in a playground in brownsville last week. they demanded that the father leave, then took turns raping the girl. an appeals court ruled that both draft kings and fan duel can keep operating in new york while fighting litigation claiming they are illegal gambling sites. the attorney general wants them shut down but they argue the games are based on knowledge and skill and do not constitute gambling. that's what's in the news. joining us right now is nick gregory with some cold weather and it's going to get colder. nick: we have a blast coming especially for tomorrow night into wednesday and thursday. tonight will be cold enough. don't get me wrong. we'll be in the 20s in the city. ernie: it is winter. nick: yesterday we were near 60. here comes the change again. today was 40 for the high. 30 for the low. the numbers are close to average.
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record low in 1968 was 3. on this date in 1975, it was 63. 7:19 sunrise, down at 4:48. most of the sun, when you find it tomorrow, will be during the morning. more clouds will be around in the afternoon. that's when a couple of rain or snow showers may move through. the rain is colder with a west wind, breezy in places, but not like earlier in the day. pressure rising at 30.04. a few clouds are starting to appear. more will come in through the night. low 40s to hud -- hudson. didn't get above freezing at monticello. 30 hudson valley by dutchess county airport. 20s to allentown. a sign of where temperatures are going. and to the freezing mark as you move east across long island to connecticut. westerly wind, 10, 15, hour. that will back down a little tonight and maybe become more
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morning at speeds closer to 10, 15 miles an hour. here's fox 5 sky guardian. there's nothing out there tonight. we don't expect anything here. tomorrow afternoon is the issue where some rain or snow showers will move in. right now we're seeing the cloud cover starting to appear from the west. it's further off to the west where they're seeing snow in the chicagoland area going back to milwaukee, towards minneapolis. not a lot of snow. just snow showers coming through. behind it is pretty cold air that will be diving down across the upper plains states. we'll get a blast of that wednesday into thursday. another storm will form here and intensify out to the east. that will grab that cold air and push it down here for about a 48-hour period or so. here's the day planner. 20s in the city out the door. teens suburbs. sun will be in the morning. clouds midday on. afternoon scattered rain or snow showers. don't expect any accumulation in the city and coast.
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the higher terrain, new jersey, poconos, catskills, up towards northwest connecticut. what are we talking? maybe a coating to an inch. that's going to be it. you can see the swirl here. there's the storm. here comes the rain and snow showers that will come pummelling through tomorrow night. then the wind picks up wednesday. a windy, cold day. struggling to get to 30, 32. we'll stay cold on thursday before coming back into the 40s. clouds move in tonight. 25 in the city. 15 to 20 north and west. showers, 40, 42. sun and clouds, a gusty wind wednesday. may gust over 35 miles an hour. 33 thursday. sunshine, 43, friday. rain on saturday. blustery early next week. ernie: thank you very much. nice when the sun shines. here's something for you. did you know that 70 percent of our home internet use is for streaming tv, movies or music? coming up next, what the
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the future of entertainment. i'll be talking to an expert about that. >> as we go to break, we pause to remember a music legend. david bowie, who succumbed to cancer last night. he was 69 years old. changes, turn and face the strain changes you want to be a richer man? >> changes?
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ernie: welcome back. now to our feature story for you. you know, last night's golden globes presented 13 nominations for programs on online streaming services, including netflix, amazon and hulu. no tv network had more nominations than netflix. about that. first, lidia curanaj shows us how much streaming has really changed entertainment. >> honey, when was the last time you baked a cake? >> reporter: a lot has changed since the '50s. first there was the invention of color. then the remote control and, of course, cable. now streaming video has revolutionized how we are entertained. >> i watch netflix. i watch hulu. i watch amazon and regular tv. >> reporter: it wasn't like that when you were growing up?
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>> reporter: netflix, amazon and hulu all feature original content. plus people we spoke with say cable simply is too expensive. do you even watch regular tv anymore? >> not really. i don't -- i think the regular tv is expensive if you buy the cable. it's $130 a month. we have apple tv. we have everything we need on there. >> i normally watch amazon prime, so not regular tv. >> reporter: why is that? >> because regular tv i have to have a subscription. i don't watch enough to rationalize it. >> amazon has doubled users from last year. every streaming service has seen its viewership go up. mark is the editor-in-chief of tom's guide, the internet's premier resource for all things techie. >> it's amazing how much of a change there's been in five years. doubled from 35 percent for fixed broadband to 70 percent of all of our internet usage.
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services, but experts say which one you use depends on whether you're on the go or you're at home. >> netflix still rules the couch and the living room experience. on mobile, it flip-flops where you have youtube at the top and facebook is close behind. >> reporter: snapchat is growing in popularity. experts say video and audio now account for 41 percent of mobile traffic, leaving me with only one question to ask. could this mean the end of traditional tv? >> no, but i think it means that all of the traditional broadcast tv makers and the people who make the shows have to up their game and they have to a certain degree. >> reporter: lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much. joining us is christopher farley from the "wall street journal". streaming, huge, really big. what's going to happen to traditional regular tv? >> well, traditional regular tv is struggling a bit.
