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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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lottery day. 1.5 billion. we are not going to win. rosanna: why would you throw that out there? everyone has fantasies. greg: rosanna and gray goo. hi. rosanna: it is freezing out there. mike woods has all the details. he has come dressed appropriately in a suit today. greg: you make it sound like he showed up as a weirdo yesterday. welcome back. 1.5 earlier dollars up for the powerball. the whole country is playing, i think, except for nevada.
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attorney about what to do if you win. we have developed a news out of iran. ten u.s. sailors that have been detained, they have now been released. thank goodness. greg: last night, president obama, his final state of the union address. it was like a rubato to donald trump. what did you think? let us know. rosanna: when he said this will be a short one, okay, cool. it was over an hour. meanwhile, the city, the horse carriage issue.
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that would mean less horses. by the way, the people have been saying all along, this is a real estate grab. it could bring in some pretty money. >> more on that in a little bit. >> we were always doing the quick pick things with the computers. rosanna: i feel like you do not understand it is not part of powerball. greg: in the meantime, you can have fun with these things. by the way, here are some guys that we all envied back in the 1980s.
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ex-wife and his girlfriend. greg: there is curtis back in a limo. each of them went through all the money. now they are living social security paycheck to social security paycheck. rosanna: now we know, if you win that kind of money, you really need help. you need help figuring out how to spend it and who to give it to. greg: to not be stingy with the mustard. he actually did commercials for a little while. mike: i am back in action. you are free and clear. strong as ever.
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to stop. i get to do physical therapy. we will kick that they all voted back to work the post to. i am so close. with a little bit of help i can. it is getting there. i like those scratch off tickets, by the way. rosanna: that is what i said yesterday. you should only get what you can really afford. lots of people are going out there and spending hundreds of dollars on this powerball. rosanna: greg: but it increases your odds. mike: deducing snow fox yesterday. it was later on in the evening.
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we have got it. with ghost around 40. even 15 miles per hour. 38-mile-per-hour gust out at montauk. that is a pretty big wind. tomorrow, as far as temperatures go, 22 at central park. sunrise time is a little less then 15 minutes. eleven out at central park. nine in newark. we do have a mainly clear skies. a lot of sun out there today. with the cold air and wind, it just does not matter. the moisture that we were going to do with, it has pretty much moved on.
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hide. tomorrow we make it up to 37 as a hide. all right. let's get over to ines. ines: problems out there. let's start off with staten island. expressway moving slow. now there is a stalled truck on the gowanus causing delays. let's go to our cameras. show you the long island expressway. watch out for an accident in that area. off to the shoulder. it looks like that stall has been cleared. traffic moving again. bqe, normal slow down there. the new haven line is having equipment problems. ten-15.
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top story in the country right now. greg: everybody has a dream. why not join in. an average of three tickets per person in new jersey. greg: was go to staten island. >> reporter: eight is a lucky store. on friday, they actually had the 165 mega millions ticket come from the store. customers have been filling in here trying to get their ticket. a sign in the trash.
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record. the electronic signs are not made for it. handwritten signs are popping up in stores throughout the city. >> i am looking forward. >> saturday nights million-dollar drawing. new yorkers are hoping their luck will help them without their drains. >> give it to my children. my mother. my brother. my family. my nieces and nephews. >> reporter: your chances of winning are slim. how slim? one and 292 million. an annuity paid over 30 yours or a lump sum payment right now.
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city residents would have to pay in 8.8% estate tax. a big winner would be left with 579 million if they take the cash payout option. >> i hope whoever wins it shares with people. that is a lot of money for one person to win. >> reporter: two nights drawing will be filmed in tallahassee. they are under lock and key. an alarm is set around them. making sure no one takes him before tonight's big drying. we are live from staten island this morning. back over to you. greg: did you hear about the people that thought that they won the powerball. they sell the drawing on
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the website. they had the old numbers from wednesday's drawing did. rosanna: they were celebrating. he said i am out of here. unfortunately, they were wrong. they were actually from wednesday, not saturday. greg: we will have more from them in a little bit. >> mistakingly going into iranian waters. they have now been released. rosanna: they were taken into custody yesterday. they drifted into iranian waters.
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mechanical problems. of about $100 billion in iranian assets. rosanna: this is a new picture. this is new. we just got these pictures and did they look like they are safe and sound. greg: the president last state of the union address. rosanna: the president -- greg: he will be around for another year. rosanna: he talked about what he believes will be around for the country. he waits hours to be among the
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he walks the center aisle. by the way, carol maloney was on the other side. they have to be there waiting to greet the president. >> reporter: good morning. president obama's final state of the union. he also tried to calm fears of terrorism and isis. >> the president of the united states. >> his seventh and final state
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from gun violence. >> the president touted. he urged politicians to put aside differences and get along better. >> nearly 10000 airstrikes. reporter: president obama also alluded to donald trump and his suggestion to temporarily ban muslims coming into the u.s. >> whether abroad were our fellow citizens. that does not make it safer. is. it is just wrong. it diminishes us in the eyes of the world.
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really boring. slow. lethargic. very hard to watch. >> we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat the nation has seen. this president seems unwilling or unable to deal with it. >> among those in attendance last night included kim davis. she refused to issue marriage license to gay couples. a lead plaintiff in the supreme court case that brought marriage equality to the u.s. there was also an empty chair. greg: thank you very much. president obama was exiting the chamber. i believe we have a picture of
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bobby rush. a congressman from chicago. back in 2000, president obama ran for bobby rush's seat and lost. rosanna: how was the president when he met him? greg: they are not friendly. i think she called him an educated fool. it shows what can happen in life. it is just in interesting moment from last night.
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a fifth suspect was charged. >> they did not enter pleas. at least two of the suspects told them they believe that there was sex between the 18-year-old victim and her father. remember. the father and the daughter was in the park together. rosanna: there may be some video of them asking her whether they can join in. greg: listen to this. >> not indicative of any one who has been beaten or bruised. not indicative of any one showing bruising to their face. a picture is worth 1000 words. a video is worth, how many? 1 million. >> thursday night we spoke to her at the hospital.
