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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good everybody. >> good day. another cold windchill five to ten degrees. mike will tell us how long cold will last and snowstorm that could be building up coming up in weekend. >> call for oscar boycott of spike lee and jenna pink et smith said they will not attend the moan. they're angry over lack of diversity among nominees. >> mourning loss, a superstar glenn frye eagles cofounder songwriter, singer down the list
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67. >> police are on the search for this guy accused in a string of atm theft on the upper east side targeting shoppers at a deli. >> and you can't get a clearer purr that's pretty good. good morning everybody i'm juliet huddy. >> i'm ben simmoneau january 19th, we see hardly any snow this winter but that could quickly change. >> yes, quickly mess up our friday night, big bet winning celebration. already sounds like it's going to be canceled. >> make the decision tomorrow. >> tomorrow. see what goes on for that. >> model reare maining king the. >> how much is the question, who gets the most of it right now today heavier stuff is down near d.c.
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>> only o tuesday a ways out so they have a tendency to shift become and forth storm has to come over to get better measurements out of it. bottom line is jury is still out. here's what we have very cold winter did i weather today. that's what wn. windchill between 0 and 10 degrees and a coastal storm that's a mess. a chance of significant snow. that is almost a girch at this point with coastal flooding but still as far as snow totals are concerned that is where the jury is out. heading out to the bus stop this morning it is bitterly cold. bundle it up. morning temperature 17 degreeses but feel more like we're in the single digit to zero depending where you are. five out at central park. one many newark. one below in belmar.
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clear sky and nothing coming our way as far as precip goes or we've got lake effect snow far north to the north and west of us not a problem but we have that cold wind drive down in terms of your overall comfort. what we have today a lot like what we saw later yesterday sunnier skies but windier condition. 25 by midday. high of 2-9d what we're headed to. up to 36 for a high of partly cloudy sky. disturbance down to the south. and then 35 for a high on thursday. 33 oned from. snow starts to kick in friday nooght into saturday. a lot of folks are ready for it. timing would be good because they have the day off except for us we don't have holidays. bigger the news story bigger the weather. >> the only chances. no one else in this room wants it. >> could be u fun even if yep
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nobody else. more work for us. let's bring in ines right now hitting roads with railing. got problems there potential >> bronx river parkway dealing with problems from an accident that occurred on sunday. we have pictures from that accident. it was 14 cars involve ised in this four southbound by scarsdale road that guardrail damaged so that would need repair so right now let's go back to our map hads. southbound bronx river parkway has one lane blocked. left lane closed between palmer and sprain brook after 9:00 shut down everything. an accident northbound by exit 2 that's blocking a lane. as for trains metro-north. long island railroad new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule. street cleaning ruleses are in effect. >> you don't want snow? the roads and how that will work
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snowstorm -- >> get it out of the way. thank you. all right so let's talk about hollywood now heavy weights there like spike lee and jada awards this year. the issue is the lack of nonwhite nominees. >> teresa priolo joinings us outside the amc magic johnson harlem nine movie theater. >> some of the big movies straight out of o compton one of the most celebrated movies of the year picked up one academy award anonymous. but that went to the film white screen writers you look at creed are about a black boxer that had wents to his white coach. concussion snubbed together in an industry where black talent is come to they thing right now a lot of people are really upset and complaining the fact that
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>> the academy has the right to acknowledge whomever they choose to invite whoever they choose, and now i think it it is our responsibility now to make the change. a minimum message that set off a fire storm. jada pinkett smith calling for a boycott of the academy awards by hollywood black actors for being oscars so white. >> hey, chris, i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. but i can't think of a better man to do the job at hand this year than you, my friend. good luck and to the rest of you, nothing but love always. >> this year's 88th hosted by chris rock who sense dubbed show the white b.e.t. awards so far and hasn't caved to the pressure he's reportedly facing to bow out.
