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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: hi, everybody. welcome. it is january 27. rosanna: january is so dark to me. a little bit warmer out there today. did you see how much that snow is melting? fantastic. it is like you are getting a shower as you walk past the canopies. everything is just melting. it is good. greg: also, we're doing pretty
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the snow removal. the debate tomorrow night. it will be on fox. then in a feud with the anger making kelly. it looks like his people are trying to skip it. greg: governor christie running as well. they were giving him a hard >> i don't know what you expect me to do. there. he is apologizing for calling the mayor crazy.
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greg: legendary actor. sake. he was in the godfather. he was in barney miller. officially died yesterday at the age of 94. rosanna: died in his sleep. what a peaceful way to go. he lived just two blocks away from fox. greg: i always pulled for him. he made it later in life. greg: sorry he is gone, but what a life. rosanna: we are doing okay.
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snow on the street. greg: going right through them. it was kind of an obstacle course out there. rosanna: careful. greg: less of that today. mike, what do you think? >> it looks a lot better to me when i got up this morning. all of that helps it out. mike: we are pretty much done in the city. we have another push of cool air coming this way. it is a little bit better. black ice will be a problem later on.
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to a close for us this morning. we will see afternoon sunshine out there. over the weekend, it will be nice and mild. forty-one and islip. wind coming in from the west around five-10 miles per hour. here is where the rain is. light to moderate rain showers. we will see some brakes of sunshine later in the afternoon. thirty-nine for you tomorrow. same thing for you on friday. let's get over to ines. take a look at what is going on with the commute this morning. ines: street cleaning rules
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287 northbound. if you are taking the bqe, watch out for a stall blocking a lane. two ladies coming off the cross island parkway. let's go to our cameras. take a look at route 80. traffic moving eastbound. you have some delays. the bqe, expect delays there. as far as the trains, there are signal problems. rosanna: all right. we are finally seeing some progress. all right, queens, how are we looking in queens this morning? >> that is from a couple of days ago.
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they have school today. >> teresa priolo is in newark this morning. it is hard to believe that there was 28 inches of snow on the ground. doing a remarkable job. that is because they wanted to get these kids back in school. they made this priority number one. not every neighborhood around here looks exactly like this. they are beginning to see the end of this crippling situation. the nightmare a nightmare that was the blizzard of 2016. >> 5.5. crazy.
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for it to go. >> if you look at the side streets, it is definitely a mess. venting their frustrations on the street and online. >> everybody complete with this traffic. >> a good chunk of the city returning to normal. the nga dot. sending in cruise to haul the snow away. something the mayor ignored which was a huge reason he set the cleanup has been delayed.
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task at hand. we saw some mound so high that we wondered if there was a car underneath. as of monday, 152 vehicles were under snow. all of them had been pulled out. back to both of you. greg: okay. it looks like we made it through. thank you so much, terry set. the iowa caucuses on monday. a big debate is scheduled. fox news is running it tomorrow night. >> he is saying that he will not come to that debate. >> he says that he is probably
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greg: his piece is making kelly. they again is a big star right now. a full story on her in vanity fair. let's go to fox patricia stark that has more on this controversy. >> donald trump will be a no-show. making kelly will be one of the moderators of the debate which is being hosted by fox news channel this thursday night. kelly. i do not think that she is good at what she does. >> reporter: trump did not even
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unlike the very stupid highly and incompetent people running our country into the ground, mr. trump knows how to walk >> you call with men that you do not like. disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> for the record, well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> mr. trump has repeatedly brought up that exchange as evidence of an alleged bias on my part. >> we agreed to disagree. >> what will trump do as the debate is going on? >> we raise money for the veterans and the wounded war years.
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be at the center of the debate stage. the debate could give him a chance to get ahead. greg: i can talk to you about making kelly. >> she is tough. she comes with great credentials, by the way. greg: you can see her tomorrow night on the fox news channel. greg: taking some heat. heading back on the campaign trail. a lot of people saying that their neighborhood in new jersey is still a mess this morning. >> a half problems in new jersey. somebody gave him a hard time about that. here is what he said. >> you want me to go down and
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it was a little flip. rosanna: what did they want him to do? >> it was a legitimate question. he made a name for himself after hurricane sandy. he also made a name for himself picking fights at town hall meetings. rosanna: of the the governor is not apologizing about those he did apologize for calling the mayor crazy. >> i heard one crazy mayor. worst flooding band sandy. his town did not get hit by sandy. rosanna: they garnered a presidential hopeful. he did admit that he slept on
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of them the next day. may be with donald trump not being part of the debate on thursday, maybe governor christie will, you know, governor christie had some little zingers every now and then. i think that it is the barney miller theme song. great show. legendary act or. this is how he first got noticed. in amazing film. an amazing world. he was on his way to his death at this point. they have a tv show.
