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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now "fox 5 news" at ten. >> there's excitement tonight for the record powerball, we are less than an hour away from the big night which could change lives. it is 1,500,000,000. >> steve: tickets are selling like crazy. if you don't have your own numbers there's some information you need to know about collecting your share. that is of course if you win. sharon is giving us more information. >> reporter: are you feeling lucky? tonight is the night, i know you're working right now but maybe you are involved in an office pool.
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behind me. this is going to go all the way until the drying tonight. everyone hoping to be the next billionaire. back to that office pool. there are some things i want to warn you about. you're hearing the drum roll in anticipation of a fortune. i translate to a ticket. >> is now up to up to an estimated 1,500,000,000 dollars, the odds are winning are about one in 292 million. hopefuls still waited in long lines for a ticket and a chance. dollars. the radius to the radio city post office bought tickets together. >> there are some pitfalls to in mind. the so-called lottery lawyer has some tips. before your group collects the
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only cut ten checks and having just one person collect and divvy up to the rest means a huge tax it for that person. so first, hire a lawyer to to set up a limited liability corporation. also hire a tax accountant to dole out the money. those things cost money to. all need to be agreed on and paid before you ever collect your winnings. >> if we win, we are all meeting someplace and not showing up for work the next day and figuring it out. >> one more tip, take the money up front. whether you are alone or in a pool. >> if you win 500,000,000 dollars and you invest conservatively as you can, it is going to the earning 21,000,000 dollars per year. >> if you're not so sure now about playing in an office pool, just with this guy did and go it
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>> so i took my own advice, i i am in an office pool as we both know and i also bought my own individual tickets. about half an hour now just to be say. what i love about the story and interviewing these people is everyone knows exactly how they would spend that money. the only thing the people had in common tonight was that nobody plans to go back to work tomorrow if they win. >> steve: the drummer could follow me a round with a drum roll. >> reporter: you did a great job. >> dari: giving it away. do you have an umbrella. >> steve: if you think it went in a giant jackpot will make your life happier, you better think twice. several studies have been conducted on this, one found that victims of catastrophic
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pleasures then lottery win winners. that's when people get used to think that once made have a pre-program level of happiness that they can exceed based on genetics. >> dari: seems like a bunch of garbage but you can always seem see a therapist because you can afford it. if tonight's lucky winner lucky winner is a new yorker, it stinks for you. after taxes, the powerball winner in the city would bring home the smallest prize in the nation. you can start with a 25% federal withholding tax on the 930,000,000 cash payout ad in the states 8.8% tax and the city's 3.9% tax and you are left with just over 579 million. compare that to california where single winner tonight would walk away with 698 million. we just get punished. >> steve: i will gladly take that punishment though we do. you will want to go spend the
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that's going through a lot of people's i'd mind today. >> dari: the cold were brutal here today. i suspect we might be getting on the upswing. >> nick: i'm dreaming of my personal check if that would ever happen. since the odds of being struck by lightning three times is more in your favor, go back to to our weather is stubbornly going the temperatures are bottoming down here. it will be rather cold tonight. twenty-four in the city, will be 22 or 232 or 23 like this morning. twenty-four poughkeepsie, 24 and monticello. the wind is a bit brisk but not like it was earlier in the day. leslie a westwind now at nine-10 miles per hour. take a look at the radar, couple
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temperatures in the south are in the 20s and 30s here, notice the dividing my bet is where the 40s and 50s are. that will be heading in our direction here. in the process, there are some snow showers in western pennsylvania. we may see some of these. the first part of tomorrow morning it could cover the ground in a few places. it will be a quick snow shower, then son breaks out in the afternoon. friday we move into the 40s. we will be getting colder again as we going to the upcoming weekend. tonight it it is 23 in the city, clouds saying with us. should be in the 30s in the afternoon which is seasonable
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>> dari: thank you. $1 billion. >> it is sparking outrage from republicans. joe biden said there's nothing for the sailors to apologize for. ten sailors were detained by iran's revolutionary guard after their two boats drifted into iranian waters of the persian gulf. >> the iranian behavior was