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with movies such as beast of no nation concusion and straight out of compton released many in htd believe this year's black talent deserving yet not one single no, ma'am near if a person of color. among those answers the calling with spike lee saying on instagram 40 white actors in two years and no flav at all, however, not everyone is onboard. beth took jada pinkett smith to task. >> somebody who has made their living and made millions and millions of dollars from the very peek of boycotting because you didn't get a nomination or win that is not the way life works baby. >> academy president cheryl who is block released a statement saying, i am both heartbroken and frustrated about lack of inclusion. this is a difficult but
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time for big changes. >> the academy is also promised a review of its membership and audit of it. membership is private but l.a. times did an investigation back in 2012 and found that 90% of the voting members are, in fact, white, 70% are white men, and ben and juliet if we want to take this one step further to race and gender it has been six years since a female director was nominated ore celebrated. that's the latest from harlem this morning. back to both of you in the studio. >> teresa priolo for us in harlem thank you very much. police hunting for a gang that set up a debit card skimming device on the east side. they need your help to track them down. they put the device in the green gourmet deli in lexington avenue and used duplicate to withdraw from victim bank accounts. if you have any information call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> 608 now, sad news broke
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morning eagles cofounder guitarist glenn fry. >> passed away yesterday here in new york after battling illnesses. fox fiver robert moses joins us with a legendary life and career. >> good morning to you. glenn frye died from complications of rheumatoid thrist, colitis and pneumonia and 67 years old. his had band mate called him the spark plug as he he put it it will be strange going forward in a world without him in it. eagles provided sound track for the 70s. glenn frye wrote and sang much of it from lion eye to take it easy and he did it so
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frye was born in 1948 in detroit as a child he took piano lessons but after he saw beatles before perform he started to play the guitar and moverred to southern california, in 1971 frye and drummer don formed eagles, band enjoyed wild success. according to wrong roll hall of fame they sold more albums in 70s about than any other american band. album called their greatest hits 197 to 1975 sold more than 26 million copies. >> those have become you know classics you know in american rock 'n' roll. not only did they define a certain sound and a certain period, but they went on to influence so many bands that came after. >> 1980s eagles broke up. banted members often asked when they would get back together. when hell freezes over. they would answer. that became the name of their tour when they did reunite in
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eagles were subject of a documentary in 2013 called history of the eagles. the band last performed here in new york city in september of 2014. frye will always be remembered as a story teller with a beautiful voice who relished every detail of singing in one of the best bands ever assemble led. >> blepgding in, coming in at the same time. scooping, cutting off rooght, it's a lot of fun. we mentioned don released this statement about glenn frye reads i'm not sure admissible in paipt but i know crossing paths with glenn lewis frye in 1970s changed my life forever. frye leave behind a wife and
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>> i remember when i was at a bennie years ago in the 90s with my parents and ben we sat down at the table and hefsz there with my family. my dad a rock critic said he's met everybody so blown away by glenn frye staring at him. it was yeah, wild what a loss. >> when a voice. we don't have that million did i anymore in music. thank you, robert. much more still to come on this tuesday morning including u.k. proposed ban of donald trump and they would like to stop him from doing something. >> come on u.k. mike is checking the weather for us and watching this potential snowstorm. >> down the road but we have to get there first of all and a mostly sunny, windy and cold day windchill factor between or zero and ten degrees that's what we're looking at out there right now. but you have to bundle it, hats, scarves, make sure little one are taken care of too.
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>> all right we're back. yes there maybe a snowstorm on the way and it could hilt some time this weekend. so we're trying to figure all of this out with our experts over here. michael. >> looks to be quite likely
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quite a while. but exactly what we get out of it still remains to be seen. we have to fine tune over next few days. coastal storm is likely unserpts are in track mainly so further to the north actually it is not so great for us because that mean it is higher snow totals for us because further to the south get snow out there but more about some moderate snow as well as koas l flooding. but we're expecting significant snow regardless at this point and time along with coastal flooding a slight chance of change in the -- storm track. the actual path of that storm does make a difference in terms of whether or not we get snow or o snow mixed with rain. at this point we're getting snow out of it all. we've got a clear sky, central park right now. 17 degrees. the air is dry, it's cold. windy at the same time 17 also in philly. 16 in boston, and we have that
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cranked up windchill down into the single digit this morning. other than that lake effect snow showerings in upstate new york not quite here in the tristate region. high pressure is in control and keep it nice and dry for now. clear skies through the day today but tomorrows notice not in the morning but afternoon clouds work in as an area of low pressure swings by just to our south. not a big deal for us, and so we're going to keep it partly cloudy to clear over next couple of not until late friday where we have precip back in the area. sunny today. windy and cold. high temp 29 degrees. and then the winds die down tomorrow and high of 36 then. 35 on thursday, friday is when we have the coastal low coming saturday. that's when we have snow coming together as will. so look out for that. again as far as snow totals for this particular storm, that's remaining to be seen. today snow totaling are down a
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going up and down so hang with us and idea over next couple of days. bring in ines and see the roads. back to work and school so this should be a busier day but that's the quiet part. rmings problem on 287 in edison northbound expect delays an accident exit two blocking a lane. putnam county problems on 84 one by 18 another one as you approach exit 20 two separate accidents each blocking a lane. take a look at northern state parkway by the road traffic pretty good eastbound an westbound. westbound you start slowing down there as you pass roseline. george washington bridge driving into city. youupper leveling fife to ten minute delay. no delay with lower level. inbound things slowdown and then looks like they haven't opened up exclusive bus lane. holland no delays either approach. ben and juliet.
