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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: "good day new york." january 20. i am rosanna scotto. greg: iam greg kelly. it could be a really big deal. all right. today will be standard. cold, but funny. juliet:. rosanna: more than two dozen new jersey schools. the threats turned out to be false. greg: mass shooting and bomb threatening. what is happening here at the school, school will be open today. rosanna: sexual assault charges. he targeted females patients that were in his care. one of the patient said she had her right mind about it when she came out of it to save some of the clothing.
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a major force in the republican party. she endorsed donald trump. donald trump is sarah palin's choice. this could be really really big in iowa. iowa is two weeks away. rosanna: not such a done deal after all. they are talking about concerns with this proposal. they will be here. we will be talking to them about their concern. the horse carriages. the horse was doing most of the work. what does this all mean? today is january 20, 2016. a year from today, we will have a new president. you may remember where you were
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in 1993. hillary is in there somewhere. another inauguration day. it is a big deal. george w 2001. january 20. "good day new york" was there to see president barack obama become president. that was a moment. what do you think? it seems like it could be wide open. it really does. could it be trump? could it be hillary? could it be sanders? somebody that has not gotten in the race yet? rosanna: how about a real dark horse. greg: he took a poll a couple weeks ago.
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into this thing. rosanna: snow or no snow? mike: i say snow. rosanna: significant order? >> i say significant. a winter storm warning at least. some folks get a blizzard warning. rosanna: so you are thinking these feet? mike: we will wait and see.
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is changing. greg: mike, give us a professional summary, please. mike: we do have potential for a significant storm coming in this weekend. a good part of the tri-state, if not the entire tri-state should be in on that action. really, coming in saturday into sunday morning, primarily. it starts off friday night. that is down in south jersey. snow totals of 6 inches plus. also, northeast wind coming in around 30-40 miles per hour. tropical storm force winds. it will give us the potential for flooding. we are talking about coastal
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highs of 22-two and a half feet. flooding along the jersey shore. we have the cold air in place. temperatures are us starting off primarily in the 20s. northwest wind coming through around as much as 20 miles per hour. those are sustained wind that we have right now. it will be the case for the early part of the day. it looks like it could be the early part of the storm. swinging by later on today into tomorrow. there is another one back in the rockies that will be coming through here. that is the one that will be responsible for the weekend storm. there is the snow coming through late friday into saturday. saturday is when the majority of snow comes by.
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she will give you the details. ines: a few things going on. one lane closed each direction. this is right by highlands. traveling on staten island, not a bad commute. let's go to our cameras. we do have a problem on the bqe. traffic flow. an accident over by queens boulevard. let's go to the cross bronx. traffic slower than normal. everyone has to avoid it. jim smith is in skyfoxhd to tell you all about it. >> we are over the lad eastbound. a tractor-trailer involved. leaving the scene.
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no lanes blocked off. searching a little bit passes area on the eastbound l.i.e. bumper to bumper traffic now. just about back to the bqe. traveling eastbound, be prepared for extra delays. greg: it turns out school is open today. rosanna: still caused a lot of destruction. everybody very jittery. fox5. true is that the high school this morning. >> reporter: this is one of 26 schools across new jersey that received some sort of threat.
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normal today. yesterday, it was a totally different story. a lot of chaos and confusion. a lot of them had no idea what was going on. the bergen county sheriff said all the threats came in the form of automated voicemails. these calls were placed to a computer-generated number in bakersfield, california. none of the threats were valid. police say the problem is, robotic balls can be very difficult to trace. >> the high school received another message at approximately 8:45 a.m. in the morning saying that there was something that would take place in 20 minutes.
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you do not know what will happen. >> it was in the middle of this. in the middle of class. the fbi says they are fully aware of what is going on here. investigations are being handled by local authorities. that is the latest list here in bergenfield new jersey. >> thank you very much. >> breaking news out of pakistan this morning. >> there is a map of the region. there was an attack. twenty were killed. many were wounded. gunmen stormed the campus. killing four of the attackers. the taliban and has claimed responsibility.
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the last few days in the newspaper. now there is video. arrested on two counts of sexually abusing patients. greg: david newman. a leader in the field. he is accused of drugging and performing lewd acts on at least one patient. that happened a week ago. when that became public, in other patient came forward. doctor newman is known for his efforts to perform care. he also served as a combat doctor in iraq. mount sinai has suspended the position. at least for now. donald trump lands and endorsement. nobody went rogue during this announcement yesterday.
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vice presidential nominee. a real hero in these tea party circles. listen to her endorsement of donald trump yesterday. >> you are putting reputations. relationships on the line to do the right name for this country. you are ready to make america great again. >> there was a huge national conversation about her. some people love her, some people not so much. this is a very big and significant endorsement. >> robert moses is here with more on the presidential race. >> we know for a fact that sarah palin is incredibly polarizing. expected to appear together at two events today. palin snap of approval may be
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it could convince those still on the fence to trump for them. >> sarah palin endorsed donald trump at a rally at iowa state university. new york city tabloids are having a field day with this one today. branded her down home side. >> you power his fashion. it is the power of america. what a combination. are you ready to share in that again, iowa? making america great again. >> that candidate best equipped to fight isis. >> letting our war years do their job.
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pulling very well and i am love. >> i love sarah palin. she is fantastic. without her support, i would not be in the senate today. >> the opposition hurt the state's economy. >> i believe it would be a big mistake. >> reporter: a new poll shows that hillary clinton has a steep pole to climb in new hampshire higher. bernie sanders 27 points ahead of her among likely new hampshire democratic primary voters. a big loss could damage clinton who for a long time was the nominee. intelligence agencies found information on her private e-mail server that is considered to be the most highly classified. a spokesperson said the
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at the time it was sent or received. >> it came just hours after her son was arrested in alaska on domestic violence charges. he spent most of the day on monday arguing. all the charges that he faces are misdemeanors. this campaign just keeps getting more and more. >> ben carson. >> we will get to that accident. let's stay on the table and trump situation for a little bit. i heard donald trump speak very respectfully. he would never go there. this is a famous moment from five years ago.