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she was injured. she was traumatized. rosanna: she does have injuries. just so you know. >> they should have gotten more information out to the public earlier than they did. let's go to central park. the whole controversy. the mayor promised to ban horses. rosanna: what we're learning we are learning today is the city has been working with the teamsters. getting them off the streets of midtown and into the park.
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can only house 75 horses. rosanna: those that take care of the horses say that basically those that are posing the horse carriage industry, they really want a land grab of the stable. real estate is very important and pricey. greg: the drivers here are terrific. rosanna: we talked to some people that are animal activists. one of my friends is an animal advocate. she has been known to sign with peta. she tells me that she regularly goes by there to see if the horses are happy.
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we hope this all works out. it is 22. that is your actual temperature, central park. twenty-four in islip. as well as bridgeport. it is down to 14 in montauk. it feels like a big goose egg, zero, of the monticello. wind advisories for the majority of the tri-state. high of 31 today. forty-six for you on friday. rain on saturday. it is rain, not snow. high temperatures will be near freezing in the next workweek. happy birthday out to connie.
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let's see what is going on. >> so much going on. you are doing okay. you do have to blaze in rockland county. an accident blocking two lanes. here is the expressway. moving slow. there was a stall there blocking our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
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greg: we increase our chances by going out there and buying a ticket? rosanna: i think a lot of people are singing the song this morning, i want to be a billionaire. you notice that a lot of the
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they still work. anyway. let's talk about other things going on. the man accused of trying to kidnap a toddler on long island has been arrested. that guy. he was found naked and asleep on a psychotherapist coach yesterday. he ordered a man need to give him a child she was pushing in the stroller. police say he has no connection to the therapist, by the way. greg: david bowie. his off broad weight project went on last night.
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really good, either way. greg: the guy on stage here, i think that that is the guy from dexter. rosanna: we worked some of his older music for lazarus. so many people brought flowers. leading the production stand on its own memory. greg: the last time anyone saw david bowie in public was at the premiere last month. >> very emotional. >> ultimately, i feel very fortunate. rosanna: lazarus began performances and runs through next wednesday. maybe they will consider keeping it open for a bit longer. greg: the guy from dexter. philip michael c hall is the
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some controversy about his artwork. rosanna: this is a statue. picasso created it in 1931. it is after one of his wives. it is of a mistress. i am sorry. it looks like something that should not be there. greg: i knew what he was doing when it came to art. rosanna: the royal family of cutter. the pieces on display at the museum of modern art. you can go see it. he bought the bus for nearly $160 million. the royal family said it had an agreement a year earlier. greg: that is a $50 million difference. i hope they get this thing figured out. let's take a look at picasso.
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by some accounts, not the nicest guy. he was a little high maintenance. i think his granddaughter is selling some of her private collection. rosanna: good days coming right
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the rosanna: rockefeller center. greg: america the beautiful. in the meantime. it is a prewar building. you want to play the lottery right now? rosanna: i am not a scratch off person. greg: it is fun. rosanna: i am watching. tell me what you have to do. greg: you have to match a couple of these numbers here. rosanna: tell greg scratch offs are the worst -- greg: scottie b, give me a break. thanks, scottie.
7:29 am
this is more fun than checking the numbers. rosanna: you scratch off everything? greg: you are just so enthusiastic about the magog, but you hit the scratch off. greg: you have to match one of these numbers with a couple of these numbers. rosanna: do you have anything? greg: all right. what was out for? [laughter] rosanna: let's talk to mike. 7:31 a.m. give me that money. we will put it in the powerball drawing. greg: after the check pockets is
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we find out right away. mike: let's get you running out the door. looks like we have another beautiful day out there with lots of sunshine. it is cold at the same time. lots of wendy, to. rosanna: that is pretty over there. mike: they got a nice coating. probably i see, two. thank you for sending this in. definitely feels like winter. we have our wind going on around the tri-state region. gust up to 24 in central park. twenty-eight and belmar. windchill factor, what it feels like. who cares what the actual temperature is. zero and monticello.
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we are looking at a mainly clear sky. cold air is still dumping down from canada. keeping our temperatures a little bit of below normal. believe it or not, we are still temperature. 3.1 degrees above normal. 13 degrees warmer than normal. it comes to rain and snow. a inches of rain. .34 above normal. we are well behind. seven-8 inches behind. we have sun and clouds. more sunday and clouds. high temperature goes up to about 31 degrees today. tomorrow will be warmer. partly cloudy sky. partly cloudy friday as well. the rain comes through on saturday.
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no major problems. new jersey does have a few issues. seventy-two to 80 is doing fine. traveling right on the bridge. blocking two lanes. another problem in jersey. it is an accident on the westbound side talking to lanes. everyone is driving around. as for the belt parkway, normal delays heading towards the boulevard. traveling on the bqe. those are normal delays. greg: number one, the scratch and play, they were a bust. in the meantime, if you win the lottery, you may not necessarily be on easy street the rest of your life.
7:33 am
ex-wife and his mistress. greg: curtis does not have any money anymore. they did a commercial for the lotto. [laughter] now they have this new lotto 48. it could really give big. we have to play lotto 48. first, let's see. two plates. greg: don't be stingy with the mustard. a classic line. rosanna: a billion to change their life. greg: record jackpot when they wanted back in 1982. they made some bad decisions over the years. we will meet curtis in a little better. how do you avoid a future like that?
7:34 am
how did you get into the advising of lottery winners? how long ago was that? from that, somebody 1300 dirty six. someone hired me. we have had a lot of winners since. greg: the smart thing to do is to take it in one lump some. do not do the annuity thing where they pay you each year. the times says the smart thing to do is the annuity. >> i think the lump sum is the smart thing. you will do much better investing on your own. rosanna: the people that you worked with, do they still have millions left in the bank? >> yes. let's take this jack talk, for
7:35 am
you invest as conservatively as you possibly can. it will be earning $21 million a year doing nothing. if you be smart, it will growing growing growing grow. greg: yes. maybe you are technically right. rosanna: this is big money. greg: we are not going to win. >> someone came to me and i saw there were going to spend like drunken sailors. there are some examples where the annuity would pay. in general, i would take the lump sum. rosanna: we are trying to decide
7:36 am
people? give some to your family. give some to charity. what is your advice? yes. take a deep breath. let them grow into it. let yourself figure out what you once this happens, they don't really know. do not do that. just take it as is. greg: they always invest. they both made investments. why are we so committed to making this money grow? we have enough. am i crazy or what? >> a little crazy. if you can make your money grow, you can do have a lot of great bangs.
