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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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icy roads blamed for a big pile-up on the bronx river parkway. christina: lidia curanaj is live in yonkers where a section of the parkway has been reopened after being closed much of the day. good evening. >> reporter: that's right. it reopened around 3:00 this afternoon. that's the bronx river parkway behind me. a lot of drivers we spoke to. the big question on their minds is what's being done to prevent this from happening again? >> when it's snow, it's always accident on that parkway. when it's rain, it's always flooded out. >> reporter: if there's one thing raymond knows, it's to avoid the bronx river parkway when it's snowing. it's a good thing he did last night. black ice is blamed for causing a chain reaction, 14-car pile-up on the southbound side in yonkers. >> it's not a surprise. they need to get better drainage or salt it if they know it's going to happen, if it's going to snow. >> reporter: drivers in the accident tried to stop but couldn't.
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ice rink. it happened where the bronx parkway. >> that road is really bendy. it is kind of surprising they didn't salt that at all. road. >> reporter: from last night until late this afternoon, scarsdale road to desmond avenue was shut down so repairs to be made. most of the cars in the accident towed. 10 people were hurt. only minor injuries. however, this accident has drivers asking county officials year. >> it wasn't that severe, and i know the thruway is taken care of right away. why not the bronx river? >> reporter: many drivers we spoke to questioned whether or not it being a holiday today played a factor in the parkway not being salted properly. well, we contacted the westchester county dpw, who is
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maintaining the parkway. their offices were closed today. we e-mailed the commissioner, but i haven't heard back yet. that's the latest. back to you. steve: an off-duty officer shot and wounded a suspect during an armed robbery in the bronx. three men surrounded the sergeant at 178th avenue and stole his phone and discovered his shield. one of the suspects had a gun, one a knife and one said shoot him in spanish. the sergeant shot one of the suspects in the torso. he's in stable condition. the other two took off. two knives were found at the scene. christina: authorities have arrested a man linked to the paris terrorist attacks. the belgium man had a direct relationship to the attackers who killed 130 people around paris in november. according to officials, he traveled to syria with one of the paris bombers and received military training and built relationships with isis field commanders, including the
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steve: the massachusetts man detained in an iranian prison for 40 days is back home. yesterday. he traveled to iran in september for a language program. it's unknown exactly why he was arrested in the first place. his release was independent of a prisoner exchange between the u.s. and iran that saw four other american prisoners discharged, including a washington post reporter. christina: some of the biggest names in tennis are challenging a report that matches are being fixed. steve: mac king has more on the scandal. >> i would love to hear names. then it's concrete stuff and we can debate it. >> there's no room for any match fixing or corruption in our sport. >> if that's going on, i don't know about it. >> reporter: the most recognizable tennis players in the world distanced themselves from a buzz feed report that
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unit suspected top 50 players of throwing matches. it allowed all of the ose flagged to continue repeating. these two work as instructors at the tennis club of riverdale. both turned pro as teenagers. one came with a doubles victory of achieving a ranking and victor rose to 600th in the world. neither found the story surprising and both knew fellow pros asked by strangers to throw matches. >> yeah. it definitely happens a lot. >> have a lot of guys playing on the tour. i've been hearing that some people have been asked. >> it happens a lot with the russian players. >> reporter: they depict a tour life-style different from the one led by stars and world no. djokovic. hotels. you need to be calculating with your money. >> that's one of the reasons i stopped. i couldn't afford it.
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to break even, have no sponsors, search for roommates at tournaments and play at strange events with more hopeful competitors. >> some places in asia -- >> wisconsin. >> reporter: documents show investigators found organized gambling groups in russia and italy winning hundreds of thousands on fixed matches. the documents recommend they investigate 28 players but no one did. >> absolutely reject any suggestion that evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for any reason. >> reporter: in a news conference, the majority of alleged match throwing in the report occurred 10 years ago. he promised the group would pursue new leads. djokovic admitted earlier in his career someone offered $200,000 for him to lose a match. >> we threw it away.
