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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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greg: hi, everybody. good morning, new york city. rosanna: afternoon and evening. greg: okay. a snow alert is in effect. rosanna: when did we become -- we get rain. that down the hatches. we get a little snow. greg: we do not do a great job
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even mike bloomberg. remember that first snowfall in this neighborhood. january 204 team. rosanna: it was so funny. park avenue. people pushing. you never see that happen. it is kind of weird. we will have the sole sooner or we hope the sanitation department is ready. the reservoir in the middle of central park. should. rosanna: the beautiful skyline of manhattan. greg: popular with runners.
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that goes all the way around. i think that we are about to see rosanna: no strollers and no animals on this. only you are allowed on their. greg: i will plug once again a movie that i like. it is called marathon man. the opening scene is right here. i do not want to give too much away. the final scene is at the reservoir. rosanna: there it is. very rocky. very rocky. greg: hi, everybody. let's talk about that viral video from last friday. a guy on the subway. homeless. shirtless. he takes the shirt off of his back and actually puts it on this man. not only that, he gives him a
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joey joins us right now. the guy walking off they are. well done. welcome back to the show. just a couple more questions for people of india right now are talking about you. >> probably people stopping me. hey, are you that guy. rosanna: you always walk around with a t-shirt on? several t-shirts. >> it is like a tank top. no, not usually. right now, i have a tank top on. greg: it was cold that day. you had a jacket, two. we do not know what happened to this guy.
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>> he definitely had a mental disability. he was unaware. he cap on mentioning that someone had robbed the clothing off his back. he was saying that someone robbed $60 from him. after i gave him my shirt. rosanna: the other people on the train. he was lost. >> he had an odor to him. they did not want to go too rosanna: what was going on in your mind? >> it was crazy. layers. it is called. i know -- that is the least i can do.
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i am not sure i would have done the same thing. may be called the cops or 311. when you go up to someone like this, emotionally disturbed, you do not know what could happen. it was not just the goodness of your heart. you have to be a tough guy to do this. do you buy that we back i do. i do not know what his reaction was. >> you do not feel that they are coldhearted. rosanna: i think. were people just say you are safe. rosanna: when did you realize that somebody had taken video of you doing this and it went viral? >> i realized it on -- rosanna: this happened last friday. >> two days after.
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out? somebody wrecking nice to you? >> someone saw it on facebook. i was on facebook. someone tagged me and said you are amazing. i was unaware what she was talking about. i have hit the video. a tank top on. it looks good. >> inspiring people. fox fives and why facebook page. a big heart. some people just do not see themselves. god bless you. someone very popular coming out
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greg: finally. they want to know, are you single? >> i definitely am not single. greg: you are 23. >> i am 23. i am working. i am seeking employment. greg: what kind of job do you want 3 what kind of job do i want. >> are you a social worker right now? >> i am a caseworker for a law
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>> let's fire up again. if you want to meet joey, you can. >> j gold. okay. rosanna: that will be nice. you have inspired so many people. hopefully there is a job opportunity out there. your dream job would be to -- >> my dream job would definitely be to help my youth. >> social services. let's clean up the resume. that was an amazing thing. i am glad it worked out. we have a little bit of a change. it looks like today we get a
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a clipper system. going to be coming to town. you get some snow out of these things. it will be one of those situations. rain mixed with snow. as we head towards the evening, more likely to see some snow squalls. the area of low pressure drives across the great lakes. we could get a quick coding. higher elevation places. one-2 inches. typically these clippers don't carry a lot. it is also going to turn windy and cold are here. windchill factors down between 15 and 20 degrees. right now, our temperatures are on their way back up here and 29 now. eight-19 for you in sussex.
