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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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from the $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. after weeks without a winner, tonight could be the night. dari: so there's no guarantee that somebody is going to win it all, but lottery officials say more than 85 percent of the possible combinations have been sold. steve: they know that already. dari: 85 percent. not 100. steve: antwan lewis live in plainview, long island, where people are snapping up the tickets. >> reporter: absolutely. they're still snapping them up. in this bp gas station, it's one of several places where dreams can come true for two bucks a pop. call it fever. call illustrate t mania. the word is powerball. >> might as well give it a chance. >> i bought last night, $20. >> the staggers $1.5 billion has ignited debates over lump sum or annuity payments.
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bank and you invest as conservatively as you can, it's going to be earning $21 million a year. right? if you just do it smart, it will grow and grow. it will be better than the annuity. >> don is visiting from north carolina. i spent more money than usually he plays. which would you suspect pick? >> my age. i'm retired. i'm not worried about stretching it out. the big chunk and run with it.
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it steve: the mega millions jackpot climbed to 636 million on december 17th, 2013. two winning tickets were sold in california and georgia that year. a single winning ticket was sold jackpot. dari: now you're talking. co-workers at a new jersey restaurant thought they were instant powerball millionaires this weekend. [cheering] can you just imagine that feeling? insane to feel that way. on saturday, workers at this
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thought they hit the powerball. but it turns out they celebrated too soon. dan bowens will explain what happened a little later. steve: wall street's bad start to 2016 continues to get worse. stocks plunged today as the dow sank 364 points while the nasdaq and s & p reported losses for the day. the market hasn't seen a drop that big since last august. >> two bank robbery suspects behind bars after leading police island. dari: stacey delikat gives us the play by play. >> reporter: it began with an armed bank robbery in bayshore and ended after a cross county pursuit 20 miles away with two police officers injured and plenty of frayed nerves. >> of course i was nervous. i poked my head out and said what is going on? he had a rifle. he said close the door. >> reporter: the two men are accused of robbing this capital one bank in the south shore mall at gunpoint around 9:00 this
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then taking off with a bag of cash as police officers scrambled to catch them. >> the suspects ultimately crashed into a police vehicle at 135 and jericho where two suspects exited the car and fled on foot. >> reporter: one suspect was caught trying to cross 135. the other ran into the eagle rock apartment complex where frightened residents like monica were put on lockdown. >> they told us not to come out of the house and told us that just keep your doors closed. >> reporter: police caught the second suspect, not far from burke's apartment, but continued searching just in case anyone else was involved. >> i've never seen so many police in one spot. >> it was chaotic. a lot of cops walking and running over into the apartment complex. helicopters were overhead. >> reporter: two police officers suffered minor knee injuries in the chase. one from nassau county was involved in the collision with the suspects.
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county was involved in the pursuit. police did recover the bag of money. one of the suspects was taken to an area hospital, the other to the police precinct. authorities haven't said whether this pair may be linked to other robberies in the area. i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. dari: the suspect has been charged in the alleged rape of a young woman by a group of teens in brooklyn. the 17-year-old was arrested at his school and charged with rape and other counts. he's expected to be arraigned later today. the other four suspects faced a judge yesterday. they didn't enter pleas, but their attorneys denied the allegations. police say at least two of the suspects told them that they believed that sex with the 18-year-old woman was consensual. steve: the nypd releasing video of this man wanted for assaulting two young girls at the shake shack on the upper west side late monday morning. police say the man grabbed the wrist of a 12-year-old girl on a staircase inside the restaurant. she was able to pull away.
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girl outside the store and kissed her on the cheek before running away on columbus avenue. anyone with information on the guy on the screen, call 1-800-577-tips. dari: sailors are back after being held by iran. linda schmidt show us that the peaceful resolution is a good sign for american-iranian relations. >> i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> reporter: the obama administration thankful that u.s. sailors are back in u.s. hands. iran released the 10 sailors today, less than a day after detaining them. the americans were traveling from kuwait to bahrain yesterday when officials believe they encountered mechanical problems and drifted into iranian waters.
