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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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almost the end of the month. rosanna: it is the end of the month. good morning. i am rosanna scotto. audrey puente has the details. i guess mike really banged it out for his birthday. greg: gave himself the day off. also. the great big debate last night. it did not feature donald trump. showed up on another channel. had a rally at the same time. rosanna: everyone is playing by his rules lately anyway. view details in the search for that student that has been missing for quite some time.
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four years ago. greg: they are searching a man's home near the university. there is growing concerns about the rash of cities. greg: a lot of people thought that they were going through an earthquake yesterday in new jersey and long island. great big fighter jets going down the coast. could it have been caused by airplanes? we are checking into it.
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greg: i felt it myself. rosanna: donald trump. greg: chris wallace. megan kelly. a great job with the candidates that were not donald trump. rosanna: maybe you could not go away and on our fox5 facebook page, was it me or was there too much talk about donald trump? >> he is a front runner in the polls. >> it is about the issues. that is what the debates are supposed to be about. greg: megan looked fantastic. rosanna: i liked the haircut. what she said was more
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greg: do not make me out to be some sort of raging. period i just noticed her hair. report the troops. i do. rosanna: go to our facebook page. it is interesting. i want to know what mike woods did last night. greg: audrey puente, welcome to "good day new york" again. audrey: he's decided to take the
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rosanna: ines is not here either. greg: are they going out again? [laughter] audrey: nor is our makeup artists. [laughter] clearly we were not there, because we are here now. for the rest of us waking up at this early hour, let's hope you get out the door today. temperatures are starting off today nice. it is late in january. we're close to what should be our average high for this time of year. thirty and islip. thirty-five in montauk. thirty-eight up in poughkeepsie. walmart is that 28. these numbers are milder. we will be slightly above
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30 miles per hour. that will definitely add to the chill in the air. the clouds will thicken up. it is picking up some wake effect snow showers. those snow showers will reach the tri-state area today. it could be a few quick burst as it goes through the middle part of the day. we will see a changeover to change over to rain across parts of the area. thirty-eight tomorrow. forty-seven on sunday. springlike temperatures as we go into next week. let's see what it looks like on the roads. >> good morning, everyone.
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crash up on the shoulder. we are also seeing an accident on the fdr. 1 million. a ton of traffic. lame. i will bring you to the gowanus. the big thing on the bqe. now we will go to the file a typical volume for this time of day. you definitely want to allow yourself a lot of extra time. trains are looking good. alternate side of the street is
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greg: thanks a lot. voting starts on monday. donald trump did not show up. big controversy. did he make a good move politically? maybe, maybe not. rosanna: everyone is talking about him. trump was less than 3 miles away holding a rally trying to raise money for war veterans there. greg: let's get the energy up. robert moses has more. >> reporter: will donald trump's actions make everyone's hearts grow fonder? we will see. we watched the debate without them. >> before we get to the issues, let's address the elements not in the room tonight. >> reporter: he was in a
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fundraiser for veterans. he fixed the fox news google debate last night because he did not think that making kelly treated him fairly last summer. >> fox has been extremely nice. they have wanted me there and they said how about now. they called a few minutes ago. started. you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly, you have to stick up on that. >> i am a maniac. everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. [laughter] now that we have gotten the donald trump ocean out of the way -- >> it is not about donald trump. this campaign is about the greatest country in the world. >> i kind of miss donald trump.
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i wish he was here. >> the debate moved on to other matters. national security and immigration. >> he is the king for king for said oh, you are for amnesty. it is a falseness. that is an authenticity problem. >> marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors. chris christie had just about had it. >> waistcoat things done. >> this is the statement from fox that was released last night. trump offered to appear at the debate on the condition that fox news contribute $5 million to his charity. we explained that is not
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in that. in the last 48 hours, we have kept two issues at the forefront we will always stand by our journalists, megan kelly. rosanna: you cannot control the media. however, can i tell you -- greg: take a look at these guys one more time. rosanna: i brought up the issue. should we have been talking so much about donald trump during the roof looking debate. i said why don't we talk more about the issues. too much talk about donald. too much talk about hillary. why is it that donald trump is being talked about more than the
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enough respect for us to show enough respect for us to show up. greg: the most fascinating thing to happen to the process. many people find him offensive. it is fascinating to watch. you have been complaining to me that these debates put you to sleep. >> anyway. the conversation continues online. we have been talking about it all morning. >> lawrence fire disappeared in june 2011. developments in that case, she
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she was attending indiana university. we have reports that police are searching the home of a man that is known to law enforcement. flasher. rosanna: sources are telling our affiliate that a person that used to live there may be connected to the disappearance of two other people. they found nothing around his home. police are not talking to that man. he is currently jailed on and unrelated and he said exposure case. >> it is hard.
