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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: i am greg kelly. we are expecting quite the big storm. it is cold today. i turned everything from 6 inches to a foot. getting ready at the command center downtown. by the way, we may have a problem with flooding. >> scarsdale police having to deal with a murder. investigating the death of a well-known, well-respected td attrition. ben: isis. they want to target new york city police officers. a strange bread out of
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middle of the city. a couple of 20, 30 years ago. one screen. it is going away. too expensive to run that place. >> it reminded me of one of those old-time movie theaters. >> you are talking about the old days. injuries she said she sustained yesterday in a minor accident. we have videotape. we collided. i thought i had two problems with the driver. later, rosanna was saying, whiplash. my neck hurts.
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>> she will be fine. she will probably try to milk this one. the driver indicated he thought i did some damage. we agreed to disagree. contact information was exchanged. we will see what, if anything. >> it was calm. there was definitely tension. i appreciate jorge coming in later. this is not over. rosanna is nursing her neck wound. [laughter] she is fine. mike: picking that up from an episode like brady bunch or partridge family. [laughter]
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we are talking snow. blizzard watch does not mean you will get one-to snow. it has more that you will see snow and blowing snow in the area. that is the first thing that you need to know about the blizzard watch. you have that going into effect for the metro area. over towards newark. all along long island. starting off for you saturday. it is a winter storm watch for everyone else. you see the snow blowing around. that is what makes it so difficult to get around.
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watches out. as far as snow totals, six-12 inches across the core of the tri-state. these numbers can go up and down. at this point, a lot of the models are saying you will not get much of anything. towards fillet, towards dc, that is where your totals go up a bunch. two-two and a half feet above normal. thirty-three tomorrow. the snow starts up between the hours of 6:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. continuing through sunday morning.
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saturday evening into saturday night. let's bring in ines. what is happening with our commute. >> problems with the long island railroad. there was an unauthorized google. customers are at fives to stick with the montauk or the port jefferson branch. taking the bqe this morning. that is slowing things back to the gowanus. lower 20 minutes. 495, not too bad of a commute. holland tunnel, 10-15. the cross bronx was found. you have emergency construction underneath the gwb.
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let's go back to our cameras and show you the statins island expressway. greg and teresa back to you. ben: under a blizzard advisory. a blizzard watch. all of us really. the plows, the salt, imposition. waiting for the big storm to get here. >> waiting for things to kick off. greg: let's get to robert moses. he is outside the place they keep all the salt. hi, robert. >> good morning to you.
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here. this will no doubt be a hopping place in about 48 hours or so. the mayor will be here to talk about the storm preparation. while we have the time to get prepared. our snow list winter will not be virtually snow listening longer. since we are out of practice, the snow may be a shock to the system. >> not ready for the snow. monitoring the storm for headquarters. this year, the department of sanitation is rolling out a new strategy. streets that may have gone
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attention much sooner. doing a much quicker job. suffolk county displayed in the form of these repurposed humvees. >> no batter how the conditions get. rest assured, the suffolk county police department will be able to respond. alternate side parking was suspended for weeks. all this all went down to the comment line.
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along this weekend. >> oh four you can enjoy this storm from the comfort of your own home. waiting the so-called change fees. you will not be penalized if you change or fight. back to you. >> scarsdale police are investigating a murder this morning. ben: a woman found stabbed to death in her home. in the shower. 58-year-old doctor robin goldman.
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let's go to kerry drew. she is in scarsdale with more. >> reporter: police are still out here this morning on lincoln road. they continued their investigation. part of the road right outside the house is still blocked off. they have a portion of the police dispatch call. >> respond to lincoln road. a female has been hurt seriously. no further information has been given. >> reporter: when police arrived around 10:00 a.m. on wednesday, they found the body of 58-year-old robin goldman. she had been stabbed to death.
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now in the hospital for undisclosed reasons. the doctor worked as a pediatrician. affiliated with the medical center in the bronx. a corporate consulting firm in manhattan. the killing happened airing a domestic dispute. police are calling this intentional. saying it was an isolated incident. they are investigating the first homicide in scarsdale since night teen 77. public records show the couple have lived in the home since 1977. they have grown children. she was a great person. amazing. in a local hospital this morning for undisclosed reasons.
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that is the latest in scarsdale. >> somebody with connections to isis wanted to shoot a police officer. greg: he did not actually make the call. the alert went out yesterday. pledging allegiance to isis. we actually saw a videotape of that. they are taking this threat very seriously. >> okay. all right. just one day -- and local news this morning. endorsing donald trump for president. sarah palin stirring up some controversy. >> he was arrested for,
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got into a big fight in alaska. barry credo: the president's leadership. she seems to be associating her sons difficulty with the leadership. >> even have to wonder if they have to question if they are accepted. >> we have not heard from the white house. we have this. characterize that he went to the old standby. probably to some effectiveness questioning ted cruz citizenship. born in canada. a lot of folks in iowa do not
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ted cruz's out there as well. he certainly is gathering a crowd. the former republican presidential candidate. the party would suffer cataclysmic and wholesale losses if cruz ended up pointing the nomination. it is pretty big. ahead of trump by 3%. >> they do not like ted cruz for
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they intend to appeal that. it looks like he will get, he is eligible for a six figure yearly pension. still baffles you both. that is a law. prosecutors may force forfeiture of all or some. >> we see that with other lawmakers, two. all right. michigan's governor asking president obama to reconsider the nile of federal disaster aid. >> way too much lead in the water.
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threat seriously. the president was in detroit yesterday. we will hear from the mayor. a real crisis there. >> we're going to have her back. all the people of flint staff. >> yesterday the michigan's house approved the request for 28. meant to pay for the filters and bottled waters. the city began drawing. a cost-cutting measure. >> some buildings here have
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astronauts and astronomers. they find evidence of a new planet. a massive new planet in our solar system. this ninth planet is being recognized after pluto was downgraded. >> how could we have missed it? it is so big. >> they actually have not spotted it yet. it is in a bizarre orbit. >> some very strange behavior. a giant planet. ten times the earth. much more further out. we have not seen it yet. we have seen that gravitational influence on the solar system. we know that it is there.
