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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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there's a winter storm watch that's up across the area north of the city. it's a blizzard watch across long island, going down to the jersey shore. these are my new snow totals. i dropped them a little bit. the northern cutoff, one to three inches parts of the hudson valley into southern connecticut. this will be like a north to south transition, 3 to 6 inches towards westchester and parts of north jersey. 6 to 8 for the city. and the bullseye is off to the south. details could still change. new computer data is coming in. i'll have more information shortly. >> thank you. as of now, city mass transit will run throughout the storm. steve: that's a far cry from a year ago when there was a travel ban ahead of a blizzard that never materialized. linda has more on the storm preparations. both of you. conference. he was talking about one of the major concerns is the
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nick was talking about it. the mayor was being specific about our viewing area. we're in howard beach. most of the homes along the street are along the water. in addition to lots of homes out here. as you can imagine, there's some anxiety. >> getting nervous, yeah. yeah. ever since the last time, who wouldn't be? >> robin's home in howard beach was nearly destroyed by superstorm sandy. homes were filled with eight feet of water. the thought of saturday's potential snowstorm causing coastal flooding has people on edge. >> i'm very nervous. you know, what am i going to do? i live here. i've got to hope for the best. >> reporter: carrie and her 14-month-old baby kala are getting help from her dad. >> my father will come over later on. he's talking about it. to make sure we have pumps, sandbags, pick up things, put them on crates. >> reporter: ryan is doing what mayor de blasio is urging all
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>> take this very, very seriously. >> reporter: at a news conference, the mayor said coastal flooding is a concern. as for snowfall, well, beginning tomorrow night, the sanitation department will start deploying workers on 12-hour shifts. there are 2300 workers per shift. 579 salt spreaders, 303,000 tons of rock salt. 1650 sanitation vehicles fitted with plows and 135 plows from the city departments of transportation, environmental protection and parks. a hazardous travel advisory is in effect. >> when the storm hits, it is crucial for people to stay off the streets to the maximum extent possible. if you need to move around, use mass transit to the maximum extent possible. >> reporter: the mayor told us today that on saturday, there will not be any garbage collection. garbage will not be picked up on saturday. as for schools being open on
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planning on them being open, but it all depends on what happens with this storm over the weekend. back to both of you in the studio. dari: great mystery. thank you. flooding and erosion are big concerns for waterfront communities on long island. steve: jodi goldberg has the story from long beach. >> reporter: no flooding and beach erosion. three elements working against many people who live along the south shore of long island. >> i'm concerned. sandy did a number on my house. i don't want to see the water coming up again. >> reporter: the full moon and high tide combo brings back bad memories of superstorm sandy that's crystal clear in people's minds. >> we had the most water in our house, six feet of water. >> reporter: that was three years ago. today many wonder if enough has been done to withstand the upcoming storm. in nassau county, you've been ed mangano was paying attention to the conditions.
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can expect it to be flooded during this event. >> reporter: in long beach, berms have been built up on the beach side. the city manager says the bay is most vulnerable. >> until we have contiguous protection, solid, brand new drainage projects in, the 25, 30 million of funding that is coming to the state's process, until that's done, we're not fully protected. >> reporter: with the quiet fall and winter, there's been minimum erosion. the deputy regional director with new york state parks says there's more sand on the beaches now than there was before sandy. >> we've been able to stockpile sand so if there is a major erosion event, we'll be able to respond quickly to fill in the gap and get the sand on the beaches so we'll be ready for the summer. >> reporter: nassau and suffolk county will activate emergency management by tomorrow night and plan to prep the roads with a liquid salt to prevent them from
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jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: save the date on this weekend's weather on the fox ny weather app. you can get the latest forecasts and live radar where you can track it like we do. search fox 5 ny weather and download it for free. steve: a well to do new york city suburb in shock following the murder of a talented pediatrician. dari: this was brutal. tonight, the doctor's husband is accused of stabbing her to death inside of their home. lidia curanaj is live in scarsdale with the latest on this investigation >> reporter: good evening. you hear the expression all the time, things like that don't happen here. but things like that do not happen here in scarsdale. there hasn't been a murder here in almost four decades. usually the most serious crimes police see are home burglaries or a car break in, not a bloody murder.
