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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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know about the snow? hi, everybody. it is monday. it was pretty intense out there. rosanna: i am watching this from turks and caicos. it was a real hassle for everyone. still dealing with residuals today. mike was passed to her complete forecast. rosanna: -caret true is out there. she has the latest. greg: a flood of people in queens are saying some of these
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overlooked. from nassau to brooklyn to queens. plenty of work to do. rosanna: kids have to go back to school in new york city today. the carolina panthers are and it. we have a peyton manning going. greg: rosanna, you were drinking on the beach. >> trying to get back. rosanna: i was trying to figure
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you know my friend matilda. it was her birthday. we were having a little girl friend weekend. i will tell you, if it makes you feel better, it rained from saturday at 3:00 o'clock until we got on the plane yesterday. >> social media. it was early. >> it is one hour ahead. 5:00 o'clock something now, i've got time. >> what is happening there?
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you cannot give him a hard time. would deduce that. , you know that new yorkers. together. 1996. i was there. 27.1 inches we came in short of the record. greg: is very cold. mike: we still have the snow and ice. it will take some time. mother nature is not helping us out. this is how we ended up.
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largest snow total for central park. we came in at number two. i think folks are okay with that. we saw about 20-30 inches of snow. we were talking about that possibility out there. two and a half feet of snow for some folks in the tri-state. if you had up to the north, almost nothing. 18 degrees. that is your temperature right now in poughkeepsie. wind is like coming in from the northwest. this is the area of low pressure.
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it does not look like it is doing very much in terms of rainfall. high temperature up to 37 degrees. tomorrow, 45 for a high. let's bring in artemis. slippery spots out there. big problems. a lot of people are going for the driving to work options. the hutch southbound moving sloan. in new jersey, a lot of flipped over cars. this is approaching 78 in the express lane.
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an accident underneath. this is a spinoff here. trains, a lot going on with that. expect delays and cancellations. metro-north, no stop southbound. new jersey transit, a 20 minute delay systemwide. service services suspended on the path trains. greg: thanks a lot. let's get out there for this. cleanup. hearing a lot from folks on various streets out there. rosanna: some streets still blocked right now. facebook.
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right now, they are trying to get some help in that area. >> a major part of that railroad is still not functioning. >> good morning. a lot of frustration and for commuters this morning. some people have been here since before 5:00 a.m. six of the branches would be back up and running. they pushed it back until 7:00 a.m. now we're hearing 7:12 a.m. partial service has been restored on the following branches. oyster bay, port jefferson,
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service is still suspended on some. lirr service was suspended. there are also frozen switches. that made it difficult to get cleanup to some areas. we have been talking to frustrated commuters all morning. >> i have been here since 6:00 a.m. apparently, they keep getting canceled. they keep pushing it out. another 30 minutes or so.
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doing. >> this railroad does not run on time anyway. 630 is canceled. we wait. >> some people to go home. they saw that it was postponed until 7:00 a.m. they had to find another way to get to work. that is the latest live from here at the huntington stage this morning. we will let you know if that comes. that will be the first train headed to manhattan. back to you guys.
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the streets. a lot of this video is from yesterday. >> i think that there is still people complaining. >> not a lot of progress here. people are actually taking matters into their own hands. turning sidewalks into roadways. this is the main pathway for pedestrians to get through. they were so nice to us this morning. allowing us to come inside and get warm. you can see all the snow piling up there.
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underneath this snow. >> street after street was packed with untouched snow. making cars hard to find. it was a store of epic proportions. >> the last one that looks like this, from pictures, 47. record. the mayor even expressing his disappointment in the sanitation departments work. woodside and sunnyside. definitely more work to be done. >> really bad. i tried to give to my father
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>> some busted out the skis, others the shovels. >> a lot of people are venting their frustrations on social media. no plow insight. you can see the amount of snow we are talking about. this could cause thousands of dollars. again, you can see a plow has at least pass through here. greg and rosanna, fact to you. greg: this was a large storm.
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real problem. >> this is how it looked at stone harbor. people were kayaking down the streets. one place it paid off was belmar. sand dunes created ahead of the storm stopped huge waves from breaking through. greg: governor christie. indications that he would stay in new hampshire. speed. rosanna: a minor mishap that newark airport last night. greg: two planes collided. greg: 1409. i see one plane.
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rosanna: landed at new york just after 5:00 p.m. yesterday. and empty boeing clipped the tail. 148 passengers. no injuries were reported. the faa is now looking into all of this. i had some airline issues. it all worked out in the end. greg: i was on delta. i was able to navigate my way back to new york city. helping the. that.
