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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ben: hi, everybody. are we done with the cleanup? no. not by a long shot. january 26. you will be dodging a lot of slushy puddles. a chance of a little rain tonight. mike has all the details for you. rosanna: the long island railroad. pretty much up and running today. yesterday was a disaster. rosanna: ines has all of the
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frustrated it is taking so long. the mayor seems to be blaming it on the people in queens. feels like we have a real string of these. a woman cut in the face. rosanna: republican residential hopeful, trump. mayor bloomberg, you may have heard, is running for president. even questioning mayor bloomberg network. greg: he has a couple of billion dollars. it could go up in smoke. i do not know. a lot of that analysts say this
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rosanna: they had donald trump. there was something similar in the times this week. i have too much sleep. greg: mayor deblasio because what he said about queens. also, the slush. hang in there, rosanna. every street corner in the city has this.
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rosanna, calm down. greg: heads up when you are walking around out there. ben: about 50% water. last mac. >> there are dogs. greg: you are stepping in this stuff all the time. a relatively weak group. rosanna: all right, mike. mike: good morning, everyone. it is happening. i was waiting for it. maybe jumping the gun. 39 degrees.
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central park. some places it is freezing, some places it is not. a lot of slick roadways out there. still some messy conditions out there. it is a little bit warmer out there. watching the approach of a cold front. kind of a wintry mix. that is the leading leading-edge of the next incoming cold front. going to see it dragged through here. there will be a chance of showers coming to us. there is not a lot going on with this.
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on a minor side. it is about 1 inch and a half above normal. 20 inches above normal. let's see. as far as temperatures go, 43 for a high. a high of 43 tomorrow. just a little bit of a cooldown. it goes back up over the weekend. ines rosales. i am seeing all sorts of things. ines: a lot of accidents. staten island expressway. traffic jam to your. heading towards the verrazano bridge.
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let's go to our cameras. this is eastbound. the mainline is doing fine. no problems was found. truck lanes of moving slow northbound. tractor-trailer, these two tractor trailers look like they were involved in a sender bender did causing some rubbernecking delays. metro-north back on track. a lot of trains are delayed or canceled. new jersey transit, everything black on. cross honoring systemwide. continuing to cross honor.
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heading into queens. heading into queens. all lanes are now reopened. bumper to bumper traffic now across the bridge. the accident has been cleared. all lanes are now reopened. greg and rosanna, faxed to you. >> what about the railroad. the long island railroad. what does it look like today? >> it still is not 100% smooth sailing. >> we are just outside the long beach train station.
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left this morning right on time. it is not the same as stations across other areas. i want to show you the mta twitter page. it has been flooding this morning with comments. it is now running 10 minutes late. we have been getting these up dates. here at long beach, i want to show you some video that we shot earlier. no issues. that was a very different story compared to yesterday. a lot of people were very, very frustrated. they had to readjust their routines.
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communication. >> the indication is key. especially when they charge as much as they do. especially with tech knowledge he today. >> that is really -- >> i drove to a different situation. today comparison, how are you feeling? >> not so bad here in long beach. i just learned that the 716, 803 has been canceled entirely. a lot of delays and cancellations across the board.
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back over to you. greg: a huge traffic jam around the airport. you see all of those red tail lights. they are in the airport in not going anywhere. rosanna: port authority is blaming part of it on the influx of passengers. people are trying to get out. that combined with a vehicle fire on the grand central earlier in the day. contributing to the hours long delay. some people had to get out of their cabs and walked to the airport. the traffic jam also led to flight delay's. fuel trucks actually got stuck in the gridlock. >> oh feliz you are not caught in it. in queens they have had a real
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there. rosanna: sky fox a short while ago. tweeting me some pictures. let's go to teresa priolo. she has more. >> reporter: day and night. queens residents are digging, shoveling, heaving and hauling the snow away. there only wishes they had a little more help from the city. >> could not go to work. could not go to school. it was a nightmare. >> he was there for about four hours. >> the worst that they can remember. frustration so gratis. the social media hash tag file queens.
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life. pour forth the problem is there is too much of everything. too much snow. the city department of sanitation says the plows cannot even fit down the streets. instead they are sending in the reinforcements. >> some of those streets, a powers not effect it. the snow is too deep and there's not enough room. >> places like staten island, two. the city will not stop until the job is done. he also did not appear -- he suggested city residents were in part to blame. >> you put it all back on the street. your street is now possible. sanitation cannot keep up with that.
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"good day new york." rosanna: let's stay on the mayor. the post kind of leads into that. blaming the people of queens. they are responsible for this. just the odd crack about the mayor admiring john lindsay. de blasio went and blamed the fate don't. slapping residence for digging out their cars on plowed streets. people go out and clean their cars and they literally we applaud their own streets. they may have contributed to it inadvertently. what are they supposed to do?
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the snow. >> what if you have some place to go? rosanna: we have heard about two cars. they died from carbon monoxide poisoning. they are obviously having issues with that as well. greg: eight before you open your mouth. probably pretty good advice. >> we have a lot of snow. is this their de blasio's lindsay moment? greg: it is not a shining moment. not a proud moment. they've rescued a cat. one was -- is this a real cat's meow?
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images added it. a woman flag down two of new york's finest yesterday. the officers used a jack to lift the car. greg: the kitten was stuck in a wheel well. >> got stuck up there. the woman plans on adopting it. >> a little bit of an effect. rosanna: the cat that was staged is not the voice. >> you are figuring it out. let's go to mike. >> we are off to a pretty decent start out there.
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to connie. your family loves you. clear sky out at central park. forty-seven in pittsburgh. most of us are above freezing. we have a warmer selfless floe headed our way. there are a few showers to the north and west of us. it looks like it could come through for a short while. for the rest of us, by the time it gets here, it would be rainfall. that cold front extends all the way to the southern plains down into texas. we will see a few passing showers this afternoon. high temperature at 43.
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front is finally here by thursday. dropping down to the upper 30s and low 40s. let's bring in china's right now. take a look at what is going on. ines: a lot of problems to talk about. you do have delays heading into queens. there's a stall as you approach the meadowbrook. there is an accident on the grand central parkway. you have that right lane blocked with this vehicle. let's go back to our maps and cameras. the staten island expressway jammed.