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fish. rosanna: he lives two blocks away from here. we know that he was alive. we saw him getting coffee. >> it is official. it is final. >> reporter: good morning to you. he lived for many years. neighbors say he always had a smile on his face. he was born here in new york. best known for his role in the godfather. that will completely change his life.
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on television. rumors of his death were falsely reported numerous times. one was very sad to hear about his death. >> we were in the elevator. we went upstairs. she was jumping around when we went upstairs. always very sweet. always had a smile on his face. you know, a fixture in the building for 18 years. sad to hear he has gone. >> reflecting on his success, he once said my experiences have taught me to deeply believe in what you are doing. success can, at any age.
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here on the upper east side this morning. greg: thank you very much. they work together. that is so nice. >> a baby was born on the fdr drive yesterday. no call long decided to come into this world a little after 8:00 o'clock yesterday. >> her father was kneeling assisting his wife. the head was out. they were on the support with 911. >> we took it out. clamped the cord off.
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or nico love. he weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces. they wanted some time alone. we heard that they are all doing great. >> we're just waiting for everything to go away. the weather will help us out a little bit today. the normal high is 38 degrees. get or stay above freezing. staying well away from the record. we have 43 in central park. a cloudy sky. 39 degrees they are. same thing for you and pinebrook .
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even that should be drying up pretty soon. a high of 44. thirty-nine is your high tomorrow. the next of it event will be a little bit on monday. let's bring in ines. it may be a little wet. a little slushy. >> dueling with normal accidents. let's go to our cameras. traffic moving fine by terry road westbound. no problems eastbound. the fellow parkway. no problems. traffic barely moving on the fellow was found. in accident by the nassau expressway. a little tough to see. george washington bridge, 45 minutes on the upper.
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jim smith isn't skyfoxhd. >> reporter: good morning. right where the ramp from the new jersey turnpike person. that car got the worst of it. another vehicle as well. snow on the roadway. we do not know how it is contributed to the accident. just something to keep in mind. you see the delays on 287. northbound, i believe. also some exiting the lays off the new jersey turnpike. greg: we always get lost even with the aid of gps. let's see what kind of visibility we have out there.
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rosanna: what it is the pack up over there? >> that is the garden state. a result of the backup on 287. greg: 204. 287. it is a bit of a hodgepodge over there. remember when we went to mountain creek a little while ago. we were lucky we made it. rosanna: let's talk about other news. 8 liters of that wildlife refuge
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the followers were reported heading to a community meeting yesterday afternoon. one person is being described as a rancher from arizona. killed from that stop. bundy's group sees two headquarters. part of a long-running dispute over federal management. >> you heard about these slashings. we have had a lot of them. police have made an arrest. that was the version. 21-year-old damon knoll from brooklyn. it hit her in the left cheek.
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this was the 10th random slashing since october. rosanna: scamming a man out of more than a half-million dollars. over $550,000. >> a continued even after that woman died. the fortuneteller new that she died. they were still kind of trying to figure out a way to meet her in the afterlife. gave this fortuneteller war than a half a million dollars. rosanna: the plea deal did not include restitution. >> she will be on probation for
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rosanna: all right. greg: we went to a fortuneteller once. a long lifeline. >> i see a of a lot of interesting things in your future. greg: what are you getting at?
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rosanna: at least it is not too cold out. i felt like it was raining. all the snow was melting off the building. almost needed an umbrella to walk around. i do not like when that rainwater gets to me.
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we have a tiger and a lion coming up. >> i hope that they do not leave anything behind. greg: rosanna, high maintenance. what is up with you? rosanna: we still have stains from the last one. check out the finances. greg: he is the guy in financing. this is mike woods. rosanna: come on down here. all right. how is it looking outside? mike: it is kind of sloppy outside. i think that a lot of folks will be happy. that will be undergoing some
7:28 am
temperatures going above freezing. the rain, we did have some rainfall out there this morning. the rain has moved on for you. along parts of the jersey shore. wind is coming in from the west, northwest around five-14 miles per hour. suffolk county still seeing some within parts of the jersey shore. we see some snow upstream here. i do not think that there will be enough moisture to bring out snow from that particular area. our temperatures this afternoon gets up to about 44 degrees. the rain comes very close after
7:29 am
a high of 39 degrees tomorrow. a few snowflakes may come across. not a big deal at all. we will keep it fairly tried through the weekend. let's bring in ines. see what you have with the roads. street cleaning rules are suspended. you have a stall on the queens. take a look at delays here. there is an accident blocking a lane. affecting the clearview expressway right now. get closer to clover road. you do have your normal delays. as for the peaky week, a live look at the camera shop.