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enough credit. >> i have not heard from him in four days. >> where is great killing. mike: we are glad that you made it. anyhow, the snow stats for this month, 27.2 inches of snow. the season is still normal. we are pretty much there. we are only about midway through. another clear day here. northeast, 23.
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clear sky over the tri-state region. nothing will be coming out in the immediate future. it takes about a day, danna have to get here. today, just a few high clouds passed by. it does not look like it will bring much here. it dies out and cools down after wednesday. i do not think it will be much at all. let's get you the latest
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it kind of helps your commute. we do have some delays on the george washington bridge. about a 30 minute too late. a lot of people are taking off work today. the snow and weather. you have no express service. six train, no express service. those he trained in either direction. local trains are only making local stops. one of the most off bueller in the world. snowboarding around new york city. you know how we water ski.
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rosanna: how was he able to go that fast, die the way? this guy casey is very creative. there was an incident. >> how do you know this? i think it is droned footage. $50000 just blowing the money traveling the world. rosanna: nobody got hurt.
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greg: looks pretty good. so do the roadways over at newark airport. this is a really tough story. a mother and her baby son were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. the six the father was outside shoveling. trying to get the cart out of a big snow bank. what he did not realize was the tailpipe was blocked with snow. doctors were unable to save them.
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her son was one. the daughter is in very critical condition at the time. greg: a very popular restaurant went up in smoke. they could not respond effectively because the fire hydrant was buried in snow. rosanna: this is video from the nypd. it shows smoke pouring out of the roof. please, take out the hydrants near your building. this way, if there is a fire, the firemen and women can get in there easily. greg: mike bloomberg may be running for president.
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if he does this, he will announce in march. rosanna: vernie sanders wins and donald trump is the leading republican nominee. donald trump says, he is excited. >> i would love to have michael bloomberg when. >> if i did not get the nomination. >> i think that the american people do not want to see our nation move towards him out lagarde keep. >> this would be so big if he did this. >> they say that it would hurt hillary. people are talking about ross
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greg: i don't know. there are a lot of unknowns here. rosanna: we will know by march, i guess, if youse going to throw his hat into the ring. greg: a lot of this stuff is from unnamed sources. who knows exactly what he is thinking. it could be pretty. rosanna: hope that you are faring well this morning. we are going to take a quick break. greg: we missed you on friday. rosanna: can you imagine what happened in two days? i left you for two days and look at what you did.
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rosanna: it looks pretty this morning. greg: you could not see anything. it was actually quite cozy. there was nothing to do.
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picture of rosanna. this is tequila on the beach. rosanna: margarita. greg: what do i mean what do i mean? look at you guys. greg: it looks like you are out there to meet guys. greg: did lugo? >> he was sending pictures. try to make me feel guilty. sending me pictures of lulu. greg: we have this whole cornucopia. look at the fritos.
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time. else. i got a good head start. it was fun while it lasted. now it is back to work. mike: i worked. i knows worked. we got it done. rosanna: thank you for doing that. greg: the machine did all the work. [laughter] i'm kidding, you are fantastic. it was fun at first. all right, mike keith. mike: still kind of left over.
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here is what to expect with the weather. first of all, a lot of icy spots out there. look out for slick conditions. walking, driving. it takes a long time without volume of snow we have here in the tri-state. highs will be getting back into the 40s again. keeping an eye on a coastal storm that is out there. at this point, it looks like it is going to be offshore. we have 29 degrees out at central park right now. fourteen in allentown. a lot of sunshine out there. we do have a manly clear skies. a lot of sunshine. high pressure in control.
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today, no rain out there. for the most part, just a few clouds here and there. a few sprinkles or light showers trying to make their way through. that is the only wet weather that we have for this week. let's bring in i'm as. let's see what is going on. ines: a lot of schools are closed. that kind of helps out with the morning commute. a lot of new yorkers just driving to work. watch out for slippery spots. on ramps, off ramps. a lot of rooms that are two lanes are condensed to one road. southbound, a tractor-trailer. it is causing delays.