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is not considered a planet. >> this is from the old dictionary. if you want to remember the planets in order from the sun. my very educated mother showed us nine planets. my is mercury, very is venus, educated is earth, mother is mars, just jupiter, us uranus, nine is that too and, i learned this in the boy scouts. i thought it was pretty cool. >> i do remember that in science class. third grade, maybe.
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>> it will take 20000 years or so. mike: that is not what it was called when i was a kid. let's get you going. giving you a little rundown as to what is going on. seasonably cold air. dry air will be with us through friday. go ahead and did get any kind of supplies that you need. medications and things that take care of snow and ice. make sure that the snowblower is working and do it now. we are going to see periods of heavy snow. blowing snow. the potential for moderate coastal flooding. it will happen again this weekend. temperatures, it is cold right now.
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islip. mainly clear skies. some snow showers and flurries. coming by to the south of us. a thin layer of snow and ice. that is what happened. they will come this way in about two days. we will have to deal with it. we have the colder air over the tri-state region. we are dry today and tomorrow. i don't think that the rain / snow mix gets going for a while. a heavier band of snow right on top of us. there is some mixing according
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some reindeer parts of long island. lagarde list, it looks like we will see a significant storm for us here. again, the blizzard watches in effect for the metropolitan areas of new jersey. thirty-three is your high temperature tomorrow. the clouds increasing. the good news is, with the timing, there is no school. cleanup on sunday. away you go. kids kind of want that so they can have a snow day. >> not coming until the next day. you can play. >> still go to school on monday.
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jim smith is in skyfoxhd. >> a train on the tracks. the cart and the intersection. it just pulled away. we understand from police on the scene that there was no one in the vehicle from the time the accident happened. managing to get out before the train struck the car. that service disruption on the representative call, branch. ines, still going on.
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on a clear day, you can. >> we will put you off into the distance. >> there is manhattan. all the way there in suffolk county. jim, we will be right back. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it give it to me i' m worth it baby i'
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greg: remembered the pope's visit. that was spectacular when he visited here. i got a glimpse of him. one of the fiats he use will be put up for auction did. >> it will happen next week. there is a chance it could happen to. greg: fascinated with the pope. we went for a joy ride with the pope. greg: people thought that was the pope.
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hand on the pope's shoulder. a great institution over there on 42nd street. >> coming up on "good day new york." greg: how about a peek outside.
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i find my box of oats m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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>> i think that's -- yeah, that's jones beach, the theater, and that mysterious tower built by robert moses right there, jimmy. >> that is right. you have to know what that -- do you happen to know what that tower houses? >> good question. i've always been fascinated since i was 4 years old, and i actually tried to go into it once. no, i have no idea. >> it is a water power. >> oh, yeah? >> i thought you were going to say something -- >> it doesn't look like a water tower. >> yeah, where's the big tank on top? and it should say jones beach. all right. mystery solved. that's a water our right there, jones beach. there's another one down the block at the robert moses beach. jim, thanks a lot. when does the jones beach
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>> the amp 2450e9er? -- amphitheater? >> i guess when it's warm. >> i've never seen a concert there. >> justin bieber performed there last summer, i believe. hi, everybody, 7:30. it's going to snow bigtime. we're getting ready. >> is there any chance, mike, this could just be a nuisance storm? >> it could be if the area of low pressure, what drives it all, centers a little too far. >> but you're not betting on it. >> not betting on it, but the general trend is for it to sink closer to the south. we're keeping an eye on it. this is still 48 hours out which is a significant amount of time, so just keep that in mind. still looking at the potential for blizzard conditions before too long. here's the overall forecast for the weekend as it stands right now. now, it looks like the snow would start up on saturday, and the heavier snow wouldn't really come at you until later saturday afternoon and evening, and then that snow's not only going to be on the heavier side, but it's going to be blowing around and
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and that's when the winds are cranked up. you also have some coastal blooding issues at that time and, yeah, visibility comes down to one-quarter of a mile or less for three hours straight, then we have an official blizzard on our hands. we do have the potential. still some snow left over for you on sunday morning, and then we should be done. here's what we have as far as the coastal flooding, moderate tidal flooding is expected. we have the full moon coming in on saturday, and that drives up the tide about 2-3 feet above normal, so that persistent northeast wind keeps piling up waters along the jersey shore, the back bays, yeah, you're going to have problems at times of high tide. you'll have to check your cycle times to find out whether it affects you in mar. but for now it's a quiet day. we have a mainly clear sky at this point in time. there was a disturbance that
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district last night, snow and ice. but this is where the next storm will be coming from. two area ares of low pressure will bring us about 6-12 inches for the majority of the tristate region, but there are some places that should see heavier amounts as you head towards philadelphia, you could see up to 16 plus inches of snow. and notice how the snow totals as you head to the north are dropping off off quite a bit. that's because the snowline is going to be a real sharp one here and, therefore, some folks may not get much of anything, but a lot of folks probably do especially as you head to the south. high temp today goes up to 36 with sunny sky, not so much going on with the wind. 33 is your high tomorrow with the clouds increasing, and the snow starts saturday cranked up pretty good all the way into sunday morning, and then it is out of here. this nor'easter does have some kick to it, but we'll give you details when they continue to
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let's bring in ines, we've got a few problems here and there. >> good morning, mike. long island railroad, the ronkonkoma branch, service has resumed. right now it's a 45 minute delay, this was the problem, why they suspended service, an unauthorized vehicle was on the track and was struck by a train. the train has moved out of the way, so that's why they can run service, but they're still trying to clear away that accident. let's go to our maps, a water main break on route 17 northbound, so expect lays as you -- delays as you approach linwood avenue. greg and teresa, back to you. >> thank you very much. did vladimir putin order the execution, the murder of a former kgb agent? this is alexander livinyenko. in 2000 he defected from russia, then he went to britain, and he started sharing secrets. he called the kgb a corrupt,
7:33 am
soviet government or the former soviet government. his comments didn't go over well. this is what happened to him. take a look at this. he was poisoned back in 2006, and he died. he was drinking green tea with two russian colleagues, and this is what happened to him. he became violently ill and died a short time later. a british inquiry has determined that, yes, he was poisoned. the two guys with hum probably did it, and -- with him probably did it, and vladimir putin himself ordered this. >> let's go to juliet huddy who has the latest on this. >> good morning. well, you pretty much summed it all up. it was pretty close to being the pert -- perfect climb. a former kgb agent defects and starts working with the british. the two -- he meets two pals in london -- two "pals" in quotes -- in london at the
7:34 am
cup of tea. hours later, he is violently ill. his grim situation puzzled doctors in the u.k., so much so that they brought in british scientists to try to figure out what was going on. again, all of this had been going down in russia. just hours before his death, 22 days after drinking that fateful green tea, these investigators, these scientists hit the jackpot. essentially, what they found, the green tea was poisoned. it was laced with moon yum 210 which is a rare isotope, a nuclear trigger produced and found mainly in, you guessed it, russia. on his deathbed, alexander accused putin of being the killer. for years the dead man's wife had lobbied for a full, public inquiry in the u.k., and she got it. an investigation just released by the british high court blames russia's leader, vladimir putin, for organizing this. not necessarily doing the deed, but organizing this.
