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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> some parts of our area are seeing scattered snow showers today but for most of us cloudy with highs in upper 30s u. audrey puente is here and she has the full forecast. >> donald trump did not take part in last night's presidential debate but still it was interesting. didn't stop other five candidate from taking some shots at the billionaire. >> fbi has released video of plovers shooting if one of the armed militia members in oregon. appears to show protester reaching for a gun just before he was shot. >> so-called affluenza teenager
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held in a juvenile detention center. >> good morning everybody thanks for being with us i'm kerry drew. >> i'm ben simmoneau juliet huddy is off in the 6:00 we thank you for being with us. january 29th -- february starts on monday. >> it does. >> i think we're ready for it. what do you think auld drink? >> folks are looking for early spring. if possible. it is going to el too luke spring into next week which i'll show you in our extended forecast. temperatureses are pretty decent at this hour. our normal high for this tile of the year is 39 degrees and at 37 in central park. with freezing mark in bridgeport and montauk at 37 degrees. it's 30 in belmar. 20s in monticello and sussex as well as to poughkeepsie. these numbers are milder than they were at this time yesterday. cloudy skies out there right now. a couple of peeks of sun as it rises touring early morning hours but staying mostlily cloudy throughout much of the day. a disturbance from the greax
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snow showers that was going to effect us into the amp. some of the snow showers make their way towards the tristate aye and breaking up and kind of a decrease in intensity before they reach us and just enough to give us bursts of snow through our friday here. o no accumulation is expected. temperatures will be rising into upper 30s today so we with could see a couple of rain showers mixing in as well. drier with sun and clouds and uner 30s to upper 40s. 50 on friday and tuesday p ts well above average. that's going well into next week. quick happy birthday to 25-year-old lisa celebrating this morning. we hope you have a fabulous day. let's see the roads this morning. christina stoffo is here with your traffic update. >> not so fabulous traffic is never looking good. so let's take a look at the maps you know welfare a couple of things going on. first of all this incident on garden state parkway southbound
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it has been pushed off to the should pearl wech flashing lights with emergency activity, of course, every time there's something on shoulder things get hairy in that immediate area with rub rubber necking so owsdz i'm going to bring you to southern state parkway. a live shot by fletcher avenue. traffic moving away eastbound seed. westbound side, though, crowd ared but still running along up to speed. let's go to van wyck expressway next live shot. this is where we have an accident. rockaway boulevard one lane is blocked off here. heavy back to lyndon boulevard so you want to allow yourself extra team and see northbound side is definitely starting to slow down as you pass that immediate area people are hitting brakes because, of course, they want to take a look to see what's going on. keep that in mind to allow extra time. here's holland tunnel good into town from the turnpike extension one and nine. also traveling towards the
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moving towards 490 to helix wash out with holland tunnel. u right now your trains are looking god. lirr, new jersey transit and path trains good. we have that issue on world trade line suspended now cleared up so everything is okay for us right now. alternate side suspended but money in the meters. ben and kerry back to you pup >> thank you christina. 7 republican candidates faced off last night in final debate before iowa caucus. >> event was dramatically different than earlier teabts thanks to absence of donald trump. fox 5 robert moses here with more details. smtion this was conspicuous. trump has had garnered so much attention in previous debates. last night he managed to keep it there. he wanted it to be, but in his mind he had to stand his ground.
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in the room tonight. >> he was in a different mile a few miles away from the iowa event center holding fundraiser for veterans. he skipped last night because he didn't think moderator megyn kelly treated him fairly at the summer. >> fox has been extremely nice, and the the last number of hours actually. [laughter] and they've wanted me there, and they said how bout now. come on -- hadn't had already started but you have to stick up for your rights, when you're treated badly. >> back on debate stage elephant not in the room actually was very much in the room. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, andugly and ben you're terrible third. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion of the way. >> not about donald trump he's an entertaining guy. greatest show own earth this is about greatest country in the world.