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now subways. two and three between 14th street and times square. four and five trains, local only. the six trains, no express service southbound. greg: thank you very much. today, maybe better than yesterday. greg: yesterday was pretty bad. a lot of folks were upset. let's bring in the queens borough president. good morning, madame borough president. how are you doing? >> good morning. doing okay here in queens. it has been a rough few days,
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rosanna: what was the problem? >> there is no doubt it has been a rough few days. queens was the hardest hit right here. there is no doubt that there are issues. working so hard around the clock. a lot of them kept getting stuck on our side streets. the trucks, the first night, just kept getting stuck on the side streets. about 150 of them on the street right now. it is staking out kind of slowly. hopefully we learned a great lesson for the next snowstorm. >> mayor de blasio blaming the snowfall on the people in queens. here is what the mayor said. this is a quote.
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people go out and clean their cars off. they are not wrong. unfortunately, they may have contributed to the problem. what do you make of that? >> i do not believe anyone is blaming any of the folks in the boroughs. there is no other place to put the snow. the problem is here. you put the snow on the streets. it is almost impossible. it is just so much. you put them in the streets. unfortunately, repair is the cars. it has been responsive to individual streets.
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streets need to be taken away. rosanna: okay. thank you so much. have a good day. we appreciate it. greg: what are you about to do with that snow when you take it off your car? >> the sanitation department our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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greg: welcome back. officer shot an emotionally disturbed man. the man survived. rosanna: just before 12:30 a.m. this morning. two officers were called to an apartment building. they found a man armed with a kitchen knife. they were told to put down the knife several times. one officer fired once hitting the man in the chest. taken to bellevue in stable condition. an epidemic, really. another one happened. this one on the subway. may even have surveillance video.
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she was slashed in the face right around the leaker street. a man was on the train across from her. got up and / or in the face with some sort of sharp objects. he just slashed her and ran off. then he got onto a d train. greg: described in his late teens, early 20s. if you have seen him, please call crime stoppers. just sitting there. the next thing they knew, she was slashed in the face. greg: a man with a machete in the bronx. paranoid schizophrenia killed
7:26 am
rosanna: the suspect is a 26-year-old. pop the machete online in order to attack people he believed were spying on him. greg: we have slush outside. here is a piece of it. this is one of those old shoes. you think the shoes got problems.
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than detergent alone. >> yep, this is what i'm talking about. you've got to kind of walk in the street a little bit to avoid all that slush. >> walk, i think you have to be an acrobat. >> yeah, you do a little bit of jumping. >> there's jumps involved. >> those aren't necessarily clearings, they're big puddles. >> oh, yeah, you see that one? that's like a lake. you may need a gondola. you have to have a strategy. >> yeah, you've got to approach this thing the right way. here is an example of the slushy mess. >> no kidding, it's leaking. >> right? what's that going to do to your show?
7:29 am
that is so gross. >> rosanna, this is where the high heel actually has an advantage. >> no, the high heel acts as an ice skate. >> the men, the whole foot is submerged. you guys, a good part of your foot is out of the sludge. >> yes, but as i'm saying to you, it's an ice skate. even with a snow boot, it can get a little ugly. >> oh. let's look at this guy,house he going to do it? >> he's giving up! [laughter] >> he's testing the waters. >> no, no, he's waiting to -- >> oh, that person just walked right through it. she had snow boots on. >> yeah. you have those heavy duty -- >> it's so dirty. it's dirty, dirty, dirty. oh, she's got sneakers. let's see what she's going to do. >> oh! [laughter] >> oh, good. yeah! nice job. >> how about this guy? >> nice, nice. >> oh. >> see, you have to have a technique.
7:30 am
it's good. >> they were airborne, a few of them. well done, new york. >> all right, mike, i guess it's going to keep melting -- >> ever had a misstep in one of those puddles? >> oh, yeah. yesterday i took a big, flying leap, and then i slid a little bit. >> that's what i mean. >> but didn't go down. >> okay, good. we already had enough accidents around here. >> it was more like, you know, you're surfing afterwards, you know what i mean? >> all right, let's not get crazy. [laughter] mike, what's up? >> oh! >> since we're all going there, this is what you need. >> why don't you try, take your boot off and -- >> no, no, no. >> mike, those are impressive. what brand are those? >> that is polo. >> they look like they're made for the moon. >> exactly. the laces on the other one were coming untied -- >> and by the way, i like juliet's.
7:31 am
she's really, like, showing -- >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah, baby. [laughter] >> a little glitter in the morning. >> now, in some cultures we're saying, basically, screw you. when you show the bottom of your foot to somebody, it's like -- no disrespect. >> anyway, all right. we better get going with the weather. >> why are you still walking? >> get to stepping. let's show you what we have. 43 is the forecast high for you today. the average high is 38 degrees, and we, the record high is 72. wish we had some temps like that to get the snow and ice out of here, that's not happening, but it's a little bit warmer than normal. temps have been pumped up by 10 degrees in central park, a few more clouds in the area. a little bit of a wintry mix heading in towards the poconos, that's the next cold front that's coming into town. it doesn't have a lot to it.
7:32 am
showers later this afternoon, that's it. high temp up to 4 3w today -- 43 today, and we'll keep it nice and dry as we head through the rest of the week. ines has been busy this weekend keeping up with all that stuff happening around the tristate. >> a lot of that going on. street cleaning rules suspended. 78 westbound exit 55, northbound turnpike, truck lanes are jammed. turnpike, though, there's an accident by interchange 13a, and that's closing two lanes there on the truck lane, so this is causing heavy delays back to the bridge, the develop else bridge finish develop pells bridge. you still have traffic slow heading towards the verrazano bridge eastbound, there was an earlier accident on the gowanus by 92nd street. this is the accident involving these two tractor-trailers in
7:33 am
approach 14, you're going to have these two lanes blocked there. as far as the west side highway southbound, there's an accident by 125th street, and we also have a problem on the grand central parkway. jim smith is here to tell you about it. >> good morning, ines. eastbound grand central at 94th street right in front of laguardia, that car was hood first into the snow bank, a tow truck just pulled it out. and what we are seeing around careful. you have highways such as this, the grand central, where it was normally five lanes, it goes down to four and sometimes even three and a half lanes very quickly, so you do need to use caution. as for the grand central eastbound through this area, we are seeing delays back to the bqe with that accident. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> all right, jim, thanks a lot. so politics, less than a week from today the big iowa caucuses, and donald trump and mike bloomberg, are they going
7:34 am
up already. >> meanwhile, there was a town hall meeting in iowa that took place at draying university last night. -- drake university last night. >> i tried to get into it, didn't happen. yesterday? >> no. >> i tried to -- no. >> i'm interested in seeing the republican debate on thursday -- >> debates are great. >> donald trump and megyn kelly, you know? who knows. >> will he go though, is the question. >> you know what? he threatened before not to attend a debate, and then he thinks about it. >> he's going to have some zingers ready. i think he'll be there, and i think it'll be fun to watch. >> whenever trump is involved with something, it's entertaining. we just got a new quinnipiac possible the iowa caucus showing donald trump commanding 31% of the vote, senate cruz, 29%, marco rubio in third.
