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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. speed. juliet: a blizzard watch is in effect for most of the tri-state . it seems like it will be very late. mike will clarify all of this. ben: this could be great or
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it will affect how your streets are cleared. juliet: the first murder of anyone in scarsdale since 1977. a phone threat with someone to connections with isis. it happened about one week or two ago and philadelphia. more on that story in just a moment. mike. take it away. we are still holding and that is
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going into effect. it is saturday morning. the main difference between the two is it will be more blowing snow in the city and coastal areas. the wind speed will be a little bit higher. as far as snow totals, what to expect there, a good six-12 inches. the snow totals roughly start dropping out. luckily, it is coming through on a saturday. twenty-seven is your temperature out at central park. cold air already in place. we are all freezing with a
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shift by to the south of us last night. this will be our bigger problem. still a little ways off. forty-eight hours away. tomorrow we will make it up to 33. the snow starts up saturday morning. the heaviest of the snow will come through in the evening and overnight hours. it is a pretty good hit of snow, nonetheless. let's bring in kind as now. ines: all lanes are still close to year. there is an accident. the rest of new jersey commute
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the westbound side, you are fine. construction slowing things down on the cross bronx. traffic not moving right now. of emergency construction talking to lanes. it looks like they are trying to wrap things up. the deegan itself doing fine. lincoln tunnel, about a 10 minute you late inbound. trains are running on or close. ben: thank you very much. juliet: we will see some major snow this weekend. >> yes. they are ready. rolling out new ways to tackle snow. fox5 robert moses is live from the west village with details.
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one hopping place this weekend. the mayor will be here to talk about winter storm preparation. we have about 48 hours of calm lives before this hits. now would be a good time to prepare. our virtually snowless winter will not be snow on lists much longer. >> they are not ready for this snow. be ready for the snow. this year the department of sanitation is rolling out a new plowing strategy.
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untouched. grateful this storm is rearing its ugly head on a weekend. >> a much quicker job. displaying its muscle in the form of these refurbished humvees. the police officer can respond no better how about the conditions give. if they have an emergency in the house, the police department will be able to respond. alternate side parking was suspended for weeks. cars were covered in a cocoon of ice. >> it went down to the continental line.
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weekend. hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle. >> it will be a hassle, no doubt if you are sticking to travel this weekend. many carriers in this area are waiving those change fees. saturday and sunday will be a nightmare. robert moses. thank you. the nypd is on high alert this morning. a phone threat that somebody with connection with isis wanted
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earlier this month ambushed and shot. with that in mind, commissioner bratton, they are taking this threat very seriously. receiving a new threat yesterday. also announcing new additions for more police and community interaction. a prominent pediatrician has been stabbed to death. ben: the first homicide in decades. >> reporter: good morning. police are still out here on the scene.
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community and 39 years. we have a portion of the police dispatch call. >> the report is that a female has been hurt seriously. no further information was given. we have arrived on scene. >> reporter: one police arrived around 10:00 a.m. on wednesday, they found the body of a 58-year-old doctor. she had been stabbed to death. her husband was taken into custody and is now in the hospital for undisclosed reasons. he called 911 from inside the home. she worked as a pediatrician. right works for a corporate consulting firm in manhattan.
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domestic dispute. white had petitioned for divorce in august. it was an isolated incident. now they are investigating the first homicide in scarsdale since 1977. they do have grown children. one of the couple's children told the new york post about his mom. reportedly at a local hospital for undisclosed reasons. that is the latest live from here in scarsdale. i will send things back to you in the studio. >> that murder was the murder of bonny garland.
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>> a lot more still to come this morning. blaming restaurants for outstanding waistlines. juliet: it is so true. it is so true. >> i do not mind that one. [laughter] >> it adds up, people. 27 degrees. lots of sunshine out there. just a little bit below normal. forgot to turn on the weather app. daily and hourly forecast. those are available on the fox5 weather app. download it for free. put it to work. we will be right back. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches
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ben: all right. it is kind of a new c. juliet: my victory lap.
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>> hey, i am ready. >> we all are. juliet: it is usually every weekend. >> we have the winter storm coming our way. it starts picking up as time goes on. blowing and drifting snow. it has to do with the visibility and the wind speed and so on. you have a little snow for you. it should not be sticking around for too long. 27 degrees. twenty-three and sussex.
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going down the wrong pipe. we will see around six-12 inches of snow. just be aware of that. let's bring in nine as and see what is going on with the commute this morning. >> problem spots. drink my water. there was an accident southbound closing all lanes. that has been cleared away. all lanes have opened up. no problems westbound and eastbound. the cross bronx doing fine this morning. westbound is a different story. emergency construction. with the trains and track
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between fourth of -- 14th street. then aunt julia. ben: thank you very much. sarah palin. well, starting up more controversy. >> a lot of the controversy was yesterday on that get up. juliet: it is sold out. people say that you cannot hit it anymore, unfortunately. the woman also told police that he threatened to shoot himself with a rifle. pointing all the way to the top. president obama. >> our military personnel has to wonder.
