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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> my whole life, it was horrible. dari: feeling like the forgotten borough. neighborhoods still snowed in, they demand to know where the plows are. two days removed from the blizzard, the clean up has been slow and frustrating. steve: no recycling or garbage pick up in the city, this drone video gives you a bird's-eye view in queens, it is covered in snow. that is how the streets still look. dari: jennifer talking with spokes. reporter: it almost looks like a dumping ground for snow removal, but this is a street, people live here, they can't get out, one woman said she lives about
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two buses to get to work for tomorrow morning. you can see why people say, they think they have been forgotten here. middle village in queens, it has been two days, since one of the worst blizzard in new york city history dumped almost 30 inches of snow, how do you get to work. >> i called in. i was not coming in. my wife called in. reporter: walter lives on 66 road, yesterday, the parks department september sent their plow truck but the snow was so high it got stuck. >> i had to work with the shovel, get the snow from under the plow. reporter: across this borough, people hope putting heat on mayor de blasio will take the
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on twitter, if you search hash tag plow queens. >> we're not giving up until it's over. reporter: the mayor said he shares people's anger. but it is not that easy. >> we move over 170 front end loaders into queens, some of those streets, a plow is not effective, the snow is too deep, we're going in dragging it out. reporter: how long will that take? hard to tell, if you ask these folks, the longer it takes the more dangerous it becomes. >> my neighbor had to go for dialysis today, neighbor on other side doing chemotreatment. reporter: something else we keep hearing, people calling 311 they get the same answer, we'll come
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we did see a front loader down the street, hopefully that will makes it way to this neighborhood, they have not seen a plow here in 24 hours. >> all right. thank you jen. >> streets in outer borrows in rush shape after the blizzard on staten island, many roads in travis section are still unplowed. residents are frustrated, and similar complains in some parts of the bronx. steve: newark dealing with plowing issues as well. they can't open schools tomorrow. zachary is there, with a full report coming up. dari: chaos for commuters on long island, on railroad, blizzard brought service to a standstill yesterday, tonight 4 lines are still shut down, those that are running are seeing delays and overcrowded trains,
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reporter: good evening, still not a good situation here, lirr commuter are beyond aggravated with the railroad, they showed up at the station about 5:00 a.m., but the trains did not show up until 7 a.m., tonight they are still dealing with problems. >> still waiting to see where my train will be. reporter: lirr commuters still dealing with service suspensions, their faces show the frustration, trains not running on far rockaway, hempstead elong beach or west hempstead. >> it stinks, i don't understand the metro north is working fine. why is long island railroad in such a big problem. >> i think they should find people who know what they are doing, metro north had it together. they came back without a problem. and railroad can't get it together. it starts at the top.
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reported that 80% of its service would be restored by 5:00 a.m. today but it never happened. commuters saw this in long beach, trains sitting trial workers shoveled snow. island park and ocean side with a foot of snow on the track. >> i was 3 hours late to work. reporter: mta said in part our crews are working around the clock just as they have been through the storm and the weekend to restore full service, in terps of communication, the railroads are aggressive in providing information directly to customers, so they can plan their travel. >> lack of communication was appalling. reporter: mark is the chair of lirr commuter counsel, that is appointed by the governor. >> if you look at communications they were a mess. reporter: and attorney ep stein said they are looking at something that happened
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passengers were stuck on lirr trains because the railroad did not stop running soon enough during the blizzard and the trains got stuck because of snow. they want answers on that, as far as tomorrow morning? lirr said on its web site it still assessing the situation. that is latest from here back to you. dari: thank you. >> commute on path line is not much better, trains not running between newark penn station, and journal square until 18 a.m. -- 10 a.m. that means a rush hour without service, crews have been working around the clock. tracks, third rail, signals and switches. the cross honor pass tickets on train and bus. steve: a slow recovery at our nation's capital, main roads are
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before all of of the side streets, and government offices were closed today so were schooled in the dc area, most will be closed again, post office has reopened it is tough to get mail to people. dari: and there is a black ice warning for anyone who is going you on tonight. steve: it has been mild today, and right now, nick? nick: we'll drop below freezing to 20s in a lot of suburbs that will be a problem. everything that melted today will refreeze tonight, causing potential for black ice, we're down to 18 in sussex, above freezing in pack up see -- pack poughkeepsie, you know you have fresh snow fall in the sky clear, the temperatures drop. that is what shaping, we're above freezing in the city, but be careful, wind out of the south, light, 5 to 10 miles an
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leading to a miler day tomorrow. we have a couple showers from this system, approaching from the west. look at future cast, clouds overnight to tomorrow, sun in the morning and more clouds in the afternoon, patchy fog in the morning. a few showers late in the day, temperatures should go in lower 40s. >> all right. thank you, nick. steve: little girl in bronx recovering from a stairy accident -- scary accident. dari: she fell in a hole where she lives because it was covered with snow. >> my daughter yelled out. >> i am thinking she fell in the snow. reporter: after 3:00 p.m., sharon and her 6-year-old daughter and friend, and his daughters returned from store to st. mayor mary's houses where they lived, the girls walked in the side path. >> my daughter drop.
