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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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five out of six numbers right. but still walking away with a million dollars apiece. >> i was so excited. i was like whoa! >> this is the manager of a gift shop in ridgewood, one of five stores that sold the winning second prize. >> i have no idea. i'm happy the person won. it's 1.5 billion, but at least a million they got. >> reporter: anthony was in a teacher pool in bethpage across the street from where a million dollar ticket was sold at the 7-eleven. >> i got seven text messages asking if it was us. it wasn't. >> reporter: you might think rafael was out of luck, too, barely getting back the money he spent on a ticket, but -- >> makes me feel happy because i'm a winner and not a loser. >> reporter: way to look on the bright side. in new york, the winning million
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island city, bethpage, stoney point, richmond hill and ridgewood. back to you. steve: i didn't buy mine in any of those places. one of the five teens accused of raping a teen in brooklyn will be released while prosecutors build their case. thursday the group pulled a gun on the 18-year-old and her the girl. the fifth suspect is still being held on an unrelated assault charge. dari: isis claiming responsibility for terror attacks in indonesia today. an attacker set off an explosion at a starbucks in the capital city of jakarta as customers were running, fleeing to get away. two gunmen were waiting outside and opened fire. another two suicide bombers blew themselves up and minutes later a third pair of gunmen attacked a group of police. secretary of state john kerry weighs in. >> these acts of terror are not going to intimidate nation
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citizens and continuing to provide real opportunity, education, jobs, possibilities of a future. dari: seven people were killed, including five of the attackers and two bystanders. two other attackers were arrested. steve: columbia university has identified the three students who died in yesterday's bus crash in honduras. olivia erhardt, daniella moffson and abigail flanagan. they were taking part in a volunteer humanitarian mission to help the poor. the school says other students were hurt in that accident. the bus was on its way to the airport for the flight home when the crash took place. dari: the late singer david bowie will be laid to rest. today his family posted the words thank you on all of his web sites and social media pages saying they are overwhelmed by the love and support from around the world. the music icon passed away sunday after a long battle with cancer. his death came just days after he released his final album "black star" that tops the u.s.
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he was 69 years old. steve: and actor alan rickman has died. he had been battling cancer and passed away surrounded by friends and family, known for his work in the harry potter franchise and other critically acclaimed films inclusion prince of thieves, love actually and sweeney todd. he was 69. dari: it's 5:03. we're hearing reports of a gas leak that forced the evacuation. this is a commercial building on seventh avenue. steve: joe beerman is live over the scene in skyfox hd with a look at what we know. >> reporter: just before 4:00, seventh avenue at 37th street, avenue. numerous people called the fire department reporting a strong smell of natural gas. the fire department gets here, orders hundreds of people to evacuate the building. con ed has been here. they have managed to shut off
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gas into this office building. there are no injuries to report, but meantime, seventh avenue, you can see the fire trucks and police cars, is gridlocked. 37th street is also closed. back to you. dari: all right. thank you. "star wars" fans aren't the only ones flocking to a theatre in white plains. the multiplex is crawling with mice and bed dug bugs edbugs. steve: antwan lewis has more. >> reporter: a true horror story is going on inside cinema deluxe. it has been cited for infestations of mice, lice and bedbugs possibly. >> eww. disgusting. >> reporter: the theatre was cited wednesday for several violations after receiving numerous complaints. moviegoers say the talk of bedbugs is the most unsettling. >> you don't want to go in. >> reporter: sheila is an infectious disease with women's of westchester. unless you've been exposed,
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>> small little irritated bugs. it won't look much different than a flea bite or insect bite. you can't determine whether or not it's a bedbug. if there's a concern, if you've had an exposure that you're aware of. >> reporter: call an exterminator like claude maxwell who explains how treating them inside easy. >> we would probably steam the furniture with a high vapor steamer. it would be hard to do a heat treatment because it's so big. we have to do the freeze on where we freeze the seats. >> reporter: the theatre is still open, though attendance may likely be down. >> my sister was totally grossed out. she would say she's never going to the movies again. >> reporter: we reached out to national amusements that owns the theatre for comment. no one returned our call. we'll keep you updated. antwan lewis, fox 5 news. steve: three years. that's how long the mta is
