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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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kerry: could you everyone. nice shot there. it will be milder at the in the week. out to the car. mike is watching the forecast for us. >> i think that new york knows exactly what values. >> i am from new york. >> i think not.
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i have to tell you, senator, you better not come here asking for money any time soon. i am actually reading a great piece right now in the daily news by mike cooper cup. he sums it up completely. donald trump has something to say about this. rosanna: donald trump, very elegant in the way he handled this. more than 200 kids at a queens investigators really have not found evidence of a contamination. what is going on. ben: close starting monday. enjoy that easy ride this morning while you have it. 6:01 a.m.
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juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: welcome back. juliet: it is good to be back. i did send two videos that i do not remember sending. it is a little weird. >> look at our temperature. thirty-three in newark.
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more of a southerly flow. 8 degrees warmer for you and islip, as well as bridgeport. plenty of rain. coming through the southeastern states right now. it will come through here later on tonight. maybe around midnight or so. today, we have the clouds increasing. a high of 47 tomorrow. cooler for you on sunday. let's bring in ines rosales. you mentioned black ice. >> watch out for that. one of them involving an
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the taconic. a lot of that black ice. your commute in new jersey, doing fine. smooth sailing. george washington bridge, looking great. trains are running on or close. republican residential hopefuls were back at it again last night. greg: donald trump and ted cruz. teresa priolo is here with more. >> very interesting. not a lot of conservatives come
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some very memorable one-liners. the big winners last night were donald trump and ted cruz who came out swinging. it was the night of one-liners. fast jabs. >> thank you for passing on that piece of the new york times. >> i was going to ask you to wake me up purported the first republican debate of 2016. taking to the stage for a prime time show down. >> i appreciate you dumping your folder. >> fox business hosted the boxing match.
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the people pulled the trigger. we have to figure out what is going on. >> some of the night most fiery exchanges happened off topic. the u.s. supreme court. >> reporter: those that affect our city. >> socially liberal. pro- gay marriage. focusing around money in the media. >> no place on earth could have handled more beautifully.
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statement that they made. >> reporter: the next debate will feature a new area to wait. ben: the irony here is that ted cruz and his wife made a awful lot of money from goldman sachs. >> donald trump brought up something that was adamant. >> attempting. the difference between a conservative values. juliet: just like mrs. custer meyer.
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condensation and negativity. >> the really appalling thing about it is he is making the assumption that everybody, what is the most diverse city that the world has ever seen. >> sounding very ignorant. >> she was talking to herself. after a couple of trips to the main stage, carly feel renowned was back. ben: mike huckabee and rick santorum on stage with them. >> the truth is, i have been
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opportunities to do a lot of things in my life. unlike another woman in this race, i actually love spending time with this husband of mine. a lot of questions. only 117-year-old. seventeen. accused of raping an 18-year-old woman. after pulling a gun on her father. as the investigation started to unravel, questions started to emerge.
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neither the daughter or father could identify. ben: pick headaches coming for thousands of commuters. juliet: a lot of these men that have bound stops will be shut down for more than a year. >> good morning. this is the kings highway station. starting on monday, things like new lighting and platforms. that also means a new commute. brooklyn commuters react to hang.
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starting monday, the manhattan bound platform will close. work will begin on the brooklyn bound platform. a much-needed space left. trying to get to manhattan. you'll now have to travel deeper into brooklyn. >> that is like wasting 30 minutes of our commute time. this is very inconvenient. >> the following trains will be affected. the 300,000 daily commuters that ride the l train are also concerned.
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total chaos. >> repairs on those platforms expect to take about 14 months. if you are concerned about your commute, you can go to that mtas website. it certainly will be a nightmare for a lot of commuters. that is the latest. back to you guys in the studio. ben: we have a lot more still to come. juliet: checking the weather forecast with michael wants. mike: it is warmer outside here at 37 degrees. a mixed sky coming to you today. this will fade away as we get into the weekend. there is rain expected later tonight.