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british lawmakers waged in on debate about donald trump. >> i have a friend who lives in in and he was saying people are not big fans of mr. donald trump and almost 600,000 people actually in the u.k. signed an online petition in favor of stopping trump from ever entering the country from the hate speeching muslims any petition rt spued by 150 people is considered for parliamentary debate and did not hesitate to bash the gop candidate. >> the great danger by attacking this one man -- is that welcomes fix a halo and give him a role of martism to be among those that support him. i've heard cases where people have been treated for hatred, never heard of one for
6:20 am
i'm not sure that we should be starting now. >> parliament debate called a waste with of time which it was, and he threatened to walk away from a $1 billion investment in scotland, however, not a vote a ensay it was a waste of time because only the british home secretary has power to ban people from the country so really they just heard about it and talked about it but all sort of for not -- >> 6:20 republican presidential candidate chris christie campaigning in iowa yesterday and jumped in belittle over school lunch after a boy complained about his lunch during a town hall meeting. students can eat whatever they want. new jersey governor lashed out at michelle obama's antiobesity initiative saying parents should decide what their kids eat not the government. restaurant week is going on right now. that's always a fun time here in the city get a three-course pre6
6:21 am
this runs monday through fridays some places have deal on sundays as well. in all 371 restaurants throughout the five boroughs are taking part. restaurants week started yesterday and runs through february 6th. i feels that's about small amount of restaurants. >> when you consider how many are in this city. thousands. well you know what 38 for three courses. you've got to scrape it is expensive. >> it is. stl to come -- challenging the idea, 7 juliet the pot smoking can lead to decline in children iq what a study is revealing.
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>> all right tuesday morning health watch now new questions this morning about effect of marijuana on intelligence. some city studied linked pot use to decline in i.q. especially among teenagers but new research reported in proceedings of the national academy of sciences says that may not be the case. this study looked at test scores, including those of twins where one smoked pot other did not and found no difference. researchers there may be in i.q. for other cause rather for i.q. decline and more studies are needed. >> all righty what's act about to become free.
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have debit or credit cards getting rid of the one dollar annual subscription fee, and won't host ads to make up for lost revenue so how do they make money? it's testing ways to let businesses use a what's app account to reach out to users. we're seeing record low gas produces around the country especially in new jersey. but how about gas under a become a gallon? >> michigan as a matter of fact, drivers were fils up tanks for 47 cents gallon over the weekend. the low price appeared to be a lote price war, but by monday morning they appear to be over. still, i mean, they're under $2. according to gas buddy lowest across the state were above a buck 30. again.
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>> good morning everyone happy tuesday, u 6:29, make sure you don't leave your house without -- your hats and gloves today i would suggest a coat as well. >> scarf i would think also. yes, going to be very, very chilly today thanks to windchill as well. mike is going to tell us about a potential storm coming our way. a code blue warning urging homeless people to get inside. cause for oscar boycott is taking effect. not attending this year's ceremony although supporting
6:27 am
they're angry over o lack of diversity among nominees. >> chipotle free food. how you can take advantage of it. good morning ben. >> good morning juliet, 6:30 tuesday january 19th been a long time since i've had to shoflt out street corners to help you. >> ben likes to be a caregiver to society and go out and just shovel street corners although a camera -- intriguingly also follows him every single time. >> not every time. yeah, pretty consistent. >> i just like to make sure you don't have -- big puldzs which we avoided so far this winter. been kind of nice. >> not for long, though, sounds like. >> you know what gives kids a chance to make some extra money. that's what it comes down to. yont charge.
