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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i enjoy being a troll, i admit it, you see people get angry eand excited it is fun to get the attention. christina: interesting, he is one of america's most hated people, tonight mart talks with fox 5, our top story, hello, i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis, marten skully, to more than 700. christina: last month he was arrested in a several fraud case, steve lacy with what he learned about the man behind the myth. reporter: we know that martin
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stream, i set this up with him, via social media, i met with him in his apartment in manhattan, yesterday we pent pen an hour together, he continues to maintain -- it was a joke in hindsight may not have been a great idea. >> i'm not a former bro. this is the name that got started what there was a picture i took, that meant to be ironic of me and sunglasses, listening to a rap song with making a funny hand signal, i took the picture, i am never like, that we take photos of us doing unusual things. reporter: of that start of a public journey for 32 career old martin shkreli, pushed into spotlight in september for hiking the price of an obscure drug 5,000%, to many me came to symbolize the idea of putting profits bev people.
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>> the hate is a quick reaction, it is manage they are looking for. if i fit that mold i feel like i'm serving someultty. reporter: on september 17 he was arrested in a security fraud, in connection with a different drug company and hedge fund he was involved with, he said it was publicity. >> it is all fictitious, the government, their case is fictitious. reporter: since his arrest he has kept a lower profile in media but remains active on-line, engaging people via live stream. >> you think it would be 100% negative against you but you don't run into that here. >> rarely do i find anyone who kind of at least patiencely go
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through, that they will end up being supportive for all of the hate, the most hated man in the world can't find someone who hates him. reporter: this is a fascinating phenomenon, i guess, if someone is recented to you in that way the worst person in the world, i was spent time with him live streaming on his web site, he had enough critics, the critics he did engage with seem to leave with a department different opinion. christina: fascinate. >> what were your empregs. reporter: he is engaging, he is intelligent, he started pharmaceutical companies on his own, you know, i fill he was a very effective defender of his position, he continues to maintain he is innocent, we talked about a lot, we will have more tomorrow, at night, and on "good day new york" in the 7:00
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topics, including why it was not greety the initial rate hike on the drug. and he also even showed me that infamous $2 million -- >> oh,. reporter: i picked it up, we did not listen to it i'll tell you why about that tomorrow, it was interesting, more to come. christina: he is a fascinating figure, on one side he embraces the haters, he said he is a internet patrol troll, but there is something likeable. reporter: absolutely. compelling, and from brooklyn, born and raised, 32 years old, his father is a john janitor, he is also has a lot of issues right now with court, lawsuits and et cetera that will play out. christina: more than meets the eye, thank you. antwan: nice job, sir. thank you steve.
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very cold outside, some parts of the area already seeing some snow. christina: magical, let's get to audrey puente with a look ature forecast. audrey: hello, well like we told you last night exchanges are on the way, they are on the try stair area, we -- pry state area, we are seeing snow falling across much of the region today, the bands of snow across long island, most intense with darker tone, we had light snow fall across portions of new york city, but it looks like to the east end. steadier snow fall. also in to coastline of connecticut, that is where we get a good amount of sphedy steady snow fall, there is a band off to the west, we're not out of the woods yet, i'm leaving in a chance for snow showers for the night, but then as we go to tomorrow it
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snow is causing slick roadways. not much in the way of accumulation. and it mostly on roadways they are slick, be careful if you are driving on the tri-state area. the national weather service has a winter weather advisory for jersey shore from monmouth county to cape may, until about 7:00, and everyone else is clear. but still, slick roadways could cause you issues. coal enough for snow, temperatures below freezing mark across the region. even to the west inmont sold, the numbers are --mont sold, the numbers are colder than yesterday, about 15 to 20 degrees colder. we're in for a very chilly night overnight lows in the 20s and teens, whether wet surfaces that occur overnight they could freeze over. be aware of black rice in the morning. -- black ice in the morning,
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we'll get a break in the day, sun the pop out. but we have potential for no showers in the afternoon, back thank you. christina: a pair of tornadoes ripped through central florida before dawn, a couple was killed and their adult son and 4 grandchildren were hurt. minutes later another twist irstruck near siesta key, and sarasota county, high winds prompted officials to twice close the sky skyway bridge. antwan: tonight 3 of 5 american hostages in iran have been released. christina: zachary is joining us with the latest. reporter: good evening issue brother of journalist jason called it relief. and joy for family, he is one of 5 americans released from iran after a busy week that included international sanctions lifted.
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detained by iran are finally coming home. reporter: today three americans landed in geneva after being released by iran. a photo of journalist jason, he was thrilled he arrived safely. he and 24 two americans, pastor sea saed were freeded. president obama made his first comments from the white house today. >> 6 iranian americans, and one iranian serving sentences or awaiting trial in the united states are being granted clemency, these are civilians their release is a one type gesture to iran given the opportunity offered by this moment. reporter: the swap was part of a
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nuclear agency determined saturday that iran met all of the benchmarks laid out in a nuclear deal last summer, tehran will have access to to -- 100 billion in assets that had been frozen. >> bottom line , we have cut offer path that iran could have used to build a bomb. reporter: one of 4 americans released yesterday was not on the flight, unclear whether he opted to stay in iran or depart separately. as for the three americans that arrived in germany, they were taken to a u.s. military hospital for medical treatment. no word on when they are headed back to u.s. >> tonight u.s. embassy in baghdad confirms that several americans are missing in iran after a arab news readges
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agencyreported this 3 americans were kidnapped. christina: search and rescue effort continue for a dozen marines whose helicopters crashed off of hawaii late thursday, large waves are making the search difficult, the conditions are to improve today. another problem, a green laser, coast guard said someone points one at a search aircraft last night that forced them to change their 7 patterns. antwan: senator schumer is inviting cell phone users to origin ster complaints to his web site. schumer said hundreds of thousands rely on cell phones as an essential part of their daily lives, and dropped calls lead to struggle.