7:35 am
the british judges said the one-time russian agent went rogue working for the brits' spy service, m-16, and likely the biggest problem was that this man was a very passionate and outspoken critic of vladimir putin, even calling him a pedophile. british investigators called tons of evidence, documents and witness statements. some of these statements, some testimony suggesting alexander was trying to tie putin and his cohorts into organized crime. what about those two guys that were sitting with alexander at the bart the my runs yum -- millenium hotel? the brits want russia to hand them over to face murder charges, russia says, absolutely not. will this result in frosty relationships between the united kingdom and russia? most likely. the foreign ministry says this is all politically motivated. as for 1r5d myrrh putin's reaction, we have not heard yet.
7:36 am
the studio. >> thank you, jules. >> that putin. >> i guess it'd be interesting to see if there would be any charges or anything that would connect him, but they wouldn't do that, right? he's head of state. >> let's talk about dogs and cats. there are great big shelters in the city, and you can go there to adopt. this is a good news/bad news type of story. they're still euthanizing cats and dogs in these hospitals. actually last year in city shelters 3,000 cats were euthanized and 1,000 dogs. but today's new york times reports that the shelter are doing a much better job finding homes for these animals and caring for them. back in 2003 60% of all dogs and cats that were brought into the shelters were euthanized, were put down, were destroyed. that number is down to 13%, just 13% of dogs and cats are being euthanized. they are finding homes.
7:37 am
money in the budget for bigger and better shelters. they are making improvements, but they are still putting down a lot of cats and dogs. >> yeah, that's so sad, especially when you see their sweet faces. >> i got my dog from a shelter, he was the best. >> i got my cat too. >> all right, what else? >> there is a new battle brewing over city bike here on the upper east side. some people are complaining on lexington avenue the city bike stations are taking up vital parking, and it's affecting business there. >> there's only so much real estate in manhattan, but if you ask people to live and work in this neighborhood on the upper east side, they'll tell you this is city bike rack is taking up more than its fair share. the worst part about it, according to neighbor evelyn david, is the bike rack here at 63rd and lexington is almost always empty. >> half of the block was packed with bike racks and bicycles.
7:38 am
they immediately disappeared never to return, ever. >> the city made room for it two weeks ago, an entire city block of parking disappeared leaving drivers and service delivery trucks with nowhere to go. >> i park here because there is no, i mean, you cannot park anywhere around here. >> there's little doubt the city bike program has been a popular one with ridership soaring and bikers logging an incredible 10 million rides last year. city bike is adding new stations all the time. but uber driver juan leal says it comes at a cost with city bribing racks squeezing the -- bike racks squeezing the traffic. >> for a cab driver, you're not allowed to park anywhere. >> we reached out to danny simons at city bike and scott gastel at the dot and did not get a response. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. >> i like when they put them on
7:39 am
be right on the street. all right. there isn't that many places to park, that's too bad. yep, right there on the street. they should be on the sidewalk. >> jen's right, real estate's at a premium here. there's not a lot of space. >> let's go upstairs to the helicopter. jimmy, what have you got for us? >> we're flying along the south shore of long island with a look at kennedy airport this morning. >> i wonder where rosanna went.
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airplane to somewhere in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches
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and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. >> well, folks, we have a blizzard watch that's now in effect for the green-shaded counties, all of long island, all five boroughs and the metro areas of new jersey, right around knew we -- newark, hudson county, union county. yep, you're under the blizzard watch saturday morning through sunday afternoon. blue-shaded areas more or less the same condition, however, more of the blowing snow and a whiteout condition in the blizzard watch area. right now that potential is there. at this point we do have a clear
7:43 am
we're waiting for two areas of low pressure to come to us, and when they do, they're going to be producing a good amount of wind as well as snow. again, that starts up more you saturday morning and goes through sunday. checking out the ski resorts, mountain creek, a base of 8-12 inches, they'll take the snow if they can get it. it's going to be difficult to get it up to the north with this particular setup. and wyndham mountain, packed powder there with 35 trails there and, yeah, hopefully a little additional snow, but probably more in the central and southern sections of new jersey. sun and clouds today, high temp up to 36, tomorrow a high of 33, hen this snow -- hen this snow comes new on saturday into sunday, and we could have blizzard conditions. that mainly means stay off the roads. daily and hourly forecasts on the fox 5ny weather app, and it's free. check it out, and let's bring in ines rosales. we've got a dry, sunny, cool day outside.