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more southwesterly. it will come into town. that is what helps to bring up the temperatures. that is happening for you already. they will be thickening up as you get into thursday. you can see snow showers out into the west. over into pennsylvania just to our wes. it does look like it will have to do with some of the showers here. it looks like it will be a mix of rain and snow. that is where the temperatures are starting to come up little bit. coming through this evening. it shuts down once we get beyond midnight. it will be more windy and cool are starting tomorrow. again, it should not be huge. it will not be a big wideout
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41 degrees. a quick coating and then it is out of here. another rain snow chance back at it again on saturday. >> thank you very much. legendary entertainer wayne newton. joining us here on the couch. we are in awe. celebrated a life of frank sinatra. so much to talk about. we are a little bit nervous. rosanna: las vegas. how is new york treating you so far? >> a very intra- call part of my career. >> the lounge for six months.
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i told them. i am half indian. i am the only one that can receive this award. [laughter] >> real quick. december. what happened last night? >> h amended show last night. raising money for the wounded warriors and their families. also, youngsters who are not able to afford to go to music school. given scholarships for that. a wonderful, wonderful evening. friends of frank.
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had stories to tell about him. >> can you tell us a few stories? maybe not four morning tv. give him some ideas. >> any time i was in one of those, if you live long enough, you will go through. the first i got was always from frank. what was going on. he called me the engine. [laughter] he was the kind of man that you learn from without realizing you are learning. realize how much of those people meant to you. it is a time.
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having a few more parties and i was. >> i know that you were a lot younger than he. did you ever go to those parties? i heard that those parties were legendary. >> i was not even allowed in the place i was working. we did six shows a night a week. >> i was for. i left virginia at the age of nine. and then an agent came through. in phoenix. and agent came through and wanted me to audition.
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without my parents. drove up to las vegas. we auditioned. we did two songs. the gentleman turned around and walked out. he stuck his head back in and said, if i can get a permit, we will hire you for two weeks. greg: you and your brother or just you? >> my brother and i. it was just something he did. he wanted to look out for the younger brother. >> that is awesome. >> when we started performing, you are asking for franks and not dress story.
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he said frank sinatra is on the phone. he does not know him that well. i thought it was frank. he said, between shows. i would like you to come to it. thinking it is fred's all-time. why don't you call me when there are less people. a week later. he disrupts mr. sinatra again. just in case.
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it is my wife and myself. [laughter] he hung up. he looked out for me. he made sure i did not get in trouble. >> a mentor to wayne newton. >> yes, he was. by the way, graceland. elvis is home. it opened up as an amusement park when he died. opening up in las vegas. people can go see where you live. >> we started getting so much mail of people saying what is behind those walls. i started holding out there. brother.
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when i get married, my parents say you should stay here. i built them another house. >> we will take a special of your house when we come back. rosanna: before we go, are you still playing in vegas? >> april 6. about 20000 people. at one of the hotels. >> what do you think about these newcomers? >> i think they are great. i will tell you why. people think that they have won the lottery. they want to pin them against each other.
9:19 am
more people come to town. they will catch one showed the person they want to see. that has always been the case. rushing on and on and on. >> you are still seeing some of the favorites? >> yes, man. can you give us a little? [laughter] we will do a little walk-through. all right.
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9:23 am
i say out of modesty. greg: what the heck. locate your backyard. rosanna: this is crazy. >> not from the city or anybody else. rosanna: do you water them? >> oh, yes. rosanna: stop it. beautiful. >> 42 words. greg: this is your home theater. >> very nice indeed. what else do we have here? >> that is all over the world. rosanna: do you still use it? >> oh, guess. no, not that one. about 250 hours a year. greg: that is amazing. elvis presley. eat your heart out.
9:24 am
johnny cash is rolls-royce. i have -- greg: basically, you have used cars. [laughter] rosanna: do you acquire them or do they give them to you? >> -- rosanna: very nice. >> i take them out. i blow them out. rosanna: oh, you do? >> they'll drive. greg: this looks like the dining room. >> that is our dining room. greg: when we are in vegas, we are going. >> interesting. >> wayne newton, thank you very much. >> we are leaving today. rosanna: how is the weather in vegas?
9:25 am
i stepped off the plane. 40 miles per hour wind here. my hair moved. greg: safe travels, everybody. wayne newton. we will be -- rosanna: writeback. a new book out. lots of people talking about it. donald over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amope foot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly.