7:37 am
money was a life changer for him. he has nothing now. you have to kind of give yourself an allowance. even on this. >> you do. you have to be smart about it. a staten island plumber. he won a big job. he said he had not changed his lifestyle too much. he did not want to get caught up in all the money. may not work five days a week. greg: you charge by the hour? how does it work? >> i charge by the hour. greg: how do people find you?
7:38 am
greg: what about passion when. they are fun. i enjoy the process. let's take a look one more time. lew eisenberg. the whole city. fascinated with them. rosanna: i remember when they won. greg: curtis worked in the air-conditioning business. lou changed light bulbs in midtown manhattan. rosanna: i don't know if he
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greg: we will be right back. did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme...
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. greg: studio city. i-pronoui-pronou n have never in my life been there. rosanna: i have to take you there. rosanna: where are we going?
7:41 am
you broke your hand and foot when we went ice skating. rosanna: i broke my hand, not my foot. greg: i would love to seize that opportunity. rosanna: you have been to radio city. mike: just about every year for the rockettes. all kinds of good stuff happens. we have some slippery spots out there this morning. mainly to the north. bridges and overpasses. watch out for that. it will be windy and cold for everyone. it is going to stay dry roof friday. as we head into saturday, it looks like a coastal low. that is dry weather. dry skies. we did not get a lot, but we got a little bit.
7:42 am
well as isolate. wind windchill factor feels like only 11 degrees. fourteen in montauk. two below in monticello. we do not have windchill advisories. northeast new jersey. you are still looking at mainly clear skies. we do not have anything that is coming down slope. it should be dry at this point. on the windy side to the first part of the day. when does come down during the second half. thirty-seven for you tomorrow. forty-six on friday. rain comes through on saturday. it will be windy or at that same time. daily and hourly forecast. the fox5 ny whether out. it is free.
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let's bring in ines. ines: it is not as bad as yesterday. just some fender bender's here and there. traffic slope heading towards the verrazano bridge. if you are traveling near putnam county, no problems. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. forty minutes. about a 20-30 minutes too late. the holland tunnel 10-15. metro-north new haven. ten-15. everything else running on or close. greg: takes a lot. duke is here with sports. okay.
7:44 am
headline, greg. greg: that might be the headline rosanna: the headline is he had a vote is set to meet and now he is having twins. he and his wife told us weekly that she is pregnant with twins. the couple married in november november 2008. he has eight other children with seven other women. apparently, there is a slight chance that when you have a vasectomy: that, it you know, it gets a little loose. greg: give me more details about that. rosanna: there is a 1% chance. greg: that it gets loose. rosanna: is out of the cage. greg: congratulations. they should watch that woody allen movie. rosanna: i know.
7:45 am
duke: basketball to talk about. the red-hot knicks facing the night. fifteen points in the first quarter. he was hot in the beginning. the second quarter, carmelo anthony. he slams it all. watch the top of the screen. heading up the court. went down in obvious pain. trying to return the second half. it just was not happening. first round draft pick. sixteen points. ten of those coming in the fourth quarter. knicks up by three. bottom of the screen. j crowder. new york up one point there. twenty-six. a huge throwdown.
7:46 am
tom coughlin. met with the 49ers yesterday. the offensive coordinator hugh jackson. allowing the st. louis rams. the team would move to the side of the hollywood park. around lax. the lakers play. 10 miles from downtown l.a. duke: they have struggled there. that is not st. louis' fault. they really have trouble
7:47 am
the option to join the team there. the nfl has been without a team. it is about to lose the football team. three-two. new rochelle. fired. islanders at barclays. tied at one in the first. taking a two-one lead. again. second in the game. three-two. robin lopez loss issue during last night's game.
7:48 am
rosanna: how do you lose a shoe? >> he knocks it out of his hand. he got issue back on. greg: shorts and black socks. rosanna: he has a point. >> had a good year. rosanna: okay. greg: are you all wrapped up their?
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pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over
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t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. greg: a film of forbidden love. all right. what is up? >> if you are a big watcher of homeland, this is exciting news. they will bring some money into our city. you may see claire danes. she has been traveling all around the world. before that, they were in south
7:52 am
>> they just wrapped up. it will be in and around new york. it will be about domestic terrorism. rosanna: i am a little concerned about that. germany had all of these problems. i had all of these problems. i don't know if one had anything to do with the other. greg: right after the state of the union. they had a commercial for this. kevin spacey. and up, what is next? anna: tmz said she was on a cross country american airlines flight. the pilot made an emergency landing in las vegas. she had a real problem in sin city with no security. greg: how to achieve make out up there?