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there is a bigger power than me. hopefully, it you know, we will find her. >> out will be wonderful if they she had just finished her university. maybe they got a break here. >> apparently it happened at a bus stop in brooklyn. they say a very old gray van pulled up in front and a man offered to give this young girl a ride home. she told police that she sought
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5-foot three, 5-foot four. last seen wearing a gray baseball cap. >> any information, please call police. what about all the slashings we have had around new york russian work the man accused of slashing a woman with a machete on the subway, they got him. he had some security detail with them. greg: it looks like this was not during rush hour. let's go to teresa priolo. she has the latest. >> also not a young single woman. you talk to people here in brooklyn. they have real and serious concerns about this. allegedly assaulting a woman at
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safe riding the subway. i try to stay aware. >> to you feel safe in the >> no. there is a lot of stuff going on. a recent slashing. police say that this man is the same guy who slashed a woman's hand on the three train. allegedly told his 29-year-old vick down i will chop you up on this train. on monday, this man, allegedly slashed a 71-year-old grandmother. the nypd says there has been one doesn't slashings around the city since to sender. >> self-medicating at home. many of these people need to be
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seek full-time care. >> reporter: the random nature of these crimes. >> you never know when it is going to happen. it could happen to just about anyone. >> random ones are the greatest concerns. they come out of nowhere. the subway slasher joseph christopher murdered four people in one day. he said this recent string, however troubling, is not a sign that those days are here again. >> there is no evidence that there was intent to kill. >> 2800 officers. securing the transit system.
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back to both of you in the studio. >> takes a lot. they lived in new jersey and long island. this is what it sounded like. anyway. it was not an earthquake. they were conduct a supersonic test with their aircraft off the coast of new york and new jersey. what was felt was probably a sonic boom. listen to this. >> i was inside the house. i heard a rumble. he said to me, the whole bedroom just shook. >> it was felt all over the place. >> we conduct these kinds of tests all the time. certain atmospheric conditions.
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boom travels. >> you cannot feel it on land. you do it out at sea. rosanna: explained that in english. greg: just below the speed of sound. slow down a little bit. next up, we have audrey puente with the weather. >> we are already in the mid- 30s in central park. heading up to northern new jersey, good morning to you. we are in the 20s. hoboken is in the 30s this morning. we do have some clouds across
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moisture from the great lakes. some of those snow showers will work their way into the tri-state area today. by the time they get here, they will be weakening somewhat. a couple of rain showers. very scattered and verified in nature. tomorrow, we will wake up with plenty of sunshine throughout the area. more of the same for you on sunday. temperatures will slowly be rising into the upper 40s throughout the weekend. it will last into the evening. we will be in the 40s by sunday. 50 degrees by monday. high numbers in the upper 50s by wednesday. let see how it looks on the roads this morning. christina stoffo is here with traffic. christina: we are going to talk
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it is an accident. taking out at least one lane of traffic. it will be a little bit heavy for you. we are dealing with a stalled out truck. we are still seeing a lot of volume as you are traveling into that spot. do not forget to put money in the meters. back to you. rosanna: mike. wherever you are. greg: did they go on vacation again? our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. t need a loan. funding fast. in 4 months? that was a leap. on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at >> the latest on the zika virus. rosanna: everyone is concerned whether this will affect us here. >> at least one is a pregnant woman here in new york. rosanna: it is linked to severe birth defects. that is why they are very concerned. greg: state officials got together yesterday to see what they would do.
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really no virtual risk of transmission. >> it will hold an emergency meeting on monday. greg: staff sergeant, he was a great man. a native of staten island. he will be naming the next staten island in his favor. staten island ferry, let's see. entering service in 29 team. rosanna: he stepped in front of a wounded polish soldier. twenty-four years old. >> we will be there when it happens in 2019 when they name the ship. very fond of the fleet of ships.
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things. number one, a great view of the statue of liberty. it is free. rosanna: 22 million people use the staten island ferry every year. let's talk about brooklyn. people that live and work there are very upset over the possibility of the l train shutting down. listen to this. >> we need to make some repairs. >> that is not enough. >> today releasing in?
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that are fair. rosanna: they are listening. they are not taking it in. three years. rosanna: do you have plans yet? greg: the moon. beautiful. what a shot. we have not had any human beings there since 1970. rosanna: that is crazy. what about the man on the moon.
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on your touchscreen display. ok, enough music, everybody out. well played dad. hurry in to get this great least deal on an accord plus our best prices on all 2016 hondas. not just smart. street smart. greg: atlantic center. i got on the entering the other day and it was that are trained. i knew i was on the wrong train when it suddenly got light outside and i was on the
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it was a big pain in the neck. i had to be somewhere else. rosanna: you could have gone to the burlington coat factory and taught something. >> it is a very lovely area. >> i was in a rush. rosanna: this is not the first time you wound up there. rosanna: there is a 40 / 40 club. i went to the one at the
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you need to hop back on the train. there is no 40s / 45. they have a billboard lounge or something. it is really cool. we will find out about that later, i guess. we are at 35 in the city. twenty-eight in poughkeepsie. we are in the 20s in sussex. these numbers are milder than where they were at this time yesterday. we are in store for about half richest time of year. when this average right now. right to the evening. that will add to the chill. satellite and radar, showing lots of clouds in place.
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the snow showers will make their way into the tri-state area. it looks like we will see a couple of spotty showers today. some in the form of snow, some in the form of rain. it will be the start of a nice mild trend. happy birthday to add. happy birthday to you. hope you have a great day. good morning to christina stoffo. >> we have a couple of things going on here. we have this issue out. it is an accident. it is blocking one lane of traffic. the right lane is blocked off. the fire is extinguished.
7:32 am
especially these pounds. surprisingly, looking very quiet for us right now. our next live shot is going to be that l.i.e. we do have to laze. it does not matter. things are getting very, very congested for you here. make your way into the tunnel. up to 20 from all your approaches. alternate side of the street parking rules, they are suspended today. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: rosanna and i were up late last night. not as late as we thought because we fell asleep.
