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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the search is on for a slasher. he slashed a man's face in the east village and they don't know what he used for a weapon. juliet: there is the crhme de la crhme but could there be a big boycott? there is a lack of diversity and not everyone
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we will take a live report we will take a live report on that. ben: we are remembering got glenn fly fry. he died here in new york city. we'll take a look back at his life and story. that came out of nowhere. i was sitting down to have dinner and i look at my facebook i thought it had to be a joke. juliet: it's just , while. i am juliet huddy . ben: and i am ben simmoneau. it's january 19 and we are looking at the potential of a pretty big snowstorm. twitter is down. don't know what's going on. it's very stressful . mike: that causes more
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ben: foot of snow is kind of like nothing. mike: once you get past 8 inches it doesn't really become a problem. sometimes it becomes too deep ache three or 4 feet , it becomes a major issue. we are not that big at this point. 700 with dew point at one and the wind coming from the west 18. it's a lot of wind and it will make you feel it . the actual temperature for you in philly is at 170 and the strong wind is coming in from the northwest making it feel like we are down in the single digits. lake effect snow not making it to us here. it's near the catskills. we are still looking at a dry sky with no showers around.
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the arctic air. it's coming across the region and in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine out there. there's a few clouds out there tomorrow with a high on thursday. here is the snow chance in the five and seven day forecast friday and saturday. the totals are early so we make a call on that. let's bring in has . ines: here's what's going on. westchester a couple of rings going southbound you have an accident blocking elaine in the bronx river parkway. that southbound because of the accident on sunday night. the bronx river pkwy., south remains shut after
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they shut it down fully . let's go to the cameras. take a look at the fdr driver here. you are fine southbound and north and for the george washington bridge, upper and lower levels looking good . the street cleaning rules are in effect. >> it's 504 on the bronx river parkway. one lane is open on the southbound side were meets the parkway. on sunday, there was a chain reaction pileup and they say 10 people were treated for minor injuries. the black ice is being blamed. drivers say they tried to stop the situation because it's like an ice skating rink. drivers say the county never seems to plow the area or salt it when they should.
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don't come to plow it quick enough. the ice. people were driving the way they do . it's really not that surprising. >> i know the freeway is always taken care of right away but away not the bronx river? >> it came down out of nowhere. >> it would not know i was out of town. was a holiday played a role . police are searching for a man that/another man's face. there he happened saturday afternoon on east 60. they cut his face and back. it's 5 foot six and 150 pounds. he is wearing a black
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black pants and brown boots. call crimestoppers if you have any information on 1-800-577-tips. the officer in a deadly stairwell shooting will take his own defense. he is facing other charges in the death of a girl in east new york. he is accused of discharging his gun in a dark stairwell. the bullet ricocheted and hit girly in the chest.he and his partner argued over who should report this to the shooting and neither tried to recesses tate the victim. music fans are remembering glenn glenn frey. he died in new york city. he is a superstar . barber is joining us now to look back.
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songwriter, storyteller. robert: i do not see the documentary but i heard great things about it. juliet: really incredible! robert: this gives me another reason to check it out. according to the eagles website, glenn frey died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis , colitis and pneumonia. he sang word so beautifully. it's that peaceful easy feeling. the eagles provided the soundtrack for the 70s. glenn frey wrote and sang much of it. he did it so effortlessly. he was born in 1948 in detroit .