7:33 am
let's go to the l.i.e. there was an earlier accident. part of that delight he. the snow goes out of commission. let's talk about the trains. a lot going on with that. long island railroad, suspended. you have to have instead branch, far rockaway and long beach. montauk branch, no service from long island railroad heading towards atlantic terminal. go to the website. there is a lot going on with that. new jersey transit, 20 minute delay. they are also cross honoring systemwide. the path trains, no service between newark and journal square. greg: you have to watch out for
7:34 am
walking around. it is very, very slippery. rosanna: take it nice and easy up there. do not drive too fast. greg: walking around. that is a real issue. 29 degrees. forty-45. it would make the cleanup a lot easier. you have already heard of the complications in queens. rosanna: the president of the uniformed sanitation department. thank you very much. we appreciate it, for the most part. we know your people worked very hard over the last few days. >> it is good to talk to you guys again. we have not talked to you in a while. nobody expected queens to get
7:35 am
snow. that is the first thing. the drifts were really large. what is going on is we have to turn around. we have to dig in. we have to get to the side streets now. we did that. we accomplish that. we will move forward now to get to the side streets. the last two administrations, we need more city sanitation workers. this is a necessity in the city of new york. always a top agencies throughout the country. down to the bone of people. that's no fight her out the country. greg: let me run this by you. you want more people, more
7:36 am
a couple years ago, there was an investigation to perhaps the snow effort was -- we are upset about a host of issues. did better do that not happened? >> that did not happen. that was a last time i spoke to you guys. i was summoned. they did not have to subpoena me. all they have to do is tell me where to be. they want me to talk about my workforce. when this snow hits, they put emphasized. they check on all of our workers that show appeared. some see just themselves. greg: what to have to say to the
7:37 am
>> was sent, a lot of those blocks are on the contract. they have tried it. rosanna: this morning, lots of people are tweeting me pictures of their neighborhood. it is really bad. then they send me this plow and why see graphic that was updated this morning. some of those streets have not been touched and 12-24 hours. greg: what do you mean that some of the streets or contracts? >> -contracts to do a lot. these private contracts are a waste of money. they get paid if it does not snow. they get paid extra to do the plows. what happens is, they fall so
7:38 am
rosanna: give us an example of what blogs are under this independent contract. >> the main borough bridges handled by public employees. they have not showed up. we are responsible to going to do their work. keeping the workforce will -- greg: is that still the policy? is that still the deal? private contract others? >> i am negotiating. i am the commissioner. i will sit down with the mayor. show them what a waste of the
7:39 am
was a million dollars and inch. >> last year we got hit with a lot of snow. every time we had to go out there and every time we had to open up the streets to the public. it will cost money no matter what. the salt last year cost a lot of money. greg: thanks a lot, harry. good luck. rosanna: think you for the good work you have done. very dangerous. it is not perfect. it is not perfect. they are trying. greg: thank you very much. somebody offered me money to clear their driveway yesterday. i had a crisis. of course i did not accept.
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a cooperative effort.
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greg: this is basically the opposite of kirk sent kate goes. rosanna: amazing. to under half hours to get there by plane. what a difference it makes. greg: perry school in new york city. rosanna: going up a hill. greg: made it. they got through it. boy, oh boy. rosanna: that was scary. i was worried. everyone was tweeted this morning. not happy about the roads. greg: a union thing. whatever. let's see where we are tonight.
7:44 am
265 away, like. mike: driving on the sidewalk. that is the only place that is clear. greg: a little chaotic out there. mike: hard to get around. a big deal out there. record-breaking storm. 27.2 inches of snow. almost all that came through friday and saturday. now it is done. the january total is 7 inches for the season or malaise. we still have a long way to go. 25 degrees in bridgeport.
7:45 am
mainly clear skies here in the tri-state region. high pressures and control. we have this area of low pressure. we will try to squeeze out just a few quick showers. mainly played in the day. not a big deal at all. that will be about it. drier conditions coming out for us. what we have for you today, sunday clouds. high temperature gets up to 37 degrees. small shower chances. heiser on the warmer side. high. high temperatures in the low to mid 40s. weather app has daily and hourly forecast. good to go.
7:46 am
ines: we're still trying to get out of this mess after the storm. long island, suffolk county, have to be careful with those slick spots. car flipped over onto 87. southbound expressway. let's go to our children. eastbound and westbound, you are doing fine. you do have two lanes closed because of snow removal. let's tell you what is going on with that. six train expressway. the f train running below. the d trains are suspended. you have local stops only. street cleaning rules, suspended. you have time to get out of your car.
