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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> we hope for the best and now we are getting the worst. the blizzard continues continues to pound her area. a live look at newark new jersey where the snow continues to pile up. we have all your storm needs cover but the top headlines used on this morning. antwan: the storms claimed his first local casualty. three people have been killed by his shoveling snow. all the roads are listened to further notice because of dangerous conditions. christina: lirr metro north and staten island railroad trains are suspended tonight on the aboveground subways suspended by
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service. mta bus services suspended. >> bus rail might railroad remains suspended in the southern portions of the state. good evening everyone i'm antwan lewis. christina: i'm christina park at a lot to tell you about. antwan: the latest on the storm. audrey: we have our official total in central park, it's now up to 19 .3 inches. that means we are closing in on the top five snowstorms of all time in the park. i slip significant amount there are 13.4 and the snow continues to come down. central park a little bit earlier. many alleged in .5 total coming in at 8 inches in new jersey check out some of these numbers. heavy snowfall across northwestern new jersey a few hours ago and that was
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17 inches elizabeth 13.7 and richmond i'm guessing you are closer to eight or 9 inches get a half a foot in stamford greenwich and bridgeport. the snow is coming down there so i'm guessing your official report will be updated chart when it will be almost double that amount so far. look at her radar. you can see the heavy snow been set up mostly from boston all the way to central portions of connecticut into the hudson valley in new york city announced in our central new jersey. we will zoom in and see we have the heaviest snow bands across central new jersey were regains way towards newark into staten island. steadily coming down. snow is not only the issue but the drawn gusty winds with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour are my supports montauk point in a strong northeasterly wind fall, we are ready for some flooding across parts of long island and new jersey by the time of high tide which will
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northeasterly winds winds will push the water into western long island sound and also against the jersey shore in the south shore of long island and that's why we have a coastal flood warning in effect for the county shaded in red and i'll talk more about what's expected in humans. antwan: ivory thank you. christina: two-day snowstorm is creating massive problems across the area. >> joining us is governor chris christie with the latest on how new jersey is dealing with this darn. we know you have been very busy governor. >> is my pleasure. thanks for having me on. antwan: a lot of people are wondering about the decision not to enforce a travel ban in your state. can you tell us about that? >> i've been on the road all day today and there just does not need to be a need for us to do it. people have been respectful of our request to stay off the roads. i was on the garden state parkway, interstate 287 and on all those roads i can tell you that most of the time other than
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road. christina: governor christie's this is your 17th snow emergency figure out the experience. a lot of people still recovering from superstorm sandy. people tweeting pictures of icy water coming to their homes. >> that's why went to the jersey shore today. our staff has been in touch with the south jersey shore and cape me which is where we must -- have most of flooding. no way does the flooding approximate what happened during superstorm sandy. we have this mostly street flooding very little going into homes and very little that is requiring any type of evacuation so we feel like for most people you should just be sheltered where you are while you still have power and those things will
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after tonight high-tech with the national weather service sang the high tide will be less aggressive so that's good news for residents along the shore. antwan: governor can you talk about the planets might likely be visiting areas after the tide which we know is around 7:00 and 55 minutes or so? >> i don't think any more is expected. i don't expect anyone to be out of the house so during the day i could go around and see conditions and want to get start out as difficult to do that. we have 3800 pieces of equipment on the road clearing the roadways. i can tell you the garden state parkway was very clear and passable. for the most part state highways are really right now in the northern part of the state you are viewing areas the one that's getting hit the hardest. the worst of the storm has argued past south jersey and a
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the northern part is they got hit hard and that's why governor cuomo made the decision to close down the hudson river parkway. new york city making it difficult for them to clear the roadways and we wanted to continue to help the people in new jersey and urging them not to be in a row. there's more snow to come for the better part of new jersey. christie governor christie's not only are you overseeing new jersey but also a gop residence candidate and we need your hard at work on the campaign trail. can we ask what your plans are for this weekend? >> we will take a look and see help rings look tomorrow morning. right now my intent is to stay new jersey ncl things go but if things go well tomorrow i will try to get back to new hampshire sometime tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see. i want to make it clear that from my perspective by 11:00 yesterday morning it was clear to me that this was going to be a significant snow event
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it wrong. i left early yesterday afternoon from new hampshire drove down here to new jersey and i was here before snow dropped on to the ground and we have been monitoring it personally. today was out on the road all day from early this morning. it appears to me we have about 18 inches of snow on the ground. antwan: governor thank you so much for joining us. we know you've been very busy and we wish you traveling well tomorrow the careful as you make your way to new hampshire. thank you so much for joining us by phone this evening. >> thank you and i said all the people in new jersey please stay home tonight. there is no reason for you to leave their homes tonight. it's cold and it's dark and there's a lot of snow on the dark so -- on the grounds that stay home and stay safe. christina: governor christie was telling his flooding is a major concern.