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8 to 10 foot hole, landing on pipes. it took two men to pull her out. >> she was frozen, freezing, crying, scared. >> we'll file a notice of claim to get appropriate damages. reporter: attorney rubenstein agreed to represent them arging that city should have filled in that hole. along time ago, witnesses say that hole has been there between 1 to 3 years. >> new york city housing authority was neg -- negligent in the manner in which they maintained this property. reporter: they blab to fence it off, she emerged from the hole unschathed. "fox 5 news." steve: trial for rookie officer peter lang under way, accused of accidentally shooting and killing 28-year-old key girly in
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2014, they were walking down a dark stair well, they came across the officer who was on patrol with his weapon drawn, after the shooting he was the more worried about losing his badge than helping girly. >> arguing with his partner about calling for help. >> he was shaken, terrified. totally ib -- horribly, his pollute struck. steve: if found guilty he faces up to 15 years behind bars. dari: two would be carjackers learn the hard way not to mess with a mom, especially when her kids in the car this gas station surveillance cat the man trying it -- caught the man trying to steal a car, on other side of the pumps they tried to carjack a woman sitting in the red car.
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she fought back hard, she ripped off a suspect's ski mask, both of them took off. they were caught by police, a short time later after they crashed their getaway car. steve: circumstance mazing she -- amazing she got out like what. dari: one was a little, little, a toddler. steve: you know the mommy instincts, they are no joke. dari: she said she didn't think about the gun. steve: no. dari: get the you know what away from my children. steve: from michael bloomberg eyeing a possible run to saturday night live skit. dari: ted cruz, and campaign heating up, iowa caucuses a week away. steve: you shoes comfort or spill with shoes. steve: -- comfort or style with shoes? the new high-tech footwear that could make it possible to have both. dari: amazing video, did you see that woman.
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steve: a week to go before iowa caucuses, candidates for president are busy. dari: it is gety juicey, sharon crowley with the latest, a lot happened this weekend. steve: yeah, people were distracted. reporter: i would say, a lot still happening right now, democrats hope to get party nomination took part in a town hall meeting in iowa. but first, what you may have missed with the snow on your mind. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. reporter: a new attack ad from ted cruz campaign aims at don for his quote new york value, sip tor senator from texas brought this up before, with one week to go, candidates feel the pressure, democrats took part in a town
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cnn. >> we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. reporter: a blizzard hit new york city, speculation swirled that former mayor bloomberg might jump in the race. "new york times" citing unnamed sources reported high was considering running for president as an independent. >> way i read, if i didn't get the nomination, he might consider it, i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination. reporter: trump would welcome bloomberg in the race but not before he raised eyebrows in iowa. >> they say i have the most loyal people, i could stand in middle of fifth avenue, shoot somebody, and not lose any voters, okay? reporter: a few days after sarah palin endorsed trump, tina fey was at it again on snl .