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and assistance. >> did you have a problem? >> we had no problems. >> the sailors encountered mechanical problems which cause them to drift. senior officials officials say they have ruled off a mechanical issue which is raising more questions. today, iran read the sailors after detaining them for less than 24 hours. >> our final finding is that it has not been a hostile crossover >> secretary of state, john kerry who negotiated the release raised the talks with iran that led to the swift revolution of this situation. >> i think we can all imagine how a similar situation may played out three or four years ago. >> many republicans think that the clearly shows how little respect iran has for president obama and the nuclear but agreement. >> one of the things talked about in terms of the iran deal
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moderate iran's behavior. that has not worked out pretty well. >> officials say they were not harmed in any way but they are still undergoing medical evaluation as well as a debriefing. back to you. >> dari: thank you. talks are taking a temple, and the global slowed down and from the dow plummeting 364 pounds. points it has been the worst start to the year in history for both the dow and s&p 500. >> steve: the man on an on my drug website was sentenced to life in prison last may in manhattan for operating the website which led to six overdose deaths. his attorney says the sentence
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>> dari: lawmakers in new jersey entered a plant which would have the state take over atlantic city's finances. the president says the bill would allow the state to control governmental operations and the right to sell its assets. the financial problems continue to plague the city operations and management. atlantic city mayor and council vows to fight the proposal. >> steve: racial stereotypes, like it or not they exist. >> dari: will tackle the tough subject. >> steve: the l.a. is excited that the rams will be coming back. >> dari: people are obsessed with the hopping social media app and we will t no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like.
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>> steve: racial stereotypes are live and well.
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confront or discuss. there tackling the topic in tonight's preview of saturday's street soldiers. there is a widespread belief that ray should not matter. the major studies in key areas tell us otherwise. how anyone has an honest discussion about this when one comment receives as racist could ruin your career. >> just because you wear some rare does that make you mexican. >> they said hey ted i never saw asian people on television or in movies, so my dream were somewhat limited. >> when it comes to comedy, everyone is making jokes about what others think they are. >> rednecks don't get to take a lot of vacations. if someone comes to offers to
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>> this is the last $30. >> but no one was laughing when the drug dealer widely assumed to be young men of color. >> these are the type of guys from up in connecticut new york, they come up and sell their hair one and then then go back. incidentally half the time they impregnate a young gal. >> washington post reported christopher ingram investigated ratio stereotyping. found evidence evidence of what researchers called on conscious. >> if you ask anybody no one says i am a racist. but all of this is true of white people, black people, everyone. we all have these unconscious biases that motivate our actions.
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becoming more diverse. in 2025 the majority will become the majority of americans under the age of 20. >> every american is critical to our success. we call it moving toward the love community and realize that the community of all humankind. >> even though we later apologized, the governor could lose his job tomorrow nine state legislators are starting the process to impeach him. that is just one of the topics will be talking about on my street soldiers show on saturday night at 1030. >> dari: thank you so much. michigan is dealing with a serious water crisis. the city tricking drinking water is contaminated with high levels of blood.
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october of last year. test showed children with elevated levels of lead. after many complaints, prodding from celebrities and national media attention, the governors governors finally taken some steps by activating the national guard to help red cross started doors to deliver bottled water. >> steve: after al jazeera the cable network will shut down unable to overcome low ratings advertisers. three people people could lose their job. >> dari: more than a century they use hundred characters in tweeting. some treasures never seen before and display as the roosevelt house public policy institute at hunter college, the upper east
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eleanor and eleanor roosevelt in the early 1900s. it will open its doors to the public tomorrow. the exhibit features features more than 75 posters, pamphlets, books and manuscripts that were use to promote voting rights for women. >> so this is 90% of the year women got the to vote. roosevelt houses here at hunter college and this is their opportunity to bring them together. >> the exhibit is free to the public and it will be there until april. >> steve: football fans note that rams are going back to l.a. one goes by the handle at l.a. rams.