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with more. report grants one a christie make her the governor manchin point pleasant one of the areas he visited. we update mass upon county north of that and let that's their babies in the area where earlier this morning just after 7:00 the high tide we started to see some street leading, some of the flooding the governor talked about the didn't cause damage with something officials are keeping there i am this evening. the last few hours some of that water has started to move back into some street and causing minor flooding. the area was under a voluntary evacuation order. we know there were dozens if not hundreds of residents have decided to leave their homes. one woman i spoke to earlier this afternoon told me this morning the water was at her doorstep in this evening she thinks it's possible it could make its way into her living room come into her home. certainly an unwanted guest. the governor urged people to stay off the roadways tonight and for good reason. new jersey state patrol is
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accidents come in vehicle accidents on the state roadways up the evening. they have also helped some 800 people across the state this evening. it's a big concern and also this evening you want to keep your eye on those wind gust. the coaster reasons -- regions we could see wind gust as high as 74 miles per hour. that's what the national weather service said earlier and if that happens it would qualify as hurricane-strength winds. hurricane-strength winds that could be associated with this blizzard. here in monmouth county that the concern was always going to be the flooding. it was nice going to be the wild card but we saw more snow than what we expected here. about a foot or a little more than a foot, 13 or 14 inches. that's one big thing people are dealing with today. take a listen as we talked a gentleman shoveling its way out. >> a lot of times we have high winds that we had overnight but it looks like it's still pretty strong and i think hopefully we
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reporter: what it might be expected to become astronomical high tides around 7:00 not to mention the high tide that will come back again tomorrow morning so we are set by not out of the woods yet. antwan and christina back to you. apologize. christina: i get it. the snow freezes your face. reporter: i blame it on that today was doing so well. antwan: you are doing fine into the city is doing his best to deal this time. christina: here's what he had to say. >> a travel ban is in effect and the nypd will and forced a travel ban it's important to people clear the roads so sanitation can do its work and get the city back on its feet over the next day or two. antwan: let's go live to prospect heights to robert. her parka and tony christie and i can't feel my face but i love it. that's what i'm thinking tonight
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to my face to the travel ban as you heard the mayor say remains in effect and we have visual proof of that. you can count the number of cars here at what would normally is a very busy intersection flat push an atlantic. you can count the number of vehicles on one hand and that's good news because the nypd is beginning to really enforce this travel ban. earlier. when i first started at 2:30 i saw some officer stopping vehicles and giving a warning to those drivers. you have to get off the road but now it's serious and you could risk a summons or perhaps even an arrest. i knew this day would be a long and cold one when we set out this morning for the upper eastside and then we took to fdr drive. this normally would be an 8.3-mile drive from our studios on 67th street to atlantic terminal. it took us about an hour to do it and i was driving on the fdr. we didn't get get much above 10 miles an hour.
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and my photographer shot these images. we saw cars spinning all over the place, a telecheck had to come out and rescue one of them. it was not good and the that they simply deteriorated from there. as the day wore on the governor opted for that travel ban at 2:30 and then at 4:00 the lirr metro north were shut down. what normally would be a very busy bustling terminal was a ghost town. we were inside the lirr departure boards were all black and no information whatsoever. the entry for the b in the q subway line was completely roped off. another casualty of the storm new york islander in philadelphia flyer game normally right now fans will be filing into the barclays center but what we were there earlier today the only sign of humanity we saw was a guy who was shoveling the snow.