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because he promised me a spot in his cabinet, i belong in a cabinets because i am full of spice, and i got a great rack. reporter: it is entertaining, clinton ahead of sanders among registers voters but gap is narrowing, and donald trump regaining his lead in iowa. surging past ted cruz. is it me or does this feel like a really long campaign? dari: we have levity. reporter: layer david might be next. >> have ice cream, ben & jerry's cofounder, announced a new ice cream flavor celebrating bernie sanders' white house run,
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chocolate at top, and plain mint ice cream underneath. it is not an official ben & jerry's, they made 40 pints, 25 went to sander's campaign, other 15 will be given away in a contest, ben & jerry's -- his constituent. steve: on grand, rush hour could get roomier, mta plans to investing to the cars they could take about 10% more passengers. mta will not award contract for cars until next year, you can go from one end to other without going through the doors. dari: with footwear, women have long sacrificed comfort or style. shoe designers are 94 now
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the heels feel as good as they look. reporter: we can send's man to space, drive a car that parks itself. why did it take so long to make a high fashion shoe that looks and feel great? 815 uses ortholight, a cushion technology that is only available in athletic shoes until now. >> we figure the out a way to balance, the weight is between the heels and the balls, you are more standing evenly on your feet even in high heels. reporter: 5 millimeters of padding makes a world of difference. >> all the way here about this here. >> the padding goes from like edge of your toe to your heel. >> yes. >> it makes you feel good and look good. >> it helps your heel rest on the back of the shoe, all weight of your foot is not going to the
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that is typical with heels. reporter: i asked, style expert, to pick a few favorites. >> i love these slip on sneakers, in this sort of. it is whole lease lear trend, metallic is happening, slipper inspired platt, so cute, a lot of novelty, gold, mix it with gold jewelry, all blackout fit, and men's wear. >> next shop shoe gasm store on fifth. >> you can still make smart choices to be stylish and comfy, they are regular styles that anyone can pick up, but tell me why you like them. >> look how thick the heel is, that is a great support, women have issues with heels, fortunately, this season, kitten heel, this smaller heel, is very happening.
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on a shoe that does not make you feel sexy. >> i would go shoeless first. >> this is great, all open toe, a sparkle, a larger heel, you feel more stable, not as high and pitch as severe. reporter: you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort you "fox 5 news." steve: you can only have heavy duty winter boots right now it crazy. hollywood style for noncelebs. dari: simone boyce talks with designers about his hot new collection.
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get dari: we're about to talk about tonight's episode of x-files, we may be getting closer to truth, internet is buzzing about what happened to mulder and scully's son 15 years ago, scully dreamed about taking their son to school, and mulder dreamed about shooting off toy rockets and watching classic sci-fi movies with a boy. or was it a glimpse into the future?
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steve: zac posen designs clothings for some of the biggest stars in the world. dari: latest collection was created with every day folks in mind, simone boyce got the of 62 from him, himself. >> nice to meet you, i watch you on the news. reporter: you do, everyone knows you as king of red carpet, here at brooks brothers a taste of that every day life. >> absolutely. 9 to 9 collection. american sportswear. for updating classics, a really classic trench coat. show you first, you know we rework the fit and length of the classic polo, this is brook's brothers is important that is you know all the way back to the 18 1800s, a perfect red dress, floating. italian fabric. reporter: you can wear it any
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>> great investment. reporter: i have shoes that i think are cute. >> let's look at the shoes. reporter: my favorites. >> absolutely. reporter: gorgeous. >> this is the beginning of accessories. reporter: a great start. >> yes, great, strapy, great comfortable foam platform. chunky heel you can get around, logo is discreet. all about quilting. over there. a lot of zippers, you can enclose it, let's try it on. reporter: perfect size too, not too big not too small. >> understated. reporter: with oscars a few weeks away do you know what is wearing zac posen? >> it is up in the air, i think we're going to see probably a little bit of more modernism coming on this the carpet.
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i think we've seen a lot of transparency and beading that is over. we're transitions to the new rel am realm of the red carpet. reporter: look for zach pose zac posen's work. i am simone boyce, "fox 5 news" ." dari: new york still has a lot of digging out to do. >> we're land locked, there is no way out, we can't get in or how the. out. steve: nightmare in newark has
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only at your lincoln dealer. dari: 10:30, breaking news, lirr lirr said they will have all of the lines up and running for morning, but they warn customers to allow etra time there may be delays, so check the schedule before you leave your house, as we respected, railroad -- reported railroad had a tough time recovering, 4 lines were shout down, those that were running had delays.
