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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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visor on iowa. the candidate race aboard for monday's caucuses but hello good evening our top story tonight on christina park antwan lewis has the night off to the candidates are out in full force making their their final pitches before the caucuses and a new revelation as democratic front-runner hillary clinton back in the spotlight great "fox 5's" jeff -- jessica has the latest. a lot is happening as rivals hillary clinton and john kasich but is not good news for the former secretary of state david tate state department telling "fox news" it will withhold 22 e-mails because they are classified top secret. for the first time the white
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clinton's home e-mail server did contain closely guarded government secrets. clinton had said she'd never sent classified information to her private account that the intelligence community has deemed some of clinton's e-mails e-mails -- to release under any circumstances. of course gop front-runner donald trump took to twitter tweeting the e-mails released is a disaster for hillary clinton at a minimum how can someone with such bad judgment be our next president? meanwhile clinton was in iowa on friday night speaking to voters. >> there is no more important difference and no more important issue than the economy and i will tell you this, if you listen to the republicans they want us to go back to trickle-down economics. they want us to go back to favoring the wealthy and the corporations. they want to do to us again what they have done to us before. reporter: as the countdown begins for the iowa caucus on monday republican candidates were out in full swing making their final pitch.
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we don't win on trade. we don't win with the military may certainly don't win with the military we can't beat isis which is basically 30,000 people they can't win. >> we need to have someone with a proven record that an insider someone who has done it outside taking it to washington d.c. and here's what i would do. i would work with the states to create a constitutional convention and have a balanced budget amendment. to force washington to do what every family in this country is to do. reporter: senator rubio -- the florida senator criticized hillary clinton for the e-mail scandal she is facing. call bernie sanders is socialist and have this to say about his friend ted cruz and his advertisement against him. >> he decided to run a deceitful campaign at the end. reporter: all of them are doing what they can to get the vote.
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were endorsed today by "the new york times" christina. christina: that's going to be a tight contest on both sides. we will be watching and waiting. what's going on in social media? reporter: as you can imagine scott trump -- saying she's not fit to be present in rubio also speaking out against her so we just have to wait and see what's going to happen with hillary clinton. we have not heard from her yet. christina: watching and waiting. a nail biter thank you so much jessica. tonight's three inmates who escaped from prison 30 miles southeast of los angeles more than a week ago are now back in custody. yesterday one of the inmates walked into an auto repair shop and surrender. he told police -- the other inmates in san jose. today investigators say the two are in the custody of the san francisco police department. >> a citizen saw someone saw something suspicious notified an
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ultimately led to the apprehension that two armed and dangerous suspects wanted to escape from jail. reporter: authority said one fugitive was caught after a short foot chase and the other was found inside a van that they had stolen. a dramatic rescue in inwood. a scaffold partially collapsed leaving for workers dangling from the building. one worker was rescued with a aerial ladder and one was brought up to the refusing rope in the other two were pulled through windows. the workers understandably look terrified. >> the guy had, was hanging off the railings of the windows and he had knocked on the windows saying help, help, help can you please let me and?
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mayor de blasio is taking quick action to make sure there's there is not another murder inside of a homeless shelter. he wants to increase security and add mental health professionals assert the city. the city is conducting a security review of 27 mental health shelters after devon black was found wednesday night stab to death in his room at the boulevard homeless shelter. the alleged killer of 21-year-old anthony white is still on the run. it is time to dig out your car if you haven't done so already. alternate side parking resumes on monday a week after the historic blizzard dumped over 2 feet of snow in our city. a chilly day but a colder evening is ahead. today people were bumbled up on the upper west side. what can we expect for the rest of this week? audrey puente is here. audrey: one week ago we were right here covering that
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much quieter this saturday. temperatures were just about average for this time of year. most of the high readings in the upper 30s although some spots did crack 40 degrees. poughkeepsie high temperature 44 in belmar 41 degrees and in central park the upper 30s. that's where we are sitting now with some of the numbers the high temperatures. 37 islip 38 bridgeport 38 montauk and 30s toward sussex in newark and towards monticello. clear skies from parts of the area and some parts are getting high clouds. partly cloudy as we go through the overnight hours and i went are going to shift in their direction. they will be coming in from the southwest southwest which is a milder wind direction for us and that's something to point out because with a change of wind direction we will see numbers change as well. across the northeast things are quiet. a disturbance happening towards our and -- the winds are variable. that will keep our numbers
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our lows will drop into the 20s and poughkeepsie and sussex in monticello. upper 30s in new york city and the 30s across long island and into connecticut. tomorrow when you wake up will have a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures will rise into the 40s so we are going higher with the members. we will be above average for sunday and plenty of sunshine for the middle part of day and temperatures are even going to go higher. i will let you know when that happens coming up. christina: audrey thank you. 34-degree water temperatures didn't stop swimmers from jumping into the hudson river today taking part in the winter swimming association's national championship. fox 5's dan bowens has all the chilly details. >> the cold takes away your breath but then you have to swim in its arrays. reporter: for these athletes extreme cold is the best part of the competition. how far did you guys go this morning?