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a place in times square. you want to eat pizza, eat it anyway you want. going back to june 2011. he has been cultivating this relationship. this could be a game changer. >> was talk about doctor ben carson. a volunteer for his candidacy was actually in a terrible car crash in western iowa. sadly, he died. he was 25 years old. he had critical injuries. the van he was riding in flipped over. it was hit by another car. ben: that happened in iowa. a lot of time on the road. not only that candidates, but the staffers. >> at south carolina. he canceled his campaign event there.
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family. greg: causing a lot of controversy. more than 200 people both for and against. it got a little rocket they are. some say it is not about religious intolerance, but traffic congestion. the muslim community says they have been part of bayonne for years. >> we have been here for eight plus years. >> you are telling me that you have services five times a day. you currently have more than 20 or 30 families that attend. >> national officials should know what is going on here. the city is trying to push this
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it has nothing to do with racism. rosanna: there are a couple more experts to hear from before they make their big decision. rosanna: what did they do with that space? i don't even think that they renovated it. they talk about making it a bigger building. look up into the sky early in the morning. you will see something rather unusual. five planets form something of an art. normally you do not see five planets in the same piece of sky. you can see it if you get up early enough. i actually saw a piece of it this morning. rosanna: mercury, venus, saturn and jupiter. you also get a look at the stars around there. the rare spectacle set to repeat every morning just before
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greg: we have the helicopter out there. saturn. it could be venus. to the left, that might be mercury. it gets harder. particularly in the city. rosanna: hard to tell which planted it is. greg: getting up early during january. you can try to do this again in late august. you can see this alignment. greg: it will be warmer. rosanna: i am not looking at the stars when i walk out of my apartment building. greg: how do you tell a star from a planet? the planets are burning bright and steady. like that one. that we might think is venus or saturn. a cool thing happening in the sky right now early in the morning. rosanna: check it out.
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i am not going to the roof. rosanna: we are up and ready. mike: look just to the south of the big dipper. that is out there right now. the last time you will ever see it. it is going away forever. it is going out of space. here is what is going on. we are waiting for our incoming storm. 28 degrees out at central park. temperatures are warmer than they were just today. seven-13 degrees. more clouds making a pushback. this area of low pressure starts to swing closer to us. taking you through the
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still no precipitation out of it. an area of low pressure swings five. a few little quick snow showers over the poconos. here in the tri-state, i do not think there is much. we go from friday into saturday. there is that rain snow line. it looks like they will give us some rain. that is why we are saying this may not be all snow for the entire tri-state region. thirty-six is your high today. same thing for you on friday. 6 inches plus for you. we will get drier. let's bring in kindness. what a mess. >> a lot going on this morning.
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the tappan zee bridge. you are fine at westchester's side. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the commute. you do have a little bit of volume. george washington bridge driving into the city. fifteen-20 on the lower. less than a 45 minute delay. trains are running on a close. greg and rosanna. >> this is where a lot of people like to go for wedding pictures. at the same time, you get kids skateboarding. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan.
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greg: okay. that is an oil rig. >> it's saying. $228 a barrel. that is really low. september 2003. >> it could cause all kinds of problems in the economy. these oil tankers are having trouble.
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money moving it. sometimes they actually hover in the harbor here before is a common. greg: sailing back and forth. waiting for the price to go up. rosanna: yes and then they come in and unload. we're keeping an eye on oil prices right now. hopefully it will not have too much of a hit on our economy. greg: it will be here before we know it. you have to be aware of tics. rosanna: it is getting worse. they spread lyme disease. they now live in more than half of the countries in the u.s. the most nomadic increases in the northeast. people can spray their skin and clothing with insect repellent.
7:26 am
especially when it is hot out, to be doing all of this stuff. if that lyme disease gets into your system, it can really mess you up. i have learned that a lot over the last year. lots of people we know have it. >> they have figured this out. people are using really crummy passwords. the most popular password is the word password. also, one, two, three, four, five, six. greg: you know what is not smart is coming up with a clever password and forgetting it. rosanna: star wars inspired including princess and star wars. greg: hann solo.
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if we can. >> she was encouraging donald, i think, to go rogue. so i'm politically correct, it is great. >> definitely an odd couple. that could pay big dividends for him in iowa. rosanna: it looks beautiful. i we going to get some snow this weekend? mike is keeping an eye on it for you. people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is
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>> talking on a private jet over there. >> pj's where are we going? >> arrangements what would it be like to be on one of those things. >> that would be cool. >> coolest thing is you pull right up to the plane i hear. you don't have to go through custom. >> cargo right there. not taking off your shoes. >> you just get onboard and go. >> sweet, but yeah not good for the environment, greg. leaving such a footprint i don't know if i want to do that. >> i'll take chances i want a g6.
7:31 am
g6 in the meantime a remaking of mac i heard it in the electric room. >> what's that? >> downtown club. >> i would getting electrocutessed or something. >> hip, i thought you knew about those things. downtown, you know clubs they come and go. all right everybody what else is going on? >> cold out there for sure. but you were busy last night. you were out there in huntington. >> details at 11 a cool book event. thanks everybody for showing up. in the moon time know is in our future. >> you know what i'm enjoying? >> my cuff links. >> bicyclings. where did you get those? >> greg kelly ppg. show it off. cute? >> for christmas. >> greg, those are adorable. i very much like them. make sure he doesn't borrow them
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them back. hooked me up so many times in a jam. i think -- buttons work much better. buttons. instead of doing this. they're simple. >> very much appreciate it. thank you very much pal. >> honored that you're wearing it. >> all of the time now. let's show you out there. hey, maybe a little shovel cuff links those over the weekend. yep we've got snow coming our way. no significant snow so far this winter season. so yeah we might as well bring it on now mid-way through it. all right let's show you what's happening here are the weather headlines for day today. sun to clouds. sun out there right now. clouds building in and not quite as cold or windy as what we had yesterday aen day before, and then we're tracking a winter storm. now at this point it is well back in the rockies but coming in friday night into sunday morning so around for a while with a chance of some heavy snow coming our way.