7:47 am
i should have called you. i was here. greg: you are able-bodied and healthy. rosanna: where was mike? mike was working with you that day. greg: hundreds of people. i am sorry. inez. you did all right. thank you. rosanna: duke, did you have any car issues? did charlie have a nice time in the snow? duke: she is kind of getting used to it. greg: charlie is your infant
7:48 am
duke: let's get to football. page and manning and the broncos versus tom brady and the patriots. they have been pressuring brady all day long. manning i thought played well in this game. especially in the first half. fourteen-six broncos. patriots kept it close. 4-yard touchdown pass. more on that in a second. a two-point oh version. denver wins it. peyton manning is headed to super bowl 50. >> this thick three is a great example of what but this entire season has been like.
7:49 am
people stepping up doing their parts. duke: going to the cardinals first quarter. 22 yards for the touchdown. what a great run this was. 22 yards. ran over a deep. kim newton finds corey brown. seventeen-zero panthers. newton also ran into were touchdowns of his own. an amazing 12-yard score. forty-nine-15. they will face the broncos in the super bowl. cam newton. i think the best quarterback in the nfl right now. >> we came out and had a pretty
7:50 am
we are not done yet. duke: he is ready for new york weather, fat guy. rangers up in canada taking on the ottawa senators. the senators up one-zero. shutting out the rangers three-zero. one of the worst games of the year. let's had back to the afc championship game. missing that extra point for the patriots. it really cost the team in this game. he had 523 straight extra points. he had not cursed once in almost 10 years. greg: he choked. duke: moving the extra point back to the 15-yard line. 33-yard field goal. one of the people that helped charge is a member of the
7:51 am
he thought it was too easy. bill helped change a rule. came back to haunt him yesterday. greg: super bowl party. friends, family. rosanna: yeah. greg: you do no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian
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rosanna: i was so concerned. i am in the caribbean island. i just keep hearing jonas, jonas, jonas. i got confused. greg: i do not know what you are talking about. rosanna: i was not really listening to the news. i have things to do. greg: what happened? being that it was called winter storm jonas. it was a big thing on social media. enjoying the snow over the weekend. a lot of people posted on social media. greg: that is jerry seinfeld? >> married to jennifer aniston.
7:55 am
anna: they are just like us. greg: mib only one that did not know this? how about that. anna: the lyrics made the rounds on social media. rosanna: very funny. >> they did not know either. anna: saturday night live. take a look. >> whether you are a mile or two broke girls or three men and a baby, pushing a stroller. [laughter]
7:56 am
she is crazy, isn't she. anna: let's take a look at the real sarah palin and donald trump. >> looking around at all you hard work is i was -- hard working i was families. farmers. greg: they underplayed the whole thing. that was wild. donald trump is poised to possibly win iowa. rosanna: wow. greg: it could have been. rosanna: you never know. the iowa news declared him a clown. boy, oh boy.
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we had quite a storm. the cleanup continues. we have quite a ways to go. about half the long island railroad is out of commission right now. jumping over those sidewalk snow plows. oh, boy. some areas in our city are complaining about seeing a plow go through. hours and hours and hours. >> look at that. ridgewood. we had our temperatures there've. by the way, all of this snow and all of this downtime, there is a big crisis associated with it. rosanna: the tune of
8:01 am
greg: nearly a billion dollars. regional, i think. i would imagine it has gone up due to inflation. greg: meanwhile, hi, everybody. it was intense. it was a challenge. here she is on the beach. cocktail numbers three. >> this is really lovely. greg: rosanna: you realize it was me and the children. greg: no. feel. rosanna: 21 half hours away.
8:02 am
sunny and hot. 80 degrees. greg: how about this. let's go to picture number two. greg kelly circa 1981. i was very proud. anyway. did you have a winter adventure? let us know on facebook? rosanna: it was wild. i was nervous about hitting back. you expect it to be winter here, not armageddon. they did have a dj on friday night. greg: well, rosanna, welcome home. rosanna: back to reality. i want to say thank you to delta. they canceled one of my flights,
8:03 am
greg: d, consider yourself lucky. i have seen rosanna declare war before. mike: you were on vacation. you want to relax. welcome back. rosanna: we had a nice time. mike: i had a really good time. rosanna: that is nice. funding for of salt. good morning. time to give get back to work for a lot of folks. not everybody. we do have some school cancellations and delays. city schools are back. number two as far as the biggest snowstorm in central park. the biggest was 2006.