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jail scrubs. tax attorney julius wright has been charged with second-degree murder. yesterday his wife, pediatrician dr. robin goldman was found stabbed the death in their multimillion dollar home. >> we continue to work with the westchester county district attorney's office as this investigation continues. >> reporter: the westchester county district attorney's office says they found her stabbed to death in the shower. he is the one who called 911. >> respond to 50 lincoln road. a female has been hurt seriously. >> reporter: according to the clerk's office, the couple was scheduled to appear in court on monday. they have no record of the couple who had three children together ever being violent. >> we have no domestic violence history at the house, no criminal activity. only a few calls for routine
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>> reporter: as neighbors reel from what happened -- >> very upsetting. really terrible thing that has happened. >> it's scary. >> you don't expect it to happen in these upscale neighborhoods. but they do. >> reporter: he remains behind bars on no bail. >> it's sad and scary. they were in a $3 million home. money doesn't buy safety unfortunately. >> reporter: he's right. so the last murder here in scarsdale was in 1977. so i asked the d.a.'s office when was the last murder before that. he said they didn't know when, because it's not even on record. back to you. dari: okay. thank you for that. two pedestrians were hospitalized after being hit by an suv. the vehicle lost control and the vehicle jumped curb. police say a 34-year-old woman was pinned against a wall. she's in serious within right
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the other victim was an nypd off-duty officer. he is listed in stable. steve: nypd officer stewart is back home. he was released from the hospital for special surgery this morning nearly two weeks after being accidentally shot in the ankle by a fellow officer. it happened while they were responding to a fight in the bronx where five people had been stabbed. dari: finally positive news out of wall street today. the dow finishes nearly 116 points up, but we're still below the session's highs. experts point to the recovery of oil prices that rose 5%, almost 30 a barrel. the biggest gain in a year. today, all three stock indexes were in correction territory, which is a drop of 10% or more. steve: mayor de blasio unveiling his budget today. the plan includes investments safety, mental health and homelessness. >> we're going to add training
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people on the pathway back to self-sufficiency. there will be adult literacy programs, job training programs, internships, a number of efforts to get people on their feet. those will be provided in the shelter facilities. steve: the mayor has pledged $868 million in capital funds to tackle school overcrowding. that will be adding 12,000 seats in school. dari: a cow is back at the slaughterhouse after escaping from a market in queens. steve: fox here's what it took to capture the cow. >> what about that shop? he was running. >> reporter: you saw the cow? >> yes. >> reporter: were you scared? >> no. i'm from jamaica. >> reporter: you can handle cows. jamaica queens isn't an island and cows don't roam here on a regular basis, but today it happened in broad daylight. escaped from a slaughterhouse and returned by police, there was a lot of commotion in
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responsible. >> right down jamaica avenue. he was running this way, that way. the other guy give him a rope and catch him with the rope. >> reporter: a big cow? >> not really big. >> reporter: the animal chase started and was caught in this parking garage at archer. check out these photos that the 103rd precinct tweeted. >> first time we ever seen it happen. caught right in the parking lot. >> reporter: in the end, it was short-lived. not every day you see a runaway cow. here she is. a taste of freedom and not promising future. dari: it's an investment that could make you want to raise a glass and celebrate. steve: that's right. alison morris shows us how to
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that were harvested in 2015. they don't become available for bottling until the next year and shipment the year after. >> reporter: the minimum purchase? >> we ask that you spend $100. that can be a case of wine. it can be a bottle. that's all. the minimum purchase is $100. >> reporter: to really make money investing in wines, you may need to shell out more. >> if you have a few hundred, you won't be pursuing this. a few thousand could be interesting. >> could the wine have gone up 10, 20, 30,000? >> that does happen. it happens in special vintages. >> one of the best parts of buying wine from the barrel, you can bottle it however you like. >> these are rare. in the secondary markets, they represent a substantial interest. they are trophies. the wine ages slower in these bottles because obviously the proportion of wine to air is larger. that's something to consider. >> reporter: there's no
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when it comes to investing in these financial times, bordeaux futures may leave you with less of a hangover. >> there's no question. i speak from historical perspective. historically investing in bordeaux futures or burgundy is a solid investment. that's the truth. if you've invested in the '80s, '90s and 2000s, your money is safe. it's a stable investment. >> reporter: buying wine futures isn't hard. it's as simple as calling a reputable merchant and placing an order. this summer they will tell you pricing and how good the 2015 wines taste. you'll want to think about where to sell it and how to store it. the beautiful thing about new york, there are wine storage facilities and fine wine auctions at your disposal. steve: i have a significant lemon. >> i hear it's beautiful. steve: very good. dari: sounds like a storm drink.