7:53 am
it looked like she was having some drinks with her makeup artist friend. she is supposed to be in new york. >> fourth annual winter jazz fest kicks off today. between today and sunday, more than 100 musicians. i think some as low as about $20. winter jazz greg: okay. thanks a lot. we have a facebook fan of the hour. lydia. rosanna and i are going -- rosanna: pledges have hot
7:54 am
[laughter] >> from fox 5 news. this is "good day new york." >> welcome to good day york. this is wednesday, january 13th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. it is cold and they have a wind advisory which is very official. when you look at the flag doesn't seem that bad. mike woods has more on the weather situation. >> everybody is going crazy over powerball. everybody wants a piece of the
7:55 am
the drawing for $1.5 billion jackpot is set for 11:00 this evening. >> that is the largest jackpot in lottery history. also this, bunch restaurant workers saturday night thought they won the lottery. when you hear the story you will thought why they won a billion dollars. >> restaurant workers were taking off aprons. i'm out of here. >> they all matched on lottery website. that was from wednesday, not saturday night. >> they didn't update. for a few minutes they thought their lives had changed. >> city of new york is reportedly close to a deal to move horse carriages to stables inside of central park. dozens of carriage drivers would lose jobs in the proposal. over 100 of them. it is a problem but the city is negotiating with the teamsters. we'll tell you how that is going. >> let's go to great adventure, six flags. they have a great amusement park
7:56 am
look at these guys. a lion getting along with a tiger. they're best friends we're hearing. >> lions, tigers and bears oh my. >> what is that? >> "wizard of oz." >> sure enough. sure enough. >> anyway does six flags have bears? >> i don't know. you want to to. you go with us to the roller-coaster. >> i have a motion sickness. that stuff throws me off. >> we'll check it out next summer. >> you guys. it's a guy thing. i like that you guys go. you have hotdogs. >> bobby mo we have a great time. lottery thing is alive and very real. the whole country is playing this thing. billion dollars. >> someone won at this deli on staten island, they won megamillions like $165 million. that kind of got lost in all the billions that are up for grabs
7:57 am
>> every time we do a big lottery story we hear from a expert says take the lump sum. you have an option. you can take the lump sum, it is half or take payments over the years. >> guy has winning tickets. you got it? okay. good luck. >> see you tomorrow. we have news crews. >> what does the guy write in the "times." i do know all about you, but you buy lottery tickets. consider the possibility you're not one of our generation's great financial minds. that's me. we know of stories people who win huge fortunes in the lottery, and lose them. the great thing about the annuity, no matter how stupid your choices are, enormous check all the way to 2045. even if you die, your estate gets money. >> you've been talking about yes, over billion dollars. what do you really get out of it? they have broken it down in the papers. for 1.5 billion, over
7:58 am
that is based on the annuity. then federal tax, 232 million. new york state tax, 81.8 million. 33.2 million. >> rosanna, what are you going to do. >> 59 million. nothing to sneeze b but unglobal about. -- 579 million. unbelievable more than half went to the outer space. >> you want to move to the cayman islands? cost of doing business here. >> just so you know where it goes. >> it's a lot. >> it is a lot. >> you think it is 1.5 billion, but you're getting 500 million. >> you get like a third. sounds like coming to work. >> anyway. good luck to everybody. >> absolutely. be in it to win. do it again. first of all the cold weather outside, oh, yeah, kind of a pain out there. the wind is going, the cold temps are here.
7:59 am
up to 1:00 for the bay shaded counties. wind gusts to be up to 40, 45, 50 miles per hour. haven't seen quite that high just yet. we have wind gusts up to 30. 17, central park. 28 mile-an-hour wind gusts. newark, that makes it feel a whole lot colder. 8 in newark. feels like 10 in islip. so we have a mainly clear sky, sunshine. with that wind going, definitely bundle it up. hats, scarves, gloves, back again. feels like dead of winter but pretty dry. the little clipper came by wasn't supposed to produce. that is what we've seen, just a few flakes of snow into the tri-state. up north a inch, two inches. most of us it was inconvenience sort of thing. a lot of sun with the win. high temp, 31 degrees. 46 on friday.
8:00 am
on sat day. it is rain again, not snow. still can't get a good snowstorm so far. doesn't look like happening for next week. bring in ines, see what she's got. we certainly have problems out there with the roads today. >> we have our issues, always do. garden state parkway, there is accident blocking lane. 21 southbound towards rout 3. there is some delays. route 3 delays by meadowlands. queens, li. towards queens boulevard. van wyk always slow through the construction zone as you approach the q gardens interchange. there is the commute on staten island. slow approaching verrazano bridge this morning. usually slow anyway. westbound side looks good. trains, metro-north, new haven line having equipment problems. 10 or 15 minute delay. street cleaning rules in effect. what is the final number after
8:01 am
>> it is 579 million. >> 55 of us in the pool. so what 10 million? >> you know what -- is that okay with you, greg? >> i sense lawsuits all over the place. jackpot up to a billion 1/2 dollars. whole country is basically playing this thing. kind of fun. also kind of frustrating. >> by the way that number could rise. i love you can't even see this on the signs, electronic signs. you have to have the paper right there. lottery officials say people in jersey really have been buying it up. >> people in jersey? everybody has been buying this thing. >> they figured it out, people in jersey are spending $3 a ticket or something. i don't know how that is possible. it is $2 for a game. >> probably somebody in idaho will win this thing. go to staten island. hopefully happens in our backyard. liz dahlem, what's up. reporter: morning to you, i bought a ticket here.
8:02 am
is talking about. willowbrook deli is on a hot streak. sold a megamillions. you got your ticket? >> right here? reporter: everyone is coming here to get their tickets. on friday there was 155 megamillions ticket sold here. so customers have been coming in throughout the day to get what they can before the big powerball drawing. as we know the jackpot is up to world record $1.5 billion. the reason it got so big because no ticket holder had all six winning numbers in saturday night's $949 million drawing. so the pot swelled over past few days and will probably continue to do so leading up to tonight's drawing. what are your chances of winning? they're pretty slim, one in 292 million. we focused on people who tell us what they would do if they won all the money. >> give it to my children. help my mother out, my brother. my family, nieces nephews.
8:03 am
>> i would hope whoever wins it, shares it, helps people and does some good with the money because it is, as you said a lot of money for one person to win. reporter: if you win you have to choose how you want to take the cash, whether annuity, paid over 30 years or one big lump sum. everyone has an opinion on that, depending on tax breaks and all that stuff. you pay a lot of taxes when you win this big lump sum. back out here live in tomorrow night's drawing. it will be broadcast down in tallahassee, florida, at lottery studios down there. the lottery balls they use are under close, tight surveilance. they're packed away, locked away under security measures as well to make sure no one taints them ahead of tonight's drawing set to take place at 10:59. lots of people have eye on tv. we're live in sat enisland. greg, rosanna. back to you. >> how could you taint the balls.