7:35 am
there was a beef between former mayor bloomberg of new york city and donald trump because when we first heard about the former mayor potentially entering the race, trump seemed to welcome him with open arms saying they're buddies, but as judy blume once said, that was then and this is now. yesterday the gop front runner did a 1ing 0 -- 180, he says bloomberg's company is fragile, and what's more, trump doesn't believe bloomberg is worth $37 billion. listen. >> i beat him, and i would love him to do it, actually. i love the competition. i love the competition. i would love for michael to do it. you know, we used to be friends. i guess we're not friends anymore, i don't think we are. >> i believe him when he says he'd love it. he's got conviction in his voice. >> and he's got competition. over to the dems.
7:36 am
>> i watched it on tv. >> it wasn't a debate style, they were all separated. the set-up had hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley on individually, not the debate format that we really like to see. if you thought they'd play nicely being separated, think again. clinton's time as secretary of state was the bull's eye for bernie sanders. >> secretary clinton was secretary of state of this country for four years. experience is important, but judgment is also important. >> you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. >> so my message to to malley supporters across this state is this. hold strong at your caucus. [applause] >> that's martin o'malley. >> he's taking off his suit coat, i'm becoming one with the people. >> wow. you know what's wild? the intensity of his new york accent.
7:37 am
yorkers. hillary, donald, that guy, bernie sanders, from brooklyn originally. maybe mike bloomberg. >> maybe. >> he's not from brooklyn. >> boston, actually. >> new york representing. all right, it seemed clinton was unbeatable, but the assumption that she is a shoo-in for the democratic nomination, well, you know what happens when you assume. 49% of democratic primary voters now support clinton, down from 54 president two weeks ago -- 54% two weeks ago. martin o'malley, 1% of the vote. 10% are undecided, up from 2% earlier this month. also in iowa clinton is leading sanders 48-42%. sanders is still very strong in new hampshire, he's way, way ahead up in new hampshire. >> oh, boy. thanks. >> all right.
7:38 am
>> queens, huge problem in queens. >> but, you know, around the city things are looking good. this morning at five a.m., i saw sanitation workers after working the whole weekend, they were out there this morning collecting garbage, which i thought was a very promising sign. on the phone with us this morning, the commissioner of the sanitation department, katherine garcia. how are things going this morning, commissioner? >> we are seeing a lot of improvement in queens. i'm down to, like, a handful of blocks, primarily dead ends, that we're still struggling with. crews overnight and the last few days have just done amazing work. this has been an incredible storm to fight and terrible conditions, but we are, we had our ground game on, and we're going block by block. >> okay. but yesterday there was a lot of congratulations at that press conference, but obviously we had a pretty huge problem in queens on sunday and yesterday. the post editorial today says
7:39 am
fair interpretation, seemed to be blaming people in queens for clearing off their cars before the plows came through, thus contributing to the problem. what went wrong in queens? >> so i wouldn't say that anything necessarily went wrong in queens. we had a tough time across the city. we just had some concentrations in queens, and we had a lot of trucks where they had deeper snow, and the trucks got stuck which, you know, there is a contributing problem when people dig out their car and make it go from 34 inches to 64 inches. you need a front end loader to get that out, and so that's what we've been doing block by block, which i have to say it almost looks like an art when they're working in these incredibly small streets because their wheels almost touch each of the parked cars. >> so what's the moral to this story, commissioner? we're only at january 26th, possible snowstorm maybe thursday night. what's the moral to the story? how are we going to do things a
7:40 am
>> we are clearly looking into all of our plans about how we would handle a snowstorm. i'd really like it not to snow on thursday. [laughter] i know i have no control over that. but, you know, making sure that we are really staying and sticking to our plan and making sure we're staying on our routes. but across the city on these little blocks that we can't put a big spreader in, everybody had challenges because the small equipment was overwhelmed by the amount of snow. >> okay. do you agree with the mayor when he said a big part of the problem was a snowplow would go through, people want to clean their cars off, were the people of queens putting the snow back into the street? >> were they putting it back? oh, they definitely -- everyone across the city is putting it back in the street. >> to the point that it's providing an obstruction? >> oh, absolutely. what i saw was there were definitely streets that, you know, we had been down, they still did have snow on them, they were passable x a couple hours later when i went back
7:41 am
cars stuck. i don't have the numbers for last night, but the night before we had to pull 62 passenger cars out of blocks that had actually been cleared. and we were going back to readdress. so it does make a difference, but i completely understand why queens' residents want to dig out their cars. they're heavily dependent on their cars to get around. i think there's no blame here, it just does make it more challenging. >> all right. do you have a total now on the number of hours your people have racked up in overtime? >> not yet, but if they're working anywhere like the hours i'm working, it's going to be quite a few. because they're going to stay, and they're probably going to stay on split shifts through the weekend, because we're going to start scattering snow and ice in areas that we can and take advantage of these high temperatures. we're going to have some slushy corners, i did see your prior -- >> yeah, the report.
