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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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>> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. >> five americans who had been unjustly -- a draft have been released in custody and they should be on their way home. christina: iran under the spotlight tonight following the prisoner exchange for several american hostages and the certification on the nuclear deal. our top story tonight. good tonight. good evening i'm christina park. antwan: i'm antwan lewis. it's been called implementation day as iran has come played with a deal allowing international sanctions against country to be lifted. christina: that comes hours after prisoner swap was announced between usni rand paving the way for several american hostages to come home. mac king joins us with the latest on both stories.
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transferred to an american plane and the u.s. military base in germany for medical care provided to the united states hopefully sometime in the coming days. put yourself in their situation and he can't. three and a half years in iranian prisons, none of us and as they can relate to that. reporter: the chief counsel for law and justice helped negotiate the release of boise idaho pastor a seat abedin he arrested in 2012 for allegedly crossing iranian national security. iran released him and for other american saturday in exchange for the freedom of seven i ran the prisoners held in estates. he was charged with espionage and allegation the state department said it was absurd. the mayor had met a few iran called us buy into american prisoners had left iran we know little about.
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capture. >> they should be on the way home to their families before long. reporter: dieses and iran agree to the swap on the same day the international atomic energy agency announced that man had dismantled its nuclear program as a promise. for the u.n. to lift sanctions on the country and freezing while more than $100 billion. >> today marks the moment that the iran nuclear agreement transitions from an ambitious set of promises on paper to measurable action in progress. reporter: iran agreed to help united states find american robert levinson a former cia operator and fbi agent who disappeared in iran almost 10 years ago. antwan: thanks much. americans are offering their opinions about today's events in iran specifically the prisoner swap that led to american hostages being released. as you can guess reactions or
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>> if this is what they have to do it's a good idea. i would like to see her minka vector country. >> we have no business arguing with anybody. we should take where is our play ours. >> it's a good thing. as they are following the united nations what they're asking to do it's a good thing. >> we should be projecting strength. it's a total disaster. antwan: at least 20 people are dead after militants rated a luxury hotel in the west african country of vurkina faso. it happened in a popular meeting place where western diplomat. the seas lasted 12 hours and ended when sub 13 and french forces killed for jihadists attackers. another 26 hostages were freed in a qaeda linked terrorist group has claimed responsibility. any warning tonight from the cdc urging pregnant women to avoid traveling to latin america and caribbean countries due to the
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antwan: illness is being blamed for baby a baby born with brain damage and why. reporter: we are familiar with mosquitoes carrying west nile to another virus known as zika is gaining traction. doctors are linking it to newborn deaths across the world. >> all travel to latin america as well as the caribbean and women who are pregnant or by such a travel. dr. robert -- with lenox hill hospital said they zika i restarted in africa 1940s but they're never been reported outbreaks until now. officials say only one in five c. mild symptoms such as fever joint pain and headache however pregnant women are more likely the condition known as microcephaly characterized by a small head and undeveloped brain. >> if the cdc is recommending it i will not travel. >> she would have to really consider traveling at this time.
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to 14 places including brazil mexico and puerto rico with at least one case reported in the u.s.. in brazil officials say zika is responsible for more than 3500 cases of microcephaly and just the past few months. until last year the country had fewer than 200 cases each year. >> because of this global economy and travel now that is ever-present we see the virus spreading. reporter: now there's no vaccine for the zika virus. it's important use insect repellent that contains deet. at jfk airport jonah goldberg "fox 5 news." antwan: the health department released a statement saying quote is working closely with the cdc to protect new yorkers from the zika virus. there are no cases in york city but travelers returning from affected areas are nice to take precautions. christina: the iowa caucuses are less than three weeks away. antwan: a few between donald trump and texas senator ted cruz
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lashing out at one another. >> if you're offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill defazio have hurt new yorkers which of those policies do you agree with and given the fact that for much of his life donald was financially supporting those politicians. >> ted cruz criticizes new york and the people of new york. he's a disgrace. i think he's a total disgrace. antwan: the iowa caucuses are set for monday february 1. christina: bernie sanders wants michigan governor and rick snyder to resign over alleged contaminated water and the plant. the tap water became contaminated with lead after it switches water supply in 2014 to save money. snyder met with the flint mayor
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this crisis. >> we need more manpower. they said approximately 140 people to help us go door-to-door to get the filters out. we are doing this as a partnership so let's make it a true partnership rated. christina: president obama signed the emergency declaration two days clearing the way for federal aid for flint. antwan: the search for missing woman in new jersey has ended in tragedy. here's only now according to multiple reports. the body was found inside the car submerged in the river. the 22-year-old divorced steuben. he has not been seen or heard from since thursday night and her family said she suffers from partial complex seizures disorder. christina: the bronx is a new district attorney. she was officially not ready this afternoon lima in college during -- during your sermon she said she would tackle a host of issues including gun violence. government corruption. please committed to relations and rikers island.
