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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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even started arriving. >> this commuter said it best. >> hell. >> reporter: that's the torture that lirr commuters say they were put through this morning and now again tonight. service is still suspended on the far rockaway, hempstead, long beach and west hempstead branches as well as no service between jamaica station and atlantic terminal in brooklyn. you're looking at your phone and checking the schedule? >> i am checking the schedule. i don't know what time my train is getting out of here tonight. on my app is different from what i see there. >> there needs to be more communication between the railroad and the public if there's going to be service suspensions or train track changes in any way. they should let us know. >> reporter: the lirr had originally reported that 80 percent of its service would be restored by 5:00 this morning, but that did not happen. commuters showed up and saw this in long beach. trains sitting while workers
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from the third rail. island park and oceanside still tracks. on other branches, commuters arrived at 5:00 in the morning and, once again, no trains running. >> had to go to the center. they told us 5:00 a.m. the train didn't come until 7:00. >> reporter: the mta says our crews are working around the clock, just as they have been through the storm and all weekend to restore full service to our riders. in terms of communications, the railroads are very aggressive in providing information directly to customers so they can plan their travels. >> i think they should find people that know what they're doing. i think metro north had it together. they were able to come back without any problems. the railroad can't get it together. it starts at the top. >> reporter: now we're looking at tomorrow morning's commute. the lirr says this about that. it is still assessing the situation.
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christina: thank you so much. well, parts of queens are still unplowed after had -- after this historic blizzard. more than 900 trucks are working to clear the messy streets. they dispatched 150 front end loaders to drag out the snow because it's too deep for a regular plow. residents say it's too little too late. >> we haven't seen a plow truck down here, well, not past this point, since friday. we're pretty neglected. >> i live in queens my whole life. it was horrible. you have to shovel out the street yourself. christina: that's horrible. if you're looking for extra cash, the city is hiring people to shovel away all that snow. they're paying 13.50 an hour. anyone interested, sign up at any sanitation depot. >> the after blizzard
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more than hours after the storm ended, it remains crippled. people say they haven't seen a single plow in their neighborhoods. the snow clogged roads are causing major traffic troubles and have residents asking what happened? >> nobody cleaned the streets. i don't know what happened. >> i tried to go to the supermarket to get some groceries. now we're stuck for hours. that's crazy. >> we don't see no plows at all. at all. starting from friday, nobody show up. >> we're land-locked. there's no way out. christina: frustration abounds there. the newark mayor says the city isn't completely to blame. he says too many people ignored the travel ban, got stuck and had to abandon their cars in the street. and that has complicated snow removal. one more note, schools will be closed tomorrow for a second straight day. a lot of children are probably cheering right now. nick: exactly.
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nick: well, we had a chance to warm up today. that helped a little bit in the melting process. we'll continue tomorrow with that same process. so that will help start -- allow us to dig out more. tonight, got to watch out for re-freezing because the temperature will be dropping below freezing. here in the city, 30, 32. 20s as we get to the suburbs. be careful. watch out for the black ice tonight and the clumps of snow that will freeze solidly. 39, 28 today. an average end of january day here temperature-wise. 60 and 2 in the record books. and we'll see more of the sun tomorrow morning versus tomorrow afternoon. 35 now. humidity, 58 percent. wind out of the sign. there's a sign for milder temperatures. the pressure is rising. we have mid to high clouds. we'll see more from time to time. everybody came above freezing. that was a good news situation. it helped the melting.