7:44 am
>> good morning, mike. let's check the hudson river crossing starting off with the george washington bridge, 40 minute delay on the upper, 30 minutes on the lower. 60 minutes at the lincoln tunnel and the hold damaged tunnel, 30 from each approach. rockland county, normal delays, once you're in westchester, you're moving fine. route 17, that cone, there's a water main break northbound by linwood avenue. the lie, you can see the hov lane particularly blocked, traffic jam there westbound. as for the bqe, there was an earlier shaw on the brooklyn bridge -- stall by the brooklyn bridge, that's cleared, and long island railroad, the ronkonkoma branch, earlier accident leaving a 45 minute delay, there was an tracks. >> we saw that thing, nobody was
7:45 am
>> yeah, i agree. >> time for a look at sports. duke, good morning. >> i will try not to use improper grammar in this sports cost. you'll find out why in the end. christophe last night, carmelo anthony buries a huge three from the lane. knicks go up 4. last chance, governor can heyward -- gordon get it is fake. time running out. balls coming down to melo, we are headed to overtime. in o.t. knicks up, 3. rebound goes back, knicks go on to win 18-131. -- 118-1111. melo passed larry bird for 33rd
7:46 am
over to brooklyn. first quarter off the turnover, lebron outruns even. in for the big jam, and cavs off to a big start. later in the second, lebron, cavs up. lebron for three, 17 points, cavs win 91-78. all right, the new england patriots face the ten very broncos -- the denver broncos on sunday, the 17th meeting between tom brady and peyton manning. >> head to head meetings, but they're never on the field at the same time. >> you're right about that, greg. >> like pitchers. >> exactly. so what's up? who's going to win? >> i think the patriots win this game, i do. however, peyton is 2-1 versus brady in championship games.
7:47 am
they've always had a lot of talent, and you combine that with excellent coaching, it's a tough combination. >> you've got to play 60 minutes, and you're going to be in for a tough game, and we're going to take advantage of opportunities that they get, so we're going to have to take a good job taking care of the football because you don't want to give it to these guys. >> man, if you can wear a hat like that and is still be handsome, you're handsome what about this grammar thing? >> the ufc fight january 30th, anthony johnson. as promotion the ufc stars past and present and new jersey devils new strength coaches went through a serious workout. the former superstar making his ufc debut, he hates improper
7:48 am
they use improper grammar -- >> how improper was it? >> it negates the point. >> if you're going to talk crap to somebody, you're going to try to insult somebody, just make sure you've got the right punctuation, you know the different between there, they're and their and you're and your, really if you try to make fun of somebody, you look more like an idiot. >> i agree. >> he started that with if you going to -- if you're going to talk crap about somebody. i'm not sure that's -- >> the actual grammatical mistakes -- >> who is that guy again? >> testifies the longest relationshipping heavyweight champion in the wwe for a long time. and now he's making the transition to the ufc. my pet peeve is when people misuse the word ironic. it's really coincidence. >> my pet peeve is when people have grammar pet peeves. >> it doesn't bother you when
7:49 am
>> all right. >> there, their? ere -- >> this is fascinating. and what's that guy's name one more time? >> punk. >> is punk his real last name? [laughter] >> we'll be right back.
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the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and
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that help every child -- in
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>> who saw the amy schumer hbo special at the apollo? >> i did. >> man, oh, man, some fantastic stuff. very funny. you know, quite frankly, arguably vulgar but still funny. nicki minaj provided the background. some controversy surrounding amy schumer. anna gilligan, everybody. what is the story? >> what happened? >> okay. this is kind of a big twitter story. basically, three female medians took to the social -- comedians took to the social web site to accuse her of stealing some of their jokes, all mentioning that some of schumer's jokes are strangely similar to theirs. wendy liebman clarified saying i never said amy schumer stole my
7:53 am
i just wanted you to know i wrote it first. tammy tweeted: what has always been amazing to me is that she purports to to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians. >> i want to see evidence. >> someone put together a video that's circulating, i posted it on my twitter. caution, there's a lot of cursing and some vulgar content, but you can look at that for yourself @anna underscore gil gilligan. >> was it the actual same writing of the joke? >> they were the same premise. one was about, you know, if you're oprah, you should be able to lose weight because someone could slap weight f food out of your hand and put you to sleep to work you out. >> probably funnier when she did it. no offense be, anna. [laughter] >> i'm not trying to be funny. >> all right, what else is going on? >> basically, she is responding all my life i have never and
7:54 am
and she also said she did an interview with jim norton, and she's going to take a polygraph to show she never saw any of this original content, and she's going to post the results on her comedy central -- >> she went to my rival high school. anything else going on? >> well, the curtain is closing on the movie theater on 54th street. the theater's lease wasn't renewed, in its place will be a new ballroom which will be a high-end rental space for galas and events. >> that's the inside of the theater. the cool thing about that, the size of the screen, the movie screen, was a football field on the wall. >> yeah. >> it was huge. the best, really great place to see a movie. >> this is where i've seen the biggest movie stars, i interviewed george clooney there, this is the premiere spot for premieres here in new york city. >> all right. as we go to break, let's pump up the volume.
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special with amy schumer, she comes out to this song. >> and ryan patrick, thanks so much for happening with us this morning. if you'd like to be our facebook fan of the hour, go to facebook.c having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> good day, new york. it is thursday, january 21st, i'm teresa priolo. >> rosanna p enjoy your day off, tomorrow too. i'm greg kelly. that blizzard is coming, they're calling it a potential blizzard.