7:33 am
coastal flooding that persistent onshore wind from the east, northeast miles up those waters an causes problems where it typically does where you have these situations by the way full moon is on saturday right when the storm is coming in too that make it is that much worse. 28 degrees that's your temperature out at central park with partly cloudy sky. 28 in central park again clouds not a problem just yet are. but they will be coming to us as time goes on opinion this is first area of low pressure bring us more cloud cover, but the probing is this one out of the rockies doesn't look all that potent but once it dips into the plain states we have to el doo with a pretty messy scenario for us. coming in later friday into saturday. but today still dry. we've got partly cloudy sky. 36 today. 33 tomorrow and friday storm coming through on saturday with at least 6 inches plus in some of the forecast molingsdzs give us more than a foot so we'll
7:34 am
to say exactly what we get but we're getting something so be ready for it. let's bring in ines you're above the rueing this on in the timing on the weekend. as good as it gets. >> play with the kids later hot chocolate. bqe watch out for a strolled stalled truck traffic backed up to the kosciuszko bridge. traffic low so bqe to the grand central parkway because of an earlier accident. route 17 and rutherford each direction one lane cloyed because of a water main break and with temperatures freezing is possible. so we have to keep an eye on that and see expect theys by highland. go to our cameras long island expressway. over by the road westbound you have volume but they are moving at the speed limit. no issue on eastbound side. trains on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. grg and rosanna. >> again with carriage horse it is look like they have a deal
7:35 am
carriage horses will stay? central park under mayor de blasio's plan but not everybody is buying it. they would reduce number of horses drastically but guess what, the petty cabs people who ride bikes and pull people they would be scially banned south of 85th street and a lot of people are upset about that idea. >> drivers of the carriages are not so happy about this new deal worked up by the the team steers. fox 5 teresa priolo has details outside central park what's going on, teresa? >> have you ever -- ever heard anybody say that if all sides walk away from the table, dissatisfied maybe it's a good deal maybe that's happen here. everybody is upsetting mayor'sen play except for, of course, the mayor this is in stark contrast to what we heard earlier this week. may or yo said plan was dawned that there was a deal in place that it was a good one and talk to petty cab driver and horse carriage drivers and also when you talk to animal rights
7:36 am
>> we have a mirror that wants to actually ban so you said this week still like to ban us. why trust mayor de blasio? reporter: when you you think carriage horse issue has been put out to pasture. think again. >> we believe here. we belong here unless they open a beautiful stable in central park. >> touted framework an agreement between city and teamsters repghting carriage drivers, limiting the industry in new york city carriage drivers are firing back telling mayor to hold his horses. mayor plan supposed to get them out of midtown traffic and put them in central park. by 2018 it relocates them from current home on west side to a not yet built state of the art stale in central park. perhaps most importantly reduces number of horses from 180 to 95.
7:37 am
stress the working eqan. >> we will not stand by that. >> that's not all in addition to protecting horses, the deal is supposed to insulate the drivers from their petty cab counterparts prohibits petty cabs from operating in the park south of 85th street. they too aren't pleased. >> charged in our business -- plan requires city council's l approval, counsel speaker melissa mark says she is happy a framework is in place, she refuses to say with certainty if this measure will pace. but she does expect adjustments to be made bissed on a public hearing. another layer of this central park conservancy manage the park an they too are opposed to the mayor's plan so see what kind of
7:38 am
that's latest from columbus circle this morning. greg and rosanna back to both of you. >> all right petty cabs and horse carriages we're going to have a driver from both communities up with us in a little bit. i've never actually been on a petty cab i felt bad. looked lirk a real serious manual labor. >> exactly riding a bicycle with heavy weight in the back. >> that's it, us. but seem like nice people going to meet a they cab operator and guy with the horses. >> mean wool did you hear it be governor christie decided not to act on a bill that would have raised new jersey smoking age to 21 years old. >> right now at 19 this is going to stay there threers for a at least for a while but they need governor christie's signature not opposed to increasing age but just that his office said hey, they sent us 100 bills at once we have to take our time. rtle plus campaigning for president. >> he's busy. actually showing some signs of
7:39 am
all right by the way, chris christie we're hearing about his marriage lots of people go through tough times including governor christie in a new book he said he and his wife mary pat underwent marriage counseling and waited seven years before they have children because they wanted to see if the marriage was going to work. >> that's good. they argue by the way emp to this day they said they argue in a walk-in close pet so their children can't hear had them in a new book about governor christie called american governor. his bridge to redemption written by -- >> bring to redemption i have a feeling that's a little dig. [laughter] it remind people about the unpleasantness gw remember that? >> i think anybody who has been married a long time understands the up and downs enduring because it doesn't seem like it's perfect. >> they uncovered but worked with christie an they they told him before that they used to
7:40 am
with relative sanctity. >> let's wish irene of their happy birthday a cold birthday but it's a happy birthday and linda nicoles thomas, also your birthday. enjoy it. >> what had do -- sure about that? yeah, no, that's downtown. way downtown. i recognize this rosanna remember when we went down to chinatown after layla got married? >> so much fun. layla our producer got married and then we did this promenad to a place to go eat. : that could be christopher columbus small statue millions in new york it seems. be the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do.
