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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm EST

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hey, are you coming to the 9am? i'm on the phone with the cable company. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer you an excuse to avoid that meeting. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. if you need to reach us, you don't even have to call. now you can chat with a live agent on your computer or mobile device 24/7 from virtually anywhere. or use the my twc app to schedule a time for us to call you.
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>> you know it's like schoolyard bullying if you understand that the hatred is coming from a place of misunderstanding. you know it's easy to accept it. antwan: he is one of the most hate people in america, he speaks with fox 5 exclusively martin shkreli sitting down for his first major interview since his arrest, i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park, martin shkreli was pharmaceutical executive who sparked global outrage after raising the price of a pill 3,000%. >> i'm not a farmer bro. their is a name that got started
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that was ment to be ironic of me and sunglasses listening to a rap song with a funny hand signal, i never -- i am never like that. reporter: that was the start of a public journey for zelly, thrust into spotlight in september for upping the price of. >> i think that most people, the hate is a quick reaction. it is something they are looking for. reporter: last month shkreli's problem moved from the court of public opinion to federal court, he was arrested accused of the security fraud, of a different
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was driven by the publicity from the price hike that is unrelated. since his arrest he kept a lower profile in the media but he remains active on-line. engaging with people on live stream. >> you would think it would be 100% negative about you but you say that is not what you run into. >> rarely, i find people go through why they don't think they like me. when i find somebody like that, they end up being supportive, for all of hate, the most hated man in the world can't find someone who hates him. reporter: it is difficult to live up to that worse of person in the world. high is the first person to admit, he does deserve most of the blame for the way he has been treated on line from his critics. steve lacy "fox 5 news."
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steve's interview tomorrow on fox 5 beginning on "good day new york," shkreli will reveal some of his regrets. christina: to the weather, where the the city saw some snow. antwan: the temperatures are falling with the snow. christina: audrey puente is joining us with a look at the forecast. audrey: hello. we had first measurable snow fall across the tri-state area this season. if you are riding ahound the round the hamiltons still snow for you, but the rest of long island, it appears to clear out. we have a break coming in across portions of new jersey and parts of the hudson valley, another band of snow working in east of the great lakes across western new york, and western pennsylvania.
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across the northeast, we can anticipate more snow showers, talking temperatures, cold enough for snow as many of our readings are at or below freezing mark. 30 in bridgeport, and 20s in poughkeepsie, and sussex and monticello, the readings are between 10 to 15 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. we're going for numbers mostly in the 20s. any wet surfaces in the area will likely freeze over. so watch out for black ice if you are a morning commuter. we have we have a lull in the middle part of the day, then in afternoon snow showers. not as steady as today but they could cause slick road roadways. back to you. antwan: all right. thank you.
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service -- air train service at newark liberty, all cars on the air train had to be evacuated. service to the air train has been restored. christina: from entering riders in brooklyn will need a new way to get around. they will stop at 9 stations. will be closed for 14 months. for renovations that include improved platform and overpasses, stair ways and handrails. once work is complete the coney island bound platforms will be closed. christina: zachary keeps is joining us with latest on conditions. reporter: negotiations last the 14 month we hear from family members who have been waiting for their loved ones to return home safe.
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americans landed in geneva after they were released by iran including washington toast journalist jason rezaian. he. his brother called it relief and joy. the two other americans, marine met van hekmadi, and past or srdini were also to the flight. >> it came at a time i was not expecting, it does not feel real until we see him. reporter: 5 americans in total were grounded freedom. according to white house officials. one decided not to leave iran. the fifth american a student is haded home, result of a separate agreement. the 5 were held on separate cases, president obama made his
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>> in a humanitarian gesture 6 iranian americans and one iranian serring sentences are being granted clemency. reporter: the prisoner exchange came before united nations lifted santions with iran, tehran will have access to $100 billion in assets that have been frozen and will open global market to iran's oil trade and finance. >> whereas iran of the expanding the newing lar program, we have cut off -- neck lar program we have now cut offer paying that iran could have used to build a bomb. reporter: the three americans that landed in germany were taken to a military hospital for treatment. no word on when they will be back to u.s. soil. antwan: u.s. embassy in baghdad confirmed that several americans are missing in iraq, announcement after an arab news agency reported that three americans were kidnapped by mill
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working in full cooperation with iraqi authorities that locate the missing persons this follows a violent week in the region that saw isis carry out a number of attacks that killed more than 50 people. christina: senator schumer is trying to track dead zones where call are dropped, inviting cell phone users to register their complaints -- his web site, his office will call providers and challenge them, senator schumer said hundreds of sthows thousands rely on the cell phones. dropped calls need to needless frustrations. >> dropped cell phone coverage is not just annoying, but it can be dangerous. let's say you have to call 911 and there is an area with no cell phone coverage that can create problems for people. christina: senator schumer said he decided to take action after his own calls were dropped repeatedly at the same locations.