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snow. just tweet me. i have a story. [laughter] fun actually. watch yourself. all right here's what we have going out there, first of all it is cold. setting scene with a cold air that's already in place. 17 degrees out at central park, islip 19 bridgeport and 20 in poughkeepsie those are your actual temps this is outside because it is windy. one below, and islip same thing in belmar and five degrees at central park so very chilly stuff. other than that still a mainly clear sky but windy conditions with us for the day. high temp up to 29 degrees but ten to 15 degrees as far as temperatures concerned. again, windy today but not tomorrow. they die down the patly cloudy skies then. high of thursday. friday, saturday primarily snow coming our way. snow not rain, and it could be a
6:29 am
to be giving you more details on exactly what to expect out of it closer to it. but sell definitely needs to watch it. bring in ines see what's gung on as we hit see a lot of folks out there in morning. ines. >> a lot beginning on right now. start off the with accident that occurred sunday night affecting your commute this morning involve four separate accident ongs bronx river parkway that guardrail damaged and needs to be fixed today. so all of these vehicles because of icy conditions involved in this accident. back it our maps so today southbound has left lane still closed between palmer and sprain brook shut everything down to continue with repairs. tappan zee bridge an accident there blocking lane. 287 northbound by exit 3 expect delays because of a crash and a cross bronx camera shot traffic jammed both directions,
6:30 am
jerome avenue this is causing delays on upper level of the gwb. if you're heading westbound underneath apartments on upper level there's accident involving tractor trailer and a car. ben and juliet. >> freezing temperatures this morning have triggered city to issue a code blue warning. which means it is going to start bringing homeless people off the streets. >> kerry drew joins us lifer from union square to talk about this. good morning. >> good morning to you ben and juliet dealing with brutally cold temperatures this morning. 17 in union square as mike said it el is cold or with these temperature. they're dangerous for those on the streets. mayor de blasio issued a code blue warning for the city urging all a new yorkers to call 311 to help those on the streets especially physician you see them around. this morning it is issued when temperatures drop below 3 degrees and require shelter access for anyone in need. so if do see a homeless person
6:31 am
311 with a home stat outreach team take them to a shelter. also important to note if you see a medical assistance, give them a 9-1-1. earlier you might remember that governor cuomo issued that executive order to require to be taken from streets to shelters any time that temperature drop below freezing ath time there was talk that that was a continuation of a rift between governor and mayor especially in dealing with homeless issue. however, both men governor down played a rift. so far taken over 300 homeless people from the streets to various shelters and hospitals. this morning here in union square not sening many around. unclear if they've been moved to shelters or taken up and moved to the city. morning. both to you in the studio. >> thank you very much kerry drew. a huge kuk in the gut for music lovers.
6:32 am
passed away. one of the founding members from guitarist for legendary rock group the eagles battling intestinal issues and condition worsed and cowriter and lead singen on many was eagles biggest hits to kill a sun rise and lie on eyes and cowrote class tick such as desperado he was 67 years old young. very young. a great history of the eagles is fantastic, definitely see it. >> hollywood heavy weight jada pinkett smith at issue, is the lack of nonwhite nominees. >> let's go to fox 5 teresa
6:33 am
good morning. prnlgt good morning, if you look at movie reviews and box office revenue from the past year there's some big movies that had been produced and directed by talented black producers, directors, talent, and also starring very, very successful black actors but if you look at the academy award anonymouses you won't find them lists. somebody like a hollywood a-listers is telling people to boycott this year's oscars as a result of this. it also comes in wake of the trending hashtag oscar like creed, concussion straight out of compton all receiving high praises here, yet not one single acting nominee for a person of color and not one of these movies nominated for best picture. now out of compton received a nomination for a white screen
6:34 am
>> hey, chris,ly not be at the awards and i won't watching but yants think of a better man to do the job at hand than you. good luck. to the rest of you, nothing but love always. chris rock is out of pressure calling this the white b.e.t. awards. saying i'm heartbroken and lack of inclusion this is a difficult but important conversation and time for big changes and a she's promised a review of voting membership. back to both of you. >> teresa priolo for us town. thank you very much.