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>> it has not been a hostile crossover meant for espionage offer the like. >> reporter: the detainment occurred as tensions remain high. the u.s. navy released this footage which shows the iranians firing rockets near u.s. warships in the strait of hormuz. for tehran, the quick release of the americans was a way to neutralize tension days before they're expected to meet the terms of last summer's international nuclear deal. once the terms are met, crippling sanctions placed on iran will be lifted. however, many republicans are blaming the white house foreign policy for this latest incident. >> it's amazing this is an issue, that they're messing with the united states. that's the no. 1 thing, when we're about to release the sanctions that would give them $100 billion, this is how they repay us. >> reporter: tonight iran's revolutionary guard is claiming an apology was made for the
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vice president joe biden says there was nothing to apologize for. a senior official is telling us that the sailors were not harmed, but they will be undergoing a medical evaluation and debriefing. steve: thank you, linda. authorities in turkey say a total of five suspects are being detained following a suicide bomber that killed 10. isis is behind the attack. officials entered turkey as a dari: officials have identified three homes believed to have been used by suspects to plan the deadly paris terror attacks that left 130 people dead. authorities say that they were rented all under false name and paid for in cash by the suspects. fingerprints from the alleged ringleader and dna from one of the suicide bombers were found at two of the sites. steve: the widow of one of the san bernardino shooting victims has filed four claims with the county totalling $58 million.
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preventable. he was one of 14 killed when the husband and wife terrorists opened fire at the county health department's holiday party in december. dari: this is the week of a lot of the state of the states. andrew cuomo had to fight for the spotlight during his state of the state address this afternoon in albany. steve: sharon crowley shows us how a brooklyn lawmaker interrupted the governor's speech. >> we stand stronger than at any point in recent history. [applause] >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo delivered the state of the state in albany today, proposing an ambitious $20 billion plan to add $100,000 permanent housing units in the next five yours and 20,000 shelter beds in the next 15. >> it is imperative that we approve the conditions of the shelters and restore the public's trust in the system. >> the governor vowed to infuse money to improve mass transit from subways to metro north and the lirr.
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it has long been considered an eyesore. >> it will be the first new airport in the united states in over 20 years, and new york will lead the way again. >> reporter: a few minutes into the receive, charles barron began shouting at the governor. >> were brought -- [inaudible] >> okay, assemblyman. [inaudible] >> all right, assemblyman. sit down. >> reporter: the governor called for raising the minimum wage. >> raise it to $15. join me in the fight. it's what this state needs. we can get it done. >> reporter: senate leader john flanagan, a republican, was quick to criticize cuomo's proposal for a small business income tax cut. he says it's not enough to offset the damage of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the governor thanked new york
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the two often at odds. that was interesting. he suggested ethics reforms. the former leaders of the assembly and the senate are preparing to be sentenced on federal corruption charges. dari: thank you. and as she mentioned, governor cuomo's agenda includes help for the homeless coming up at 5:30. zachary will look at the ongoing tug of war between the city and the state in dealing with the homeless crisis. steve: a start-up in long island city is cashing in on our love of cocktails. not ours personally. the whole city. dari: it could be ours. i love cocktails. alison morris shows us how they turned it into a big business. steve: and michelle obama dress making a big statement at the state of the union address. dari: i wanted to order it. it was too late. steve: beautiful. dari: it was on sale. steve: and it helped make the
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dari: when you want to make a good cocktail. difference. steve: that's why they're focusing on a new ingredient. >> the idea was very simple. a group of friends loved getting together, making cocktails, cooking.
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were available when it came to bitters. we decided to make a mason jar's worth. >> the company was born in new york. friends making better cocktail bitters and mixers. the first order of business, what exactly are bitters? >> bitters are an alcohol based flavor extract used in cocktails but are broadly applied to food recipes, club soda. >> reporter: jamari, eddie and tobin started the company with $10,000. they built their business from the ground up. >> we took, you know, the small batches we immediate and any profit we'd reinvest into a bigger batch. we took no salary. we don't do marketing. we have no employees. >> when he says bootstrap, he's not kidding. most of his day is spent packing boxes and filling orders. most of mine is spent making the products, peeling fruit.