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of her glee center but as we come back live i want you to see the police officer down here trying to shovel out his squad car. antwan and christina sending it back to you. christina: we could go out there and help him. antwan: thanks so much. feeling the effects of today's boozer. christina: jody goldberg is live in america but the conditions there. reporter: i can't feel my face, the winds are kicking up in long beach. you can see at this point it's hard to tell what's falling from the sky and what's being blown around to be content to wait for the high tide expected around 7:15 but at this point city officials we spoke with say it's not expected to be that bad. that's the wild card here tonight but i will know more later. one resident we spoke with said it can't be compared to sandy. >> i think we are all right. the wind blowing from the north helps us blowing against the
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i was just down there and they built up some sand dunes so hopefully we are good. i don't think this is anything like sandy. it's a winter storm and sandy was hopefully once-in-a-lifetime. reporter: just a reminder there still that travel ban in effect. it's best to stay off the road so that the crews can keep them safe. in long beach jody goldberg sending a back to you. christina: still a lot more to come. antwan: before he had to break i want to show you this scene from long beach long island. as you can see the flags standing proud old glory holding its ground.
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>> welcome back. you are taking a a live look at times square. the sun has set has gotten dark outside and not a time to the outdoors. it was that way all day and now it's dark. we want it to heed the morning -- warnings warning the more so because his dangerous assay. the warning for the boozer
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as we continue to have blowing region. the winds are blustery coming out of the northeast between 15 and 30 miles per hour sustained guess i than that. visibility is reduced to quarter-mile and in some spots conditions. that's an lasting for hours and will continue to do so for the next several hours. please stay indoors. we have gotten updated totals in the weather center. williamsburg brooklyn coming in at 21 inches of snow. bethpage at 20 and 10 to park at 19.3 which is closing in on one of the top five storms of all time. new city and rockland county checking in at 15.2 inches in mt. vernon 14 and monroe off to the north is coming in at 8 inches at this hour. looking at new jersey boyertown as well as newark liberty airport coming in at 21.4 inches monroe township 17 inches, settle burro coming in the 16 away and checking in at
6:19 pm
hawthorne where comics use me this note total is at 12.5 12.5 inches. a look at our satellite and radar shows the snow coming down at a moderate clip across much of the tri-state area. as indicated by the darker shade of blue tones and the line stretches from philadelphia to new york city and is now moving into portions of new england. they will have more about that coming up in a minute. antwan: one couple will never forget and it has nothing to do with the snow. antwan: look at land out there live on the west side. reporter: i love you antwan. we ended up going to a wedding today. we never saw that one coming but we got lucky and here we were. the storm is going to assad really sang one of the top five biggest storms in newark city history but it still wasn't big enough to prevent a couple from huntington long island from going ahead with their wedding today.
6:20 pm
you can see ashley berlin. she is trudging through the snow to get to the church st. paul church on a web site page gathers no boots on in her wedding gown on. it's pulled up so it's not dragging the snow. a wedding party is trudging through the snow along with all their guests. amazingly she and her husband casey had invited over to the people to the wedding. more than 100 of them were able to make it. these are not all local people. people were flying in from other parts of the country. somebody took a train from virginia yesterday. he was able to get out of town before we storm hits big down there. he was the best man in the wedding but something that is so funny about this not only were they able to pull this off but it turns out that ashley ended up being born during a snowstorm and today she ends up getting married during a snowstorm.
6:21 pm
husband casey and also ashley's dad. go ahead and take a listen to what they have to say. you have to take the subway a peer? >> gas yes which was incredible. we partied with a lot of strangers. we were chanting our subway wedding. our pictures are going to be x level. >> we can't say thank you enough. it made our day. the priest said she was born in a snowstorm and now she's getting married in one. >> her 30th birthday was 2 feet of snow for her 30th birthday. she beat the snow to arrive in this world. i thought she was going to lose this one but here we are.