7:30 am
traveling northbound. traffic moving again. we are still at a crawl. 287. jim smith isn't skyfoxhd within a day. >> probably causing traffic all around the area. the new jersey turnpike feeds. you can feel it still on the roadway. all of that snow needs to be removed. causing a problem with a virgin traffic. as a result, we are seeing delays. the 440 is causing delays. the bottom line is, gridlock due to this problem. it will take some time to clean the snow off the roadway.
7:31 am
yesterday we were talking about the disease. women in el salvador wars told to not get pregnant in the next two years. greg: what are you going to do in el salvador? greg: if you are pregnant, you should not go to puerto rico, dominican republic. let's bring in liz. >> reporter: at least four cases. nassau, queens and orange county. americans are traveling to these areas and bringing this eco- virus back with them to the states. the mosquito borne virus is spreading.
7:32 am
the virus. it poses the biggest threat to pregnant women. in brazil, nearly 4000 newborns have been affected in the outbreak. crews are working around the clock to fumigate areas. >> we are quite concerned about the potential complications to the fetus. >> the center for disease control is urging pregnant women to avoid travel to affected areas. locally. jersey. and outbreak in the u.s. is unlikely. more travelers could bring the
7:33 am
>> it is spinning like wildfire. >> fever, joint pain, brash and bloodshot eyes. >> american and united are allowing customers to cancel or postpone their trips altogether. lots of spots, greg and rosanna. greg: dominican republic. dated in september. >> you have been buzzing a lot lately. rosanna: did you hear about this? the port authority has been given a green light to kill birds near major airports. >> the port authority was
7:34 am
the court basically ruled that in the grand scheme of things, it is us versus the birds. airliner and passenger safety is more important. >> it makes a difference. taking down that u.s. airplane. >> in 2009. who won? man versus keys. he did. both engines were taken out. he landed on the hudson river. it was such a gutsy call. >> unbelievable. all right. what is that? >> that is the life of that
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>> that is correct.
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greg: a lot of doorman worked very hard. >> it was a movie. it was number one. greg: rosanna was about to make a citizen's arrest. rosanna: there is no cleanup. >> this is in the 70s on the upper east side. in the meantime, rosanna can enter a big sigh of relief. >> that was gross by the end of
7:38 am
>> the sludge. here is what we have out there. right now, we are on the upper side. we start to cruise back up into the mid and upper 40s. temperatures are basically above normal. seeing temperatures where they are, and not that at all. 41 degrees and islip and montauk. temperature changes, most of us are warmer. it is 4 degrees warmer out at central park. we will take it off. we have just a few showers out on the east end of long island. most of that rain has pressed on.
7:39 am
cloud cover later on today. there is colder, drier air up to the north. high temperature gets up to about 44 degrees. high of 39 tomorrow. same thing for you on friday. drive on saturday and sunday. a live interactive radar. it is ready to rock and roll. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have for the commute this morning. >> good morning, mike. your tappan zee per inch. normal slowdown there. westchester, you are fine. route 80 in new jersey. you had an earlier accident by exit 85.
7:40 am
no problems on 287. the l.i.e. 5106, 107. metro-north, signal problems. ten-15 minutes to lay. let's check in on 287. jim smith is and skyfoxhd. >> causing delay is on multiple roadways. it happened at the entrance ramp. the northbound 287. a lot of snow on the roadway. the accident is gone. one lane is blocked off 1287. one lane is blocked off on the turnpike ramp.
7:41 am
northbound side of route nine. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: it looks pretty from the air. >> gps navigating this ramp. even with all of the signs. >> a great one at the garden last night. carmelo anthony. sitting out with a sore knee. playing really well this year. this one would stay close for much of the game. having an 11-point lead. coming in off the screen.
7:42 am
we go to overtime. eight rebounds and assists. thunder go on to win. 128-32. the nets and the heat. later in the quarter, brooke lopez. that would lead i ate at the break. dwayne wade. twenty-seven points for him. there you have it. devils out in pittsburgh. no score.
7:43 am
same score. a one timer. that is how it would end. a member of the giants team. suffering from aids degenerate brain disease at the time. you have heard about that in the will smith movie. sash had several concussions during his career. his older brother told the times . died of an accidental overdose and is i will hold.
7:44 am
white jerseys for super bowl 50. they are zero and four. the broncos are heading to the eight super bowl. >> pretty superstitious. good luck. duke: steve weatherford getting weekend. with the weather. celebrating. rosanna: why in his underwear? [laughter] >> they kind of take diving into the snow to a whole new level. you kind of have a crush on this guy. >> we're good friends. >> they are workout buddies.
7:45 am
i saw it this weekend. >> and all-around great guy. rosanna: he is a good guy. check it out. skyfoxhd. it is grimy. the dogs take advantage of it.