7:42 am
we're going to have some slushy corners, particularly with a little bit of wane coming -- rain coming in. but we're trying to address that as well at bus stops, and in queens we're hauling it away, putting it in dump trucks because there's nowhere to put it. >> katherine garcia, department of sanitation, good luck. >> thank you. >> thank you. nice to see the men and women out there collecting garbage because, you know, on top of all the dark, ugly snow now, you've got bags and bags of garbage. >> okay. well, look, we don't want to
7:43 am
>> we're going to bear patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of ramerica in philadelphia. t learn more at p slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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>> as this cold front approaches the tristate region, we are going to see some scattered showers. on the lighter side, but a little bit, especially this afternoon. high temp today, 43, also 43 tomorrow, next shower chance after today won't be here til monday of next week. the fox 5ny weather app is at the google itunes score -- store. the app is free. by the way, happy birthday to dr. robert out in brooklyn. mary ann says you are the best, friend. let's bring in ines and see what's going on as we hit those roads and rails. we've got problems again. >> oh, absolutely, especially with the rails. right now 6 train southbound, you have no express service all because of the mta's winter weather plan, kind of still using that. b train, that is suspended southbound, no service between
7:46 am
a 5-10 minute delay into grand central, long island railroad, everything's back in service, but already delays and cancellations. everything's back on track with new jersey transit, they're going to continue to cross-honor today. new jersey transit cross-honoring and limited service between harrison and journal square. >> it's duke cat the thinkingly eurozone's turn -- castiglione's turn, he's all right. >> now let's talk about the ice. >> isn't it beautiful? >> not really. i stepped in a puddle at four a.m. this morning. so -- all right, rangers looking to bounce back after sunday's loss to the senators taking on buffalo at msg. third period, game tied at 3. j.t. miller's going to take the nice pass, he's going to score the go ahead goal. rangers lead, 4-3.
7:47 am
rell la set up for the one-timer, 5-3, broussard also asuggestioned. -- assisted. he had two goals and three assists on the night. 6-3, the final score, rangers. first period, brock nelson is going to fire the slap shot here, thing of beauty, 19th of the year and game tied at 1, but the second, it's 2-1, detroit. and make it 3-1 after this wrister, they win it 4-2, the final score. big night tonight at the garden, ken durant, russell westbrook visit melo and the knicks. and the knicks look to snap a two-game losing streak. the mets will retire mike pizza's number -- piazza's number, part of a weekend-long celebration for the ham of famer -- hall of famer. july 24th, his number 31 will be the fourth met number to be retired.
7:48 am
world now, the australian open rolls on. third ranked roger federer taking on -- [inaudible] hits the lineman. watch here. ouch. >> were they wearing a cup? >> no, greg. >> may want to wear a cup when you've got 90 mile-an-hour -- >> 140 miles an hour. >> a cup. >> match point, federer is going to come to the -- >> duke, you shouldn't giggle about that. [laughter] >> pretty funny. he moves on to the next round. and federer will take on novak djokovic. 45th time they will play. top-ranked serena williams taking on maria sharapova. second set, williams with the big ace, and then match point,
7:49 am
the forehand winner. she's going to move on to the victory. >> duke, thanks a lot. we've got people jumping puddles all over the place. take a look. >> it takes a lot of finesse to do that. >> these are huge, huge puddles. >> see that one? see how this guy's going to do it. >> there he goes. >> oh, looking good. see, he's tall -- oh, how is she going to do it? get off your phone. it requires attention. >> she's going to call for help. >> jump. >> oh! >> nice. did the two-step. >> in queens, till problems on some of those small streets. ooh, jim, what neighborhood have you got there? >> we are over admiral avenue, and what we can see is a street that looks like a portion of it may not have been plowed. the tractor's there, just the process of multiple vehicles driving over and over is and over again, a few trucks had a little bit of difficulty driving through. >> digging those cars out is
7:50 am
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>> okay. anna gilligan's here. what are you doing over there? [laughter] i see papers everywhere with numbers on them. are you practicing your number chart again? >> mind your business. [laughter] jeez.
7:52 am
leave those alone. >> it's a 7! [laughter] >> i sit here all the time. >> forget it. now you're down to six. >> we'll have to wait and see -- >> you wait until everybody's watching, then you start to give me the business. all right, anna, what's going on? >> of after this controversy about a lack of diversity among oscar nominees, there are now new rules. the academy is no longer giving lifetime tenure. the academy is taking voting rights away from members who have been inactive in film making for a ten-year period or haven't worked a lifetime total of 30 years or haven't won or nominated for an academy award. this will lead to a changeover which the academy is expecting to make the academy more diverse. meanwhile, chris rock, said one of the producers had made a statement that rock rewrote his
7:53 am
well, his rep shut the producer down saying no one speaks for chris and that chris hasn't decided about the content of the show yet, so we'll have to wait until february 28th to see exactly what he does. interesting that he's out with the speaking kind of against the people for the oscars, usually everyone wants to be very nice because, you know, everyone plays nice to each other. >> by the way, did you see this poem that nick cannon put on his web site? you need to look at it, because he addresses the whole thing in a very beautiful way -- >> in a poem? >> in a poem. >> does it riped? >> it doesn't rhyme. it's spoken word, but it really kind of puts the oscar controversy in perspective, i think. and it's done really well. in fact, you know what? why don't you try to have it at 45. and meantime, greg, look it up on his facebook page. >> all right. i got my assignment from rosanna.
7:54 am
speaking of facebook, it's all about jana. >> i prefer poems that rhyme. fun is fun, but now it's no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hey, everybody. what's going on? looks like we're doing a little bit better as far as this snow cleanup. it's tuesday, january 26, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto, so nice to have you with us. hopefully, you're warm and dry. cloudy skies ahead, mike woods has the full forecast.
7:56 am
thursday night into friday. >> these corners are treacherous throughout the city. not treacherous in terms of danger, but in terms of your footwear. all kinds of puddles, slush to deal with. hey, and how about queens? still big problems there. let's go, two full days in, and we've got still some streets that haven't been cleared. >> yeah. well, we just had the sanitation department commissioner on, and she says they are working on it, so that's good news. what about the lirr? they work on it today? because yesterday was a disaster. hoping for better results this morning. so many people, they waited hours and hours on cold, you know, cold -- >> platforms there. >> platforms there. >> stations and the train. the web site was all screwed up. look, if you're going to cancel a train, cancel a train, but let us know about it. also go to the bronx, a girl fell down a hole. kind of like this opening that's been there for a long time. she fell way, way, way down.