7:33 am
i want to bring in the experts. welcome to you both. greg: making kelly framed -- this is the very first. donald trump chose not to attend this evenings presidential debates. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. surgeon. now that we got the donald trump portion out of the way -- [laughter] greg: what message does that send? >> i think that it was very good to leadoff with that question. it got the donald trump issues
7:34 am
express their views. >> where is donald trump? do i dare to find out where he is right now? >> i think that there was a great curiosity. it was told. by the second hour, it was a presidential debate. i do not want to save the clown act, but it was across town. i think the mistake crews made, he needed to basically take trump apart on issues. >> here is a little bit more from us night. he is an interesting guy. >> i kind of miss donald trump.
7:35 am
i kind of miss them. i wish that he was here. >> certainly still the center of attention. nobody was taking him on. rubio always has a great debate. it kind of shows that, what will he do when he is with strong people on the stage. >> we all have a record. it is called politics. that is the way it is. >> we want to be the united states of america. let's get things done.
7:36 am
did you think? he was good. he was spicy. he knows how to talk to the cameras. at the end of the day, i do not think it gets into the point that he needs to be. greg: pretty early on, i found myself, where is donald trump. a pro- veteran rallied. >> extremely nice. [laughter] they have wanted me there and they said how about now. how about now. i said hasn't it already started. you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated that late, you have to stick up for your rights.
7:37 am
what do you make of this? >> he has been on 177 times. he wants to play by his own rules. fox pays me $5 million. he wants to play by his own rules. rosanna: he does seem like he is rewriting the playbook. there is no playbook. it is going to be interesting. what happens in iowa? does he get the people to the polls? i do not think you will do nearly as well as people are expecting him to. i think that has crews definitely has a group of people that are ready to show up. voter registration has not increased.
7:38 am
greg: ed, what do you think? >> 120,000. 150,000. he will win. it is just testing grounds. cruise has a strong ground game. if trump wins -- greg: one more thing. donald trump mentioned all of the new york realtors. it was the fisher family. all of these titans of new york real estate. >> he does not have the grassroots people to make donations to a charitable fund. we will see what he does with the money. he had his moment in the sun.
7:39 am
start to finish. >> i would say get on that the faith. >> interesting. greg: thank you very much.
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egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. greg: a solemn moment.
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isn't that you to fall. >> i think that this is right after she was moving into the apartment with that guy. it is so pretty. it does not change. 744. have you heard about this? this past weekend blizzard is oafish the late the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit that east in years.
7:44 am
the atmospheric group, 103 people. wow. more than half the country. i was trying to chase it with the zika virus. greg: rosanna had a big headache. rosanna: you know how i am. i was so anal about that stuff. you did make it sound like you cleared an elderly woman. >> i am sure this happened to
7:45 am
>> i knew what it was going to be. i like to look dangerous. no peach weather here. thirty-five in central park. central park at the freezing mark. new rochelle and drive. frog's neck is at 38. clouds across the area this morning. they are coming in advance of a disturbance. sparking up snow showers. we will see a couple of them spill over in the tri-state area. it could be a little bit of a first of snow. just the roadways could get a
7:46 am
we have plenty of sunshine to start out our saturday. we are expecting more of the same for your sunday. we will drop down to the teens. them. fifty on monday. it looks like we will have rain on that day as well. matthew. looking adorable today. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. christina: we have a couple of things going on. we do have an accident.
7:47 am
right by ocean parkway. we have a crash in that area. let's go outside. i will bring you to 95. things are not looking so bad. it will be the southbound side. running off to s the tappan zee bridge. a little bit slow. no incidents or anything like that. here is the new jersey turnpike. things are moving well. into the george washington bridge. thirty inbound holland. alternate side is suspended. you still have to put money in the meters. greg: thanks a lot. sports real quick. they lost carmelo anthony. still has a bad need.
7:48 am
they are really good at this. they try to freak out the free thrower. they took it to a new level. watch this. rosanna: who was in the middle? greg: that is michael phelps. [laughter] trying to freak out the free thrower. rosanna: did it work? greg: twice it worked. rosanna: the guy missed the shot? greg: ps. arizona state versus oregon. look at that. rosanna: that is wild. anyway, let's talk about the super bowl. people love to eat wings during the super bowl. americans are expected to eat
7:49 am
greg: 1.3 billion? rosanna: i love that national chicken council. 162 million pounds. enough to give every man, woman and child in america for wings each. >> we got dressed up. look at the frat boy there. poor guide. we had all kinds of cool guest, by. this was the morning of the game. >> this was a fun, fun party. what are we doing this year? >> what do you say?
7:50 am
7:51 am
rosanna: high above the barclays. greg: snow on the roof. rosanna: things are melting around town.
7:52 am
there is nothing to worry about. rosanna: so much snow on the roof that the roof fell in. do you remember that? leonardo dicaprio. he met with the pope. rosanna: lots of witnesses. >> 15 minutes yesterday. >> i think he kissed the ring which is customary. leo gave the pontiff a book of -- also, a donation from his charitable foundation. a copy of this publication.acned sky. it represents so much to me and what is going on in the environment.
7:53 am
still flat. it represented to me the promise of the future. >> i heard that he actually spoke italian to them. greg: how about that. i am always impressed with that guy. rosanna: he is really smart and talented. let's talk about barbie. she is getting a new look. finally embracing the diversity that makes this. there are new body types for barbie. tall, petite, curvy. twenty-two by colors.