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it can be dangerous. let's say you have to call 911, and there is an area with no cell phone coverage that can create a problem for people. >> senator said he took act after his own calls were dropped at same location. christina: david bowie's final album was release two days before his death, debuting number one on on the billboard 200 chart. antwan: rock star is bowie's first number one album ever, 174 174,000 copies were sold. the 69-year-old music icon pass away january 10. christina: still to come, fixed
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reporter: the star wars action figure had a spb delivery to a nebraska schoolboy. >> i have been waiting a long time for my arm. reporter: his mother taught him to never let being porn born with one arm stand in the way of pursuing his goals. >> you have one arm, that is the way you are, have to keep going. reporter: all that is changed, alvin has a 3-d prosthetic arm, he feels like an act figure. >> i am happy for him. reporter: the arm was designed and printed by nonprofit limit less solutions at university of central florida. >> we set out with a goal to help every child we could.
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hours to 3-d print an arm, and 22 hours to make a hand, so far his group has helped about 20 children nationwide. christina: they might not have gotten a lot of snow this season yet, but that did not stop kids from celebrating world snow day. they experienced skis and snow boarding lessons for the first time. >> it feels really good, it feels like part of it is like special. like, contributing to it. >> it helps with my coordination. christina: 600 ski resorts are celebrating world snow day, it aimed at getting kids involved in outdoor activities. antwan: we didn't get any yet?
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city, areas to the east, have been more in the way of snow fall likelily and connecticut -- long island and connecticut. that is where the snow is falling. let's talk temperatures, official high in central park 42. that occurred at about 1:30 in the morning, we've had cold readings in the day, so far. low recorded is 30 degrees, it is going to feel below average for the night. tomorrow's numbers will belower, tomorrow -- lower, right now our dewpoint 26 degrees, humidity is coming up there. there are snow showers reported in the park at the moment, area wide it feels colder than this time yesterday. below freezing across much of the area. we're at freezing toward montauk point, the winds have been light
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we'll have cold temperatures, windchills will be dropping, right now, mostly in the 20s to about 30 in the city, we'll see single digits for windchills to the beginning week. we'll need to bundle up, right now, about the snow fall. most of the action is from new york city out to the east, we have a winter weather advisory for jersey shore, nothing else is issued for anywhere else, slick roadways will be issued for next couple of hours. a break to western new jersey and parts of the hudson valley, there is another band of snow coming into western pennsylvania, and western new york heading to our direct. behind that second band cold air is moving into the great lakes we have teens and 20s there right now, we'll get a taste of that starting tomorrow and tuesday. highs tomorrow in 20s around tri-state area, with single
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no warmth, even to south florida, they have seen readings in upper 70s they will be in mid 60s, that better than us. mid 60s in l.a., and south in parts of texas, 40s toward the west, and 30 to memphis. looking at future cast, we have clouds in place, another band of snow approaching overnight, it will be here for the morning commute, i don't think that snow will be as steady as over the area right now. but if you get caught in a shower, which will be scattered in nature, it will slow you down. they will be quick to move out, sunshine will breakthrough, tomorrow night, a big wind flow coming in from the northwest will pick up moisture from great lake, igniting a few more showers, not as intense at right now, but enough to slow you don't if you encounter one of them. on tuesday, much more in the way
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the cold temperatures, windchill factors making it feel cold e. in single digitights teens, tonight, scattered showers across the region, overnight lows in teens, north and west, tomorrow we'll have snow showers, in morning, mix of sun and clouds for midday, and then evening a round of snow showers. temperatures cold, mostly in 20s to low 30, highs in 20s in the 63 thecity for the next couple days, strong gusty winds. it stays quiet for the week until the end of the week, now we're watching if i a system that looks to be more snow, that could bring accumulating snow. we'll see how that pans out. christina: the word, yet. thank you. antwan: duke is here with a look at sports. duke: after the break, seahawks carolina, a wild divisional
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duke: crazy divisional round play-off this afternoon, seattle traveling to carolina to take on the panthers. panthers dominated first half, cam newton hits new jersey's greg olson. with a great catch, panthers up 31-0, that was the score at the half. wilson connects, a 3 yard
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lead 31-21, they try on sidekick does not work panthers recover, carolina hosts arizona next week in the nfc championship game here on fox 5. >> hockey, from nation's capital, rangers and capitols, rangers on board first. crowder deflects the shot, but capitals now lead the game 3-1 in second period. >> coming up on "sports extra" present by toyota that begins at 10:30, more on the carolina and seattle game, and highlights from pittsburgh and denver game, we talk about giants new head coach, "sports extra" presented by in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where
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next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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christina: audrey has a final check of our. antwan: weather. audrey: it be tapering off, a chance for a few more showers, a
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there could be a few more flakes flying in overnight, tomorrow will be cold, highs in 20, windchill factors in single digits in teens, tomorrow and tuesday. 10 they get quiet -- then they get quiet until the weekend. antwan: that is it for us at 6:00 thank you for watching i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park with audrey puente and duke, we hope
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the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
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