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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: already. how are you doing. good day new york. monday. greg: weatherwise. what do we have here? we could have snow late in the week. mike woods as the details. rosanna: a late-night deal to cut down the horse carriages in central park. they will stay. decrease. greg: all right. out of service today. it could be a hassle for folks that use outline.
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debate last night? i am happy that it is the final democratic debate. there was some intensity between bernie sanders who is doing quite well in iowa and new hampshire higher and hillary clinton. not too long ago, we thought she had a lock on this thing. rosanna: speaking out in an exclusive interview with steve lacy. you will hear margin side of things. greg: aniline from like $8 a pill to 600. what is this guy all about. steve lacy speaks to him.
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the professional bull riders. it is very, intense. rosanna: they only have to stay on for eight seconds. it is a long eight seconds, but it is all they have to do. greg: .errors, lawyers and our loved ones said no. just kind of showed up and walked around the place for a little while. rosanna: it looks pretty good. greg: the bulls were kept safely away. what do we do? you remember. [laughter] rosanna: oh, yeah. greg: there were no polls
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[laughter] oh, boy. we wish the professional bull riders well in their next adventure. rosanna: ryan is his real name. greg: champion bull rider. rosanna: we have an interview coming up. eight seconds. you have to know how to fall. i think i am pretty good at that. greg: mike, what's up. mike: good morning to you. we have some snow showers happening out there today. let's just get through today. a little bit of snow yesterday. it is really just making for a slick commute.
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1.3 inches was one of the picker told others. under an inch of snow for you in newark, as well as hoboken. a little bit more of that snow coming through. still some have come to the city as well. is it going to add up to much, not really. it could come through with these morning showers. altogether, it will be windy and cold. look at these wind gust. up to 39 miles per hour. thirty-three out in montauk. it is pretty windy out there and cold.
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it will not add up to be a whole lot. temperature wise, we try to get back up to 29 for a high. sunny skies are back. some slick roadways, that should be about it. let's bring in kindness and see what is going on. all kinds of issues out there. ines: good thing is it is a holiday. a lot of people are off work. the bronx river parkway, it became a multicolor accident right there. the guard rail was damaged. out there to fix the guard rail until tomorrow.
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let's go back to our maps. tappan zee bridge. route 80, expect to laze. you have another accident but exit 19. george washington bridge, a 30 minute delay. traffic moving slow there. lincoln and holland, actually no delays. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot, i miss. the name martin shkreli was announced to us. he jacked up the price of a pretty standard medication. more than $700. rosanna: he was arrested last
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he is tweeting, instagram in, that you tubing. even after all of his problems. greg: increase in the price of a standard drug. $13 to over 700. steve lacy. our own steve lacy actually met him through social media and had a interview. >> reporter: i tweeted him earlier this week. we started setting this up. i went to his apartment in manhattan. the interesting thing about our time together, felt somewhat liberated from having to convict him personally and wanted to figure out what it was like to be public enemy number one.
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that on a personal level? >> if you understand the hatred is coming from a place of misunderstanding, it is easy to accept it and get a feeling for why it is they are. >> reporter: his nickname is something that he laughs off. >> this is a video chat we can talk to me and asked me what ever you want. kelly is one of his regulars. >> a multi- classic configuration. it is amazing. >> reporter: it is not like you do not recognize the person that
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>> absolutely not. here is this guy. he has all these things being said about them. who is he really. >> reporter: first becoming notorious back in september. >> i regret the way i act did immediately. i should have been a little more patient. more willing to engage. >> charged with securities
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all right. the joke is over. >> calling the charges politically motivated. >> definitely pro- fail. this is a good case. >> interacting with his critics. leading into the hatred of him. >> a little on the sketchy side. the high school girls
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up on the live screen. he does admit that he played the media wrong. he thought it would be so transparent. for millions of people, this was the first time they ever interacted. >> it is not a laughing matter. seven dollars to $700, that is a big problem for people who need it. >> $750. it is twofold. we have heard it before. he puts the money.
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a new one. luckily, i am not in a position. we know he is arrested by the feds on a completely separate thing which is interesting. the arrests was completely different. >> you have more stuff for us. interesting. ben: thanks a lot. they will live in central park. they will no longer have to you commute to the westside stables. rosanna: 70 fewer than right now. there will be a new stable in central park, either way.
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to over 28 team. it is interesting to see how the course carriage drivers feel about this. >> all right. also this. three men armed with a gun. trying to broadband off-duty police officer. now in the hospital in stable condition. the other two ran off. greg: okay. the and trained out of commission.
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teresa priolo the 18th avenue. >> it is coming down. two people here at this stop. the train was not running. this is the first that they heard of it. telling everyone how long the search is going to take. this announcement, nothing more for trained writers. >> what can we do about it? >> nine fully functional stations on the manhattan side
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>> a lot more time for my commute. >> reporter: between eighth avenue and sunset park. they include 86 street. the nearly $400 million renovation project will provide a much-needed facelift and paint job. the stock will give to wheelchair accessible ramps. >> they are making absolutely no commendations to assist writers. the work requires writers to take the train in the opposite
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for some, the trains are also an option. they will start on the coney island side. back to you in the studio. we all agree that it needs some sprucing up. and made some sprucing up. greg: okay. it is martin luther king day. a federal holiday.