7:54 am
and a car. >> is he going to have a potbelly? >> i can for the rest of us. >> auditions for this year's gospel fest. >> great location over there. a brief little cameo for me a couple years ago. if you want to be part of gospel fest, it you can. 7:00 o'clock to 9:00 o'clock. there is the address. of course, the big shindig is may 7. saturday. greg will be there. he will be hosting. he loses his mind.
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donald trump did not like he was, issue number unwith, that is the debate. megyn kelly putting questions to the candidates. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. donald trump has chosen not to attend this evening, presidential debate. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat andingly. ben you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way, all right. enough people -- >> megyn was correct raising issue right away. she was spectacular. >> i think she is great. i think she is smart. i don't necessarily agree that was the best first question. >> perfect. you and i figured it out. i feel like this was a debate for the other candidates. it also demeans them. it isn't fair.
7:59 am
now they're talking about something who doesn't show up for the debates. >> doesn't demean anybody. like it or not he is the front-runner. >> why bring that up the first question about it. everybody was talking about it. the elephant not in the room. >> i like the hair. >> your hair. i know you don't like it. >> you changed it. >> it is back to straight on monday. every time you see me goes, what did you do to your hair. i wanted to tell i like your hair. >> my mother didn't like it. >> exactly. >> my husband likes it. you don't like it. audrey? >> i like it. >> this is the dilemma. >> what do you like? >> i think i will go back to straight. >> you look like a different person. looks more fun and festive. >> my fun night out. >> what do you think i should do
8:00 am
>> your hair, letting it grow. i can tell. i like that. >> back to the barbershop. >> start with the weather. we're anticipating snow showers. i don't think this will be a big deal. could see a big burst of snow. i'm not expecting any accumulations. will be enough if you got caught. it could provide slick roadways. want to be away if you're driving around the area. talk temperatures in the first. 20s and 30s. 2in poughkeepsie. 35 in the city. 30 in islip and 34 toward montauk. bridgeport, belmar you're checking in 28 degrees. these numbers are milder than this time yesterday shut be above average last week.
8:01 am
30. there are more clouds to the west. gradually moving into the area. they're all ahead of system sparking up lake-effect snow showers across western new york and western portions of pennsylvania. some of these showers survive the trip towards the tri-state area. we'll see a quick burst of snow here and there. not expecting any accumulations. could show you down as roadways get a bit wet. some snow could fall as rain showers especially southern new jersey. 47 for sunday. check out next week. we're going for 50 on monday. close to that on tuesday. even higher than 50 degrees by the middle part of the week. talk more about that coming up. talk about your commute. we head over to christina. >> audrey, thank you. good morning, everyone. look at the maps. i bring you to couple things going on. eastbound route 4, we have accident blocked off there. expected to heavy delays moving
8:02 am
seeing trouble in the southern state parkway, westbound area of nassau road. that is a crash. we'll take a live look at southern state parkway where the accident happened. flashing lights also on the side. really not impacting flow of traffic too much. people driving by it. that is good news. both directions here not really looking too bad. go to the george. inbound look very crowded up and lower level. very slow moving across the span. will cost you 30 minutes into the toll plaza. 30 and holland. 45 minutes at lincoln tunnel at time. if you travel towards the brooklyn bridge. b.q.e., gets crowded. span is actually looking pretty good. alternate side street parking rules are suspended but. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks a lot. we had flashing throughout the city. have you heard about these?
8:03 am
>> from the police commissioner. took ride on trains. wanted to show the subway system is safe. him. >> pretty sizable entourage. >> that is symbolic. he wanted to send a message that it is safe out there. >> what is about about flashings we hear about almost daily basis. almost like a epidemic. theresa priolo from prospect heights, brooklyn. reporter: this is big issue for people at subway stop. when you ask them, they simply don't feel safe on the subway. they are happy to hear that police arrest ad 37-year-old man at this stop. >> i felt pretty safe riding the subway. i try to stay aware keep eye what is going on around me. >> do you feel safe riding on subway? >> no. >> why not? >> things going on. people getting flashed and hurt.
8:04 am
underground that subways are not safe, with a series of slashings. he slashed a woman's hand on the barclay center platform. he allegedly told the 29-year-old victim quote, i will chop you up on this train. this man, 21-year-old david knowles allegedly slash ad 70-year-old grandmother on the d-train. nypd says there is dozen slashings around the city. >> bipolar schizophrenic, self-medicating at home. i'm sorry. many of these people need to be in institutions where they can receive full time care, not on the streets of new york. reporter: still seemingly random nature of these crimes, instability of assailants that has riders concerned. >> you never know when it can happen. can happen just to about everybody. that is scary. >> the random ones are the greatest concern.