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from the breaststroke to the freestyle -- freestyle this is the first championship. >> resign yourself to the fact that you will have to take it as it comes and make the best of it. reporter: people plunging into the hudson river from all over the world. where you guys from? >> i am from -- my teeth are chattering. >> you are moving really quickly >> i got used to it let me get this over with. >> at just 10 years old pc and is coney island polar bear club member who helped sponsor the event. this was the first race. that's the first part. >> in the middle eig got my breath. reporter: house frigid is it? there are temperatures 37 degrees and in the hudson river is even colder at
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with the ems teams watching closely organizers say the polar swim provides plenty of health benefits. >> coming out you feel euphoric and cold water has an antichemical effect. it teaches you to manage your cell. >> it becomes joyous from the inside and he could deal with other aspects of life better. >> you feel more independent and and -- reporter: crazy enough not to let a little cold slow them down. dan bowens "fox 5 news." esty some schools in the city are racially imbalanced. a new program aimed at tackling this issue. and vision problems are now set back for athletes along the east coast. how they overcame their challenges and competed in the competition for the visually impaired. plus new technology from the 1800's that is still heating the big apple today.
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do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> you are watching "fox 5 news" at 6:00. christina: a big day for 30 visually impaired and blind athletes. they competed in cheerleading and wrestling competition at the eastern association for the blind tournament.
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the east coast participated. a 2014 report called new york city schools the most segregated in the nation and that segregation gets worse when a neighborhood is gentrified. it makes cools more racially bounced the city is start a pilot program that allows schools to set aside seats for low-income students and those learning english. if the program is a success they hope it will be expanded. new york city has seen a lot of changes since the 1880s but the same system that used to run the big apple is not one of them. arthur ch'ien went underground to see how the system is being incorporated. >> gets loud in here but a once-in-a-lifetime look at a crucial part of the city's infrastructure. we begin with this. everybody knows what it looks like that this is what a pilot light looks like when you have the power to good part of the city. at 2000 degrees this is as close
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2000 degrees is what it takes to initiate the steam pipe system from 96th street to the battery. >> the system is 105 miles of piping. reporter: the massive operation used by 3 million new yorkers and many don't even know exists it exists. >> customers use our steam for so many different things from heat and hot water to air-conditioning humidification as well as sterilization and hospitals. reporter: even for things like cheese. instead of having their own boiler which would require maintenance they tap into the system. >> it heats things up quickly and effectively. it saves us time and energy and a lot of money. reporter: obviously they are careful about contaminants in their cheese so we are not allowed on the other side of this glass. andrew what can you show us from a single in terms of the operation?
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running down the length of this a vat and this will culminate at the end. a series of vowels pumps and switches control the heating system for this fat right here. right now we have water coming through one line am the water will come out into this line right here we have direct steam. reporter: 10 seconds it's ready to go. >> i have water at 200 degrees fahrenheit coming out this hose. reporter: to get to angers cheese lab that begins at a con-ed plant far away. 135 years ago engineers figured since electrical generators get very hot why not use the heat and not just any electricity. electricity being produced starts the same process to the network a boiler to the city of you will. the energy even powers they see unit of massive high-rises saving them space, money and our skyline. there's something else they want to see that comes from the steam , cleaner air.