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other way. greg: i never had an a but go to siding in my life. rosanna: that is so sad. greg: the legendary actor died yesterday. it was one of those things i always thought that i would run to. >> he was fantastic in that. i would see him all the time.
7:47 am
autograph. i would have gotten a picture with him. >> it is not sitting so well with a lot of people that a white actor has been signed to play michael jackson. renting a road trip. >> back guys going to play michael jackson. is he going to play warehouse? madison square garden. they road trip to back. funny things that happened. there are a lot of reactions on
7:48 am
one person tweeted this. playing michael jackson. another person saying can play michael jackson. cannot play james bond. a six by four in agency. >> people wanted him to play james bond. many celebrities are pitching in to help people of flint michigan. a state of emergency was declared after the water became contaminated. the water was not properly -- a lot of people tested very high. jimmy fallon announced on twitter he is donating.
7:49 am
homes are donating a million dollars. they have donated money or water. >> mark wahlberg. >> 5000 cases of water. i wish that they took it seriously when it happened. greg: if you want to see a picasso sculpture exhibit, better known for his paintings. you probably know that he had his blue. this display will be up until february 7. you have to buy your tickets in advance.
7:50 am
opportunity. who was his daughter or granddaughter that did all the earrings? >> he had a tiffany collection. >> this is a ring. >> called up the left-hand. one more time. one more time. mary to the 10:00 o'clock news anchor. greg: wow. this is big. greg: it was hard for a while. by the way, fox5 and white live
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his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. rosanna: it is january 27. is the year flying by? last week it seems like every day was an intern in the. it is a pretty pleased month. it is pretty cold. new year's resolutions.
7:53 am
cleanup at this point? queens has seen some relief. schools are open today. more complications they are. powerful way skipping the last residential debate tomorrow night. >> he has a feud with megan kelly. >> he also has a wounded four year. maybe that is why he is skipping the final debate. >> whether you like this guy or not, a pretty effective candidate. >> police making an arrest in the slashing of an elderly woman. charged in a random attack. police are releasing a picture of another man wanted in the slashing. >> an epidemic of slashings in
7:54 am
totally unprovoked. totally random. how are we doing today? >> we are doing great. i never met the legendary actor. he died at the age of 94. i am really kind of upset. you saw him all the time. >> the same time just about every day. getting a cup of coffee. the same in godfather. he turns on michael, though. he never should have done that. we will talk to him coming up. >> a musician, by the way. such a great character in the
7:55 am
>> i think, i do not think it was 35 episodes. [laughter] >> bake-off seasons different. by the way, he aged beautifully. >> the same as he did 35 years ago. nice to have you with us. you know that saying are melting. >> yes. 2 feet for us. it is happening for us, folks. we have some showers come through in the overnight hours. things are looking a little bit
7:56 am
here is what we have with the temperatures. forty-four is the forecast high for you. the record high is 69. we're staying well away from the records. forty-two at central park. 40 degrees in poughkeepsie. if picked up a little bit from the northwest. seven-15 miles per hour for you out of monticello. it depends on where you are. jersey shore, it looks like it is time for you to try out as well. we will still see a decent amount of cloud cover for the first part of the day. high temperature gets up to about 44 degrees in the afternoon. we have cooler air trying to
7:57 am
region. saturday and sunday looks dry and mild. let's bring in ines. ines: good morning, mike. a lot of problems this morning. traffic jammed approaching that direction. there was an earlier accident by exit 42. one lane closed because of a water main break. you have an accident northbound. the l.i.e., you do have your normal delays they are leaving nassau county. let's go to our cameras. staten island expressway doing great this morning. fdr drive at 96 street, looking good. the long island expressway, we
7:58 am
you have one name block and traffic jams. on the westbound side, a combination of normal delays. a bit of a mess on the l.i.e. this morning. because of signal problems. everyone knows on or close to schedule. queens has finally seen some real progress. they are going back to school today. they have basically been snowed fox5 teresa priolo in newark this morning. how does the situation love? >> much, much better. school is back in session. we have seen a lot of kids, teachers, parents.
7:59 am
very clear. 28 inches of snow in newark. from the blizzard of 2016. doing a remarkable job. attempting to clear the way. really needing a lot of help. this city was crippled by this storm. sidewalks and street corners still covered in snow. i just spoke to a few residence here in the city. the plan was a good enough plan. in order to remove all the snow that they received over the weekend. take a quick listen to some new workers. to think that they did enough? >> no. no. they could have done better.
