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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone happy hump day it is 6:00. snow still on the ground. eve where in some areas. hello queens, newark. at least it won't be too chilly pretty nice, and nice and balmy this morning when i was leaving. mid-40s mike has the full forecast coming up. ben: a slashing of a woman only the dshes train on monday morning had a lot of people, caught their attention. a 21-year-old brooklyn man charged in that random attack. >> did you hear this donald trump saying he's not going to
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night gop debate in iowa before a big debate in kaw u cuss moderated by fox news because of one person. >> yes. and mous mosquito zika virus. , i'm ben simmoneau. >> an i'm juliet huddy. > it is wednesday. winter can seem long when november is long and cold but february next week. >> is where it should start to warm up believe it or not. >> days are getting longer. >> made that corner. >> next week we're out of the woods. >> six weeks. okay. we can do it. mid-way something like that. here's what we have.
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first of all we have a little bit of rain out there. but we're talking about rain not snow. that's coming to a close for us a little bit later on not a big problem. afternoon sunshine is coming at pus at least a little bit and slight chance of snow showers into the area. those lows that come in here with few flakes that's all it would do late friday. drier weather at us over the weekend so changes are coming up for us but what we have out there this morning even though it is wet outside and sloppy folks will appreciate it because it is actually warmer. you don't need as much when it comes to layers and so on but light to moderate showers in east end of long island along jersey shore. deepght amount of cloud cover but rain has backed down. 34 month sell low. 41 in belmar still scattered light showers there as well as
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temperatures right now quite a bit warmerrer. 17 warmer than in poughkeepsie. 14 warmer out at newark. again a mostly cloudy sky. there's showers that came city. now pressing very slowly to the south and east and get rid of that rainfall. what's behind it is more of that cold air so we're going to have colder air coming to us into tonight and tomorrow. look 44 high today. 44 for high tomorrow an friday and there's that small snow chance friday. let's bring in ines see what's happening. our roads getting in better, better shape. thanks to the tristate. >> helping us so much and avoiding icy conditions. accidentings still happen northbound by exit 1 you have one lane blocked. westchester a flipped over car on hutch southbound as you approach cross westchester.
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bridge traffic moving fine. hudson river crossings good on upper and lower level. lower level underneath apartments stick to the left if you can that's what i'm hear more passable. lincoln tunnel inbound ten to 15. metro-north in and out of grand central terminal because of signal problems. everything else on or close. ben and juliet. flghts police meads an arrest in the slashing of a woman on the d train on monday morning. >> yesterday we reported it happened on 6 train. that was not the case but it was on the d train in the vingt, though, of a similar station. 21-year-old damon knowles charged with intent to cause disfigment for that attack. he slashed grandmother in the left cheek and approached in the lafayette street station. she had to get more than 20 stitches but expected to be fine. he acted as though he fell on
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this was at least tenth random slashing in the city since october. >> wow. why are they doing this? >> very scary. umpleghts there's big news everybody is looking forward to the fox news mod rited debate in iowa tomorrow a big debate. we always love to see what donald has to say, the back fourth. see him or won't? we're not goapg to see him participating? >> he left wiggle room there. there's theories that he's going to swoop in at the last minute. presidential candidate -- wanted to replace megyn kelly -- >> a no show, the reason megyn kelly will be one of the moderators of the debate hosted by fox news channel this thursday night. >> i think she's a third rate reporter.
