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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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greg: hi, everybody. i remember this hit from 23rd to. rosanna: the song of the summer. greg: wow. who is this. this is going to be a hit. lines. you and i were going at it. big news. arguably, from hollywood.
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out a few minutes ago. i think i saw two movies that they mentioned. john kaczynski from the office. somebody from the academy came out live this morning. two-way microphone. they made all the announcements. rosanna: we need to adjust this. he knows everything about everything. >> welcome. did you have time to take it all in? anything shocking to you right at this moment? what about michael keaton not being nominated. >> that was a tough category. i think there is a good chance to win a lot of awards here. put it up on the screen. we have the big short. the martian.
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mad max. >> you need to get out more. hollywood is in trouble. we are all watching netflix. i know you miss mad max. >> i saw the spotlight. obviously, there are movies that i love that i wish were on it. it is not about me. it is not about critics. how many good movies there hollywood making movies that were challenging and interesting see. that was a terrific movie. i think both spotlight in the big short are movies that are dealing with very complicated
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interesting and exciting. i think you have a couple of showcases of wonderfully young actresses. also, brooklyn. you do get a sense that there is a lot of talent and creativity out there. >> you think they want to stay away from the controversy? >> hollywood has very mixed feelings about quentin tarantino. he is undeniably talented. greg: let's go through if you don't mind. as i do this, tony, the best actor nominees, other than star wars the pastor, no one has been
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>> yeah. i mean. terrific at her. that movie was a little heavy handled. rosanna: once again. two years in a row. >> i do not think that he well. he could. it is a very technically impressive performance. i just have a feeling, there have been a lot of times where they have missed.
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>> it is just opening live now. it is in your region to rack your of bird man. the movie will repeat in those categories. one of the movies where are when you show everyone that you are going to extremes, you grow all this facial hair, you are basically crawling towards the cameras. >> including cape land chat. jennifer lawrence. we have some new coverage. >> i did not recognize. >> this is a movie i am sure
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>> i am familiar. what movie was she in? >> this movie is called 45 years. a couple that has been married for 45 years. something kind of surfaces from the past. something that happened to a former girlfriend of her husband's. greg: it sounds interesting. it is a small intimate very emotional story. there is so much subtlety. >> the best thing about the oscars. i hope so. a dismal track record in recent years.
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is that he is a truth teller. he is not afraid to puncture that you goes of hollywood. the show can be so boring and so congratulatory. getting in there and stirring it up. >> let's talk about the direct error. the nominees are. for the revenant. he has been on our show. >> the big short. mad max. the martian. they are all talented. it is an interesting mix. they have been around four
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and then, year no, tom mccarthy. adam mckay. known for directing the anchorman's. dumb, fun comedies. an exceptional job of taking this very abstract story of what happens in the financial markets. making it into an exciting, traumatic, funny and also very infuriating movie. rosanna: christian bale. he is just a chameleon. you have to really look to see who he is. >> the spotlight. the thing i like about that, not necessarily a strong central
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oscar. there is an incredibly talented group of actors in both of working together in telling the story collectively. greg: this was a surprise and a pleasure. revenant. bridge of spies. the big short, christian bale. good for them. i think that it is great that stallone is on this list. >> he won the globe. i thought freed was a terrific movie. rosanna: a lot of people like tim. >> are acted dutifully. i am a little disappointed that it did not give more.
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pictures. greg: it got ridiculous when he went to russia. that was stupid. >> ringing the franchise right back to its roots. >> using the price straight out of compton. >> i thought that they should have gotten more. it is disappointing, but not surprising. >> in a year where there was straight out of compton. a big line spot. hollywood.
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we have that. kate winslet and steve jobs. the golden globe. i saw her in that movie. rachel mcadams. i think again. i really think rooney merrick is actually the lead. they flip those categories. 1950s. >> i do not go to the movies for
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rosanna: it is interesting. a lot of wistful looking. greg: tony. we cannot see all these movies. which one do you think we should seem more than any other? i would say that the big short. spotlight to. you should see brooklyn. delivered about the old neighborhood. greg: let me guess, they drink.