8:00 am
it was just horrible. >> we could not go inside. you know. >> do you think that the city is doing enough and fast enough? >> that is the complaint. just not moving quickly enough. the streets in newark are quite narrow in some cases. bringing front loaders to physically pick up the snow and drive it away. getting a lot of assistance. that has made all the difference. that is the latest. greg and rosanna, back to both of you. rosanna: there was a tragic into the case that a man that was missing in hoboken.
8:01 am
afternoon in the hudson river. last seen saturday night. old friends. going home. a 10 minute walk from the bar. cause of death has not been determined. that is extremely dangerous. you are dammed if you do, you are dammed if you don't. throw the snow in the middle of the street. >> you have seen it before. that can come off and be a real hazard. enter a lawmaker. tonio mela from queens.
8:02 am
rosanna: it is not so crazy. this is who they are looking for. it is happening in prospect heights. we have some incredibly clear pictures of the guy that police want right now. it happened last night between atlantic avenue and eastern parkway. the suspect told her i will chop you up on this train. she said he then hit her with an object. the woman was treated with cuts. greg: a lot of random attacks lately. they made an arrest in the 71-year-old bowman that was slashed in the face. donald trump still number one in the polls. she asked him some pretty poignant questions at the last debate. he does not want to do the
8:03 am
will be in it. >> probably skipping the final republican debate. you know, the iowa caucuses are next week. what does this mean for his run? he is saying that he does have a wounded warriors project. greg: he has a beef with making kelly, two. iowa. will he show up? right now, he says, no. >> we will do something simultaneously with the debate. debate. >> he is out. upset over a fox news press release. tangle that an earlier gop
8:04 am
trump has flirted with skipping debates before. this comes just days before skipping iowa caucuses. >> crew says iowa is not a must win for his campaign did winning the nomination. lead. going on to win new hampshire as well. a very good chance that he could nominee. >> should it hurt or help trump? >> making him the center of all attention all the time. >> this could have an impact on
8:05 am
on the other hand, there may be a lot of people watching to see if trump shows up at the last minute. >> he still has that leeway. probably skipping. greg: it is fascinating to watch. hot. i hate to break it to you. we dressed the same. >> bill de blasio is going to iowa to campaign for his former boss, hillary clinton. >> maybe bernie sanders is a guide. >> he will spend four days there.
8:06 am
manager, he was the campaign manager for hillary. at the end, he kind of moved on. >> he has so far to the left. this actually could help hillary clinton in iowa. >> meanwhile, do you go to grand central station or terminal? the mta is not renewing 15 restaurants. even the ones that can afford the rent that is going sky high. >> have you ever been to campbell apartment? it is like a mansion. it is really unique and interesting. >> their location will soon become a witchcraft.
8:07 am
that loyalty should count for something. no more iconic restaurants and juniors in new york. we are as fresh today as we were in 1950. >> they have an outpost everywhere. >> who was staying in grand central? are they still in business? >> i think so. rosanna: it may be worth checking out. it is to the right. again, it is like some old-school mansion. rosanna: we are hearing from two of new york's finest after they delivered a baby boy right there on the fdr drive. rosanna: healthy and well.
8:08 am
listen to this. >> the driver was kneeling on the driver's seat assisting his wife. >> ob/gyn kit aboard the truck. we took it out. i cut the cord. suction on the baby's mouth and nose. rosanna: the baby looks good. greg: anyway. what a place to be born. great job to the nypd. greg: fantastic. 10:00 o'clock.
8:09 am
he decided 929. greg: some people have them at home in the bathtub. greg: mike, what is up? you were born in the hospital. rosanna: would you consider it if the lady in your life wants to do it at home? greg: the hospital seems preferable to me than the bathtub. >> would it change your idea of taking a bath in that bathtub afterwards? >> you have a point in that one. 42 degrees. mostly cloudy sky out at central park. northwest wind coming through at 14 miles per hour. for the most part, the rain has
8:10 am
you still have some light rain showers in that area. that is a live radar right there. temperature wise, it has cooled down a little bit. it will help take those temperatures down just a hair. it should break up in terms of cloud cover. we should get you a little more sunshine later on in the day. now we have more cold air on the backside of it. that will continue to work its way through. the south fork of long island, that should be ending soon. as we head towards friday, there
8:11 am
i do not think we are going to get much out of it. we have a few flakes. more sunshine in the afternoon. mostly clear and cold for you tonight. this means we could see black ice all around the tri-state region did keep that in mind. give yourself lots of extra time. we are going into freezing rain in the morning hours. a small chance of snow on friday. it does not look like a big deal. you have that radar right in your little hand.
8:12 am
county. heading towards the tappan zee bridge. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the commute. you have a slight delay. upper, lower level. eighty / 95. the other approaches look good. 495 heading towards the lincoln tunnel. if you want to take the holland tunnel, 10-15 minute delay. greg: arnie miller. sayesh. resident of our neighborhood. rosanna: he will talk with us about his costar.