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at the what she does. and i think they could do better than megyn kelly. >> trump didn't mention dact at all but campaign confirmed he won't be there in a statement reading, quote, unlike highly incompetent people running our country into the ground mr. trump knows when to walk away end quote. donald has been criticizing megyn kelly since tough questions on women in the debate. >> you have called women fat pigs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> for the record it was well yongd -- >> defended during the show -- >> mr. trump repeated he brought that up as evidence of alleged bias on my parts. i maintain it was a tough but fair question and we agreed to disagree. >> what is trump going to do
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>> something else in iowa and raise money for veterans and wounded warriors, something simultaneously with the debate. >> trump at the top of the polls supposed to be at the center of the debate stage but there's a chance he could change his mind with ted cruz not far behind in iowa, debate could give him a chance to get ahead. in new york patricia stark, fox news. >> may have a candidate without their parties backing, though, hillary clinton's campaign is asking bernie sanders to take part before the new hampshire campaign but senator has no intention of taking part. martin o'malley campaign says he'sing will to take the stage of course he is because he's in third place . if it were to happen debate would not be sanctioned by the democratic national committee
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hampshire union leader newspaper. >> newark is recovering from this blizzard. it has rough times there. >> city has been struggling big time since saturday to get back on its feet. teresa priolo live in the iron bound neighborhood this morning. hello, teresa. reporter: hey, good morning guy yeah they feel as if no one is coming to their aids. if you look around the school this is laugh why lafayette school is hard to imagine there were almost 30 inches of show on the ground hire. they have done a good job of clearing the sidewalk around the school. that is because school, it will reopen today. finally say some resident is and also starting to see a glimmer of hope we're starting to hopefully, possibly make our way to the end of what was brought from this crippling storm. residents might be waking from
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>> i took one hour and a half for 5.5. crazy. last few days. newarkers paralyzed by mound of snow and unplowed streets. 26 inches of powder and no place for it to go. >> if you look at the side streets, it is definitely a mess and need to do a better job. residents are proving this can hit just as hard as any storm. vengtinging their frustrations on the streets and online. >> everybody is just -- bus drivers, everybody it shall shall -- >> major improvements allowed schools to resume today and good chunk of the city to return to normal. due to large part for essex county and sending crews to literally haul snow away. the city initial snow removal plan included a travel ban that would have kept cars off the streets.
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residents ignored which was a huge reason he says that cleanup has been delayed. but despite that, mayor believes the city is committed to the task at hand. >> let them know we're doing this block by block until it gets done. >> and so bright and early kids will be back this school in newark. when you look at some of the statistics that make had up newark one in four people living in poverty and so while it's important to get kids back to school is in school districts especially in newark where so many of the children rely on subsidized breakfast and lunch programs it is imperative they get back in schools. what is latest from the iron bound section. back to you in the studio. >> so many problems. all right teresa thank you very much. port authority has been given a green light to kill birds near new york city airports. this is to protect plane, obviously, a ruling made by federal appeals court yesterday.
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port authority challenged by animal right it is group they were so upset because of the 2013. alive. >>s>>that was somewhere else. but court ruled that in the grand scheme of life airliner and passenger safety is more important than the birds. the decision cited sferl near catastrophes involving birds in area airports and think back to the miracle on hudson event in 2009 with sully -- >> sullenberger. double bird. birds not enough to worry about. apparently air traffic control shortage. 13 facility ifs across the u.s. including in new york are lacking. according to a transportation department report that says shortage at the jfk tower along with new york's approach control and high altitude traffic center, i think out in
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facility to be fully staved because controllers still in training are used to fill the gaps. incredibly stressful job as we've heard and toughest job, most stressful job. but yeah. >> all right. we have a lot more still to come on this wednesday morning. >> like hearing that kind of stuff. checking the weather. it's not too bad outside, mike. tnches no, it's not generally speaking looking at a mild day. 43 degrees with morning showers out there. and then become a little bit more sunny later in the afternoon. breezy at times as well. fox 5 weather app has a live interactive radar and show you where the rain is dropping out of the south and tristate region and let you know and it's fre dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection
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[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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>> watch this. a dog kind offing into flood waters to save a puppy. a flood house in tel-aviv is real. why did she go? recently momma dog is across the floorboard. this were 123 puppies in all, and dog managed to save 7. >> oh, no. >> i know.
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>> yeah. usually stories as we toss to weather is light. this is about five puppies dying. >> half empty. slush puddled formed. i did shoveling i want to say hello to victor who stopped by recognized me and said i'm quite the gentleman. >> you should hear conversations during our commercial break i would hard per call hem a gentleman. only kidding. >> a gentle man -- used to be sweet. >> selfish because i don't to walk through it for days. drainage pass going. >> there you go. >> he's a gentleman. >> thank you, sir. >> he holds elevator open for me and then he crashes around trying to make it drop.