7:58 am
we will see snow, a lot of it. details in a moment. >> we are all preparing including the is city and the the city's department of sanitation is rolling out a new plowing strategy, it's called sectoring. how could this affect your street? we'll tell you coming up. >> okay. take a look at this guy. here he is, alexander levin yen coe. this is him dying about ten years ago. he, in fact, died. he was poisoned. a lot of people believed for a long time vladimir putin may have ordered it. turns out, the british government thinks he did order it. wild story emerging from the u.k. >> and it's been nearly four decades since scarsdale police have had to deal with a murder. police are questioning a well known and respected case. >> hoverboards but the hottest gifts for a little while, and then they started blowing up and governments started rendering
7:59 am
guess what? amazon is now offering full refunds on hoverboards sold in certain circumstances. if you find you can't use it or you're afraid to use it, you might be able to get your money back. i love those things. i'm sorry about the controversy. >> you said they were a little dangerous though. you've got to make sure you're doing it right. >> even when they're not blowing up, they can be hazardous. >> yeah, aside from that. >> all right, also hazardous, a petty cab. here i am driving rosanna yesterday. we had a fender bender. no big deal. hit the back of this guy's car. [laughter] he gets -- rosanna claims she was injured, and then the guy gets out of the car, claims we did all kinds of damage to his car. at least at first. that's jorge, he's a reasonable man. we have not settled this, but he joins us in a little bit. [laughter] >> i love rosanna, first of all, the first thing she did was put her hand to her head, and then she starts praying.
8:00 am
>> we took a video of the so-called damage to the guy's car. i saw a smudge, he saw a dent. we're going to bring in judge wapner or somebody along those lines -- >> you need a immediate uniter. >> hover say is a good guy, but -- jorge is a good guy. teresa, welcome. >> let's hope it's all resolved. >> rosanna, no one's buying your sprained neck or whatever you said you had. mikey, you saw the whole thing. >> i did. in fact, i forecasted that accident -- >> you don't just deal with the weather. >> they're gonna -- splat. >> it did happen pretty suddenly. hey, i was at fault. i'm just saying this was no damage. >> and you still maintain you're a good driver. >> decent, decent. hey, anybody's cable of -- >> of a petty cab? >> yeah, needs work. mikey, we've got big snow. >> we do. it starts up saturday morning, but it cranks up later in the day on saturday, and we could see blizzard conditions, and that is why we have a blizzard
8:01 am
which starts saturday morning at six a.m. and goes until one p.m. on sunday. the blue-shaded areas, that's where you have a winter storm watch which means a significant snow is expected in those locations, pretty much the same time frame here, and so, yeah. this is a pretty big storm for us here in the tristate, especially considering we haven't seen anything more than about a half an inch to an inch or so anywhere around the tristate. here's what we have out there right now. the forecast snow potential for us, about 6-12 inches is what we are going for for the medium pink-shaded areas that we have here. the darker pink-shaded areas you could see as much as 12-16 plus inches of snow, but the snow totals or potential drops down quite a bit to the north because a lot of that moisture won't make it quite that far to the north. that's cold enough to get it, but that moisture doesn't make it that far, you don't get anything impressive in terms of snow totals altogether. we also are looking at the
8:02 am
saturday into sunday, moderate tiding flooding because we have the full moon on saturday, so tides will be 2-3 feet above normal, and that's why we have the moderate flood or with that persistent east and northeast wind piling up the water in parts of the long island sound, wave heights anywhere between 5-8 feet as well. this is a strong storm. what came through yesterday was just kind of a weaker disturbance, buzz even that produced about an inch to two inches of snow near the capital district. it was a huge problem. but this will be the bigger storm in terms of snow totals. those two areas of low pressure are forecast to come up this way and drop off some snow. we just talked about the snow totals, that's happening saturday into sunday. today we're ahead of it. high temp up to 36 degrees. today and tomorrow dry weather, dry skies, and this is the time you want to get your preps done. a lot of the folks that carry the equipment, the icing
8:03 am
things of that sort, they're starting to sell out. saturday and sunday it'll be a little late for that action. also make sure you have your medications and things like that. you don't want to get caught in a situation where we can't get out. >> true, good point. >> gotta be prepared. that's the bottom line. let's bring in ines. good thing it's happening on the weekend, because you know what's coming. >> exactly. stay home, absolutely. we've got to go to work today, and long island railroad suspended again, this is both directions. earlier we had sky fox over the scene where there was this accident involving this unoccupied vehicle that was struck by a train there, so that suspended service, and then they resumed service with single tracking. let's go back to our graphic. now there's a stalled train, so a come by night of long island considered suspended between ronkonkoma and farmingdale. oh problems, route 17, a water main break northbound by linwood
8:04 am
you approach ridgewood, there's a lot of delays there. as far as your commute on staten island, the expressway moving slow towards the verrazano bridge, some earlier problems involving stalls, that's been cleared away, but you're left with that slowdown. at least -- teresa and greg? >> city is getting ready. the plows, they've got to fine tune those and get the salt. here's some highlights from last year's big snow. doesn't seem like we have as many snowstorms as we did 8, 10, 15 years ago, but this looks like a big one. >> the office of emergency management gearing up to make sure everything is ready to go when the flakes start flying. let's go live to robert moses who joins us from the is city's salt shed in the west village, and the mayor's actually going to be there today. good morning, robert. >> good morning to you. yes, the mayor due here in less than two hours to talk about the city's preparations for this snowstorm. you know, normally we get some smaller storms to get some
8:05 am
this point, but year it's trial by blizzard. our virtually snowless winter will not be virtually snowless much longer. and since we're a bit out of practice, this storm might be a shock to the system. >> people have just dealt with a really mild winter, so heir not ready maybe -- they're not ready maybe for this snow. the key thing is be ready for the snow if and when it comes, and it is coming. >> office of emergency management workers will be monitoring the storm from headquarters which we toured yesterday. bridges and tunnels could be closed if winds get too high. this year in department of sanitation is rolling out a new plowing strategy. it's called snow sectoring. what that means is that side streets that may have gone untouched for hours before will now get attention much sooner. oem's commissioner, joe esposito, says he's grateful this storm is rearing its ugly head on a weekend. >> much less commuting. the plows can get out there a lot easier, sanitation can do a
8:06 am
>> it's not just the city that is preparing. suffolk county displayed its muscle in the form of these repurposed military humvees. police officers can use them to yet to stranded motorists and others who need help. >> by having hem available to them, basically, the police officers in our precinct can respond no matter how bad the conditions get. so the public should rest assured if they have an emergency in their house, the suffolk county police department will be able to respond. >> back in the city those who live in park slope remember the winter of discontent last year when alternate side parking was suspended for weeks and cars were covered in a cocoon of ice. >> last year was a struggle. a few of us had our power outage because a lot of that salt went down to the con ed lines. hopefully, the nor'easter that comes along weekend won't be too much of ahassing. ahassing. >> let's hope we can enjoy this storm from all snuggled in our beds. now, if you have to travel, good luck, at least by air.