8:05 am
reporter: reknowned forensic pathologist dr. michael baden was city's chief medical examiner in 1979 when the subway slasher joseph christopher murdered four people in one day. he said this recent string, however troubling is not a sign the bad old days are here again. >> random acts in the subway there is no evidence that there was intent to kill. reporter: according to the nypd, they're training additional 5500 officers to deal with the mentally ill. they hope this in part, greg and rosanna helps to combat the problem. latest from brooklyn. back to you. >> thank you, theresa. politics, huh? donald trump wasn't there. sure was talked about last night. >> sure was. this is at the republican debate. everybody was in attendance. donald trump, while he was not there, he was there in spirit. >> he was doing something else. he was on tv. last night at his own rally only
8:06 am
this is all in iowa. caucuses are monday and right now donald trump still seems to be on top in most polls. >> by the way, raising a lot of money. millions of dollars for war veterans. he gave a million dollars of his own family. fisher family. carl icahn, heft think -- hefty check for him too. >> let's bring in our reporter. >> robert moses, what are you thinking? reporter: couple observationsbeing highest ranked candidate present, ted cruz had much of the ire directed at him. marco rubio handled questions fairly well. jeb bush looked comfortable and was witty. enough who was there. let's talk about who wasn't. >> before we get to the issues, let's address elephant not in the room tonight. that elephant -- reporter: named donald trump was in a different room, a few miles from the iowa event center,
8:07 am
he skipped fox news debate last night because he didn't think moderator megyn kelly treated him fairly at first republican debate last summer. fox has been extremely night, last number of hours actually, and they wanted me there. and they said how about now? called a few minutes ago. how about now? can you come over? hasn't already started? right. when you are treated badly you have to stick up to your rights. reporter: back on the debate stage, the elephant room was actually in the room. >> i'm a maniac, everybody on the stage is stupid, fast and ugly and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we got the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> not about donald trump. he is entertaining guy. he is greatest show on earth. this campaign is about the greatest country in the world. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me. we had loving relationship in
8:08 am
miss him i wish he was here. reporter: alas he want-wasn't. ted cruz was accused flip-flopping on amnesty. >> everybody is for amnesty except for ted cruz. that is falseness. that is authenticity problem. this is the. this is the lie ted's campaign is built on. >> marco made the choice of going the direction of major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. reporter: at this point new jersey governor chris christie had just about had it. >> let's stop the washington bull. reporter: back to trump, trump offered statement offered appear to on debate, contribute $5 million to his charities. that was not possible and we could not engage in quid pro quo or any money exchange hands in any reason.
8:09 am
issues for front. we would never compromise our junenal listtic standards and stand by our journalist, megyn kelly. >> go megyn. thank you, robert. what were the candidateses saying with not just with their mouths but with their eyes. our next expert can see through ben and you and me,. >> tonya reiman. >> you've seen her on the o'reilly show. you're a body language expert. start with your first observation please. >> ted cruz? >> ted cruz. >> one of the things we noticed with him last night his rate was high. well, what that means is, suddenly see a little more pressure you blink faster because the brain is working harder. >> blinking his eyes, faster than he normally does? >> as a matter of fact at one point the calculation was 77
8:10 am
averaged it out, so in other words his eyes were closed more than open at certain points. >> what does that mean? >> shows high level of anxiety. you ask me a question i might feel uncomfortable with because of mental arousal. >> interesting. bush, he did something with his tongue. >> bush as he was answering a question he did not own a tongue press, stuck his tongue out. after he finishes answering question he wasn't happy about it. in addition he did forward lip purse which kind of compliments this tongue thrust. shows he is not happy. >> tongue seems to be in his mouth for the most part. >> when you watch these things, what i do i'm watching it, i see it, we slow it down you see it easier. tongue comes out and lips are forward. that kind of lip jut so to speak it is just seconds the tongue thrust which not only disgust but disagreement. >> what about marco rubio, how did he fare?
8:11 am
him last night. i think absence of trump made certain people shine and certain people more with the light on, they got nervous. when i looked at rubio, he was sweating, speaking like all over the place. he wasn't his calm, usual self. much faster conversation. >> put volume up on this. i notice his giant ears. am i only one? >> no. >> i -- >> rubio has very big ears. they're bigger than normal. i'm not voting on that basis. >> look at his eyebrow also? see high on left side. that is typically -- brow. he does this quite often. uses it as is -- >> his ears. why would you say that to me? i can't stop looking. >> are they, just acknowledge, are they bigger? >> they seem big. what does it mean with man with big ears? now we're getting into whole new field of interest.
8:12 am
observation. there are more important things. chris christie. >> did usual thing. he is very good. what does he do? looks directly at camera and speaks directly to the audience. he engages. we feel so much more attached to him. we feel like he feels our pain. as a matter of fact, he looked right at camera. 45-year-old truck driver and that 45-year-old truck driver at home. he feels me, he knows me. >> seems a little phony. seems like it has been done a million times. donald trump is looking all over the place. he is looking at audience. >> there is a reason for that. there is difference the way you try to approach. even those these two are bully type of guys, they're very different the way they interact with the press. >> speaking opposite, ben carson. >> he is the complete opposite. he was doing really well last night if you watched him initially. after an hour 1/2. you fall back into your normal autopilot self. if you watch, here he is is again. ringing.
