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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" , this is "good day early call" juliet: good morning. welcome. there has been some movement with a late-night agreement and the battle over the horse-drawn carriages in central park. this starts for commuters getting into the city with several stations closing. what they are using to get around. it's the final debate before iowans go to the polls. we will have a live report as hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle it
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i am juliet huddy . robert: i am robert moses. juliet: he is in for ben simmoneau. his wife has to go back into work . >> how are you mike . mike: all is well. [laughter] do you know what is making a lot of folks happy? >> just a little bit. just enough to set a scene and make for slick spots. let's show you what we saw. not much of a total but get . look like it will be one of those winters with a lot of snow.1.3 inches was the bigger one as far as snow totals are concerned . add an inch of snow and it's the same thing in islip in the newark .7 inches.
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snow there.if needed for a pre-scene but nothing too tremendous. on the cool side at 300. 260 in sussex and 160 in monticello. winter is still coming at you good on the west at 17 miles per hour. 24 mph in monticello. most of the tri-state is dry and we slept some choppiness over the northeast keeping us unstable and cold . click snow showers or flurries in lookout for the possibility in the middle of the day.
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for a high. it looks like small opportunities for snow to come in this week but they look small. let's bring in ines and see what's going on for the potential for slick spots. ines: street cleaning rules are suspended because of martin luther king day. meters are in effect . not bad out there if you are traveling in long island and new jersey. let's take a look at the commute . as for the bridge, there is a 35 mile-per-hour restriction in place heading out towards westchester and rockland county. as far as the train, the metro-north is on a saturday schedule and with extra service during the morning and evening . there is a staten island railway and the new york city buses could be a
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>> thank you, ines. did you have a good weekend? >> lots of eating. a lot of train commuters go on the end line and they will not be happy as they tried to find a new way to get to the city. robert: i will be more than a year before all the work is done. reporter: this announcement memory. it's a struggle that awaits them today. what can i do about it? >> the train is now without nine crucial stations on the manhattan # shut down for 14 months. how bad will impact the daily commute?
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freezing cold. >> the century-old station is between eighth in sunset park and 86 street and bensonhurst. they include 86 street avenue you , kings highway, 20th ave., 18th avenue and fort hamilton parkway and eighth avenue. the 400 million renovation will provide a facelift , new platforms, new stairways, handrails and upgraded communication systems. eighth avenue stop will be with 2 wheelchair avenue stops . there will have four elevators. >> there is no accommodations to assist writers and that is doesn't appear that the mta is giving a free shuttle service. it forces people to take the shuttle the opposite
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manhattan bound train. for some, the d and f chains are also an option. juliet: they have reach an agreement about the horse-drawn carriages. delimiters limits the transfer to the existing stables. they have to stay in the park. it happens on june 1. by december 1, the number of horses dropped to one 10 and that 70 fewer than what they have. the number drops to 95 horses in then they were only to be able to travel inside the park so the westside stables will be obsolete. this will have in my 2018. they need the approval of the city council . we are following a developing story.
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three americans are iraqi contractors. a official confirmed that the missing americans were kidnapped from their interpreters home in baghdad . no media claims of responsibility but we will follow this for you throughout the morning. juliet: a prisoner ask cape . the "washington post" reporter all arrived in germany and they start undergoing medical treatments at a military hospital. they will be able to reunite with their families as all three have been detained in more than one year. some are arrested on various charges like espionage. seems to be a charge they like to get people on. a fourth free american likes to remain in iran and a fifth was freed separately in exchange for
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iran is receiving $100 billion in sanctions released.we also released things here. they release someone from staten island. >> there was so much back and forth on if the deal would happen. it did. democratic candidates took to the stage and battled over several topics. juliet: fox 5's carrie drew was on the story. carrie: the past few in the democratic debate have been cordial but this time, the gloves came off . bernie sanders , hillary clinton and martin o'malley took to the stage and had heated exchanges on several issues like obama care. >> there are things we can do to improve it but to tear it up and start over again , pushing our country
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debate would be terrible. we are not going to tear it up , i helped write it , but we will help to do something that will be better for all. >> clinton and sanders went head-to-head against gun control . >> he voted to allow guns to go into the national parks and research on how we can save lives. >> i think hillary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d- voting record from the nvr a. >> there is sparring about clinton's ties to the personal speaking fees on goldman sachs . >> you raise a lot of money on wall street . someone go to martin o' >> one thing he did not
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comments about clinton's sex scandals. have i ever said a word about that issue? i am in a debate on the issues facing the american people not bill clinton's sexual choices. carrie: we show clinton leading sanders. o'malley has been in the single digits and barely qualified for sunday's debate. he spent part of the night asking for more time. in total, he spoke for 14 minutes and clinton spoke for 27 and sanders got 30 minutes. clinton is way ahead nationally but in the
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it's a dead heat in iowa and sanders is leading in iowa. robert: it's an interview he will only see here on "fox 5 news". juliet: martin shelley is really just infuriated the world. he raised the price of a life-saving drug from $13 a pill to $700. last month he was arrested in a separate fraud case. he sat down with steve lacey . how did he get this interview? he described it as what sparked the outreach. >> i think most people have a quick reaction as hate . they want someone to hate . if i fit the mold, i feel like i am a utility for
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feel that he . >> i can't wait to see the rest of this. steve will be on good day later on. he will reveal his regrets and what he says charges against him are bogus. robert: i want to see it . juliet: the guy is an idiot . it's just my feeling. robert: mike woods has all of his details in the forecast and you'll hear about the meeting with el
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welcome back. we will get you going on this martin luther king day. we still have some light snow crossing through the tri-state area. we got some yesterday at an inch or more. we see just a few left over snow showers making their quick pass by. one through nassau and sussex county. there are more upstream so we'll have to keep an eye on things but there is still some potential for some light snow to whip by.