8:04 am
rig it if they want to. >> what do you think, liz? reporter: i guess they could maybe fix numbers, weigh a certain amount to pop out at a certain time. you have to question it. you have to make sure there are no questions heading into tonight's drawing. >> there will be 100 million witnesses if they try something. thanks very much. we have to go overseas. a group of iranian sailors were taken into iranian custody. iran claimed their small boat ventured into iranian waters and they were taken into custody but they have all been released. >> thank goodness. nine men, one woman. small boat drifted in the waters near farsi islands after one of the boats had mechanical problems. sailors release comes before saturday when iran satisfies the terms of the last summer's nuclear deal and the u.s. unfreezes one billion dollars of iranian assets. >> last night, big speech from the president of the united states.
8:05 am
rosanna, it went on for a while. >> the president said this will be a short speech tonight. and then over an hour later, mike. did he, did i remember him saying it would be a short speech? >> state of the union, no matter what the president is usually a big laundry list. this time a laundry list of donald trump rebuttals. >> do you think they have a applause sign there? every 10 seconds they were applauding, really, you will applaud for that. >> you notice paul ryan is not clapping his hands. >> people talking about him how he had a poker face all night. >> very selective when he smiled and when he clapped. for details let's go to kerry drew. >> thank you very much, greg, rosanna. shortest was 52 minutes. last night's speech was about an hour. the president looked back at his 2:00 terms in office and progress on economies health care and same-sex marriage. he also reiterated his commitment to defeating isis. >> the president of the united
8:06 am
[applause] >> in his seventh and final state of the union address president barack obama outlined the his vision for the future of our country. >> protecting kids from gun violence. equal pay for equal work. the. >> the president touted accomplishments of his administration, mentioning a stronger economy and improvements in education. he also urged politicians to put aside partisan differences and try to get along better. as commander-in-chief the president tried to ease americans concerns about terrorism and isis. >> with nearly 10,000 airstrikes we're taking out their leadership, their oil, their training cams, their weapons. reporter: president obama alluded to pick pub presidential candidate donald trump husband suggestion to temporarily ban muslims coming into the u.s. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, it doesn't make
8:07 am
that is not telling, telling it like it is. it is just wrong. it diminishes us in the eyes of world. [applause] standing of ovation. the state of the union speech, boring, slow, lethargic, hard to watch. republicans picked south carolina governor nikki haley to respond to the president's remark. >> we're facing the most dangerous terrorist threat we've seen since september 11th. this president appears unwilling or unable to deal with it. reporter: you may have seen kim davis in the crowd last night. she was the kentucky clerk who was jailed last year when she refused to issue marriage license gay couples. she was guest of ohio republican jim jordan.
8:08 am
that chair was to signify victims of gun violence who have no voice. >> when the president was leaving the chamber, he was stopped by a man wearing left, not wearing a tie. congressman bobby rush. think of this, rosanna, eight years before president obama became president he ran for that guy's seat and lost. >> doesn't look like they have some kind after relationship. >> they were political foes back in chicago. an you know what? sometimes when you lose, you win. who knows where the president would be if he actually won the race back in 2000. >> talk about this morning governor cuomo getting ready to deliver his state of the state speech today. you know who will be in the audience. >> the guy gave shirt to the homeless guy. >> who was on our show yesterday by the way. >> governor christie, is it rare appearance in new jersey? he has been campaigning so much in places like new hampshire and iowa. he did deliver his state of the state address in trenton.
8:09 am
private sector jobs grew under his watch, unemployment fell and home sales were up. the governor also promised to increase his commitment to drug treatment program. >> victims of addiction deserve treatment whether they're in community or incarcerated. if we can break the cycle of addiction anywhere, we should break it. [applause] >> democrats are not digging the speech. they called it a presidential stump speech. of course he has been busy campaigning. what else? >> this morning police are looking for a man they say grabbed a twelve-year-old girl and kissed another girl, a 13-year-old girl at a shake shack on the upper west side. it happened on monday. >> take a look. here is the establishment. i think we have surveillance video at about 11:30 in the morning the man grabbed the first girl on the stairs and assaulted her. so if you know anything about this around you this guy looks familiar, please call police. crimestoppers, 800-577-tips is
8:10 am
>> police say they finally bandit. >> he liked fine wine, very expensive wine. his name is scott deluca, 25 years old. arrested yesterday in smithtown. a bit of a write-up in "wall street journal." >> stole expensive wines from shops in new york, connecticut and new jersey. he was caught on surveillance camera in a liquor store. he stole two bottles of wine worth almost $2,000. they have those kind of bottles of wine on the shelves. >> you figure you have to ask the guy -- also accused of stealing a bottle of wine 4hundred dollars from a restaurant. >> i like yellowtail which is 12 bucks. anybody try that? serve it on the plane. >> they don't put that on the shelves. that is in the box when you walk what is it? just convenient. i will take a yellowtail. >> not bad. i have acquired a taste for it. >> i'm sure you have.
8:11 am
six flags, they have like this big safari there. they have got some new friends. >> they're razzing a african lion cub and siberian tiger cub together in one litter. so far the two are getting along. >> but when they grow up they will not like each other. >> right now they're getting along. they were born a week apart. they were rejected by their mothers. so the theme park paired them together to help them develop social skills. >> a lot better when you're a lion to be rejected by your mother than for another father to show up. they eat them. >> eat their young. >> absolutely mind-boggling they have been designed this way. that is what they do. right now they're incredibly cute. >> they're very cute. talk about the weather, mike woods. it is cold out there. >> it is definitely cold. you want all the warm stuff back on again, hats scarves, gloves. snow gear you don't need that. pretty much what we were going
8:12 am
we have 22 degrees in central park that is the actual temperature. doesn't consider we have wind do. sunshine. look at wind gusts. wind gusts up to 28 out in newark. 36 in montauk, makes it feel a lot colder. windchills factors down in the single digits and low teens in the tri-state. we have mainly clear sky. should be pretty dry out there from this point forward. that's for sure. colder your spilling across the northeast. tri-state looking good for clearer skies and colder air. there is lake effect snow, tri-state. here is the futurecast. tomorrow you're fine but weak disturbance will bring us more cloud cover. briefly. i don't think we'll get much of anything out of it. we'll see basically partly cloudy sky next couple days. winds come down as we get into saturday morning. next rainmaker is on the way at that time.