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we had a very exciting end of the year. we broke 1 million in sales. >> reporter: they work out of the organic food incubator in long island city that provides everything they need from offices to storage. another key for their growth, american express open, which commercial. >> american express has been really helpful in some facets operations. that's our budget for procurement and transportation and things like that. >> reporter: today hella they're selling their products on their web site and landed in big stores. >> the meadow or risk and whole foods or sur la table. >> reporter: they're still keeping it simple.
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we don't use any flavor extracts or artificial flavors to create the finished product. what you taste is a proprietorary blend of spices and citrus feel and bittering agents. we're proud of that simplicity. >> reporter: drinking old-fashioned in long island city, cheers, alison morris fox 5 news. steve: everything is artisanal. dari: they make the difference. steve: they're really good. dari: and quality ingredients. steve: totally. dari: they make the difference. you can do it at home. joots nick steve: nick, cold out today. nick: we're coming back up the scale the next couple of days before it turns colder and stays colder next week. again, the pattern as i've been suggesting by the middle of the month, it would be changing.
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colder air. next week and beyond, the cold air will stay longer and a couple of systems may threaten us from time to time. 30, 22 today. below freezing. we expected it would stay that way. low 20s to 19 in the burbs. clouds are starting to move in mid to high clouds, scattered clouds, more tonight. 27 now. the west wind has still been a bit gusty. not like earlier in the day. it will back off tonight. pressure 29.97. it is rising. now we'll look at fox 5 sky guardian. there's nothing on the radar now. but past the midnight hour into tomorrow morning, might start seeing a couple of snow showers. it might accumulate over the more southern and northern suburbs where it will be more organized. just something to keep in mind as you make your plans for tomorrow morning. you might see a bit of the snow on the ground with the snow showers coming in. the warm air is trying to move back up. as it does, it will create the chance of snow showers.
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30 at islip. temperatures staying in the upper 20s to 30 as you go from the hudson valley to sussex down towards belmar at 28. we're still in the 20s now. 27 newark to midtown up to 18 monticello. 27 at belmar. same at islip. back to the lower 20s at bridgeport. down 9 to 15 degrees from 24 hours ago. the west wind has been gusty. backing off a bit, but it has windchill values into the teens. you can see clouds coming in from the west. as you look further west, you find snow showers. these are streamers or squalls coming off the great lakes. this area here as you get west of the detroit and south to cincinnati, that's sliding this way. that's ahead of the warm front moving towards us. we have the storm zipping off to the northeast. that brought the strong westerly wind. now another storm moving through the plains states. this warm front has to pass by. it brings the clouds and the risk of a couple of snow showers overnight into the first part of
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then the sun should break out late morning into the afternoon and temperatures will respond as well. look on the day planner. a snow shower or two in the morng ing morning. 33 at lunch and 38 in the afternoon. we'll watch the front move along. as we get into friday, the front moves northward. upper 40s on friday. this system approaches with a storm from the south. that will bring rain into the area friday night and saturday. might mix with snow before it end if enough cold air wraps around that. we'll see if that's the case. lots of clouds, a snow shower tonight. 23 in the city. 13 in the suburbs. a couple of snow showers or a flurry in the morning. then sun. we'll jump back to 38 in the afternoon. we'll jump to 48 on friday as sun gives in to clouds. at night, rain comes in into saturday morning. sun sunday afternoon. middle 40s. then colder. sun and clouds sunday, 37. right now monday and tuesday,
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down to even the teens by tuesday morning. what you don't see is a system that's going to be just offshore. one computer model makes it scare y for snow to accumulate. another takes it out to sea. that would be monday. that could be on monday. we'll have to see. steve: all right. that time of year where there's something looming. nick: the pattern is looming. steve: first lady's great fashion sense making news again. dari: yeah. good luck ordering that dress. forget about it unless you're going to pay for it on ebay or something. she's the style icon. she makes a bold statement last night and, once again, it sold out. steve: and a legitimate social media platform. how snapchat is trying to change
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steve: ultimately president obama's legacy will be judged by history. his wife, the first lady, has become a style icon. dari: she's done a lot of things. the let move thing, nutrition, champion for veterans. a lot of stuff. but let's be frivolous and say she's really killed it over the