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that help every child -- in
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. >> play football -- we're playing, it's done. remember where we have the super bowl two years ago right here. prchght by the way speaking of the jets you know who is going to be here? jets wide receiver eric decker he's coming up at 9:00. >> wife is very pretty, very talented.
7:44 am
decker she'll be fun. seem like to have a really good marriage. i want to know what their secret is. >> i don't think the to know. >> maybe inspired. seems maybe -- not. what's up there mikey? rmingts not too much. not too much nice and cold. i heard from your husband yesterday as a matter of fact -- >> what? >> going through you? >> we have friends in common. >> nothing, he said nothing bad about you for the first time. just kidding. another cold start to the day. 28 degrees out at central park as well as newark. 26 in allentown. 29 in islip. 28 in montauk. we're all freezing, winds they're still out there. but not like they were last couple of days xepght for montauk they're up to 20 miles per hour there. but everyone else 6 to 15 miles per hour wind. call it breezy not wind did you but a mainly clear sky for now. but back it out this is area of
7:45 am
south of us maybe bring snow flurries up into poconos could head that way but this is real whopper of a storm that we're this weekend. it will be here this weekend. but exactly where it goes, really dig dictate what is had we have out of it. partly cloudy sky. 33 tomorrow there's the storm coming through. looks like significant snow to say six inches plus for most of us in the tristate. daily an hourly forecast on the weather app at the apple itunes and google play store free i got it myself. because i'm such a big spender let's bring in ines. you are, you are, though, listen. here's the commute bqe you have traffic moving slow. there's an accident blocking lane. no problem on 80 or 287. let's go to our camera take a
7:46 am
staten island expressway. victory boulevard moving fine eastbound but clove road things slow down that's because of an a accident blocking lane no problems on westbound side. as for george washington bridge, upper, lower level, kind of normal delays. 30 minute on upper. 30 to 40 lower level has a 20 to 30 minute delay. at the lincoln tunnel exclusive slow pin bounds but a slowdown there. 495, 45 to the 60 in the city. holland 10 to 15. >> ines thank you. talk rangers. henrik lundqvist taking on vancouver canucks until derrick was going to bang in a rebound here, and that's his ninth on the season. jump to the third period. canucks up 2-1 take the pass, and gets it to go, slides it in there.
7:47 am
in o.t.j.t. gets his own rebound gets game winning goal i went to bad rights after that. rangers win it 3-2. cory snyder devils play host to flames. first period no score. adam morrison gets to the front of the net and one time proposal here and doubles up 1-0. second period game tied at one. hits in the goal here. 17 second it is later -- devils get another one and there it goes devils go on to win 4-2 the final score. started all 43 games but is lilled questionable tonight against utah at the garden. he's recovering from the what he suffered mntdz and caution rules. knicks are hopeful he takes a start. and said he's el -- feeling better.
7:48 am
one you maybe are thinking of. cincinnati reds announced to inducts rose agree to a lifetime ban from baseball in 1999 because of a gambling scandal. not eligible in coopers town but rose doesn't mind and called it best hall of fame in baseball. >> second best thing -- this is the first big thing in sings cincinnati. >> erect a statue of the all time hit leader. a good move. you know, i like to see pete rose in coopers down as well. we'll see. australian open serena williams taking on shay, and puck it up
7:49 am
serena works quick, and 6-1, 6-2. success for such a long time that even though it is second round she said in a new record. 79th match 70-9 all time. that's real good. all right on the left side roger federer taking on alex -- second set a return, and for one, drop shot. federer is going to rip winner down the line and wins 6-3, 7-5, 6-1 i grew up listening to him. been on wfan since 198 and dominated afternoon drive times tells fox sports one that at the end of 2017, quote, i'm leaving
7:50 am
five and a half hours -- >> at the end of next year. giving us a heads up. >> doesn't say he's retiring but that part of my life is ending in 2017. >> i like when he falls asleep in the studio. >> see that? >> no -- >> how do you know this? he nods off sometimes. he's great. >> yotd think he's great. i enjoy when he denied that he fell asleep -- he fell asleep at the microphone listening to somebody. [laughter] >> u up five and a half hours. we have james dolan here in the 9:00 hour as you know at the msg. that guy right there with the guitar he owns the knicks, rangers, remember, and the liberty. the very serious musician. with that black hat and everything. released 7th album and hear him
7:51 am
by the way, good friends with the eagles. didn't he used to own cable vision or -- time warner, you mean. or cable vision? i can't keep up with all of these, a big deal in the cable like a billion
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>> jamie fox making headlines because he helped save a man eying life on monday night. another man helped cut this man out of his burning vehicle that crashed outside of the home in hidden hills, california. >> two of them together. >> with the manage's father after the fact. but we have footage of the toyota burst into flames. brett kyle but survive. >> look at this house is this jamie fox's house? >> i don't know whose but personally saved his son's life. >> i look at it not as heroic but i look at it as had to do something, an it all just worked out. without going too far into it all worked out. i told him as we were talking i said listen, as i'm getting out. you have to help me get out
7:55 am
you. kept watching it going, my god, my god he department have to do a thing. later fox poll has a picture on instagram, just happy father's and it's true. >> in a car accident in front of his house essentially. account car was burning. after they pulled him out truck up in flames and risked his life toe save this guy. a follow-up to a big story yesterday yowftd probably seen the video jada pinkett smith put it on her facebook discussing boycotting academy awards for lack of black nominees. namely sent to the president who said she was heartbroken and frustrated by the situation. well, since this video came out there's been a lot of pressure for chris rock to step down in a show of solidarity. williams said he should not but u bows out blacklist flld. also pointed out that issue is
7:56 am