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two of our plants to natural gas and that change itself takes the equivalent of 230,000 cars off the street every single year. reporter: from a equivalent of fewer cars on the street to getting more cheese steam is one of the most valuable secret ingredients to life inner city. arthur chi and "fox 5 news." christina: some people say creativity is a thing of the past when it comes to hip-hop music. the debate over the hep/-- latest hip-hop, plus this. the declassified documents they would love to get their hands on, coming up. >> breaking the mold of local news particular in this market. we want to be at the forefront. >> we are celebrating everything empire.
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>> we were there for the birth of hip-hop. the public has to hear it. >> when the public gets it that's when you know when it's going. >> in a city city where bit him you turn around their new place is to eat i find myself asking what are the hottest in town? >> what is the secret to neapolitan pizza? >> it's an old-fashioned oven that goes to 900 degrees and it has enough heat and the fine flour from italy. >> this week we visit lamborghini. we will take you inside and for
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christina: in paris a rally in the pouring rain thousands took to the streets as the south of france plans to extend a state of emergency. this degree gives more power to police and allows for searches and let the authorities put put people under house arrest. the protesters say that's undemocratic and they want things to return to normal. residents are banding together to send much-needed water to flint michigan. a truck load of bottled water going to flint. the water crisis shows no sign of easing up despite the attention on the issue in the past few weeks.
6:21 pm
to get more resources in the area. in the meantime is against governors under fire for his handling of the crisis releasing e-mails covering it to your period including the 2014 switch of the city's water supply to the flint river. time for a check of the forecast. can we expect a chilly saturday night? audrey puente is here with the forecast. audrey: it won't be as cold tonight as it was last night. that's good news for everyone heading out this evening to today's type temperature average of 39 degrees. we hit the number of 4:00 this afternoon. this morning we started off with a low of 28. stephanie feeling and looking a lot like january across the region. areawide mostly in his 30s from monticello towards montauk and down the shore in belmar checking the temperature 37 degrees pretty little bit of a breeze out there so many factor in the wind coming in around five to 10 miles per hour the current temperature it's feeling feeling like the low
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and as cold as the 20s in islip and bridgeport to the windchills are at 29 in sussex and 24 toward monticello. satellite and radar showing we have clouds rolling through. partly cloudy overnight. we will stay that way through much of the rest of the weekend and next week as well. we have one disturbance passing to the north stirring clouds across the area this evening. another disturbance sitting off to the west aware watching also. right now high pressure sliding to the east as we go into the evening day or two so that will allow a nice southwest wind for for the common and that help pump up the numbers to well above average. our next focus will be on the system developing up to the west. this one will be headed in our direction and gives her next chance of precipitation. with temperatures rising to above-average readings into the 40s we will see precipitation the form of brain and not snow. in the meantime a look at our futurecast shows partly cloudy
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we will see breaks of sun for the first half the day and battle the clouds on and off through sunday. on monday we will start off with mostly cloudy skies. here's a frontal system that will come through but it will weaken them fall apart as it approaches the region. scattered showers in the afternoon and early evening monday and a lot of it will fizzle out as the front moves offshore. things get quiet and they get milder and another rainmaker for the middle part of the week. tonight he will be tried not quite as cold as last night. temperatures will stay steady across parts of the area most of the list in the upper 20s to low to mid-30s. tomorrow expected mix of sun and clouds nice temperatures. now we are going for numbers in the 40s. near 50 degrees in and around the city and in the 50s it looks like as we start off the week. on monday hide numbers in the low 50's the chance of showers in the afternoon into the early evening and we will drop into the 40s on tuesday and check out wednesday. we will probably see a 60-degree
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wednesday and temperatures well above the freezing mark or precipitation we are expecting that they will be in the form of rain and not snow. a good dose of rain by the middle part of next week. christina: the truth is out there the search for life beyond earth is heating up. declassified documents on aliens and ufos period king was sifting through "the x-files." reporter: 14 years after fox aired an episode of "the x-files" and network debuted a miniseries building upon the original show's storyline. 38 years after at the cia declassified hundreds of ufo related documents they uploaded the documents to his blog tweaking images of reports using the hashtag's x-files and the truth is out there.