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it comes from our own president. >> so far, there has been no response from the white house. >> rick snyder. asking president obama to reconsider the dimaio of federal disaster aid. >> apparently the water has been contaminated with lead for the last two years or so. it poses an imminent long-term threat. president obama declared an emergency. determined it is not a disaster based on the legal requirements. kind of the fault of city officials there. >> i told her that we would have her back.
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as they work their way through. >> what took so long. >> the president said yesterday that he was beside himself. they approved the governor's request. $28 million on top. school nurses and testing and monitoring. the water became contaminated with lead when they changed the water source. a cost-cutting measure. a couple million dollars. >> it seems criminal to me. >> you have to wonder. there were signs for the last two years. >> moving on now.
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to do that, it needs a lot of money. a demonstration from the athletic director. each has donated $50000. the product is called our big ten build. both men and women. more players. helping finance construction. up to $25 million in tax cuts. they have a floating river. ben: a lazy river? are you kidding? rosanna: yes. it is crazy. >> we have a lot more still to come this morning. nine planets. a planet.
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winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. juliet: is there another planet
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they found evidence of a new one. ben: pluto is just a dwarf planet. wondering what it may look like. >> i love how we have artists rendering of things we do not even know if they exist. >> we say might because they have not actually spotted the planet yet. >> they can see smaller objects pulled them pushed around by the gravity. what else would it be? >> it is 10 times the size of earth, perhaps. it would be 10-20000 just to make one full orbit around the sun. that is how far away it is. >> that is mind blowing. ben: my wife thinks space is
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it is very hard to grasp. juliet: it is endless. who are we. why are we here. >> now you are getting into the real questions. >> 4:30 a.m. in the morning. [laughter] juliet: more than nine in 10, more than nine in 10 restaurants serve meals that exceed the recommended calorie limit. average 1200 calories are more than double what experts recommend. ben: do not behaving.
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refunds on hoverboards. a clever marketing word is not enough. bursting into flames. the safety commission is investigating at least 39 reports of sudden combustion. this, i do not really get. i say that that is on you, not the machine. amazon's decision to get refunds. have you ridden one yet? >> no. ben: top stories. juliet: mike has the latest predictions. the snow storm is heading our
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>> good morning, everyone. mike will tell us how much snow we can expect. >> changing the way that snow removal is done. rolling out a new plowing strategy. >> keeping an eye on wall street. ben: j studied. it is thursday. january 21. juliet: and we are about to be at snow. they are complaining. what makes people happy around here? i don't know.
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going into effect. mostly what i would like to call the metro areas of new jersey. it does include a six county. it looks like the other regions are looking at a winter storm watch. that is likely to expand. that is all happening for you saturday morning through sunday afternoon. we headed to the timeframe. about six-12 inches for the majority of us. you could see 12-16 inches plus. the snow totals drop off dramatically. again, it is not happening until
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today, you are fine. the storm coming in over the weekend. i think i do. hello. >> good morning. things are getting busy. the southern state parkway. something going on by hempstead avenue. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the commute. you do have your normal slowdown. there is a stall blocking one lane. let's go to that bqe. traffic jam tear. that is because, as you get on the bridge, there is a stall manhattan bound. traffic jams heading westbound. as you approach the george
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construction there. causing heavy dew lays. this is westbound. eastbound side, it you are fine. >> we are going to get hit this weekend. juliet: the city and other areas say that they are ready. robert moses joins us with more. reporter: good morning. we are just outside the spring street salt shed. this will be a very busy place this weekend. the mayor will visit this building to discuss the city's perforation. last winter we were blanketed with snow. this year, though, not so much. that is about to change.
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management will be participating to coordinate preparation efforts with agencies like transportation and sanitation departments. this really is the nerve center. though war room. >> people have dealt with a mild winter. they are not ready for the snow. reporter: you heard the commissioner there. yes, it is coming. the fact that it is coming on a weekend is really important. we mentioned this new plowing technique. it is known as snow sex during.
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unplowed for hours. back to you. >> you have to wonder if it will, at the expense. juliet: exactly. thank you very much, robert. a phone threat that someone connect it to isis wanted to shoot a police officer. greg: ben: the terror alert went out to all officers yesterday. receiving a new threat yesterday. you may remember earlier this month. a man that pledged allegiance ambushed and shot a police officer down in philadelphia. juliet: and afterschool brawl left one team dead and another on the run.
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the suspect was wearing a :-) hoodie. ben: two weeks after an 18-year-old woman reported being raped in a playground, mayor deblasio plans to increase security. coney island to prospect park. included in the mayor's preliminary budget. there appears to be a red light robin hood copycat out on long island. juliet: that is troubling at sometimes. there was a truck in front of me that was going slow. i did not see it was read by the time i was going through. not my fault.