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rams played a football game, twitter did not exist. 14 years later when they join the sexual network rams played their home game in st. louis. for the next eight years, if one shuffled laura ms also spells l.a. rams. until tuesday when that officially decided to move the rams back to los angeles. >> there been instances where people sold their twitter accounts and made a lot of money doing so. >> the attorney and everyone who follows sports twitter learned of the accident on the l.a. rams twitter handle on tuesday and wondered what she planned to do with it. >> twitters term says that you cannot sell an account and if you do your account could be permanently suspended. rams from making a deal and making it a secret.
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they're poking fun at the situation tweeting a picture of herself wearing a st. louis rams had an threaten to change her name to the same name as l.a. raiders. they're telling her to hold out finagle. >> there's a lot going on a social media. you have to make sure you register your company's name on facebook, twitter, snapchat or instagram. if you don't at the beginning you could end up paying a lot of money to get it later on. >> i met king, "fox 5 news". >> the giants are very close to naming a head coach. >> dari: from the picture it may seem like they don't care what they look like,. >> steve: it is fast becoming
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>> dari: there is a big lawsuit and we will tell you what dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. >> dari: across class-action lawsuit has been filed against eos claiming that it's lip balm is harmful to people's skin. the plaintiff said her lips began to bleed after she applied the products. she also developed lister and rashes of round her mouth that
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in a statement eos says it uses only the highest quality ingredients and meets or exceeds all safety standards. >> steve: the age of the altar groomed metrosexual may be over. >> dari: a lot of male models walking in london fashion week are supporting the greasy bed headlock. we sent jennifer to find out if anti-grooming is the in thing now. >> reporter: ladies get ready to roll your eyes. the new hair turned out there is telling men to drop the razor and put away the shampoo. yes, we we are talking about the anti- grooming movement. out of bed and onto the runway, that was the look at london's fashion week. male models were getting ready and matted down or as they say effortless and unkempt. >> it happens to be a trend right now. it's that on groom
10:24 pm
milan were in fashion shows it's to the extreme. like these guys had really aggressively messy hair. says it's not so much a rebellion against male grooming, in fact believe it or not it takes effort to look like this. the barber in the west village explains house to do it. >> you could spray down and patted just a little bit, it will give you that look. >> if that doesn't work for you, just do it kramer and jerry did and find a low-pressure shower.
10:25 pm
will the style fit? the thing about trans is their only trends. >> it really finishes the look so when it is really extreme is distracting. i've think trends come and go, i like classic. >> so women of the world take heart, the hair today could be gone tomorrow. from the village, i'm jennifer with "fox 5 news". >> dari: people in brooklyn may be altering their commute. >> steve: the l train could be off-line for years. >> dari: instagram say it may not be all it is cracked up to be.
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it goes [text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] there' s a place online
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10:28 pm
everyday. >> the l train from brooklyn to manhattan is beat up. after hurricane sandy came through one option is to shut the train down for up to one year for repair. >> i have to take the l train to get to school. >> for some that would mean finding a new way to work or school. it's just an inconvenience. about 300,000 riders per day use the l train. >> it takes five minutes, that's only train i hate. >> the art train tunnel between brooklyn and manhattan, in other cases they did sandy repairs on nights and weekends. we have to decide which one of the options will pursue for the l. once we do, we have a better idea when it would be scheduled but it will not be anytime soon. the challenges is that it could last 14 months but the ridership
10:29 pm
>> closing it would be single tracking, not much better like shuttling. >> reporting in williamsburg,. >> dari: i can answer that question for you stephen. i remember what it's like being in step amos. here's an idea, the soccer player turned on his push notification, setback with a cup of coffee and let the notifications roll. he runs in instagram account that has more than 8 million followers. that's insanity. he received an alert for every light, and direct message. if you become famous and want to push your notification.