8:07 am
impossible, and a lot of the major carriers like delta and united and jetblue are waiving change fees so that you can change your flight without penalty. again, the mayor due here at this garage at about 10:00 this morning to discuss the city's preparations. that is the latest live from the west village this morning. greg and at least -- teresa, back to you. >> all right, robert, thanks a lot. up to scarsdale, they had a homicide, very rare occurrence. very wealthy community. the victim, a prominent pediatrician. dr. robin goldman found stabbed to death in her shower. at this point the main suspect seems to be her estranged husband, jules reich, 61 years old. police have been questioning him. reportedly, he's been in the hospital as well being treated for something undisclosed. i think we're ready to go up to scarsdale? >> yeah. let's go live to carrie drew with the latest on this investigation.
8:08 am
this is the first murder in the affluent community of scarsdale in 39 years, and police are still out here this morning on lincoln road as they continue their investigation. you can see a portion of the street right outside the home remains closed off this morning. not too many details about exactly what happened. we do know that a woman was found dead and her husband taken boo custody, and we have a portion of the police dispatch call. >> respond to 50 lincoln road. the report is a female has been hurt seriously and no further information was given by the calling party. arrive on scene and wait outside until patrol units enter. >> when police arrived to this multimillion dollar home in scarsdale around 10 a.m. wednesday, they found the body of 58-year-old dr. robin goldman. police say she had been stabbed to death. her husband, identified as 613-year-old jules reich -- 61-year-old jules like, was taken into custody.
8:09 am
inside the home. dr. goldman worked as a pediatrician in the bronx. reich works for a corporate consulting firm in manhattan. a law enforcement source told the daily news that the killing happened during a domestic dispute. public records show reich had petitioned for divorce in august. police are calling this intentional, saying it was an isolated incident. now they're investigating the first homicide in scarsdale since 1977. and back out here live morning, public records show this couple has apparentlilied in the home since 1997, and they have grown chirp. the victim's son, adam, told "the new york post" about his mom, quote: she was a great person, amazing. again, jules reich is reportedly in a local hospital for undisclose ared reasons, he was taken into custody at the home yesterday and charges against him are pending. that's the latest live in westchester county this morning, i'll send things back to you in the studio.
8:10 am
>> this city's homeless prop is becoming a bigger problem than we once thought for mayor de blasio. >> it's a big problem period but, yeah, he's taking a hit. a new poll from quinnipiac university finds 73% of new yorkers say the city should do more to help homeless, only 19% say the de blasio administration is handling the issue about right. >> they're also saying only 38% of residents rated their quality of life as good or very good. 19% gave it the lowest grade. the mayor's office told the post the city has, quote, the most comprehensive program to prevent and reduce homelessness. williamsburg, brooklyn, stabbing death of a 17-year-old student, giovanni was stabbed in the chest with a box cutter yesterday afternoon in williams berg. he died at bellevue hospital. the stabber was wearing a smiley face hoodie. we don't know what happened here. police do believe the two teens
8:11 am
to be making progress in that investigation. >> all right. the hover body, perhaps the -- hoverboard, perhaps the hottest item of 2015-2016, amazon is now offering full refunds on these hoverboards that have sold. they are the two-wheeled skateboards, they don't actually hover, by the way. a clever marketing word wasn't enough to stop many of them from suddenly bursting into flame, so the consumer product safety commission is investigating at least 39 reports of sudden combustion and expanding that probe into user falling off of them, getting injured. >> amazon again offering a refund. i feel terrible about this. i love this thing. i discovered it last summer. rosanna's about to give me a nudge, and i take a small spill. it's not without its danger. yeah, i took a tumble -- >> yeah. >> but when you're on this thing and it's working well and it's not blowing up, you feel like you are an angel. >> flying? >> exactly. it is quite an experience.