8:13 am
you say, he is surgeon he has to concentrate. my problem is -- >> i want my surgeon with his eyes on me. you better be looking. >> in addition to that what is does opposite of chris christie is break the connection. he closes his eyes you feel like you want the connection. >> governor kasich who i thought was basically finished showing signs of hope in new hampshire believe my own statement. that shows you want to get smaller. you don't feel confident. that is what he did. he made a statement. lifted up his shoulders which kind of diffuses statement. really? why did you just do this insecurity thing you know. interesting stuff. >> rand paul what about rand paul? rand paul, he likes to
8:14 am
he talks until everybody goes to sleep, doesn't he? does the long things in congress where he talked overnight. >> no that is ted cruz did that. >> so does rand paul i thought. well. >> filibustering is technique. what about that last night? >> we've seen an evolution. first couple of debates he was on first tier, nasty, sarcastic, smirking. he bottom better. he has his own cheerleading squad. after he finish as sentence it is unbelievable. what is the list. what is going on with the list? >> donald trump, remember, donald trump went out of his way to say excuse me, you're a funny-looking guy. i could make fun of you if i wanted to but i won't, but i could. you remember that? >> i love the way you do impression. spot on. >> not that bad, right? while this was happening i was having my own spectacular event for the veterans. >> what do you say about donald trump. >> i didn't get to watch it that
8:15 am
obviously i only saw news clips. he is the opposite when we talk about, he is not speaking to the red dot. he wants to engage the entire audience right in front of him. because he is such a people person. what he learned he doesn't need that. so many people what he does, they love him and think like he is trendsetter. he could do no wrong. he is golden child. >> wow, you probably wouldn't have thought you say that a year ago. >> i don't agree with it. but i have to acknowledge it. >> talk about body language, we'll talk about another show. >> i love your hair. vivacious, alive, sexy. sorry. >> tonya? i will start a twitter war with you. excuse me, you're such a lightweight. i can't believe you're on television. i'm only kidding, tonya. you're amazing. >> always want to have your perspective here. >> audrey, take it away. >> good morning, both of you.
8:16 am
anticipate snow showers across the tri-state area. here. coming off the great lakes. they are going to make the trip as far as the tri-state area. showers. through. we're not -- popping through. accumulations. that could cause slick spots. temperatures in the upper 30s later this afternoon. gusty wind up to 30 miles an tonight. tonight colder than last night. in teens north and west. upper 20s in the city. looking ahead to the weekend. looks pretty good. sun and cloud. 30s tomorrow. 40s on sunday. 50 degrees to start off week on monday. check out wednesday. we'll see rain but temperatures will be very spring-like. mostly middle to upper 50s. let's see the roads this morning with. the traffic update. >> audrey, we have a couple accidents.
8:17 am
at sleau road. taking out one lane. garden state parkway, crash here on the shoulder. definitely seeing are upper necking. eastbound, local lanes for the parkway. deegan so heavy south of fordham road with accident. also blocking one lane. look outside at fdr which is looking pretty congested southbound into the area. bumper to bummer delays here. alternate side of the street parking rules they are sus spended today but you still got to put money in the dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight. >> let's get down to business, shall we. >> lauren simonetti hello. >> so many ways to get around new york city today. you have lyft, uber. uber is getting a little competitive. they want to keep drivers a little busier. hour 1/2 ago you saw 15% drop in the price of your uber ride effective at 7:00 this morning. base fare goes down to 2.55. per mile fair, 1.75.
8:20 am
basically going from chelsea to the east village, it will be $11 >> that's good. >> i don't know. it seems -- >> cheaper. you know, as you were saying i just checked my emails. i got email from uber saying they cut their rate. >> yep. midtown this, is pretty good. midtown to laguardia is now $37. >> seems a little hocus-pocus to don't know how much until you get out of the car. >> i know. range pricing. have a good weekend. >> you too, lauren. thank you thank you. guess who will be here next hour? >> kelsey grammer, made famous on "cheers" and on broadway. >> finding never land on broadway. >> sideshow bob in the simpsons.
8:21 am
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>> you grew up riding the subway -- right? you're no tramp but you're no lady. >> it's friday. "good day new york" tradition, going back significant period of time. we play this song every friday at 8:30. >> just about. even though if it is 8:29 we play it, we don't care. we celebrate native new yorkers and those who want to be native new yorkers. we encourage you to sing along and, look at this beautiful sights here from brooklyn. >> one of these days we'll know the words by heart. >> this part. whoa, whoa. you're a native new yorker. >> nothing like it in the world, new york city. >> i wonder if gloria is a native new yorker. because it is her birthday.
8:24 am
>> tell the first one oprah's birthday. everyone love's oprah. >> tom tom selleck too. >> no kidding. the tom selleck, the commissioner. this was so beautiful in "saturday night fever," john travolta, after that moment, right? >> yeah. >> they took in the bridge. he knew everything about that bridge. >> you know, let me tell you something in those day, moving to the city was like you made it. i will move to the city. you're like on easy street. you made the big time. now, it is cooler to live in brooklyn than it is in the city. somehow i like missed that boat. >> she was very mean to john travolta in the movie. you probably got no college. you probably got no college. >> you're right. >> his friend the little guy with all the problems. probably i wouldn't marry you in a million years. said something very mean. it was a great movie.