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disparities at rikers that have plagued the department of corrections and the district attorney's office. >> that is why i've a task force and will set up an office on rikers island for investigators and support personnel. christina: she's the first woman to hold the position of district attorney in the bronx and the first african-american woman to become a district attorney throughout new york state. antwan: expect traffic problems if you're taking the george washington bridge. they have fully shut down the southbound road that connected to his will is one of the two lanes that go northbound. you may want to find alternate routes. the lanes will remain closed until 8:00 a.m. monday. we can tell you how to get to sesame street but talk about the new episodes. the 46th season of the preschool program debuted today with hbo is its new home. there's even an issue to open. the new season elmo lives in or
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fighting crime. there's also new character nina a young bilingual hispanic girl played by -- season 46 is by hbo subscription only for now. these new season episodes will not be available on pbs until the fall. i. antwan: 46 seasons. still to come on the news steve harvey breaking his silence. christina: with the comedian had to say about his wonder during the miss universe pageant. antwan: xeon -- more on celine dion in the recent tragedy that has had her last few days. christina: this k-9 gets the title of world's largest dog. audrey: above average across the tri-state area. high readings in the 50s in the city but we will see colder weather on the way. i will let you know when it will arrive when the "fox 5 news" at 10:00 continues.
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>> uber watching "fox 5 news" at 10. antwan: children paid tribute to the dr. martin luther king jr. in manhattan on the upper west side. the mosaic of a portrait and share their dreams and thoughts about dr. king's legacy. as part of museum special programming for the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend. they will continue tomorrow and monday. christina: steve harvey is opening up about the miss universe debacle. antwan: it's been a month since he announced the wrong winner of miss columbia instead of the correct winner miss philippines.
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with his mistake by sitting down with both miss columbia and miss universe. harvey says while he lost sleep over his mistake he felt worse for what he did to the two ladies. he also says he is concerned for the safety of his family. >> people don't understand the damage of social media. your kids go through this in your wife goes through this. death threats and your family. i can't let my kids go anywhere that's very difficult. at one point hard to get emotional talking about it. antwan: a family tragedy for celine dion days after the singer's husband passed away from cancer her brother daniel passed away from the same disease predinner have been battling cancer that her tongue and brain. he was 59 years old. celine's husband passed away on thursday after a long battle with throat cancer. christina: saved by the bell's screech is behind bars in
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diamond booked into jail for 2014 bar fight in washington 20 miles north of milwaukee. he was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. he was just trying to protect his girlfriend when he pulled out a pocket knife toward people off and accidentally stabbed a man. antwan: the bulls are back in town taking over madison square garden as we can and the tenth annual walk off at the garden. 35 of the top bull riders are competing on 750 tons of dirt. all hoping to spend at least eight seconds on top their 2000 pounds 2000-pound opponent. $140,000 is the price with the progress. christina: chillier tonight than was earlier today. antwan: and possible snow on the way audrey? audrey: it looks like we could see is used no flakes by this time tomorrow. today it didn't feel like it was snowing at all because temperatures were well above average.