6:22 pm
off. we showed you two pictures of ashley on the subway. she was supposed to be in a limousine coming to the church but because the travel ban the limousines weren't able to arrive so she had to hop on the subway with a smile on her face. a gorgeous bride in a handsome groom and a very happy family tonight. west side. back to you in the studio. happily ever after. it was so funny we felt like we were part of the family. we were inside the wedding and everybody is smiling and waving at us and here we are and our snow gear. i'm sure she appreciated it. i hope they are going to a honeymoon someplace nice and warm. reporter: i forgot to ask him where they were going because we were so caught up in the wedding today and talking with the family. this is really a treat. in the middle of this massive snowstorm and everything going
6:23 pm
wind and here is a beautiful moment and a very snowy day. it was really very nice. antwan: linda thanks so much. imagine where they were going it's by subway. they can't drive. christina: let's check some of the photos from folks on social media. another proud father did john daniels posted this photo of his three pit bull children outside of their home. by the looks of the smiles on their faces they are obviously having a wonderful time. antwan: your snow coverage continues when we return. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it
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christina: we are keeping an eye on everything having to do with the storm. westchester kandy new jersey a state of emergency now travel to investing less cars out there. take a look starting off in new jersey the garden state parkway. by mile per hour restrictions and the turnpike if you need to travel. plows are out there. the if you determine whether getting stuck brother getting stuck, a lot of accidents recorded -- reported. that tractor-trailer got stuck in some are jackknife thing.
6:27 pm
fdr drive the 73 people are out there. please will pull you over. there is restrictions out there and shut points. the staten island expressway by richmond road this is why they are telling you not to drive out there. just the tri-state area, let's go to the pictures and she went to check points in the west point how highway 77. there are polling everyone over. you have no real come in the. nj transit systemwide shutdown buses and suffolk county westchester as well. path train them to service only operating between growth in the world trade center. we will have more coverage for
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welcome back to our special snow coverage. i'll new york city and long island roads are closed until further notice because of dangerous conditions to say. tunnels are also shut down. lirr metro north and staten island railroad trains are suspended tonight. service on all above ground subways are suspended however those underground trains to remain in service.
6:31 pm
suspended. >> in new jersey bus and rail and light rail service suspended is here with the forecast. audrey: let's talk about the numbers from today. not talking about the snowfall numbers but the temperatures. central park today. we recorded that at 4:00 and numbers below average for the time of year. cold enough to sustain snow across the region. check out the snowfall 19.3 inches in the park. so far that breaks her previous daytime snowfall record which was 12.8 inches set in 1935. right now we are sitting at the high numbers 27 degrees greater wins coming out of the north north northeasterly and 21 miles per hour sustained with gusts even higher than that being reported across the region.
6:32 pm
26 amatar. 27 the city 25 in newark and 23 in sussex as well as outdoors monticello. northeast winds coming in 15 to 25 miles an hour and average and gusts higher than that mostly into the 30-mile per hour range although they have been as high as 58 and 60 miles per hour across parts of long island. they started with the win. after that in the current temperature feels like the teens in single digits across the area. not only is it uncomfortable at the snowfall it's cold outside so stay indoors for the rest of the inning. satellite and radar showing the heaviest snow bans are continuing across the region. they work their way into new england. they extend as far south as philadelphia and washington d.c.. we see some rotation, more of a pivoting action on the backside located to our southeast. that low is expected to edge its way northeast and a northeasterly direction but
6:33 pm
these bands pivot and before every -- but for everything's shifts from west to east and that will happen after 11:00 tonight. here's a look at our futurecast gannott 11:00 this evening. snowfall from new york city to the jersey shore in points eastward but it looks like northwest new jersey the hudson valley in eastern pennsylvania you should be nuclear. everything was out quickly after midnight. tomorrow morning you will see the sunrise and it will be with us all day long sunday into monday. good news, no major storms. it looks like we shouldn't have a problem without cleanup issues over the next couple of days. another issue besides bush snow. moderate to major flooding at the times of high tide at 7:00. coastal flood warnings on the south shore as long island and the jersey shore. it's pushing water into the western long island sound as well as the jersey shore.
6:34 pm
anticipating major flooding across the part of the tri-state area. we could see winds as high as 15 to 20 along the jersey shore and factor in the fullman and astronomical high tides at 2.5 >> audrey thanks. christie as the area continues to get slammed by winter storm for new york city and long island. still more than 200 crashes including printer vehicles. mayor de blasio said they will be enforcing the ban and you could get arrested. >> is important to people clear the roads to sanitation can do on its feet over the next day or two. >> all port authority bridges and tunnels including hudson river crossings and staten island bridges have been shut down as well. antwan: you can usually order takeout at finding food
6:35 pm
imagine very difficult. christina: lidia curanaj joins us from radio park queens. reporter: we are out here in queens and that's queens boulevard behind me. it's not even that cold, the accumulation of the spell but the wind pushing wind and snow into your face and it stings your eyes. not too many places are open. we had a journey today for a couple of hours to see what we could find that was open. check it out. i wasn't expecting to find this burger place of him. now look at this 20 far laundromat and woodhaven boulevard either. we did catch this father and son working though. i see you are digging out your card. got any plans to go anywhere? >> i have a job at 5:00.