8:04 am
here is what we saw generally speaking. about 20-30 inches on average. the darker pink shaded areas. western and central sections of long island. we saw some pics snow totals. ten-20 inches and the lighter pink shaded areas. dropping down to only about an inch-10 inches are snow. we have 2900 central park. twenty-three in bridgeport. when does life. turning a little more northerly. we do have a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky. high pressure as the controller for you. it will keep our skies nice and clear, for the most part. pretty much where we should be for this time of year. there are some showers trying to pull through. it does not look like much rainfall will come without front
8:05 am
let's bring in nine is now. get the latest on the commute around town. ines: very slippery and i see out there. take a look. 287 southbound. past 78. there is an overturned after 287. 287 northbound. an accident has one lane blog there. a lot of people are true choosing to drive to work. an accident i queens boulevard. let's look at the southern state. traffic is moving. you have to watch out for the slippery spots in snow removal going on. trains. delays and cancellations.
8:06 am
going on. no service between parsons boulevard and -- street. metro-north. so many changes today. no stops southbound. new jersey transit, 20 minutes. cross honoring systemwide. gladstone. path trains suspended between newark and journal square. greg: how are we doing today? we went through quite a storm. more than 2 feet of snow in the city. now we are trying to get back to normal. it is a mixed bag. the railroads are not working so hot. rosanna: a lot of lines down this morning. twelve branches down. they are now up and running this morning.
8:07 am
stations a service was restored. they got to the station at about five-six up walk this morning. kerry drew was there. she had to give them the bad news. what is that, huntington station? >> reporter: exactly. service has been restored. originally, the mta said it would be restored earlier. they pushed it back to 7:00 a.m. we have some very frustrated people. keeping you updated on the six out of the 12 branches. the fda says servers were restored on the oyster bay, ronkonkoma, service is still suspended this morning on port washington, hempstead, west
8:08 am
only service as far as speed ox. service suspended completely. workers expect it to begin digging out equipment. the mta is saying there are tracks and switches. that is what caused trains to be due late this morning. we did catch up with some very frustrated commuters earlier this morning. take a listen. >> we were told 5:00 o'clock. then we were told seven. i am. i do not seen anything coming through. i have not idea what time i will get to work. >> reporter: how first rated are you at this point? >> very frustrated. i got up early. they are announcing trains now. it is ridiculous. they really have to get their
8:09 am
all the information should be updated. >> reporter: here is a welcome sight this morning here at the huntington station. trains are back up and running. that was a big concerned. there was not a lot of stuff happening in terms of information. a lot of people were trying to check the website. the website was not updated. they're coming to the station to ask questions. perhaps the mta and long island road could do a better job next time. updating and keeping them better aware of what is going on. greg: this is huge. let's go ahead and put that on the board one more time. this is well over 100,000 commuters. i heard one possible factor, they did not shut down the
8:10 am
it takes some time. it is canceled, update the website. let's go to the video, please. this is bad. the railroad, by the way, it is pretty old. rosanna: right. everybody is trying to get back to normal. this was not a normal snowstorm. this was almost a record breaker. breaker. greg: let's go to newark new they are trying to get everything up and running. rosanna: 25 inches of snow justin newark. please pitch in. help with the cleanup effort. greg: we want to go to hells kitchen. they had a fire.
8:11 am
complicated are the fire hydrants being completely covered with snow. rosanna: ninth avenue and 51st street did thank goodness nobody was hurt. it shows smoke pouring out of the building's roof. the fdny is pleading with the people that live and work around the. please dig out the fire hard drives. it will make it a whole lot easier. greg: michael bloomberg. former mayor. may run for president. looks like he is serious about it. can we see a picture of the former mayor? rosanna: were something like 20- $30 billion. he could spend a billion dollars of his own money. rosanna: and still have a
8:12 am
greg: is this a game changer? is this viable? does he happen to suggest otherwise? rosanna: they got socked with a lot of snow over the weekend. how are you faring in dc? >> we are doing okay. my 5-year-old and 8-year-old loves the snow. i made it up here okay. greg: mike bloomberg. getting into the race sometimes in march. who does he help? who does he hurt? does he stand a chance? >> i think that it is up in the air. his business background would
8:13 am
candidate, whoever that is. he said he would probably get in if it was donald trump and bernie sanders. i think that it is a real thing this time around for michael bloomberg. rosanna: .2 preparing for another debate? >> thursday in des moines. caucuses. greg: that is good. we are looking at the last august he paid. it was awesome. rosanna: donald trump once again is out there tweeting that he thinks megan kelly should not be part of this debate. what do you think? >> i hope mister trump is there as well. his campaign has said he will not be there. greg: donald trump may skip the debate? >> that is what his campaign has said. greg: megan kelly did a great
8:14 am
rosanna: she is on fire. did you see that article? greg: when you are asked of questions, you tend to do better. arguably, did very well in that debate. thank you. rosanna: that should be good. the final republican debate. greg: one week from today. we will re-create one. rosanna: we are going to do a caucus? greg: we will have paid. we are going to wear overalls. rosanna: there are snow mounds every which way. including outside of fox5, i the way. sometimes it is a little difficult to get a cross the
8:15 am
greg: we have lots of problems. next stop manhattan. we have ben simmoneau. >> reporter: good morning. harder this morning they had on the drivers. this is actually pretty good. the plows have come back in and blocked. access that was there yesterday. you have to be careful. it is still icy out here in some places. this is the queens midtown tunnel behind me. traffic actually, until about the last 10 or 15 minutes, was moving pretty well. the main roads are in fact in pretty good shape. we have some video cards to is flying out of the manhattan side of the queens tunnel.