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the l train tunnel. they need to fix the damage caused by superstorm sandy as well as 80 years of wear and tear on the line. total shutdown is one of the options. night and weekend closures are on the table. arthur chi'en will have more coming up at 6:00. dari: and, and, and. constant service disruptions on the 7 subway line has one queens lawmaker calling out the mta. state senator tony avila says they do not give reasons when the line goes down. he plans to introduce legislation that would require them to provide stats on each individual subway line. >> people who ride the subway should know what is the frequency of disruptions on the line that they use each and every day. dari: we reached out to the mta bill. the agency tells us specific
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the public on the mta's web site. steve: new york city school officials say graduation rates are up and drop out rates are down. dari: the mayor says there's still room to improve. >> reporter: mayor de blasio sat down with a group of seniors at the high school for arts and business in corona, queens. 90 percent of the students go on to graduate and most of them are college-bound. >> i'm planning on going to john j. for forensic psychology. that's my goal. >> they're focused on quality than quantity. we love the graduation at the school, but we're more proud of how people are ready for college graduating. >> reporter: they told the mayor how their teachers stay late and come in on weekends to tutor them. de blasio says this is just one example that new york city schools and its 1.1 million direction. >> for the first time in our city's history, more than 70
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graduated in four years from our high school. that's something to be very proud of. >> reporter: that's a two point gain over last year. the dropout rate fell to 9 percent. carmen carmen carmen farina believes it's because more want to go to school. >> all the students spoke about the extra time the teachers spend with them, they can come to saturday classes, they can ask for directed help. >> reporter: the mayor admits there's a lot of room for improvement, like helping second graders with their reading, opening up computer science classes for all students and preparing them for college. the principal of arts and business says it's about giving kids the right opportunity. >> most schools you have to pass exams for advanced placement. in our school, every student has to place one or a college readiness course. >> reporter: the mayor plans to use the school as a model and hopes to get the rate up to 80
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liz dahlem, fox 5 news. steve: big blue has a new head coach. the giants announcing they promoted offensive coordinator ben mcadue. he replaces tom coughlin, who resigned last week after 12 years as head coach. he becomes the franchise's 17th head coach. it will be his first head coaching position. the team scheduled a formal press conference tomorrow. dari: when it comes to dine sawyers, the this one isn't all that. steve: the one that's too big to fit into the museum. dari: and lisa evers taking on a
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in new york state, we all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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steve: black, white, latino, asian, there are stereotypes for all races. dari: and confronting that or discussing it can sometimes be somewhat uncomfortable. our lisa evers is tackling the topic on saturday's episode of street soldiers. >> just because you wear a sombrero doesn't make you mexican. you don't look at them and go
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>> i never saw asian people on television or in movies. my dreams were limited. >> reporter: when it comes to comedy, everyone is making jokes about what others think they are. >> red necks don't take a lot of vacations. if somebody offers to fly us somewhere for free, we're going. >> [inaudible] >> you borrow money from black people, they'll threaten you. >> reporter: no one was laughing when drug dealers were warned to stay out of his state. >> smoothie, shifty, these type of guys that come to connecticut and new york. they sell their heroin and go home. incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> reporter: washington post reporter christopher ingram
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and found evidence of what bias. >> everybody says i'm not racist. if you ask, nobody says i am a racist. but all of this -- this is true of white, black, everyone -- we all have unconscious biases that motivate our actions. >> reporter: our nation is becoming more diverse. the brookings institute projects by 2025, minority youth will become the majority of americans under the age of 20. >> every american is critical to other success. and, you know, daddy called it the moving toward the beloved community and realizing the dignity, the worth and the value of all of humankind. >> reporter: the governor apologized for his remarks. legislators tried to begin impeachment proceedings against him but failed to get the votes.