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mad max. >> always great to have you here. thank you for helping us. >> during my observations, you do a great job. rosanna: i feel like tony is the revenant when he comes here. we will see the animals from the san diego zoo. a snake from the harry potter movies.
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some with two big blockbusters. >> 69 years old. british men. greg: love actually actually. >> a romantic gift. the way he pulled it off, she is heartbroken. thank you, tony scott. rosanna: appreciated. let's talk weather. we have some animals coming on. let's do the up-and-down thing over the next few days. a roller coaster.
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we shoot up to 48 tomorrow. thirty-seven on sunday. that downward slide. it goes into next week. this weekend and next week. a big breeze for a little while there. we are still in a deep freeze. twenty-five in bridgeport. it is not the case any longer. the sun is already making a combat. five-13 miles per hour. here is that round of snow showers that came through. it still looks like maybe a few showers.
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dipping on by. sidewalks and things of that sort. running into ice from time to time. futurecast does not bring us much of anything. into tomorrow. as we go from friday into saturday, look at that round of showers. it is almost already in fall. you could see some snow or wet snowflakes out there. this is rain with a pretty strong coastal flow. we do get the preset. why we would have a bigger snowstorm. pretty much out of fear for the city. a lot more sunshine.
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a high 48 on saturday at. rainfall. late sunday into monday. happy birthday. so happy and proud of her. that was brady and her husband well. hope you have a fantastic earth day. tex a word whether and we will send you a forecast to your phone. it will cost you a text from your texting plan. greg: mike, you are all right. 71 degrees, rosanna, every single day of the year. rosanna: the new miami beach. >> that is extraordinary. new attractions like the san diego zoo. >> it is a nonprofit organization. the protection of endangered species.
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diego zoo. this is a zookeeper at the san diego zoo. welcome. >> hank you for having me. rosanna: we love having you on. what is your specialty? >> we travel around. i actually go to africa. australia. >> you are great at what you do. >> do want to get your phone out real quick? start doing something crazy. i want you to focus right on the glove. >> i hope we make -- [laughter] okay. protect the food that they have found.
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>> one of my favorites for many reasons. southwest. not the easiest thing for a family. greg: look at how intense that had this. how old is this bird? >> only a few years old. you will see a male and female get-together. they will have a nest. once the babies are grown, they will hunt as a group. one will chase the prey out. we do not normally see that in birds of prey. small rodents. lizards. whatever they can find. greg: do they ever sleep? >> they do sleep. you are probably inside. rosanna: how do they sleep?
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1 foot tucked up like that. they close their eyes and take a little siesta. rosanna: you can send him on his way. can we meet someone else? >> i have a number of little beautiful -- greg: all, a kangaroo. >> a are from australia. >> ridiculously soft. normally as animals get there, it is outdoors. only the females do. it is about where the belly button is. >> oh, my goodness. greg: has anybody ever seen inside the pouch?
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there you go. you can still see a little belly button in their. >> how long do they live in a pouch? [laughter] >> they will be in a pouch for the first six months. they will stay there for about a year. she is pretty big already. they had this kangaroo down under that was dying. the father was cradling the mothers had. >> working with them like we do. very personal relationships that we have with them. they know who we are. they live in a group like they would live here. it is not impossible. rosanna: they do not carry lyme disease. greg: the kangaroo with the
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greg: look at that little animal of some kind. >> a gray fox. this is our little friend
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the gray foxes really nice. remember how i was talking about the kangaroo, you can see how course that code is. it is a weatherproof coat. it will protect it. >> the fox are always very alert and very aware. aware of all these things going on here. kind of like a chihuahua. rosanna: why are people afraid of foxes when they see them out? >> they will startle you. the truth is, they will not hurt you. greg: a foxes nocturnal. >> exactly. very good. why are they nocturnal? greg: hold on a second.