8:16 am
they had -- >> the corners of the worst part. other than that, everything looks pretty good to me. >> terrible. everyone is sliding and falling. ultimately, they will do something about it. >> not that much traffic coming up. >> you can see second avenue here. pretty typical. it was fine. this is the big challenge. need some help? got it? okay. let me know. i have two little ones at home. they don't want to walk. make them walk.
8:17 am
rosanna: i thought you were some tough kind of parent. let the baby walk. [laughter] greg: while you are at it, start shoveling. rosanna: all right. us. greg: are you hung over at all? anna: no. trying to get home. greg: thursday, friday, saturday. rosanna: four days. i was so worried. my family. i have two kids. they are adults. greg: you were not driving. rosanna: right. exactly.
8:18 am
greg: mike, what is up? mike: have to get us out there and back to work and do what you got to do. it will be that way for a while. it takes a while for that volume of snow to go away. we are also looking at a rise in the temperatures to 40s. tomorrow and the next day. we also have to keep him i am a coastal storm. it looks like it will be far enough off sure that it is not a player for us just have. plenty to watch as the week goes on. we are not above freezing at. twenty-three and newark. nineteen and bomar. 8 degrees in sussex. the melting begins. you will see some showers to morrow.
8:19 am
do not forget the weather app that is at the apple itunes and google play store. let's bring in ines. ines: the good morning, mike. very slick. out there. there is an accident thereby exit 27. new jersey. also a lot of crashes. route 80. two lanes blocked. snow removal. eastbound side of 80. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. you do have a bit of a delay as you approach. if you're coming from the new jersey turnpike approach, not a fad too late. the center lane is blocked for snow removal.
8:20 am
holland, 10-15. right now, the subways have that winter plan going on. the trains local only between prospect park. local 36 to forest hills. j train is making local stops only. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: guess who is coming here. timberlands. greg: our friends. he has been on "good day new york" quite a bit lately. rosanna: he has a new album out. greg: real theory from long island railroad riders. what happened there? how could they have let this
8:21 am
half the railroad is since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes.
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and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
8:23 am
greg: what do we got here? rosanna: a truck in the wheels are spinning round and round. greg: should we get out and push? rosanna: this is not one of those roads. is he going to go backwards? this is what is happening. be careful with that. >> hit it. again. >> he is contemplating the situation. greg: . goes. here it goes. here it goes. greg: backing up. the driver is doing his thing out there.
8:24 am
over our city this morning. the sanitation department did a great job. greg: what is up? you probably see your car covered in snow. all the cars on my street this morning were completely covered. it is expensive to dig out. the forecasters are saying, it was not as bad as they thought. we can see it go from $350 million at the low end all the way to $850. predicting it to be a billion-dollar storm. so far, that is not the case. it happened on the weekend. the power outages.
8:25 am
all of that is curtailing. >> i, personally, had a great time. greg: thank you very much, lauren. i hope your weekend was wonderful. greg: she had a blast. she was drinking tequila on the beach. greg: that homeland show that you are crazy about. interesting. greg: scandalous. rosanna: what about billions? greg: i did my fair share. trying to help out people that were snowed in. rosanna: coming up right here at 9:00 o'clock. opening up about her struggle with alzheimer's.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
rosanna: how was that? greg: terrible. rosanna: she's up. brie. are people working? greg: yes, they are kicking the snow off the roof. rosanna: that is a good idea. greg: what building is that under construction. rosanna: lots of buildings. greg: what else. i didn't like room. bridge of spies, i was expecting great things. rosanna: did you see spotlight? greg: yes, i did. important subject, i understand why they are understanding why people are upset straight outta compton was not elected.
