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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: all right. here we go. friday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. and the big story right now is the weather. let's get right to it. the big winter storm that's pounding much of the east coast is heading our way. it has been snowing in virginia and other states where the jackpot snowfall is expected. for us, there's uncertainty perhaps. let ps let's get to it. nick gregory is following the information with the very, very latest. nick: we're trying to get through the uncertainty to talk about where the snowfall amounts will add up. we'll be switching into gear to go more towards what we call now casting verse us relying on computer models. the storm is moving faster. the start time will be late tonight in new york city, probably close to midnight. heaviest saturday morning to shy morning.
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mixing in over eastern long island and over the south jersey shore. high winds, that's coming. 50 to 60-plus-mile-an-hour winds along the coast. that will create blizzard conditions. the coastal flooding is going to occur. we have flood warnings for tomorrow, particularly tomorrow evening's high tide cycle. snows off to the southwest. a lot of this isn't reaching the ground. the air is so dry. there's more coming up on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d as it advances northward. blizzard warning in red. that's new york city, long island, most of new jersey for tomorrow. winter storm warning further north. winter weather advisories moving into connecticut and north jersey. as we look at our snowfall map, you can see this gradient we've been talking about for the last two days. i've gone back to my original thinking of wednesday. probably should have stuck to that last night. about eight to 14 inches across the city towards western long island. less on the east end if we get into mixing. northward it drops off.
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central westchester. southern connecticut. the jackpot is here, monmouth county, 16 to 22 inches. here's the coastal flood warning, western long island sound into queens, the south shore of long island and the bays and down the jersey shore. bad tomorrow morning but worse in tomorrow evening's high tide. ernie: thank you for that. talking about this flood prone areas like hoboken, new jersey, are trying to avoid serious problems with this storm. let's go over to antwan lewis who is there for us right now. good evening. tell us more about what's going on there. >> reporter: they're worried about flooding as well as accessibility to city streets. officials in hoboken and jersey city are asking vehicle owners not to double park so the spreaders and plows can attack snow-covered streets. >> we need people to move off the emergency snow routes. the streets are white. we have our brine down.
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into action when the snow starts. >> reporter: jersey city increased the number of trucks and routes to be covered. crews will have faster access to salt depots. >> on the technology front, we're experimenting with gps tracking that all of our trucks are equipped with. residents can see the trucks moving and know when they're turning on their streets in realtime. >> field crews are prepared for outages which would come from snow or ice buildup on power lines. they acknowledge concerns about flooding. >> for right now we're not expecting inbound flooding, which is what happened during sandy. we are closely monitoring that. if that changes, we'll be putting out an alert and letting residents know. >> that's one of the big concerns this weekend. our hope is that we're just dealing with snow. >> reporter: both mayors are saying coastal flood warnings
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what potentially could happen. back to you. ernie: all hoping for the best. thank you. new york city is preparing for the winter storm. the city says salt trucks will hit the streets as soon as the snow starts to fall. plowing will begin once two inches has accumulated. mayor de blasio says the city is ready. >> we do not see a scenario where there will be a need for evacuation. we do have evacuation sites ready. we have 16 sites ready that can be up and running within hours if anything were to change. ernie: tomorrow the mayor says alternate side parking is suspended. a reminder, you can stay on top of this right up to date on the storm with the fox 5 ny weather app wherever you are. all you have to do is search fox 5 ny weather in the itunes store or google play to download the free app. joining me right now to talk about this, a favorite to have on board, d.o.t. commissioner, polly trottenberg. nice to have you here.