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the annual winter jam festival has been cancelled due to the real storm headed our way this weekend. it was scheduled to take place saturday at central park. they've been blowing snow this week. we showed you that earlier. the department says it will not be rescheduled. that was the warmup act. dari: that's because we'll be able to snowboard down the streets of new york city. nick: exactly. there you go. if we get a sizable snowfall, that's it. you can go out and create your own winter jam. just be careful. weekend. some new information is just coming in now. not a huge amount of changes, but maybe the snowfall numbers that i'm predicting are just about on target. we'll see. 36, 26 today. so very close to average. 63 and minus 2 in the records. tomorrow, a pretty decent day. we'll see a good amount of sun, more clouds in the afternoon. 32 now. the air is dry. the wind out of the northwest. breezier today than i thought it would be.
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sunshine. pressure, 30.15 on the rise. fox 5 sky guardian not showing anything of concern. we take a look at it. we're all quiet as far as tonight. here are the highs, middle, upper 30s across the city 37. 36 belmar. 32 sussex. pretty seasonable. we're in the same numbers now. freezing from poughkeepsie right across the city to the shore. mid 30s on the island. 20s from sussex to monticello. the northwest wind is there. they'll become northerly tonight and into tomorrow. it will diminish in speed. what do we have? got the warning map here. we have the blizzard watch. that's across long island, includes the city, into the bronx and extending down to most of new jersey. north of that is a winter storm watch for the lower hudson valley and northern parts of new jersey. notice connecticut doesn't have anything. as we look at satellite and radar, we're showing the clouds
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we'll see just a few clouds in the sky tonight. here comes the storm. see the energy moving through the lower plains states. that's going to reform on the coast here by the time we get to saturday. tomorrow, no problems. your preparation day with temperatures in the 20s in the morning. teens in the suburbs. 29 lunchtime. it will hit about 33 into the afternoon. let's look at the futurecast. this is going to show no problems tomorrow. watch the start time. probably about 6:00 a.m., 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. on saturday morning. the heaviest should be in the afternoon into the early part of saturday night. the storm pulls away by the time we get to sunday morning. the question is going to be where do the bands set up and how north is that precipitation going to go. i tweaked it a bit. it is going to be a north to south type storm with less snow up to the north here as you get across the hudson valley, mid hudson valley, one to three inches there. as you go from north to south, the numbers will ramp up. 4 to 7 closer to southern connecticut.
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this is assuming that the bulk of the snow stays to the south. may get 12 to 18 inches. there will be mixing of sleet and rain. i think that will be the case. that's why they have them lower. again, i hate putting snow totals out like yesterday. things can change. we have another 24 hours to go before we can talk more specifically about accuracy. a few clouds tonight. 22 in the city. 13 in the burbs. 33 tomorrow. sun and clouds. the snow starts as we get to saturday morning. it will go until sunday morning. heaviest in the afternoon into early sunday. 31 saturday. we're talking high winds, 60-mile-an-hour winds. coastal flooding. that might be a very dangerous situation. then back to the 30s to lower 40s sunday, monday -- or monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. steve: all right. to be continued. thank you. you can add another star to the list of celebrities boycotting the oscars. dari: following his wife's
5:21 pm
those criticizing her decision. steve: and cats is returning to broadway. when previews are expected to get underway again. >> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents. it's a center of culture, the greatest city in the world. i want this to reflect that. >> fewer and fewer of us do so using a typewriter. the last repairman in new york city spends five days a week visiting clients whose companies have been served since the great depression. >> seeing the words hit the paper. >> this is one of two latinos in computer science who came to the united states at the age of four. when did you u you fall in love with computers? >> juan has created over a thousand web sites. >> i count my blessings every day. >> what are you doing? i don't want to touch that. >> beekeeping has been legal in new york city since 2010.
