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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and the western part of long island sound. we could have moderate to major coastal flooding taking place at this point and put that in combination with the fact that we have a full moon going on this weekend. some big issues. the storm is off to the south and west. again, what will happen is the storm gets off the east coast and starts to intensify, we're going to see that strong northeasterly wind get into play. it's going to pull the water and push it against the western part of long island sound and along the jersey shore. if we talk about the wind gusts exceeding 60 miles an hour, even some beach erosion will be taking place and the potential for even minor damage to take place along the coast. of course, these areas -- i should tell you areas that are susceptible to coastal flooding, you should be getting prepared now into tomorrow while you have the chance before the water starts coming up. we could be talking a three to four foot tidal surge going on for maybe two high tide cycles into the weekend.
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elements of the storm. the other is the heavy snowfall. that could be affecting a good portion of the area with blizzard conditions due to the strong wind. ernie: thank you, nick. as you said, it's not just the snow, but the coastal flooding and erosion on the minds of folks on long island's south shore. in long beach, berms are set up. the bay is mostly vulnerable. nassau county plans on activating their emergency operations center and the nonemergency hotline tomorrow. same situation in new jersey. dan bowens is in union beach. fill us in. >> reporter: the snow, that may be inevitable. the flooding is the wildcard for jersey. in union beach, you can see they've built a man made dune behind me. if things get bad, it may not hold. communities like this have no choice but to prepare for what could be a miserable weekend.
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>> reporter: paul smith knows this dune will get a workout. >> the snow doesn't bother me. it's the wind, rain and full moon and high tide. >> reporter: a potentially brutal combination he fears could create conditions similar to hurricane sandy. the square mileboro is still recovering from that superstorm. >> it's scary. >> snow is coming. it's inevitable. regardless of 6 inches or two feet. but the water is the problem. >> we have someplace to go if we have to leave. you always pack a bag. you have to be on ready. you take your stuff and you go and you do what you have to do. >> reporter: about 15 miles south, seabright officials worry river. >> notifying residents and broadcasting the tide schedule so people can be aware of coastal flooding. >> in belmar, crews are moving sand from the beach to create a barrier. >> in the winter, it's a great natural defense against whatever
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>> i'm not sure what to expect. i'm just recently moved down here. i don't know if these piles of sand are reassuring me or not. >> reporter: >> i'm praying that what they're saying is wrong. they've been wrong before. i'm hoping they're wrong again. >> reporter: taking a live look back out here in union beach, the dune stretches along the coast. the emergency operations center is open like so many areas in the tri-state. residents received text message warnings about the dangers this weekend. evacuation orders are still possible for this weekend. back to you. ernie: thank you very much. everybody is getting ready, including here in the city, making preparations for the snowstorm. starting tomorrow night, the sanitation department will begin deploying 2300 workers on 12 hour shifts. it will be over 500 salt spreaders and 300,000 tons of
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>> when the storm hits, it is crucial for people to stay off the streets to the maximum extent possible. if you need to move around use mass transit to the maximum extent possible. ernie: the mayor issued a hazardous travel advisory for both saturday and for sunday. you can stay up to date on the weekend's weather on the fox 5 ny weather app. just search fox 5 ny weather in the itunes store or google play to download the free app. >> in other developments, the u.s. isn't ruling out punitive action against russia. this after a british judge implicated president putin in the death of a former russian spy. he died after drinking poisoned tea in 2006. the judge found that putin likely signed off on that killing. killing.
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probably approved by mr. -- by the head of the fsb and by president putin. ernie: russia and two men accused of carrying out the murder strongly deny those accusations. the tsa announced it found a record number of guns in carry on luggage in 2015, just over 2600. that is a 20 percent increase from the previous year. the tsa credits better screening methods. >> meanwhile, airlines enjoyed record profits last year. delta, for example, announced 4.5 billion in profits. other airlines had big gains, mostly due to cheaper fuel prices. and that's what's happening right now. coming up next tonight, travel up the hudson and mother nature has a spectacular show. eagles, big, majestic birds, not far from the city. a beautiful golden eagle will join me live next to celebrate eagle fest. we'll tell you all about that. >> be sure to join me tomorrow
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feature story. i'm very excited about this. one of the things that makes this area really great is the variety of things that we can see and do. for example, take a ride for about an hour north of the city, and you might be able to catch amazing, majestic eagles doing river. in a couple of weeks, you had do that at eagle fest. we have a special treat to on. meet my guest, kevin carter. hi. how are you. >> great to be here. ernie: and bill streeter, how are you, and the star of the show, julia, the golden eagle. she is beautiful. tell us about her. >> she's a golden eagle. she weighs 15 pounds with a seven foot wingspan. she is one of a number of birds fest. as well. ernie: she's beautiful.