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rosanna: honoring his legacy. a lot of people are talking about making it a day of action. greg: fascinated in memphis. rosanna: open only four arraignments. i got a prank phone call last night. it is not always a good thing. in the next hour, "good day new york" will look at the life and legacy of martin luther king jr. greg: you do not hear about
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>> i recommend them. greg: you cannot even give credit for that. >> you remember that jersey boys, perhaps. >> it was hilarious. hilarious stuff. happy mlk day. it sounds like a great idea. a lot of folks do not have to get out there and do what you normally do. we have snow showers passing through. seeing some light snow showers.
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twenty-three in central park. the wind makes it feel like it is only 11 degrees out at central park. for below and monticello. we could see some holding on into the afternoon as well. when deep. it should be drier for you tomorrow. all right. let's see what is going on. ines: it is slippery out there. things are fine on the staten island expressway.
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and bqe. you have all lanes closed until tomorrow. let's go to our cameras. take a look at route 80. a car spun out by exit 37. also 80 eastbound. there is an accident. basically, you are fine they are. metro-north in the morning and the evening. greg and rosanna. greg: let's go outside one more time.
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rosanna: to you watch the democratic presidential debate last night? greg: i saw a little bit of it. that guy bernie sanders is actually doing pretty well. rosanna: eight top pretty heated. kerry drew is breaking it down
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i watched it and then i fell asleep. i heard a lot of them. >> reporter: this is the fourth democratic presidential debate. now it is getting down to the wire. >> taking to the stage in charleston south carolina. having heated exchanges on several issues, including obamacare. >> to tear it up and start all over again, i think that is the wrong direction. >> i helped write it. >> reporter: clinton and sanders also went head to head on gun control.
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he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> i think that hillary clinton knows that what she says is buried this disingenuous. i do not give personal speaking from goldman sachs. >> you raised a lot of money on wall street. >> hillary, please. >> recent comments about president clinton's recent sex scandal. the issues facing the american people. >> reporter: this was the final
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starts in iowa and new hampshire higher. clinton leaving. omaha has been in the low single digits. he spent part of the night asking for more time. >> anger brewing in america. >> 10 more seconds. sanders actually had the most airtime. back to the polls for a moment. the early voting states, it is early. sanders is leading in new hampshire higher. greg: let's take a look at them one more time. thank you, carried through.
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rosanna: how about i just laugh. [laughter] coming up right here on "good day new york," dr. oz is here. you know what, now that are talking about whether charlie is bipolar. is that what is kind of driving all of this.
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rosanna: look what is happening right now. greg: mike, look at this footage. they have to move the snow plow pretty soon. this is happening right now. this is not like snow. this is accumulating. mike: it is going to be fast. it will not be there long at all.
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leave him alone. rosanna: go to dunkin donuts. no wonder why. greg: of course. all right. mike woods. rosanna: you can tell that it is a holiday. mike: regular traffic. gone already. a coasting to an inch. greg: de blasio. take a look at the neighborhood. rosanna: mike is saying that it will be over by 830 -ish. >> a quick little snow shower. >> it can still make for some
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>> we have not had much snow. >> not as festive as last month, of course. what are you going to do. mike: but there you go. we do have some snow coming through. that is really the only game in town. there will be some snow showers passing through. it is actually dropping to the south through brooklyn. western long island. not a lot happening. only there for a short period of time. let's talk about the snow stats. what we have seen so far. .4 inches. we will probably add a little bit to that today.
7:31 am
we are behind. just over halfway through. significant storm potential coming to us by the weekends. up to around 28 inches of snow. well shy of that. twenty-three in central park. lighter snow in the area. 23 degrees in bridgeport. same thing for you in poughkeepsie. there are additional showers passing on by. the trough of low pressure will keep things a little unsettled. high temperature wise, going up to 29 years it is also windy at the same time. we will see drier skies for you
7:32 am
the week. we could have a coastal low. more significant coastal lows out there. we have been talking about all kinds of accidents. >> not good for the morning commute. the bronx river parkway, that is the date problem. southbound, all lanes are closed. that guardrail needs to be fixed. they will not be able to get a crew out there to fix it until tomorrow. let's go back to our maps. long island, you are fine. new jersey, we do have a problem on route 80. eastbound by route 15.
7:33 am
an accident involving a spin out. you also have a westbound accident. george washington bridge, upper-level accident. a 30 minute delay. link it in holland are doing fine. trains are on a holiday or saturday schedule. greg: thank you very much. watch this. >> we have all the answers. we have all the gold. we have all the solutions. world. that. never seen anything like that. greg: a public meltdown of a celebrity. a lot has happened in the last
7:34 am
charlie is hiv-positive. they look like the picture of health together. dr. oz is here to tell us about it. kind of counseling him for the past couple of weeks. >> i have to deal with that elephant in the room. i am very happy that he is focused on that. >> he is now taking his medicine. >> and 2016, a normal life expectancy. can pretty much be normal in day to day life as well. >> you saw it in a little clip that you played.
7:35 am
the big story last week. eventually, it will trip up. rosanna: what is the problem? >> a google search remains the following system. irritability and restlessness. sleep problems. high sec strife. grand plan. rosanna: is it bipolar? >> bipolar is a possible. i do not know a better way of opening charlie up to the possibilities.