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lot of rooftop hives like this one all over the city. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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steve: you won't see the smith family or will smith at the oscars. dari: he is the latest in a
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who are protesting the lack of diversity along with this clever cover of the new york post today. it says whiter than the oscars and actually what they're talking about is the fact that the snowstorm is coming. but the oscars inspired them. everybody gets the point. >> reporter: very clever. very timely. dari: hello, simone. >> reporter: i've got the story for you. in a new interview, will smith making it very clear he is supporting his wife jada's decision to not attend the oscars. in an interview with good morning america, he tells robin roberts he did not know she was going to make her announcement. he had no idea it was coming. when he saw the video that she shared with the world saying she was going to boycott the oscars, he was pleased. here's what the actor had to say in response to their critics who feel she's speaking out because her husband didn't get a nomination for his performance in "concussion."
5:25 pm
that in there, but for jada, had i been nominated and no other people of color were, she would have made the video anyway. >> reporter: it also discussed this angle to those who argue there are more pressing causes for wealthy hollywood heavy hitters. he says making entertainment is about planting seeds in the minds of those who watch them and it's important to make sure the children feel their stories are represented. across the board, people are saying the same thing. it goes back to being in the studios and starting the dialogue in the studios where the films get made. thing. he was nominated before. he was nominated twice. men. >> reporter: that is interesting. dari: there was a big falloff. back in the day, it was more diverse. they were more -- they just fell
5:26 pm
but he lost to forest whitaker and somebody else. i'm losing -- i forget. forest whitaker was one who won. i can't remember the other person. >> reporter: very interesting how the industry is. dari: it was totally shady. >> reporter: that's a shame. one of the longest running shows on broadway, switching gears, bringing it back to new york city, is returning for another go around, the "cats" will open this summer. the musical composed by andrew lloyd weber opened in 1982 at the winter garden theatre and closed in 2000. it closed nearly $400 million, a juggernaut during its staggering 18-year run on broadway. previews begin july 14th. the production opens august 2nd. i've never seen the show. we know the music by now. i'm going to have to see it. dari: i'm so sorry. i can't remember the handsomest man on the planet.
5:27 pm
thank you so much, kevin. >> reporter: a very good performance. dari: his was very good this year. >> reporter: there's a lot of talent out there. we need to make sure that, you know, everything is equally spread around. dari: everyone gets it now. we'll see what happens. thank you, simone. >> breaking through the gender barriers in the nfl. steve: the woman who's now the league's first full-time female coach. dari: plus tracking the storm. see how nick builds his
5:28 pm
dari: con edison also gearing up for a very busy weekend. steve: the forecast could take out power lines. antwan lewis shows us what's being done to make sure that the lights and heat stays on. outage. weekend. >> the thing we worry about with snowstorms is the beginning, which is the wind and the snow that accumulates on trees, knocking them into power lines. that affects the overhead system. that's something we look out for in staten island, queens, some actions of brooklyn.
5:29 pm
first major storm this winter. con ed says they're ready. >> we would expect in the area of 8 to 23e7b 15 inches based on the forecast for new york city. less in westchester and the suburbs. >> reporter: field crews will be at strategic locations ready to roll and respond to whatever emergency situation arises. they'll work 12-hour shifts until the storm has passed. they know how frustrating storms can be and they're asking first. >> the one thing we would remind people is to be very aware of anything that's wrong in their neighborhood as far as downed power lines. make sure you stay away from downed power lines. they could be live. just report them to police or con edison right away as soon as you know. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. steve: all right. take a look at this. new jersey getting ready for the big storm along the jersey shore. crews spent the day building sand dunes, officials worried about flooding in counties along the coast. dan bowens will have more coming
5:30 pm
dari: meantime, a forecast, it's constantly changing as the storm is approaching. so we were thinking about what the factors are that go into predicting the weather. steve: nick gregory shows us what meteorologists consider when creating the forecast. nick: forecasting winter storms can be quite the challenge, the reason being there's so much energy that moves through the atmosphere, we have to figure out how the energy is going to manifest itself and what's the relationship as the energy interacts with a storm system that's developing. the first way we do that is by looking at different computer models. we look at what's happening in the upper atmosphere. i can track that energy, as you see it moving through here, and it reaches the east coast. what happens to that energy once it reaches the east coast? next we take a look at the service map. that will give us an idea of where the storm is moving, how intense the storm is going to be, how much moisture might be there, how much wind could be present and we can look at previous computer models to see if there's been a change in the track and the intensity of the storm.