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>> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: the giants' jason pierre paul underwent surgery today in hopes of improving his grip strength. he badly mangled the hand during a fourth of july fireworks accident. it cost most of his index finger and part of his thumb. he returned to play for big blue. he hopes to return for the 2016 season with a modified glove and improved hand strength. christina: n train riders need to find a new way to get around. manhattan bound platforms at nine stations between bay parkway and eighth avenue will be closed 14 months. it's for major renovations including improved platforms and overpasses, stairwells and hand railings and communications systems. once the work is complete, the coney island bound platforms will close. ready to compromise when it comes to carriage horses in central park. lisa evers tells us about a tentative deal that would keep drivers in business.
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like these are allowed on city streets, but under a proposed new law, they would be limited only to central park. it's a compromise to what mayor de blasio once hoped was a total ban. >> it's a great way to just see the city in a different way. you're usually enclosed in the buildings. it's open and the horses are my favorite animal. >> reporter: in the cold weather, the carriage horses are busy at work, making memorable moments for visitors to the city and residents celebrating special occasions. this group just finished their ride. >> i loved it. i always have imagined going to central park in a horse and it was great >> reporter: what did you think about the driver and how the driver treated y'all? >> he was great. he was so great. he talked to us the whole time and told us all the buildings and who lived here. it was fun. >> reporter: the mayor has wanted to ban the trade altogether but has reached a compromise deal that would restrict the horses to central park. there would be fewer of them and instead of being housed in the
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into a stable in central park. >> horses do not belong on the streets of the biggest city in the country in the middle of midtown traffic. it's not fair and humane to the horses. it's not fair to drivers. it creates congestion. there's a lot of reasons why this has to change. this agreement will achieve that. >> reporter: a reduction in the number of carriages would mean fewer jobs for drivers. in the proposed deal, there would be less competition since cabs would be banned in the park. >> we're working out the details. if we get the details worked out in a way that makes sense. >> the deal still has to be approved by the city council. the mayor says he's confidented it can get passed. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. people around the country are pausing to honor dr. king's memory. steve: sharon crowley live in harlem where governor cuomo and
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the slain civil rights leader. >> reporter: that's right. state and city leaders and religious leaders gathered together in harlem to honor dr. martin luther king, jr., with a march. they're calling for raising the minimum wage and economic equality. new york governor andrew cuomo, mayor bill de blasio and the national action network's reverend al sharpton marched in harlem today to honor dr. martin luther king, jr. walking with a crowd of union workers, the leaders wanted to show support for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> that's what we're marching for on that street today. not to make a point, not to advocate, but to tell our elected officials you pass $15 and you pass it this year, or we're going to remember you didn't. >> reporter: before the march,
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about what dr. king would think about how far civil rights have come and how far they have to go, specifically in the areas of criminal and economic justice. >> he would certainly smile on the fact that in this city, an increasingly all over this country, we're talking about $15 an hour as a basic base level minimum wage that people need to survive. we used to hear $15 was impossible. today all over this country, because of extraordinary movement, everyone is talking about $15 an hour. >> reporter: marchers say the demonstration is appropriate because dr. king's last crusade was dealing with wages and labor rights of union members. the events here in harlem, steve, follow events that happened earlier today that the reverend sharpton took part in in washington, d.c. back to you. steve: thank you. in the capital, many gathered to
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civil rights leader. james comey at the martin luther king, jr., memorial. he was surrounded by other leaders. this year marks the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday in honor of dr. martin luther king. christina: the oscars are causing a slew of controversy because of a lack of diversity among the nominees. some are opting out entirely. >> hey, chris, i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. but i can't think of a better man to do the job at hand than you, my friend. good luck. christina: jada pinkett smith was referring to chris rock. rock called out the academy awards calling the event the white bet awards. spike lee shared a post on instagram saying he is fed up and will not be attending either. steve: rock will have no shortage of material. hamilton creator paid tribute to martin luther king, jr., with 50