8:13 am
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greg: hold on. i remember this is offered troops to our phone. i just got a huge kick out of it. rosanna: i have to tell you, she can still move. [laughter] i was like, you go girl. i think this is about madonna hooking up with some very attract if -- rosanna: right. greg: i do not remember that
8:16 am
rosanna: okay. more embargoes with the united states and cuba. that is good news. changes being made to help spur in the countries. it makes it easier to go over there and do business. the u.s. cell companies are going over there. i am wondering if it will make it easier for us to go check it out ourselves. >> probably went on a humanitarian visit. this was after it was normalized. after governor cuomo went. not sure if madonna was thinking about cuba, but it is a nice
8:17 am
>> i have been to cuba. i actually met fidel castro. greg: you met fidel. >> i did. he hosted a dinner at his palace for us. we actually sat through a four hour lecture. we had transmitters on our ears. greg: what else is going on? >> we are talking about oprah winfrey. iowa bred. i eat it every day. i lost 26 pounds. it goes up 20% yesterday.
8:18 am
powerful this tweet was, $9 a pound. >> i love oprah winfrey. i would love to interview her here. her weight goes up and down more than mine does. >> may be the equivalent. greg: fidel castro. did you smoke cigars with him? >> i would have gotten up and walked out. >> it was too interesting. >> some of us fell asleep. >> thanks lauren. do not lose your mind.
8:19 am
live on greg: george mike quell his old friend, ap drew. rosanna: you know what is pun ny? i met george make kell's manager. greg: you always bring up the darkest episode his life. in beverly hills. rosanna: i din say that when i met him. i said he produced us. he said we love george michael. would you bring him on good day new york. greg: i like wam. we got to bring andrew whatever his last name was. andrew. career. greg: good. when we meet, because which talked about george michael before. you always k?erred and made jokes about that in beverly
8:20 am
rosanna: i don't remember that incident. greg: happy landing here, jim. le. rosanna: all right. 8:30 in the morning on good day new york. nice to have you with us. thank goodness. we were concerned another snowstorms with on the way. greg: real quick, where did you meet george michael? rosanna: at the restaurant. greg: indeed. how did you snow. rosanna: a lot of people at the restaurant. i think he was very, you know, whatever. greg: you dup sit in the back? rosanna: you know who else? >> who? rosanna: proco rov. greg: the guy from russia? rosanna: yes. he was there yesterday. rosanna: you never know who shows up, mike. greg: i know. rosanna: looking for the next guest. greg: that is where the guest pool comes from? rosanna: time sometimes. greg: get a good table. they will be with in. appetizers, great, what do you think? rosanna: don't start. don't start.
8:21 am
greg: i got bring up the policy. 10% off appetizers. rosanna: if you show up. it is greg's credit card. it is okay. rosanna: are you going to get it. greg: i love it. it is my job. >> anyhow, let's show you what is going on throughout with the weather. it is okay sort of day. wial the opportunity to melt a lot of that snow ap ice. yes, be aware. of course, dripping off the rooftop and so on. seems nasty. that is what is going on. you got get rid of that stuff. it is over two feet. anyhow, here is what we bott. showers coming to a close. we had them early on. the sunshine should try peak out later on in the afternoon. we're going to see another chance of snow how we'res, but that dup look like a big kael. it is a low coming across the greatic las. it doesn't have enough no i sture to squeeze out much. that is late friday. over the k with be where, cray, eld intoer. and that means, hey, we got the
8:22 am
should be a nice quiet one here for us in the tristate as we wrap up january. right now, the rainfall is wrapping up. a little bit leftover for the south fork there. even that is bone t. the jersey shore looking at a drier sky here. looks look we're going to have the clouds breaking up. it us now 40 newark. 37 allentown. 40 in poughkeepsie. 32 in monticello. here's the cold front to the south and the east heading out and taking the showers along with it. the clouds will hang far little while. you should get at least some sunshine later on in the day. then the cooler temps will start working the way through as well. the future cast really doesn't bring us much just that general trend are of the cooler air. this is the quick little snow chance that tries to come through friday. i don't expect much to happen are that. we're going to go to some sunshine in the afternoon. tomorrow. we'll mack it up to 39 so the for. thursday and friday. then another snow little snow
8:23 am
the weekend looks dry. a little it about of rain is possible for you monday. by the way, don't forget the fox 5ny weather ap. the live interact radar. download. it is free to check out. and somehow we'll miss the birthdays. rosanna: oh. oh well. thanks a lot, mike. we'll try do it. all right. actually. route 46. this is westbound. that is blocking a lane. for trav ing continue the l.i.e. expect heavier delays. this was stall earlier on the l.i.e. in. also, was not a straul there. both have been cleared away. let's go though cameras. the long island expressway. the southern state parkway. are fine westbound in a as bound am we had earlier dea lays westbound. those are cleared away. the george washington bridge, no delays there. 495 lincoln tunnel though in.