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now for on brand operand. on brand the patriarch endorsing ted cruz for president and the cruise campaign release this commercial of the two hunting together. >> operand bill cosby accuser just released his track after the case. the 25-year-old says i want this on to haunt him forever. on brand, arizona. i was on the cutting edge when it comes to new ways to punish people. taken. taken a wanted poster into the 21st century by using social dads. if you want to staff the state department of economic security twitter feed the government says man up or pay a. this week they posted fathers who oh money.
10:31 pm
tonight. duck dynasty it's very well produce a. no matter what you think about ted cruz. >> steve: there's something for everyone in that clip. >> dari: is going to do very well where place. facebook, instagram and twitter twitter were not him enough. >> steve: the new app and we will break down what the sales pitches. >> dari: how much do you still use your computer? how the pc pc could slowly be fading away. >> in our community was on her today for our environment. the houses, vri art, meetinghouse and urban grass received certification today.
10:32 pm
healthier environment. new york's first lady was in the bronx today to help announce the expansion of the free fitness program, shape up nyc. it's a drop in drop in fitness program with the locations across the five boroughs. >> you can find out more and that's your new york minute. okay. so right now, everyone is
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>> steve: new details hidden eight year low last year. >> dari: with phones, tablets internet on the go. the got us computer is out. we have some thoughts. right will from the sony walkman to the vhs tape player to the
10:36 pm
much must-have technology, go. so is the personal computer next on this list? if 2015 is any indication, any indication, the data does not look good. >> the year is 1981, among the most memorable events, mtv goes live. believe it or not it was all about music. princess diana and prince charles are married, arguably the most talked about wedding of the last three decades. california governor an actor actor was sworn in as the 40th >> this is the most momentous >> perhaps the most momentous of it all is the unveiling of the first personal computer. complete with floppy disks, it is the ibm 5150. the device will dominate the computer industry literally changing the world. fast forward to today. the pc has gone through many
10:37 pm
the dates of the tower being at the center of our personal technical universes fading fast. that pcs need to evolve or get out of the way. mark is editor-in-chief he says trends noted by research firms show a declining consumer in the pc can easily be attributed to the rise in tablets and smart phones. those people are using their phones for everything. e-mail, web, social network, so what are people using the pc for is that mostly productivity, video video editing, gaming, it's becoming more specialized. >> maybe one reason why apple has maintained strong sales despite an overall downturn. the brand increased the number shipped last year. >> kids have grown up using an ipod. you you have an iphone
10:38 pm
it's almost a natural thing. >> reporter: the biggest pc makers still sell the most computers over all sales dip between eight and ten percent. on the flipside, apple, apple saw its sale increased by 6%. spee2's stopper to make the case that you need to keep updating these things. >> dari: here is the new social app called peach.
10:39 pm
with it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands
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at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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there is a hot new social app that people see. >> it's called peach and will show you how it's different than facebook and twitter. >> like the fruit peach. the app peach arrived in the app store friday. the majority of those discussing using and recognizing messaging service blind to the tech community. >> national chief correspondent downloaded peach on fight back from the consumer electronics show in las vegas. >> of the cool interactions that
10:42 pm
networks. >> you can use a time i just like facebook and twitter but provides most of the multi media what they want to post in the app. >> it has its magic codes almost. >> you can search what you wanted to communicate and it will search what gifts to post. if you want to shout you post in both color letters. seventeen other matching words range impracticality. >> it hasn't built on a scale, it's brand-new thing, people are excited. >> in a crowded neighborhood excitement fails to translate to popularity. if you can text, five time periscope, twitter, facebook, group man group man skype, do we really need to peach? we don't decide what school, teenagers do. >> is the messaging tool of choice for teenagers right now. the reality is teenagers will move to something else. they're always looking for the
10:43 pm
the adults get on the tool they're using and they don't want to be there anymore. >> mobile instant messaging has existed very long. as technology improves messaging will replace the old or disappear before they do so. it seems the guessing game none of us know enough to win. from the upper east side i'm matt king,. >> my general thought is that you have to stay current on it because if you let your skills labs is a big blur. >> steve: so he went through cold-weather. >> nick: the windsor gusty and a break 30 degrees. it felt like 15 or 20. >> dari: is it 24? >> nick: the low in the morning would be right there. we're 22 this morning, close to the same number.