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a teddy bear to me. we have such a loving relationship in the debates, and in between and tweets. i kind of miss him. wish he was here. he wasn't so debate moved on to other matters like national security and immigration. ted cruz was accused of flip-flopping on amnesty. >> he's king of saying you're for amnesty everybody is except for ted cruz but it's a falseness and that's an authenticity problem. this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on. >> marco goes direction of the major donors to support amnesty because they thought it was politically advantageous chris christie had it. >> stop the washington bull and get things done. [applause] >> well a little more now on trump a lot more on trump fox released this statement last night. trump offered to appear at the debate upon the condition that fox news contribute $5 million to his charities we explained
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could not ten gauge in a quid pro quo or money change had hands for any reason. in the last 48 hours, we've kept two issues at forefront and never compromise our journalistic standards an always kelly. one other note from last night yes they were debating in iowa, and yes the caucuses are just a few days away, but it's interesting because many of the candidate last night gave shoutouts to places like the granite state, i.e. new hampshire, also to south carolina so candidates are perhaps conceding that no they're not going to win iowa. but maybe they'll win other states. afterwards and in the process sal vanl their candidacy. >> key thing is if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, he's gong to look quickly like he's going to be the nominee somebody else has to win at least in new hampshire if not in iowa. all right robert moses. thank you very much. >> new developments in search for lauren sphear, the
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westchester who vanished in indiana back in 2011. >> fbi and local officials raided a home in town of martinsville 30 miles south of nippings. sourings told fox 59 that's our affiliate in indianapolis may be connected to a dispearntion of two other people 7. after a dig nobody was found. they're talking to that man jailed in a undecent exposure space. spears ears mother spoke to fox 59 about the search for her daughter. >> i do believe that we're going to find lauren one day. but you know it's very hard with each passing year -- give it over that there's a bigger part of me that hopefully -- hopefully we're going to, you know, finding her. >> spears vanished 2011 after
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friends at a bar in bloomington, and finished at indiana university. no officerses has been made the in that case. >> 6:09 top cop is assuring new yorkers that subway system is safe despite flashings on trains and platsforms. >> he was showing him strolling underground comfortably, of course, surrounded by several police officers. fox 5 teresa priolo is outside the atlantic a subway station in brooklyn. teresa. i mean, if we all could go surrounded by a couple of police officers. nobody would have any problem i think, right? >> exactly. but it is important for police commissioner to kind of calm fears that they have ben and kerry. there's been a state of slashings and has people wondering if nt they're simply safe to walk into the subway to take it on their way to work or home or wherever they need to go. we have heard from police that they arrested a 37-year-old charminged with assault.
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this subway stop. old fears resurfacing underground. concern with subways aren't safe. fueled by a recent state of slashings. ross slashed a woman's hand on three train neither atlantic avenue if barclays center platform on tuesday. he allegedly told his had 29-year-old victim, quote, i'll chop you up on this train. on monday, this man 21-year-old damon knowles allegedly slashed a 71-year-old grandmother on the d train. npgd say there's been a dozen slashings around city since december. bipolar self-medicating -- medicating at home, i'm sorry many of the people need to be in institutions to be seeing full-time care not on streets of new york. random nature of these crimes an
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concerned. >> random ones are greatest concern because they come out of nowhere. renowned forensic pathologist chief medical examiner in 1979 when the subway slash per joseph crist per murderrd four people in one day. he says this recent string, however, troubling, is not a sign that the bad old days are here again. >> random acts we've seen on the subway, there's no the evidence that there's intent to kill. officers are patrolling and additional 5500 officers trained to deal with mentally ill. latest from brooklyn this morning. ben and kerry back to you. >> teresa priolo for us thank you so much. iowa fliewn is it a teen back in texas this morning and in court today for a detention hearing. >> that's where a judge will decide whether ethan couch