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school alums. [music] steve: the group, who went to the school between 1988 and 2001 sang a song they learned in third grade. it was written and composed by mrs. aims and was a tradition at the upper east side school for years. >> martin shkreli says he's not the man prosecutors say he is. >> i'm not a farmer -- this is a name that got started when there was a picture i took that was meant to be ironic. steve: i sat down with martin shkreli for his first tv interview since he was arrested by the feds in december. where he says more often than not he is able to convert his critics online. christina: a privately owned rocket destroyed during a hard landing. what may have caused it to
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steve: a software problem is plaguing i phone 6 owners and iran goes all in on oil. christina: alison morris is here with the business headlines. >> reporter: the u.s. markets were closed today. we had a whole lot going on. this looks like it could be another important week, maybe not for a good reason. a lot to keep an eye on. we'll start with iran and oil. now that sanctions have been
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the oil game in a big way. the country plans to up its oil production by half a million barrels a day. then it's lousy news for the oil market, which is oversaturated by 2 million a day. that's why you see oil prices keep sinking. there's too much oil around. prices dropped again today. both u.s. oil and brent crude were below $29 today. asia markets were open today and didn't look good. japan down almost 19 percent off its 52-week high. that means it is teetering on the edge of a bear market. china could have a big impact on our markets tomorrow. china is releasing a ton of important economic numbers tuesday. the gdp, industrial production and retail sales. expect a big selloff in asia and here with our markets reopen tomorrow. apple saying there's a problem with the ios 9.2 software causing a battery problem on the iphone 6s and the 6s plus.
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the software freezing the battery life indicators on the phone. you can't tell how juiced up your phone is. apple said time zone changes are triggering the problem. they are working on a fix. if you have the 6s or 6s plus and you're having an issue, apple says make sure your date and time is programmed to set automatically. that's the news there. the good thing today, markets are closed. nobody lost any money. we haven't said that in a while. bad news is tomorrow could be a rough day. we'll keep an eye on it. steve: fair enough. thank you. christina: the spacex falcon 9 rocket had problems with its landing. it toppled over and exploded into pieces after touching down on a floating ocean barge. spacex says it was because a rocket support leg didn't lock, but the root cause may have been ice buildup due to condensation from heavy fog at liftoff. the rocket did deliver an ocean monitoring satellite into orbit after taking off from the air force base northwest of los angeles.
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that's fascinating video. amazing. landing on a barge from outer space. nick, today was all about the cold. i'm a wimp. today it was cold. christina: we were spoiled for a while. now time to pay up. nick: it is middle of january. this has to be the story we're dealing with. we have to have the cold and wind. that's typical. we'll get more tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow will be a repeat performance of today. upper 20s, about 30 and strong wind 20 to 35 plus miles an hour tomorrow. 31, 22. that was the split today. 38, 27, that's average. we're not going to get there this week. middle 30s on wednesday. that should be it. 66 and 0 in the records. 7:16 sunrise. 4:56 is the set time. getting the daylight a little longer later in the day. we have a trace of snow earlier this morning with snow showers coming on through. 23 now. humidity is 38 percent.
5:19 pm
look at the west wind, busy, 20 miles an hour. 29.88 on the pressure and rising. we have a couple of scattered clouds and snow showers in a few locales up to the north. you seem them on fox 5 sky guardian in the hudson valley. the hillier terrain to the north and west, might see a few early tonight. otherwise, clouds will be around through the nighttime hours. highs today, we didn't make freezing anywhere. 30 was the best in islip. montauk montauk, 34. 31 up there in the hudson valley. now temperatures into the 20s and teens. down to 19 sussex. 28 allentown. low 20s around the city. mid 20s to islip and bridgeport. we find the west-northwest wind up to 20 miles an hour in a few locales. that's going to be an issue as you see the wind gusts in the 20 to 30-mile-an-hour range. the windchill numbers single digits. they'll be dropping to 0 tonight and 5 to 10 below in the northern and western suburbs. a couple of snow showers and streamers in upstate new york. we're having a storm off to the
5:20 pm
high pressure ridging in from the west. that's squeezing the air in between. it's going to stay cold and windy tonight and tomorrow. teens out the door. 24 lunchtime. we should hit 29 in the afternoon. there's the futurecast. we'll watch that high build down. windy tomorrow. less wind and a lot of sun on wednesday. decent amount of sun on thursday. we'll watch a storm come towards the tennessee valley area. another one forms on the coast and moves along. you know what that can do. that can produce a swath of heavy snow around here. saturday. too early to get into specifics on this. that's the timeframe we're looking at. clouds tonight. brisk and windy. 18 in the city. windchill, 0 or slightly below. no higher than 29, but the windchills stay in the single digits and teens tomorrow. clouds on friday. the snow threat at night into saturday. if it comes together, we could be talking high wind, potential blizzard conditions, coastal flooding.