10:44 pm
get cold air it lifts up pretty quickly. that will happen again tomorrow. we might get a snow shower later tonight. thirty-seven is is average and we should be there tomorrow. seven -- 450 is when the sun heads down. humidity at 39%, went out of the west. we have high clouds moving and the pressures 31 and study. as clouds move in snow showers may appear. we see them towards central pennsylvania. that's well past the midnight hour, the threat of the warmer air trying to move acca tortoise. low 30s everywhere today. not breaking freezing, 28 on jersey shore, it's cold now.
10:45 pm
bridgeport. twenty-four to the hudson valley. our drop from last night is a solid six-10 degrees across most of the area. the west wind overnight and we see the cold air over the middle east. washington d.c. twenties, here snow shower sneaking in across pennsylvania moving our direction. the bigger picture shows they'll stand along and will eventually get some warmer air. well it won't be as cold as we go tomorrow. a couple of of snow showers than sun in the afternoon getting to be the upper 30s tomorrow. fridays weather will have temperatures in the upper forties. we we have rain friday night and saturday. snow shower past midnight
10:46 pm
teen in the burbs. the sun goes way to clouds, rain rain that night and when shuts down midday on saturday. the will have sun at sunday. arctic air returns on monday and tuesday. right now the coastal system i am watching for next week looks to stand sure. >> dari: great. that's her update. >> steve: the giants are looking for the head coach, ross is up next. >> ines: one lane will be closed tomorrow and friday. from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. street cleaning rules are in effect citywide. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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>> how are you doing everyone. the giants have their new head coach and they didn't have to go out of the house to get him.
10:50 pm
crossed and he could be officially announced tomorrow that friday is a 17th head coach in big blue franchise history. the offensive coronary the past two years, the 38-year-old was considered a shoe in for the get go for the man for the job. you hurt me same and once he certainly is the right man, he is the guy i wanted because it keeps continuity especially with eli manning who had one of his better seasons in 2015. as you know he was set to be a top candidate for the eagles head coaching job. so he's not sticking with the giants does that mean tom conklin will be the next a coach of eagles? stay tuned for the next episode of as the coaching carousel returns. we saw kamal anthony sitting this one out, gerrit williams
10:51 pm
black with the sideline. less than six minutes to play williams off the bench, career high of 31 given given the next and 89 lead. it was a lead that can hold onto. joe johnson connects will get 194, not 110-one oh four. fans in minnesota were pretty angry after the vikings place kicker mrs. 27-yard field goal allowing the seahawks to escape with a ten-nine wildcard victory. while many fans hold him responsible a first grade teacher at north point elementary school in minneapolis but it was the right time at a good idea to teach your kids what empathy is all about. and they wrote letters to the
10:52 pm
>> i feel bad for you. >> you are so close. >> don't give up. >> i know you can win the game. >> keep doing your best and maybe you need to practice. >> nothing my kids. >> dari: guys will go to great lengths to impress a girl. >> steve: ease at the gym
10:53 pm
ladylove. [inaudible] >> dari: that is adorable. brody smith who lives in washington state is my posted on youtube, also told his mom that a guy has has to do what a guy has to do. >> "fox 5 news" is not over if you want to connect with great stories engaged on the twitter and youtube meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games,
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