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he was held by authorities for a month in mexico after captured there with his mother. accused of violating probation by attending party alcohol following a drunk drive crash in 2013 that killed four people. at time his lawyer said couch did not know right from wrong as cuddled by wealthy parents calling affluenza. associated press review of court records found couch and his family had at least 20 run-ins with the law. often using their money to get out of trouble. >> still a lot more still to come on this friday morning. : auld drink has the forecast. >> watching snow showers into the tristate area. after about 11:00 this morning l you'll see flakes but thopt expect not expecting any accumulation. winds will pick up in speed gust at 30 miles per hour with a chill and track weather along with us by downloading at fox weather and free atsd google play store and itunes store. more of goods day new york will
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>> oceanic atmosphere says this past weekend blizzard is officially fourth most snowstorm to hit the northeast in more than 60 years they announced on
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who knew there was such a thing. calculate inches of reach and population, noaa said. went across 26 states. >> not that we're doing another if bet but we could doll how much snow we're still going to get? >> largely done with the snow. ferlings also with this for now. haven't celebrated last -- less than six inches to go. a dusting here and there. we're not meteorologist. >> you are, though. nice and warm. >> an helping with melting. believe it or not it is beginning to feel like spring next week as temperatures close in on 50 degrees. so we'll talk about that in just a minute. talk about this morning right now it is feeling pretty good in new york city. where temperature is at 37 in the park. freezing mark in islip and
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30 in belmar and 20s in monticello and sussex. now elsewhere across the northeast we have read technician in the 20s and 30s, and these numbers are actually pretty nice. considering how early it is and it is late january. we see colder numbers this time of the year. peeks of sun as is rises. off to the west we have a disturbance out of the great lakes to pick up lake moisture, and lake peskt snow showers across western new york and western pennsylvania. those snow showers work to the tristate area and see scattered snow showers today no accumulation is expected maybe a coating when you see a couple of bursts of snow, and at times we have rain mixing in because temperatures are upper 30s in many locations. wind will pick up this afternoon gusting to 30 miles per hour. you'll feel the difference and those with gusty winds will continue into tonight. temperatures take a big drop north and west. readings in teens. 20s in the city. colder night tonight last t than last night.
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and clouds and temperatures upper 40s on sunday. 50s for monday. and then next week going for high numbers in upper 50s by wednesday. that's why the precipitation we're expecting by then will be in form of rain and not snow. let's see what you can expect on roads this morning. christina stoffo is here with your traffic update. rng thank you very much. question do have an accident out there. and it's going to be on garden state parkway this accident is lingering around southbound by 135 also o on shoulder. crews on scene trying to get this cleaned up as soon as possible. rubber necking as you make your way by that spot. not so bad as you travel up into the area of the tappan zee bridge on throughway i think thises are moving well. taconic state parkway right now not too much going on. if we do have any incidents that i'm not getting reports of not showing up on our flow data here so all of that green tells me things are fine on roadways. let's go outside i want to take
6:18 am
a live shot in 96th stroot to fdr drive this is okay. van wyck expressway this is an issue out there for a little while. van wyck south at rockaway boulevard we have an accident one lane is blocked off here. flashing lights, we have delays back to lyndon bull very hard an a bit congested until that gets cleaned up. northbound side of the road not terrible by the accident area so that's good news. people aren't rubber necking that much. we have area of 106th street on spb side of the rooted. now here's the gwb moving into town. five minute or less in lincoln and holland tunnel as far as trains are concerned right now metro-north. lirr, new jersey transit and path trains running on or close to schedule. you have to puts money in meters. ben and kerry tbang to you. >> new video from fbi shows what happened during deadly traffic stop involving ranch terse in oregon earlier this week .