5:21 pm
still, it's days away. then we'll recover sunday and monday. steve: sobering news. nick: i started talking about this the middle of next week. steve: there are patterns that emerge and they stay that way. right. nick: here we go. steve: to be continued. christina: all right. it was the accepted face that melted hearts around the globe. >> and i know where to put this. steve: see how this nine-year-old stole the show at the critics choice awards. christina: and why chocolate lovers will have to pay more to
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christina: more pomp and circumstance for hollywood at the critics choice awards. steve: baruch shemtov joins us with some of the memorable events. it's awards season. >> reporter: it's in full swing. the stars turned out in a big way. in case you missed the show, we have highlights for you. schumer. they had a big incite night. in addition to winning for train wreck, she was awarded with the
5:24 pm
entertaining acceptance speech. >> if you're an actress and you have this area, you have to write your own stuff if you want to get it made. this is where i get really brave brave. that's what you want everyone to say when a naked photo of you goes viral. you want them -- what a brave photo. you're like, thanks. wow. >> reporter: amazing. sylvester stallone, who won for creed, won again last night, but this time he made sure to thank his director a and nd costar, who slipped his mind on stage during the globes. >> before i get into trouble, thank you to my director, ryan.
5:25 pm
he made it all happen. michael b. jordan, you're a great, great talent, and you're here for a long, long time. >> reporter: stallone is nominated for on -- an oscar. leonardo dicaprio took home the award for best actor, though he wasn't there to receive the award in person. and of course all bets are on him winning the oscar. while "the revenant" won at the golden globes, spotlight took home best picture last night. both films are nominated for an oscar. finally, nine-year-old actor jacob accepted the award for best young actor in one of the most heart warming and adorable moments ever witnessed on an awards show stage. >> whoa.
5:26 pm
it's the best day of my life. i first want to say thank you to the critics who voted for me. it must be a super hard vote because of all the other great actors in this category. >> reporter: adorable. of course, we're just getting started with all the awards. the sag awards come up january 30th. the oscars february 28th. it is interesting to look at the critics' choice awards as a preview of what we may be able to expect throughout the awards season. of course stay tuned. that kid, jacob tremblay is just getting started. christina: he knows who the falcon is. >> he's one of the biggest
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christina: martin shkreli is the pharmaceutical executive who sparked outrage when he hiked the price of a life saving drug taken by people with cancer and aids. steve: he was arrested in a separate fraud case. despite the accusations, he says he's not the bad guy he's been made out to be. i sat down with him for an interview you will not see anywhere else. >> last night i was walking down second avenue. a bunch of people started chanting free martin shkreli. >> reporter: he's free on $5 million bond. he's due in federal court this week after being arrested in december on securities fraud. >> this started five years ago. and isn't it ironic the day they charge is a few months after the pricing? steve: it's the 5,000 percent increase that transformed him into the poster child of capitalism run amok to millions.
5:30 pm
continues to stand behind. >> i think if you're going to make money off people who are paying for your medicine and that medicine is really expensive, the least you can do, the least you can do is take the profits and help those patients even more by making a better drug. it's seven years old. dangerous. it needs a drug made in the modern era with sfis ophisticated methods. steve: he can be found online interacting with people. >> come on down. let's debate it. >> reporter: in his only television interview, he invited me to see the reaction he receives online. he admits he enjoys the attention that comes from trolling people. >> if they want the instant gratification, here he is, i hate this guy. they don't want to understand it. then i'd stop being the most hated man in the world.