8:12 am
only fall i took off this thing, by the way. >> you need a helmet, i think. >> helmet's advisable, and of course, the reports of them blowing up, that's a problem. i hope they can get the kinks worked out, and if people use them, you know -- >> responsibly? >> it can be a great, great joy. >> although the way you put your arms out, it looked like you were superman. >> exactly. probably got carried away. all right, mike, we've got to get ready for the snow. >> exactly. snow's still coming into town, should be here in just about 48 hours, two days away. right now, get your supplies, the food, the milk, all that stuff, you know? the run on the grocery stores is going to start happening now. sunny skies, 27 degrees, and this forecast has been pretty consistent that we're getting something this weekend here. still the exact amounts, well, we'll have to kind of wait and see until the last minute really with that. but it still looks significant. we're talking six inches plus. 27 in central park, 2 in d.c. --
8:13 am
it's cold all throughout the northeast, and it's going to be funneling down. you can see on the radar and satellite we don't have much happening right now, but the general trend is for the air to keep dropping down from canada. that'll keep our temps cold even though we do come out of that freezing range today just barely, and then we'll wait for what's next, these two areas of low pressure which will slide into the southeastern states, become one, and then that becomes a coastal low which is kind of complex. yeah, it's going to bring us a lot of wind and snow in about two days. today you're fine with just a few high clouds in the area. tomorrow in the afternoon the clouds are starting to work in, but still no precip here yet. the showers will start working through south jersey friday night and into the rest of the tristate by saturday morning, and there will be some moderate bands of snow setting up according to the future cast. it's mostly snow, but there are some indications that parts of the tristate may be dealing with some rain out there including eastern long island, parts of
8:14 am
some of the models saying all snow that's why the snow totals in the end are going to be tricky. right now we're thinking 6-12 inches across the core of the tristate, and the totals go down considerably and quickly as you head up to the north, lower hudson valley, places like northern westchester only3-6 inches of snow. philly, you could get more than a foot of snow so, yeah, it's going to be a messy scenario, plus we have the wind going out there too. 36 is your high today. no worries about rain or snow today or tomorrow, but as we head into saturday, that's when it begins, by saturday morning most of us are in it. blizzard conditions are possible. that means blinlding snow, winds of 35 miles an hour plus for three hours plus, and it should wrap up on sunday morning. then it's dry after that. one event out there, but one's enough for the time being. don't forget the fox 5ny weather app, and it's free. check et out. let's bring in ines, see what's
8:15 am
>> good morning, mike. well, let's check around westchester and queens, coming in from rockland county, normal delays on the tappan zee bridge, you basically fine on the hutch and the new england thruway. queens, normal delays on the lie as well as the grand central parkway heading westbound. let's take a look at suffolk county, you have the hov lanes partially blocked because of an accident, you still have that vehicle on the side and traffic just jammed heading westbound. as for the george washington bridge driving into the city, 40, 45 on the upper level, 30 on the lower. 495 backed up to route 3 and the turnpike, your normal 60 minute delay. and the long island railroad ronkonkoma branch remains suspended because of an earlier accident and now there's a stalled train, so between ronkonkoma and farmingdale you have no be service. the rest of mass transit running on our close. teresa and greg. >> it looks like we're going to be holed up inside for a long time potentially with all this
8:16 am
the good people of -- [inaudible] magazine have a list of things we should do while we're inside. >> so i get these, greg. >> number one, e-mail. >> catch up on e-mail. >> tax stuff. i guess april 15th is the date. watch tv, we could do that. exercise? yeah, we --? nah. >> sure, good idea. hair. >> that's that? why would you stay home and do your hair? >> don't you women come up -- they're saying do it -- >> only when you're trying to blow somebody off. [laughter] >> i heard somehow that is a p.c. excuse, no bay in the world -- guy in the world would buy it. here are some options. consider this, what would miss usa do? blond. miss oklahoma, now miss usa joining us in a little bit. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches
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8:19 am
>> you're looking at the west
8:20 am
>> one of the most beautiful buildings, i think, in, you know, in the new york skyline. san remo, right? is that what that is? >> close. that is in the 90s. san remo's a little further downtown. that's where what's his name lives. bono from u2. >> yeah. i don't hang out with bono, but -- >> look at all these fan i buildings. -- fan is city buildings. >> martin shkreli, he is the 32-year-old brooklynite who bought that pharmaceutical company, jacked up the price of a medication from $6 to 700. he's in big trouble, as you heard. he was indicted for a ponzi scheme in december. he sat down recently with steve lacy to tell his side of the story. >> during that interview he talked about his opinion of certain lawmakers and whether or not he would be inclined to testify before them about the issue of drug prices. now they've subpoenaed him. take a listen. >> i'd love to explain to congress for six hours how drugs work, because it doesn't seem like they know anything about
8:21 am
and i would relish that opportunity. i would take my time and make sure that i put to task our government for not understanding how pharmaceuticals work and they're so important. >> right. >> and i'd love to nothing more than to criticize, ridicule and educate, all three, our senators on pharmaceuticals, because i don't think they get it. but the purpose of this isn't for that. they don't want to learn anything. they just want to ridicule me for their own political capital which i don't know that i want to be a part of it. >> maybe i'll join in, look, i think this guy is complex, very strange. i don't think he's doing himself any favors by spouting off like this. he's been subpoenaed, he's under indictment, and he has a lot to say about just about every topic under the sun. maybe, i'm not a pr executive, maybe it's time to, you know, go underground for a little while. >> but on the flip side, greg, if he can actually teach somebody something about the way that this all works, could it be beneficial to a lot more people? >> so we've been wrong --
8:22 am
>> -- he's right. all along from those early stages? i'm not sure. anyway, it's up to him. >> we'll see. >> we may see him on capitol hill taking the oath soon. what else? >> let's head over to fox business. joining us now, lauren simonetti. good morning. >> hey, teresa. hi, greg. good morning. everybody wants to know how much further are stocks going to fall, because if you're keeping track, if you look at the dow, the answer is almost 1700 points since january 1st. it's really ugly. we're looking for a bottom to the market. when you reach that, it's that cataclysmic moment, and then you can come back up. no one knows where the bottom is. futures this morning indicate how stocks are going to trade today, they do change, but we went from negative to positive. this is what's going on. you have no inflation, right? things are cheap, or that's what the government tells us. interest rates are really hoe low right -- really low right now. stock market prices are very low.
8:23 am
because of all of these things you get more monetary stimulus. that could be what's fueling a potential rally today. what do you do if you're sitting at home with a 401(k)? try to buy some stocks on sale, you can hang on and hope for markets to go even lore, you can do nothing. it depends on what your goals are and your time frame. >> i like to not think about it. >> you've got time. you guys are young, as am i. >> lauren similar netty, good for you. [laughter] great to see you. >> bye-bye. >> all right. so toni braxton, remember the unbreak my heart? what a beautiful -- here it goes. >> song is beautiful and also, ooh, induces a lot of mel melancholy. >> it absolutely does. she's coming up today, right? >> she's the executive producer of a lifetime movie about her, toni braxton, unbreak my heart, january 23rd at 8:00. we'll meet toni.
8:24 am
greg: that cab is not available. it is off. sometimes they are on. >> have you seen the new ones? they actually say vacant. rosanna: greg: when the numbers are lit, that means that i can take a cab. i did not figure that out until i was like 34. why can't i get a cab? off-duty, i understand. it is going to snow like crazy
8:25 am
is the world series ready for you? greg: you do have this. people were both calling me out on that. mike: not a bad idea. it is coming on a saturday. not getting around to much. what that means, people hear the word lizard and they freak out. not exactly. here is what they have. conditions have been favorable for blizzard conditions.