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decided to start playing the guitar and moved to southern california. he and don henley formed the eagles and enjoyed wild success. they sold more albums in the 70s than any other band. the album called their greatest hits and sold more than 26 million copies. both had become an american rock 'n roll. not only did they supply that sound and. but they went on to influence so many bands that came after. in 1980 they broke up. band members were asked when they would get back together. when hell freezes over, that's what they would answer. that became the name of the tour when they did reunite . the eagles were the subject of a documentary called history of the eagles. the band last performed here
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september . frey will always be remembered as a storyteller with a beautiful voice who relished every detail of singing and one of the best fans ever assembled. it really is a lot of fun. robert: i can listen to them all day long and i have at my desk. the bond he forged 45 years ago was never broken during the 14 years that the eels were dissolved . henley said, glenn was the one who started it all . he is the man with the plan. i am not sure i believe in fate but i know crossing
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change my path. he leaves behind a wife and three children. ben: i briefly met while they were touring. they were linda ronstadt and then they went on their own. >> he was always there and it was always there band. you could always see in the documentary that it created a lot of complications and left stress within the band. they were the creators and songwriters and the musicians. it was such a huge loss. >> thank you, robert. ben: it is sad. juliet: it makes me want to cry there is a call to boycott the oscars.did you hear about this? ben: gina pinkett smith is taking the lead in the
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outside the hilum harlem nine movie theater. the controversy usually comes after the fact based on who one. that's not the case this year. the real buzz and controversy is over why the screenwriters of color are dominating hollywood and not the nominations. the academy has the right to acknowledge whomever they choose to invite whomever they choose and now i think that it's our responsibility to make the's a message that set off a firestorm. the hollywood a-list or called for a boycott of the academy awards by hollywood's black actors for being oscars so white. i won't be there but i
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can't think of a better man than you. good luck. to the rest of you, love to you always.this will be hosted by chris rock who has dubbed the show the white bet awards. he hasn't caved to the pressure he is facing to bow out what he is hoping he will make a difference. reporter: many in hollywood believe the like talent was more than deserving but not one single acting nominee for a person of color. among those is spike lee saying , 40 white actors in two years and no flavor. not everyone appears to be on board. jana hubert took jake a jetta pinkett smith . >> i find it ironic that
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living in maine millions from the people that you are talking about roy cutting just because you didn't win. that's not the way life works. cheryl boone isaacs released a statement saying, i am heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion . it's a difficult but important conversation and it's time for changes. there is a 7000 party vote . they found 90% of the voting members are white. 70% are white men. that is a latest . back in the studio. juliet: it's always fuzzy on who the academy is. not just the demographic
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are they executives? maybe we can look that up . >> let's get some more specifics. are they . ben: actors and direct others . they are calling to band donald trump from the uk ? find out how he is responding. juliet: looking at the forecast. here is mike. mike: the same as going on today. in some places dropping below zero at times. the forecast is broken down for you on the fox 5 ny weather app dunkin' donuts'
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i wonder how this will effect us. juliet: not you people but us. it's interesting that they are trying to scam their
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and the traffic center. maybe she can't replicate that guacamole . ines: oh please. mike: lets give you an idea of what to expect. windchill at four 60 in that's happening now as we continue to track the coastal storm heading into the area . looks like most of saturday and early sunday with some significant snow and coastal flooding because of the low with the east wind that piles up along the shores. it will be a mess out there . forecast models are shifting but they still all say there is significant snow coming at you. we have 170 in central arc and 16 in newark.
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you factor in the wind in the feels like it's one out in newark and one below in allentown. it's cold and windy but mainly clear skies. there is some areas with defects no making it out to the catskills. looks like we will keep it dry but cold. future caste keeps us clear throughout the day and tomorrow there could be some clouds coming into the area late in the day and nothing that produces anything precept wise. there will be snow showers going by with a week disturbance. on friday and saturday there is something more significant. windy and cold around 290 as the wind calms down and it's mostly clear skies. lows are dropping down their 15 and as we go in the next seven days it's 35
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friday. saturday it will be the majority of the snow and the models are shifting where the focus is.the latest model has a heavier snow to the south . we still see a good amount here and it will be pulling away very early on sunday. let's bring in as .let's see what we have. will get back to it today. >> in the bronx river parkway expect delays with multiple cars and slippery conditions. it's only left lane closed southbound and as you travel away. let's go to the camera. it's a little bit blurry and everything is running
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>> are you ready for the guacamole? >> i need to buy the avocados in advance. >> rich lawmakers weighed in and they debated whether or not they should be in trump from the uk. >> it's a provocative move. >> i am really surprised by this. >> they are very agreeable people. it did not stop trump . in the pocketbook. carrie will tell us all about it . ben: good morning to you ben and juliet. the meeting went on for three hours. they called trump a fool and a buffoon. there were 600,000 people
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they called his hate speech about muslims. any petition supported by 100,000 people is considered for parliamentary debate . they did not hesitate to bash the candidate . >> we can fix a calo and give him the role of a martyr which is conceived to be an advantage among those that support him. i have heard a number of cases where people have been excluded for excitement and i've never heard of it for stupidity. he hit back saying it was a waste of time and threatened to walk away
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investment and scotland. there will not be a vote because only a british secretary has the power to be in people. three hours of them standing around there will not be abandoned. >> this is just a dog employee show? >> . juliet: that was kind of pointless. you having trouble with your iphone battery? or maybe an easy in new york state, we
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>> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". ben: it's windy out there. mike woods is tracking a whopper of a snowstorm. it's still a couple of days away but it could head our way in time for the weekend. it's wreaking havoc here on the studio.his latest on how much snow we could be in for. a dozen people are injured after a late-night fire. we have a latest on what happened . >> the search is on for two games wanted in stealing atm machines. we are remembering the
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glenn frey of the eagles is the founder. he is a storyteller. he passed away yesterday . >> good morning. i am ben simmoneau . juliet: i am juliet huddy. i feel like you guys are trying to get out of this. you are supposed to cook for me and the rest of my pussy that one. >> we have a babysitter. we will forge ahead. always passing the buck. we have a snowstorm on the way. >> are we going to work this weekend? >> can you text us and let us know that? that potluck dinner i want some food here. >> you have to do something.