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montauk. less snow to the north. 37 newark towards belmar. right now we're hovering around the mid 30s in the city. notice sussex has gone down to 27. islip, 32. montauk, 29. again, the refreezing will begin in some of these areas as we go through the evening and allow for the potential for black ice on the area roadways. wind out of the south. that's going to continue into tomorrow. i think tomorrow we should pop into the lower 40s. that's an improvement as far as the temperature goes. might be a couple of rain showers later tomorrow afternoon. right now on fox 5 sky guardian, nothing to worry about. we do see some clouds coming through. there'll be a break in the cloud cover from time to time. then more of the clouds will come in later into tomorrow morning. the thicker clouds will come our way tomorrow afternoon and the first part of tomorrow night. notice the little swirl. that's a storm center moving to the west. because of that, ahead of the system we have a
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that's why we have temperatures coming up into the 40s tomorrow. not a lot of moisture with that. as we go to our day planner, sun from time to time. we climb into freezing by 9:00 a.m. 39 lunchtime. more clouds in the afternoon. after 3:00, 4:00, a couple of showers may appear. tomorrow's high pops up to 43. take a look at the futurecast. you'll see the system going off to the west here. notice not a lot in the way of showers. just a few. notice the time stamp. this is noon or so. even though there's a cold front coming through, behind it there's not much cold air. we'll find temperatures on wednesday staying into the lower 40s. notice this system dropping down from canada. what you can't see is there'll be a storm center off the southeast coast of the united states. the question is going to remain for thursday night into friday, do these two systems merge or fade or interact with each other? there's a possibility of that. if that happens, that would start dragging that system to -- over the ocean more westward, which would mean we'd have to
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thursday night into friday morning. the odds are showing that the system stays offshore. we will keep an eye on that for you for the end of the week. patchy clouds, cold, 30 in the city. 20s for the suburbs. tomorrow, sun, a bit in the morning and then clouds in the afternoon or late afternoon into the evening. the threat of a couple of snow showers. 43 tomorrow. back to sun and clouds on wednesday, 43. a little colder thursday, 36. sunshine and clouds. then thursday night into friday morning would be the timeframe to watch for the coastal system. we'll see if it happens. for now we'll have clouds on friday, 38. notice saturday and sunday. we're back into the lower 40s. that will last into monday. at some point next week we will be turning colder once again. christina: all right. there it is. nick gregory, thank you. >> the trial for rookie officer peter liang has begun, accused of shooting and killing akai gurley in november of 2014.
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down a completely dark stairwell when they came upon linang and his partner. after the shooting, prosecutors say he was more worried about losing his badge than helping gurley. gurley. >> he wasted precious time arguing with his partner about calling for help. >> he was shaken. he's terrified. totally and i mean totally unaware that his bullet has struck anything. christina: if found guilty, he faces up to 15 years behind bars. the united nations is trying to broker peace talks in syria to stop the civil war that has led to a global refugee crisis. there -- they're being held up over who should represent the opposition. the goal being to get a cease-fire and hold six months of talks to make that stick. more than 10 million people have been driven out of syria during the war.
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presidential candidates are reacting to former new york city mayor michael bloomberg's potential bid for the white house as an independent. hillary clinton says she thinks it could be irrelevant while donald trump says he would welcome the competition. bloomberg reportedly plans on a final decision in early march. >> does the news of the world have you on edge? not to worry. you're not alone. trust me on this one. after the break, how to pull away from the madness and stop worrying so much about what's going on in our world. >> and join us tomorrow as we continue our month long series of conversations with the city's commissioners, the nypd's bill bratton talks about the challenges his department faces in 2016 in a very tense climate. lots to talk about with commissioner bratton tomorrow at 6:00.
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christina: looks like twitter is struggling. jack dorsey announced today that five high level executives are leaving the company. that sent stock tumbling to $17 a share. 9 less than its ipo price two years ago. twitter is having a hard time
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around the 300 million mark for the past year. facebook has more than a billion active users. >> if you own twitter stock, the news probably will worry you. add it to the list that is growing and growing of things to worry about. you can watch newscasts for five minutes and feel like there are a million things to be anxious about. there are ways to climb out of that rabbit hole. stacey delikat begins our look at how. >> that's where the first main shootout happened. >> the dow tanked 360 points. >> an -- >> reporter: terrorism, violence, a flailing economy, the news can make the world look like a scary place. >> there's a lot of negativity on it. you can't stop it. >> james and leslie say the negative headlines are on their minds and they're not the only ones. >> i have children and it scares me for them. i'm scared for their safety. >> it makes me worried. i think there's nothing i can do.
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>> sometimes i feel when i go somewhere, i have to think about where i'm going to hide if something were to happen. >> reporter: researchers show negative news has a real impact on people's mental states. one study by the harvard business review found that people who started their days watching three minutes of negative news stories were 30 percent more likely to later say their day was unhappy as opposed to people who watch more uplifting news stories. >> chronic worry is a problem. if people are exposed to things that awaken that worry, it can sort of set the tone for the rest of your day. >> reporter: this psychologist says constant or frequent exposure to negative headlines can impact everything from our stress levels to our productivity. >> worries are about anxiety. anxiety is about fear. when anxiety levels increase, our tension, our focus, our concentration are impaired. we're less likely to be able to hone in on something and be productive. >> the 24-hour news cycle in
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often repeated over and over can make risks seem higher than they are. her suggestion? focus on what you can control instead of what's totally out of your hands. >> as opposed to worrying about the market dropping, how are my finances? what's my financial health like? when people do things that are problem solving and worrying is not, they feel less anxious. >> reporter: if the exposure to the negative news has you stressed out, another thing the experts say to do is turn off the breaking news alerts or text messages you may get to your phone. that way they say you won't be interrupted and distracted when negative news comes in. that can just fuel more anxiety. christina: you're in luck. we're going to get free therapy from clinical psychologist dr. jeff gardere who joins us now. >> always a pleasure. christina: i feel my anxiety levels dropping already. we're so bombarded by the news and most oftentimes it's not good. and you see it on tv, the internet, on your phone, social media.