8:26 am
winds. they have to go on for three hours. the snow and blowing snow visibility. these conditions are very specific. here is all we have for the potential snow totals. six-12. the snow banning up earlier. it gets real heavy. hiding in the court of the tri-state. forecasting an inch. this is no big deal at all. that is indeed where the conditions come together as the forecasts have indicated. 27 degrees is your temperature in central park.
8:27 am
teens and 20s. this is not indicative of what is to come. it really does not look that impressive yet. that is when you have a bigger deal on your hands. you won't want to do it today. saturday morning and goes until sunday afternoon. let's bring in ines. let's get to ines. ines: the long island railroad. suspended again this morning. there was also an earlier
8:28 am
skyfoxhd over the scene earlier. this field-goal was on the track. it was on occupied. they started doing single tracking. so for alternates, you can use the montauk or the port jefferson branch. they are all running on or close to schedule. forty-five-60. the holland tunnel, 30 from each approach. queens, you have your normal delays. there is the bqe slow there. route 17. there is a water main break. route 80 westbound, watch out for an accident. greg: take a look at this guy. former spy, by the way, for
8:29 am
take a look at him, by the way, after a drink of poison. he later died. guess what, they figured out that vladimir putin may have been the one that ordered this guy poisons. >> we have the shocking new details on this story. >> good morning. take a look. there is some security here. something that laid out in the media over the next 10 years. the question is russian president vladimir putin a murderer? putin likely ordered the murder of the agent nearly a decade ago.
8:30 am
testimony provided and documents provided say he was killed for his passionate criticism and accusations against putin. he had talked to the uk after years of service. he spent time working with the british intelligence agency. i have sons of anarchy on my mind. back in 2006, 10 years ago, he met two men in a bar. very swanky hotel. he drank a cup of tea. within a few hours, he was violently ill. within 22 days, he was dead. he pointed his finger at florida mere putin. investigators discovered that
8:31 am
laced with a deadly isotope. it showed signs that it turned up in a pipe that led to the hotel sink of one of the two russian men. those two men are wanted by the british. they will not turn newsmen over. this is politically motivated. as for florida mere putin, he has not issued any statements yet. we will stay tuned for that. we are live on the east side did back to you. greg: he was an agent himself. greg: thanks a lot. let's go outside, if we can.
8:32 am
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8:34 am
greg: no one has heard from rosanna scotto. i find it a little weird that
8:35 am
greg: sleeping in on a week day. she is taking a well-deserved day off. i think she may even be somewhere warm. good for her. she is staying in a hotel. dr. roshini raj is staying in a hotel. probably something she does not want to know. >> talking about germs and hotels. three star hotels may actually be cleaner than five-star hotels. swabbing and testing of different services and hotel rooms. in all of the hotels, they found significant amounts of bacteria and yeast.
8:36 am
sin infections. they tested the telephone. they tested the remote control. they did find that in almost all of those cases, they tend to be cleaner. very intricate things. greg: they put a chocolate under the pillow. >> maybe that has a lot of germs on it, too. greg: we have systems in our body that ward off these germs. >> it is not something to be totally alarmed about. the remote control seems to be
8:37 am
>> they rip you off. downstairs they will try to charge you. >> talking about restaurant food compared to fast food. now, a study of restaurant meals. they found that they were just as unhealthy as the fast food chains. portion sizes were huge. calorie counts as well. most of these meals, on average, were about 1500 calories. you need to be sitting just as careful in the restaurants as you are in fast food places. >> they throw butter in there. >> you will tell them not to
8:38 am
>> this is the whole thing. we are calling for half portions with half the price. >> i want the whole deal. >> i have actually asked them to wrap up half of it. >> the portions have increased over the decades. they are really out of control. greg: you are getting more for your money. makes a lot. greg: miss usa. she was the one, she became very close to becoming miss universe. here she is. she is the pond on the left. she is about to tell ms. philippines that she won. ms. philippines does not know
8:39 am
ms. usa tells her, yes, it is you. go get back crown. steve harvey blewett. >> 2015. pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
talk to your doctor about januvia. greg: what is going on? >> rocking out to selena gomez this morning. greg: that use village. no one ever says greenwich village anymore. real estate people think west village is cooler or the east village.
8:43 am
greg: you and steve lacy. i was the first to figure it out, by the way. i saw it from 1 million miles away. we were having a conversation. i figured it out. >> you threaten to reveal every single day. you are married now. we can talk about it now. anna: last night on "american idol." very clever.
8:44 am
>> i like this. kerry points out that it is very smart for him to do. amelia eisenhower. >> she would celebrate with some chocolate cake. earlier rounds for this
8:45 am
>> kind of mad at him for taking the addition so lightly. here is what he had to say. >> seriously? what is that in the middle of the floor? you know what, i ain't got time for this. >> it is part of the tradition of "american idol." >> there he goes. you did not even win anyway. we go into hollywood week. revealing that she has been
8:46 am
she was just 20 years old. she kept it a secret while she was working on the sopranos. she has not been emotionally ready to tell the public about her illness. you get fatigued easily. taking each step as she walks. >> she is getting married. >> those that get diagnosed. twenty years old. >> she is on some medication. the next star wars movie. disney announced they are actually moving back the date to december 15 of 2017.
8:47 am
no, it is the end of next year. >> it was supposed to be may of next year. greg: are you in the habit of saying 2016. anna: no, i am not. they will go up against avatar two. the highest grossing movie of all times. an epic box office showdown. >> did you see it? >> of course. the little robot, when he goes down the steps. do you remember that? anyway. i loved it. thanks a lot, and not. >> okay. the late, great, david olivo was
8:48 am
proclaiming. it comes with 10 days after his death. greg: it was yesterday. david bowie day. >> the curtain call. it was very fitting. that was given to him back in 24 team. >> we kind of missed it. how about a quick peek at toni braxton. she is coming up. great singer. >> classic song. another talented actor coming up. >> you have a guest host as well today.
8:49 am
beautiful and in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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