6:35 am
>> joining us is u lar lar lauren simonetti. >> when they don't charge you for extra guac that you ordered. what about a free bro toe ever get that for free? no. well -- you will happen to like this story. >> if it breaks extra tortilla that's it. giving away more free food to say i'm sorry. sorry for affecting traffic and sales and, obviously, health of the restaurant goers so saying i'm sorry is with some free food. i can tell you okay chipotle on 48th street will give away free burrito bowls to 12 to 1 but no discretion of each restaurant. but some customers might find themselveses with extra lunch at in extra charge.
6:36 am
>> maybe i bad my eyelashes to that person that day. when i was paying i want to say you forgot but u now they gave it to me for free on purpose because that's what they do. would you have said you forgot about the guac? >> probably not. of course i would. >> three there for a scoop. it is ridiculous. >> thanks, bye. thank you lauren. okay let's check the forecast. 17 degree all awfully cold. >> i take a bottle -- 5 in napkins every time he goes. shall we get stack out? >> you put me up to it. everyone goes over there -- listen, when they charge $12 for a burrito.
6:37 am
here's what to expect a cold and windy day. windchill between 0 and 10 degrees tracking coastal storm that had is coming through here that is late friday school board. a chance of significant snow could be as little as six inches or o two feet and we have to fine tune the forecast here. [laughter] 12 bucks burrito there you go. here's ines with the latest with the commute this morning what's happening out there ines? >> well we have some problems outs there. bronx traffic jammed accident by jerome avenue with a lane blocked and accident underneath apartments. long island commute there not bad. l.i.e. normal and more slowdowns approaching in queens. show you george washington bridge so you have that texas on cross bronx. you have a 30 minute delay upper level. 20 lower. lincoln tunnel 30 to 40 into city. holland 10 to 15.
6:38 am
knicks need double overtime, however the concern now for the rookie chris -- >> plus we have the latest entertainment news raight to come this morning. steve harvey face-to-face with the ms. universe winner and runner up after the mixup. what they have to say no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian
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>> all right checking headlines for you at 6:43, a gruesome murder suicide near the it campus. on sunday morning 24 colin kingston stabbed his ex-girlfriend 21-year-old kelsey, he also reportedly killed-year-old matthew hutchison and took his own life. >> horrible. nypd officer charlged with manslaughter in shooting death of the a man in brooklyn stairwell in court today at today's hearing a judge will decide if statements officer peter made after shooting two years ago. are admissible at trial. >>police tryings to crack down a crew to put a credit card skimming device at the atm. gang withdrew around $9,000 from viblghts bank accounts. pretty clear photos there. >> let's get over to duke for a
6:41 am
good morning. >> worst team in nba sixers. carmelo return from that sprained ankle but had to leave with a injury in the fourth injures that foot and he would return but did not play in overtime period. up by one and hit jumper you're saying up by three. but seconds left. carmelo anthony 4-3 and it's good. to overtime we jump to double overtime. and more melo giving breathing room playing 49 minutes off that sprained ankle in 1 points. knicks survived in double o.t.119, 113 after the game he's talking about the injuries. >> i don't know exactly what happened. but i guess i stepped wrong or
6:42 am
not too bad. so hopefully back wednesday. >> up north of the border now nets and raptors brook lopez somebody's favorite player making the driving lane, and nets down two. lopez 29 points ten rebounds two blocks. shane with a jumper to tie it up a the 96. but kyle lowery story in this game lowery getting up to be way downtown, and there it is raptors win 112-100. surprising. will reportedly stay on the defensive coordinator of the giants. now, giants brought up eagles who had wanted him to run their defense so u new head coach widely respected in giants organization. for building defense that helped carry giants to that super bowl victory in super bowl 42 over the then undefeated patriots.
6:43 am
surgery in hopes to improving strength. badly mangled that hand during accident. incident caused him motion of his index finger part of his thumb. defensive end return for play in big blue in 2015 after missing first eight games. hopes to play with a improved hand. vancouver the devils at home against calgary. williams had her hands full. kota first set, second setting up 5- comes up for the winner. 6-4-62. nadal opening round, and it took four hours, 41 minutes to do so.