5:31 pm
politicians, including bernie sanders. however active he is on the web, he says he has no intention of accepting an invitation to speak before congress later this month. >> i'd love nothing more than to criticize, ridicule and educate our senators on pharmaceuticals. i don't think they get it. the purpose of this isn't for that. they don't want to learn anything. they want to be able to ridicule me for their political capital, which i don't know that i want to be a part of that. steve: he's got a court date later this week. he's been arrested by the feds. he continues to be outspoken, not afraid to say what he thinks about politicians, et cetera. i asked him what do his parents think of this whole persona that's come to be known as farmer bro. his mother wishes he would tone it down. he admits it's probably caused him trouble, including the arrest, which he thinks was politically motivated. tonight at 10:00, we'll wrap up shkreli. we'll get into much more, including that $2 million --
5:32 pm
that's crazy. steve: we've got breaking news. what a horrible few weeks it's been for music fans. we learned within the past half hour glenn frye of the eagles dead at the age of 67. that announcement made on his web site. he had been battling intestinal issues. he had surgery in november. he had to miss the kennedy center honors. we know the song book he left behind with the eagles and his solo career in the '80s. he's been inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. 67 years old. bowie was 69. christina: what's happening? steve: i don't know. it's depressing. christina: some families fear their days in the glenn cove apartment building are numbered. steve: jodi goldberg shows us the proposal that might push them out. >> the glenn cove apartment building falls under low cost subsidized housing. monthly rent for a two bedroom
5:33 pm
but now developer daniel livingston, who owns the building, is looking to knock it down and turn it into 160 upscale condos. what are you most nervous about? >> being homeless. having to go get stuck into a shelter somewhere or just losing everything. >> reporter: kelly has two children and works two jobs. she's concerned she won't be able to afford to live anywhere else. >> where am i going? >> reporter: jamie's mom lives in the building. >> where are they supposed to go? go? rents low. his plan to better the area shouldn't be held against him. >> of course we're going to help work with the individuals and various agencies, public and private, to help relocate people. >> reporter: livingston says it
5:34 pm
transit oriented community. >> it's a big issue. the size of the development would destroy the quality of life and the people who are paying taxes. >> you don't need to build a 400 foot building to eradicate this blight. it's throwing the baby out with the bath water. pretty much the whole community agrees. >> reporter: there are 212 housing authority units and 340 federal section 8 vouchers. for apartments in glenn cove. new applicants have not been accepted since 2009. the planning commission is next to view the proposal. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: in case you didn't know, there's a cauliflower crisis. christina: why a shortage of the popular vegetable is causing prices to soar. steve: and how this hockey player scored one for cancer patients everywhere. christina: first here's
5:35 pm
>> reporter: the long island children's museum celebrated the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. today. they were taught about his visions of peace, love and equality. afterwards, they used that as inspiration to create a colorful portrait of the civil rights icon. >> also on long island, dozens of students participated in a day of service to commemorate martin luther king, jr., day. the event was held at the long island cares food bank. the students sorted and repacked various food, personal items and school supplies that will be handed out to those who need them. >> i don't think there's a better way to honor dr. martin luther king, jr., other than a day of service. he fought for civil rights. why not have students and parents get together and fight for a good cause. >> reporter: in washington heights, the psa 45th annual dr. martin luther king jr. games took place at the armory. student athletes from all five boroughs competed and that's
5:36 pm
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steve: cauliflower getting costly. christina: jennifer lahmers explains what's making it so expensive. expensive. >> reporter: there was a time when kale was king, but no longer. now it looks like cauliflower is
5:39 pm
the laws of economy. maya and her young daughter dorothy love cauliflower. >> i steam it. dorothy loves it. anything. >> reporter: at $8 a head -- >> i probably wouldn't choose it it. >> reporter: you like it, but not that much? >> yeah. >> reporter: at lifetime all natural market, the manager says they've been dealing with a cauliflower. high demand and low supply, thanks to unseasonable weather, have cut shipments by the tens of thousands. >> it's the el nino and a abundance of rain. it's caused a shortage. >> reporter: you can also blame it on the paleo and cross fitters.
