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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 28, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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"chasing news" i encasing the most underreported stories story on the east coast. young handsome white male going missing as the bodies pollen of the hudson river. >> not every day the cow gets saved from the slaughterhouse the bird kerry does just that. >> the destiny of the cow. is here 9 to 5. >> is the music any good? >> to.
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hoboken another young man found dead? >> the most underreported story on the east coast young and handsome white male going missing the bodies pulled out of the body of water of the hudson river so i chased him his name is matthew 24 years old his parents reported in missing on monday he did not show up to work on his job almost treat he was last seen on saturday of the blizzard of that night last seen and is on his way home a 10 minute walk never made in clause pulled out of the river tuesday afternoon. i could speak to his father this morning understandably did not want to go it on camera with tears in his eyes grief-stricken and tinker and said my son died.
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what is causing this? with the two-year anniversary of the injured being pulled out a river it was 27 years old. is there a connection between the two? to. >> no connection. in the case what is mysterious his wallet was found by pierre eight in the snow so that they believe the body was in the hudson river so there are more. like a 23 year-old and another 23 of them in other pennsylvania man found in another body of water 21 years old his name was shane and we chased back to. we chased all of these so why are all of these bodies
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actually looking across the country with the disappearance of these young hands of white males pulled out of bodies of water. >> it is scientifically proven of these men that we that have held for a period of time they were drowned toch -- drowned that means they are dumped into the water is this a case? i cannot say without looking at the autopsy and a toxicology reports. >> the most plausible theory did he just jumped into the river because the wallet is on the site even if he is stumbling drunk why with the stuff be out of his pockets? >> we don't know if he was
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intoxications but until be no more details we will never know. >> i cannot imagine the to get anywhere his father. >> we will revisit some of these cases the police call a close case but we will look into it. >> during that winter storm last weekend cruz christie was at a town hall in new hampshire at the time. what do expect me to do go down there with a mop? >> to help people clean up after the flood in to raise money to buy mops for chris
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>> welcome to the superior court. wearing prisoners closed and unshackles after months of deliberation. finally facing a charges of shooting his former wife to death in front of there seven year-old daughter. his attorney pleaded not guilty. the last time we saw them it was in june. you can see right there. there was a standoff his ex-wife was dead from gunshot runs in a nearby car. he was quiet today as the
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endangerment were read and faces life in prison a plea deal has been offered but no details were available and how this is pending court. >> no giving any indication how we defend your client? >> i will i give that away now where prior to trial. >> so with the law enforcement officials with the nearby traffic stop. lasting two decades with nine children this is the culmination of that unhappy marriage and is facing those murder charges. >> that preferential treatment he has gotten for what he allegedly has done is disisgusting. he killed his wife allegedly his daughter witnessed it
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>> obviously murder and he is looking at life in prison. maybe it is taking a little longer to bring the charges to a jury but they have been filed and he pleaded not guilty. >> whether or not you make the argument clearly he is a threat to himself and they're trained specifically how to deal with situations like this and that does not include putting him down. >> i don't care to make people say it. >> if the tables were turned and not a cop or a different race holding a gun like that i don't think it would have ended the exact same way. >> what trace? >> i feel he is black stem it before you throw the race card from the video do some
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>> not every day a car goes down the street or a cow that is saved from the slaughterhouse. but mercury the cal has done that. as you can see, he is sleeping. [laughter] but he is adjusting well to his new home at the animal sanctuary in new jersey. his new owner is a truck driver turned activist said he heard of this video showing a dashing down the street said now was eating from workers of the slaughterhouse. he was captured and returned to the slaughterhouse but not before the deal went viral. >> a friend called immediately and said there is a cow that escaped the slaughterhouse.
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waited for the morning convinced the owners to relinquish him. el with a little background and has been around for your so i asked them why you neglecting -- worry so passionate? >> don't like them to be bullied. i don't like that. >> why did they agree to give up the cow? >> i cannot imagine because a lot of people saw that. >> guy would have paid extra to eat the stake from the viral cow. >> none of us speak cowled -- cal there is no reason -- reason to save him. >> is anybody worried about setting its dangerous precedent that other cows may try to make the same
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>> he is an animal activist after also he would love to save more animals. >> we have to watch these animal agitators' if one cal has a life of leisure he should be on a plate. >> peabody a movement. [laughter] that cal is not in a better space. >> you'll understand why he was saved. >> following a weekend disaster when the blizzard came through they would not enough men and women were around so the director is now on the city council excepted his resignation last night. many blamed him the roads
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cleaning up down there somewhere down to one lane. and lead to an on-line petition asking for his head they have a and he is gone. >> why did so many people not show up for work? >> asthma and eggs a month and allergies you breathe in medical grade salt to get part of that salty air. >> all these years we're told salts is bad for us.