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be talking on my street soldiers show saturday night at 10:30 after the fox 5 news at 10:00. steve: all right. thank you, lisa. all right. let's talk about the weather. it definitely was more comfortable today. dari: still kind of chilly. nick: a little chilly. we get spoiled with the 50-degree days. it is chilly. we did have a little bit of snow across the area this morning. made for a little bit of a slippery commute in the northern and western suburbs. that's melted and we're warming it up more tonight into tomorrow. 37, 22 the split. close to average. record high 70. record low minus 5. that was in 1914. that's not coming anytime soon. we will be getting another blast of arctic air as we move into the early part of next week. 7:18 sunrise. it sets at 4:51. 37 and humidity at 48 percent. winds out of the west. we have the pressure 29.96 on the rise. we have some clouds out there. they'll stick around for the night and a little bit of a
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there's nothing nearby on fox 5 sky guardian. we stay dry tonight and tomorrow daytime. rain will be coming into the forecast tomorrow night as we watch a storm move up from the south and west coming up at us. here's a sign of things to come. belmar, 43 for their high: lower 50s across extreme southeastern parts of new jersey. 27 monticello. 34 bridgeport. that's where we're at. temperature isn't going to move that much through the night as the cloud cover stays for a while and the wind shifts to the west-southwest. that's going to holds temperatures up compared to last night. 41 at belmar. mid 30s still in bridgeport back towards poughkeepsie and sussex. upper 30s at allentown. there's the west wind, 5, 10 miles an hour. it will continue out of the west to southwest as the night goes along. you can see we're on the edge of the cloud cover. snow showers will stay to the north. this starts lifting northward as the night goes along.
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take that northward. as it goes in that direction, the warm front off to the south starts moving northward and brings us into the 50-degree weather tomorrow. what i want you to see, a little bit on the lower edge of the screen, is this area of rain. that's a developing storm center. you can see where the jet stream flow is coming from. that's going to be coming up quickly from the south and west and will be our problem for tomorrow night and on into at least 10:00 to noon on saturday, depending on where you are before it goes away. into tomorrow, we'll have some sunshine and climbing up to the middle 40s by lunchtime. more clouds through the afternoon. 50 the high tomorrow. it's cloudy tomorrow evening. the rain will arrive as you'll see on the futurecast. there's the system with the warm front lifting northward and our sun and cloud combination tomorrow. watch the storm south and east of us. there's the shot of rain which might end as snow in the higher terrain.
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train into late saturday morning and clearing in the afternoon. we'll be in the upper 40s saturday. another surge of the colder arctic air comes in towards next week. clouds tonight. we'll call it chilly. temperatures not moving that much. mid 30s in the city. sun and clouds, milder tomorrow. up to 50. there's the seven day showing the rain tomorrow night through late saturday morning, then some sun, 47. a little breezy sunday. sun gives way to clouds. upper 30s at night. we could see a little snow or snow showers with the next arctic blast. monday, 29, a strong wind. windchills in the teens with sun and clouds. 31 tuesday. 33 wednesday. those days quiet. steve: it's so consistent. now it's winter. nick: in the 30s where we should be. the storm next week stays offshore. watch out for the end of next week. that will be the next timeframe. steve: meet the biggest dinosaur skeleton ever discovered. dari: christal young went to the
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check it out. >> reporter: when hollywood portrays dinosaurs, they're seen as giant, pretty scary creatures. but the old t-rex has nothing on this big guy. meet the museum of natural history's newest icon. it's 122 feet long, so big it barely fits into the gallery. it was discovered in patagonia, argentina. it took several teams of people and seven different expeditions to unearth the ancient bones. >> we had to build a road to get there. because we need to bring machinery. we needed to bring the trucks, the flatbed trucks to transport all the bones back to a museum. it's a really large scale project. >> reporter: what you're looking at is a giant fiberglass cast. this is one of the dinosaur's actual bones. it's the femur or the thigh bone, weighing in at over 1,000 pounds.