5:31 pm
precipitation type and a winter type storm, rain, snow can mean everything. a heavy rainstorm or a completely near miss altogether. sometimes that's a very difficult forecast when you get a couple of days away because there are so many different solutions being offered by the computer models. in this case, i'm watching to see where the rain-snow line is, where the heavy snow is and how long it's going to be sticking around. after that, we look towards the accumulation numbers. the computer models will generate an idea of how much snow may fall. i'm showing you one model. there are three or four i'll look at. in this case, it will show me how much snow as it gets into the brighter pink color, it tells you how much more snow is going to fall and notice where the edge of that precipitation cuts off to the north. so the ultimate result is how do we relate this to our forecast? i then take all of that information and then i'm going to apply it in real time. i'm going to take a look at the
5:32 pm
and see if that is verifying in realtime to get an idea of are they close to forecast? are they missing something? is something showing up that wasn't shown? we take a look at that. after all is said and done, i'll then come to this, which is the ultimate snow forecast of what i'm thinking is going to happen. sometimes it's right. sometimes it's not right. but you can know we're doing our best to make sure it's the most accurate forecast you can receive. dari: thank you, nick. you can stay up to date on the weather on the fox 5 ny weather app. get your latest forecasts and you can look at the live radar as well there with you. just search fox 5 ny weather in the itunes store or google play and download it. it's free. steve: restaurants also load up the pantry ahead of the storm. baruch shemtov shows us why bad weather can mean big business. >> reporter: as the city prepares plows for the storm, bars and restaurants are
5:33 pm
and expecting a busy, snowy weekend. samantha, christina and johnny are gearing up for the weekend's storm. how do you plan to spend the weekend? >> very, very drunk. >> probably going out to a local bar. >> trying to have fun and forget it's freezing. >> reporter: here at the pig & whistle, they'll be ready. >> they come to a nice place like this, warm, cozy, beers, hot toddies. we've got the keg room full. the kitchen is prepared, good to go. >> reporter: how do people tip during a snowstorm? >> pretty generous. they feel bad that we're here. we're serving drinks. >> reporter: there will be no shortage of drinks, both cold and hot. >> warming up during a snowstorm would be the hotty toddy we have. it's our winter special. it's jack daniels honey, fresh
5:34 pm
water. water. >> reporter: that's delicious. >> i told you. >> reporter: beyond the drinks, there's plenty of warm food to enjoy when it's snowing outside. look at this. we've got mozzarella, calamari, wings, chicken tenders. i'll go for this. i'd enjoy that whether it was snowing or wasn't. that's good. it's not just bar food. >> we do a good shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie, a great french onion soup. our irish pub specials, fish and chips. it will sell out during the weekend. >> reporter: here's to staying warm, hydrated and well fed this snowy, stormy weekend. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: buffalo bills have made history by hiring the nfl's first full-time female coach. jennifer lahmers shows us how the news is inspiring other female coaches and players. >> reporter: next season, katherine smith will join the
5:35 pm
female coach in nfl history. it's a low level position. she'll head up the special teams quality control. it breaks the mold for the nfl. the new york sharks know a thing or two about what it means to break through in a male dominated field. they're the longest running team in women's football which is why when colette smith heard about the league signing on the first female coach -- >> it's an amazing feat for us women. this is victorious for women athletes across the world. we're really happy to have the nfl finally acknowledge a woman as a hired staff crew. >> reporter: smith is a hire of head coach rex ryan. she's been with him since the jets and served as his administrative assistant. for a female athlete, like amber, it's a nod to how far women have come in the industry. >> so much has gone in women's
5:36 pm