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steve: getting around newark has been a hassle. too many side streets remain unplowed today. people as you would imagine are fed up. dari: zach with more on what taking so long to get those roads plowed. reporter: we heard about dig out here in newark this is what we're talking about. this is downing street, a blow has not been here. we have information earlier that schools will be closed tomorrow for a second straight day, but it is the street closures that have people up in arms. >> i don't know what the parents are supposed to do with their kids, they have to choose between going to work or staying home with the kids, taking care of the kids. reporter: if you are headed to new work pass patience -- newark pack patience. >> if you go down ferry street, and chambers, most of these
10:30 pm
reporter: 28 inches of snow has crippled state's largest city, people are pointing fingers. >> almost 2 1/2 feet of snow fall in a day and a half, people went out got stuck, they left their vehicles, that not only you know, slowed our process down but the merge vehicle -- emergency vehicles got stuck trying to get them. reporter: they have utilized city workers and contract ors, front end loaders and plows. >> i know people are frustrated, i want to apologize to folks who had to miss work today we're working hard to make sure that it does not happy tomorrow. reporter: this is iron bound neighborhood, up street, robert saw a fistfight when a driver aboone abandoned his vehicle and left others stuck behind. >> this is jersey.
10:31 pm
included on the list, but, a lot of work still it be done. zachary kesh "fox 5 news." dari: look at that, a group of friends had extra time on their hands they built a quote boutiqu bow --boutiqu igloof for 2, they posted it on airbnb, they pulled it because it did not meet occupancy standards. they probably should have said it was 400 bucks a night. steve: on brand off brand. on brand, diddy and mark wahlberg teaming up to deal with
10:32 pm
sending millions of bottles of water. >> off brand, anyone not sell celebrating bubble wrap appreciation today, bubble wrap invented in new jersey. >> on brand, miley cyrus continuing to be unpredictable, first we learn she is allegedly engaged again today essquare reports she will costar with woody allen in the series for amazon, the series he said he regretted getting involved in. so, stay tuned. all right blizzard made for an epic snow day. >> even the nun the got in on the act, we look at weekend viral images. steve: cool. and can niagara falls be shut off? why it could happen for months.
10:33 pm
york's minutes. >> new york jewish film festival celebrates 25 an anniversary this year there one day left to enjoy the offerings at lincoln center. >> a new scholarship program announced today create new students for science students here and in israel. >> will have opportunity to work with some of the world's most innovative scientists. reporter: more than $100 million will be dedicated to zuckerman's scholar program. >> those issues are discipline condition cont solve like bringing different religions together, and cultures together and countries particular.
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israel, and united states of
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into process that left the city of flint's drinking water contaminated with lead. thousands residents have been exposed to toxic levels of rust iron and lead in their drinking water since officials switched from the detroit municipal water system to plenty's flint's river in 2014 to save money, but they neglected to treat the water prop ier he. steve: -- properly 92 officials are considering turns off the water at niagra falls temporarily, the parks department is holding a public hearing this week to discuss the project. that is fascinating. dari: city streets were not fit for cars while blizzard piled on the snow. steve: snow boarding in the
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we'll show you other nutty scenes from the storms that had us clicking away on-line. dari: rapper trying this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. dari: well sinces blizzard pretty much brought the city to a stand still, people got creative.
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most of it, a look at the viral images. reporter: the panda was having a ball at zoo. by way, the panda's romp received over 56 million view, and humans dove in head first. >> oh, my god. reporter: members of west virginia university swim team did not let snow get in their way, while practicing their best flutter kick, do not try this at home. speak of hazardous blizzard exploits, they took full advantage of snowy urban terrain, snow boarding and skiing through the big apple. and avoiding penalty after being pulled over.
10:43 pm
photograph arer michael friedman captured nuns dressed in habits sleds down the hill at industry park -- central park, one thing to note. power of snow. to bring out child in all of us. on upper east side. "fox 5 news." steve: product values were incredible. amazing. >> a crazy storm. we're talking earlier it was funny watching you sort of realization donned you last week what was headed our way. dari: what is the take away from this for all meteorologist as you were trying to figure it out. nick: we have to look at all of the data. you know, issue is we put a lot of reliance on computer models, one model that got it right -- steve: that is one that have been dumping on for a while.