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we did paris go. juliet: when i was a little loopy. ben: michael, it was fun. mike: do you remember that one, though? juliet: the only video that i sent. ben: she was showing us her for head and she thought it was fun. >> what do you mean there is more? >> the percocet. juliet: i stopped that. mike: this is a nice warm one for you. fifty is your high forecast for the day today. thirty-eight is the normal high. either way, a lot of folks kind
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thirty-three in newark. wind is very light and variable at this point in time. we will bring up some warm air here. we have a partly cloudy sky here right now. in the southeast, this area of low pressure is on the move. coming through florida. there may be some severe weather in that area. kind of like that wraparound moisture. light to moderate showers. it will clear up and cool air starts kicking back over again. fairly quiet over the weekend. there is a better chance on monday.
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the day. day. going through tomorrow morning. eight or 9:00 o'clock. thirty-eight for you only on sunday. the normal temperatures are back in the picture for you monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. let's bring in ines. black ice as well. >> good morning. a lot of accidents because of black ice. multiple accidents. one of them involving a flipped over field-goal. your commute in new jersey. looking good this morning. let's go to our camera. take a look at the staten island expressway. the closer you get to the
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as for the bqe, you are okay there. you are moving fine. upper lower level looks good. twenty minutes. the holland tunnel, a five-minute delay. >> thank you very much. more than 200 students were out sick. yesterday, 200 kids were absent. no evidence of contamination. it will be disinfected again this weekend. it will be open again today. still investigating the cause of the sickness. ben: a midtown high-rise.
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no reports of any injuries. discovering a source of the leak outside the building. they are still working on it. >> the nypd released dramatic video. this happened monday night. the morris section of the bronx. was not apparently that night. you can see the two officers with guns drawn. the officers take the 31-year-old man into custody. ben: we still have a lot more to come in healthwatch. juliet: a lot more news for you coming up.
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(laughing) to work for. nypd is effective was one of six national guard killed in a suicide bombing just days before christmas. it is scheduled for february 25. two performances. the new york and own daughter. not being able to bring people together so that we can lift
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never all the burden, but maybe some of the burden financially. helping them on their road to recovery. juliet: rudy giuliani is urging people to buy tickets. the city's $2 million traffic study is complete. uber contributes to manhattan congestion or not. according to the wall street journal, huber has prompted rapid change. ben: i am actually kind of surprised by that. juliet: maybe people are staying home and not driving as much. i don't know. it came about after a fight between uber in new york city's mayor bill deblasio.
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deal. it would not hand horses completely. what the mayor promised he would do after he was sworn in. allowing them only inside central park. a stable will be felt. 220 now. a spokesman says no full time will lose their job. juliet: is cigarettes do not help smokers quit smoking. is this possible? there is a new study out. it says it has the opposite it lowers the chances of quitting by 28%. and a lot of people that are smoking these days cigarettes which are apparently not that great for your health have stopped smoking.
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they are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. you can read more about the study in the journal. ben: okay. juliet: we have a lot more. ben: we do. weather. juliet: look at this. ladies. thousands of dollars on fancy handbags. may not be a wasted money. you need to watch this. some chanel. some chanel on her way. ben: be right back. a look at the gwb.
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juliet: good morning, everyone. you can see a bit of sun today. baby there will be some snow on the way.
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>> incompetent people. yes, i am angry. ben: donald trump trying to tap into the conservatives. a presidential candidate. juliet: a california nurse thought that she won big time. it turned out to be a hoax. you will not believe who the poker was. ben: former giants coach coughlin will not be the coach of the eagles. i thought that this was going to happen. they were even talking salary. apparently he took his name out of contention in philly. he was not happy with the situation. we will tell you more about that coming up. 6:31 a.m.
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juliet: i am juliet huddy. thank you for joining us. we do not have our mirror. ben: this one who sits surrounded by 4 meters. mike: i am good. ben: there is a full-length near right beside your chair. mike: that would be rj plug days. ben: go people under the bus. mike: have you seen herself these. ben: i wonder how many times a day she posts. mike: that is your temperature right now. 25 degrees at monticello. mild around the tri-state region. a little of this. a little of that.
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situation on our hands. not until about midnight tonight. it is much warmer. tomorrow, the rain coming through. mainly in the morning. it cools down quite a bit sunday and even more on monday. there is a chance of snow. even that is a little sketchy. as was the last one. let's bring in ines to see what is going on as you hit the roads. >> good morning. the roadways closed a lot of accidents. there is also an accident by peaks for all hollow road. the southbound taconic. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. normal slowdown.