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earlier this week. arrested last year for tampering with cameras. >> it is injustice. it is fast. >> everyone knows that it is a money grab. that is just the way that it is. >> it does for some people to slow down. it seems like these things are turning up everywhere. suffolk county collect did -- >> i do not know if it can point to an actual decline. >> city manager type thing. let us know.
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top. >> it was like $30 at it is a shirt and a turtleneck. we shop at venus. they have the cutest stuff. what is going on with the markets? >> we are becoming a broken record. it is a final washout. markets have gone so low. the big question to this is are we there yet. at what point.
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down about 95 points. we were down 565 points. 565. rallied back a little bit and close down. any resemblance to a storm trooper. [laughter] >> oh, 4 j? ben: lauren simonetti. thank you. >> see you tomorrow. >> you are talking about the type. >> backup. here is what to expect.
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we are tracking that winter storm saturday into sunday morning. it will have periods of snow as well as minor coastal flooding. high tide time. could be about two and a half feet above normal. that will be a problem this weekend. let's see what is going on with the commute. >> the cross bronx. westbound. you have to lays. past that emergency construction underneath. it has two lanes closed. let's go to the george washington bridge. upper level traffic, not too bad
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495, 20-30 heading inbound. sitting next to a very well-dressed j. duke: in the lineup twice. we will show you. they took on the jazz last night at the garden.
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juliet: i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
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ben: checking the headlines for you. a major snowstorm heading towards the east coast. it includes the city and long island. six-12 inches. central south jersey scene over a foot. heading into rockland and westchester county. juliet: in scarsdale. investigating the murder. found stabbed to death in her home yesterday.
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he is in the hospital for undisclosed reasons. ben: expected to shut its doors in the coming weeks. were placed by the ballroom high-end event space. juliet: they could have movies there at times. ben: people like chertoff, but, yes, it is storm trooper -esque. the first thing i said this morning. mike: i will try not to use for grammar. fourth quarter. just over a minute left.
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getting the ball. of up in the air. fouls him. getting the game tied up. can he win it? no. one minute left. they want to win 118111. thirty points past larry bird. over to brooklyn now. lebron james outrunning everyone. later. third quarter.
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castle in. ninety-one-78. buffalo bills. the first full-time female coach. smith has been working as head coach rex ryan. personnel assistant. and in turn for the game day. facing the denver broncos. advancing to the super bowl. between tom brady and peyton manning. eleven-five. peyton is two and one versus brady. >> it has been a tough team to play against. you combine that with coaching. >> you have to play 60 minutes.
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opportunities that they give. >> all right. the usc at the prudential center. january 30. as a promotion for that, usc stars past and present went through a serious workout yesterday. joining in on the workout. >> we love it. making that usc debut sometime later this month. improper grammar. especially when people tweet. they do so using poor grammar. take a listen. >> they will talk crap to somebody. just make sure you have the
6:47 am
you know the difference. really, trying to make fun of somebody and you are not using the correct language. >> he is so right. ben: when you are referring to someone it is you are. juliet: i retreated his little blog rant. it was actually very funny. >> people misuse it all the time. it is coincidently. >> rain on your wedding day. that is bad luck. it is not irony. you find out that he is a
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that is a bummer. [laughter] part of a song. it is not ironic. [laughter] ben: lousy. >> right on point. i hear you. let show you what is happening out there. we have a cold day coming at us here. we had a few snow flurries and showers. the southern sections of jersey. this is the storm. it will be coming through the tri-state region. this is what the snow potential
6:49 am
we have a six-12-inch bull's-eye. just understand that the totals could go up. it could also go down at the same time. we do have a blizzard watch going into effect starting saturday morning. twenty-eight trails open. you have packed powder they are. expect a little more snow to come through the area. high of 36 today. that is when the big storm is
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the fox fives and white rather enrollment ends january 31st.
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[texting] [crashing]
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ines: the ronkonkoma branch is suspended. service suspended between ronkonkoma and farmingdale. then the cross bronx. it has been cleared away. emergency construction. you are left with delays.
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it is appropriate given that the tire of j. anna: i came in and said i love your shirt. >> i like it. let's talk about star wars. not such great news. a follow-up to the extremely popular. now coming out on december 15, 2017. was supposed to come out in may of next year. james cameron will premiere the following weekend. holding the title of highest grossing movies of all time. could take that all-time title, two, eventually. >> a fox production.
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>> block and white comes on the lower half of the body. fashion is often kind of space ag. >> jamie lynn. what is going on with her? anna: she has been battling multiple sclerosis four years. it was just before the sopranos fourth season. he came days after she got married. the symptoms have become worse over the last decade. she has to think about every step she takes. she did not want her son to grow up feeling like he had to hide something from the public.
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idol." they just did not have the parts to go through. they just let them keep going. her sister, she was in the top 24. she did very well. juliet: thank you and happy birthday to frank. ben: that is it for the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
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