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doing educational show. and she's been in a movie. >> days and nights three years ago, an independent film. she does over 120 education programs every year. ernie: let me see the wingspan. seven feet. wow. look how beautiful. magnificent creature. kevin, you've got to be so excited. eagle fest is a home run. you've been doing it 12 years. >> we started it at t town. it got some big and popular, we had to move it to where it is now. we get thousands of people coming out to see these amazing birds, to have a close encounter like you're having now with the golden eagle, with the bald eagle. it's so inspiring, something people will never forget. ernie: it's very educational. >> it is. it opened up the door to curiosity for people. they want to know more and understand more about the animals and their habitat. people are surprised to learn that we have eagles right here in our area.
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grand central, which you can do on that morning, the eagle train at 9:47, and in under an hour, you can be at eagle fest. you'll see those eagles in the wild and see julia with bill and bald eagles right there. ernie: you walk through. you explain everything. people have a chance -- you can't touch the bird? >> i don't let people touch the bird because of a number of reasons, but people get very close to her. i will bring her close to people. they will learn a lot about bald eagles, golden eagles and other birds. ernie: i was told their vision is extraordinary. give me the statistic. tell me about the vision. >> she can read a newspaper headline from a quarter mile away. that's four football fields. ernie: incredible. amazing. >> she could land on the goal post. >> we have live music throughout the day. we have incredible food with award-winning restaurants.
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kitchen. and we have heated tents. all the shows and bill and the wonderful handlers that come from northeast, those shows will be in heated tents. ernie: people are excited about this. you want to give out the web site. >> t you can learn about the festival. we hope everyone comes out. hope to see you there. ernie: i hope to be there. it's an easy way to get there. you talked about the special train service. go there for tickets. t this is magnificent. i will remember this. julia, you're a beautiful bird, a beautiful creature. congratulations. thank you so much. good luck at the eagle festival. looking forward to it. nick, i know you love animals. nick: a beautiful bird. gorgeous. ernie: might be looking at a little snow for the birds. nick: snow on the wings as we do in airplanes. we are going to be talking about a snowstorm threat that's in play for the weekend and
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even in the new york city area, long island and along towards central new jersey. 36, 26 today. seasonally cold day. 38, 27 is where we should be. tomorrow, a pretty decent day. 31 now. humidity dry. wind coming to the northwest, backing off a little bit. we'll see a few clouds as we go into tonight. mid 30s around the city. 37 to bridgeport. 35 at montauk. 32 at sussex for the highs for the day. right now back below freezing in town. same at the jersey shore. upper 20s to the north and west. 30 poughkeepsie. 32 at bridgeport. 33 on the east end. wind northwest and coming to the north. that will be a northerly wind in our forecast as we head into tomorrow. here's the blizzard watch. covers the city and long island and southward through central new jersey. winter storm watch to the north and west of that. notice connecticut is not included in this. gives you an idea of where the sharp cutoff may exist with the
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fox 5 sky guardian, nothing much going on. a little bit of snow shower activity in the poconos. you can see that's diving southward and will be falling apart and not moving into the area through the night. here. this is the storm that will our way. tomorrow is your preparation day. few clouds in the mornings. teens in the burbs. 29 at lunchtime. the clouds start moving into the sky tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. storm moving slower as you'll see on our futurecast. looks like the precipitation won't get started until 6:00 saturday morning. you can see that coming up here. this northern edge is going to be the key to the forecast as to where the heavier bands of snow set up. i think it will be a north to south gradient that the further north you go, the less you get. the further south, that's where there could be heavy snowfall and we talked about the high wind and the threat of coastal flooding. that's going to be a big element
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that will last through saturday night into sunday. here's sunday late in the day. the storm is pulling away. the wind will be blowing and there will be blowing and drifting of snow. the strong northeasterly wind gets in play here. more particularly saturday into sunday. that's the conditions will occur. this is still my thoughts on the snowfall. this is subject to change. we'll be watching new data in the next 36 hours to come in. that's why sometimes ahead of the game, you get a little gun-shy when you make the forecasts. there's the dynamic storm going on and there could be a variety of changes to the snowfall. here's the north-south gradient. less in the hudson valley, clipping north jersey and southern connecticut. one to three inches. from north to south, you could have four inches of snow in central westchester and six to nine in northern manhattan. that's very distinctly possible.