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as for the trains, are running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: republican presidential candidates clash last night. the last debate before the iowa caucus. juliet: donald trump and ted cruz. teresa priolo is here with the latest. >> reporter: i don't know the last time he was here. good morning to both of you. good morning, everyone. fire read. hopefully you stayed up to watch it. some really memorable one-liners. the big winners were donald trump who say gave his best performance yet and ted cruz who came out swinging. it was the night of one-liners.
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>> thank you for passing along the hit piece on the front page of the new york times. >> i am happy to get a question this early. i was going to ask you to wake me up. [laughter] >> reporter: taking to the stage for a primetime showdown. the gloves are off. >> i appreciate your dumping of the record. >> reporter: fox business hosted the boxing match. if focus on the economy, terrorism, national security and guns. >> the guns do not pull the trigger, the people pulled the trigger. >> i watched storytime with barack obama. it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing, you know. >> reporter: the most fire read
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on your head. you cannot do that to the parties. >> i spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court. i tell you i will not be taking legal advise from donald trump. >> reporter: issues of career and character. those that affect the country and those that affect our city. >> the values in new york city are pro- abortion or pro- gay marriage. focused around money and the media. >> i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully than new york. i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: a lot of people think that donald trump was
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donald trump is not always seen as sensitive. last night he came off as somebody who is sensitive. the next and last gop debate will be moderated by bret baier on the fox news channel. juliet: he sounds stupid. he sounds ignorant. this blanket stereotype about people who live here. poor for i am from new york and i have no idea what you are talking about. juliet: he was rude to her. ben: this is him not the most diverse in the world. juliet: the state has a lot of money. people here have given him money, which he does not deserve and lighted these comments.
6:35 am
appearance on the tonight show. juliet: the second time a democratic hopeful has gone on a plate night talk show the same night as a debate. listen to what she said. >> we had donald trump on the other night. >> that doesn't surprise me. [applause] >> is a lot more upsets with me then i am of him. ben: i am sure he watched -- i am sure she watched him on the tonight show. later a mock job interview. he joked is there and e-mail address we can reach you at.
6:36 am
crown heights brooklyn. juliet: on atlantic avenue. let's get out to jim smith and skyfoxhd. >> reporter: a private ambulance. it does not know if they are escorting a patient. avenue. all the traffic will be diverted while the situation is dealt with. sanitation itself. he's found also has one lane affected. it is the westbound lane due to that closure. delay's for about 15 blocks. a mile with the traffic getting into the area. ben: busy stretch especially on a rush-hour friday morning. juliet: it must be incredibly stressful.
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ben: joining us now is lauren simonetti. lauren. >> hello. ben: how are we looking on wall street query had hundred? >> we have the best day of the year yesterday. been this morning happened. two reasons for a massive selloff. oil broke $30 a barrel again. the other reason is china. these have been the same reason for the past two weeks. down 20% from the summer. ben: i know it is not good for the oil companies. they employ a lot of people. at the end of the day, it means more money in the pockets for us. >> we get retail sales for
6:38 am
fueled people to put more gifts under the christmas tree. because the economy, arguably, is in that shape, people are saving. ben: happy friday. have a good weekend. you can catch lauren on the fox business network. juliet: in california, a huge celebration at a nursing home after a worker there was told she had won the powerball job but on wednesday. ben: when she thought she struck it rich, it was a prank. she is devastated. sun. the family is pretty embarrassed
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juliet: okay. ladies, listen to this story. ben: man -- juliet: turn it up louder some of those designer pocketbooks may be more bang for your buck. ben: are you saying it is a good investment? juliet: let me tell you something, yes. ben: it sounds like they have a stake in all of this. claiming that -- juliet: goes on like $40000. ben: a better return than investing in gold or the s&p 500. they never decrease in value. what if you get it all banged up? juliet: i have to be honest with you. let me tell you something.
