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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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won't work that well. it's a long time to be under. mike: that's a long time. i never react well to anesthesia. i come out and i'm nauseous for days. yuck . so sorry. juliet: yes. how are you? how long were you out? mike: like an hour -and-a-half. i don't think anesthesia. i think they call regional. you are completely out and unconscious . there is something else
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take over your breathing. >> let's show you what's going on out there. as far as the rain is concerned, we have that . we have showers out in connecticut and long island and central sections of long island. it goes around the jersey shore and there is light moderate rainfall and it's helping us out. the rain will help to melt the snow and ice that we had left over. luckily, look at the temperatures no one is freezing so we should not have a problem in terms of black ice like we have had for the last few days. 36 in monticello . 440 at central park in 41 in islip in bridgeport. this is all doing a number on the snow and ice that's left over on the ground. the winds are coming from the west at five 15 and they should turn west and southwest.the shower
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tri-state and i don't think there will be a lot produced in terms of rainfall that anything we do get helps to melt the snow and ice that's on the ground. long island is getting a nice bit of help here this morning. a cold front continues to drag through and gives us some lighter showers for the morning commute . it might be a little bit inconvenient for the time being but it does help . colder air will knock your temperatures back down. it's still on the wild side as we had up to 440 for the high temperature. we will be in the same range that we are now. the colder air starts to arrive with a clear sky. high temperatures of 49 thursday and friday and we see. there is an area of low pressure with a system coming through here.
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, the front comes through with some rain. not so much. let's talk to ines to see what's going on with the command. ines: good morning. we have a few problems this parkway with a lean closed. there is a missing store grid and a water main break in new jersey. this is westbound by waterview with one lane closed. let's look at the cameras. traveling on the lie , no problems westbound or eastern. as for the george washington bridge, no problems driving into the city. same goes for the lincoln in the holland tunnel and all the trains are running on schedule. street cleaning rules are suspended again. juliet: think you come ines. let's talk about the politics. donald trump says that she
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it's more like what he will say or what not to say. he says he will not be at the debate hosted by fox news.the candidate wants them to replace megan kelly. put tricia stark has the story. donald trump will be a no-show at the final debate . megan kelly will be one of the moderators of the debate which is being hosted by fox news this thursday night. >> i am not a fan of megan kelly i think she is a third-grade reporter and i think she is not good at what she does. did not even mention the debate.his campaign confirmed he will be there. unlike the very stupid highly competent people running the country into the ground , mister trump knows when to walk away. ". he has been criticizing
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comments in august. >> you call them you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account . >> only rosie o'donnell. >> for the record, it was more than rosie o'donnell. >> he has brought up that exchange as evidence of alleged bias. i maintain that it was a tough but fair question and we agreed to disagree. what is trump going to do? >> i will have something else in iowa. we will do something where we raise money for the veterans in the wounded warriors. we will do something simultaneously. with ted cruz not far behind in iowa, the debate could give him a chance to get ahead. >> there is a statement
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ceo he says megan kelly is an excellent journalist in the entire network stands behind her. >> the democratic candidates have another debate without their parties backing. they are asking bernie sanders to take part in another debate a couple of days before the primary. can't sanders campaign says they have no intention on taking part. martin o'malley says he will take the stage. healy is the publicity . i am just observing the facts. it would not be sanctioned by the democratic committee and it would be run by ms nbc. it would be by the unit leader newspaper. >> moving on. police made an arrest in the slashing of an elderly woman. we are talking about this on monday morning and we had some surveillance video. damon knowles from brooklyn has been charged with intent to cause
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he/the 71-year-old grandmother in the left cheek when the train was approaching the lafayette street station. she had to get 20 stitches but is expected to be fine. this would just be the 10th random slashing in the city since october.she went back to work and does clothing making. she was right back on that subway. >> it's awfully scary. there is a lot of these attacks. newark seems to be one of the last spots in the area to recover from the blizzard . >> the city has been >> the city has been struggling to get back on its feet. let's go to teresa pre-hello . >> good morning.we are in the ironbound section right outside of lafayette street school. we are here because , for the first time, school will reopen today and if i give you a quick look around, you can see the sidewalks and streets clear this morning. it's not this way all
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least in front of the school , they have focused the efforts on moving the snow here. this seems to be the beginning of the end for residents here after the storm. theresa: residents might finally be waking up from the nightmare that was the blizzard of 2016. it took one hour -and-a-half . it's crazy. new workers have been pounded by unplowed streets. 28 inches of powder in no place for it to go.>> if you look at the side streets , it's a mess. they need to do a better job. >> residents are proving that they can hit just as hard as any storm. venting their frustration on the streets in the online. >> everyone is stressed. the bus driver in the lie
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it's due in part to help with the county in the nj dot sending in crews to haul the snow away. the city's initial snow removal plan includes a travel ban that would have kept the cars off the streets. it's something that the mayor ignored and he says is a huge reason that it was delayed. the city is committed to the task at hand. >> i want to let them know that we will do this blog i block until it gets done. >> they talk to the residents and they say the block by block approach seems to be logical and it's the reason why the cleanup has been slow. according to the city, they received 600 request for snow removal and there was 152 vehicles that were stuck .