6:44 am
you would have loved through that. >> i love watching them so fascinating to me. i don't appreciate the game. >> fun when you you went to the u.s. open. >> i didn't see a single second of tennis. we saw practice, and then lunch, that was great. >> what port is cool. i think this is a sport, sky skydiving yesterday that's me, well you weren't here yesterday but it was so cool. that is my instructor's name chris dickson what a sweet guy he was. but you can go up there and get feeling of skydiving. >> looks awesome. >> so your core gets worked out. you go in there, a minute. you can go on their website i fly but they've got i think 30
6:45 am
of the indoor skydiving buildings all over the world. >> scared? >> i didn't know what to expect but they're cool. someone outside of the cylinder type thing sort of monitoring the flight. fluctuation. >> never beginning to happen. awesome. well -- all right. that's cool. very cool. they wants us to go down there. love to go down there. do that in a second. i would do that right now. >> i'm gong to do that had. not friday night. o not. here's what we have out there. cold air it is here one of the ingredients to get a good snowstorm out here. here, here to stay too. 17 right now central park as well as islip. 19 in bridgeport. 10 in monticello so temps cold. coming at you 25 to 30 miles per hour gusts around tristate region they're happening. so it make it is feel like we're
6:46 am
a clear sky. few lake effect snow showers happening in upstate new york well clear of the tristates so we don't have to worry about snow squalling but cold air with a lot of sun out there. that we have cold -- cold temperatures with gusty winds. now as far as future cast goes we don't have anything crossing into the tristate threedges significant today. clouds with an area of low pressure doesn't look like rain or snow for us tomorrow. but into the weekend there will be some shower chances back again. that will be primarily snow. mostly sunny today. high up to 29 degrees. clear and cool for you tonight but lows between 15 and 25. and as we go through next seven days 36 is your high tomorrow. 35 on thursday 3 on fridays and then saturday that's when significant part of the snow is coming through saturday but out of here by sunday.
6:47 am
winter finally making a pushback in tristate folks missed out on snow. looks like we're getting it this weekend. daily an hourly forecast at the apple itunes and google play store and it's free. over to you. >> we have the latest imraiment news coming up. >> american pie a big hit in trouble with the law.
6:48 am
doing that landed him in jail. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it
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baby i' m worth it >> good morning, if you're taking bronx river parkway this morning expect delays. southbound left lane is closed. after 9:00 all closed this is between palmer and sprain brook because of accident occurred on sunday night. cross bronx camera shot traffic jammed here on eastbound side there's an accident by jerome avenue affecting george washington bridge. westbound cleared away an accident underneath apartments but something else here that started slowing everyone there slow moving construction vehicle so heads up on that. ben and juliet. >> thank you. >> anna gilligan is here. good morning. >> good morning, so renounced singer/song writer arrested for domestic violence assault
6:51 am
classic, american pie taken into custody after a 9-1-1 call was made. 70 yeertd released on $10,000 bail but due back in court on february 22nd. he does still perform o occasionally. apparently thoughts last performed at a local lobster festival in the summer. and wouldn't respond to request for comment. saga of steve harvey mixup keeps on going. remember how announced wrong winner. crowned ms. columbia but it was miss philippines. it was an interview with both women welcome harvey said yesterday that he's gotten death threats over what happened. he's denied it was a publicity stunt although gotten publicity out of it. here's a interview of what's to come. >> u how sorry -- i cannot even begin to imagine
6:52 am
>> a nightmare -- this is horrible. >> dramatic. you can see ms. columbia break her sidelines today on the show. leonardo dicaprio has his titanic costar kate winslet thinks that fifth time is the charm for leo five being number of oscar enologists but never won. this could be the year she said that's the temperature she's getting. it's his performance in "the revenant" it is interesting she's saying this because she cosaturday in steve jobs with a best actor nominee michael fassbender rare that a actor would take a side but said everyone is kind of rooting for leo. >> i'm saying eddy redmayne gets it. >> you see that movie? >> just speculating.
6:53 am
trying to spread the wealth usually. >> indoor sky diving? >> grout -- you got my assignment. brave woman than i. >> we have to run. bundle up. rosanna and a greg are here next for all of your news.
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the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
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