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quite a few people who can vouch for me. [laughter] >> there's vivian -- oh. >> do the weather. like to play games. that's the way it is. here's what we have. high temps for day and average is 44 the forecast high. above the normal high of 38 degrees. 69 is record high. no it is not that warm. but still what we have out there is warmer than normal. dropped it now down to 43. 41 in newark as well as belmar. 41 in bridgeport, and winds coming from the west around 5 to 10 miles per hour. we still have showers outs there but mainly in suffolk county along jersey shore mammoth and ocean counties are looking at some showers in the area. but again light to moderate rainfall in the area for time being that is helping us out that with warm temperatures to mt this snow and ice arranged tristate region. now cold front will continue to drop to the south and as time
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should take showers with us. morning showers dealing with and if rain has moved on from their area probably not looking at much more from this point forward. again slowly dropping to south and east. so a few showers earlier and sun later on. high temp up to about 44 degrees for the afternoon. back to back to 38 for that ride home so colder air working in. chilly tonight look at that . low to 29 for a low in the city. high of 39 with a temp luke that yeah we have to deal with black ice once again. probably thursday as well as friday even into the twheend possibility will be out there. snow chance that we have out there oned from is few flakes of snow. should not be a big deal and monday looks like rain coming on by. bring in ines and see what had it looks like on roads and rail this is morning again probably kind of slushy messy but not so bad. >> mike good morning yeah slippery condition but we have
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things are fine 84 and 684. accident taconic northbound by fdr state park. one lane blocked causing delays. not in new jersey 287. expect delays 287 an px by exit one blocking lane. check out on clearview expressway in queens to the throgs neck white stone bridge you're fine. approach l.i.e. expect a delay. there's an accident blocking two lanes. upperrer level not too bad this morning about five to ten minutes inbound. lower level no delays. ten to 15. holland a 5 to 10 minute wait. slow with brooklyn bridge a 5 to 10 minute delay in and out of the terminal because of signal problems. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. 6:19. a mosquito born virus read off the if paper.
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>> there's not much video yet of people succumbing this this zika virus. >> the zika virus, you know, mous mosquitoes are flying in south america from the united states are gong to south america and then bringing it back. >> tourist destinations so caribbean. >> so a lot of places you want to check. ines is traveling soon, and a lot of people goapg to these areas. run it down for you but zika virus has spread to two dozen countries mostly central and south america with some americans traveled to that rooj are bringing it back to the states. there are four confirmed cases in our area and government has issued a travel are alert. mousmosquito born virus is spreading. met with national security officials in the situation room on tuesday calling for more research about the virus.
6:21 am
pregnant women linked to a condition that causes baby's to be born with smaller brains. in brazil nearly 4,000 newborns affected in the outbreak. crews are working around the clock to fumigate areas in rio de janeiro and health officials delay pregnancy for two years. due to possible birth defects. >> we're quite concerned about -- the potential complications to the fetus of a zika virus. >> centers for disease control avoid travel to affected areas. like the u.s. virgin islands. puerto rico and dominican republic. there are four cases locally. three in new york and one in new jersey. but health officials say an outbreak in the u.s. is unlikely because colder yarrs are not ideal for mosquitoes but travelers could bring it back home. >> traveling like wildfire in
6:22 am
symptoms with fever, joint pain, rsh and bloodshot eyes. so airlines are responding to this american and united allowing to cancel or postpone their trips but some of them. barbados and st. maarten these are hot travel destinations. >> so many vacation there from new york. >> however if you're worried about this and you need to replan your trip chile or canada. they don't have it -- >> they don't have that mosquito that carries that virus. the winter? if you're seeing yes. skiing then go. >> won't get bit by one in the weren't so good on that. >> appreciate it. much more still to come good news for coffee lovers. we love this. >> a cup a day.