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they are on their way. the port authority has given the green light to kill the birds the airport to protect the planes. that's according to the ruling at the federal peers court. the port authority was challenged by the animal rights groups which were angry over the killing of the owls at jfk. this is not the snowy owl that was killed. the court ruled that in the grand scheme of things, it's more important. they said it near strikes. back in 2009. >> growing concern over the virus . >> that's just for you. >> i don't think we need to see video of mosquitoes. like. research.
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pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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he had the older vibe going. his daughter says he passed away peacefully yesterday in his sleep at her new jersey home.
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every show on broadway lost money juliet: a big announcement for all you go pro users. you are able to live stream your camera on paris evoke periscope. if you're wondering whether the chats will still be vocal, yes they will. the two companies show off the new feature at the winter exchange
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today. check out. >> weight watcher stock is gaining again thanks to oprah winfrey's weight loss. i have lost 26 pounds and i have been read every day. >> the share sword 26%. wednesday aired: counting her weight loss on the plan. i would love to lose weight and win millions. >> ever announced in october she took a 10% stake in the company at $43 million of an investment. she made a lot of money since she made the investment. >> she has the golden touch. >> top stories when we return. likes . >>.
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>> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" . ben: 5:30 a.m.. look at that beautiful shot. it's a pretty warm morning and there is rain looking around the area. looking at verizon on the background. it's the statue of liberty in that site never gets old .
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thank you , france. driving the extension it's a great view of it . >> liberty state park down there. it's a great view. ben: there will be some rain with warm temperatures this afternoon. it will hopefully melt all that snow and get the slush puddles out of here. mike woods has all the details coming up. schools are set to open this morning. the city is really still having some struggles. it's a mess . juliet: the great dig of newark. the historic snowstorm continues to plague the city. ben: donald trump says he will not attend the final presidential debate on thursday before the iowa caucus. trump says he is skipping the debate because megyn kelly is said to be one of the moderators. >> new rumors suggest beyonci may be expecting
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they are catching the star wearing baggy clothes. how dare she! they are using a stunt double. they live in la now, don't they? it's a great video.i can't do that. my body does not work that way. that. >> let's see it ! come on, michael. mike: it takes some liquid courage. go to ben's desk underneath. he knows how to do it. i have seen it . >> do it with a suit on. >> mike ! mike! mike! mike: you guys are the ones
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>> let's get the forecast going. some rain out here in the central and eastern sections of long island. we did have some over the city and i think we got sprinkles here now.there are rain showers over the central sections of new jersey but it's not that impressive. get . the whole deal helps out around the tri-state region with temperatures in the wet weather that we have cloudy skies out there now and 440 with a cold front making its move through the tri-state. it's rain that we have coming through . here. the colder air is west of us and it will be coming through here. it will date temperatures back to the colder range starting tomorrow. you are fine and it's mild. the afternoon temperatures
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you have morning showers out there and as we go through the next five or seven days we will have a high of 44 today and it will be a small snow chance on friday with a low coming across the great lakes. let's see what we have . it's a little bit sloppy. >> a couple of problems out there.the hudson parkway southbound so watch out for that . there's a water main break in parsippany west bound by waterview. you have one lane blocked . let's take a look at the drive-by 71st st. traffic is slowing down with some construction closing down. you have the slowdown northbound and you are fine. as for the train everything is running close to schedule. ben and juliet . ben: thank you ines.