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i want to put into perspective have been. an african elephant, seven tons. this guy, 70 tons. from the ground to his shoulder is 20 feet, which means with his neck at a 45 degree angle, he could easily peek in the window of a five-story building. now that's big. paleontologists aren't sure if it was male or female, but they know it wasn't fully grown. they can measure its age by rings in the neck similar to the rings on the trunk of a tree. >> we don't know why they form. they even occur in us in the bones in the base of the skull. >> reporter: the plant-eating giant roamed the earth more than 100 million years ago. scientists call the finding the latest major discovery in pail pail -- palentology.
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>> 10. >> 100. >> reporter: my goodness. steve: incredible. amazing stuff. dari: critics say there's no shortage of snubs among the oscar nods. steve: simone boyce looks at some of the actors that could get their first academy awards. dari: and a run-in with the law with one of the backstreet boys. now nick carter ended up in
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tran sawyers dari: academy award nominations were announced this morning. with the nominations come snubs. steve: it's getting a lot of attention. simone boyce here to break down the contenders. >> reporter: you've got people like leonardo dicaprio, a lot of people who are up for their first oscar and probably going to win. hosted by chris rock, it will be a saucy show. "the revenant" leads the nominations with 12, including one for best director. one for supporting actor, tom hardy and, of course, one for my boy, leonardo dicaprio, who slept inside a dead horse, devoured bison liver and will claw his way to oscar gold. if he doesn't, something is very
5:24 pm
the irony is this isn't even his best movie. as "new york times" film critics explain, the academy want to see actors suffer. >> they like extremity, physical transformation, stories that are grim and emotional. that signifies acting. >> reporter: we saw that with matthew mcconaughey, lots of actors in the past. this is a trend. someone else who's long overdue for his oscar, sly stallone nominated for creed. this is his first oscar nomination in 39 years. he was nominated for best original screenplay. this brings him to three nods, but this will be the first win. dari: should have won for rocky. steve: that brings the whole lifetime achievement component to it. there's an element you can't
5:25 pm
jennifer lawrence going for her second oscar. cate blanchett nominated for her three. it could be brie larson's year, nominated for best actress in room. a fun fact, she was a rising pop [music] >> reporter: she's a serious actress now, so she probably wouldn't like to bring it up. a fun fact. for the most part, the list is predictable. here's something that's not surprising. african-american-led films like creed, straight outta compton weren't loved by the academy. >> with the oscars, it's a white roster. i would have like to see straight outta compton. >> reporter: a study from 2012
5:26 pm
oscar voters are 94 percent white and 77 percent male. now, the academy is attempting to diversify this voting body, but that survey suggests the academy would be 89 percent white and 72 percent male by the year 2023. steve: takes a long time to change. it's a huge issue. a real thing. >> like molasses. diversity is still a big problem for the academy and hollywood. we're making progress. regardless, there's a lot of great movies this year. so a.o. scott and our, our top 3 are the same. it's the big short, spotlight and mad max: fury road. that takes the cake. it's nominated for best picture. it's one of the most thrilling action movies in years. and spotlight is incredible. steve: i'm more interested in "the revenant" now -- i don't know what that means. the word is weird. i wasn't interested in it.
5:27 pm
>> it's very extreme in every sense of the word, the weather. it's visually very stunning. it was beautiful landscape. for journalists, spotlight is really fun. dari: and mad max. >> i love mad max. i think it's probably my favorite of the year. dari: you want it to win? >> reporter: yeah. steve: thank you. he spent months hiding from authorities, but el chapo could not hide his feelings for a mexican actress. dari: text that helped lead to his capture. steve: and move over burgers. the past year has been about the chicken sandwich. now it's been added permanently to shake shack's menu, which means you don't have to go to brooklyn.