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ernie: we're talking about this weather. you're on top of it. we've been lucky so far. here it comes. how does the city look to you in terms of preparations? >> we are lucky. we've had a very mild winter. now mother nature is about to bring us a storm. at the city level, we've been preparing for several days led by the office of emergency management, fire department, police department. we have our equipment out. the plows will be ready. the mayor has declared for tomorrow a winter storm emergency and is asking motorists please stay off the roadways. ernie: that's important. >> very important. from 8:00 a.m. to midnight so plows can work and emergency vehicles can move around the city. we hope people will be safe. ernie: people have to take that seriously. there's such a big job trying to run the city. so many times we do interviews or think about it. it's a massive job, trying to keep all of the agencies coordinated. especially when we have situations like a snowstorm coming. >> when we have moments like
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its works force at its finest. there's great coordination between the city agencies, the men and women are ready to go. i hope tomorrow will go smoothly and people will be safe on the roadways and we'll get the snow cleared. ernie: we hope so. let's talk about vision zero. there was an announcement early this week, an update on the situation, trying to keep our city safer. tell us more about that. >> i was very proud to stand with the mayor earlier this week and announce in 2015 last year, we had the lowest number of traffic fatalities in the history of new york city. ernie: very good. >> very exciting. that's due to the leadership of the mayor and the work of a bunch of city agencies together on vision zero. ernie: what's making a real difference? >> i think there are a number of things. we've been doing engineering in dangerous intersections and doors door corridors, we've lowered the speed limit. we've been working together. we're seeing results. ernie: good to see positive results. one of the pet peeves everybody
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traffic, traffic. it's really a terrible situation sometimes when you're stuck with traffic and you're wondering where is this coming from. how are you dealing with congestion, all the construction sites that are going on? it's a challenge. >> it is a challenge. i certainly hear a lot from my fellow new yorkers about it. the city just put out a report on the for hire vehicle industry and talked about congestion. the big factors, we have the largest population in the city's history, 8.4 million. we had 58 million tourists last year. ernie: 58 million. >> that is record-breaking. construction projects. the subway ridership is topping 6 million a day. it is a challenge. we're working at d.o.t. to do our best to manage traffic conditions. we're working with the mta on speeding up bus service. the mayor made an historic contribution to the capital
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investing. people. ernie: if somebody is listening and they have a concern, something i need an answer to or some help, what's the best way for people to deal with that? >> the quickest is call or e-mail 311. if you want to report something. for new york city d.o.t., we love to engage on concerns about transportation and streets. we're on social media. you can come to our web site. love to hear from you. ernie: thank you for joining us. get your shovel ready. >> i'll be busy. come back. a reminder that we're going to continue our conversations with next week. bill bratton will take us inside the nypd tuesday and the challenges they face in 2016. next week, a look at women making it big in business. we're talking about female billionaires with maya forbes.
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ernie: welcome back. here's a story a lot of people are talking about. the runaway cow that made a daring escape from a queens slaughterhouse has been granted a new lease on life. the cow will live at an animal sanctuary. a rescue worker heard about the story, rushed to the slaughterhouse in jamaica queens, just in time. >> we ended up, with the traffic, getting there around 7:10 and they were gone already. so we spent the night in the truck outside and eventually he relented and said i could take the animal. ernie: since the cow was rescued from queens, he was appropriately named freddie after legendary queens singer freddie mercury. freddie better be ready for all that snow, like the rest of us. got a new lease on life. what about us? nick: i would have named him
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ernie: i love that movie. it was terrific. well, listen, we've got the weather on the way. nick: we do. we've been advertising this all week. it's here. it's going to happen. we'll have blizzard conditions tomorrow. it will be rough. ernie: it's good it's on the weekend. nick: could have been a bigger problem. you're right. if you can stay home tomorrow, that's the best advice. you don't want to be on the roads when there's almost zero visibility and 40-mile-an-hour winds driving the snow at you or just to be outside and have that hit you as it happens. if you can stay home, that's the best thing to do. 30, 21 today. a colder day than i was thinking. we have a lot of dry air around. that will be the battle this evening is how the snow overtakes the dryer area tomorrow. 38, 27 is average. 61 and 0 in the records. that was back in 1888. don't worry about the sunrise. you won't see it tomorrow.
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the air is dry with a 5 degree dew point. 30.18 and the pressure is high. about 30 most areas today. 31 on the east end. upper 20s to the north and west. everybody is pretty much at or below 30. bridgeport, islip, 30. 28 hudson valley. 29 in newark and the city. and i want to show you these dew point temperatures. the reason i point that out is you saw the temperatures are upper 20s to 30. the dew point is down around 5. that's a huge margin. we have to get the air to become more saturated before the snow starts falling and reaching the ground. that may take several hours tonight. when you look at the radar, you'll see it's sort of fighting off that dry air trying to get in here. here's the north-northeast wind developing. look at this. here's fox 5 sky guardian. this has been kind of sitting here not really moving.
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the question is where is the dryer air battle zone end up? looks like to the north of new york city with the heaviest snow southwest of new york city. snowing down to baltimore, washington d.c. and the heavier snow in west virginia as the storm is showing intensity on the radar. we'll watch that transfer its energy here. that storm gets going and heads off to the north and east. again, put that strong northeasterly wind tomorrow and produces wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour. we have to deal with the coastal flooding. the snow will be heavy at times, varying rates. what happens with these type of storms, you get the bands set up. we'll see that tomorrow. you get another band, you can pick up a burst of three, four inches of snow. 20s to 30 for tomorrow. temperature not going anywhere. a little sleet or rain briefly could makes in over eastern long island. i'm not sure that's going to happen. i think that's a better case along the south jersey shore.