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>> we think you should have been honored for it. i think it is safe to say along with them so washington. a real source in america. his book is called the covenant of black america. welcome back to "good day new york." laying off the top 10 issues. ten years later, what happens. >> there have been pockets. basically what pays me to say this.
9:29 am
rosanna: how is that possible. too much. >> you get caught up in symbolism. i get that. you want to celebrate the black president. you do not want this piling on. not making commands. it ends up costing you. too much indifference. greg: they don't believe what the president should have done. >> we will address the health care. there is nothing about health disparity. rosanna: are you happy with obamacare? >> he promised universal care. thank god for nancy pelosi.
9:30 am
it is a start. clearly, these black boys and black men being shot in the street, cops getting away with that. black women still dying from preventable diseases. quality education. we are losing ground. greg: the solutions to these problems -- >> this will play out. a friend of mine in new york. mario cuomo. a reason to believe. how we talk about the role in government. government cannot do anything. i am happy to have that debate.
9:31 am
rosanna: do you think it is part of the election co-op right now? the campaigning? i think lester holt on nbc is doing a debate this coming sunday. i do not know how tough these questions are going to be. rosanna: un donald trump seem to be going at it. you are calling each other racists. donald trump is an irrational bull, religious and racial arsonist. he is unrepentant. when you are going after these
9:32 am
religious our sin. he is starting these fires. we keep talking about this guy rising in the polls. we disconnected from why he is rising. he is not being challenged. he is being covered, but he is not being condemned. rosanna: i think that he is being challenged. >> by who? we love the fact that he is rising. >> he has made himself accessible. you can throw that in the mix as well. you made this comment. >> how many african americans are going to be donald trump. how many muslims have
9:33 am
>> where do you want to go? >> what i am suggesting is if you are going to talk about people and their religion and their brace, go to them and let them ask you the questions. >> i think he may do that, eventually. data whole campaign, we have not even voted yet. >> you can google it. last weekend, a white supremacist group started running campaign ads. tweeting about me and my comment to him. he has yet to come out and did announce this white supremacist group. rosanna: does he know about it? >> he knows about my comments. rosanna: you are very successful. >> these are the kinds of things
9:34 am
what i am suggesting is he is running ads on radio. these campaigns, he does not know about them. rosanna: un donald trump need to sit down. would you like that to happen? >> the talkshow host in the trump. my work on pbs is serious. rosanna: i know that donald trump, calling a circus from the very beginning. a wide majority of americans out there. >> not quite a majority. >> all i am saying is we have two covered the issues. get into what he is saying. america is better than donald trump.
9:35 am
america great again. we often build such things in context. remember that thing about muslims. before he said we should put a moratorium on muslims. he cited a poll. i think it was run by frank in dc. the former secretary of defense. one in four were in favor of jihad. something to that effect. nobody in the media points to that study. it. i blame the media for not at least calling attention to that. it needed more examination. >> you would not like me taking one incident. muslims do not like it. >> that is the thing.
9:36 am
one in four. >> changed every single day. >> let's not appeal to voters. period good to see you. we enjoyed your show. thank you. rosanna: congratulations on the book. >> thank you. greg: mike lupica joins us in a moment.
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greg: all right. time for our book club. rosanna: mike lupica. i have seen him on television and radio.
9:40 am
again. you have known donald trump for a very long time. do you think he really has legs >> yes. it has gone on for seven months this is the thing about donald. this is not conventional warfare. they cannot be un the ring. that is the weight donald does this thing. the other thing find your weakest point. i am sorry. i will allow that. you opened the door on that live questioning.
9:41 am
she allowed him to take it down. greg: the only one, i think, i will do that himself. aggressively and getting away with it. he got burned. right away. >> rag, here is a thing about him. this has nothing to do whether you agree with what he is saying. he clearly was made for this sort of work. he has embraced that from the start. look at hillary clinton. he looks like he has had no fun at all. rosanna: do you think that people like him because he is not politically correct. >> tapping into as much anger and politics as usual. rosanna: plane by the stressful.