5:23 pm
category and she really did last night. >> reporter: absolutely. politics aside, she is the first lady of fashion. last night was another stunner. we don't have enough time to go through all of michelle obama's best looks. i teamed up with a stylist and designer june ambrose to share a few of our favorites. >> michelle obama's style is classic and timeless. it's impossible. she takes risk. she's not afraid of color. that's what a modern woman is about. >> michelle obama nearly stole the show at the president's final state of the union address last night. if she did, it certainly wouldn't be the first time. we're rummaging through her sensational wardrobe archives with june ambrose. >> michelle obama's state of the union yellow dress said it all. she went out with a bang and is going to be remembered forever. >> reporter: the $2,000 dress from the designer's fall 2015 collection is sold out on neiman
5:24 pm
spike in sale with every outfit she wears. >> she celebrates her best assets. >> reporter: who can forget her her big first impression. >> in the 2009 ball, she wore a gown that wowed everyone. it was angelic and dreamy. >> reporter: she wore another divine jason wu creation at the 2013 ball and this regal gown was striking at a state dinner in 2014. >> the blue, the lace and the beautiful silk taffeta. what got me was the shape of the gown. i love that she showed her clavicals. it was very modest, but very womanly. >> reporter: never one to shy away from bold fashion moves, she was white hot in zack posen at the rock awards last spring. >> michelle obama walks out in this amazing white off the shoulder fitted frock.
5:25 pm
she was edgy and classic and so relatable. >> reporter: last year's state of the union look is so modern, it was even featured on the political drama the good wife. >> i think michelle obama represents american women so well in terms of bringing back the fitted suit for the women. she defined the moment in that one second. >> reporter: just the sheer volume of outfits she has to wear to countless events and like i said, policy, politics aside, whoever the next first lady is, michelle obama has set the bar very high. steve: for sure. thank you. dari: thank you. we appreciate it. well, snapchat is not just for like little shady secrets. steve: growing up. dari: the white house even is in steve: all right. and what else are we talking about? homelessness as well. dari: yes. the turf war between the state and the city as in cuomo-de blasio when it comes to helping
5:26 pm
while the mayor and governor are not lock step as far as that issue is concerned. we'll be right back. there' s a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. dari: here's what they agree on. i'm talking about the mayor and
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that the homeless need more help. steve: policy experts say the power struggle is preventing progress. zachary has more. >> you have to get along with the governor. otherwise it's not going to work. >> thomas mane is a professor at baruch college. >> everybody points at everybody else. >> reporter: in his state of the state address, the governor touched on homelessness. >> we will not allow people to dwell in the gutter like garbage. it hurts all of us. faces. person. most of us can't even bear to look. >> reporter: cuomo wants the state comptroller to review the shelter system. the governor proposed a $20 billion plan to add 100,000 permanent housing units over five years and 20,000 supportive
5:30 pm
mayor de blasio says he has to review. >> new york's anteked up on all issues in many ways in the last months. we want to see the state come together with us in that process. again, pending further review, it does look like the resources, beyond the supportive housing, that there's this continuum of care money which would help us a lot to address homeless services and the specific needs of shelters. >> reporter: there's been funding and policy decisions made that have contributed to where we are today in terms of the homeless issue. the other thing he did point out is it is imperative for the governor and mayor to get on the same page to address some of the issues. issues. steve: mexican officials taking steps to keep joaquin "el chapo" guzman from escaping prison again. the druglord is being moved to different cells, sometimes within just a couple of hours. el chapo escaped from the same
5:31 pm
through a mile long tunnel dug beneath his cell. he was recaptured -- dari: it is fun to say his name. el chapo. nearly two weeks of occupying in oregon wildlife refuge, armed activists say they'll hold a community meeting on friday to explain their goals. they may inform local residents when they plan to leave. the armed militia opposes the federal government's land management policies. however, some in the community want the group to leave now. steve: new developments surrounding bill cosby's struggles. a federal judge ruled he will not be deposed next month, but his wife camille will be. that's in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women alleging he sexually assaulted them. this is separate from the criminal charges in pennsylvania. bill cosby has denied it. >> a big victory for snapchat at the state of the union address. dari: the white house used the platform to connect with voters.