7:57 am
>> hay got her out, but -- they got her out, but why was this open? >> i know. the mother wants to know what's going on here. all right, greg, what are we going to do with all that snow? a man in brooklyn built himself an igloo, and he listed it on air bnb for $200 a night. >> they're fascinating. i've only really seen them in cartoons. >> so can you sleep in that? we're going to send ben simmoneau over there. >> somebody called it illegal, of course, and he had to shut down his operation. ben simmoneau, reporting. ben, good luck, we're looking forward to your report. all right, a couple of other things going on here. people trying to make it through the sludge and the slush. take a look at in this, it's been a challenge throughout the city. live look -- >> watch this guy to the left. how's he going to do it? >> good job. >> oh, nice. [applause] >> next up. >> oh, wait, he's got a kid. >> what's he going to do? >> what a dad.
7:58 am
>> oh, no. >> i want to do it myself -- >> it's hard to jump with a child. >> oh -- >> you have to have a strategy. there was a strategy. >> they're going in. >> oh! [laughter] >> sometimes you just gotta get your feet wet. to give him? >> i say the kid is going to get a 9, because he doesn't care. plop. >> here's what it looks like. all night people have been dealing with it. let's go back live. rosanna, you give the boy a 9, i give the old man a 5. >> why? he didn't get his feet wet. the kid was like, i don't care, in fact, i like my feet wet. >> i don't think that's what the kid was thinking. >> ooh! those do not look like snow boots, by the way. >> well, be careful -- >> this is on the phone. >> here is a close-up look, rosanna, of what they're dealing with. we brought a big pile of slush inside. >> you did. >> rosanna, what do you think? it's kind of interesting concern.
7:59 am
is what is -- >> oh! >> hey, rosanna, i didn't want bring a dead skunk in here. >> pretty much, you did. >> and a dirty shoe in there with a dirty sock. >> don't worry. this is what's -- >> you know what that is? it's dog toilet water. that's what it is. >> okay -- whether sometimes people toilet water. from yesterday. you want to see how i navigate? >> her commentary is worth listening to. >> oh! >> did you fall? [laughter] >> i did a slide, but i'm still standing. >> listen, wear your crummy shoes today or wear your boots if you got 'em. nobody really says galoshes anymore -- >> i didn't hear the audio anymore, was that because you cursed? >> no, i said still standing. [laughter] >> ah.
8:00 am
>> give yourself a medal. >> pat me on the back, please. >> i see the tan on your back, by the way. it made me angry. [laughter] >> mike, you spend about four months of your life each year in cancun, don't give anybody a hard time -- >> you have a permanent time. >> that's right, i'm winning that one. don't you even try it, lady. are. >> look at that. in four days? >> it's crazy. >> wow. >> is anyone else vaguely uncomfortable? [laughter] mike, what's up? >> i almost said something else. i'm going to hold that one for later. >> that's for us. >> exactly. let's show you what's going on. first of all, it's a little bit warmer outside, that's why we have the slush and ice especially in the city. we'll take that warmup, and it's going to stick around for the rest of the week. not as cold today, a few showers are possible later on in the day, and it's going to be a little bit warmer for the rest of the week. how much, thursday -- however, thursday into friday we're still
8:01 am
right now it looks like it is the till out to sea. the forecast models are pushing it even further into atlantic waters. we're back up to 41, central park, 43, islip, 45 in montauk. clouds a starting to -- are starting to gather in, but our temperature changes, now ago. it's a lot warmer in islip, there. park. keeping an eye on the radar, here's a few mixed showers heading in towards the poconos, and that will continue to head in this direction, but there's not a lot going on to hold it together, and even as it does arrive, it's probably going to change over more to rain pal for most of us here -- rainfall here for most of us in the tristate. later, that's when we expect the chance of a few passing, light it. high temp this afternoon guesses
8:02 am
into the low to mid 40s. 37 on sured, 39 on mid, and then we're -- 37 on friday. let's bring in ines and is see what's happening with our slushy tuesday morning commute. >> good good morning, mike, a lot of accidents. let's just go to our cameras, take a look at some of the problem spots. the staten island expressway, there was an earlier accident on the gowanus by 92nd street, all clear but left this delay towards the verrazano bridge. fine. the lie, you have a spinout here on the eastbound by the grand central parkway right there off to the shoulder, but expect delays. westbound side, you also have a lane blocked because of that spinout to. service roads doing fine, just normal delays, but these two lane blockages are causing delays. as far as the 6 train, no press
8:03 am
southbound, b trains no service between prospect park and brighton. metro north, a 5-10 minute delay because of some signal problems by 125th street. long island railroad back in service, all the lines have resumed service, but there are delays and cannes -- cancellations. new jersey transit, they're still cross-honoring today. path trains, no service between newark and journal scare. greg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. so the clean up continues, and the results have been mixed so far, safe to say, right? >> yeah. but the situation does seem to be getting better. lots of tweets this morning that they see plows out there in some neighborhoods, looking better than they were yesterday, that's for sure. >> this is footage from a little while ago from our helicopter. queens. >> this was sky fox other wood haven earlier this morning. >> let's go to teresa priolo in one of the hardest hit
8:04 am
at least initially. hi, teresa. >> good morning, everyone. as a matter of fact, we saw those plows out all night long. when we arrived here on this block, it wasn't plowed, now look at it. there is blacktop. cars are able to pass by. it's a novelty for these people who haven't seen blacktop on this road since the flakes started flying early saturday morning. and we do have some video to show you of what it looked like prior to a plow coming through. in fact, some people here told me i thought a plow had done half the road, so the plow backed up. as a matter of fact, people here on this block say they actually by hand shoveled half of the block, they couldn't do anymore, and so they stopped, and they waited for the plow to come through which happened around 5:30 this morning. if you're waking up here, you're likely breathing a sigh of relief, and it's the same situation around queens and also on parts of staten island. people say it's, in fact, long overdue, they needed plows to come through, and they are finally getting them.