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i spent some money on it. look. i saved for this. this thing goes everywhere with me. ben: she can never find anything. you will need at least $13000. juliet: yes. they are crazy expensive. ben: buying some other things there are. juliet: something like that. ben: all right. that sounds a -- mike: they kind of double as a fork. [laughter] juliet: this is the thing that he spirits this tunafish at anna gilligan and steve lacy's
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mike: here is what to expect. today. high temperatures getting up close to 50 degrees. we are tracking a coastal low coming this way. it gets out of here later saturday afternoon. it turns cold for you on sunday. looks like something early next week. let's get you over to ines rosales. your face lit up when we talked about these bags. ines: here is what is going on. route 80, an accident box a lame. a stall on 78. expect delays eastbound. as far as your communal long island, nassau county is fine. let's take a look at the bqe. dealing with your normal slowdown. ben: coming up in sports this
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the islanders face-off against the rangers. juliet: who after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn.
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ben: let's check the headlines
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a deadline to indict. the prosecutors need more time to investigate the complicated case. a 17-year-old remains in custody. juliet: the gloves were off during last night steve eight. focused on the economy. terrorism. guns. ben: shutting down nine and trained stations in brooklyn for renovations. it will start on the manhattan downside. it did not take very long. juliet: that coach.
6:45 am
stepping up. more than a week ago. after 12 seasons. the team will hold a press conference today. starting that introductions, i guess. ben: tom coughlin getting the introduction. they were even discussing his salary. concerns over who would or would not be the coordinator. i guess he wanted to bring along his own people. the eagles realized it would not be possible. it was not meant to be. they wanted somebody who they thought could take over as head coach and three-five years.
6:46 am
on the ice. juliet: a one-zero lead in the third. the islanders tie it up. islanders when it three-one. ben: the devils in colorado. the goalie stopped all attempts. the minnesota vikings lost their wild-card against the seahawks. ben: missing a field goal that would have gotten them the wind. juliet: walsh, he is a cool guy. an opportunity to teach the students in the class about empathy. they set him a bunch of cards to
6:47 am
he showed up to say thanks to the kids. he says he will treasure their cards forever. ben: a good guy. i feel bad for him. 6:50 a.m. it is warmer outside this morning. not bad. thirty-seven for mid-january. rosanna:. mike: the average high for today. that is what we are starting off with. cloudy skies being reported in central park. temperatures in the region much warmer than they were yesterday. 31 degrees in philadelphia. we have a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky right now. they will start to work their way back into the tri-state. it looks like it is coming into georgia and alabama. it will not make a direct hit.
6:48 am
it will kind of work together and bomb that storm out. camelback mountain, your ski conditions look like this. twelve-36 inches. hunter mountain, you have packed powder there. there is some snow out there. we could use more. temperatures a little warm for us the next few days. high temperatures get up to 50 today. the rain comes in tonight into tomorrow morning. another quick snow chance for you here in the city. high temperatures will be below normal. happy birthday to jessica. as well as gayle. do not forget the fox5 and wife
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it is free. check it out. we will check out periscope now. all that has been going on. ben: we have to get our menu together. you are hosting next friday night. juliet: entertaining. we have the latest entertainment news coming up next. including what mike plans on serving me for my winning [text message alert] [texting] [crashing]
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was the right move for us. v ask yourr do ctor about xarelto . >> welcome back. if you are taking the taconic this morning, find an alternate route. the turnpike. right on the new work day extension. that is blocking one lane. black ice. a lot of accidents were involved. another one involving a flipped over car. traveling on 684. be careful around there. as for the trains, running on or close. street cleaning rules are in
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juliet: thank you very much. and update to a story that folks were talking about yesterday. nick carter is out on bail. ben: wednesday night arrest. according to police, carter's friend was denied service in key west. have you been there? in employee punched him when they try to leave. carter grabbed the bouncer by the throat. the manager turned over surveillance video. >> there was choking and headbutting on their part. each time we got them to a situation where they were in control, we offered them a chance to leave. they were having a bad night and they did not take their opportunity.
6:54 am
charged with one count of misdemeanor battery. juliet: i kind of figured that it would be one of those situations. smash talking. ben: i'm surprised he is only 35. juliet: he was on the young side.
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greg: how is it going.
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