community, hispanics, asian and women or underrepresented groups. george clooney weighed in out of the academy is moving in the wrong direction in the past ten years. he also pointed out that back in the 30s main movie stars were women now women over 40 years old have a hard tile getting leading role. reverend al sharpton bowed yesterday to organize a national tuneout of the oscar for failure to nominate a single black actor or director for wears ted awards he thinks if they see ratings are down it will have an impact of the bottom line for hollywood and they'll respond. >> it is all it be about ratings and bawftion. these stars doesn't matter where you have an oscar or o not, can you burden of proving in people when you open a movie? >> i don't know. if you get an oscar means more jobs. who has seen that movie, room? room, that's nominated -- did you see it? i never heard of it until ten
7:57 am
powerful, disturbing. will smith great in concussion they know poem will see the movie. >> not -- a thousand times. academy awards don't always match up with box office. a lot of times films that you don't necessarily see -- did uh-uh you like my analysis? uh -- great right now s hirks ma watches with her family >> every day on "good day new york." we appreciate it so much. thank you. >> my gosh, thank you so much
7:58 am
channel we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
7:59 am
>> hi everybody. welcome to the good day show i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto keeping an eye on a winter storm headed our way this weekend. we still don't know the snow totals. it's only 30% they're saying right now. but mike is keeping aen eye on the radar and he'll have the forecast coming up. >> all right again with the carriage horses in central park thought we had a deal, surprise not so much. and how does this affect human petty cabs they're affected in a big way and going to meet the the horse, driver and the bicycle and its thrive. >> back to class today for thousands of kids in new jersey. they were dealing with bomb
8:00 am
like 26 schools in new jersey yesterday. we'll have an update for you. >> donald trump, sarah palin, political dynamic duo. sarah palin former alaska governor, former vp nominee endorsed donald trump yesterday in iowa. and this could be a big deal in iowa whether you like sarah palin or not donald trump or not -- major political ramifications potentially. what else? >> all right, well more millennials opting for public transportation an getting their drivers license. how about that, big drop in numbers of 20 to 24-year-olds on the road -- i don't know if that's good or bad. you know, driving is a skill. it's good to know how to drive. >> i was driving, i mean, day before -- i could get a license i think i was driving. >> i'm a brooklyn girl. couldn't wait to take drivers ed. >> meant freedom. a whole world of well -- tourism and let's face it
8:01 am
>> my parents used to have a green cadillac that wases a boat. you can get eight people in the front seat. >> or one special person. in the backseat? >> look an apartment building. [laughter] you could live there nobody would even know. it was big. all right your car? >> what did i have again? a pontiac phoenix my father frustrated because i would return it to the house with no gas in it. >> sounds like our house. couple of things going on. donald trump, and sarah palin did you see this yesterday? but did you see this four years ago actually they've been friends for a long time. famously in times square eating pizza in times square. >> that was a big hot button issue. how could they use a knife and fork? >> rumor was donald trump did not want to eat the cheese at
8:02 am
>> didn't want the bread but he wanted cheese -- but not the crust so picking at it. smashing he's been cultivating her for a long time and major dividends governor of iowa said hey vote for everybody except ted cruz he couple out strongly against ted cruz. >> game changer for donald trump in iowa? >> potentially. >> you're a first won't we? >> around the corner by the way here's an alternative way to eat a piece of pizza tell me about this. >> l john travolta under owl on 86th street. larry's pizza saturday night fever two pieces stacked at the same time. i'm sure he invented that. >> none of us heard of that growing up in brooklyn but we want to try it. >> john on his way to the paint store after buying from a rival hard wear store. >> this playing underneath it.
8:03 am
all right. mike meek. >> did you ever have a double slice of pizza? >> not together like that, that looks -- >> i want to enjoy each solo. : a crispy crust on the bottom. thin, grilled pizza. >> he starts putting things on -- >> all appetizers. >> and mentions greg's credit card number. [laughter] >> 10% off. check it out. >> madison and 52nd. thanks greg. >> he would -- interesting thing to do. let's get you up and running story to talk about when it comes to weather for the weekend. next couple of days are nice and quiet. now you can get yourself geared up. did you get your bread and milk everybody is out there buys
8:04 am
well you might to do that in next couple of days. here's what we have for you. first of all talk temps. tempstemps are a lot warmer than it was 24 hours ago. 13 warmer central park. same in newark. 12 degrees warmer in islip. so our temps are still only upper 20s or so but warmer than what we had yesterday. a little less wind out there too. skies have manly clear sky. snow showers way up to our northwest not even close to us in tristate here's first of what had looks to be a threat for us here in terms of snow showers if this area of low pressure. this one isn't forecast to be that big of a deal. should come off mid-atlantic coast and maybe if anything bring us snow flakes up to poconos. but this is one that we have to watch a little more closely to dive down rockies, intensify as it comes across deep south and swings up this way. and heads off the mid-atlantic coast or just to the north that's when we're going to see a pretty good shot at snow coming in mainly saturday. today no, it's dry. 36 degrees with a partly cloudy
8:05 am
high temp of 33 tomorrow. 33 on friday. snow showers coming to town might be a mix of the rain and snow. near the coast or o the jersey shore, eastern long island, that's where you could have some mix but if this all comes together at this point six plus is what we can count on across majority of the tristate region and some of the forecast models say a lot more than that. get to ines right now and see things coming and going and get better in a few spots. coming and going right now problem on bruckner traveling webb, approaching sheraton an accident there blocking lane if you're traveling in new jersey garden state parkway southbound a crash by exit 117 and local lanes. stick with express lane. northbound side fine and delays 287 northbound heading to exit 2. cameras tack a look at your commute moving fine. there was an accident by clove road cleared away.