8:05 am
department of sanitation, it's not just plows though. unfortunately, here in places like queens it's too much of everything. there's too many streets, too many cars on those streets and too much snow, so the plows can't get down, so they've been putting these front loaders through and attempting to physically drag the snow away. take a listen to some people. >> we shoveled this by hand. >> so from where we're standing here all the way down to 60th, you did this all by hand? >> me, my brother, a couple of guys from here, my brother-in-law. that was the only way we were going to get out of here. they didn't care. >> around 5:30 this morning we through. >> yes, thank god for that. now we're able to go to work, and these people can get their cars out. it's better than having to shovel the whole block down. >> if you are wondering when your street will be treated by the department of sanitation, then you should check plownyc, that's how we found this block
8:06 am
colored, it's no longer clear which means it has been treated. greg and rosanna, one thing i wanted to mention, the mayor sort of blamed some residents or at least some are saying maybe he was blaming residents for clearing off their cars and putting the snow back in the middle of the street. well, that's exactly what we're seeing here. now, it's not that bad, but as every single person digs out their car, there's going to be all the rest of the snow, of course, come boog the mid old the -- coming into the middle of the street. let's hope the majority of it melts before it creates any sort of major traffic issue, because certainly people here have dealt with their fair share other the last couple of days. back to both of you. >> seems like when you knock the snow off the car, it doesn't -- it kind of dispurses. -- disburses. >> thanks, teresa. i mean, where else are you going to put it, in your pocket? >> yeah. [laughter] maybe bring it in to work. >> good move. >> take a look at our sludge one
8:07 am
>> oh, t getting -- >> it's like a science project. we want to see the effect it has on a shoe. it ruins it, that's the answer. >> schools are open in new york city, they are closed in newark for the second day. >> yeah, they are. second straight day new jersey's largest city remains crippled due to the snow. people in some parts of the city say they haven't seen a single prow in their neighborhood -- plow in their neighborhood, major traffic troubles, and some people are asking what happened here? >> nobody cleaned the street. i don't know what happened this year. >> i tried to go to the supermarket to get some bank robberilies -- some grocerieses, and now it's an hour. >> we don't see no plows over here at all. at all. it's time from friday, nobody show up. >> we're landlocked. i mean, there's no way out. >> the mayor of newark is telling fox 5 the city isn't completely to blame, he says too many people ignored the travel ban, got stuck, abandoned their cars in the street and that has complicated, obviously, the snow
8:08 am
>> back to the long island railroad, huge issues especially yesterday. about half the railroad was shut down, and you know what? they didn't effectively get the word out about the cannes rations -- cancellations. >> the system is running again after being crippled because of the blizzard. i'm getting some tweets, people saying they're only about 10 minutes late, which is great. >> liz dahlem's in long beach with more. hi, liz. >> good morning to you, greg and rosanna. all the trains that were edge anded to leave this morning and head into penn station have left, and they were all on time, so that is the good news here. but yesterday everyone was shaking their head at the long island railroad, and everyone seems to be watching the lirr today to see how they're responding to picking service back up. and this is how they're letting people know about these delays and cancellations. the twitter feed is blowing up right now with all sorts of notifications. the latest one we see here, the 7:29 train from babylon is operating 10 minutes late,
8:09 am
penn is around 11 minutes late. so this is kind of what we've been seeing today, a lot better than yesterday. let's show you some video we shot a little while ago, the first train arrive aring here to long beach at 5:35 this morning. that was a great sign. people very happy to see that, and then, of course, we wanted to see it leave the station, and it did just that. but yesterday the long island railroad had only -- said that 7 of its 12 branches would be fully operational by five in the morning, and that never happened, commuters were just not happy. they had to readjust their routine, they were frustrated by the lack of notification based on cancellations and delays, and they wanted to hear more from the lirr. they're hopeful though today things will stay up and running. >> seems today that those trains are running, so i'm happy about that. get to work early. >> i feel better knowing that service is back on line. hopefully, it'll stay this way. looks good.
8:10 am
>> you don't want to bleep what i gotta say. >> a lot of frustrations from a lot of riders saying that they were done with the long island railroad with the amount of money they pay for their service. but again today, things looking really good, the 23 train is expected to leave here on time. we're live in long beach this morning, back over to you. >> we appreciate that guy's refraining from the language. our bleep button does work pretty well, but good call. thank you very much. >> meanwhile, if you've tried to leave new york or tried to get back to new york, you all know the cancellations are enormous. it's been days since the blizzard ended, but they're still feeling it at the airports. in fact, flight aware, which is an app, it lists more than 1300 cancellations today with newark liberty far outpacing other airports. at last count more than 230 flights leaving newark have been
8:11 am
for newark never got off the ground, in all more than 13,000 flights across the country have been canceled over the past five days because of the blizzard. >> so late last week there was a shooting by the hampton inn at jfk airport. a mother was shot. she brought her daughter to the airport, they were going to check into the hampton inn because the daughter had an early flight the next morning. they came all the way up from maryland, it was an international flight -- >> right. the daughter was going to study, i believe n south africa. >> the mother went into the hotel, a couple of guys approached, stuck up the young rings. when the mother came out, they shot her. her name is andrea kohler, 53 years old. the hospital. >> if somebody's trying to sell you something that looks like this, just know these are hot items, stolen items. if you have any information, please call crimestoppers,
8:12 am
>> so there's a little hole in the bronx, and a 6-year-old girl fell down that hole. she's okay. the sweet girl, there she is, named is her name, and she was walking with a friend and their parents toward the st. mary's houses in the woodstock section of the bronx, and all of a strange hole. >> yeah. it took two men to pull her out. witnesses say the hole had been there for as many as three years, and the family's lawyer, you know him, sandy rubenstein, he says the city is to blame. >> the new york city housing authority clearly was negligent in the manner in which they maintained this property. >> she was frozen, she was freezing, crying, scared. >> oh, poor girl. she was not physically injured other than a small scratch on her forehead -- >> that's very scary though. >> sure it is. it's traumatic. the new york city housing authority told us it has covered
8:13 am
and will fence it off today. >> we have some deep buddings on the upper -- puddles on the upper east side as new yorkers manage to avoid the wetness or just go right through. >> some people try to navigate it. >> rosanna -- >> let's see that dog. let's see s that dog going to jump? >> that dog's like a husky. >> that's cute. >> dog is in its element. the man going to take a leap -- >> he's got sneakers. >> oh! that person just bit it. >> it depends upon to your footwear, right, rosanna? >> yeah. i think if you've got boots on -- >> oh, you're very tentative. she was about to go through. >> all right. let's talk with mike. hello. >> you guys are so funny. [laughter] >> i could watch that all day, by the way. >> i know, i'm kind of like you. >> don't we have other news to do? >> all right, here's what we have. 41 at central park, 28 out at newark, 25 in bridgeport, we do have some clouds making a comeback, winds starting to
8:14 am
so from the south and southwest at around 3 to as much as 13 miles per hour. south/southwest wind is what happens when you have a cold front coming into town, and guess what? that's exactly what's happening. some lighter, mixed showers coming in towards the poconos and the catskills. will that make it towards us? yes and no, a little bit could drag by, but it's not really going to have a whole lot of poe potency to it, just a few quick showers this afternoon, this evening, and that may help to melt some of the snow and ice that's still out there, but there's a lot of it, so it's not going to melt it all, that's for sure. a few quick showers this evening, and then it dries out and cools down. after tomorrow we are going to see some cooler conditions coming back to us here. up to about 43 for a high, a few afternoon showers are possible but not probable, in fact, your chance is only around 20-30%.