7:36 am
longer be normal. the question becomes how do you crack the code. >> i think we have a little portion of you with charlie from the show. >> do you know if those mood swings are normal? >> is always seem normal to me. i have just accepted it as part of my makeup. >> if there was a pill that would fix the moots wings, would you be scared to take it? >> yes, i would. what else is it going to fix?
7:37 am
authentic response. a pill would take away my life. rosanna: the other thing was bipolar disorder. there is no magic pill. maybe, they find something that somehow works. a lot of disorders, that is one that is very hard to diagnose and treat right now. >> it is difficult for them. 50% suicide rate. one of the oldest pills we can use.
7:38 am
things that you can start rosanna: you are giving charlie sheen a voice app for what? >> when we speak, there are the words that we use. this is the actual underlying information that your voice is telling people. it is not what you said, it is how you said it. it will allows you to analyze
7:39 am
imagine if you can apply. >> okay. us. rosanna: she does not understand my accent at all. >> it is frequencies. if you call your spouse, you would know immediately if she is upset. >> imagine that it is possible to engineer this process. rosanna: interesting. i guess we could all learn something from it. >> let's press the button on that path. >> look.
7:40 am
he has voted with the nra >> a d- voting record from an ra. three candidates running for congress in the state. i stood up to the gun lobby and came out. >> weight. he is going down. >> the more green you are, the less stress you have. these five we have a sense of what they are feeling. >> the words that they are using
7:41 am
you. believe me. people will go after her for that. the opposite -- look at donald trump. watch what happened to his voice. >> you should go out and get a judgment. let the court decide. >> now, he is doing a little bit better. >> voters are hearing a calm person. it may explain some of the findings that we are seeing.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. mike: welcome back, everyone. snow showers mainly on long island. a blast of snow coming in
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we will continue to do so. it will slow you down on the roadways. twenty-three and central park right now. 24 degrees in bridgeport. it looks like a moderate last of snow coming towards the north slope right now. these little pieces of energy coming in and out. it does not take much to make for a very slick commute. just be aware of that. high temperature goes up to 29 today. still windy tomorrow. having something to focus on here. the possibility of some snow heading into friday and saturday. happy birthday to michelle. all right. let's bring in ines.
7:46 am
ines: dealing with slippery spots out there. watch out for an accident. route 80, gm to year. approaching exit the seventh. there was an earlier accident westbound. let's go to our cameras. the lat is moving fine. no problems by terry wrote. the george washington bridge, upper level, earlier problems. 8095 express. about a 20 minute delay inbound. holland tunnel also a delay free ride. greg: it was a pig day. every tv had a football game on.
7:47 am
sunday. traveling to carolina to take on the panthers. this felt like the game against the giants a few weeks back. they totally dominated. a great catch here. okay, it is over. the seahawks made a game of it. russell wilson connects. thirty-one-21. field goal. trailing by seven. thirty-one-24 win. carolina will host. a winner right here on fox5. two former heisman trophy winners.
7:48 am
a hero earlier with a touchdown. tj anderson. two-point conversion. trying to get his team back in it. i know peyton manning graphs that finds. fourth down. steelers. next week afc championship. manning versus brady for the 17th time. eleven and five. this will be the fourth time they kick off in the championship game. manning two-one. hockey. rangers and capitals. they topped the islanders two-one in brooklyn. that is a look at sports.
7:49 am
is it still snowing? rosanna: ra. we know one of the plays is really jamming it on broadway.
7:50 am
they are so excited to see it. unfortunately, some of the tickets are counterfeit. about five times. be very careful when you are buying. a lot of the people they talked about on the article had bought on craigslist. that is all a bad idea. be very careful. >> you can't get into the real show, you can always go on to [laughter] rosanna: this is for good reason. greg: until he took the mj bonds. all right. enough.
7:51 am
choice awards. this was the movie that took away the most coveted award. >> the best picture is spotlight. >> also a best feature. twelve of the last 20 best picture oscar winners also one. winning at the golden globes. best supporting actor. >> i am truly amazed. i did not expect this. >> people were so happy for him. the popular vote is for sylvester stallone. young actor, james tremblay. >> it is super cool. [laughter]
7:52 am
he won over the crowd. it must have been a superhard vote. everyone is so great in the category. it is supposed to be very, very good. he does not have an oscar nomination. rosanna: all right. thank you so much, rosanna. thank you so much for saying nice things about no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian
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with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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"good day new york." >> hi, everybody. welcome. it's martin luther king day. january 18th, monday. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. if you're sleeping in, good for you because it is very cold out there. passing flurries and know snow. nothing major. i think most of wind flurries, most of those have come and gone. >> what else? you know the horse carriages in central park. a lot of people wanted to see them go away for good. that is not going to happen. compromise deal has been reached. they will seriously use is number of horses but they will not have to commute. they will live and work in new york. >> a brutal beating after muslim
7:55 am
the attackers reportedly yelled isis when they attacked him. >> rocket ship landing. >> oh. that's so cool. >> cool right up until it fell over. watch this. >> oh. >> yeah. initial landing, this is how we thought rockets were land in the 1950s before we really had rockets. this is science fiction version how they would go down. they're testing a rocket that would land like this. they had one successful landing like this. this one obviously not so great. >> this morning we're honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. he would have been 87 years old this past friday. we're talking about gains and subjects that still need to be addressed. and, also, today i think it is a day i think they call for action, you do something good in his memory. >> that sounds nice. hopefully you have the day off.