6:19 am
leader trying to convince remaining gunman to pepped the standoff the a wildlife refuge. jackie has more. >> the oregon standoff with the national wildlife refuge is still not over. even after deadly shootout with police earlier this week. that militia leader urging them to go home. >> desires the occupation to end per the citizen protest percent to go home or turn themselves in. >> still four holdouts involved in standoff. nine people have left the site since they set up road block and check points. >> negotiators continue to work around the clock with these individuals to try to help them to leave that area peacefully. fbi is now released new video showing exactly what happened during the traffic stop. involving the fbi, state police and the ranchers. one of the ranchers died
6:20 am
>> he makes a movement towards the inside right panel with his jacket where it was located and loaded semi-automatic pistol. >> taken into custody along with seven other ranchers after shootout. three others were arrested wednesday night while leaving wildlife refuge and appeared for their arrangement. even though he wants him to go home, his cause is not over. : message is clear that he will not give up his fight for freedom. 11 arrested face charges and prison time. there's no indication standoff will end any time soon. as there are calls on social media for more men to come and proit's in new york jackie, fox news . >> still to come mayor's plan to move carriage horse it is facing new opposition. we'll fell you about it.
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>> welcome back central park conservancy is not e happy with mayor de blasio plan for horse stables in the park. for the first time nonprofit that pays 75% of the park's upkeep has spoken the on this issue saying it has significant concerns with the proposal. plan would shrink enough working horses for from 180 to 95 and stable 75 of them in a historic maintenance building inside the park.
6:24 am
cause too much congestion on internal streets and brietsdz path in the park. group say television recently contacted about the plan to move the stables inside the park. tony the tiger made furry it is happy and upset on twitter and blocked them after receiving inappropriate tweets. he said i'm all for show your stripes, feathers, et cetera let's keep things great. and family-friendly if you could. cubs could be watching i guess inappropriate material sent tony the tiger. furry it is dress i in animal costumes for grownup reasons if you will. cheetos mascot chester cheetah who knew that was the name sees opportunity and welcomed all fans to his twitter. apparently he's more risque, feather scale or full of fur. >> trying to get twitter
6:25 am
tiger fans to his twitter. >> who dresses up in big furry costumes? >> interesting people. interesting people do. : tweet us -- or don't. [laughter] at least you're going to be nice, though. >> don't want to see -- tony the tiger. top story when we return. plus when you see your ride you might be pleasantly surprised. we'll tell you why, "good day"
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>> good morning, the temperature is above the 30s today and win wind will make it feel cold today. audrey puente has your full forecast. >> invited to the presidential debate but only seven showed up. one who is missing on the left there. not forgotten. >> starting today it won't cost as. to take u ber in new york city.
6:29 am
rates to attract more customers. >> manhattan remaining single screen movie threat or showed final film. the film will be converted to a ballroom. all right. good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> and i'm kerry drew in for juliet this morning 6:30 on this friday tgif thanks for being with us. >> check the forecast a week ago we were staring at a pretty big storm. hopefully a quieter weekend weather wise. although there's snow in your forecast today. >> yeah, but that's for today and few snow showers not anticipating any accumulating snow. but on roadways should you encounter showers because they could come down at bursts at times. temperatures in 30s and montauk and bridgeport. montauk 38 and 28 down the shore in bell mar. elsewhere across the northeast you have readings in 20s and
6:30 am
in place too. see peeks of sun but cloudy for much of your friday. here's the snow right now moving across western pennsylvania, and western new york, and it will be slowly working its way towards tristate area. so we'll see a couple of snow showers starts to pop u up u up to eke this morning and see on and off scattered snow showers through the day and rain showers temperatures rising into upper 30s to about 40 degrees. and then tonight we'll have closes in place. it will be cold with temperatures dropping into teens north an webcast. upper 20s in city and winds pix up in speed gusting as high as 30 miles per hour later this afternoon. right through tonight. over the weekend quieter than it sure. a mix of sun clouds upper 30s friday. upper 40s for sunday and 50 degrees as we start off next week applause from the gallery. temperatures above average next week, in fact, highs with upper 50s but wednesday. that's why the precipitation