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that's when pay cable takes over. people tune in to see what shows are on. this summer ratings dipped watching. they wanted to see their favorite shows on demand. they wanted to see mozart in the jungle and jessica jones and shows on hulu. they're starting to eat into the traditional viewership -- ernie: people don't want to pay the cable prices. about that. the cost is very important. but nevertheless, we've got netflix, amazon, we've got them all, hulu. are you going to see more competition? >> you're going to see more global. netflix announced that they're going from being just a few countries to now over 190 countries around the world. ernie: china, russia, >> india as well. so we're seeing them go global. that's a sign of a growing strength versus pay cable. ernie: a lot of people think that the streaming services are really for younger people and
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older demo. you think that's true? >> it's true to a certain extent. some research shows by 2025, almost half of young adults and people under 32 will be not paying for tv in any way. instead, they'll get their tv from streaming services. and that, numbers like that, are of concern for people who subscribe to a traditional tv models. ernie: a lot of the companies are going into business, talking about espn going into sports, news. not just drama. >> univision is offering the streaming service. the quality for some of the services has gone up. we saw the golden globes. we saw mozart and the jungle win a couple of awards. netflix had a lot of nominations. it's not only the fact the offerings are out there, but critics and the public are judging them to be better than on tv.
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people are watching us on the internet. >> my kids watch shows on their devices. my wife is. it's hard to get everyone to gather around in front of the big screen tv to watch. ernie: thanks for joining us. more entertainment. this weekend the new "star wars" movie became the third highest grossing movie of all time. i've got a question about that. did you see the new "star wars"? >> i did. ernie: what did you think of it? give me your opinion. it's coming up in just a minute. we'll be having a lot of conversations with a pair of new york city commissioners over the next two days, daniel nigro joins us tomorrow and joe esposito on wednesday. we'll take a look at what they're facing and what their plans are for the new year. but first, russ is going to join me to talk about tom coughlin, are you ready for this, and the eagles. we'll be right back after the
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the 49ers have asked the giants for permission. and i can tell you this, i'm sure the giants would much prefer if he had -- if he wanted to take a job, they would much prefer him go to san francisco than be coaching in their division -- ernie: it's an arch rival. the eagles. it's an awkward situation. you know tom well. york. how is that going to play out if that happens? russ: listen, if you're a giants fan, you're rooting for the giants. it's no secret to anybody here my affection to tom coughlin. that said, if he goes to the eagles, i hope the giants go 16 and 0 and i hope tom goes 14 and 2, meaning he loses twice to the giants during the regular season. he would expect nothing less than that. it is an interesting scenario. ernie: a lot of action around tom coughlin. let's talk about the nets. having problems tearing up the team right now. russ: the russian billionaire
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coach and reassigned his general manager, billy king. they have been a mess, quite frankly. it's been a mess for a while. i think they made a mistake when they fired calissimo a few years back. ernie: who are they looking for? russ: the sexy name is john kalipari, once the head coach of the nets. they gave him 50 million for five years. that was considered exorbitant. the rumor today is if he would come to the nets, he'd want something like $10 million -- excuse me -- 120 million for 10 years. ernie: like a powerball. russ: forget about it. to me, no. 1, listen, great college coach. you know what? because you can tell kids what to do doesn't mean you can tell millionaires what to do.
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go ask calipari. ask rick patino. ernie: let's talk about "star wars". still no. 1 movie in america. what do you think of it? we have your answers coming up next right after the break.
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ernie: thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: all right. it's the big buzz. how do you rate the new "star wars" movie? >> i thought it was, you know, great. it was so wonderful to see the -- all the characters come back. that was probably the best part. ernie: are you a "star wars" fan? >> maybe back in 1983. ernie: oh, in '83. not now? >> not really. my son takes charge of being a "star wars" fan. >> my son and grandson saw it. they loved it. however, i agree with george lucas. they didn't come up with a new
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it's like rehashing. ernie: i got two. you have seen "star wars"? >> yes. ernie: what did you think? >> i loved it. i rewatched all of them this past week. ernie: had a marathon. >> total marathon. ernie: what did you think of the new one? >> it was great. i loved reh was the main character. ernie: what did your son think? >> he loved it. he watched the old episode. he catch up before he went to see it. ernie: did he buy a lot of things? >> he's 13. not really. ernie: are you going to go? >> no. sorry. ernie: it's enough for your son. >> enough for the kids. ernie: may the force be with you. let me know what you think. join me on facebook. thank you for watching tonight and being a part of our show. i'm ernie anastos here in studio 5 and our control room upstairs. big john, give us a wave. have a wonderful evening. we'll see you again tomorrow night. you've seen "star wars". nick: i have. excellent.
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