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>> ben, pay attention to me. >> always demand that. >> so do you. i should because you are my partner an we need to give the news to the people in the tristate area. get ready for the snow to melt. temperatures are starting to get balmy for this time of the year. >> mike says coldest on average. mid-40s for next week. you know what i have to say to that, sweet? sweet. >> you're going to be out o maybe on vacation we don't know. >> no i hope i make it off the table that's all i have to say. >> still digging out in newark but schools with they're back open today for the first time since saturday's blizzard. >> so saturday character actor if abe dies at the age 94 at his daughter's house in new jersey and passed away.
6:30 am
best known for role in the god fathers. i knew him from barn knee miller but i didn't see god father until last year. great personality. >> all right and wouldn't it be nice to be oprah made the there are 12 million for sending out a single tweet. fnlings she started out like us. >> doing this job in baltimore. yeah. that's regs. and then chicago, and big time but one of the guy who is runnings fox station group now. dennis -- they're big time. now he's our boss good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy and that's mike woods sort of the man of the hour. >> two minutes or 30 seconds. >> warm for a while.
6:31 am
>> relatively, and typically this morning we have that, and also some rain into the east end of long island. suffolk county getting rain there. live ray or dare showing ocean and mammoth with with rainfall. everybody else catching break but not so bad. 43 central park. 40 in sussex milder outside. your temp change hads almost everyone in warmer direction. 16 degree jump in temperatures. 3 warmer in central park and 3 warmer in newark. came through in late night early morning hour it is now tries to push out to sea. that is going to take a while longer as well as parts of the jersey shore but that will continue to sink to the south. after morning showers we get more sunshine this afternoon. high of about 44. 39 your high tomorrow with a lot of sun.
6:32 am
of snow fly by but not a major snow by any means. now ines right now and she'll give you a at the roadways, wet but not icy like days before. >> some accidentses to watch out for fdr state park an accident blocking a lane. 684 bronx on cross bronx expect traffic than normal westbound approaching sheraton because of an accident in queens to the throgs neck bridge northbound approach buzz of an accident blocking a lane. camera at the southern state parkway by central avenue westbound. an accident right there westbound. so a little delay on eastbound side you're poon. as for trains right now some signal problems with metro-north so a five to ten minute delay in and out of grand central terminal. everything else on or close.
6:33 am
that city says it is taking so long to dig out of the storm. >> i have the justin bieber song in my head thanks to teresa priolo. city is struggling. tp joins us from newark. are you going to sing into justin bieber. maybe not? >> i wouldn't dare turn off our viewers like that but props playings to play it off. it does get stuck in your heads. good morning ben and juliet, good morning everyone. you're not sunging any happy tune this morning at least if you live in certain sections of it buzz you're waiting for all of the snow to be removed from jr. street in many cases plows don't fit down streets so their coming this with a front loader like in new york city, and they are literally hauling snow away. here outside of lafayette school here this morning is because they were able to remove from schools able to open up school again today. this is huge in this city.
6:34 am
living in poverty line and lurnlg program not only breakfast but lunch meal program here in the schools is popular and need. so to be able to open up again todays is big for the city of newark. it has been a mess over last couple of days that's easiest way to say it. new jersey largest city was really crippled bit blizzard of 2016. it dumped here there are cars in places that are still covered in snow and sidewalks that had yet to be cleared. there are street corners that have yet to be cleared, and so obstacles remain but yet things seem to be improving and day by day. still residents feel it is simply not happen fast enough. take a listen to some of them and also the mayor's response. >> really is a nightmare. it is a complete nightmare.