8:06 am
problems westbound. george washington bridge, driving into city about about a 40 minute delay. there's an accident before poll plaza upper level. 20 lower. lincoln tunnel 495 about 45 inbound. holland ten to 15. street cleaning rules are in effect today city wide. greg and rosanna. >> really bad guy made dozens of threats to schools warning of bombs and mass shootings. >> yeah, 26 schools by the way just in the new jersey area. were frightened out of their minds didn't know what to do. got their kids out of the classroom. >> wasn't just new jersey. five or six other states had similar threats phoned in again warning of mass shootings and bombs going off. but school new this morning is in session. >> bergen field this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you one of 26 schools across new jersey of ised some sort of threat yesterday school is back on as usual this morning.
8:07 am
couple of minutes ago. class began at 8 a.m. but yesterday a totally different story. there was a lot of chaos and con potion for students for new jersey. a lot of people from most of the on. schools evacuated others placed on lock down. bergen county sheriff said nearly all of the threats came in form of automated voice mail shootings. he calls to have computer generated number in bakersfield, california, none were valid thankfully but this has been called swotting. calling and phony threats to prompt a police presence. well this morning we've been catching up with students and parents talking about what happened yesterday. >> really concerned because they -- all of the high school evacuated to middle school so crowded so we have to change everyone's schedule, and then like at the
8:08 am
what happened. according to him that was a threat someone calmed the school and said oh, my gosh we're going to blow up school. everybody got really scared. >> were you concerned about morning? >> actually fun fortunately our second time dealing with evacuation in the last four months. columbus day we had a lockdown. frequent. >> thank you. >>in addition to threats in new jersey similar threats in several different states including massachusetts, florida, and new hampshire. it is fully aware the situation but that investigations are done by local authorities again this morning we still don't know who exactly was behinded calls. that is latest live from
8:09 am
greg and rosanna back to you. >> thank you very much. huge political news back to a couple of years. donald trump and sarah palin threrch. they wept to times square and had pizza together paymentsly used a knife and fork no problem there. donald trump is spoken of sarah palin and could it lead to what happened yesterday. sarah palin former governor of alaska, former vp nominee endorsed donald trump in iowa. >> that's right. all right -- >> how about that jots fit by the way. >> what is that by the way? something big in alaska. robert moses is checking things out. this could be a real game changer for donald trump in iowa. >> it could because we know how tight race is there and how tight it could be across the country greg and rosanna good morning to you. what a difference four years can make keep in mind that palin endorsed ted cruz in 2012 during
8:10 am
fast forward now to 2016 and put stamp of approval a difference maker in a tight race. >> thank you so much. so great to be in iowa. >> sarah palin alaska former governor and vice presidential nominee endorsed donald trump at rally at iowa state university. let's say that new york city tabloids are having a field do with this one today. palin tea party darling brandished home foxy style. >> his power, fabric eve america and it's worch by work ethic and dreams and drive and faith in the all mighty what a combination. are you ready to share in that again, iowa? because that's within you mac america great again. >> palin says trump are is best equipped to fight isis. >> are you ready for a commander in chief to let our warriors go kick isis ass? >> trump tries to fight off ted cruz who hassle pod very well in
8:11 am
cruz did not sound worried that his wiefl received palin's stamp of approval. >> i love spait. sarah palin is fantastic without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in senate today. >> iowa governor against cruz saying it that his opposition to ethanol subsidies will hurt the states' economy. >> a big mistake for iowa to support him. republicans duke it out in iowa a poll shows hillary clinton has a steep hill to climb in new hampshire. dmur survey shows vermont senator bernie sanders 27 points ahead of her among likely new hampshire democratic primary voters. a by big loss in new hampshire could damage clinton o who for a long time was the presumptive nominee and now words that intelligence agencies considered to be the most highly classified beyond top secret.
8:12 am
information not classified at the time it was sent or received. back now to trump and palin they'll be together on the campaign trail today set to appear at two events side by side including at a rally in tulsa. now outside to you. >> all right a couple of things going on here. remember the carriage horses they've been in news. thought we had a deal earlier this week. kairng carriage horses reduced it fewer horses but they would live in the park. nirnl t initially everyone liked this deal. >> coming still do. some are upset. one of the things is petty cabs like bikes that pull people around. they do it for money they would not be allowed in central park below 85th street. guess what, that's where tourists are.
8:13 am
with us are three drivers, madison, kennedy -- you brought your petty cab here. what do you think about? >> push us out of business. here's the thing most tourists come to new york to the park to see a lot of different things by banning below 85th street you're knocking out the opportunity for a number of people to see things in the park like fountain, pavilioning and now putting out bunch of horse and carriage drivers? >> been driving for 12 years. >> first? >> i'm a licensed tour guide. this is what i've been made the my business coming from central park. tours in the park. i do it and basically try to offer somebody a different format from just bicycles -- >> can you make a good living?
8:14 am
have twins wiive a wife, and i support them. without it, it's going to be tough. >> it's hard work. we've done horse carriages but to have one of you guys drive for us seems i don't know -- >> look at people and go they're too heavy to be in the thing? >> they're charged accident -- extra. football fan once they were heavy and a if 60, 7800. it was definitely an effort. heaviest i've had. >> what u do you charge had normally? >> basically it depend on where you're going and what you want to do. everybody person is difference and offers something different. i notice you take credit card? >> i want to say friends of mine have gone on a petty cab and say they don't feeling so safe.
8:15 am
you hit a pothole you feel it. >> but never had any major accidents. one situation to the law -- [inaudible] so -- >> we want to take a look. what about the price, because you -- said it was different for different situations. >> very arbitrary. >> human power vehicles they're how much it is. in central park it's a tour. >> that's the part that can get shaky. >> can. the city regulated the whole price thing, and what it is, is you have to have a certain sign on your bicycle, which we don't have right now. >> what does that sign say? >> it is per -- it's like per minute.