5:40 pm
ing crusts, grain crusts. you have a cauliflower crusted pizza. >> sometimes i use it to make cauliflower rice. >> reporter: until this funky weather changes or until the next fad food comes along, you can bet you'll keep seeing prices like these that are sure to make your head and wallet hurt. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. christina: chocolate lovers, expect to pay more to satisfy your sweet tooth. according to a report, chocolate prices are expected to rise. the increase is due to a number of factors. cocoa, the raw material used to make the sweet treat, is diminishing. the cause is adverse weather conditions and poor farming techniques. all this while demand for the chocolate hit an all time high last year. it is estimated the price is up 40 percent since 2012. steve: i was in brooklyn at a place.
5:41 pm
chocolate bars. christina: artisanal. steve: that's a whole other racquet. boosting a baby's brain power. christina: what pregnant women should put on their plates.
5:42 pm
the decision to keep playing christina: in fox 5 health news, eating a lot fish while pregnant could help your baby's developing brain. some experts warn there's some seafood to avoid. steve: joining us, dr. kerri peterson from lenox hill hospital. there are certain types of fish that are beneficial for your newborn? >> that's correct. the study looked at pregnant women in the first trimester and followed them through the child's fifth birthday. they tested the child's cognitive function at 14 months ande years old. moms who consumed greater quantities of fish had their child perform better in cognitive function and had less autistic spectrum traits than moms who ate less fish. there was a golden window between 500 grams and 600 grams, which is about 15 to 21 ounces was the window where the
5:43 pm
the great thing about it is they tested the fetal cord blood for pollutants and found in evidence it passed into the child and there was no evidence of mercury toxicity in the child. in our country, the fda says pregnant moms 12 ounces per week. but the authors of the study said perhaps these are too stringent. all obstetricians will still say if you're pregnant, avoid fatty fish with high mercury content like shark, swordfish and mackerel. christina: when you're pregnant, you worry about everything. milk and this and that. i guess the benefits outweigh the risks? >> if you have three to five servings per week of lower mercury fish, especially in the first trimester -- christina: that's the interesting part. >> earlier on. that's when the fetus, their brain is developing most rapidly. that it has an impact on the child's brain for the rest of
5:44 pm
steve: let's get into the blue monday thing. they say the most depressing day of the year. christina: i feel it. steve: we're just in the -- we're in the middle of winter. we're far from anything -- christina: getting dark earlier. cold. >> blue monday was coined in the mid 2000s by a travel magazine. they had this whole equation that the third monday of every january, the weather is freezing, the holidays are over, your holiday debt has accumulated. you're sort of following through with your resolutions. these make for depressing time. christina: more people break up during the holidays. >> that, too. it is a myth. some critics say it creates a more casual attitude towards depression, which is a real thing and that occurs all year long. but today is blue monday. steve: it's not good to give it a fake title because it makes depression seem less of a real thing. >> correct.
5:45 pm
dr. peterson, we appreciate it. thank you. nick, blue monday, which we shouldn't joke about, lived up to billing. it was brutal. nick: blue colors on the map means a cold monday. the wind was howling. the temperatures were below the freezing mark. it made for a day you had to bundle up. we're not done with it. it will be a windy, cold night. we're looking at highs. buffalo, pittsburgh, 12 to 18 degrees. williamsport, 25. 34 in washington, d.c. a new isolated flurries and snow showers are off to the north on fox 5 sky guardian. that's about it. they're going to fall apart as you see the streamers of snow showers coming off the great lakes region. don't expect them tonight. we will see clouds here and there, but the temperature and
5:46 pm
23 in the city. teens towards sussex. mid 20s towards southern connecticut and bridgeport. there's the wind northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour, gusting over 30 in a few places, gusting to 26 at newark. 28 at belmar. 31 at islip. 38 at bridgeport. windchill values are in the teens and single digits. they'll be around 0 to 10 below across the area tonight. let's look at the weather map. we'll find the reason for the wind, a storm moving to the north and east. high pressure is ridging down from canada. we're getting squeezed between the two. the wind will be around. it goes away tomorrow night. wednesday, a couple of nice days coming up. we'll potentially develop a storm on the east coast friday into saturday. that could be our first snowstorm threat of the season, major snowstorm threat. a lot can happen between now and then. we won't get specific, but the timeframe would be friday night into saturday.