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saying sorry for taking so long to dig out. governor christie as well. several days later, the city is still struggling. teresa is in newark and she brings us up today at what happens there. >> the residents say it's too late now to say sorry. good morning, everyone. when you look around here , it's in the ironbound section and you would not know that 28 inches of snow fell throughout the city during the blizzard . we are told that schools like this one really were a top priority for cleanup crews and they wanted to make sure they could get the kids back in class and that's exactly what happened today. it's imperative for a lot of reasons. the largest city was crippled by the city and you had cars that were
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you had sidewalks and streets that looked more like an obstacle coach . things have improved since sunday. they say it did not happen soon enough.they have been begging for help and they have been calling the city suggesting that more needed to be done. take a listen to some of the residents and the mayor. >> it really is a nightmare. >> everyone is stressed. the bus driver is stress. if you look at the sidestreets it's a mess. they need to do a better job. we want the new yorkers to know that we will do this block by block. it took the department of transportation as well as
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hall the snow away. putting it into dump trucks and getting it out of here for the situation to improve. the mayor has been receiving a lot of flak because residents say there wasn't a good plan in place. he says there was a plan in place . there was a travel ban in place the people did not heed the warning. all the vehicles got stuck . that impeded the snow removal process. it was one thing after another. it made for a messy situation but hopefully on the other side of this and things are back to normal or at least on their way to being normal. that is the latest.>> thank you teresa. we have some sad news over the tragic end to the case man. this was all over facebook . it really started to go viral as police say matthew
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yesterday afternoon. he was in the hudson river. his wallet and keys were found nearby and please do not expect foul play. he was last seen saturday night at the blizzard in the pub. it's a very popular place with the younger people in hoboken. he told friends he would split and walk home from the bar. that was the last anyone saw of him. it was just confusing as to the opposite way of where everyone lives. >> we have seen this before . >> it's another sad story. maybe sometimes they go out with their eddies and they want to stay with the water looks like. really sad. >> donald trump says he will not take part in the gop debate. it will be hosted by fox news. the presidential candidate wants them to replace megan kelly.
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moderators. donald trump will be a no-show. the reason? again kelly will be one of the moderators of the debate which is being hosted i the fox news channel. >> i think she is a third rate reporter and she's not good at what she does. i think they could do a lot better than megan kelly. during the rally, he did not mention the debate at all but his campaign confirmed he won't be there. in a statement he read , unlike the stupid highly incompetent people running our country into the ground mister trump knows when to walk away. the donald has been criticizing megan ever since her tough questions on women during the debate on women last august. >> you called women that you don't like that pigs and dogs?slobs and
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trader account . >> only rosie o'donnell. >> for the record, it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. she defended it on tuesday night. >> mister trump has repeatedly brought up that exchange as evidence of alleged bias. i maintain it was a tough but fair question and we agreed to disagree so what will trump do while the debate is going on? >> i will have something else in iowa. we will raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. we will do something simultaneously. >> with trump at the top of the polls, he was supposed to be at the center of the stage. >> with senator ted cruz not far behind, the debate could give him a chance to get ahead. >> thank you, patricia. mayor diblasio is said to campaign in iowa for hillary clinton. his aides say he will spend four days with his wife there.
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manager during her senate head. he finally endorsed her six months after she announced her campaign. that creates a controversy. >> let's check the forecast. >> not expecting any snow? >> it produces some flakes like a clipper system coming by. they don't produce much of anything but we do have that coming up . this is what we have out there this morning. the rain is out there with light rainfall for suffix county. we will see the widespread rain backing down over the central sections of new jersey. we had early morning showers but it is helping us out in terms of getting rid of the snow and ice. it's a good combo looking good to me.440 in
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monticello. winds are coming up at three 10 miles per hour. not a big deal coming in from the southwest. here's the cold front solely dropping down to the south. we will see a few more scattered showers with the colder air behind it coming in tomorrow. it's 440 in tomorrow we make it up to 39. it's dry and mild over the weekend. don't forget the "fox 5 news" weather up on fox 5 ny weather app. download it for free. ines has the latest information that you need to know. i'm sure we have a few problems. ines: we have a things going on in westchester southbound heading across westchester looking for a flipped over car. no problems on the westchester new
5:33 am
280. the express lane by 78 watch out for the accident blocking elaine. you have your normal delays heading westbound. lincoln tunnel and back looking pretty good. we see those for the george washington bridge. you had towards the boulevard and there is nothing there westbound.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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checking out your headlines. please have made an arrest in the slashing of a elderly woman. she was 71 years old. she was on the d train. damon knowles from brooklyn has been charged with intent to cause disfigurement for the random attack. the cdc is morning pregnant women to avoid travel to countries with easy-going virus. they have been causing severe birth defects. it exploded with four cases reported in our area. >> more embargoes are being lifted between the us and cuba. export payments and finance restrictions are being reported.