8:13 am
saturday. up until then it is dry and cold today in particular. high temp goes up to 31 degrees. 20s. there is the 7-day forecast. rain on saturday. after that pretty cool and dry around the trisight. fox 5 weather app has daily, hourly forecasts download at itune store and google play store for free. let's get you on the roads and rails see where it will be slow. >> good morning, michael. rockland county, normal delays on through way through the tappan zee bridge. new jersey, 280, 27 looks good. let's look at long island expressway at bagetel road. no problems eastbound and westbound. george washington, upper level 30 minute delay. to on lower. lincoln tunnel 495, fine from route 3 or turnpike up to the 495. taking holland.
8:14 am
rains are running on or close. greg, rosanna. >> thanks very much. you win the lottery, set for life, right? maybe not. curtis sharp, a household name in the new york 1980s. along with lou eisenberg. they won $5 million. highest jackpot. >> curtis not feeling so well. spent every single nickel. >> so did lou. >> talk with curtis coming up. unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
8:15 am
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8:16 am
>> that is moving. >> the hands don't move. the clock does. i like to know where it is. i never seen it before. >> outside of the plaza. >> show me more geography. >> that is crazy. how do you tell the time. >> let's go back in there. see if we figure out the time. >> what's funny, i pass the area frequently, but i never noticed the actual face moves. >> the hands stay still. >> is that malfunctioning? >> i don't think -- i think it
8:17 am
do it. maybe we're malfunctioning. >> could be. could be. >> so it is the right time i think. >> yeah, it is 8:22. >> you have to twist as you look at it. >> doesn't make sense, right. >> kind of clever. >> get down to business because fox means business. lauren simonetti. from the mothership. >> reporter: we're watching oil prices. you know a big bank said they could go to $10 a barrel? $10 a barrel oil, would make gas prices 90 cents. right now oil is $31 a barrel. yesterday it went under 30. 30 is the key level everybody is watching. now standard charter is saying 10 this is great for the economy. you're in new york, paying $2.26 to fill up the tank. if you're company like bp you're laying off thousands and thousands of workers because you can't compete with cheap oil.
8:18 am
>> i thought they were running out of oil? where do they get this stiff. >> we don't have oil shortage at all. we get inventory report. we have plenty of oil worldwide. iran is expected to put their oil on market. issue you have to find a price where you make money or break even. for americans, shale producers, they're being very resilient. many of them right now, but they can't produce oil as cheaply because they're newer companies. that's why we're seeing so many layoffs in the space. >> meantime i wish they had gas station attendants in new york. >> reporter: i know. isn't it nice in new jersey. >> they don't have them here? i've seen them around. >> basically, rosanna, you have to pump your own gas. you go to new jersey feel like a big shot. >> reporter: pay cash and fill up yourself to get the cheapest price in new york. it is freezing outside. >> take care of your cold too. >> reporter: i know. thank you.
8:19 am
in case you forgot fox business is holding two more republican primary presidential debates tomorrow night. the prime time debate is at 9:00 where you see donald trump and governor christie. the earlier debate apparently, >> senator rand paul. >> he is saying, senator paul is debate. he is skipping it. >> doesn't want to be apt kid's table. governor pataki is no longer running for president. first caucuses are february 1st. >> beginning tomorrow, fresh direct will offer one hour delivery service. that is pretty cool. called food kick. direct? >> i used to do it a lot. >> i did it, big box, two apples inside of the box. >> i complained about that. i thought it was a waste. >> i like the fresh direct guys. guy if my neighborhood is terrific.
8:20 am
>> what did you do? you acted like a monkey? act like a monkey i give bay an that has. >> sometimes i tip. sometimes i get tipped. when can you get this? >> anyway, initially available in partings of brooklyn and parts of long island city queens. we'll see about expanding it through the city. >> going to be free for the first 30 days. fresh direct, doing interesting innovative things there. all right. did we mention the guy again who won five million dollars back in the early 1980s, then blew it all, rosanna. he is going to be joining news a little bit. >> curtis sharp. we have an actor who is going to be hire. his name is rob kaczynski. probably know i am from the east enders. he is in the new fox show
8:21 am
rob kaczynski will be
8:22 am
>> love her. >> anybody see this movie? it was about her relationship with ike, ike turner. >> aye yi yi. >> he had a temper. he was, ooh. she survived and thrived. >> still going strong. 8:30 in the morning. nice to have you with us. i like the lights are still on in the background. >> that's true. time to take that stuff down, right? what is it, january 13th. >> yeah. >> sixth avenue, everybody. you see, that is part of rockefeller center. modern buildings there on the right, part of same property. fox news channel is over there. >> let's get down to business because, that woman is totally bundled up. you only see her eyes. that is smart. >> want to warm up with the lottery? >> what are we doing? >> we're practicing. call a number, rosanna. >> 20. >> 27. not bad. not bad.
8:23 am
so close. >> one more. >> lucky 13 because today is the 13th. >> got to go the other way. >> other way. >> sorry. got two. wouldn't it be amazing? 23. you're warm though. >> so close. so close. do you get bonus prize for being close? >> you do, if you get four numbers, almost like all of them, right? >> yeah. >> every numeral you mentioned had something to do with one of these pools. not bad. >> feeling hot. mike. >> all right. we're ready for it but we also have some cold weather outside. a lot of folks, you know it? run the errands, go to work, go to school, do whatever you got so do, this will be one of the rougher days because temps are cold, and windy at the same time. wind advisories up for good part of the tri-state region. let's look at the maps. show you what is going on. this guy, his birthday.