7:56 am
what did we do over the weekend? on friday we are a little sore. we went to not only rodeo but professional bull riding at madison square garden. look at that guy. >> thank on there. >> the bull doesn't want him on thinks back. >> you have to know how to fall. we talked to ryan. you have to hang on basically eight second. >> basically all you have to do, basically to ride a horse and win the kentucky derby is ride around a circle. >> let's listen to ryan. how do you stay on the bull? because they look verifiesty to me? >> they can be feisty. >> eight seconds? >> it is eight seconds, it is a battle too. >> they're acting up right now. >> they are. >> what is on their mind? >> they're waiting to do their job and get out and go home and eat. >> what is the longest ride ever? >> eight seconds. >> eight seconds?
7:57 am
you hardly work. >> how many times do you have to do it? >> one tile for the whole show, mike. >> eight seconds i was starting see dollar signs. maybe we do this on the side. >> great idea, rosanna i will visit you in the hospital when you're paralyzed from the neck down. >> we tried to go out there but they wouldn't let us near the bull. >> who are you waving to? >> we tried but, how is this for lunacy. i thought i could get the cape but, no. howdy, everybody. the pbr. professional bull riders, great dudes. >> we had a lot of fun. they get some crowd. a lot of fun. mike, how is things looking by you? >> just checking out the radar. keeping as you little busy. >> gone or still in the area.
7:58 am
parts of long island and parts of connecticut and eastern suffolk county. the north fork getting a blast of snow. it made for pretty accepts too. look at this shot. looks good. a coating to inch of snow not out of the question. thanks to my twitter follower, tsolari28. looks gorgeous with the snow. this is moderate to even heavy snow coming through but it's in and out real quick. it is north fork from river head to orient point. you will have moderate snow for a short period of time. a little more than a coating is what you should see, about an inch or two so and it should be out of here. same thing central park and newark and poughkeepsie. the snow is cold if it is sticking, could be sticking
7:59 am
also look at these wind gusts, up to 30 mile-an-hour wind gusts in ice slip. they have been hire with snow showers moving through quick. we still at risk for more snow showers to pop on through. it is not a huge form for us by any means. high temp goes up to 29 degrees. tomorrow should be drier. another shot at snow coming friday and saturday. if indeed that one holds through it could be a major storm for us. it is a long ways out. stick with us. we'll let you know what's up. let's bring in ines with what is going on with the commute. you have a trouble spots but not for everyone. >> good morning, mike. just different spots dealing with slippery conditions. show you video from last night of four separate accidents. multicar accident on the
8:00 am
all lanes are still closed. this occurred 8:50 to 9:10. four separate accidents. they had to shut down the roadway and there is damage to the guard rail. they can't open the road until tomorrow. it is holiday. closed between scars dale road. other problem, route 80, accidents by exit 37. that is cleared. exit 87 ice bound still working on that crash. take about the trains. they're on different schedule with the holidays. saturday holiday schedule with the lirr and new jersey transit and path trains on modified schedule. >> rosanna, thanks a lot. carriage horses in central park, mayor de blasio promised to get rid of them on the first day in office t has not worked out that way. people love the horses particularly the drivers t would
8:01 am
>> looks like there is a compromise. they're going to limit the number of horses in the area. they will basically be confined to central park. >> which makes sense. they have to company mute several blocks through midtown. horses going through the streets that could be issue from time to time. let's get the details from robert moses, he is live over at the stables on west side. hello, robert. >> reporter: hey, greg and rosanna. good morning to you. under the terms of the deal the stables on 5th street would become obsolete and they would be housed in central park. 57th street. by june 1st horses will be limited to central park with the exception of to and from the existing stables here where we are on the west side. by december 1st, the number of licensed horses in the city
8:02 am
ultimately there will only be about 95 licensed horses. but october 1st of 2018 those stalls in central park will be established. as you mentioned, mayor de blasio had promised to do away with the horse-drawn carriages as soon as he took office but he quickly realized he did not have city council support. this is middle of the road agreement and it's a far cry from doing away with horses entirely. animal rights activists long opposed this industry. as part of this agreement, horses would be only able to work for nine hours within a given 24 hour period. just a couple minutes ago i spoke with christina hanson. she is a veteran carriage horse operate are to. she told me all in all the deal is quite promising. >> this is affirmation by the city that carriage horses long in new york city which is a very
8:03 am
serve the industry. >> reporter: there are still things you have concerns about? >> there are things we continue process. we're continuing to make sure we preserve jobs, we preserve our horses and protect them and preserve the industry. >> reporter: as part of this tentative agreement petty cabs in the park would be banned south of the 86th street transverse. that is presumably to eliminate some of the competition for these carriage horses. of course the city council still has to approve this deal but all in all it appears as though a deal is at least on the table. that is the latest. live from the stables on the west side this morning, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> that's good. i'm glad you talked to christina who drives those horses because she has been have very emotional. she has been on the show over the years. seems like she is in favor of this. i feel better about it. >> we'll hear from the other side says.
8:04 am
things gone from day one. the animals. we like them. we've gone on rides before. >> robert, thank you for the report. >> martin shkreli you remember him a few months ago, here he is getting indicted. last september he basically took over a pharmaceutical company and a pill they were selling for malaria treatment and you think it had aids applications, selling for $13. bucks. the whole world took notice. the whole world started hating this guy. >> he continues to go on social media after being arrested for fraud charges in another case. he is on twitter, facebook, youtube being live. i thought is there something wrong with him? does he understand what is against him? >> he definitely marchs to his own drummer that is safe to say. he is 32 years old. he is from brooklyn. he is under indictment for an alleged ponzi scheme.