6:35 am
bus drivers, everybody with traffic. >> if you look at the side street it is definitely a mess and they need a much better job. >> we're going to do this block by block until it gets done. >> part of the reason why things improved over last couple of days is because department of transportation as well as essex county bringing in equipment and crews so they were able to help them with this. and one of the other big problems that included a travel ban throughout the storm but a lot of people dpght listen so you have a lot of cars that were stranded in middle of the roadways. ben and juliet the plows couldn't get around them. that impeded things even more. it seems as though the days drag on and time progresses that things are improving. and hopefully nothing more than a distant memory. latest from outside the
6:36 am
back to both of you. >> teresa priolo you should listen to the next story, your governor chris christie is taking some heat for heading back on the campaign trail while they continue the blizzard cleanup especially in cape may county saw flooding you've seen the videos. some comepts that he made in response to his krit rix critics are stirring up a lot of controversy. >> down there with a mop? >> governor remains unapologetic but apologized for calling mayor of north wildwood crazy when talking about flooding touring that town down superstorm sandy versus this time. listen. >> called him crazy last nights. one offing adjective too many but an apology and i gave one. as for everything else we're
6:37 am
>> cape may county largely spared during sandy. south of atlantic city. >> i i was down there a lot of sand but not flooding. this time they got ham toward. s that the point saying that you know this was worse than sandy that is what governors christie said crazy and since apologized there. the upside was brash comments is they garner presidential hopeful media attention and he was contrite and you know didn't have that -- christie swearing swagger that he has, but i think that mayor is cool with it. donald trump will not take part in the fox news debate.
6:38 am
in a statement ceo roger said megyn kelly is an complengt journalist in the entire network stand behind her. exchanged words after the first debate when she questioned him if disparaging remarks toward women. >> after months of remaining on whether he would endorse her may or your bill de blasio set to campaign in iowa per hillary clinton. his aids say he'll spend eight day there is. de blasio was the campaign manager backed during the successful bid and endorsed six month officer she announced her campaign. people scratching their heads as to why he waited so long. but he had his reason. with the rest of the field. >> fox means business watching wall street after a big rally and positive reaction to asian stocks. >> fox business network studio there she is, lauren simonetti. : gorping.
6:39 am
dow popped 282 points. this morning everything great in asia minus shanghai composite. european stocks are lower, and right now u.s. stock futures are lower. so what is going on? we have a report yesterday that said consumer confidence surging, so ironic if you look at the 401(k) and down what are you so confident about. but they say in january, americans are very confident. they'll take it. seeing selloff and could be on hold for the interest rates later today and we have tons of earnings out tonight from like of paypal, facebook, you name it. >> lauren they tell us we don't have time to chat with you, so we apologize. >> sorry lauren love you, though. >> get my cold shoulder. >> whatever. catch you on the fox business new york if you're not sure where to find fox business log on to fox --
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cold shoulder. no we love lawn. but we have to get to mike. warm shoulder. nice and warm outside. but we've got showers coming to a close this morning ended for us in the city but dealing with it in eastern long island and jersey shore. anyhow you get sunshine in the amp. slight chance had of snow showers on fridays but it doesn't look like a big deal the a all but something to pay attention to. and we have drier, milder weather into the weekend. weekend looks pretty good for us here. all right let's switch over to ines with a quick update on the roads. >> street cleaning rules suspended because of the snow removal going on. hudson river crossings, george washington bring into the city, you have minor delay upper level a pothole underneath apartments of the 45 inbound holland tunnel 10 to 15.
6:41 am
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>> wednesday morning for you police made an arrest in slashing of a woman on d train on monday morning. 21-year-old damon knowles charmed with disfigurement for that random attack. >> warning pregnant women to avoid countries with the zika viewrs. depebts. veers is exploded in latin america and at least four reported in our area. >> or more lifted between united states and cuba. export payment and financing restrictions are lifts come as washington an havana move closer
6:44 am
century of hostility. abe died new york born actor with a sunk l eye face like to say i'm not dead yet. best known for the role as the god father as well as detective on barn n miller. that was him in the 70s 37 joked out around about to retire with the last day. not the case. rumors of his death falsely reported back to early 19 80s he passed away peacefully in his sleep at her home. great actor 94 years old. >> duke here now with spots. >> god father i used to see him awe of the time. i should have said hello. >> you see celebrities and don't racket --
6:45 am
life poop -- >> right around corner here. yeah. kerch durant and russell and oklahoma city thunder. knicks in this one sitting out with a sore knee. remember he injured that knee a couple of games came back. first quarter, playing well. follow jam here threw 15 points of the night. this one would stay close all game. fourth quarter knicks blew an 11-point lead under 20 seconds left. durant buries jumper and tied at 113. he had 40 point. 14 rebounds. go to overtime and extra session. westbrook nails jump weer with 30 points they win 128-122.
