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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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filled the canarsie tubes. today 300,000 riders rely on the l train daily. how will they get around? >> i don't see how you can shut it down for three years. it's not only moving all the workers and students, it's part of the cultural life of the neighborhood. >> reporter: for the mta, there may be few choices available. either a full shutdown for years or a partial shutdown to work on one tunnel at a time. that would take even longer. >> if you have to choose between the g, the m, and the j. pick your poison. >> reporter: the mta considering all options. working on one tube at a time or working at it on the weekends. the projection for the work to begin is 2017. ernie: 300,000 people use the line every day. what other options will they have? >> reporter: not a lot. there aren't a lot of subway lines near here.
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the g line is being considered. that is one of the most disrespected lines in the mta's system. ernie: they recently did something similar to the r train. is there anything we can learn from that situation that might apply here? >> reporter: well, one might be project. 65,000 daily riders compared with 300,000 you mentioned. in brooklyn, there are a lot of other lines they were able to go to. here, especially in williamsburg, there are no such choices. ernie: this is a proposal, but it could develop. thanks for that report. >> in our news, hundreds of jetblue flights were grounded today due to a power outage at the company's verizon data center. their web site is back up but they're suffering statewide delays. the issues affected all the major airports including jfk. >> $1.6 billion jackpot,
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nick bought a ticket. they're going to split it between three tickets purchased in california, florida and tennessee. here in new york, some people woke up to find out that they matched five of the six numbers, winning a cool million. >> i was so excited. the only thing we don't know who is the winner. hopefully the person will show up and say thank you. ernie: yes, indeed. the good luck charm gift shop in ridgewood, queens, is one of five convenience stores across the big apple that sold the winning second prize. we've got some winners here, which is nice. nick: one of them was not me. ernie: better luck next time. you bought a bunch of tickets. nick: and the office pool. it was the office pool. ernie: that will keep going. you never know. got to be in it to win it. we've got some nice temperatures tomorrow? getting close to my age. nick: really? ernie: you said 50 tomorrow, right?
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that's another number. we're going to be talking about a warmup. that's the good news. a little rain will be coming our way. colder air is going to return, but it's january. that's supposed to happen. ernie: we can't complain. so nice. nick: was nice this morning. ernie: just a dusting. felt like a winter scene. nick: about time we can say a trace of snow fell. it hasn't happened in new york city today -- or this season. there it is. a trace officially. 37 the high. 22 the low. that's pretty close to the average high and low for the day. 70 the record high. and minus 5 on this date in 1914. that's not coming anytime soon. a blast of arctic air will be arriving next week. currently 37. humidity at 48 percent. not bad. clouds are out there. they'll break up as the night goes along. pressure on the rise at 29.96. and belmar, the warm spot at 43. it broke 50 today in parts of
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the mid 30s north jersey towards the hudson valley and mid 30s on long island. monticello stayed below freezing. they still are at 27. notice from the highs of the day. the temperatures haven't moved much. we'll stay around these numbers with the cloud cover tonight and a southwest wind. mid 30s in the city. 39 now at the jersey shore. 35 at islip and montauk in the middle 30s. we're up 9 to 13 degrees across the area from 24 hours ago. there's the west wind. west wind tonight becoming west-southwest, 5, 10 miles an hour. that will continue to help keep that temperature up. as you look at fox 5 sky guardian, nothing to worry about tomorrow. tomorrow night the next problem comes in. you can see kind of a line of clouds in this fashion. that's where the warm front is located. north. big picture shows a storm out west and the front trying to move along. it will. eventually i want you to see what's going on. look at the thunderstorms coming into louisiana.
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that will be a quick mover to the south and east. if we had cold air being blocked and draining down from eastern canada, we'd be in trouble, but that's not the case. we'll be talking about rain in the forecast here when we get to that timeframe. a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. 30 and 40s by the middle of the day. more clouds through the afternoon. we should stop at 50. probably be low 50s central and south jersey as we head into tomorrow. there goes the front to the north. the sun gives in to clouds. there's the rain, a quick shot, as the storm moves along. the sun should appear saturday afternoon. we'll be in the upper 40s at that point. this front starts to transition to colder weather and another front will sweep along that may bring snow showers sunday night. it will be frigid monday and tuesday. clouds tonight. call it chilly. 35 in the city. 20s to 30 in the suburbs. just close to where we're at now. the temperature does come up to 50 tomorrow as morning sunshine will give in to more clouds as we head into the afternoon.