5:36 am
closer to normal relations more than half a century later of tense times. 71 is not elderly! ben: i would say you have to be well beyond . >> i agree. 70 is the new 50. >> it's 546 and we all have parents and in-laws that are in that age range. >> my mother would strangle me. >> i agree. >> the big one last night at the garter garden. kevin durant and the oklahoma city under. the next without anthony and this one sitting out with a sore knee. he injured that me a weekend half or two weeks ago. he came back with porzingis playing well. two of his 15 points of the night. this would stay close in the fourth quarter.the thunder is down and they are down at 113. 14 rebounds and we go to overtime. russell westbrook step
5:37 am
jumper at the points. 10 assists in the thunder going on to win at 128/122. new york is zero /5. and that's in the heat . pass reflected in yes it goes in the basket. the nets lead by eight . miami goes in his 27 points as if it's not enough for him. he gets a defensive play there and picks it off. it's crosscourt and he passes with omar stoudemire. it's one of eight turnovers on the third quarter. miami beach someone 02/98 for the final score. on the ice, they face the penguins. it's their last game before the all-star. the power play with crosby
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cory snyder gets the goal. he throws on the brakes and castle bead snyder with a one-time shot. that's how it would end. break. official. the nets have signed to a three-year $75 million contract. it gives them an option to end the deal after next season. that's after he turned out hundred and 5 million. >> good for him. >> both sides agreed to the deal if you days ago. the contract wasn't signed. he says it will get a $10 million signing bonus and a salary of 17 and a half million.tyler/1 super bowl 46. he died at age 27.
5:39 am
the new york times says he had chronic encephalopathy or cte. he had several concussions with his career with the giants and while playing in college.his older brother says he e had some as far back as high school. the family says he and mood swings, memory loss following his playing career. he died of an accidental overdose. >> on a much lighter note. the team gets up close and personal with the weekend weather. this is the video he posted. >> let the bodies hit the floor. let the bodies hit the floor. >> it seems like it's a hard hit . >> we have seen a hard hit . he has garnered outweigh more than 8000 likes. why is he in there?
5:40 am
juliet: he is known for its . [laughter] mike: i am not one to say. ben: he will be in his underwear diving in the park.thank you, sir. it could be underwear weather today because it's kind of one. mike: maybe he was forecasting some warmer weather. we have 440 and clouds out in central park. looks like the rain is taking a quick break we hit the showers come by. 370 in bedford and 41 in white plains.44 in the bronx and 42 in dobbs ferry with some clouds in the area. showers have mostly moved to the east for eastern section of the tri-state. in parts of the
5:41 am
you have minor rain showers and that's what we see on the sky guard . here's a live radar. the cold front makes its way in to the south and east. it heads off might dragon for the morning commute so expect to hang out for a little bit. we see the dryer status afternoon and temperatures will be dropping in the next few days. it's not freezing this morning. here is your conditions. 38 of four there. you have packed powder they are with 47 trails open. cold air will help us to get the man-made snow going. right now you have to take a break because it's mild outside. a shower for you this morning becoming a little bit sunnier this afternoon. as we go through the next seven days, there is a high of 39 tomorrow and there is a drop in temperatures
5:42 am
tri-state region. that should not be a big deal. let's bring in ines and see what's happening as you had the roads in the rails. >> some issues out there with new jersey on an accident northbound in edison. in sussex county , there is no problems on the lie as you make your way to nassau county. let's go to the cameras. let's take a look at the drive-by 73rd st. you are fine southbound and there is no problem northbound. george washington bridge on the upper and lower
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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. i sound so irish if you say gilligan. just say lacy! ben: here is anna ! anna: there is lots of talk that she is pregnant with baby number two being spotted wearing baggy clothes for weeks. she could be with child. she used a body double on the set of her new music video. she announced her first
5:45 am
bold on the stage. she could announce at the super bowl. justin bieber is giving his fans a sneak peek . here is dreaming in his calvins. he was proud enough for this photo that he posted it on social media. he wrote , i've got my calvins . this is for their spring campaign. >> they are sticking with him. >> they are. don't you kind of get some reaction to that? everyone reacts on some level. on american idol hollywood strikes again with the pressure on as the judge making a major cut . there is always drama. some of them choke under pressure. first contestants will come up on stage and sing solos and wait. they will continue on . this is when the rivals have to come with the drama.
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