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how do you take cover from that and not let it have the death spiral? >> lot of the anxiety is the need we have to control things that we can't. christina: the illusion of control. >> exactly. we have to let go of that idea of always being on top of everything. we can't be on top of everything. but there are certain things we can do that gives us this locust of control. that's the information we get, we can control what comes in. for example, instead of watching news that's giving negative information all the time, we know there are news outlets, including this show -- christina: like fox 5. >> and this show and ernie's show here where you're guest hosting, but where you get good news. that was the whole idea, the premise of this particular show. but there are web sites that are out there. when you go on to facebook, what have you, you can pick the stories that you want to focus on that are more positive, that
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do that can change our lives and our life-styles in a much healthier manner instead of looking at the gossip and negativity and doom and gloom that affects us and makes us more depressed and more anxious. christina: it's a vicious cycle. dr. gardere, say i'm on the subway and you're worried if you might get attacked. you're looking for possible terrorism. what do you do? >> i like to think of this as thought substitution, getting rid of the stuff that makes us anxious and bringing in the things that make us more comfortable. things that bring us happiness. we talked about our children. i think it's very important, if you are reading something on your telephone, having to do with some sort of a terrorist group, you got the information. slide it off and go on to a picture of looking at one of your children or at the plans you have for the weekend to relax with your family. christina: to snap out of it.
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give us the positive neurotransmitters, the positive hormones and that makes us feel better. when we're in that better state of mind, all the sudden things don't seem so gloom and doom and so hopeless because we're bringing in happiness into our lives. christina: that's more empowering. besides the stuff you worry about never seems to happen. most of the time. >> that's why it's important to -- yes, we may be targets and being in new york city for something like -- christina: zika virus, so many things to worry about. bedbugs. >> let's talk about the zika virus. that's taking place in brazil, spreading across the americas. but the important thing is look -- what are the statistics it can happen? stay focused on what really can happen. be realistic. christina: stay positive. thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. christina: all right. nothing to worry about for two nfl teams that are going to the super bowl. russ joins me next to recap an amazing weekend. christina: and come back on
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talk about women making it big in business and becoming billionaires. we'll be right back with more
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including nicotine patches, gum and other medicines, are available to medicaid members. call your doctor today to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. christina: time for sports with russ. big weekend for the nfl. you know the super bowl match-up is set. did it go how you thought it would?
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because i certainly didn't see carolina just blowing out the cardinals in that boring game. in the one that everybody, you know, was looking at, the peyton manning and the tom brady match-up for a 17th time, there was no -- it wasn't overhyped. it reached all expectations. unfortunately, if you're a patriots fan, the patriots came up short on a losing end, 20 to 18. i have to tell you, it really -- peyton manning turned back the clock yesterday. he did. he's actually turned back the clock the past few weeks when he was inserted back in the starting lineup. christina: he brought it. russ: it looks like it could be a storybook ending. christina: that would be amazing. you always want that to happen. russ: listen, it's great for everybody. because it gives you something to talk about and to be excited about. and it wasn't -- it's not just, christina, that he's gotten back to the super bowl.
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super bowl? he got back to the super bowl by beating the patriots and he got back by beating tom brady. peyton manning and tom brady aren't on the field at the same. there was brady bringing them back, bringing them within two points. but they missed the conversion. you can make all kinds of excuses. people are saying because they missed the extra point -- christina: did brady do everything he could? russ: i would say so. the biggest thing with brady, he got beat up by the broncos' defense. that's why i give peyton manning a real shot to win the super bowl because he's not going alone. he's going with a great -- not a good, but a great, probably the best defense in the nfl. christina: maybe he'll be unstoppable and have the fairytale ending. russ: the thing is he's going up
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there's your story. christina: is that a surprise for you? russ: it was how they won with such dominance. but you have the carolina panthers. they have a quarterback who is the man right now. the young man in cam newton. and should he emerge victorious in the super bowl, he would be the first man to win a national college championship, a super bowl championship and also be a heisman trophy winner. so this is a real glamour kind of match-up. the aging star, maybe ready to ride out into the sunset, and the new guy who wants to be the new sheriff in town. christina: very exciting. thanks.
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i'm christina park in for ernie anastos. for all of us, have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow
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