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park or that member was hit at 2:30 this afternoon. this morning 42 and that's that's about which of your normal high for this time of year predicting tomorrow will be closer to our average numbers for january predrag now sitting at 44 degrees or dewpoint humidity comfortable at the moment. the winds are coming out of the west like the west northwest all day long and greasy. 40 miles per hour in central park. area wide mostly in the 40s. 43 in bridgeport in the same number of islip and 44 towards montauk point. four degrees in belmar in poughkeepsie and monticello checking in at a cooler 34 degrees. we do have clouds out there. we will see a break above the clouds of the overnights and a chance for his latest sprinkles mainly north of the city but other than that we should stay relatively quiet across much of the tri-state area. a westerly wind flow picking up much in the great lakes igniting a couple of lake effect snow
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west but in immediate tri-state area think we will stay dry tonight and quiet with clouds in place during the overnight hours. there are two systems we are watching here. one is an area of low pressure moving into the great lakes and another low as hugging the gulf coast states at the moment. most of these will be affecting her weather as we go into tomorrow and monday. the first is passing up to the southeast as we go into sunday that looks like it might clip the east end of long island. the second lowell pass off to the north and effect is laid overnight tomorrow night into monday and that will bring us a chance of a couple of snow showers but in meantime cold temperatures and moving into the northern plains. greetings in the single digits tomorrow and below zero in places like minneapolis. the cold weather goes as far south as northern texas and towards the west temperatures look nice seattle 50 tomorrow and 66 in l.a. and south florida a high temperature in the upper 70s tomorrow. a look at our futurecast shows
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we will see the sun briefly early and clouds will thicken up to the day on sunday. in that first area of low pressure showed you will be passing off to our easter they will clip the east end of long island are we see that best chance of snow showers and rain mixed in from time to time. looks like late sunday night into early monday is when the second lowell pass through. and we do have a chance of snow showers north of the city most like we into putnam and orange and ulster and dutchess county produced them move -- as the exits to the east and behind the system much colder air works into the region and temperatures closer to average in the next couple of days. tonight it will be cloud cover, this is the wrong forecasts. tomorrow we will have increasing clouds, the high temperature 38 much cooler than it was today and watch out for snow showers
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later night of the military clear monday and turns colder with high temperatures in the 20s next week. factor in the strong gusty winds and it will feel like the teens with the windchill for monday and tuesday. we stay relatively quiet until next weekend when we are watching for next storm system. we will keep an eye on back in the timeframe looks like saturday we will be affected by it. christina: audrey thanks. antwan: mate rocco was 160-pound dog that looks like a horse. the largest of rocco is two years old in the stands 40 inches. christina: he stands 7 feet feet tall in his back legs. his owner say he still growing and might rate the previous record. right now he's 4 inches off.
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a small horse. christina: let's talk about grizzly and other animal. he has plenty to say about knicks head coach derek fisher following the fisticuffs and tonight's game. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free,
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>> the story leading up to tonight's grizzly game was more about a love triangle and the fact that carmelo anthony missed ankle injury. back on october 3 matt barnes got into it difficult locked cage with knicks head coach derek fisher at the homes of barnes estranged wife reality tv star. barnes went to the home with one of his twin sons called the scene in front of a fishy there. when the lakers -- aren't punched fischer. tonight was the first time the two were back in the same building as barnes clearly hasn't gotten over it. barnes that quote violence is never the answer but sometimes it is. unfortunately it happened. i don't regret it. barnes also said i just don't like him plain and simple.
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don't say nothing to me. don't say on data plan and say nothing to him. road when he was asked about barnes before the game. >> this is about a basketball game. >> fischer was booed heavily when he is introduced to them at this crowd or the grizzlies fans tweeted this picture referring to barnes calling fischer a snake. fans were hostile but luckily in nothing plated off the corporate as for barnes he spent the night complaining to the refs about files with nothing to say to 25 minutes. after the game the grizzlies pulled away in the fourth quarter. tony allen goes in alone for the one-handed slam and the to go. the score right now 99 memphis to the knicks 92.
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new england patriots are going to their fifth straight afc championship game thanks to the outstanding play of gronkowski who wasn't going to play tonight due to injuries but when the passes of the kansas city chiefs it was all -- the pack stick they bought down the field and every driver and tom brady hit gronkowski for an eight-yard touchdown pass jumping to a 7-0 lead. in the third quarter of the chiefs turnover the patriots again go down the field. brady this time hitting gronkowski with a 16-yard touchdown pass and the patriots beat the chiefs 27-20 advancing to next week's afc champion game against the winner of tomorrow's pittsburgh in per. hockey action this afternoon the rangers and philadelphia along with their moms and made a special row chip together with their sons and they got to see matt zucarello, begin a
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the rangers loved it and so did their moms. the rangers beat the flyers 3-2. that's a look at sports. it's looks calm down and memphis. checking out the final score a grizzlies up by five with 20 seconds to go. antwan: he took the high road. christina: it's smarter to say is -- stay silent. antwan: that's going to do it for us. christina: way, we want to know what the weather is going to be like. audrey: is going to be colder than was today across the tri-state area. the temperatures more seasonable for this time of the year paid increasing clouds and the chance of snow showers in the evening into early monday and monday and tuesday look really cold with highs in the 20s factor in the window that will be elected teens. back to winter weather after today's break. it will feel a little bit colder over the next several days. christie and. christina: audrey thanks. antwan: now, that's it for us tonight. i'm antwan lewis.
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thanks for joining us. stay tuned for street soldiers
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