huge step for women getting into world and areas they haven't been able to be a part of. i'm excited to see what the bills do this year and what she world. >> reporter: rex ryan says it have been building for industry. back in 2014, becky hammond was the nba's first assistant coach with the spurs. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: our social media obsessed world, there's plenty of attention to be gained by misbehaving. dari: lisa evers explores what could be behind the rise of the bad girls and all aspect of media. steve: if you think eating in a restaurant doesn't involve fast food, why you may have cause to reconsider. having lots of devices in your home can really
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so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. it's no wonder we're ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power. now, for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get $400 back. go to or call
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steve: gang fights, crime sprees, more and more we're seeing cases of girls behaving badly, perhaps trying to outdo the boys. social media understood -- flooded with pictures. dari: lisa evers will tackle this issue this saturday on "street soldiers." >> once upon a time i was a [bleep]. >> reporter: in this video by
5:39 pm
brags about using her body for cash. it is what it is. from girl fight beatdowns on youtube to prime time female fights, the message is clear. to get what you want, take it. on social media, less, as in less clothing, equals more followers. >> it's easy to point to the reality shows and to point to social media and the various things they're exposed to on television. however, it's important for the parents to become very involved and active in the young girl's life in order for them to have other images of what is a good way to act. >> reporter: there was nothing lady-like about the actions of these two. they robbed and nba star of more jewelry. in this vicious girl gang assault in a brooklyn mcdonald's, the 15-year-old victim bragged about her fame. sexuality.
5:40 pm
they're engaging in antisocial behavior, including truancy, sexually active, fighting more. [bleep] >> reporter: series like orange is the new black put a spotlight on females on lockdown. it reflects reality. the number of women doing time has been steadily rising since 2010, according to the bureau of justice statistics. even tv stars who live in mansions, like teresa giudice of real housewives of new jersey, end up behind bars. occupations like stripping that were once shunned are now glamorized. carte used it to launch a booming career. lisa evers, fox 5 news. dari: and carte will be her guest for "street soldiers" saturday night 10:30 where they will debate what's happening with women and why. steve: all right.
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dari: fox 5 health news. yes, more evidence that dinner at your favorite restaurant could be just as fattening as a fast food meal. steve: this is no surprise.
5:44 pm
again, no surprise here. i don't think i was getting a healthier low calorie experience when i dined out in the first place. >> now we know the numbers. it was studied across three major cities, 123 restaurants. 92 percent of restaurants had meals that were higher than what is recommended. the average meal was about 1,200 calories, which is, for some people, depending on your age, weight and height, two-thirds of your daily requirements. the most caloric were american, chinese and italian, averaging 1,500 for one meal. of the day. the authors who wrote the study suggested that maybe restaurants should offer half portion sizes or third portion sizes. they said the portion sizes of these meals were obscene. dari: that's probably a great deal of the issue is the portion size. >> yes. steve: i will eat, no matter the -- the plate's this big. i want to keep going. >> especially if you're hungry.
5:45 pm
finishing everything on your plate. exactly. the small local restaurants aren't required to report the caloric intake. with the fast food chains, we can make better choices. all the oils and the hidden butter. dari: sneaky sugar. steve: ketchup and everything you're not thinking of. dari: all that is deadly. i guess you have to cut it in half or try to have self-control. >> and adjust the cost accordingly. so it's an idea. steve: the only thing i hate about the small plates racquet, you spend so much more. you get a third amount for only, you know, a little less than for the full size price. dari: the bottom line is maybe as many calories is bad, but fast food has to be worse. steve: better quality food. >> probably better quality food. dari: and less preservatives. >> more balanced, more greens possibly. dari: okay. all right.