6:31 am
be in form of rain and not snow. let's see if we'll get any applause for your commute this morning. christina stoffo is here -- >> no already a thuls down. >> i'm a bearer of bad news. they look at me like i'm why. whatted an like i know how to get everywhere. i'm not sure why. let's talk about fdr drive traveling in southbound direction we have two foxes. one by 116th street one by 106th street that means it is bumper to bumper on southbound side of the fdr drive because of two accidents. tefl something to keep in mind. everybody will rubber they can. western spur through 18w dealing with a stalled out truck that's blocking one lane. we have an issue on garden state parkway south and crash from the should sore you want to remember that. slow passing that spots. now let's go outside to the
6:32 am
area of forest avenue, in both directions here not looking too bad that's a great shot of the staten island expressway. and next shot not so nice because it is van wyck driveway with a southbound accident by rockaway boulevard. flighting lights are there. traffic is calling by this spots. lyndon boulevard and northbound direction is guess a little bit slow as you're passings that. people tap the brakes. take a look and see what's going on. newark airport up through western with and eastern spur splits. we have 18w that you want to be aware of. alternate side of the street parking rules but don't forget to put money in the meters. back to group seven republican kaingts showed up for the presidential debate but most of the attention on stage focused on the one who was not there. >> skipping last night, we were talking about whether or not his
6:33 am
kaints a chance to shine. i don't know, it didn't seem like anybody rose above. >> i don't think anyone really stood is out. i think ted cruz was the biggest target last night which tonight come as a surprise considering he's in second place. i think sp of the sort of -- many of the tax were directed his way. not a big surprise again. trump would have made for dramatic tv but it didn't happen. more on that in a second. hold that thought. donald held a fund riser to if benefit veteran. he didn't think megyn kelly treated him fairly at the first republican dabt debate last summer and decided to forego last night's gathering instead he had that fundraiser and explained his decision at that fundraiser. >> fox has been extremely nice
6:34 am
[laughter] and they've wanted me there and they said u how about now? they called minutes a, how about now? hasn't it already started? but you have to stick up for your right when is you're treated badly. you have to stick up for your rights. >> so even though trump was not on the debate stage elephant not in the room actually seemed very much to be the elephant in the room. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben you're a terrible -- now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> he's greatest show on earth this is about the greatest country in the world. >> testifies a teddy bear to me. we had a loving relationship in tweets. i miss him. i wish he was here. >> very funny. we mentioned those 11th hour
6:35 am
between trump and fox news in a network sheds light on what happened. let's show that to you. trump appears to the condition that fox news contradict 500 million to his charities. we explained that was not possible and we could not engage in a quid pro quo again this is network speaking nor could any money change hand for any reason. in the last 48 hours we have two issue at forefront an never compromise our journalistic standards and we would also substantial doubt by our journalist megyn kelly. there were some substantive discussion on issues take a look at that coming up in next half hour. ben and kerry our next milestone in the campaign iowa caucus and then in new hampshire, on to south carolina. some candidates last night basically conceding if iowa because they -- they're assuming it's going to either trump or cruz and setting sights on new hampshire and south carolina.
6:36 am
who will be in the race two, three weeks from now. definitely see on republican side couple of candidates get out if they don't do well in iowa or new hampshire and three or four that hang around. we will -- >> where will votes go from the candidates who drop out. that's what we have to wait to see. robert thanks very much. >> people in new jersey and on lilled felt earth move under their teeth. have a look. see that garage door moving it was not an earthquake yesterday afternoon as many thought it was. but a sonic boom caused by a navy jet doing supersonic tests off east coast. the jet moving faster than speed of sound about e-760 miles per hour and sent out shockwaves surprising everyone on the ground below. >> i was inside the house, and if i kind of heard a rummable. my husband came running out i was on the computer he goes the
6:37 am