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futurecast, notice the northern cutoff. it's tough. that's the tough part of the forecast. the faster movement means by sunday morning, it's gone. we'll be looking for improvements. sunday will be a better day. snowfall totals, eight to 14 inches across the city towards most of the central long island. less on the east end. four to eight as you move northward and one to four in the mid hudson valley. jackpot southwest. 16 to 22 inches there. 18 in the suburbs. heavy snow, windy tomorrow. there. 30 will be the high. then we'll get back to sunshine, 36 sunday. good days. how about low 40s tuesday. could be showers tuesday night. that may happen. 40 on wednesday. seasonally cold and dry weather at the end of the week. ernie: looks like everybody is getting ready. nick: it's going to be a tough day to get around tomorrow. we can't emphasize about the coastal flooding.
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night's -- tomorrow evening's high tide. that will be the worst. ernie: there's a new survey on babies and families. my question is all about that. most americans think that two children is the ideal number for a family. what do you think about that? what do you say? what number would you choose? your answers are coming up. first, russ is going to join me to talk about a mets star possibly leaving for a rival. we're coming back with that story and more on fox 5 news at
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
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ernie: russ is here. big football weekend and big news in baseball. mets on the plate. russ: it's one of those situations, ernie, like if you read the back pages today, nat mare for the mets. they're talking of something with the washington nationals, five years, 100 or so million. that. we said that last season. they weren't going for that. the word is the mets have come back. they're talking with him maybe for a three year deal but giving him an opt out after one year which might make it more enticing. then he can become a free agent again. ernie: the mets are in play. he has expressed his feeling he would like to stay on as a met. russ: he said that initially. it's all about staying for the
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if he would stay, i would be shocked. you never say never. i told you this a long time. i'm never going to criticize a team if they don't want to pony up something like 100 million for five years. the other thing is this. why haven't everybody else been knocking down his door? other people might feel the same way. ernie: the money issue. listen, it's always a big factor. russ: listen, it's very easy to spend somebody else's money. for all the applause that the yankees have gotten when they won -- i remember the years ago george steinbrenner, rest in peace, they were criticizing him bad. can't have it both way. ernie: talk about the cavaliers. fired their coach. russ: david black gets fired. they win over the clippers. they get fired. listen, you don't get fired with that kind of record unless you get the blessing to be fired by
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lebron james. there had to be a disconnect someplace otherwise he wouldn't have been fired. ernie: we have been talking about sports and a lot of stars. the real stash -- star of the day, russ is a grandfather twice. we have some pictures. this is max. russ: that's max, the first son of my daughter ashley and her husband dave. ernie: what a sweet little boy. how many pounds? russ: seven pounds, 14 ounces. ernie: saw him with the football. russ: little cousin to miles. you know what i was thinking about? know what that represents? you know this. it's like winning the powerball every day for the rest of my life. ernie: absolutely. russ: am i right? ernie: you've got it. congratulations. congratulations. russ: feel free to drop off an envelope.
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that's grandchild no. 2 for russ. tonight i have a question about a survey. how many kids makes an ideal family?
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. victory lane.
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ernie: a recent poll finds most americans think that two children is the ideal number for a family. what do you think? >> i have two children. obviously that's what i think. ernie: you have two. >> i have two. i agree with that 100 percent. ernie: is do you think two is a good number? >> for me personally, three would be too much. >> i only have one. ernie: that's okay. no excuses. >> i only think one is enough. ernie: one is enough. >> i think two is great. ernie: two is a good number? >> especially if it's a boy and girl.
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>> with the economy, less money, if you have a bigger family, it's harder to go on vacation. a friend of mine has five kids plus him. that's seven people. to go on vacation costs a lot of money. ernie: what do you think? >> well, i have two kids. i would like another one. ernie: you want to go for three. >> yes. ernie: why? >> because i love having them. they're a joy. my husband doesn't want three. he thinks two is the ideal number. ernie: he thinks two. you want three. who's going to win? >> he is. ernie: enjoy what you've got. you would like to have two when you start? >> yes. ernie: depends on what your wife says. >> yes. ernie: she could have a big say. >> a big say in that. ernie: thanks so much. have a great day. >> thank you. ernie: tell me what you think. go to my facebook page. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our control room, big john, give
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this weekend. be careful out there with the weather. we look to see you on monday. have a nice weekend.
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