8:28 am
nominated for anything. michael michael michael keaton was nominated either. everybody's got an opinion. greg: they are going to change the membership of an the academy. welcome back, rosanna. rosanna: it was not easy getting back. it was stressful. do i look stressed to you? greg: you look tan. rosanna: i am starting to hate that now. it was sunny and beautiful up to saturday afternoon. saturday afternoon until sunday it was raining: up to that point it was beautiful. oh.
8:29 am
giving us. and your friend is really working it, she's making love to camera? [laughter] greg: just the two of you? rosanna: yes, just the two of us. we department get into trouble. turks and cacos a the quiet place. greg: you went to party, good for you. rosanna: it is beautiful water. the water was so warm. i usually hate going into the warm. but it was blue and warm and the sand is like powder. no rocks. greg: we had the powder up here too. rosanna: i don't want to make you jealous any more. greg: mike, back here at home. mike: yes, we have the sunshine. i was out there and checking it
8:30 am
it is a mess trying to get around town. the way it is, it is beautiful after the storm and then ugly in the city. the big melt, it is time to dig out and melt this stuff out of here. 29 central park 23 newark. 18 in monticello. the temperature changes, it is warmer in most of the locations. 9 degrees warmer in central park. islip the cooler and belmar. it is mainly clear skies and keeping the sunshine in the mix. the high pressure is in control. this is the area of low pressure working to our direction and right now not a lot of moisture with it. so today enjoy the sunshine. it is back again. high temp up to 37.
8:31 am
45 tomorrow and more clouds and shower chances out there. they are small though. not much rain coming out of that. 42 on wednesday. 30s for thursday and friday. kind of a cool end to this week here. let's bring in ines and check out what is happening with the commute. we have problems on the roads and rails. rez ines: everyone is driving to work, especially with the problems on long island rail road. the traffic heavier than normal. in new jersey icy conditions, snow remove going on. two lanes blocked on 280. an accident by exit 68. this is 106, 107.
8:32 am
the l.i.e. long island rail road, they are still dealing with the problems, actually everyone has. there are delays and cancel sagss. port washington, for ar rockaway suspended. metro-north no stops at the melrose station southbound. new jersey transit 20 minutes delays system wide. path trains are suspended between newark and journal square. >> day two of the clean up, thank you, ines. we have problems out there. some progress. some places like they are not hit at all. rosanna: this is queens, the roads are block. 7 of the branches are up and running. >> that means five are not running.
8:33 am
that is unbelievable. greg: we are getting on it. liz? >> reporter: good morning greg, rosanna. we have a jigsaw puzzle of the cars trying to be moved around. cars are slipping and sliding everywhere. the roads have not been touched by a plow. one plow came by and pushed this down the road and this is a mess. business owners are trapped here. they are just waiting for a plow to come by at some point today. the plows never making a pass in glendale, queens. street after street packed with the untouched snow. it was a storm of epic proportions. >> last one that looked like
8:34 am
was two and over here in '96, i think, was the record. >> some feel like queens is a forgotten borough in the blizzard and the mayor expressing disappointment in the work. >> i am not satisfied with the condition with some of the roads in queens. i went around, as i said, wood side and sunny side more work to be done. >> really bad. i tried to get to my father who lyes two blocks away and it took an hour. the plows trying to hit the streets and getting stuck. the neighbors busted out the skis, others brought out the shovels and took matters into their own hands and helping each other out. >> i haven't seen people shovelling snow since i was a kid. >> so we spoke to the owner of
8:35 am
a lot of trouble for him and the workers are trying to push the car out of the way. 15 guys are ready to go out to the job but can't get out of the area. >> during the snoerms these blocks don't get plowed. it is stifling for the businesses. what is frustrating, it is every snowstorm and nobody knows why. last time we waited four days to get the block plowed. >> it is a mess here. you are looking live here, the cab driver can't get out. other cars are waiting in line and trying to get down the road and again, not a plow in sight. that's the mess that the people are dealing with. a lot of residents coming up and thanks for coming by and
8:36 am
attention to the department of sanitation. getting this car up and running t guys are pushing it up the hill. greg: liz, we are staying with you. rosanna: that is dangerous by the way. greg: it is not without a risk. it needs to be done. there is a mountain of snow in the street? >> they are going up the sidewalk. no way to get up the road. they are doing a better job of shovelling the sidewalks than the streets. back to the street, liz, is an a great big mountain of snow on the street? >> yes, it is a mountain of snow behind the truck and piling up. we were standing on that. it is solid now after being frozen over from overnight. >> greg: if i was a kid i would
8:37 am
>> this is 63rd and 59th avenue in queens. rosanna: this is happening all over in queens. hashtag plow queens right now. people are tweeting me and saying that the bus stops are dangerous because they didn't plow in front of the bus stops and people are climbing over the mounds of snow to get on a bus. greg: man, it is tough out there and cold. it is not easy to get rid of this stuff. rosanna: be careful. take a look at the drone, all of the snow in new york city. greg breg this is kind ov interesting. rosanna: it is actually pretty. greg: this is madison square garden. this is yankees stadium. it is nypd drone. the drones have provided us with images, i guess you have a helicopter. rosanna: this drone needs to go
8:38 am
and maybe that could help the sanitation department getting to the areas where the people are complaining on twitter and facebook, saying they have not been touched in hours or days. greg: yeah. rosanna: it is a serious problem, because the mayor declared the the city is up and running. a friend of mine lives in queens she said that the bus, for her kid to get to school can't get down the block. greg: here i go. thanks a lot deblasio. thanks a lot. [laughter] greg: i used to give bloomberg a hard time too. rosanna: we are going to jersey shore. they are cleaning up after the flooding from the storm surge. it affected homes and businesses. this is where the people are kayaking down the street. greg: listen to this...