6:46 am
now, winslow pass deflected, and goes in. later in the quarter brook lopez has a basket. well miami, dwyane wade picks off the pass here and finds mark stoudemire there you have it. miami beats it 102-989 final score. on the ice devils in city of bridges to face penguins last game before all-star break crosby gets the rebound, an wind at pittsburgh. second period now same score with the pen. throws on breaks. and he beats ?ied we are a one time shot there. that's how it would end. nhl now enters the all-star
6:47 am
or unofficial first half. football news tyler sash, a member who won super bowl xlvi and died last september at age 27 suffering from degenerative brain disease at the time and advance chronic traumatic known as cte. he had concussions with the career with the united states and playing in college. had some as back as high school an mood swinging follow his career. i read the "times" article, and his mother had powerful comments in there about people playing football. but should tell their kids -- interesting. much lighter note former giants up close and personal with the weekend weather.
6:48 am
here he is having fun. lots of variations -- but this is pretty impressive. >> don't do it at home, though, kids. so >> underwear in the snow is not a good idea. >> i wouldn't do it. if you're steve weatherford most of us think it is fine. but there's a protest going on if the mosquito video i'm not the only one. producers, that hates this video. [inaudible] no. mosquito video. >> i was wondering what the problem was. >> like looking at cockroaches running around. >> not as bad. >> yeah, bug anything leak that,
6:49 am
horrible. . boy. [laughter] all right let's get you your weather forecast. you keep fighting 43 degrees we've got that central park. 41 newark, and our techs are mild and we have seen some rain showers come through triare state now pouks in on east end of long island and ocean county. mammoth county dry out. sky guardian but cold front is making slow progress down to the south and east out to sea herb upstate new york from this particular system but cooler air starting tomorrow. but today mild. high temp in the afternoon. 44 degrees only few morning showers out there today. tomorrow no shower high of 39 only. drop it five degrees. there's we can snow flakes blasting through the area over friday but not a bigs deal at a all. more rain here quickly on
6:50 am
live interactive radar track that rain or snow whatever the case may be.
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for $1.69 a pound when you buy 5 pounds or more. and select varieties of friendly's ice cream for $1.79. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. >> good morning don't forget street cleaning rules but meters in effect. cross bronx here traffic slow approaching bronx river parkway
6:53 am
northbound past cross bronx you have a stall. in new jersey delays on 287 northbound by exit one you have a lane blocked with an accident. go to camera a stalls by metropolitan avenue slowing things down by brooklyn bridge with train, signal problems five to ten minutes in and out of grand central terminal. ben and juliet. >> thank you. >> okay. anna is here. and lacey. >> yeah. [laughter] enjoy. okay oprah winfrey made 12 million dollars by tweeting this video. >> i love red. i love red. i now just manage it. so i don't deny myself -- i have to wear iter every day. i have red every day. that's the genius of this program i lost 26 pounds and i have eat opinion bread every
6:54 am
>> a sip of coffee every time she says breads. but baiivesly weight watcher stock up 20% after she tweeted out this video about bread. market watch says that means her roughly 6.4 million shares mill. sm a single tweet. i wish that could make me -- >> i love mercedes. another video making waves. britney spears is back with videos on instagram. take a look. hello. no one knows what it means but looking and feeling god. up for brit any could be what it's all about. everybody is talking about it. >> happy for her. great.
6:55 am
no. sorry, i can barely hear in my ear. happy 14th anniversary to laverne and charlotte. happy about two working class ladies making their dream come true with tuesday night in honor of the anniversary gave an interview to close their magazine about behind the scenes drama you can read all about it. >> didn't know they had one.
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>> tha i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do
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