8:15 am
then to the low 40s, in fact, 46 for a high temperature on monday. hey, there's those puddles. we like watching that, don't we? okay, i'm glad we brought that back. the fox 5ny weather app is free at the itunes store and google play store, check it out and, you know, put it to work. it'll let you know what's going on with the weather here. let's bring in ines rosales. you've played the game before, you've jumped the puddles. >> of course, you have to. >> do you walk right through? >> no way, can't get wet. it's been a busy one. the bronx, an accident of on the bruckner southbound has one lane blocked, fdr northbound by 34th street, police activity closing a lane, the lie, spinout by the grand central parkway affecting your commute westbound as well as eastbound. your new jersey commute, no issues on 80 and 287, delays on 202 as you head into morristown, but not a big deal. the lie over by 106, 107, no
8:16 am
westbound, slight delays. as for the george washington bridge driving into the city, 45 minutes on the upper level, 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel, 45 inbound, the holland tunnel, 20 from eve approach. >> let's see how those people are handling the sludge and the slush. anybody getting airborne? >> you know, there is a strategy for navigating the sidewalks. that one seems okay. >> over here though, this is like the grand canyon. look at that. >> oh, dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
8:17 am
fox means business. >> lauren simonetti, hello. >> hey. it's another tough week for your 401(k), right? the dow was down another 200 plus points yesterday. got nervous this morning, come into work, i see the chinese market's down about 6.5%, that is ugly. and we were down for most of the morning, but now we've flipped and have green arrows. we might have a higher open. that's for breakfast, i have no idea what's for lunch and dipper
8:18 am
oil and stocks are moving in the exact same direction. oil's tricky. you want it to be cheap because you want to make fuel inexpensive for people, for businesses, but you want it to be expensive enough that companies that produce oil, right? that they can still make money, keep the workers working, etc. so that's the dilemma we're in between the price of oil and the price of stocks. >> you know, on the bright side, mcdonald's earnings are up. you know why? they followed my advice -- >> greg's idea. all-day breakfast. >> you can get an egg mcmuffin at 1:00 in the afternoon, 1:00 in the morning. >> and they brought in this guy, steve easterbrooks as their ceo, and he is doing a great job turning around that company. >> have you watched the show billions? >> billions? love it. amazing. have you seen it? >> i watched the second episode last night. it was like they have this little board meeting, and everybody's talking about what they should buy -- >> apple. >> he's like, you come in here and talk about apple, like everybody knows about apple, you know?
8:19 am
apple reports after the closing bell today, so there you go. >> thanks, lauren. >> bye. >> so the show is -- another good tv show that we're supposed to watch. there are -- the last thing i feel like we need is another good tv show. >> damian lewis is in it, you know, from homeland, and paul giamatti plays the prosecutor. >> hang on, this is from niagara falls, the great big waterfall between united states and canada. >> why are we looking at it? >> they literally want to renovate the falls, and they may actually redirect the water so that they can do some work, at least on the canadian side. >> they're going to divert the water to the canadian side of the falls. it's a temporary dam, a temporary dam would be built to do that. >> have you ever been up there? i recommend it at least once. >> well, i'm to not going to book my trip now because they may close this park down. so it would be done to reconstruct zell historic --
8:20 am
by the way, not the first time off. >> remember in the old days you went on your honeymoon to niagara falls. >> it's true. >> what was that? >> so anyway, that's what's going on. we don't have the dates yet, but as soon as we do, we'll let now now -- let you know. >> okay. before donald trump turned politics upside down, there was a guy named steve forbes. the whole country was talking
8:21 am
flat tax.
8:22 am
the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella - spread the happy! greg: we love this. the mental calculus, everybody does, as across the street. not too much calculus. just going in. rosanna: you do not want to step in that puddle.
8:23 am
rosanna: fearless. heels. gave the heels. greg: heavy-duty boots. rosanna: if you have a stroller, that is a pain in the neck, by the way. greg: going around. i understand. you do not want your shoe to look like this. this seems to be a quality shoe. rosanna: you're not going to wear that shoe again, are you? greg: bring it to the shoe man. rosanna: what about the sock in it? greg: the sock can be laundered. be careful as you were jumping around. rosanna: snow boots. you are well-prepared.
8:24 am
you spring a leak. greg: mike's shoes. mike: a lot of talk on twitter. greg: they look very expensive. mike: they are polo. i think i got them out for linkedin kovac three. [laughter] mike: i remember. i remember well. rosanna: you are looking good this morning. mike: i hate when they called the drain ups. you have to get around lake superior. the rain and snow has gone on. turning into slush around town. at least the temperatures are going above freezing.