8:05 am
interesting conversation with him over the weekend. >> reporter: exclusive interview, that's right. this is the first tv interview he has done sinceod'tol reason i took the picture.
8:06 am
thing. >> reporter: that was start of unusual journey for martin schedule shkreli. he hiked the drug some 5,000%. he symbolized about putting profits before people. reaction. something they looking for. they want someone to hate. if i fit their mold i almost feel like i'm serving some utility. >> reporter: last month shkreli's problems moved from the court of public opinion to federal court. on september 17th, the feds arrested shkreli accusing him of securities fraud with another drug company and hedge fund he was involved with. he says the arrest was around hike. >> it is all fictitious. the government's case is fictitious. >> reporter: since the arrest he kept a lower profile with the
8:07 am
we hopped on the live stream with him this weekend. based on everything you would see on inch you think it is 100% negative. you say that is not what you run into here. >> very rarely i find anyone who is willing to interact with me patiently go through why they don't like me. when i find someone like that i supportive. the most hated man in the world can't find somebody who actually hates him. >> reporter: sort of interesting idea the most hateed man in america, that if you google him he says he has difficult time finding someone who hates him after he engages with them. >> that is all well and good. what is going on with him? he has been thrown out of the company. >> reporter: he is out of those companies. two separate things. the he drew the outrage for hiking drug price and securities fraud charges were completely unrelated. last hour you asked about the
8:08 am
him farmer bro. he continues to stand behind it. it is his reasoning. >> it is up to the company. if you don't raise prices and put it back into the research that is despicable. and you should not be in the drug business. we take all of our ex-pray profit spend it on research and spend it on other patients for others with terrible life-threatening illnesses. >> none of the shareholders are making any of that? it only goes through to research. >> that is strange. the price is 750 bucks. >> he has enough money to boy a $2 million would you tank album. >> reporter: he said he is one of the richest men in new york. he is free on bond in his apartment with his $45 million e-trade account. he has plenty of money. >> he has plenty of money to spend on lawyers. >> reporter: will be spending a lot i'm sure.
8:09 am
see you on the 10:00 news. >> reporter: yes. >> and barry for an hour. >> reporter: appreciate it. >> we've already seen anna. yes we do. we take care of anna during the day. >> not everybody is aware of us, anna gilligan, mrs. steve lacy. >> very lucky. >> or miss anna gilligan. >> i'll take that. >> subway, everybody, more problems for the n train. we saw this coming. a whole bunch oftation stations plus. >> thousands of people will have no find another way to get around. starting today. teresa priolo at the n station in benson hurst? >> reporter: they were showing up to the stop. they didn't know it was beginning today. when they arrived here they realized the trains are not running. they give them a pamphlet to
8:10 am
to know. there are other options but not simply as taking the n train. this announcement nothing more than a memory for some n train riders who accepted the struggle that awaits them today. >> what can you do about it? there is nothing we can do, right? >> reporter: the n train is without nine fully functional and crucial stations on manhattan bound side for 14 months. >> for year-and-a-half? oh, my god. >> reporter: the question how badly will it impact the daily commute. >> it will definitely add a lot more time to my commute. >> like 10 avenue. >> reporter: century old stations are between 8th avenue and sun set park and 86th street in benson hurst. they include 86th street, avenue u, king's highway, bay park pay, 20th avenue, 18th avenue. utric avenue and 8th avenue. near loy $400 million renovation
8:11 am
facelift and paint job. new overpasses, stair waives and handrails and upgraded communication. the 8th avenue stop get two new wheelchair accessible rams and. trec for four new elevators. >> they're not making accommodations to assist riders. that is outrageous. >> reporter: doesn't appear they're offering free shut sell service. work around takes train in opposite direction to a platform open. they will go towards coney island and transfer towards bay parkway or stillwell for a manhattan bound train. for some, the d, and f trains are also an option. once this job is begun. they will begin work on other side. that will take four years. latest from benson hurst, greg and rosanna. back to both of you. >> thanks a lot, theresa.
8:12 am
watch this. >> reusable, rocket, right? boom. spacex, right. >> spacex, private space venture. they're landing rockets the old fashioned way, the science fiction way, back in the 50s. the rocket would splash down, not land like the space shuttle but rocket would land. they had a successful landing couple months back. this one? no. >> they're trying to show to make space landings a little more economically viable by reusing rockets but maybe not this one. >> they tried that with the space shuttle of course. you know it has pros and cons. this one, yeah, did not work out. this is by the way landed on a platform in the pacific ocean off the coast of california. >> one of the legs didn't lock in properly. >> spacex doing pretty interesting things here.
8:13 am
for mason smith, 14 years old. watching with the family. told us all about it. it is mason's birthday and that is nice. he had the day off. >> mason are, awe capricorn? capricorns are smart people. they're always intellectual. trust me on that one. >> up to you. >> very good. we'll show what you is going on out there on this somewhat snowy january day. we have slippery spots out there happening because of the brief snow showers coming on by. there are some squalls. from time to time you run into real slick conditions, the main focus of the snow is north fork of long island. windy and cold weather coming through the area through tomorrow. looks like your windchill factors are between 0 and 15 degrees. later in the week, coastal storm, late friday into saturday. that one is holding together on the forecast models for a little while.