5:47 pm
teens to chicago. 9 minneapolis. 30s to atlanta. cooler in south florida. dallas, 61. 40s to denver. 50s to the west coast. there's the snow showers up north. nothing for us to worry about. sun and clouds tomorrow. a windy, cold day. upper 20s. wednesday, more tolerable. lots of sun. we should be reaching 36 or so. the wind will be less before the colder air returns or it stays cold for the end of the week. 18 in town. 10 in the suburbs. windchills 0 to 10 below. clouds tomorrow. 29, brisk wind. some of the teens in the windchill values. mid 30s thursday. clouds gather friday. snow at night. we'll see if we get the potential major snowstorm into saturday at 32. time to dig out sunday and monday. steve: thank you, nick. a hockey player from new jersey did not let cancer knock him out of the game. christina: ryan introduces us to
5:48 pm
is inspiring people on and off the ice. >> reporter: hockey players are some of the toughest athletes in all of sports. even the grueling workouts, practices and conditioning could never have prepared eddie klein for the hand he was dealt on november 6th, when the the captain of the hockey team was diagnosed with stage three hodgkin's lymphoma. >> my mom told me. i walked into another room and sat down and looked blank into space and started to think about, well, missing hockey, obviously, and how it would change the rest of the year, the next several months. >> reporter: the months ahead brought chemotherapy treatments through a port in his chest. his hair was gone. his ice time was not. >> my family knew i didn't want to sit out. if i was allowed to play, i was going to play. we came together.
5:49 pm
>> it was edward that said i want to play and signed the papers. he's 17 years old. i knew the coaches would do the right thing and how they'd play it back. it worked. >> reporter: what also worked was the support system around him. st. joe's community rallied, organizing a purple out night to raise awareness for his type of cancer. they created special jerseys for the bergen county tournament. the giants and rangers let eddie know they were thinking of him. the most memorable form of support came during eddie's final round of treatment when his phone rang. >> hello, is this eddie? i was like yeah, who is this? it's mario. there was no one in the room. i was what? he was giving me tips on how to deal with it, how -- he was assuring me i'd be fine and just to look at him. he was able to play many more years. >> reporter: today is the semifinals, a tournament he's
5:50 pm
eddie says he's learned over the last three months to never take anything for granted. it's what he's taught those around him that's left a lasting impression. >> i haven't told him personally, but he's made me a better coach. i want to work harder for them. >> life is precious. there's a sensitive side to them. i hope it opened up more. >> you never know when it's going to be your last. you've got to give your all in everything. >> reporter: christina: we'll see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. i'm getting ready for you to bring you the latest at 6:00. tonight we are remembering the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. we're going to see how some new yorkers honored dr. king on this very special day. also for you tonight, we all have them, cell phones. we'll explore the potential dangers as i sit down with a
5:51 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this the news at 6:00. ernie: it's monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. this is a very special day. tonight, we're honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. dr. king would have been 87 this past week. tonight new yorkers are joining the rest of the nation in honoring the civil rights icon. zachary is attending one of those events in morningside heights and joins us live. good evening. i understand there are big name celebs joining in the celebration. tell us about it. >> reporter: yes. good evening to you as well. there are big names inside, but
5:55 pm
it was more about race, about identity, about the way we look at ourselves and the way we look and treat other people. i asked one woman what she thought about it. she said it's about love. it's about, again, the way we treat other people and live in the legacy of dr. martin luther king. the profile certainly was raised up by the artist and actors, the leaders that were here, leveraging their voice and the their platform to racism and inequality, the pillars that the king. others were inside this the riverside church. they stood on the shoulders of the king. they performed his famous speeches. the message, we are you'll curators of change. >> i don't know if you've known anybody from that far back, if you've loved anyone that long,
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