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it could be a problem with icy roadways. 300 now in central park and 29 in bridgeport. windchill factors are pretty cold . the wind is still coming at you. but it feels like in newark at 170 now. same thing and sussex and 210 windchill factor in bridgeport. over the north we used in the tri-state doesn't add up to be a lot but doesn't take a lot to make for some smooth conditions. we pick up on the snow squalls that could pop up later this morning in the afternoon and we are just not quite a bit of the snow potential out there . looks like tomorrow, it dries out more so and we should be done by then. it won't be that big of a deal.look out for the slick spots here and there.
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temperature is 35.90 itches 3.5 warmer than normal. high temp is afternoon goes up to 290 in just a few snow showers here or there but it is definitely a cooler one out there. a high of 28 tomorrow and you can see , friday and saturday, looks like the snow chance is coming at us again and it could be a big one.depends where the low tracks. it's on the weekend. >> it's free. put it to work. >> let's bring in ines . are you ready for the snow? street cleaning rules are
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icy spots out there in the bronx are doing fine. if you're traveling in westchester , orleans are closed with a multi-car accident. be careful out there . two lanes are blocked . let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute . 79th st. is doing fine. they're heading towards the holland tunnel and it's been reopened with all liens gone. if you are going to the george washington bridge, no problems on the 495. >> it depends. this is our big dinner on friday night. >> you can reschedule. you don't have to. we could all stay at mike's house. moving on.
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primetime television to depend his interview with el chapo and rolling stone saying he was performing a experimental journalism stent to get to know the man at the center of the drug world. he says he hope to use that as a way to generate a broader discussion about what he sees as its feelings. >> i am not watching these laws that are showing no progression. these rehabilitations are not happening. i am looking at other way. i find that equally complicit. el chapo guzman was put back in prison as the article came out. they say the article failed because the media focused focused on him and not the
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war on drugs as he intended . robert: true. when you are a star you have to expect that . curtis: what's up ? i am glad to hear that you had a terrible weekend. could not be worse! juliet: what do you want? curtis: it's not what i want but what i want to get.let's talk to sean penn. you are junior varsity boy . he wanted to see your license. where is your license as a journalist? he thinks it's like improv. it's comparable to the murderers that el chapo has committed. hundreds of bodies.hung from bridges and lampposts.
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source out the drug use in the country. haven't had the desire. he makes it comparable to the murders in execution . anna: two over demonize another human being , like a marriage you might want a divorce. curtis: either way, diva girl, you are an expert on divorce. this guy is such a loony tune. who knows if that's what happened but to his credit, he has done a lot . he is very politically involved in whether he likes politics he has been out there and he puts his money where his mouth is and he gets active in the arena. this is something where
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curtis: you are trying to find a media ground for him. maybe he can come here and he can come in substitute for moses. juliet: i am admiring of angelina jolie. she gets out there and puts her money where her mouth is.i like the fact that these people use their celebrity persona to go out there and do something good . >> they are not going out there to the jungles of mexico to track down . juliet: why aren't legitimate journalist getting these interviews? curtis: apparently he wasn't all that short when he got that novella start . juliet: you are killing me .
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the horse carriage deal ? curtis: they are going to have to work more if there is less taurus. do you think the tourists are going to stop coming? they are four or 500 pounds to begin with. they get in their and who is going to make up the differential? >> they are not allowed to go past nine hours a day. you won't see as many out there. lines will be gone and they will charge more money. curtis: the horses might draw a dead out there and fall out. robert: we will take a look
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we will be right back. juliet: i look forward to
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