8:39 am
we are right across from the yacht club and a 30 yard dock is uplifted. >> it is part of life year. we are used to the flooding. you are living at the shore. rosanna: that man has a nice attitude. greg: guess who came back for the storm, chris christie. yeah, you know, the lieutenant can handle it and then he was back on the scene for the storm. probably a good call. rosanna: he's back on the campaign trail today. one place where preparations paid off is belmar. this is showing how sand dunes stopped the waves from breaking through, that is great. greg: yeah, that is great.
8:40 am
youtubeer, he's snow boarding behind a truck. rosanna: that is so dangerous. greg: yes, but it is a cool video, i tell you that. ooze ooze he did that all over the city. he was wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody
8:41 am
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medications to help you stop smoking... including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. greg: children know how to enjoy
8:43 am
here is kids out in the middle of it. rosanna: i loved that. that is across the street from the studios. greg: asphalt green, they call it is snowman show down. and i like that one. rosanna: so a free event taking place every year after the first big snowstorm. hundreds of parents and kids made snowmen and snow forts on asphalt greens upper east side. greg: i will do up today and admire them. the kids having a great time. some of the parents upset, more on that in a moment. a great big panda bear is messing in the snow. look at this one. rolling in the snow and having a good time.
8:44 am
drunk on bamboo beer. rosanna: he's happy with life. a man from maryland decided he's going to challenge the big panda, the real one. greg: this is cuter. look at this one. the fur is whiter. what is he doing? rosanna: he's enjoying the snow. greg: he's wearing an animal diaper so stay out there. rosanna: really? >> greg: yes. what'd we do with this? rosanna: they are challenging each other. >> homer will never be the same. look, look. the guy actually looks more like
8:45 am
the imposter looks more pandaish. rosanna: record producer is here. he's got out a new album. greg: great. serious problems out there for the long island rail road, we are hearing all kinds of reports of the streets not plowed, the long island rail road half out of commission. we'll be right back. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high...
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greg: anna gilligan, welcome back to the studio. anna: thank you for having me. rosanna: how did you fair? anna: i had a great time. greg: how did your husband steve lacey do. did he clear the walk? anna: the superintendent did that. we went grocery shopping and he carried everything for me. greg: i am disappointed in him.
8:49 am
bruce springsteen is going to make up the concert cancelled. you can download the recording of the show. go to live bruce springsteen. mulder and skully are back on the x files. i can't reveal too much. but they are busy and busting open a government conspiracy. a character that many people thought was dead, you find isn't, and joe mckale is in it. rosanna: so it is on the air? anna: yeah. rosanna: they didn't bring one
8:50 am
greg: david came here. rosanna: that was for another show, not for x files. greg: rosanna has a big beef. anna: a lot of people managed to catch a movie over the weekend despite the big snowstorm. the "revenant" was the top flick. i watched it. it is ined kr -- incredible. it is a frontier saga. leonardo dicaprio is the star. it took first place after five weekends in the theatres and earning 16 million and star wars with 14 million and ride along two. lower ticket sales because of the snow. rosanna: i got a tweet and saying not one long island rail road stopped at new hyde park and she's been there two hours and all the trains are continuing to pass through.
8:51 am
greg: we understand. rosanna: not happy, shannon, hang in there. >> coming up, b. smith and her did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme...
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