6:36 pm
snow for a long time. reporter: did you wish you would have happened during the school week so you didn't have to go to school? i trudged through a foot of snow to reach the front door. i could almost taste the hot coffee and then one of the workers said we are closed because they are stuck. what's going through your mind right now? >> how we are going to get home. reporter: just swami thought of as an official ghost town we found a restaurant on queens boulevard open for business. baklava, thank you. the owner says he never closes even during sandy he stayed open. every single day no matter what? >> i like the snow. reporter: he graciously offered me some turkish teeth. fortunately for all he and his staff they were in walking
6:37 pm
while i had a bite of the baklava we hung out with the customers in and the calls for take it continued to roll in. he is very proud of this restaurant, you can clearly see. we are in the middle of a blizzard here. it really hurts your face. the rest on his taking takeout orders. how are they doing the takeout orders considering they are in a travel ban? fortunately most people aren't hearing to the travel ban. you can see snowplows right here behind me. how are the delivery people doing it? they are only taking orders that are in walking distance. that's what i call dedication guys. back to you in the studio. christina: a nice tip.
6:38 pm
antwan: teresa priolo is live with the latest conditions there. hi theresa. reporter: might goodness, good evening. i think i have rain freeze from the temperatures. the wind is quite bad as you can see from what we are dealing with but it's not snowing nearly as much as the last time we joined you. let me show you the roads in newark. the cars are still on that despite the fact that the governor is asking people to stay off the roads. this is all for the fact that there is no travel ban in effect but it's not safe to be out here plows are working as hard as they can and as fast as they can. they have been doing a remarkable job treating these roads and attempting to make amends passable as possible. earlier today was a bit of a mess with people attempting to dig themselves out up because they had spun out on the side of the road. we also saw people walking around looking for food.
6:39 pm
their own hotel so they came to our hotel to see if they could get respa take a listen. >> the staff told you we came here there might be some sort of service. but you are out walking around. this is crazy. there is nobody out i guess. >> we have been here since 4:30 this morning and going at it with the showgirl -- double and power blowers. shovel and power blowers. >> just some quick numbers to give you. pse&g one of the main electricity utilities tell us
6:40 pm
statewide are without power. a lot more for jersey city power and might that most of those people are down south. we should mention few antwan and christina two or 300 accidents according to state police, relatively minor for the most part. apparently no major incidents. that's the latest from newark, good evening, good morning, good night i don't know what it is but i will send it back to you. antwan: thanks theresa for saying hello to us. christie is much more ahead. antwan: will take a quick break and take a live look outside. loowan: will take a quick break and take a live look outside. look at that, broadway shutting down.
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antwan: why you may want to keep the little ones at home. watch this couple struggling to push their baby stroller through the snow. christina: that's a bugaboo. antwan: have you ever had to deal with this with your little one? what's the best approach? do you carry them? christina: just stay inside. - christina: just stay inside. look at this. maybe tomorrow. oh boy look at that. antwan: tonight a full hour for news from 10:00 until 11:00 11:00 followed by "street soldiers" with lisa evers.
6:44 pm
at bad girls trying to do -- how do bad girls. >> once upon a time not long ago i was plante in this video by pop reality tv star mireille then she brags about using her body for cash. it is what it is. from beat downs posted on youtube to prime-time fights the message is clear to get what you want, take it. less clothing usually means more followers. >> it's easy to us to point to the reality shows and social media and the various things on television however it's important for parents to become involved and active in the young girls life in order for them to have other images of what is a good way to ask, what is ladylike to. reporter: there was nothing later like about the alleged actions of these two women to do my pd said they robbed an nba star of half a million dollars in jewelry.