8:24 am
mom, your dad, the whole family. we hope you have a fantastic one, buddy. he is checking us out all the time. he likes fire trucks too. we have a lot of wind out there. let's show you what is going on with the wind advisories. they are up from now until 1:00 for the bay shaded counties. wind gusts could be in neighborhood of 45, maybe 50 miles per hour. we'll wait and see on that. once we get beyond lunchtime they should start to come back down. windchill factor down to 14. that is what it feels like in central park. belmar, feels like 10 degrees. 15 out in montauk. we have a lot of sunshine back again. we don't have to worry about the rain or snow here today. good coating, inch or two up to the north. it really wasn't that bad for most us of in the tri-state. these things don't bring much moisture out with them. it can make for slick road
8:25 am
less traveled. anyhow, high testimonyp 31 in the city. partly cloudy, lows between 14 and 22. still very cold. tomorrow you see high of 3degrees. 46 on friday. 45 on saturday. there is the rain, making a comeback. it gets out of here by the time next week. work week starts off on windy, sunny, cold condition. let's bring in ines to see what is going on. we have problems not necessarily dealing with the weather. what is going on, ines. >> putnam county, taconic peekskill road. accident blocking a lane. queens, normal delays on the b.q.e. heading towards the bridge. lie heading towards queens boulevard. go to the cameras, commute on long island expressway by bagatel road. no problems westbound or
8:26 am
george washington bridge, upper level 30 minute delays, 20 on the lower. 495 heading towards lincoln tunnel. holland, 10 minute delay. b.q.e., tough to say, traffic slow as usual approaching brooklyn bridge. trains on or close to schedule and street cleaning rules in effect. instead of numbers, quick pick, use your numbers. stuff like that. >> sure. that's a good idea. >> think about that. >> ines in charge of buying lottery tickets, thanks a lot. $1.5 billion jackpot. tonight we'll know. 11:00. >> 1 1/2 billion dollars. about $500 million for you. >> what happens if nobody wins tonight? what happens then? >> oh, my goodness. >> what happens if only one person wins? wouldn't that be incredible? >> you know. i hope, you know, the wealth is spread around. that would be nice. >> okay. let's go to staten island.
8:27 am
second. you heard possibly over weekend a group of restaurant workers in jersey they all thought they won the powerball for about 15 minutes. they were celebrating. what happened, rosanna. >> apparently looking at numbers from the wrong day. it was so funny because everybody came out of the kitchen. they were throwing down their aprons. i'm out taher. they were winners a few minutes. >> guy called his wife, you better check numbers again. they did. oh, boy, we're looking at old numbers from wednesday's drawing. dan bowens has more. >> 63 yes. powerball, 17. >> reporter: it is what euphoria looks like. $940 million worth of pure bliss. >> it was unbelievable. my legs were shaking. >> reporter: at least that's what the staff at the restaurant in inglewood cliffs new jersey thought. >> 20 minute millionaires. >> everybody at the restaurant
8:28 am
>> reporter: five or 10 or 20 minutes was just amazing. saturday night bartender charles got a text listing what he thought was winning numbers. that is him on surveillance video calling them out. >> 2. >> yes. 11 yes. >> reporter: numbers one after another matching ticket. could it be? >> high-fiving. we're laughing. we're crying t was a real nice feeling. didn't think anything about spending it or anything like that. >> boys were taking aprons off, tossing them off the floor. i'm not washing dishes in this place. >> reporter: michael said, 42 employees, cooks, waiters, valets were in on the pool. >> 22 million a piece. >> you quit for 20 minutes said i'm finished. >> reporter: diego has been parking cars here for 20 years. during the 20 minutes when he thought he won, quit. >> somebody said give us a car.
8:29 am
>> this is tunney thing. >> reporter: this is the tickets those are the numbers, 2, 11, 4, 62, 11. they are winning numbers. problem is they weren't winning numbers on saturday night. these were the winners for wednesday. >> we knew it was all over it. >> reporter: charles said reality hit after his wife told him to double-check to be sure. >> sure enough. i went to the website. now it is 20 after 11. all set of new numbers. all different numbers. >> reporter: everyone including diego is back at work. they will play for 1 1/2 billion wednesday. >> that is impossible. >> reporter: so close to having it all. >> ah. >> emotionally traumatic episode for them, seriously. oh, well. >> anyway, you might need that kind much money if you go to perse have you been to the building. >> nicest restaurant in time until "new york times" reviewed it yesterday. oh, boy.
8:30 am
by the way, for a meal there, several course meal it is $325 a person! >> when you factor in tax, tip, wine, that kind of thing, this food critic for "the times," pete wells, he went there with three other people. the bill came to $3,000. here is how he starts the piece. a lady had dropped her napkin. she threw it to the ground actually in disillusionment. small protest of mediocrity and miscues during four hour dinner at perse. service really declined and so has the food. >> pete wells had cooked lettuce and crunchy and mushy at once. mushroom pot pie is swampy mess. he called the mushroom bouillon as appeal as bong water. >> bong water? the water in the pipe? oh. >> drop ad napkin and never returned to diner. >> staff was snippy. this guy seems a little snippy. reviewer.
8:31 am
>> pete wells. this was once a four-star restaurant. dropped it down to two stars. do you think that will change the amount of people who go there? those who can afford it, right? >> i have never been there. sound like they're going to have, i think they might have a meeting today, right. >> there is usually a meeting when that kind of stuff happens. >> rosanna, you know what it is like for -- >> not good. curtis sharp will be here. he went from a 5 million-dollar lottery winner to zippo. >> he is the guy, might remember old lotto commercials in the '80s, don't be stingy with the mustard. lou eisenberg won $5 million. both went through the money, according to some reports are living paycheck to no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
8:32 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly...
8:33 am
>> feel like i'm watching the eharmony commercial. >> why? >> this is the theme song. >> this is? this is natalie cole. god rest her soul. >> 50 categories for you to find the perfect mate. sound like a lot of work. like doing your taxes. that tinder dating app, remember we looked at that? yeah. >> you are swiping left and right in eight second. >> i heard that is hookup site. that's not like, for a relationship. >> rosanna download it immediately. is that true?