5:32 pm
expanding their influence. >> reporter: this is a dream come true. >> the warm welcome to the vice president of the united states of america, joe biden. >> reporter: the user name for the white house snapchat account is simple enough. just search white house. created just in time for the president's final state of the union address -- this. >> reporter: the oval office is far from the only operative posting to the app. >> he told us not to be afraid of change. >> it's been on specifics. he was right in this. before anything else, we're fellow americans. >> 10:30 p.m., going to my office. >> reporter: the obama administration established on twitter and facebook is looking to reach snapchat's younger demographics says this social media expert and author. >> snapchat is the platform of
5:33 pm
it is skewing older now and we're getting to that tipping point. but millennials are native to that platform and politicians want to speak to the millennial generation. >> buzz about posts from 1600 pennsylvania avenue may draw new interest to the platform as in it may make older people discover it, features like stories he says may be refreshingly engaging. >> when you get that immediate feedback, that's an exciting, thrilling, compelling thing. it's like a throwback to the original days of social media. >> reporter: according to the l.a. times, snapchat added users over the age of 35 faster than teenagers last year. one big reason, parents and siblings are looking to stay in touch with younger relatives. anyone who knows anything about snapchat knows following the king of snapchat is a good place to start. steve: dan showing his street credit. dari: we know him.
5:34 pm
still ahead, the growing demand for grocery delivery. steve: how fresh direct is trying to speed up service to keep pace with online grocers. dari: and turtles caught off guard by frigid temperatures. the organization dedicated to nursing them back to life. but first, here's tonight's new york minute. brooklyn arts community was honored for protecting the environment. the building, which houses bri art and urban gas received a leed certification today. new york's first lady was in the bronx today to help announce the expansion of the city's free fitness program shape up nyc. it's a drop in fitness program with locations across the five boroughs.
5:35 pm
healthy eating, and we're trying to work with the health department to get the word out that it's not just about physical health but about mental health to be a healthy community. community. >> you can find out more by going to nyc and that's your new york minute. okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online, you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year.
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steve: fresh direct going on the offense in the food delivery wars. dari: the online grocery site is rolling out one-hour delivery. jen lahmers explains how it's going to work. >> reporter: order, check out and just like that, your groceries are deliveried inside an hour. tomorrow the grocer is launching its fastest delivery yet through the new app food kick. >> there's people who live in the moment. what am i having for dinner may not be thought of until 3:00. it's an iphone app. you have fruits and vegetables, meals, bundles, ideas for dinner, all sorts of spontaneous ideas. deliver is on bicycles and moped mopeds mopeds. we have a refrigeratored environment. >> reporter: the app rotates featured items and bundles ingredients for meals and drinks through the cocktail courier section. with the crowded market, it's fresh direct's way of competing with the likes of amazon fresh's
5:37 pm
of which offer hour delivery on a limited scale. >> it's a good selection. it's geared towards immediate consumption. we have a lot of local vendors and are putting ideas around meals for the table. >> reporter: food kick will be available in long island city and neighborhoods in brooklyn. fresh direct plans to launch the app in the near future. reporting from long island city, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. dari: so the endangered species in the bitter cold. steve: why so many sea turtling are washing up on the shores of [cheering] dari: this is killer. don't count your millions before you cash the ticket because this group of new jersey restaurant workers thought they hit it and, well, they didn't.