6:45 pm
assault the 15-year-old victim bragged about her on line fame. >> we have seen an increase in their sexuality and they are starting to trust more provocative. they are engaging in antisocial behavior including truancy, active, fighting more. blank. the series like "orange is the new black" reflects reality. the number of women doing time has been steadily rising since 2010 according to the beer of justice statistics. even tv stars who live in mansions like theresa djou dice from the real news -- real housewives of new jersey end up in jail. hip-hop star card ep launch an
6:46 pm
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christina: joining us live with how they have blizzard has affected locals. >> affecting sporting goods up another east coast. east coast. get this 26 nba, nhl and college basketball games have been postponed due to the weather and that includes st. johns market game. that will be replayed at the garden tomorrow afternoon at 3:45. i'm just game tonight against the flyers of barclays center has also been postponed and gnomic update for that game to be announced. the knicks are in charlotte in that game will be played a schedule and speaking of charlotte the weather will not be a factor for tomorrow's nfc championship game but the panthers to practice through snow in north carolina. carolina will host the cardinals with the super bowl 50 in the line. doing their best to tune out distractions as they get ready to play the game. >> my coach says it's something
6:50 pm
let it get in the way and it's in the situation is very vague and could be from tickets to whether to media to just the mod me -- monotony of the whole year, don't let it get away. >> into the game the game panthers cardinals nfc championship game fox. tomorrow's kickoff at 6:40 on sunday night. many mets fans woke up to some great news. the team agreed on a contract without filter cespedes for three years and $75 million and opt out after the first year. cespedes is still -- a physical physical -- pending a physical. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about.
6:51 pm
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welcome back. we continue to send pictures and updated snow pictures. tweet me at adria puente or fox 5 ny. the county shaded in red. we still have blowing and drifting snow. it's reducing visibility across the tri-state area. here's a look at some of her updated totals. brooklyn 21 inches of snow, beth page 22 central park has broken the snowfall record for this date with 19.3 inches.
6:54 pm
8 inches of snow players town in new york every airport at 21.4 inches monroe township came in at 17. wayne checking in at 15. in connecticut fairfield is checking in with 11 inches of snow with underfoot in greenwich bridgeport 7 inches and neuquen last check was 5.5 inches. with her 19.3 inches in central park we have added to that since 5:00. we are going slowly rising snowstorms in central park. with the recent one is the blizzard of 96 were we at 22 -- 20.2 inches and i think this will make it into the top five. the heavy snow bans continue across the region. they are extending towards boston is a system is pivoting its way back into new england and the package is pivoting out of northeastern pennsylvania and will work its way towards the
6:55 pm
that will bring heavy snow bans picking through north-central new jersey to new york city and long island. that's not the only thing we are concerned with here. winds are picking up and it's been plastered all day long. very significant wind gust towards long island and that will be problematic as we go into the evening. let's talk temperatures. we are in the 20s across the area below the freezing mark and the winds are out of the north nor ceased -- northeast at 15 to 20 miles per hour on average. they have been sustained throughout the day up to 30 miles per hour. winds andough go with the winds and the gusts- it's been a rough go with the winds and the gusts as high as 50 or 60 miles per hour especially across long island. factor in the current wins with the current temperatures and we have windchills in the teens and outside. a look at our futurecast shows by 11:00 tonight still snowing especially on the coast of connecticut all of long island in the jersey shore. we fate -- we see things winding down across northwest jersey and the hudson valley by that hour.
6:56 pm
quickly to the east and tomorrow brand-new day with plenty of sunshine and it will be quiet with her weather pattern over the next couple of days which will aid in the cleanup across the tri-state area. meantime another storm we are concerned with is the going to the high tide cycle of 7:00 is flooding. major to moderate flooding expected across the area shaded in red and that includes us how sharp long island the jersey shore. the northeast winthrop push water into long island sound into the new york harbor as well as the jersey shore and the south shore of long island. there we expect to see minor to major flooding exacerbating the issue of fullman tonight so astronomical high tides 2.5 to 3.5 feet above normal and wave heights 15 to 20 feet. things will be quieter into the net -- rest of the weekend.
6:57 pm
next couple of days. the seven day is just not catching up here. that's the news for now. thanks for joining us. i'm christina park. antwan: and i'm antwan lewis and
6:58 pm
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