8:34 am
>> that's what i've heard. i don't know, looking at young girls who are laughing at what we're saying. >> yale acapella group. >> hello, yalies. >> welcome to "good day new york." you like to sing. >> as if they're doing something modern. are you singing something modern? yeah. acapoco, greg. >> super dope, lock co. thank you, girls. >> talk about the horses in central park. we are big fans. we think it is part of the tradition of new york. we know some of the drivers. they seem to take care of those horses so well. >> yeah. but become a major political issue in town. mayor de blasio promised as a candidate to get rid of these horses ban them day one. more than two years into his term he hasn't succeeded. there is a lot of resistance. people love these horses. they think they're being well-maintained, well cared for. not everybody buys that. looks like, rosanna, a
8:35 am
>> ben simmoneau is at the stables, right, in clinton park? >> reporter: yes indeed, rosanna and greg. good morning to you. this issue has been a thorn in the side of mayor de blasio since he took office two years ago. the issue, the mayor says from his point the horses have to travel from the clinton park stables here on west 52nd street. they have to go over several avenue blocks up about eight or nine numbered blocks to get to central park. the mayor says it is not safe. it is dangerous for horses. well, as you guys mentioned he promised to ban them outright on today one. that's not happened. he was backed by this group, new york class, which very much wanted the horses banned in central park. now though, the two sides may be moving towards a compromise. the mayor's administration and teamster's union which represents the carriage drivers here, apparently this deal may include city financing.
8:36 am
stables for the horses inside of central park so they would not have to leave the park. however, there's a catch here. those stables would only accommodate about the 75 horses compared to the 220 or so now that are accomodated here in the city. so there would still be dozens and dozens of carriage drivers who would lose their job. in exchange though, the city would potentially pay, give buyouts, if you will, to those carriage drivers. that seems to be sticking point here. the teamsters union says yes, there are discussions going on. they are productive discussions. however, there's been no final deal reached. the mayor's administration is hoping to reach a deal between the two sides by this friday so they can get a bill in front of the city council's transportation committee meeting which will meet this friday. there is some movement here, guys. no deal yet but again this could be, this could preserve the horse and carriages in the park,
8:37 am
that's the story from tne west side stables. pretty quiet out here this morning. nobody out here yet because it is in fact so cold. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> got you there, ben, thanks a lot. when you ride in the carriage they gave you a blanket. rosanna they gave awe blanket. we were cozy. >> we were toasty in the back seat. >> we took the horses out. here we are. remember the pink feather. what was our driver's name? julius i think. >> i don't remember. but it was really nice day. >> this deal could mean that the horses won't have to commute. they will basically live in the park. at that might be nice. >> at least it will save some jobs, not all of them. that is the problem when 100 people's jobs are on the line here. >> tell me about this guy. he looks so happy and healthy. >> people are crazy about dr. david agis. i know him from a short guide to a long life. he is author of, the end of illness. he has a new book called "the lucky years."
8:38 am
so many major medical break-throughs going on. i can't wait to meet this guy in person, dr. david agis.
8:39 am
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>> it didn't work out for us. >> i know. >> we're trying to get in the mood for tonight. rosanna, call a number. >> 13. >> 13. you always go with unlucky 13. 58. >> so close. >> work at it. >> all right. anna gilligan, we're in the mood. what are you talking about this morning? >> we're actually talking about the effect that david bowie's death has had on the demand for his music. it is that fans really want to hear him. take a listen. of course "fame" is one of his most famous songs. his music is more fame moist than ever. since he died on sunday, bowie's
8:41 am
top 100 in the u.s. his album would dethrone adele. bowie never achieved that during his lifetime. the ticket for carnegie memorial concert are sold out. there are tickets available for as much as $3,000. tonight "american idol" goes to philadelphia to find the best of the best. a peek at one of the contestant tonight. the bar is high every than ever to crown the very last "american idol." some contestants told us why they're in it to win it. >> be a star. kauri underwood, phillip phillips. they win grammys. that is what i want to do. >> wait in a line a few us to have your all dreams come true. >> "american idol" tonight on
8:42 am
"sesame street" will be returning. you know the song. >> yeah. >> coming back revamped version of theme song. coming from a new home. take a listen to the new theme song. >> reporter: sound a little different. >> characters right. >> reporter: same characters. same concept. look forge direction from "sesame street." >> i heard oscar the grouch will updated. >> that very funny. >> reporter: big change really after 45 years on pbs the show will be at hbo. >> oh, man. you have to pay for it? >> reporter: yeah. here's the thing though. >> don't you have hbo on regular -- >> no, i don't have hbo. >> reporter: people were upset after premium cable service. however the first nine months, they will air on pbs so you can say it.
8:43 am
love that guy. >> reporter: to get attention of this new generation, episodes will be shortened to half hour, not an hour. we are like iphone society. >> did you notice in the footage you couldn't see snuffle agus only big bird sees him. >> reporter: fewer faces and less celebrities because kids don't know who they are. less parodies. parents. >> reporter: celebrities can sing a song for kids they like whether they know them. >> marie and gordon still work there? >> reporter: i believe so. >> whew. >> reporter: saturday premiers the new season. >> you're into the lottery fever. whole country has it. we have to get through this thing. we'll meet somebody, rosanna, who won the lottery no longer rich. >> curtis sharp. boy, oh, boy, i guess he didn't get great financial advice. maybe he has some advice for us. >> that is curtis and lou on the right.
8:44 am
>> >> "good day" fan of the hour brought to you by mazda, driving matters. >> all right, diane. it is all about you.
8:45 am
facebook fan of the hour. maybe this is the start of big things for diane. what do you think? >> diane, i hear she is on a roll as it is. >> really. >> she have doing great. >> good for her. diane, thank you. fever. curtis sharp will be here. we'll meet the yalie a cappella group and dr. david agus is coming right up. hey- small business owners, when you your business down, you need fios. but why ? well, fios is the 100% fiber optic network, with 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. so your business can get things done faster. all from verizon - highest in customer satisfaction by jd. power. sign up for 25 meg fios internet and phone bundle starting at or upgrade to 50 meg internet
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