8:24 am
5 to 10 machinen delay. metro-north. the delays there. 10 to 15 out of frand central terminal because of signal problems. greg, row stan. greg: thanks a lot. again, people strangers walk up to generally female victim and slashing in the face. af arrest made in the la lathest one. rosanna: the woman on the d trip. she was hitting on the rain. she was sit on the train. all of the sudden, this is what police say, this gy, 21-year-old man from brooklyn. he went over there and cut her. greg: argly. rosanna: yeah. police have charged him with intent to caution disfigurement for the random attack. police say slashed the grandmother in the left cheek in when the northbound train was preaching the station. she had to get more than 20 stitches. she is going to be fine. this was at least the tenth random slashing in the city since october. we just showed you a few minute ago. another picture of another man that they are looking for now as well. greg: all right.
8:25 am
have you heard about this? fit it is a real threat to help from women. they warned oi physicianly to not go to places like, like the doe hin can republic. rosanna: and the u.s. virgin in las. >> you got stay clear if you are with child. let's bring in liz with more. hi, liz. reporter: good morning to you, greg and row san ma f. that long list keeps growing. a couple of other pots bar bay toes, puerto rico, st. maarten. some americans have traveled to these affected areas and brought the virus back to the states. the government is taking action issuing a number of travel alerts. the mosquito-borne virus, zika, is spreading. president obama met in the situation room tuesday calling for more research about the virus. it poses the biggest threat to pregnant women because it has been linked to microcephaly, a condition that causes babies to be born with smaller brains.
8:26 am
have been affected in the outbreak. crews are working around the clock to fumigate the areas in ry rio de janeiro. they are advising to delay pregnancy for two years due to possible birth defects. >> we're quite concerned about the potential complications to the fetus of the zika virus infection of pregnant women. reporter: the centers for disease control is urging pregnant women to avoid travel to affected areas look the u.s. virgin line, puerto rick committee and the dominican republic. there are at least four cases locally t. le in knock, one in new jersey. they say outbreak in the u.s. is unlikely because colder areas are not ideal for mosquitoes but more travelers could bring the virus back home. >> it is clearly spreading like wildfire throughout the latin america and the caribbean reg upon. am worried about the gulf coast. reporter: symptoms include fever, joint pain, rash, bloodshot eyes. so the airlines are responding
8:27 am
american and united allowing customers to cancel or postpone their trip to those flying. greg and row san ma, back over to you. greg: moneyback guarantee or travel at if you taur time. rosanna: travel at future time. rosanna: keep your opinion ny. spring break is coming up. a lot of people still planning their trip. greg: remember spring break? sanctioned mayhem by the university. rosanna: you need to go to fort lauderdale. now everybody goes somewhere exotic. greg: yeah. they upped those. rosanna: coming up, an actor will be here. well talk about abe var goad did a. he passed away peacefully. abe, the reports of his death, abe died. he is dead at the age of 94. treat long lie life.
8:28 am
we'll meet him. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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over 450 community and research facilities, not just raise our standard standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health. look north. greg: he was going to be killed after this because he turned on
8:31 am
that is abe i have depend the godfather. he was already about 50 years old. he did not have agent. it was opening casting. rosanna: by the way. you know, he was surprised he got the part. he is russian jew and playing like that. he was surprised. he nailed it. greg: barney miller on in the 19 70's to the early 1980's t. there he is. i believe. he was lieutenant or detective. this worked for barney miller mment this is a great show. abe vigoda did a good job. we're joined by the man who played barney miller. hal, the great act are and singer. i have seen him perform live. hes on the phone with us. good morning, sir. we're sorry you lost, abe vigoda, a good friend. >> i do a show.
8:32 am
whole bunch of the episodes. i found it difficult to pull out pieces that did not include a vigoda. he was just, whenever he came on the krien, this was something i could pull and it was funny. rosanna: hal, thanks so much, by the way, for joinings to in phone. i know you are in florida now. when is the last time that maybe you ran into abe or talked to him on the phone? >> i believe, the last time way was somewhere in new jersey, for some reason. somebody said, you know, right down the street, abe vigoda is celebrating his 90's birthday. i just said, oh, well, top the car. we got in and walked in. 90th's birthday. >> yeah. greg: so on screen, of course, he was funny. what was he like offscreen?