navy spokesperson says supersonic test flights are conducted almost daily in that same area but that most sonic booms are not felt on land. certain cooler temperatures may have played in a role in how or pa the effects traveled yesterday. >> fox means business. >> joining us now is lauren simonetti to tell us how u ber is trying to stay competitive in newark. >> if you don't want to take the train to work hail an iewb per save money at 7:00 cutting prices right here in new york city by about 15%. if you break it down base there goes down about 50 cents to 55, why are they doing in? why cutting prices? a, to compete before yellow cabs out there, and also to keep their drivers busier and ensure their riders don't wait as much for their car. to get more drivers. examples of fares and how much
6:38 am
to laguardia save $7 going to 37 bucks. if you're going from chelsea to east village save $2 that fare should be about $11. so that's u ber's move on u ber x and xl service that starts at 7. >> good to know all of these apps out there. lyft so they have to stay competitive. >> going to give them a run for their money into the people heading to work crowd. >> i use that every day. you discover when you were pregnant because that's when my wife started using it she was eight, nine months pregnant i don't to be on a crowded subway car. >> talk to audrey puente about how i change haded her life. >> i will talk to her amazing for $5 anywhere below $1.10 . and you toabt don't have to tip. lauren simonetti thank you. see you monday. catch lauren on fox business network . where you can find they will in
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in your area go to fox findinger. lotion more than 6 billion last night rough nooght for him. after hours trading amazon reported a profit of $1 per share in the first quarter that is 56 cents less than inspectors expected caused stock to fall 100 buck ation share. don't feel bad for bases, though. "forbes" reports he's fourth in the world. >> icon tickle do will come in tall petite and curvey. available in seven skin tones. 22 eye colors and this hair styles. >> 22 tircht eye color, but four whatever. after the toy creates unrealistic expectations for women now expect to have purple eyes. new barbies will hit store
6:40 am
>> i thought brown, hazel -- blue, green. and grey . >> some say green doesn't exist but a lighter version of haze itl. >> mix -- eye color. more accurate that's not really accurate. 22 but okay. we'll try to be accurate about the weather. expecting snow showers across the area moving across western new york and pennsylvania into the tristate region after about 11:00 or 10:00 this morning. couple of scattered snow showers but they could slow you down on roadways as it gets slick out there. temperatures in 30s and quiet tonight. those snow showers out of here look it is like by evening. let's see roads christina you're here right with a traffic update. perform sure, okay yeah we have a couple of things on roadway right now. if you're going to be traveling on the deegan thank you very much.
6:41 am
we have accidents and disabled vehicle to we're talking about them right now. start with deegan which is very, very congestioned for you good morning everyone. southbound side of the road after 223rd street where we have an accident blocking one lane of traffic heavy for you . we're also dealing with trouble on fdr drive that is the southbound side of the road by 116th, 106th both of those accidents really backing things up for you into the area. and then another spot that's really slow is westbound bqe at the williamsburg bridge with a stalled truck. one lane is blocked u off. red surrounding that that is heavy for you on bqe at this time. also we're going to take a live look outside at the new jersey turnpike because we do have the jonl washington bridge that's fine. george washington bridge across the the span, it's a little bit congested goings to cost you about $10, 15 to 20 at the lincoln and holland tunnel into town. alternate side is suspended
6:42 am
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you seven top presidential kains faced off in final trial time debate before iowa caucuses but donald trump was miss and held a fundraiser for veterans couple of miles away. he says he skips the debate because he doesn't think megyn kelly treated him fairly at the fist republican debate last summer. >> deadly confrontation during a standoff with ranchers in oregon. official it is say one acts sris shot by police after he reached for his waistband. the militia is leader has now told followers to leave the wildlife center they had taken over. but four are still occupying it this morning. man accused slashing woman with with a machete is aced. he turned himself in last night. victim was cut on hand tuesday near atlantic avenue. it is the latest in a string of random slashings with a lot of new york rs a bit concerned. >> duke is off this morning so
6:46 am
>> five this season without melo he's out with a sore knee. kept to the third quarter. lance thomas gets floater to go and new york is down by one. toronto had more on three minutes left to play. kyle lowery launch the three. and it's good. toronto wins their franchise best tenth guam in a row as knicks fall 103-93 the final. some boom that's my sports -- you. we do -- i say boom. comedy in college basketball arizona if state hosting in the pac-12 matchup. intrx. a player take free throws with there. oregon player misses first shots and then they reset it for second shot this time around phelps u pulls up his pants. standing there in just a swimming speedo and it worked