5:38 pm
dari: every living thing is confused about the weather. more than a dozen sea turtles have been rescued from the cold waters on long island. steve: fox 5's jodi goldberg shows us how the warmer than normal weather put the turtles in a very bad spot. >> reporter: this baby kemp's ridley sea turtle was brought
5:39 pm
cold stunning. it's a condition similar to hyperthermia that many people can relate to. >> if they stay in water that's too cold, in this case, below 50 degrees fahrenheit, their body starts to slow down. >> reporter: this senior biologist says 42 have been rescued, more than a dozen this month. only 13 have survived. since they're cold-blooded, he explains their heartbeat speeds up and their body temperatures drop in colder conditions. >> some of the animals, their body temperature is less than 50. some has been as low as three to four degrees celsius and had heart beats of two to three beats per minute. >> reporter: the warm temperatures we saw in november and december kept many turtles from migrating. once they're rescued, they're watched closely to make sure they get proper nutrition. >> we're looking to do more work
5:40 pm
a change in the distribution of the animals throughout long island sound that's letting us program. >> reporter: if you're walking along the coastline and see a turtle, call the foundation hotline immediately. the animals undergoing rehabilitation will be kept at the foundation through the winter and will be released in june or july. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: fox 5 health news. two kinds of children's cough syrup being recalled because of the wrong dosing markers on the cups. they're sold under different brand names in nine stores across the country. dari: dr. manny in the house. we've talked about the problems for a long time. >> this is sort of a generic version of cough medicine. you could go to the fda web site or check with your local pharmacy. these are generic forms of it. steve: store brands. dari: rite aid, kroger, cvs, dollar general. >> important to know.
5:41 pm
okay, but what was wrong was the cup, the little plastic cup that comes in the box. so this is what i tell every parent. don't rely on those plastic cups per se. one. they make them. pharmacy. they are already calibrated. they're glass. you can clean them properly because sometimes i don't like dishwasher. they get all funny looking. dari: the heat. >> it's better to have a glass one and you have a calibrated measured cup in your house when you buy medication. you don't want to take chances with small children. when you overmedicate small children with these drugs, they do have side effects. they get irritability, convulsions, increased heart rate, and even death, believe it or not. this is why it's important to always have that glass cup in your house.
5:42 pm
it's a good investment. dari: who would have known. lower back pain, there's a new study out that says exercise is really the best product for you. >> back pain is one of the most common problems for everybody as you get older. there's a whole different kind of treatment, whether you're talking about physical therapy or surgery, you're talking about belts, you're talking about inserts for your shoe. the bottom line is the same. exercise is the best treatment. if you look at the efficacy of exercise, any type of exercise, to keep your muscles, especially the abdominal muscles and your back muscles in shape, that helps with the tension in the nerves. that's what the study has shown. there's an 80 percent protective. if you're a chronic back pain sufferer, you've got to exercise for a long time. you're going to reget relief once you do it and you'll feel great. it will last six to eight months
5:43 pm
make this routine. it's not about exercising and losing weight. it's about strengthing the muscles and bringing down the inflammation in your lower back. that's a great treatment. dari: this is not when you're laying in bed and can't get up. >> if you look at people with back surgery as compared to people that have not, at the end of the day, they all end up in the same place. this is another indirect way of telling you that exercise is a good natural way to sort of maintain and prevent back pain. steve: got to do it. we appreciate it. look at all of that blue, those cold temps behind nick on the map. nick: january. we're only at 30 for the high in new york city today. you can see the northwest didn't get out of 20s. 20 to buffalo. 16 for the high in pittsburgh. back to 32 down at washington, d.c. cold day. the wind not helping. keeping windchills in the teens across most of the area. there's nothing to track on fox
5:44 pm
the reason i say yet is because as we try to chase the cold air out of here into tomorrow, this batch of cold air, a warm front will try to move up. as it does, a little chance of snow shower activity will arrive later tonight into the first part of tomorrow morning. a couple of flurries really along the coast. a better chance of seeing town. you can see there are clouds coming in from the west. these snow showers are not the ones i'm talking about. it's these that are across the ohio valley that will be sliding eastward. we'll see how much of those come into play as time goes through to 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning and then things should improve after that. here are the current we're quiet cold. 27 poughkeepsie to the city back to newark. mid 20s at the jersey shore. still only 18 at monticello. and back to 28 bridgeport. 27 coming in from islip. and these numbers are running a little below average for this time of year.