8:33 am
guy you knew? >> abe abe was abe. pretty much the same, whatever you saw, that was abe. you know, he spent a good deal of his life denying that he was dead. greg: yeah. >> i think it was at the party for barney miller. abe was in new york. he didn't come to the rap party. and i think he printed everyone was there except the late abe vigoda for the next, i don't know how many years, he was just denying his own demise. everybody thought he was dead. well, you know, the character played, complained so much of all kinds of physical ailment and what not, everybody believed it.
8:34 am
privilege to talk to you on an occasion like this. you are remarkable actor and singer. we have a picture at the carlisle one year ago. it is brilliant. what is next for you? >> actually, aim doing pretty much a show like that right now. i got another week. thin am heading for canada city. there is a theater there. i will do a farce with ross are,who -- greg: from happy days? >> from happy days with shall right? >> good. tell him i say hello. hal, thanks so much, pal. >> i will do that. bye-bye, now. rosanna: all right, all the best. kansas city? greg: you almost met abe vigoda a couple of times. rosanna: yeah. i ran into him. i mean, he walked in the neighborhood when he was well enough to do that.
8:35 am
it could have been a year or two. maybe it was little bit locker that i saw him. i don't know. greg: i never had one of those run-ins. abe vigoda, rest in peace. dead at the age of 94. rosanna: supposed he died with his daughter at her home in his sleep. he was not sick at all. you know, rest in peace. greg: life moves on. we'll meet cute and lion cubs. we'll be right back.
8:36 am
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and friendlier service. acme. greg: look at my new friend. look that. look that. that is real life new layon. six flags. a lion and tiger. they are friend, correct? >> yes. they are sisters now. rosanna: oh, no. greg: they are going to be >> correct.
8:38 am
rosanna: can they bite now? >> they can. they do have teeth. we are careful with them. rosanna: they can maul? >> they are nice now. greg: meantime, i am petting a lion. it is amazing. rosanna: i know. they are beautiful. greg: oh, yeah. they like us. >> they love us. rosanna: kiss the layon. greg: look at the lion. rosanna: awe. greg: beautiful. beautiful animal. rosanna: what is the deal you? are like a lion whisperer. greg: do you think so? one more kiss. beautiful. beautiful. thanks so much. >> you are welcome. rosanna: so we'll see these later coming up. >> absolutely. rosanna: okay. i am little freaked out. >> there is a lot of noises. i don't trust. greg: it is okay. >> i know. that one makes a lot of noise. greg: they are purring. purring. rosanna: obviously. okay. very sweet. greg: what do you got? reporter: i have other animal
8:39 am
okay. there was rat that had a role on broadway. she has passed away. let's talk about rose. she was albino rat. one of hundreds that were mysteriously dumped along the westside highway last summer. then the city laid out rats and survived the consider and the pison and landed a role acting in the curious incident. greg: her role was to pop out of the cage on qua and kiss the lead. yeah. rosanna: i saw that play. greg: a wild rat? rosanna: i don't remember that. reporter: they had animal treaner. she had only performed a few times when she had freak accident than thed her life. i am orie i am laughing. this lion or tiger and the bears growling now. greg: he will not let anything happen to you. reporter: okay. thanks. am sweating. okay. there are multiple reports that kanye west is selling ticket
8:40 am
played the new album at mad dyson square garden next month. word is, he will day but the album which he is calling the best album of all time. it seems fitting that kanye west event. this is the fashion show for him. and so, keep an eye eye out for tickets this. are reports that tickets are going on sale today at 10:00 a.m. the page has been taken down. there is word tickets will go on sale friday. keep an eye fought you want see this music fashion erent. tonight, on "american idol," hol hi wind week begins. reporter: the pressure us on as the judges make major cuts. there is always dram. some contestants choke under the pressure. everyone becomes sleep deprived. usually people get strick the stress. they come up on stage in groups
8:41 am
they continue on, they have to make friends with other people. a big weak on hollywood week. that is tonight at 8:00 on fox 5. greg: good luck to them. i love fit lion. this is the best animal in the world. oh. beautiful. now that is girlieon, correct? >> correct. greg: that mean she's will not have the big one. the boy lions have a big thing of fur. rosanna: why is she look at me like she is hungry. >> she is hungry. i has been a long trip to new york. >> we'll stop going in with them around six months of age. they are still cubs and playoff, too big and danger os. rosanna: how old now? >> she is nine weeks old. greg: what does she want? >> milk. a combination of milk. puppy milk replacement and canned cat food. greg: anybody? >> no. >> good for you. greg: you will get it from the
8:42 am
i have done a lot of things. this is one of the coolest. thanks so much, man. rosanna: put the animal back. greg: not just yet. it is well behaved. one of thele couldest things that ever happened to me. rosanna: i can hear the the other one. the or wince misbehaving. you cannot imagine what is going on. all right. we'll be right back. greg: wow. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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