10:44 pm
what my friend calls it. for good reason you see something like that go ballistic and other models, don't do that, and those other models were almost similar. you know, so, we. dari: sometimes your crazy uncle is right. nick: true. that happens when you get closer to it. that is what happened friday night, i was looking at, this is it. forget the computer models this is it now. steve: it snowed hard for so long. >> it did. nick: we got central new jersey
10:45 pm
right. i wonder why my hair is falling out. the forecast you know verified in some areas, others we could have done better. we knew something was coming it was just how bad, 39-28, chance to have it melt a little bit, dig out some more, but it is refreezing. 62 in record book. right now 36, sky clear over city, a faw clouds, pressure falling. and let's look at highs for the day. they were up to 40s. 37 in newark, and belmar upper 30s, islip and montauk. and now you see. look at this 18 sussex, 29 in newark, 34 in belmar. where it is below freezing
10:46 pm
be careful out there. wind is very light. looking at temperatures in northeast, at 31 in boston, 33 albany, 34 in washington, d.c. there are some clouds. we'll see a few of these later oshowers, west of pittsburgh, we may see these here tomorrow afternoon. that cold front will pass, it south-southwesterly wind for tomorrow. look for sun in morning, more clouds in the afternoon, climb to 39 at lunchtime, 43 in afternoon, that shower threat, after about 3 or 4 :00. you will see here, that is first part of tomorrow night, front moves along. a cold front here, not necessarily cold or wednesday, slightly to 40s. issue is that disturbance down, and a storm you can't see to the south, there is a interaction that coastal storm become closer to us, right now it looks
10:47 pm
if it comes close it could be a threat of snow. but for now we'll watch it. 43 tomorrow, sun in morning, later day showers. wednesday, 43, sun, clouds, thursday, 36, cold. a nice day. back to 40 saturday, and lower 4s sunday and monday. we'll get colder next week. steve: thank you nick. >> a shaq surprise. >> .dari: how baseball great teamed up with some police officers for an impromtu pick up game. >> i am ines rosales with toyota traffic tracker, route 46 eastbound before route 3 to
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russ: how are you? yesterday's nfc title game was quite boring a blowout with carolina panthers crushing arizona cardinals, the afc title game lived up to hype and expectations. after brady pulled his patriots within. he needed a two point conversion, to tie the score. but pass was tipped and intercepted that was that. peyton manning and broncos advance too super bowl. a lot has been made of patriots placekicker steven gron -- gronkowski
10:51 pm
the game he put the blame on his own shoulders. >> these guys work a lot. all day. their bodies and lives on the line, for me to come out there, and lose by a points, and me, it a nightmare scenario. you know, a condition can't explain now i file right now, shock, and i file i let a lot of people down. russ: i give gronkowski a great deal of credit for taking the heat, but you don't lose just because of a missed attract point in first quarter. and to patriots credit, coaches and players said it was not the kickers fall, you could go over each play and come up with different excuses that is all they would be, excused, final story what it is. >> drop broncos 20, patriots 18. >> this gainsville florida
10:52 pm
o'neal. after receiving a now complaint -- noise complaint last week about kids playing basketball, white joined in the game, with shaq onboard he went back to play the same group of kids on same street, they had a good time, shaq giving the kid a strong piece of advice. >> i will become whatever i want to be, i will be a leader and not a follower. >> i will respect my peers, my elders, and especially my parents. i love you guys. russ: great advice from shaq, a good response from kids well done, on ice. rid wins beat islanders 4-2.
10:53 pm
steve: thank you, earth is flat trending on twitter over week for some reason. dari: starting with a series of tweets from rapper b.o.b., insisting that world is flat, this is one of his first pikes pics posted yesterday, ask why there was no curve in the horizon in the earth is round. steve: a good question. a lot of people are turned off by phrase flat earth, there is no way you can see all evidence and not know, grow up. and he got astro physicist, who tried to set him straight, to be clear, seeing 5 centuries regressed in in your reasoning does not mean we all still condition like can't like your ms.ic. -- music.
10:54 pm
flat earth today. a great way to get attention. nick: has he seep the shoots from space. >> all of it. >> too much time. people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health
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