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to cook ? >> i would like you to take the tortilla chip chips and toast them. >> will show you what's going on there. we have a storm coming in writing night and saturday. these are all coming together. it will be a significant storm one way or another. there is still uncertainty is in its track. it depends on where it goes that it looks like the snow is possible outside. it looks like a huge possibility out there. coastal flooding is also a problem in the situation like this and it's almost a guaranteed ring. it's just about everywhere. there is a slight chance of change in the storm track . that could make a difference in terms of how much precept we get and if
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mix. right now, it looks like it will be primarily snow. we have 170 in central park and is the same thing in belmar with a mainly clear sky. snow showers are a concern but we will still see a windy and cold one. because of the wind , it won't feel like it. there is a high 36 and there is the snow. late friday night and into saturday. saturday looks like it's a day of snow.let's bring in ines and see what's happening as you head back to work. ines: everyone had off yesterday. still a major problem . we had video from the accident . four separate accidents in
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it was damaged in the process and needed to be fixed. we hope to do that and get a contractor out yesterday. south down at the bronx river parkway in the left lane remains closed. after 9:00, they will shut everything down . let's go to the bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge, so far so good. juliet: thank you, ines. dozen people were injured when a fire broke out in a a firefighter suffered minor injuries . the ninth floor contractor shoot in the cause is under investigation. two gangs used a skimming device to rip off $16,000. one of the gangs placed a device inside the cvs on
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another is at the bank of america on east 96. they withdrew money from accounts at the bank in queens.there is a skimming device and the atm on lexington avenue. if you have information, call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. the music world is mourning the death of glenn frey. juliet: the guitarist and member of the band, the eagles, died in new york city. robert moses looks back at his career. robert: good morning to you. the song reads like a list of americana. peaceful easy feeling,
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tonight. glenn frey died from complications of arthritis, colitis and pneumonia. we will take heart that he has a voice that will never go silent. legals provided the soundtrack of the 70s. [music] he sang everything from lying eyes and take it easy and he did it so effortlessly. he was born in 1948 in detroit . after he saw the beatles perform, he start decided to start playing the guitar and he moved to southern california. he and tom henley performed and formed the eagles and
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they sold more albums in the 70s than any other band. album was called their greatest hits. it sold more than 26 million . >> those songs were indelible classics. not only did they define the sound but they went on to influence so many bands that came after. in 1980, they broke up in the band members were asked when they would get back together and they would say, when hell freezes over. that became name of the tour. they were a sub subject for the history of the eagles. september. frey will always be remembered as a storyteller with a beautiful voice who relished every detail of singing in one of the best
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>> don henley released a statement about his band mate and friend. he wrote that the bond that we forge was never broken. even with the 14 years that they were dissolved. when was the one who started it all and who said he was the spark plug. he was the man with the plan. parsing paths with him in 1970 change my life he is survived by his wife and three children.
5:36 am
lives a little bit better. these bands, for a lot of us, they are the soundtracks to our childhood. it brings you back to a memory. robert: iso associate places with these memories. i think that's why these deaths hit us hard. juliet: my parents are divorced and i remember them being together at christmas. it affects us in different ways. it just shows you how powerful music is. ben: thank you, robert. juliet: a big controversy over the oscar awards. it's called boycott the oscars. diversity among nominees, namely black actors.