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where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop steve: update on the midtown gas leak we told you about earlier. dari: still an active scene. scene right there. joe, what do you know? >> reporter: around 4:00, a 24-story building on seventh avenue. hundreds of folks had to be evacuated the heavy smell of gas caused everybody to be evacuated from
5:31 pm
the exact address was 498 seventh avenue. con ed, fire department, everybody has been here for the better part of an hour and a half. they feel they have all the gas valves now shut off. that leak has been stopped. no injuries to report. a little bit of good news. seventh avenue, they've repositioned a lot of the emergency equipment, so no traffic problems. back to you. steve: the smaller cast of republican presidential hopefuls tonight. dari: as sharon crowley explains, it's one of the last high profile opportunities before the iowa caucuses on february 1st. >> reporter: republican candidates competing for the gop south carolina. seven candidates meet requirements for the prime time debate on the fox business network. >> that will give the candidatesmore candidates more -- candidates more time to talk.
5:32 pm
ted cruz will take the top two spots. >> it's going to be good. i expect to see that donald trump is finally found somebody who's going to fight back. >> reporter: the candidates are going after each other over cruz's eligibility to run for the oval office. >> a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that. you can't be born in canada. >> this issue did not seem to concern donald until a little over a week ago when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in iowa. >> reporter: marco rubio has been attacking president obama. >> our next president needs to know what they're going to do from the first day in office to reverse barack obama's damage. i do. when i'm president, we're going to do it. >> reporter: carly fiorina and rand paul dropped to the undercard debate. paul subsequently refused to participate, leaving fiorina to spar with rick santorum and mike huckabee. david birdsell says some trailing in the polls tonight
5:33 pm
>> we're really, really close to the iowa caucuses. we have the new hampshire primary just a few days later, and this is the point where they have to make the sell. >> reporter: in years past, you had to do well in early primaries like new hampshire or caucuses in iowa because money from the big donors would dry up if you weren't ahead. but this year, as we know, everything is different on the political landscape, and analysts expect this field, if you can believe it, to stay crowded even if some of the candidates don't make it to the no. 1 and no. 2 spot in the next couple of week. steve: super pacs, keep it going. thank you. dari: you can watch tonight. sandra smith and trish regan will moderate the debate at 6:00. the prime time debate follows at 9:00 p.m. moderated by neal
5:34 pm
steve: hillary clinton is down nine points from a month ago and within the margin of error. martin o'malley stands at 4%. >> one of the backstreet boys busted in key west. dari: tmz executive producer harvey levin joining us to tell us what happened, harvey. >> well, guys, this is nick carter we're talking about. and he was arrested last night in key west at a place called the hog's breath bar. he and a friend walked in. according to the people who run the bar, they were too drunk to be served, and if you guys know anything about key west, that's a feat. steve: well said. >> so the management, apparently they acted up. the management asked them to leave. they went toward the front door. now according to the manager of the bar, nick got one of them in
5:35 pm
other head-butted somebody in the bar. they threw them to the ground and got arrested for misdemeanor battery. nick just got out about an hour and a half ago. all he would say is the truth will come out. but, you know, the sad part of this is he has struggled with substance abuse and alcohol issues, and it's not a great sign. steve: right. well said. i think you said it all there. great talking to you. we appreciate it. >> okay, guys. dari: well, it turns out that drug kingpin el chapo didn't know actor sean penn was who he was before they met in secret, according to a mexican newspaper. he had actually been sending steamy texts to actress kate del castillo. that led to the meeting and el chapo's capture after six months. steve: shake shack all in on the chicken sandwich. dari: the chain's popular
5:36 pm
you don't have to go to brooklyn to report. steve: and how this long islander will be making history
5:37 pm
dari: well, shake shack's chicken sandwich is back. steve: as baruch shemtov shows us, it will be a lot easier to find this time around. >> we set out to create a modern twist on the classic fried chicken sandwich. >> the result, the chicken shack.