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calls for ecigarette companies to stop advertising to children to teenager, scott stringer. said the companies are sponsors concerts as well as sporting evens and they are en entitieses kids -- enticing kids with flavors like peach evan -- vanilla and chocolate. >> if they have any sense of fairness they will leave the children alone. antwan: they want them to have same regulation as a regular cigarette company. christina: david bowie's album has debuted number one on the billboard 200 chart. christina: black star is bowie's first number one album ever,
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copies were sold. it sold the same as 181,000 copies in digital sales and streams in u.s., this 69-year-old music icon died on january 10, after an 18 month battle with cancer. antwan: tomorrow new yorkers join the rest of nation in honors civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr., he would have served 87 years old this past friday, all public schools and government offices, will be closed. and city courts will be open only for arraignment. christina: coming up an out of this world experience for a boy. antwan: a popular star war character gave him the gift of a high-tech arm. christina: we show you how some local kids spend world snow day. antwan: dogs twist their way 2 a new world record. christina: what is that. antwan: let's talk to duke after that. duke: on "sports extra"
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divisional play-off games in the npl and rangers in action and islanders.
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presented by tight at this time antwan: an amazing gift for a special boy, born with one arm. christina: thanks to the new technology inspire by star wars, lisa evers has this story. reporter: the star wars action figures had a special delivery
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storm trooper prosthetic arm for 10-year-old flores. >> we were waiting a long time for my arm. reporter: his mother taught him to never let being born with one arm stand in the way of pursuing his goals. >> i told him the truth, you have one arm, that is the way you are, you have too keep going. reporter: that changed now that alvin has a 3-d printed prosthetic arm he feels like an action figure. he uses the electric electrical currents in his muscles to control the arm, it was developed by limbitless solutions in florida. >> we have a goal to help every child we can. reporter: takes about 36 hours to lead 3-d lead print
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for a hand, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." antwan: we got snow today, just in time for world snow day. did you know there was such a thing. christina: i did not. antwan: to celebrate, kids, in vernon, new jersey, had snow boarding lessons for the first time. >> it feels good, feels like part of it is special. contributing. >> it helps me with my corp nation. antwan: it is aimed at motivating kids between the ages of 4 and 14 to take part in out door winter activities. christina: nothing like fresh powder, we saw fresh powder inn today as well. antwan: she is all excited and
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audrey: today's high. 42 degrees, of that 1:30 in the morning, most of the day was near freezing mark. i think we'll be closer -- actually below it then to average high for second half of the week, snow fall totals across tri-state area, most has been across long island. out in new jersey we had about almost a half an inch. up in westchester 0.3, so area wide, it were are cold across the area, any services that are wet will be freezing over, be aware of black ice as you step out tomorrow morning. no our winds are not that impressive. they will pick up in speed overnight, windchill factor is in the 20s right now.
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the windchill decrease. tomorrow windchill factor will be in teens and single digits for much of the day, so bundle up, the snow is exits on the each. snow fall across north and west of the city, near the great lakes, we have another disturbance that is rotating through, it will clip portions of hudson valley, i will leave in a chance for show showers, but most will be in the north, behind that next wave the snow, very cold air is working its way to the great lakes, we go to next two days temperatures will be below average for this time of year, just to the west highs in single digits in minneapolis, and teens, and midwest, cold air seeping south as gulf coast, highs will be in 40s and 50s even in south florida they will be in mid 60s tomorrow in miami. future cast, mostly cloudy,
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and clouds, there will be a couple of isolated snow showers, going through the day, we'll see a mix of sun, clouds in afternoon snow showers developing around 3:00. i think that long island you will ebb skate the brunt of it -- escape the brunt of it, the big change will be in the temperatures, only in 20s tomorrow and tuesday. factor in strong wind, it will feel like teens and single digits mostly cloudy tonight, increasing winds, temperatures will be cold. mix of sun and clouds with scattered snow showers, highs, below freezing mark, factor in the wind it will feel like teens, stays windy for tuesday, a little bit mile or width, and thursday, as -- milder on width,
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next storm system by next weekend that one looks like it will be a potential big snow maker. christina: oh, boy, shovel eling the snow. audrey: we'll watch that. antwan: about what day is that again? >> reporter: friday, and saturday. >> thank you. antwan: still to come, going to hong kong where yoga has gone to the dogs.
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record breaking -- we'll this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but
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let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
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antwan: it seems yoga is going to the dogs. christina: our canine friends their own version called doga, 270 dogs took part, they were mass an massaged, twisted and set in various poses, for a new world record. previous was done in san diego with 2 75 dogs. antwan: all right, coming on "sports extra" present by
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coach, and with sean landeta and we have rangers and islanders in act today at 10:30 could "sports extra" present by toyota. antwan: see you then. christina: we'll be right back. antwan: but first a look at what you need to know about tomorrow's commute. >> i am ines rosales with the toyota traffic tracker. alternate side of the street parking is suspended for martin luther king jr. today but meters remain in effect. unbelievable selection freshly made all day -- two english muffin breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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of horse-drawn carriages. >> new rules begin june first reducing number of licenses horses from 190 to 110. antwan: audrey with a final look at the weather. audrey: it looks like the snow has tapered off for a while. in afternoon a new more showers are possible, the big news tomorrow will be the drop in temperatures. we'll be back to 30s on wednesday, ask thursday, then -- and thursday, then all eyes will be on the next snow maker, friday to saturday. christina: staying cold for a while this time. christina: oh, yeah. christina: not spoiled any longer. antwan: thank you. >> that does it for us i am christina park thank you for watching. antwan: i am antwan lewis with audrey puente and duke castiglione, remember to wake up with "good day new york" tomorrow morning. christina: but stay tuned,
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