8:14 am
pretty good storm coming up this weekend which involves snow. what we have this morning not that big of a deal. snow showers an squalls are coming through. looks likes not only north fork but southfork are coming in on that action. showers are impressive for short period of time then they will be out of here. will more have opportunity to come? there is opportunity for more snow showers. most of the snow we get today is in the morning. trough of low pressure is keeping thing a little unsettled in terms of the snow showers. again, nothing major coming through here, but lighter snow showers could make for slick road conditions. futurecast is saying you know what? you from time to time see possibility of more squalls when we head throughout the evening and evening but that's it. drier sky tomorrow but it will still be on the windy side.
8:15 am
we head towards wednesday. partly sunny skies coming at you today. high temp 29 degrees with snow showers and flurries. most of the week, there is the coastal low that could be popping in more snow showers as we head towards next weekend. fox5ny weather app and google and itunes play store will show you where the snow is. check it out. bring in ines trying to get you around to in. what is up, ines? >> we have issues out there, bronx river parkway, that is closed and will remained closed until tomorrow. four different accidents. scarsdale road had accident. they will not reopen until tomorrow to get crews out there. tappan zee, 45 miles, because of slippery conditions. b.q.e., a delay-free ride.
8:16 am
go to the cameras first with lie by bagatelle road. accident cleared's well as delays. no delays on the upper, lower level. lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel look good too. rosanna, i'm a little nervous seeing that. >> you know what? i've been told there are snakes at work but really? this is real one. >> is some sort of a python. a guy who works at pet store said two minutes ago, i'm fine. no risk here. take a look at this guy. >> oh, it is on your back. >> he is trying to marry me. i know how much you love snakes. >> i hate them. hate them. >> come a little closer. you. me. what does it look like. no. >> i will come heroes rose with the snake. >> no. >> this is nj exotic pets. that is my boy danny. snake. >> he is generally okay as long as you're not wearing red.
8:17 am
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8:20 am
>> a man from the bronx is recovering from a brutal beating fruit night in frond of his nine-year-old neas. it was sad because they were yelling isis after punching him in the head. >> this happened in the parkchester neighborhood. he was treated and released from the hospital. several cuts and bruises on the head. the hate crime task force are investigating this. sweet 'n low in those little pink packages. >> you know they come from brooklyn? >> i actually did know that as a factory. no kidding. >> you're kidding you went there. >> i will tell you details in a second. >> apparently after six decades this factory is shutting down.
8:21 am
i believe they were called the cumberland packaging corporation. >> they have gone away. that's right. it is family owned business. the production is shifting for financial reasons employees say came as a shock to them. 300 of them will have to find new work. it's a sad day in our neck of the woods. >> i believe it was in 88 precinct. it was sugar factory. you could taste it in the back much your throat. we hope it works out for them. >> this snake is getting comfortable on our set. >> this python is pretty cool.
8:22 am
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>> this is from george michael. >> name that tune. you did it. this is, this is song where he freedom. >> freedom. what do you do with your freedom when you become famous.
8:25 am
to have those problems, the other half of wham. what was that guy's name? he left him in the dust. >> i forgot his name. >> andrew somebody. you're looking around. say it is a holiday. mlk day. >> that's right. we're remembering mlk coming up. also talking about making this a day of action. but one thing i don't want it to be? >> day to make new friends. >> i don't want a day to make new friends, greg. >> are you sure about that? >> please. >> hi, everybody, i got somebody rosanna should meet. are you ready for this? it. it is a little turtle. it is a real live turtle. >> you know what? speedy. >> oh, boy. >> don't make him fall off. don't make him fall off. >> relax. he is fine. i will not let anything happen to the little baby. >> he is coming closer. >> good people from nj exotic
8:26 am
>> he likes to go backward? >> yes. >> nervous. >> danny. come up here. rosanna is very nervous. >> backs up little bit. that is okay. she is very friendly. she is vegetarian. >> last time we had a turtle on, the turtle left a carpet. >> gift that keeps on giving many, many years. >> he is singing something. >> does not bite? >> he does not bite. >> no snapping. completely vegetarian. likes to sit, munch grass. >> can you get salmonella touching this. >> if you like lick her. you have a much better catching salmonella making eggs in the morning. >> look at his face. take a good look at his face. if he gets scared it goes inside. >> she weighs about 45 pounds. >> it's a she. >> it is a she. >> how do you know no. >> has short tail. male has long tail where all the
8:27 am
>> frankly i had enough. >> you have? >> speedy, speedy the greatest pet in the world? >> speedy was a nice pet. >> more from you later, pal. >> we'll talk to you later. you have more coming up right? >> i have plenty of great stuff. see you later. >> all right. >> i like speedy. when did you have speedy? >> speedy was my childhood pet. >> i love it, speedy. >> he was like this big, so cute. >> whatever happened to speedy? down the toilet? >> yeah. goldfish. the way they did it. >> i know. i remember. poor goldfish. gerbils. >> anyway. >> how are things with you? >> things are good. things are good. nice holiday day. you can relax away. i think that is nice idea to do something nice for somebody on the mlk day. weatherwise.