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the rain through 10:00, 11:00 a.m. saturday. sun in the afternoon, 47. sun gives way to clouds sunday. 38. the snow shower threat at night. then sun and clouds, a flurry monday, and a gusty wind and only 29 for the high. windchills will be in the teens. tuesday, 31. wednesday, 33. both windy days: we'll watch the end of next week for a storm threat. ernie: might need the shovel. nick: i wouldn't lose it. ernie: you keep saying that. thank you, nick. we have a reminder for you. the republicans are debating tonight. you can watch them on the fox business network. sandra smith and trish regan will moderate at 6:00. neal cavuto and maria bartiromo will be at 9:00. coming up after the break, our feature story. chances are you'd never let your 12-year-old surf the web unsupervised at home, right? coming up next, how to make sure
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deborah norville will talk about that in just a minute. and be here tomorrow for a look at how colleges are fostering the next generation of innovators. they're helping savvy students ground. that's tomorrow. i'll be right back with deborah
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ernie: welcome back to the news at 6:00. tonight our feature story is about young kids and smartphones. it's a great comfort if there is an emergency, and those rarely happen. most of the time the phone is for talking, texting, and cruising the internet and without parental supervision. deborah norville is joining me in a minute. right now lidia curanaj has more on how to protect your kids. watch this. >> reporter: being on her own cell phone is still a new experience for 12-year-old sage, but already she feels a little lost when it's not around. >> i broke my phone a week ago, and it stopped working. i got it replaced yesterday. it was really hard to go without my phone. >> reporter: despite having some reservations, sage's mother,
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the responsibility of having her own smartphone. >> if i thought she was all over the place and wouldn't be able to take the responsibility, i would have said no and stuck by it. but she's a good girl. >> reporter: when it comes to cell phone usage, this family is right on target with the rest of the country. nationwide, most children receive their first mobile device at age 12. a majority of teens, 73 percent, have smartphones. >> my kids have cell phones. they have feature smartphones phone, not smartphones. >> reporter: paul is a dad and a tech expert for tom's guide, who says parental control apps on your child's smartphone is a no-brainer. some of his picks? net nanny, which work best on an android. >> apple restricts the apps, so
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limited power than on an android. all they can do on ios is see what web sites they're visiting. there's no time limits. you can't tell what apps they're using and so forth. >> reporter: sophia uses parental control, the old-fashioned kind. she doesn't allow the kids to have their devices when they go to bed or doing their homework. >> it gets taken away. it's a responsibility they know if they get in trouble for something, that's the first thing to go. and they get that. >> she has good intentions. >> reporter: she does. in montclair, i'm lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. ernie: all right. good subject to talk about. joining us right now, deborah norville, host of "inside edition" and the mother of three. nice to have you here. it's an interesting topic. we the talk about children getting their first phone around 12 or younger. when do you think? >> i'm a new york city parent. if our family you got a phone
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by yourself to school. i needed to know if something happened, my kid would have an ability to reach out to me. i don't think the debate is do you give them a phone or not. the reality is children are going to have phones. the majority of kids who are teenagers have phones, even one -- i think it's 31 percent of eight to 10 years old have phones. since kids are getting phones, what we need to do is make sure they understand this is a tool, not a toy. ernie: they have to understand that. >> and just because you can get all these gizmos -- that's great, the parent who says get the nanny sitter apps on your phone. but don't let that be a crutch that let you think, okay, fine, i'm absolved of responsibility. ernie: you're not off the hook. you've got to talk. you have to have that conversation. >> you have to sit down with your child and say, look, this phone, when you take a picture with it, once it's digitized, it never goes away. data never dies. your kid needs to understand that. 50 percent of teenagers say they
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or text they later regret. you don't want your child to be in that 50 percent. have the conversation. ernie: make it a point. have to let them know by example. >> let them know. another thing to do is this thing, i have it here as a prop, not because it's something i'm addicted to. but if you worry that your kid is going to become too attached, like the 12-year-old in the story, have a nice box like this one here on the front table in the hall and everybody put their phone. mom put the phone. dad put the phone. ernie: everybody put the phone down. >> during dinner time, the phone is in there. at night, maybe you need to charge it, but not in the room. your kid will say, but mommy, i need it for the alarm clock. ernie: no, no, no. >> go to walgreens. buy one for $8. that's the alarm clock, not the phone. ernie: bottom line, you have to talk to your child, let them know exactly what the pitfalls are and how to protect themselves and put parental controls at home. make it happen. >> make it happen.