9:42 am
>> again, i am not telling you to agree. i like him. there is stuff that he says that i find -- he goes out there and he wings it. >> i know. greg and i were there the day he announced he was running for president. then he comes on the immigration thing. he does not. he doubles down on it. >> something major happened. something seismic. you remember. we did have a sense of something historic that just happens. we will see what happens. mike. tell us about the book. >> four main characters. this is a kid that used to be overweight. he gets himself into shape in the first book. loves football. goes out for the team and makes
9:43 am
he grows up with a -- grows up without a dad. he gets a job on the east coast and basically shows up one day and says, surprise. he says i would like a new beginning. the boys says, i am sorry, when did we have an old beginning. it is about a father and son finding their way. just when the boy starts to trust him again, it looks like he is going to leave again. all of my books are about loyalty and friendship and teamwork. any child that has read one of my books knows that i will ask my main character to overcome. teddy overcomes a lot in this book. the fear of letting his dad back in his life. rosanna: the mother of a son, i like these books. there are not enough books out there for young men, young boys to read.
9:44 am
this 11 years ago, that i was an this. librarians are saying he never wanted to read. now i have to go rent this book. all of these books became word-of-mouth. i became king of the reluctant reader. guess what, that is a pretty good representative to have. greg: i like them, too. [laughter] >> it is about eight-grade. [laughter] >> when they reach greg sage, i kind of started to lose them. greg: is it time to graduate to something bigger? i resemble that remark. rosanna: thank you, powell. coming up. have you heard about these. $100 each.
9:45 am
-- what kind of a scam are you guys running over there. greg: i am wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for
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about this. >> $100. all right. let's meet the guys that develop this donut that cost $100. >> williamsburg for oakland. rosanna: all right. $100 now. does anybody want to buy a $100 donut? >> many people wanting to celebrate engagement and anniversaries. this is what they want to share. rosanna: put it down. greg: i do not think you are going to get a bite, actually. >> this is what the world does to people.
9:49 am
i am going to handle it for a moment. tell us where you started. what kind of experience this is. >> we started in april. it is filipino food. definitely inspired by the philippines. my family and everything like that. >> what does a hundred dollar donut have to do with filipino food? >> it got really popular in the neighborhood. greg: what flavor is it? >> a pearl jam from the philippines. it is absolutely amazing. >> this is 350. greg: fascinating.
9:50 am
>> they are a very small part of what we do. rosanna: what else do you have over there? >> we have two dishes. also a ceviche. a filipino ceviche. i will take this. some tuneup. what i use is a use of dragon fruit on this. rosanna: this right over here. right here. >> that is gorgeous. rosanna: what happens if you just look -- greg: i feel like i am going to have a vision.
9:51 am
we cannot promise that. by the way,. >> manila social club. we are doing dinners in brooklyn. very focused. all about the social aspect. rosanna: how do you join the club or can you just show up? [laughter] >> now that we are not brick-and-mortar, it is just an open restaurant. >> i am the chef in the family. >> running a restaurant is not easy. >> i never even worked in a restaurant. it is really good so far. >> you guys had a great presentation.
9:52 am
oh, my hands are shaking. >> to hope street and williamsburg. we have everybody there. a whole community comes out. >> rosanna and i want to try that goal donut. rosanna: all over everything. >> might as well see it again. >> it is made with a krzysztof champagne. >> it tastes metallic. there is a metallic flavor. who would have thought it. rosanna: you are eating a $50 donut. greg: thank you.
9:53 am
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rosanna: beautiful. thank you for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. greg: rosanna and died. we read the new york times. rosanna: sometimes -- greg: sometimes we have beef with the times. >> over the weekend, we saw this in the arts and leisure section. take a look at this. longtime daily show correspondent. married to jason jones who is also a really funny guy. i think that she is great. i look forward to her show. look at all the space. it has not been on yet. look at on the inside. 9000 words. it is huge. we have been doing the show for a long time.
9:57 am
i think we are officially on the tv guide. >> we appreciate it. greg: "good day new york." one of the new york times. >> good idea. stay tuned. rosanna scotto. fox5. greg: check it out. when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. rrr invokana is used along
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