8:28 am
we've got snow showers out east of long island. things are looking pretty quiet for you. you're getting it good. a little hint of snow coming through the north and southfork out in the hamptons. it will be around for short period of time but it will be done. we'll still have the opportunity for a few more snow showers as we go through the day. keep that in mind. some slick spots mainly popping up to the east as that quick about. here is the stats for you, central park in the month of january, so far, .4 inches of snow. that's what came through yesterday. normal for january. the snow total is seven inches. we haven't seen anything close to that. season normal is 28 inches. we're shy of that. i don't think in total we've got enup to an inch. here is what we have at this point in time. certainly cold. central park, poughkeepsie. newark 23.
8:29 am
35 mile-an-hour gusts in islip makes it feel colder. a chance for a few more little snow showers to pop by. maybe up as to an inch before it gets out of here. won't be a whole lot. 2for you tomorrow. try for majority of the week. we do have another opportunity for snow coming in late friday into saturday. get you back over to ines rosanna. she will give you idea who has got the worse of it when it comes to the commute this morning. hello, ines. >> westchester, dealing with a lot of slippery conditions actually, the bronx parkway. this is affecting the commute if you're going to work. 14 cars, four separate accidents. sill closed by scarsdale road because of all the cars involved in the accident, die to icy condition. part of the accident was damage to a guardrail that is over dewitt avenue. they will not be able to fix that until tomorrow. it is holiday. that guardrail needs to be fixed.
8:30 am
not be able to get a contractor out there till tomorrow. definitely closes today into tomorrow morning's commute. go to the map. slippery conditions causing 45 miles an hour speed conditions on the bridge. saw mill by cross westchester. go to cameras looking at lincoln tunnel. lie by bagatelle road. lincoln tunnel, nice shot. there it is. traffic moving fine. no delays, holland and george washington bridge. new jersey turnpike assaulting operations going -- salting operations between. b.q.e. heading towards brooklyn bridge lighter than normal. trains on modified holiday schedule. keep that in mind. there is extra service for morning and evening rush hour. greg and rosanna back to you. >> thank you very much. dr. martin luther king, the civil rights leader this is martin luther king day, the holiday in his honor.
8:31 am
the famous speech, the mountaintop they call it was delivered on the eve of his assassination, april third, 1968. listen to this. >> i've been to the mountaintop. [cheers and applause] like anybody i would like to live a long life, longevity has its place. but i'm not concerned about that now. i just want to do god's will. assassinated. >> was that a premonition? let's learn more about dr. martin luther king with our next guest. we have professor wallace ford of medgar evans college in brooklyn and we have a nyu professor. thank you to you both. >> a lot has changed but a lot of social injustices we're dealing with on a day-to-day level, right, doctor.
8:32 am
it is important to understand. thanks for being on the show. there is this tendency, somehow we're in the post-racial era. that there is issues that dr. king spoke about, campaign he died in process of fighting for that those somehow been resolved and we celebrate his, as kind after remarking the fact that this country has made all of this progress. all you have to do is watch television, read newspapers, whether it is ferguson or whether staten island and just see the various issues of whether it's income inequality, police brutality and just general injustice that is still seems to be baked into the system, we know that we have a long way to go. i it is not time to do a victory lap just yet. >> professor knew kirk, how do we talking about a lot to accomplish, how do we see progress here? >> well i mean, dr. king talked
8:33 am
tranquilty until there was justice until it rained down on america around think people are still looking for equal justice under the law. they're still looking for prosecutions and cases where innocent, unarmed blacks are killed somehow in the hands of police. and without any you know, prosecution so i, the message that he spoke of in 1963 and 1968, equal justice, that's still the demand on the table. >> tell us a little bit about dr. king and new york. a lot of folks don't realize there was an attempt on dr. king's life right here in new york city in the 1950s. >> in harlem as a matter of fact. he was at a book signing of all things. he was, a woman, black woman came up and stabbed him with a letter opener. almost killed him. the letter opener was against his aorta.
8:34 am
policeman were able to get him out to harlem hospital. a black doctor and white doctor were ones able to save him. >> we saw a picture of his stabber. >> yes, miss isola smith. >> she is still alive. >> she died last year. she is 98. >> how do we do some good in honor of dr. king today, professor? >> i think we respect his legacy when we all see ourselves. he talked about how intricately linked we were all were, right? blacks and whites have the same destiny. until we can basically hold hands and see ourselves as brothers and sisters who deserve equal justice, income equality, equal education, housing, i think that's how we celebrate
8:35 am
>> so today, isn't today a day where we go out there and do, we're supposed to go out there and do something. >> day of service, yes. >> day of service. >> that point is day out of 365 is not going to get it with this country. to echo what professor newkirk was saying, we need to understand celebrating dr. king and how special he was, we don't ignore the fact each of us has capacity. we have some king in each of us. each of us has ability to make some kind of a change. perhaps not as much as martin luther king, jr. we all have the capacity. we can't leave it, i can't be aspects as martin luther king that i can't do anything. we all can do something special. each of our students at medgar evers college, we get that point that each of you has the potential to be great and create change. that is something that we can't walk away from. so we celebrate anything. certainly celebrate his life and day of service. we also want to celebrate the fact that each of us has the
8:36 am
way. it wasn't always the case. it was a battle to make this happen. >> very much so. >> put up on the screen please, what is open, what is closed. post offices, financial markets. most schools are closed. we have a list. we can go ahead and throw that up. we're at work. that's good. >> but our day of service can begin right after we get of off of work. >> exactly. >> you can do what? go help the homeless or something small that may have some kind of change in somebody's life. >> exactly. go help senior sit steps who, you know, some in -- citizens. go read to someone. so much we can do. >> service has to be lifestyle. it is not one-day affair. not like thanksgiving or christmas or dr. martin luther king day. something we can do every day to be helpful and make a change and a difference. that is important takeaway. >> we love it. professor ford from medgar evers
8:37 am
leader. another slain civil rights leader. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. pamela newkirk from nyu. we're ready with that little poster of what is open and what is closed today. ah, public schools closed. government offices closed. library, the d in v. >> oh, no. >> you're going to dmv on your day off? good that it is closed. >> professor newkirk has a book out. >> spectacle, the astonishing life of odabanga. ex-suspicion of a bronx monkey house of an african man in 1906 here in new york city. >> that is fascinating. we'll have you back about separate discussion about that. works? >> yes, there is. >> seen as i heard concept, there is a lot there. >> how are things over at nyu, by the way? >> we start class next week. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you, professor. nice to see you.