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who, when you misbehave, grounding doesn't work anymore. taking the phone away really does. that's a very effective way of driving home the point that i'm serious. you have to be responsible as you use this. but i trust you enough. that's the other thing. when you have this conversation with your child, it is your way as a parent of saying you're old enough to use the tool. i respect your ability. because i respect you, i want you to understand how it works. ernie: good stuff. be responsible. deborah norville, thank you so much. take care of your family. come back and see us. we watch you every day on "inside edition." speaking of making calls, i have a question. business? listen to this. how do you feel about people work? what do you think? what do you do? should you do it? your answers are coming up. first russ is here on the new giants coach. we'll be talking about entertainment with the great tommy tune.
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ernie: russ, the giants got their man as you expected. you talked about that. russ: yeah. ben mcadoo. it was issued today. he will be introduced at a press conference tomorrow morning. it's kind of interesting, ernie, how it went down. because he was scheduled, ben mcadoo was, was scheduled to go to philadelphia to have another interview with the eagles this
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when the giants found out about that, that he was going for another interview, not risking the chance of losing him, they said let's get him in. they started talking last night. agents got together this morning and it was finalized this morning. they wanted to act fast. ernie: interesting. you like that combination. you thought he was the right guy. his relationship with eli manning has been a success story. russ: you keep continuity. everybody asks you never know. nobody knows how good an assistant is going to be until they become the head man. hey, back in the early 80s, nobody knew that bill parcels would become the head coach he was. he was the defensive coordinator. coordinator. ernie: you mentioned continuity. a lot of the people are staying on board. somebody might say if they were talking about continuity, what happened to tom coughlin?
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russ: that brings us to another point. the deal with tom was this. they felt they wanted ben mcadoo. because they did, i don't think you were looking at another five years with tom coughlin. and, you know, if they kept winning, mcadoo was going to leave. listen, when you have that divorce or breakup at the end, a little bit of hard feelings, ruffled feathers and you kiss and make up. the deal with tom coughlin, he withdrew his name from consideration for the eagles. he did so today. ernie: why do you think? russ: that was a direct about-face. last night negotiations got so serious, they were talking about money, a contract, and a staff. the money wasn't what tom wanted or what he liked. but i think -- ernie: just pick and choose now.
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super bowls on his resume, they wanted to tell him what to pick for his staff. he wanted to pick his own staff. ernie: russ, thank you. we'll tell you about tommy tune, top entertainer. he's back in new york. earlier i sat down with him to talk about his current performance. tommy is playing the carlyle hotel now through january 23rd. he's filling in for cheetah rivera. while he loves the carlisle cafe, he says it comes with a unique challenge. watch. >> reporter: it's the elegant room of new york. you walk in and it goes up. ernie: you have to make a few adjustments you were telling me? what are you 6-7? >> 6-6.5. what did you do? >> i stepped on the stage and bumped my head on the beam that's right over where you stand. they said come back in an hour. and they -- the stage was gone. i don't know where they put it.
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then they put up a little stage. so i'm on the world's tiniest stage, but it works. ernie: what a great talent. tommy tune now at the carlisle cafe through january 23rd. you can find out more about his show and how to get tickets at tommy got to go. it's great. next, my question for you. sometimes we have no choice, but how do you feel about personal calls at work? your answers are coming up right after the break, russ. behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later. [boys screaming]
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ernie: thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. and you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: i'd like your opinion on this. how do you feel about personal phone calls at work? >> i don't like it. ernie: no? >> no, i don't. because it distracts you from what you're doing. it it's dangerous. ernie: a lot of people can listen, too. >> yeah. when you're doing something, you have a lot of equipment, it's not safe. >> i think it's bad manners. they tell you you shouldn't be making personal calls at work. so it doesn't matter whether you do it on the office phone or your own phone. >> it depends on where you work
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what your working environment is. i work outside with dogs. i can make phone calls as i'm walking. ernie: you don't bother anybody. >> i guess if you're in the office, it's a different story. ernie: keep it separate? >> yeah. ernie: how do you feel about that? >> fine as long as you're not at your desk. if you step outside, take it, you have things to take care of. ernie: not at the desk. private spot. >> i say no. it's so obvious when you're talking to someone that's not work-related. embarrassing. ernie: happens all the time. how do you feel? >> i agree. if you go into an office conference room and make it private. ernie: thanks, guys. be careful with your phones. bye! take care. want to hear what you have to say. go to my facebook page and let me know. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos.
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