5:46 pm
this big fat storm we're going to have. a lot of people will be hunkering down. maybe cooking. maybe not cooking. steve: or not cooking. ordering in. hopefully there's not too much snow to get the bikes there. dari: from their favorite restaurants. in the meantime, nick gregory has been racking his brains. he probably lost a few strands of hair over the week. nick: i'm having some issues. i can't show you all our maps. i don't have a lot of hair to lose. forecast. what we're watching is the storm center developing to the south and west. it will sort of reform on the coast and track off to the north and east. again, looking at the new computer data, two models have been putting us on the northern edge of the precipitation, the heaviest part of the precipitation. one model has been doing sort of a blockbuster snowstorm prediction, even though that's toned down a little from yesterday. the thought is it's going to be this north to south gradient of
5:47 pm
if you're in the lower hudson valley and interior southern connecticut, you'll be around the lesser amount of two, three inches. over the city, i'm thinking 7 to 10 inches. could get a foot. it's central new jersey where we see the 12 to 18 inch snowfall. the other problem i can't emphasize enough is the wind. a very strong northeast wind at 50 to 60-plus miles an hour and moderate to major coastal flooding as we go towards saturday's forecast. that's going to be a big concern. potentially some very damaging coastal flooding that could take place as we go into the weekend. stay tuned. we'll give you the latest as data comes in. dari: okay. thank you so much, nick. steve: with everyone trying to eat healthier, which we were talking about, vegetables are getting more starring roles in the kitchen. dari: kerry drew shows us vegetables that are clean and
5:48 pm
"the dish." >> kind of get people that used to be meat eaters. >> reporter: hillary is the executive chef at vic's where some of her favorite dishes feature vegetables. [music] one of her specialties is the crispy sweet onions appetizers. >> i hear a lot of comments in the dining room because i can hear. have you ever had a blooming onion? this is better. we start with vidalia onion petals, soak them in buttermilk. we take the raw onion flavor out. >> then chili flake and thyme. >> make sure they're coated well in flour. >> reporter: next into the fryer. once they're nice and crispy -- >> we season with salt and we layer them. >> reporter: they're seasoned with tomato powder, chili flakes and pecorino and served with a sauce for dipping.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: just imagine the most perfect potato chip you've ever tasted. >> there's a lot of flavors that are going on here. a little spice and sweet and acid. it's a complete dish. >> reporter: a few blocks away, we visited one of justin timberlake and taylor swift's favorite spots to try the pasta. but they use spaghetti squash. >> it's really good. people love it that way. >> reporter: to start, darwin adds cherry tomatoes to a pan of butter and garlic, salt, and then he adds the spaghetti squash. next fresh arugula in a bowl with cashew ricotta, which isn't cheese. it's a paste made out of cashews, croutons for crunch and then you have a dish that tastes
5:50 pm
just like eating real pasta except it's squash. >> our customers are vegetarian. they like food and want to experience something new. >> reporter: chef amanda is the owner of dirt candy in the lower east side where she put a spin on all things vegetable. >> it doesn't have to be a steamed side dish. it can be something exciting you crave and want to have. >> time out new york named this dish as one of the 100 best dishes of 2015. >> we spoke broccoli florettes. we toss them in a tempura batter and fry them. they get a bit of a garlic cream, scal -- scallions.
5:51 pm
for the dish, i'm kerry drew. steve: it was a big day for a group of preschoolers in the bronx. look at this. the 13th annual winter themed olympics took place this afternoon. three to five years old with special needs took part in fun winter themed activities. before the event was over, kids created a large torch on the wall using pre-made painted hand prints. every student went home with a medal and was crowned a winner. delightful. dari: very sweet. all right. we'll see you back here with more storm info at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much, steve and dari. lots to tell you about. what might be the biggest test sandy. we'll show you how we're getting ready for this weekend. we'll tell you about that. next, eagles on the hudson and in our studio. we'll have a golden eagle with me live to celebrate eagle fest coming up next. don't miss it here on fox 5.
5:52 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is thursday night. good evening to you, everybody. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us tonight. okay. let's get started. we begin this evening with the latest on that storm that everybody is talking about. still on track for this weekend. nick gregory is here with the latest on what we likely will see more damaging part of the storm. data. tell us more about this. nick: the storm has so many phases to it. the one area we're concerned about is the wind and the coastal flooding. that's of concern. as the snow starts saturday morning, we'll worry about the heaviest snow saturday afternoon and saturday night. but the wind will be the story, particularly along the coast. 50 to 60-mile-an-hour winds. maybe even higher gusts going on. and the problem will be in combination with the high tide and the strong wind pushing the
5:54 pm
and the western part of long island sound.
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