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island. there may be a mixing of sleet and rain for a time. i'm holding the snow amounts down over eastern suffolk county for now. the jackpot looks like it's here. somerset county southwestward. 12 to 18 inches there. less along the jersey shore. there may be some mixing there of sleet and rain for a portion of the storm. a new clouds tonight, down to 22. teens in the burbs. 33 tomorrow. morning about 6:00 a.m. and sunday morning, windy, blizzard conditions, and cold on saturday, 31. 35 sunday. sun in the afternoon. monday, better, 39. we'll break 40 tuesday and hover around 40 wednesday and thursday. ernie: thank you, nick. the snow may fly, but so is our golden eagle, julia, celebrating eagle fest february 6th. look at this beautiful bird. gorgeous. can't put a price tag on that. we're still waiting for that billion dollar powerball winner
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maybe they'll be wondering about this question. check it out. can you ever been too rich? >> interesting question. interesting answers coming up. but first russ is joining me to look ahead at a big football weekend. we're back right after the
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ernie: big football weekend, a classic match-up. russ: let's call it the 17th classic. it will be the 17th time that peyton manning and tom brady go head to head. you know, the great many of them with peyton was when he was with the colts. but it will be the 17th time in the history of these two first ballot hall of famers all time greats. ernie: they're great quarterbacks. who do you think has the edge over the years? russ: not perhaps. the edge over the years, ernie, you have to give it to tom brady because in the 16 previous meetings, brady has the edge of 11 to five. 11 wins to five. however, over the past 10 seasons, it's five and five. in the playoffs, which this is a playoff game, they are two and
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so it really is a classic match-up. for a couple of reasons. ernie: doesn't get any better. this is good stuff. russ: we know about deflategate with the patriots. you have brady. the immediate would love brady to hoist the lombardi trophy and have commissioner roger goodell hand it to him. on the flipside is peyton manning. a lot of people didn't know if this was it for peyton. they still don't know. there was a time he wasn't starting. he had been hurt. brock was starting. then he leads to a big victory. ernie: what do you think will happen after the season? russ: nobody knows. he was asked. he said listen, it's done me well not to look far in advance. he doesn't want to say. if you were asking me, i would say should he win the super bowl
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bowl, i think he rides off into the sunset. ernie: panthers and cardinals, right? russ: that's a big game. it will be the first time in the history you're talking about two quarterbacks, cam newton and carson palmer. it's the first time two former heisman trophy quarterbacks are meeting in a playoff game. ernie: and rex ryan making news. russ: katherine smith is getting -- it's been called the quality control coach for special teams. basically -- i'm not poo-pooing in. she was interns for years with the jets. it's more of a clerical job. she's not on the grounds coaching. ernie: it's a move. russ: it opens up the avenue for different people. ernie: we know money is important. but can you have too much of it? russ: not enough.
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said right after the break. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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ernie: seems like everything is about money these days. here's my question. can you ever be too rich? >> probably not. no. ernie: no? >> i could use some more money. ernie: you can never be too rich? >> no. ernie: how do you feel that way? >> you can always give it away. >> bill gates and warren buffet are good examples. >> i think you can be. the saying should be if i have enough, i don't need more. ernie: a lot of people might agree. >> more money, more problems. ernie: is that how you see it? >> i think so. ernie: why do you say that? >> money changes people. ernie: it does. in a bad way? >> not necessarily. but you'll increase your problems.
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>> doesn't change everybody. ernie: it depends on who the person is. >> i guess so. but it's always complicated. ernie: how do you feel? can you ever be too rich? >> i think i -- you know, i'm not -- i think i can handle it, but i don't want too much. i don't want other problems. ernie: can you ever have too much money? >> no. ernie: tell me why you feel that way. >> it's the best thing in the world. you can do what you want, go where you want. ernie: never have too much? >> can't ever have too much. i'm looking for it. ernie: i hope you find it. >> thank you. ernie: okay. bye-bye. what do you think? go to my facebook page and let me know. i'm interested. that's it for now. us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5, upstairs in our control room, big john, give us a wave. amazing. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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