8:25 am
is there more on the way? yes, but it does not look like much. rain mixed with sleet and snow. that is what the live radar is picking up on here. a lot of it will not even make it into the tri-state region. some higher elevations may see winter remix. right now we have 41. 21 degrees and islip did mixed 12 degrees warmer for you and central park. 5 degrees warmer and poughkeepsie. everyone is warmer than it was yesterday. i had of the cold front, you get that southwesterly flow. the showers, they will try to work their way through. what will probably pop up are a
8:26 am
it does not even look like they rainfall. just a small threat throughout the day. i do not think it will be much. do not worry about it. not a big deal. today and tomorrow are still pretty mild. a few showers in the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies later on this evening, tonight. a high of 43 today. forty-two tomorrow. we go back up into the 40s as we give into the weekend. happy birthday. sixth birthday. looks like she is having a good time up there at the playground. let's bring in ines. ines: a little warm outside. the commute has been having
8:27 am
seventy-eight is doing fine. if you're taking the holland tunnel, there is an earlier accident on the new york day extension. queens has had a lot of problems this morning. this traffic jam heading towards queens boulevard. let's go to that camera shot. you still have delays. earlier accident on the gowanus. let's check out that politely. a car that spun out there. toes on scene trying to clear it out. was found they had one lane blocked. causing both traffic jams. service road doing fine. as for the train, everyone has delays. signal problems in harlem by 125 street. new jersey transit just had a
8:28 am
cross honoring systemwide. long island railroad, resuming service. as for the path trains, it you have no service between journal square and newark. limited the service provided between newark and journal square. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna and i grew up with cartoons. every now and then they would have an igloo. and iced house. it is a snow house. the creative guy try to put this thing up on air b&b. rented out for $200 a night. rosanna: ben simmoneau is there this morning. anybody actually want to stay >> reporter: of purely they had
8:29 am
air b&b beginning to this sad. i think one of those at least was a joke. asking for the igloo for the entire month of july. it is taking the entire internet by storm neared it is a boutique brooklyn igloo. those, of course, are the best kind. dripping with ingenuity and lifestyle or off. the apocalypse of 2016 most desirable getaway. using only natural elements. the experience of a lifetime in this chic dome style button below for you. let's bring in the builders. we have justin griffin and patrick. patrick, you have kind of become the spokesperson. you guys were out there in midst of the storm. >> yes.
8:30 am
a lot more snow and wind. cold. >> reporter: you let it freeze overnight neared what gave you the idea to put it on air b&b? >> we originally had this plan probably three months ago. we decided we were building an igloo. it turned to building an igloo and putting it on air b&b. >> reporter: air b&b yanked it by that night. >> they did give us a $50 credit to go rent out a different igloo on their site. i guess it was up to par. this one was not. >> i do not know much about igloo standards. it was comfortable. it looked nice. >> reporter: the design from the outside was impeccable. >> we try to find a middle
8:31 am
dumb enough to actually buy. there may be some person that wanted to take a night in a boutique igloo in brooklyn. not too many people could say they have that experience. >> reporter: what is next for you guys? you have essentially broken the internet. you got a call from france. >> i think we will keep seeing what we can turn this into. >> reporter: you have to up the standards if you want to get them to stay on air b&b. >> i think we are going to start our own program. >> reporter: you work in advertising. that is good. these are the geniuses. they have been all over the place. i have to give them credit. i do not know if i would pay $200.
8:32 am
for poor word you go to the restroom and shower up? >> we have a very nice. there at my place. >> we have couches. we have a full kitchen. full amenities. greg: you get used to the apartment as well. greg: did it a say somebody about being dumb enough to rent the thing did they always look so perfect in cartoons. anatomic bomb. rosanna: i think so. there is a ice hotel in sweden. they make this thing every year. my mom went over there and stayed in the place. they give you heavy furs, blankets, that kind of thing. rosanna: it is freezing the whole time you are inside? greg: you get war because they
8:33 am
wrap yourself in good you ever wonder what it would be like really cold with big on, you go to that ice bar in the hilton hotel. rosanna: i am good therefore like 10 minutes. greg: check it out. five below. tab below. rosanna: coming up right here on "good day new york." you know him. he is in a her. great to have him, by the way. greg: he is that 54 below this week. rosanna: good it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance.
8:34 am
takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley,
8:35 am
great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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rosanna: let's talk to dr. raj. i am reading about, where was it today that they told the people that live there do not get magnet for two years. ines: it is very concerning. people who travel to effective areas.
8:37 am
same mosquito that transmits the virus. it also looks a little bit more specific. only one in five people actually develop. just a few days after being. by the mosquito. we are seeing a huge increase in the case. babies born with smaller than normal brains. affecting countries in the caribbean. puerto rico. people. not to get pregnant for two years. >> well, i can understand it. one-2% of pregnant women in the most affected areas are having children with this very severe
8:38 am
certainly using mosquito repellent. greg: it is just wild. a nation feels compelled to urge it people not to have children for two years. >> it is a huge impact. >> puerto rico. you cannot go there if you are >> exactly. very concerning. there is no vaccine right now. very concerning for pregnant youth. rash. joint pain. it is usually temporary. the pregnant women, that is the most concerning thing.
8:39 am
or out the world. places where we did not usually think about children becoming obese. interestingly, the older -- obesity in children because they are not with access to healthy food. the food manufacturers as well. greg: all of these kids look rather trim, by the way. in our flurry be role. >> we just do not want any of the kids to be identified. a worldwide problem. >> are you familiar with jay
8:40 am
for a little while, he was big in the pros. a horrific motorcycle accident. he became addicted to drugs. rosanna: he did.
8:41 am
people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health insurance, it's easy. i can help you. i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance. enrollment for 2016 is happening now. thank you. imagine if the things
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rosanna: all right. did you catch the x-files? greg: i am not watching that show. anna: spoiler alert. doctor simon works in a biochemical company. he kills himself to stop the noise. they are investigating the suspicious death. searching his secret apartment. greg: do they have the same theme song?
8:44 am
think they may need an incubator. >> am i just an incubator? a doctor has experimented on them. he is actually the one making everyone's ears ring. everything goes terribly wrong when they are reunited. it returns next monday at eight. nick cannon posted on his
8:45 am
take a look. >> how many others are on the board? better get, when was the last you showed up to support the and a double -- naacp awards? he mentioned eric gardner. not to be distracted by that. >> it is interesting. don't waste your voice on the oscars. this is basically an ego trip. there are other things we should be concerned about. >> we could be concerned about everything. >> he is making a different point that we have been hearing so far.
8:46 am
that will be coming to new york city. it is the same people that produce, can't. this is not the first star trek convention in new york has ever seen. >> 2016 is anniversary of the first episode aired in 1956. science fiction. wanting to know more about the first episode. >> not really. all of a sudden, there is this monster. >> longer than me up so, greg. can i show you one more thing? every time i talk about star track, i talk about this. it is not signed by leonard nimoy. i did not go when i have the
8:47 am
rosanna: we wanted you to go. there was a big campaign that you go. greg: yes, go meet leonard nimoy. do not come back.
8:48 am
greg: susan. thank you for supporting "good day new york." >> you really have to have a strategy crossing the street. rosanna: we have steve forbes going to be i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past.
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