5:38 pm
flower, deep [music] steve: plus the chelsea dance
5:39 pm
steve: fox 5 health news. the world health organization declared the ebola outbreak over. officials warn it could take
5:40 pm
of the disease. >> some survivors who are not showing outward signs of clinical ebola disease can still pass on infection on rare occasions to other individuals. steve: the ebola epidemic taking the lives of over 1100 people over two years. dari: in fox 5 health news, the cdc says there's strong evidence linking zika to birth defects and they warn pregnant women not to travel to countries where the disease is spreading. steve: joining us, dr. dev ismt i devi. we've been talking about this a lot. earlier we saw someone apparently got zika overseas and brought it home. >> exactly. so they brought it home, but they can't spread it to anybody else. it's not spread that way. it's spread through mosquitos. you can get it if you're in an
5:41 pm
mosquito infects you. they looked at the amniotic fluid and placenta of where babies were born with small brain and head and they found traces of the virus zika. for pregnant women or women considering being pregnancy, it would be a big issue. the cdc is taking a look at it. for people who are not pregnant or not considering becoming issue. the symptoms are fever, viral symptoms. fever, nausea, headache, maybe stomach pains. it's like dengue fever but not as dangerous. steve: let's talk about eating healthy as we wolfed down the shake shack chicken sandwiches. if you're trying to eat healthy, which we're trying to do, you think a wrap is better than a sandwich. dari: seems like it would be. steve: a lot of surface area.
5:42 pm
the thing about having a hematoma healthy diet, you trade off one thing for another. people say a wrap has less calories, which is true depending on the type of bread. if your goal is to lose weight, maybe a wrap is the better choice. for a lot of people, they're looking at other things. your overall health, if you're trying to prevent constipation, colon cancer, heart disease -- are, you might be better with breads. steve: how so? >> the grains and the fiber. certain types of bread, whole wheat or whole rye might be better than the wrap. it might be more processed. dari: and the soybean oil in there. >> it could be. steve: you know if you've got a big roll of bread or something, that's healthier for you potentially with the grains. but the wraps -- dari: minus the gluten. >> and sodium. that's another thing to consider.
5:43 pm
than bread. steve: always something. no matter what you're trying to all right. we'll keep that in mind as well. dari: thank you so much. nick: you can run, but you can't hide. steve: amazing. dari: who wants to run in the weather? nick: temperatures are coming up. tomorrow will be a decent day. we'll be pushing 50 around here and a nice day with sunshine. something to look forward to before we get rain in the forecast tomorrow night into the first part of the weekend. then we turn colder again. the recovery was out there. we managed upper 30s in the city. look to the south. philly, 47 today. and 53 in washington, d.c. 30s to 20s as you moved further off to the north and west. this is the milder air coming in. we should be around 50, 52 in a lot of the area tomorrow. right now on fox 5 sky guardian, nothing going on. we had the snow showers earlier on in the morning timeframe. as we look at the big picture, it's lifting to the north. this is the leading edge of the
5:44 pm
the warm front is stuck in this position. it will lift northward as we head into tomorrow and bring us into the temperatures up around that 50-degree mark. right now we're back down to 39 at belmar. they were in the lower 40s at the top of the hour. we're talking 37 in the city. 34 poughkeepsie to sussex. below freezing at monticello. jumps back to 36 at islip and mid 30s bridgeport towards montauk. the wind has become westerly and it will stay that way and turn southwest as the night goes along but light. 5, 10 miles an hour. something like that. that won't be a big hindrance to outdoor plans. windchill numbers aren't that impressive as they were 24 hours ago. here is the big picture. you can see a couple of things going on. kind of an active weather pattern trying to get going. got a storm center moving through the middle part of the country. as it slides northward, the warm front located just to the south will lift to our north as time goes along. that system will be lifting towards canada.
5:45 pm
thunderstorms near new orleans. that's a developing storm. it's an active jet stream because of the el nino pattern. the -- it's too warm for snow. we'll be up around -- we'll be looking at rain tomorrow night into saturday morning, maybe a little snow on the tail end over the farthest northern suburbs. 50 degrees here tomorrow. good there. 50-degree weather down to atlanta. 60s and 70s towards new orleans and the gulf coast. 38 in chicago. you can see the next bubble of cold air filtering down into minneapolis. 21 will be there high. denver, 35. 40 seattle. 62 in l.a. zooming in on the futurecast, the clouds around now, a lot of that will break up as the night goes along. a good amount of sunshine tomorrow morning. more clouds will filter in in the afternoon.