5:45 pm
to 30 plus miles an hour. this is going to diminish as the night goes along. there's improvement from that standpoint. we're getting windchill numbers in the teens but feeling like 5 at monticello. bundle up this evening. you'll need the heavier coat, gloves, scarf, hat. storms to the north and east of us. that funneled in this strong westerly wind with the colder air. the weather system in the midsection of the country will come our way. it's this warm front as it tries to move northward and get us into the warmer air, that's going to be happening as we go through the next 24 hours. by friday, the front knows north of us. it will put us into the 40s. this system out west, look at the energy coming across the gulf of mexico. that's going to play into friday night's, saturday's storm. that will produce a quick shot of heavier rain friday night into the first part of saturday morning. it might be cold enough it will mix in with snow in the northern
5:46 pm
ends saturday afternoon. i don't think we'll see an accumulation. temperatures will be above freezing. 36 tomorrow. that's an improvement in the city. might be milder than that. 60s through the deep south and 70s to south florida. we have 40s and 50s out towards much of the west. let's check out the futurecast. here come the clouds tonight. watch a couple of snow showers right there first part of tomorrow morning. then they go away. sun by afternoon as temperatures recover. friday, sun. gives in to clouds. temperatures on friday should pop into the upper 40s. 23 in the city. 13 in the colder spots with a couple of snow showers coming in well past midnight. morning snow shower and sun will get up to 38. westerly wind continues. sun and clouds friday. rain at night. 48. the rain saturday morning until at least 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. sun after that. 45. sun gives in to clouds sunday. maybe at night, snow showers, temperatures cooling down to 37. back. back into the upper 20s monday and tuesday.
5:47 pm
guidance. whatever the storm threat we've been thinking still stays offshore this time. steve: good. all right. thank you. everybody buying up powerball tickets. imagine what it would be like to have one ticket? a bunch of restaurant workers had the feeling for a brief shining moment. dari: i would like to know what that feels like. as dan bowens shows us, the victory celebration was fleeting. fleeting. >> it is what euphoria looks like. $940 million worth of bliss. >> it was unbelievable. my legs were shaking. >> reporter: at least that's what the staff at this restaurant in new jersey thought. >> a 20-minute millionaires. >> it was really crazy. >> reporter: those five, 10, 20 minutes was amazing. saturday night, the bartender got a text of what he thought
5:48 pm
that's him calling them out. >> 2, 11, 47 -- >> reporter: the numbers were matching their ticket. could it be? >> we're high fiving, laughing, crying. it was a real nice feeling. didn't talk about spending it or anything like that. >> employees were taking their aprons out, i'm not washing any more dishes. >> reporter: michael says 42 combeetion employees were in on the pool. how much would you have gotten? >> 22 million apiece. that's before taxes. >> reporter: you'd quit. for those 20s. diego has parking cars here for years. then he quit. >> he said i'm a millionaire now. >> reporter: this is the ticket. those are the numbers. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, 17. they're all winning numbers.
5:49 pm
on saturday night. these were the winners for wednesday. >> it was all over with. >> reporter: charles says reality hit after his wife told him to double-check just to be sure. >> sure enough, i went to the web site. now it's 20 after 11:00. all set of new numbers. >> reporter: everyone is back at work. they'll play for 1-1/2 billion wednesday. so close to having it all. dan bowens, fox 5 news. steve: i love they had the surveillance video. that's tough. dari: finally surveillance video for something good, something funny. we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we have a lot to tell you about tonight. straight ahead, a special musical production that crosses cultures. it's a celebration of african-american and yiddish musical traditions. you'll like this. and next, the city's oem
5:50 pm
talk about the challenges facing his department, especially in the winter. it's all just for you.
5:51 pm
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to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. ernie: it is wednesday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we are on top of the news tonight and we're talking about it. one thing everybody is talking about is that bitter cold that's found its way into our area. with all the mild weather we've been having, temperatures barely touching 30 and even colder, that's what it feels like, and the nasty windchill on top of it. i was out there today. it really felt it. you can feel it on your face. no matter how many scarves you have on. you've been tracking the weather. what's coming up for the weekend? really bad or a mix? nick: it will be a combination of things. as has been the case, anytime we
5:53 pm
such will be the case this time.
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