8:38 am
>> take a peek outside, shall we? it is freezing out there. will snow on friday, rosanna. we're going to rodeo again. >> we are? >> professional bull riders association, they had a great event at madison square garden. we'll show you highlight from that. where is that snake? >> we have lots of animals here, okay? and juliet, by the way is sky skydiving this morning. think anybody can go there.
8:39 am
i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." i say "don'
8:40 am
>> check this out. it is like indoor skydiving. i saw this once on discovery channel. now it is on our channel. >> this looks so much fun. >> it is up in yonkers. they have an indoor skydiving facility. one of our favorites juliet huddy mastered this thing. >> you have been in this thing? >> i have not mastiered it yet. i have not done it. i will let these guys do it. chris dixon is instructor. cool guy. you've been doing this how long? >> nine years. no one of our photojournalists brenda did a preview. what exactly is this. >> indoor skydiving.
8:41 am
you vertical wind tunnel you lay on the air. ages 3 to 103. anybody can fly. >> makes me feel better 3, to 103. it's a air shooting up, if you fly out of the air you flop down and break your neck. i had no idea. check this thing out for us. stand over here. tell me a little bit what we see in here. >> okay. like i said, vertical wind tunnel. column of air that goes up 50 feet. the fans are up there. and recirculates air around and around. you can fly all the way in the column. when you're first learning to fly we keep you lower. as you get more experience you learn to move around like these guys are doing. fly up higher. >> what we're looking at down here, this is a net on the floor. if you do, you're not going to drop, because you drop there is air blowing away. >> we catch you. >> you better. what is it we're looking at on the ground below the net.
8:42 am
that circulates the air and redirects air flow and you have smooth, balanced air flow to fly on. >> this is indoor skydiving again in yonkers. you can easily see it from i-87. very, very easy to get to. tell us a little bit about these guys we're seeing this is alan and andrew. >> this is alan and andrew, some of our instructors. alan is the lead instructor soon to be i-fly for australia. andrew is lead instructor in westchester rich hill. >> you're in austin, texas. >> yes. >> you're here blessing us with your presence. i will do this next hour at 9:30. i'm freaked out a little bit and see how high they are going. you guys will be in there with me. what will happen. >> we've gone through the introductory class. i will take you in the basic position to learn to fly stable. as you get a little more comfortable, you do basic turns and up and down things like that. >> greg and rosanna they want to
8:43 am
you've done ice skating. everything. you will be a lot safer, rosanna, with these instructors as opposed to greg. we'll see you guys 9:30, thereabouts. chris, please make me safe. i'm excited. this will be fun. we'll see you guys at 9:30. >> tell that guy i will be there by lunchtime. i want to spend the rest of my life in this thing. i want to see the guy go all the way up to the top. this looks incredible. i will ask the guy one question, get the answer later do you have to know how to regular skydive to do this? skydive for real. we'll be right back. there's a voice of a that urges us to shake
8:44 am
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>> all right. 60 minutes, you know it is my tradition every sunday night. sean penn was on, i like him as an actor but his explanation why he met "el chapo" had me shaking my head. >> seemed a little spacey. charlie rose was giving him a hard time.
8:47 am
hi, anna. >> sean penn went on 6:00 at this minutes last night to defend his interview with notorious mexican drinking lord "el chapo." he sat down with charlie rose and talked about the article he wrote for "rolling stone." he was doing expire rings journal i'm, he said if journalism questions him he wants them to show him his journalism credential. he was hoping it was broader discussion as system failing. >> i'm not watching these laws that are showing no progressions. rehabilitations that are not happening. so i'm looking the other way. i find that equally complicit. with murders in juarez. >> now "el chapo" there was arrested and put back in prison just as the article came out. penn says his article failed because the media coverage has focused on him and not the broader problems with the war on drugs as he -- >> lot of people, charlie rose
8:48 am
went there, he gave the man article. >> he said he could have killed the article. >> as journalist he never give that. >> if he in new york state, we all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, attracting the talent and
8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
>> "good day" fan of the hour brought to you you by mazda, driving matters. >> thanks, brandon, with your scarf, cool dude. >> he is looking good. >> couple things coming up. that skydiving thing, indoor skydiving. >> looks so much fun. >> they have it up in yonkers. we'll review the trip to the professional bull riding association. >> we have animals coming up. by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime.
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