5:46 pm
look at the time stamp at 2:00 a.m. you'll see the rain continue saturday morning. it breaks up late morning. as we get into the afternoon, sun will appear and temperatures still on saturday in the upper 40s. then it starts getting colder from sunday and beyond. tonight, 35 in the city. 20s to 30 in the suburbs with clouds and a west-southwest wind. we'll call that chilly weather. tomorrow, morning sun and clouds in the afternoon. stopping at 50. wind comes to the southeast. rain tomorrow night ending late morning saturday and sun. 47. now sunday sun will give way to clouds. at night, snow showers. 38 sunday. 29 monday. strong winds. it will be cold. windchills in the teens. not above freezing tuesday. struggling above freezing wednesday. we'll stay cold but dry thursday and watch the end of next week for a potential storm threat. steve: we're overdue. thank you. dari: thank you. all right. well, squash history is in the making as long island's own
5:47 pm
she is the highest ranking american squash player of all time. she defeated ethe -- the player from egypt. she now faces a player from egypt for the title tonight at grand central's vanderbilt hall. steve: american dance platform kicked off its week in chelsea. dari: christal young shows us how the festival is pairing the dance stars of today with the stars of tomorrow in tonight's "in the spotlight." [music] >> reporter: if you're looking to infuse a little culture into your life, look no further than the american dance platform at the joyce theatre. the festival features contemporary dance companies from around the country. i caught the hubbard street dance chicago. no music? no problem.
5:48 pm
a master choreographer william forsythe and has no score. the artistic director wants everyone who attends the festival to be moved by what they see on the stage. >> when you walk out of the hub hubard street performance, hopefully you'll feel a visceral experience between the audience and the dancers. there's this energy that you receive. >> reporter: tony and uri are bringing the midwest flavor of their troupe to the big apple. the members are performing a piece which means light in japanese. >> we forged our careers here in new york city. we built former members with the dance theatre. to actually have this opportunity now to be sharing the stage with hubbard street dance out of chicago is a very special thing for us. >> reporter: this one of a kind festival was made possible by a
5:49 pm
the grant is the only one of its kind and long overdue. >> there are festivals or platforms around theatre, around music, and they're in fully produced situations. for dance, there wasn't one. the joyce is the dance house in new york city. so we felt that we had to step in. >> reporter: american dance platform is your opportunity to see not only established dance companies, but also emerging ones. it goes down at the joyce theatre right here in chelsea until this sunday, the 17th. i'm christal young, fox 5 news. steve: very nice. all right. we will see you back here tonight at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> we thank you very much as always. we have an interesting show. there's a lot going on. there's outrage over the potential shutdown of the only subway line into one of new york's most popular neighborhoods. and deborah norville will talk
5:50 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: thursday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. and this is news that impacts your life. we start tonight with our subway system. it had a lot more problems today, of course, with delays, but the big outcry is in one of new york's most popular neighborhoods, williamsburg, which could be losing the only train that serves that area. let's get right to it.
5:54 pm
what could happen to the l train. it's a big story, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely, ernie. as you know, the subway system is 120 years old. we have seen a lot of renovation projects. some have been very long. none have had the power of reversing progress made in several neighborhoods like the one being debated along the l train. while it is no one's fault but hurricane sandy's, a lot of people will be paying the price. l train service may shut down by years, by one estimate as many as three. >> it's terrifying. they're saying one to three years, maybe no tunnel for a year or more, 18 months. when they're lucy goosy, that means you'll get the you know what end of the stick. >> it would be total chaos. we'd have to swim. >> reporter: the mta says 7
5:55 pm
filled the canarsie tubes.
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