5:37 am
harlem , crete is playing. year but you won't find any nominations for it. that's not the only one. this has ignited a firestorm because of it . it comes after data , the hollywood a lister, took to social media to boycott the comes in the wake of the oscars so white trending. the beast of no nation , creed, concussion and the biopic , straight out of compton all received a lot of high praise and not one nomination. not one for acting nominee and not one receiving any sort of praise for best picture. straight out of compton got one nomination but it was
5:38 am
are white . >> chris, i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching but i can think of a better man to do the job than you. good luck. to the rest of you, nothing but love, always. chris rock is the host. he is under enormous pressure to back out but he has not done that. that would be unprecedented. he has responded by saying he can make a difference. he has joked about the oscars calling them the white bet awards. the president says, i am heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion and it's a different and difficult conversation and it's time for changes. who makes up the 7000 voters and i looked on the
5:39 am
from actors, directors, agents, executives, costume designers and they all have specific qualifications that allow them to be a voting member.that is the latest.>> c1 juliet: they have to get the forecast right or they will cook for all of us. mike: looks like the snow is coming our way. it remains to be seen. here is what we have out there. we have ac potential in the standing water can be on the roadways.
5:40 am
likes to feel a lot colder. if you more clouds in the mix keeping it there and we keep it dry until saturday with snow coming through. we have to find two not forecast that could be between 10 inches and a couple feet . the forecast is available on the weather up on fox 5 ny weather app. download it for free. let's bring in ines to see what's going on with the commute. you shouldn't have any
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arrival window, and our new tech tracker feature email photo
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headlines.a man/another man's face in the east village. the attack happened saturday afternoon on east sixth street. if you have information call police. manslaughter in the shooting death of a man in a brooklyn stairwell. the hearing says the judge will decide if there are details of the pink house two years ago. they will see if they are admissible in trial. there is a southbound lane in the box river parkway where it meets in yonkers. they say black ice caused a chain reaction pileup on sunday night. 10 people were treated for injuries. time now for a look at sports. >> retire we start with the nance and carmelo anthony returning. chris had to leave the game with a foot injury. he injures his foot and he would return but he did not period. the injured foot is
5:44 am
play on wednesday against utah. he jumps down with a second to go. he goes to overtime . he gives new york some breathing room. 19 points with new york having the when in double overtime.gregory has talked about the injury. >> my foot is a little bit bruise now. raptors set up in the fourth quarter.he will make elaine here and 29 points with 10 rebounds. shane larkin with a pull-up jumper at 96.
5:45 am
three from the top of the arc. the raptors go on to win that one 12 . more news not surprising with steve reportedly staying on and they wanted him to run the defense. doug peterson with the eagles widely respected in the organization. spagnolo helped the giants win in 2007.he went on to win surgery on the hand and seven months ago he injured it in the fireworks accident. the defensive end return to play in hopes to improve the strength next year.>> the rangers are home today with the devils on the ice . the australian open with
5:46 am
williams . coda is up 5/2 and he takes this one. he goes through to fernando. it's 41 minutes. >> that is a look at sports. >> thank you, duke. time to check the forecast. a lot of people are starting to talk about this snowstorm. juliet: people are talking . mike: i think they are hungry for some snow. my daughter was out running around. that's what happens! we've been snow* . i think a lot of people in the same boat . it's a good thing for a lot
5:47 am
about delivery. today we go to 290 and that's about as warm as we have seen. mike: we are looking more like the record lows. it's the same in delmar and mainly clear skies bringing the windchill factor down to 40. that's why you have to put on the extra layers. hats, scarves, gloves. the wind will bother you. it feels like one below . mainly clear skies and you don't have the same storm threat like we saw but we see the cold wind coming in
5:48 am
it's around 20 mph. it's not a bother for us in the tri-state. 33 on friday and there is the snow kicking in. right now, the forecast want to take you further to the south. we have less snow here . it was up to the north yesterday. keep an eye on the forecast and the track and we will commute with a better idea of what's going on.let's bring in ines to see what's going on. we have trouble out there on the roads in the rails. ines: not too many issues.
5:49 am
by exit 2. if you are traveling here no problems as you cross the bridge. traffic is moving fine. let's take a look at the lie by willis avenue. smooth sailing west down and we had some things going on with the train. they signal problems northbound and they expect delays. it's between simpson and
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go by peeps . juliet: some people like them. reporter: let's talk about linda perry. she's trying to make amends. she is apologizing after she said that gaza only wrote one line in the oscar-nominated song, what happens to you. now she wrote an apology saying , she wasn't in the room so she can't say what lady gaga did. she wants to focus on the meaning of the sign . celine dion says she will not sing at her husband's funeral. she says she is still grieving her losses and would not perform.
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