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>> because of their size. cougars, coyotes, wolves, whatever they have to contend with. the other cool thing about these guys is if they do feel in danger, they are one of the few species that climbs a tree better than eight hat. allows it to run up and down trees with no problem. greg: who would win between a raccoon in a fox? rosanna: all right. who else do we have? greg: what you have and that in? it is a spider. these actually articulates. she will not get you. rosanna: the last time it was all over greg's head. the shoulder.
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they do spin a web did not like we are used to. they definitely can bite you. rosanna: issue poisonous? >> there is then him and them. it would sting a little. she is about three or four years old. >> i saw one in a james bond movie. it killed somebody. [laughter] rosanna: give it back. one cool thing about these guys is they will afflict those onto the face of the predator. it is very, very annoying. >> this is one of my famous ones as well.
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these guys, they are so impressive. a turkey vulture. that is what it looks like. >> settlers first try to eat them. >> oh, my gosh. when they feel threatened or concerned about something, they may have to fly away. >> what they do, they need that stuff that is really nasty. imagine this halfway digested growth stuff. it reeked. it was wrong. >> that is not even as bad as the wild ones. >> eating the turkey vulture somewhere along the line.
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the only animals on our planet. they are very important to the ecosystem. greg: boy, oh boy. everyone serves a purpose. >> this looks like a mountain lion. what do we have here? >> oh, my goodness. just hold that baby. >> this is a coyote. this is the one that people really freak out when they see. they do really well living in our urban environments. >> they are all over the place. one of the few animals that really abducted well. there are armadillos and in theaters. it went up very closely related.
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>> i am not heading. >> i will not discriminate against this coyote. just on the backside. all right. there you go. you are awesome. the san diego zoo. go check it out. >> we appreciate your friends. coming up. chris angel is here. he is an allusion is from long island. he will be performing on long island tonight. >> the guy is from long island. on your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body.
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. get your move on. rosanna: walking on water. greg: how does he do it? chris angel. he has a recurring gig out there. tonight, you can see him in our neck of the woods. walking on water. >> there is nothing underneath >> some of these techniques right here in our neighborhood.
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welcome to "good day new york." >> rosanna and greg, thank you for having me on. this is my home. broadway and 43rd. i like to think of a strong island. performing at the paramount tonight. there are tickets still available. right after the show. my brand-new show. i am starring in it. four sold-out shows that have come back. doing five cities in five days. huntington new york, it is all some. greg: we have a lot of questions for you. can you give us a trip? >> i will give us something that demonstrates the power of the line. you can formulate opinions and
9:33 am
you can examine it. you will read one digit between one and 99. and then you will write the second digit. we have a number 12. i will literally cover my eyes up. is that fair? >> rosanna will write one number and i will write the second number. >> okay. >> we are not done yet. one number. >> i am sorry. riding one digit. >> that's all right. >> it is no problem. we did not set anything up.
9:34 am
>> have you shown the camera? face it facedown on your chest so i cannot see a. >> can i take my hand away now? >> yes. you have formulated a to judge it number. you can lie to me. you can tell me the truth. it is up to you. >> you want us to live. it is up to you. do not let me know what you are thinking. >> i will just start off here. it is between one and 50. >> you are right. fifty-one and 100. >> no. >> you are telling me the opposite. the first time you do that, you
9:35 am
i will try this with you now. the numbers between 51 and 60. >> correct. sixty-one and 70. eighty-one and 90. ninety-one and 100. >> this is fascinating. you did the opposite trying to take what i just said to her and be straightforward and forthcoming with me. you said, yes. you are being honest. let me just really try to focus on them. you are both on the number. this is completely fair. no one is telling me anything. we did not set this up. fifty-one. >> no. >> 52. rosanna: he cannot help himself.