6:47 am
second shot also missed. won it 86-68. loving it such a good time. people love to eat wings during football games we know that. during super bowl americans are you ready for this expected eat 1 1.3 billion of them. not one will be consumed in weather an traffic this center this morning neither christina after did you do rei a fan of those. 162 million pounds enough to give every man, woman and child this guy -- [laughter] in america four wings a piece. thank you for moving on from that videos. i don't know this is much more attractive. [laughter] >> north carolina man pace up on a bet. rickey woods told coworkers panthers would not make it to the super bowl. if he did he would paint blue and stangtd is on i had soft street. what happens? he did. no doubt making his family prods. you would think we would learn
6:48 am
win the super bowl he'll stpped outside their stadium wearing i guess only a tutu. a tutu over a winter coat. >> at least he didn't have buffalo wings -- >> with the mustache. not a good look. winter coat would be a good suggestion ben for today because we're chilly across the tristate area. temperatures are pretty nice or considering it's very early on a late january morning. we're at 37 degrees in central park. freezing mark in islip swls to bridgeport. 37 is current reading out to montauk point. down shore in belmar 27 degrees. newark 34. 25 is number in sussex and months sell low 20s right now. you have a lot of clouds in place although seeing sun breaking through here. across new jersey this morning as it rises, and we have snow
6:49 am
lake eivets snow from quest to east and then -- going to be bringing significant snowfall through western new york and pennsylvania. but for us snow showers pass through the area through the afternoon today and temperatures rising into upper 30s it can change to rain showers so we have some spotty showers through the day. mostly middle part of the day and exits by this evening and clouds towards the afternoon. more for sunday. a mix of sun and clouds through remainder of the weekends and temperatures slowly rise into upper 40s by ends of the weekend. so today scattered snow showers rain showers mixed in too. gusty winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. this afternoon, but then gusting to 30 later today and right through tonight . going for drop in temperatures too into the teens north andings west. tomorrow we have 38 for the high.
6:50 am
feel a little spring-like next week. going for high readings newer 50s by wednesday, and that's also our next chance of rain. ben and kerry over to you. >> all of your latest entertainment news coming up next. >> end of an era for a entertainment landmark.
6:51 am
>> good morning everyone. we're dealing with about an accident or a couple of accidents that were on fdr southbound side by 116th street, though, forecast is still out there blocking one lane. we have another one by 106th now clear away but doesn't matter because fdr leading into that area is delft bumper to bumper for yous at this time. we're also see some trouble in new jersey. eastbound side of 80 and local lane by exit 66 a car fire blocking one lane so things get heavy for you. a look aside van wyck xreas where we have that accident for a really long time cleared away. it's southbound rockaway boulevard where accident cleared and things look better into is that spot. alternate side of the spot
6:52 am
don't forget to put money in meters. anna is off so the theater shows final film . showing of "star wars" force awakens well it marks end of an era last night. a paifert for movie premierses with could could wantless stars walking in midtown but losings more than a million every year. now they remotdzed to become the ballroom. it's scheduled to open next year. well actress kim capped to star in "fifty shades of grey" sequel. ing play key role of lincoln, that christian grey business partner i did not read the book. reprize their roles great steele and grey, the u new movie will be called 50 shades dark and plan on shooting it back to back with final movie in the series 50 shades freeze. >> you won't see any of those.
6:53 am
>> i heard so bad it's good? >> is that really a thing? >> yowpght to see a really good bad movie. >> part of the tradition she led a parade through harvard square in cambridge and took part in a roast before receiving herward. oldest organization say it is named washington as woman of the year because she's the first black wol to headline a network tv drama since 1974. she of course stars as olivia pope on hit show scandal. >> major act is kicking off american tour in our area so who? consciously uncoupled at metlife stadium in new jersey and hit
6:54 am
and dallas before wrapping things up in sphrik in september and support cold display studio album a head u full of dreams out last month and playing at the super bowl halftime show a
6:55 am
have give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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