8:16 am
one dollar, 5 per minute, an that's what we have to do. >> guys do me a favor sometimes seems arbitrary and we're rooting for you. you want to get in? where are you going with this, are you -- what's next? >> not necessarily sure about the lawsuit i won't speak for the whole industry but it is what i do. i see this, by having the industry get to a point where they're gong to ban petty cab you puts a number of people out of the business. people doing stuff to survive i'm lucky i graduated from nyu people are making sure they can make a living dong this. >> i'm a life coach. >> madison good to meet you. website? >> i actually don't have a web based business. >> not giving me the ride?
8:17 am
oh, gee. liege riding a bike. does it cost -- >> wait a second. bring your pocketbook? oh, my goodness. geez. mike woods. hopefully we'll come back soon. wow. i saw that coming. you say i can't forecast. now we have to -- get the insurance out. oh, we better get on with the weather. squirmish on the streets 29 degrees partly cloudy right now. winds from the northwest at 14 miles per hour, and yeah looks like a quiet day this is a quiet before the storm. of course storm about three days off. but other temps throughout northeast rooj.
8:18 am
20s right now. cold air is in place one of the groonts you need to get in a good snowstorm it's here. other than that well yeah sky ises are still dry for the time being. not. going on with cloud cover but that will be changing. area of low pressure pulsing up moisture, and guess what that is beginning to pass by, not really getting involved with another area of low pressure over the great lakes. but second one coming out of the rockies is going to bring us this. winter storm scenario -- scenario one if we have that area of low pressure tracking closer to the coast we're going to get heavier snow that extends all the way into upstate new york. so further to the knot north and west could be high. one thing that is tricky with area of low pressure closer we could see rain in the mix out in east end of long island prapts around parts of the jersey shore but then up to the north and west snow totals go up quite a
8:19 am
there'll be you know we have to wait and see what happens with those particular snow totals that area of low pressure is port to the south you could also get heavier snow focused in closer to mid-atlantic renal near nation capitol drct that's what one of the forecast models have been saying for a little while here. see which one that is going to come true more than likely a blend of the two is what we're going with. sun and clouds today high up to 26. tomorrow up to 33 for a high. same for friday storm coming through that should be primarily snow that wraps up fairly early on sunday but yeah, it is a messy night with six inches plus what it look like right now. daily and hourfully forecast is at the apple itunes and google play store and free. check it out. let's get over to ines rosales to the traffic six of. >> can't ride a bike.
8:20 am
traffic jammed an accident there blocking a lane and l.i.e. itself eastbound residual delays approaching grand central parkway to bqe because of an earlier accident. route 17 a water main break closed each direction. skyfox hd over scene earlier by highland cross in weatherford route 17 there so they shut off the water which is good because of these temperatures it will freeze. but each way you have a lane closed to expect delays northbound and southbound. let's go to our cameras look at the fdr drive as far as that goes, normal delays here. 79th street to triborough bridge slow. same prl southbound side bqe and brooklyn heading to brooklyn bridge a look from empire state building. thunderstorm delays there traffic slow as usual. no problem on outbound side to gowanus. alternate side of the street parking today. wide receiver eric decker and his wife jest sigh james decker will be on the show suggestions
8:21 am
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against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
8:24 am
>> okay, so i didn't see anything on the car but my neck hurts and i sleep with a lawyer. >> i guess you can calls it a minor fender-bender owsdz of nobody's fend per bent although somebody thinks -- >> i have the video. that was fine but my neck on the other hand. >> you, i can handle. in a small accident show you details after the break. we have the business report from lauren simonetti. >> from watching markets my neck hurts. stock it is moving in complete lock step when oil goes down stocks go down and happening in a big way. oil around 278 dollars a barrel. lowest level in 12er yew. stocks are down an hour before market opens. we should see dow for instance fall by 300 points it is getting really ugly.
8:25 am
all right what can can you do? what can we do? if you have patience, you hang in there. think of the companies that you like, you know netflix had a great quarter. apple has a line and try to think positively if you're closer to retirement you might be nervous. >> i heard i'm no economic genius here but net flick signed up more than iphone sales that are down seems crazy because everybody has one. >> you're in economic advisor going to put it that way. by the way, you done your duty with the petty cab stay tbrea the horse and carriage drivers
8:26 am
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8:28 am
>> downtown. >> bearlike city hall, those buildings. greg: i may find myself in small claims court. a small accident that we just had. i was driving a pedicab. i am driving. you are in the back. that was loud, actually. hold on a second. the guy gets out of the car. he is not happy. rosanna: go to my facebook page. >> i apologize to the guy. it was my fault. >> the thing is, he was like, you damage my car. you and i inspected it.
8:29 am
>> by the way, i am not kidding. [laughter] rosanna: back i was transporting passengers. number one, i apologized right away. >> i did not trash that car. >> i bumped his car. i am from new york. >> i got his phone number. seat. this was not vehicular homicide. rosanna: by the way, kenny, kenny was not so happy, by the way, that you used his pedicab for that. >> i did not have the proper training.
8:30 am
going to take us for a ride. >> a good guy. we have a strong difference of opinion about the damage. >> very good. >> he said, i say it was a smudge. i will go to the judge. >> judge judy. >> judge judy is probably biased. >> the proposal that they would not be allowed. the problems are starting already. >> that was a new york moment.
8:31 am
>> i think i have witnesses. >> what is that other guy? >> go to my facebook page. i will have some video aftermath. mike: everyone is okay. rosanna: it is cold out there, by the way. >> cold, but sunny, for the time being. it looks like it will be a pretty big one for us here. mainly we have teens and 20s. that is all the way out in pittsburgh. 20 degrees in dc.