9:36 am
>> 53. fifty-four. fifty-seven. >> you blink three times. i'm get a go with 57. greg: that is great. i felt a little guilty. it has nothing to do with it. you are so perceptive. >> is it like the vegas show you are bringing? >> 32 or buses. to the paramount tonight. you will see the most spectacular mind blowing thing
9:37 am
nine mind blowing positions. all the best. south africa. having it all on the show. greg: houdini was your idol growing up. >> i loved donna lee. direct errors and artists. my inspiration came not from magic, but other things that were inspiring. >> your mother is still here. >> my mom is still around. she spent six months at a. she is doing amazing. greg: this is so cool. the fbi can probably use your help. >> no problem. check out chris angel tonight.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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3 this is one of the old specials. you were so much fun to watch. performing at madison square garden. you are also starring in the abc series uncle bob. greg: congratulations. you have a lot going on. funny, funny stuff. you are right. >> you have to entertain the adults and kids. >> it is very entertaining. >> it will be at the madison square garden. everyone used to see me. at the bar and grill and all of that. >> it has to be -- the
9:42 am
the garden. does that play mind games with you a little bit? >> i have been doing it for a long time. twelve or 13 years. i love new york audience. they always come to the show. criticizing. i love it. it made me work harder. greg: how do you keep it straight? you are not looking at notes. how do you do that? >> there is so much stuff going on in the world. the first thing i want to say.
9:43 am
numbers. [laughter] greg: keeping it all straight in your head. you guys write it down and memorize it a thousand times. you have a little cheat sheet on the ground? >> i have a rolodex. just pops up. when i want to talk about something, i just talk about it. they are really all over the place. the same joke in a different order, a different way, every time. >> hillary clinton and obama. greg: is it a clean joke you can share with us? >> you never see the back of the white house because it is a whole lot of old limos in the grasses high -- [laughter]
9:44 am
not want any more. at the back of the white house. greg: tell us about uncle buck. >> uncle bob. abc. it is going to be good. rosanna: playing richard pryor. >> and i'm going to be playing richard pryor coming up. rosanna: then i heard you were in 50 shades of lack. >> i have a new movie coming out. meet the blacks. mike tyson is in it. this is my movie. the first time i have ever done my own movie. greg: congratulations. we start filming in april. kate hudson playing my wife. eddie murphy playing my daddy. greg: this is like the role of a
9:45 am
>> incredible. such a great icon for comics. >> this is a picture from you from the show. >> that is a lot of hard work in a lot of dedication trying to pull this off. i think i can do it. rosanna: how long did you live in brooklyn. >> 10 years. i am out in l.a. now. the weather is really good, but the people sought. can we bring brooklyn to l.a.? these days. >> it is. even the homeless is looking a little better over there. greg: the theater at madison we are really happy for you. looking forward to it.
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let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. >> take a look at this.
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this is rosanna appearing on your cooking food show. >> it is called -- >> no offense. that would be if marian scotto. a priest lashed monsignor. welcome. >> we need as many prayers as possible. >> they said, you know, a show. that is what my parents it did all the time, too. >> quite the show this morning. a bunch of animals. there is a magician. >> we have a punchline. we will get back to you on that. >> i studied locations. we have a catholic television station broadcast all over the
9:50 am
rosanna: time warner. >> cablevision. we are growing by the year. it is unbelievable. getting to the people directly. speak to their people directly. that is where the cooking show came from. how about that. >> some very interesting people on the show. >> .deflate. lots of people. greg: give us something for the soul. >> the table is where it is that. the table is in the center of the church. that is where we gather. it is important that sundays we are around that table. think about growing up. that is an important thing. bringing back the family.
9:51 am
it is so important. >> what are we making? >> this is like my go to ingredient. this white truffle butter. >> i like it. it has a very earthy taste to greg: a little powerful in concentrated form. you are going to like this. >> a little bit of light green. 3:30 a.m. in the morning. greg: what difference? >> a monsignor is recognized by the chaplain. it is an honorary title. it is a beautiful title.
9:52 am
you have a big telethon going on this weekend. >> once a year we do a telethon. raising money for the station. >> here we are doing it. >> i used to do prank phone calls all the time.
9:53 am
right rosanna: thank you so much. appreciate it. finishing up this gorgeous fettuccine with mushrooms and truffle sauce. >> that is what it is about. that is a cool thing. we need a place in this country
9:54 am
our faith. that is what we are trying to do. >> 471. greg: all right. >> make you so much. periscope is next. thank you. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face.
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