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>> recently i have been trying a treatments to do wonders cryotherapy. vampire facial. and now with assaults. drysalter therapy is said to help with asthma eggs a month and allergies. i headed to the assaults room in new york city. i have been two different types of spies and i haven't seen anything like this before. before stepping in the shoes have to come off.
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you are about to walk on 6 inches of granulated himalayan salt lake scene and. >> it is with negative ions better very relaxing. then you make three to one of the lounge chairs the new breed in medical grade salt for the 25 minutes you were seated. wire people doing this? >> anti-inflammatory and dash goal and anti-about by role. >> it affects people with asthma and. reducing inflammation of the lungs and drive off the mucous and also balance the skin ph the owners said she started the business because of her husband's snoring and sinus issues. >> he was told to check out
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helpful. they on to in manhattan is a treat privately they do have individual beds 25 minutes sessions is $35. >> just explain inhaling it. is it snorting it or you pull it into the room? >> their micro particles if you breathe deeply it is in the room. you can picture figure on the brakes it is like a fine dust. you do smell it when you do start coughing if you breathe through your mouth to get a taste of salty air. >> that's great all this time they tell us all his bad for you. it is good for you. extra salt.
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as usual no argues harder than the panhandlers. he is out here all day he is is selling us the opportunity is is more tangible. he is one of those that hands you the ec and asks for a donation. >> i appreciate that. it sounds silly. but then they make you wonder dollars a day.
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inch. >> inch? >> rappers have interesting names. they are not called bill. [laughter] >> that is what he plans to do here in new york. >> at 29 years old with three kids he has bills to pay new york not make it out here? there are bumps in the road and has been rocked -- moved five times semipaste him light? nobody has the cd player anymore. banal the flesh drives are coming. >> is the music any good? or is it just a tourist who pays $5? >> i and excited i purchased it myself.
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not heard it? >> i'll listen to them all the time. >> really? >> it isn't a crazy idea to sell your stuff on the street. mc hammer true story sold his out of the trunk of his car and he decided to pass a record deal because they can make more money himself but then of course, it was steamers time. -- hammer time. >> a breakdown more than the national average. >> new york to philadelphia and in between. >> and would be nice if they
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explorer card. imagine where it will take you. >> this video will make your heart melted. a baby was found in her crib by her preschool teacher mom in south carolina praying. my daddy. my mommy. >> a kottich un the baby monitor. >> with a break down four times more than national
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far to my cellar on twitter because commuters have been complaining daily about breakdowns. i paid the transit a couple hundred dollars a month and they get me to work never on time the second breakdown in the week. now i am 18 minutes late. in addition to all of the other problems ted station and it goes on and on. it is understandable because they just had a 9 percent hike but yet the train system has not ever been worse it has broken down more in the past four years than ever before. so i went to get an answer why is this happening and what will they do to fix it? i got a statement. >> due to the fundamental and dramatic differences between rail systems one cannot make fair and
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the two. >> basically you cannot compare apples to began as. i spoke to one official from the new jersey's translation that backed up what they said. >> is a very unique system the third largest in the country and probably could argue the only statewide transportation network. and ask to travel much further distances covering from new york to philadelphia. >> the other challenge he blames not governor christie but past governors taking in money that was devoted to the capital plan to switch it to operational daily cost. so with repair equipment to put towards people salaries and the daily running of the train. >> that's the problem. >> that is letting half of the fleet go down with hurricane city ended up with the delay in the appropriate
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>> so that is correct but the infrastructure needs to be fixed why the train keeps breaking down. >> last year it was rated the best in north america. >> what's next? >> more delays and more breakdowns it would be nice if they had an extra $1 billion but they don't because the state is broke somebody needs to propose
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