8:32 am
bigger focus of the snow will be. still looking out partly cloudy to mainly clear days out there right now. we do have an area of low pressure right here. it brings us a little more cloud cover this afternoon. the bigger deal will be when the bigger storm comes in over the weekend. it brings an area of low pressure little closer to us here in the tri-state. we could see a mix of rain and snow. the snow totals will stay pretty heavy throughout the majority of the tri-state. it continues into upstate new york. the european model which has been a little more consistent for us here, the last few years. the heavier storm will be
8:33 am
the snow totals could stay on the high side. they could really drop off if you had to the north and west. maybe our snow totals come down a bit. high temperature gets up to afternoon. there is the snow coming through saturday into early sunday. it should dry up after that. >> it does not make it easier to get around town. one lane blocked. because of this crash. whitestone, prague's neck looks good.
8:34 am
southern state dark way. let's go to our cameras. a look at the staten island expressway. one lane blotched slowing things down a bit. the george washington bridge, there is an accident heading toward the upper level. in the meantime, it is a 45 minute delay. forty-five-60 at the lincoln tunnel. trains look good this morning. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> the pedicab to the horse carriage drivers. a proposed deal for the future. they would drastically reduce the number of forces in central park. the horses would get to live in central park. they would not have to commute to the stable. >> the teamsters were
8:35 am
calling. he has been doing this for a very long time. unlike the petty cabdriver i just had moments ago. it seems like it is a done deal. it seems like you guys were on reducing the number of forces in the city. do you like it? >> we have a lot of concern with the new proposal. one of our major concerns is having the business. they would only take half of the business. it means that the financial burden on the states will fall
8:36 am
negotiating on your behalf. >> we are still the go shooting. we are still talking. we cannot go with this current proposal. >> moving stable. forget the capacity for a moment. we like that. what we do not like his is reducing the number of forces from 220 or so. >> wherewith those horses go? >> the problem is, you are asking half the horses to do all the work. right now, we have a lot of forces on the farm. if you cut down the horses, they come in and out. >> rosanna and i love the horses.
8:37 am
waiting for business. how many rides in central park are happening a day. >> that carriage business is one of the most iconic in the world. different times of the year. that is our harvest. we make a quarter of hours valerie from thanksgiving. right now, not a lot of business. >> it has been too cold. we all get text from the health department. >> do you own the stable where the horses are kept right now? >> no, i do not. >> there is a lot to talk about this being a land grab to get you out of there and go to central park.
8:38 am
actually develop the stable. >> yes. there are two stables. potentially holding up. we have always said that our issue stems from this. >> it makes sense to me that the horses would be capping the part. >> that is a long way from anything. we just had a pedicab driver on. they do not like anything about this deal. how would you characterize a relationship between the horse carriage drivers and the pedicab operators. is there a rivalry?
8:39 am
>> i know that there is lots of safety concerns. space. rosanna: they thought that they would lose their life on a pedicab. i'm not talking about the recklessness of the driver, just talking about how unsafe it is. >> pedicabs. >> a small accident. not even a fender bender. i smudged the guys car. i apologized profusely. rosanna, you saw. it was a smudge. anyway, i want to thank jorge. he did not lose his temper. >> he was cool. i apologize to the people in the
8:40 am
quite frankly, a bumper is designed to get bumped. >> i know. hold it back. thank you. how do we go forward? will you not agree to this proposal right now? >> our focus is to keep pushing it forward. having the number of forces and having 50% of forces paying the full of the stables. it is not viable over the long term. there is definite tension in the history of manhattan. it never came to fruition. >> you know who is winning, quite frankly, you guys.
8:41 am
very involved in your cause. he comes by and visit the stables. where does he stand on this? >> living on the west side of manhattan. he has gotten to know a lot over the last few years. huge tanks to the media. and the people of new york. >> we want to thank you for giving us a free ride. rosanna and i had the time of our lives. >> phoenix with a big feather. how are you guys doing? >> a beautiful tradition to take
8:42 am
>> thank you very much. rosanna: coming up. you know him. he is the owner and msg. he sounds pretty good. an accomplished musician.
8:43 am
they sound enamel is your teeth' s first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health.
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give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it give it to me i' m worth it
8:45 am
greg: maybe i do need a lawyer. you never know. greg: i am getting a very bad headache. greg: rosanna, bring it on. i would love it if you could make a federal case out of that. find yourself a good quack. happening. lead the call. bringing it back to the yes. this is sad folder.
8:46 am
thing. he raised prices by 20%. greg: what happened? it was not enough of a raise to keep the waiters in the staff happy. a lot of them quit. >> i think they are still doing it in manhattan. you do not have to tip. the tip is included in the price. >> remember, danny was here. i guess you have to give it a few months. not a lot of the restaurants are signing on. i think a lot of restaurants are looking to see how it works. this all had to do with the lawsuits that are going on in the industry. >> fewer young people are getting drivers licenses. >> right.
8:47 am
just 77% of 20-24 -year-olds have driver license in 2014. greg: rosanna signed up. i think you have to be 17. did you fail? >> my mother could not believe i actually passed. he thought for sure that he would not have to take, he would leave it up and take the car away. i passed my test. >> how big was that car, again? >> kim johnson. she is hot and heavy. >> did anybody see that? >> kim has been dancing her way into romance. anyway.
8:48 am
how to lose weight. i need help. i am interested in it. >> a really smart guy from start paying. they will both be here coming up. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
8:50 am
greg: anna gill again here. stop laughing at my expense. >> i will get some good news for new york city. that midler is returning to broadway. you can hear that sweet voice in person. last appearing back in 2013. before that show, she had not performed on broadway since the 70s.
8:51 am
about performing on stage. she was not sure she wanted to do it. first playing the role on broadway. ready for the city's biggest man-made snow day. working overtime yesterday. it is for winter jam 2016. last year, 20000 people showed up to snowboard. equipment rentals are free. winter jam will happen this saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. >> okay. go to my facebook page. greg: footage.
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