8:25 am
by the way do you have all the words down for "grease"? this sunday we have sing along here on fox. i love the sing alongs. >> what do you mean? >> sing along live show. sing along to "grease". julianne hough will be on "good day new york." we'll talk to her about "grease." >> that will be nice for her and you. i won't sing along. >> i know you hear the song summer loving you lose your mind. you know summer loving, how does it go. >> having a blast. happened so fast. >> i knew it. >> good morning, both of you. feel like summer. here we go. >> oh those summer nights. >> remember the spent all summer together, john travolta and olivia newton-john. sandy, she had to go back to australia, but her plans were
8:26 am
he doesn't find out until the first day of school? you would think they were so into each other. >> going to the drive h in. >> going out all summer long. hey, guess who is here. for your entertainment value. >> didn't want boys to know how squishy you are. remember him? jekyll & hydeer at the party. >> what are you guys talking about? >> he was sweet all summer. he found her at drive-in, bonfire. >> being cool with his friends. >> danny, where have you been. i miss you. blah blah. >> you're watching on sunday obviously. >> have to spend a little bit more time. she was supposed to be back in australia. >> he was happy to see her. oh, my god -- >> take it outside. >> i'm just saying if she canceled her plans to australia -- >> did for appearances. >> summer loving, having a blast. >> don't think we have a to have
8:27 am
>> they were texting back then i don't think. >> take it away. >> definitely not feeling like summer today. feeling more like winter. it is winter. we'll have winter temperatures as well as winter precipitation across parts of the area, folks. starting off in the 30s, 20s in the region. 25 in monticello. 24 in sussex. 30 degrees in central park and bridgeport. checking in at the freezing point at the moment. numbers higher than they were but tomorrow we'll be colder. let's head out to northern new jersey, we have a 19 brooklyn heights. hoboken 35 degrees. you're waking up with 32 degrees right now. light winds at the moment. these will pick up in speed out of the northwest, roughly about 15, to 25 miles an hour this afternoon, gusting to 30 that
8:28 am
it is friday night, planning to go out, you will be bundled up. satellite, radar showing mix of sun and clouds out there. snow showers starting to work their way in northeastern pennsylvania and sullivan county. slowly workdown state into the region. across northern new jersey and hudson valley first and spread into new york city by lunchtime. weakening punch as you get into the region. we'll see a quick burst of snow and couple snow showers. on and off through the day. could see a few rain showers mixed in across central and southern new jersey. nothing of major consequence. you may want to be aware of, pop up umbrella, or if you've driving could cause a few slick spots in the driveways. expecting a mix of sun and clouds saturday and sunday. check out temperatures, highs in and around 50 degrees as we go into the beginning of next week. we have to look at the roads.
8:29 am
>> audrey, thank you so much. we're definitely seeing a couple things lingering out on the roadways, this issue west on 78 at exit 45. that's a crash blocking one lane. we have accident on garden state parkway at exit 135. it's a crash and one lane blocked. major deegan is heavy out by fordham road. talking about extensive delays moving into the accident the southbound deegan by fordham road. bumper-to-bumper moving into that spot. southern state parkway in nair of nassau expressway, 21, had accident in the distance. you may see emergency activity. but you see traffic flowing along up to speed, not looking to terrible. we'll go to the george washington bridge. delays eased out moving into the toll plaza. once you're on the span of the bridge, different story. a lot of slow moving traffic across the bridge. definitely want to keep that in mind.
8:30 am
30 minutes inbound holland. alternate side of the street rules suspended but definitely put money in the meter. >> when you're a parent and you have kids and they're at school and after-school programs you can breathe a sigh relief. they're someplace safe. you know where they are. not all the time. in queens an employee of an after-school program has been fired accused of failing to stop a fight between two young boys. now this fight was caught on video, posted on facebook and that is where the dad comes in, kevin jones. he says his son keyshawn was hurt after the fight. and the school never contacted him to let him know about all of this. in fact he didn't find out about it until he was checking out his son's facebook page, there was this fight video basically on his son's facebook page. joining us is, the father, and his attorney, sanford rubenstein. nice to have you both here.
8:31 am
your son's facebook page to make sure everything is on up and up. >> yes. >> what do you see? >> i look on the page, i see a fight breaking out. i'm asking my son who is the older gentleman on the pain? and he said it was the football coach. before i saw video, his mother called me and said take a look on facebook because i really didn't know what was really going on until i actually looked on the facebook. >> what was your reaction when you saw this? >> i outraged, outraged. i couldn't understand how the football coach stood there and watch the two kids fight and he was actually joining in with them. and one of the children says, step aside. he actually stepped aside to let them fight more. >> so he never said to them, let's break this up, you kids shouldn't be doing that? >> he never said anything. if you take a look at video, you will actually see everything he was doing. >> which was, was he encouraging it?
8:32 am
at the end of fight he smiled and smirked. >> how did you get involved? >> if you look at video you see almost acting like referee in a ring while these two kids are slugging it out. not only was he fired, but we got a call from detectives from 101st precinct. we're cooperating with them. they interviewed both kevin and keyshawn with issue of criminality, reckless ending dangerment. crime of endangering welfare of a minor. both class m misdemeanors. could be charges that could be brought. >> this is not only school investigation now, we're finding out this is criminal investigation? >> there were two investigations, one by the school personnel who investigate these things, carden's office, commissioner carden and independently by detectives at 101 precinct. >> if there is criminal investigation, he is fired from his job, is it over?
8:33 am
the issue of criminality. crimes by doing what he did, showing on tape. before the fight started, he said let them fight. that is what keyshawn heard him say. >> huh. kevin, as parent, i know when my kids were in school, i would breathe a sigh of relief. i know they're safe. this is sanctuary. nothing is going to happen to them. they're learning, they're supervised. >> i was upset. all i can say is, you know, i really, i really tried to talk to the dean because the dean lives in the area where i stay at i actually bumped into him when i was walking home in front of 1430 gateway boulevard in rock away, queens. i spoke to him, did you see video on facebook of my son fighting another junk meant man. i showed him on the phone. i asked him could you set up a meeting so i could talk to the school program or whoever i have to talk to? he said yeah.
8:34 am
to the school and notified them about just video, and then returned to my lawyer, because my lawyer wanted to take a look at video, we couldn't find it. >> it was taken down. >> it was taken down. >> that is another issue here. apparently as a result of emails between both keyshawn and kid who took video, it appears he was afraid of being suspended, kid who took video, it was taken down right after that. >> but he wasn't contacted by school to take it down? >> we don't know. we don't know the facts and circumstances of the dean. we asked commissioner cardin's office to investigate that. >> how is keyshawn? >> he is okay. >> did you go back to the same school. >> no. i had to take him out of the school because i fear for his safety. he is now in ps 105. i had to take him to the hospital. he had a head injury, a back and neck injury. and, i was really frustrated. i was real -- i'm upset right
8:35 am
because still to this day as me and you talk, right now, i still not have been contacted. the only person contacted me was the other young, the young gentleman's mother. she actually contacted me this morning. she apologized. >> this morning she called you? >> she apologized for what happened. she is willing to come and talk to you guys about it. >> you don't have a beef with the other kid. you have a beef with the school? >> yes. i have a problem with the school. the young gentleman is not his fault. they're kids. they're only 12 years old. they, right now they're being disciplined. they're learning, so right now there is no problem with the child because they don't really know any better. >> they should not be going on in the schools in this city. >> yes. i feel it is grown-up, the coach who played the fight, i think he's responsible because he had a chance to stop that fight. he had a chance to put those
8:36 am
them as a concerned father, not only the coach but he could have been a concerned father because we all are concerned parents. we want the best for our kids. safety in the schools, you know. schools. going on today. i want to make example of him. i want the world to know we will not tolerate what is going on in our school system when it comes to our kids. >> all right. we have a statement from the department of education spokeswoman, and she says, mr. crews who was the coach was not a doe employee and he was swiftly removed from his position at after-school program at the school. there is zero tolerance for employees, vendors or volunteers who do not prioritize the safety of our student and the incident has been referred to sci for investigation. so, i mean, sandy, i guess the school is saying, well he doesn't really work for us and he is gone.
8:37 am
still responsible for his acts. he is working in the school as an after school coach. i believe independent contract, who has contract for that but the department of education is liable for what happens in the schools. >> sandy rubenstein, thank you so much. kevin jones, thank you so much. i hope your son is doing better. all the best from us here at fox 5. >> thank you. >> we'll take a quick little break. coming up in the 9:00 hour, kelsey grammer will be here from "cheers" and "frazier." he is in "finding neverland." he plays hook. we'll show you how an iowa caucus workers, bails of hey, you -- no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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>> great. >> that is tony the tiger. i lost track of that guy. he likes frosted flakes. >> that is great. apparently was in a twitter war. >> all right. >> tony the tiger, started getting inappropriate tweets on official page from furies. >> are you hurd of furies? i want to see video of furies before we go into this. >> this is the tweet. >> they are furies, love getting into costumes and rolling around
8:41 am
not my thing. if you're into that that's fine. >> yeah. tweeted. i'm also show all showing stripes, fetters and et cetera keep things great and family friendly. cubs could be watching. >> so some of the furry people were writing lewd suggestive things. >> they dress up for grown-up reasons. they do. talk about barbie, she is getting a little fat, no curvy. >> barbie doll. >> like us. >> i was into "g.i. joe" when i was growing up. we're looking new versions of barbie. >> this is nice. different versions of bod sy shape, eye colors skin tone. kerry drew is checking information in chelsea. reporter: beginning this week there are many more options when it comes to choosing a barbie doll. mattel announces there are 33
8:42 am
come in three new body types, curvy, tall and petite, and variety of skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles. it allows the product line to be better reflection what girls see in the world around them. hours after mattel made announcement they would be doing this, barbie was trending topic on social media. a lot of people posting this society. i did catch up with a few young girls this morning on the way to school, they told me they say it's a good idea. >> you see someone you can role model. if there is only one narrow body standard it is not really a good way to grow up i guess. >> i think it is amazing especially because there are different races and girls. girls should learn that there is perfect. there is everybody else perfect. especially little kids. reporter: new barbies are already on sale on
8:43 am
you can see them in force, march 1st. greg, rosanna backs to you. >> we have to get ready for iowa caucuses on "good day new york." stay tuned.
8:44 am
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>> "american idol" was fun last night. hollywood week. nearly 200 best of the best singers took turns in front of judges last night. i have to say, it was a little nerve-wracking for judges. some of these contestants were really good. "american idol" -- >> you're for the judges? you're in judgment. they're in control. >> i know. well anyway, "american idol" airs next wednesday right here 8:00 on fox 5.
8:47 am
>> what else? >> last night very special night celebrating 150 years of the fdny. i got to meet actor robert de niro at. >> that is de niro with the beard. >> so de niro was at this thing? >> de niro was there with his wife grace high tower. they're involved with the department. they launched channel 13's new documentary, launching treasures of new york, celebrating new york's bravest. special connection with the fdny after a fire with in their apartment a few years ago. >> i wasn't at the fire. when i was a kid came home to a fire in my apartment. it was not nice, not a good thing. i have been close to some fires and they're terrifying. >> i like the beard. >> thank you. thank you. it is growing a little wild. >> can i touch it? >> sure. feels good. [laughter]
8:48 am
>> until i had that experience personally, i was one of the people that walked around and respected the firefighters and saw what they had done you but not really. now i understand. and my heart -- >> well-done. i spoke with philanthropist summer farkas and commissioner daniel nigro. >> this is wonderful broadcast that will tell the story of 150 years of the fire department. >> i've been with the department since 1969. >> that's a long time. >> i'll say. it's my life's work. i love the department. the department serves the citizens of new york well. >> we celebrate our bravest, thank you so much. fun, great event. thank you so much for sharing it
8:49 am
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