6:25 pm
long history of a cosmic watergate here. reporter: physicist and ufo researcher stan friedman read the documents when the cia released them in 1970. he believes they are garbage. >> the cia has how should i put this, like he is the. reporter: the u.s. government identified the down vehicle as an air force surveillance balloon. three men identified it as something not from this planet. >> we did indeed recover a flying saucer new mexico embodies. reporter: depletes the cia is a treasure trove of other documents that pertain to flying saucers which are refused to release in the 1970s. >> i persisted on that in two years i got dozens of top-secret cia ufo documents. you can read a few words per page. reporter: whether not the ca process is inclusive evidence
6:26 pm
linked public historical documents to a fictional television show we won't attempt to answer this story. >> there's there is no reason to believe that they are telling the truth. reporter: official cia documents pertain to flying saucers tells us that one point someone at the agency at least entertained their existence as a possibility. >> word is the good stuff go? reporter: on the upper east side mac king "fox 5 news." christina: coming up a revolutionary device in the fight against diabetes. a the high-tech system already showing dramatic results. plus the makeover for barbie and they're promoting having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100%r fiber optic fios. p the fastest internet and wi-fi p available, with speeds from 50 t to 500 megs. now for just $69.99 a month online, get super-fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for your first year. so switch to better, with our best offer ever. from the internet provider ranked highest
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you are watching "fox 5 news" at 6:00. christina: diabetes is a dangerous illness that can lead to blindness kidney failure and even amputation. in this month's big idea kerri drew shows us the devices being tested they can make life better for diabetics. >> i was diagnosed in 1979 when i was six years old. that was the dark ages of diabetes. reporter: lisa has worried about
6:29 pm
of her life. >> there are no brakes on it. reporter: is a diabetic alicia wears an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. to figure out how much insulin she needs. managing it all and getting it right is difficult. >> during the day i keep an eye on my blood sugar and make adjustments during the day as quickly as possible. at night it's a totally different game. reporter: she joins 3 million americans living with type one diabetes and they have to keep an eye on there had bought sugar all day and all night. what if there were some things that could do it for them. enter groundbreaking system called the artificial pancreas. >> we call this the artificial pancreas because we are essentially trying to replace what nature took away with diabetes with a machine. reporter: aaron kowalski is the chief mission -- adf research in artificial pancreas. the patient would wear an
6:30 pm
continuous glucose monitor but now the two devices will communicate wirelessly throughout smartphone and bluetooth technology. the smartphone would act as a mini-computer constructing the pump to dispense insulin using real-time data. >> this will be transformative because it will take a lot of the management burden off the shoulders of the people of diabetes. computers can outperform people and a lot of the things we do. the computer in the system which is just software in an app on a cell phone or insulin pump watches the glucose level all the time and it's very sophisticated mathematics. reporter: i will say wait i see glucose levels changing. you need less insulin. reporter: dr. levees the director of the mt. sinai diabetes center. november she let a five-day clinical study of the artificial pancreas and the results were
6:31 pm
>> sometimes we cheer with how wonderful the system works. >> no more getting up at three clock in the morning and doing the finger stick. i wake up at a great morning blood sugar level. reporter: dr. levy has a personal stake in the past. she too has diabetes. >> is life-changing for people with diabetes. it's almost liking have a doctor follow me around. reporter: there were temperate is amiss in the study. among them was alicia a patient of dr. levy. when you heard about the results what was your reaction? >> crying, absolutely. the hardest part was getting it back. reporter: more research is still being done at the device is expected to be approved by the fda in the next few years. >> in the next two years or so we will have people wearing these. >> researching the lab is wonderful but this is something a patient can visualize and have hope for.
6:32 pm
artificial pancreas means people diagnosed with diabetes in the future will have a different life than she had, life with less worry and more freedom. >> and to think that this could really happen and change people's lives it's an enormous responsibility and a level of excitement that i don't think i can put into words. reporter: kerry drew "fox 5 news." russ. tina: head to our web site for more information about artificial pancreas research on the fight against diabetes. barbie is getting a makeover. the new look that will make her more relatable to girls of all shapes and sizes. spreading the word before the new album using social media to build up the hype when we come back. >> breaking the mold of local news particularly in this market. the definition is on the board. the kids are doing everything
6:33 pm
in school. >> learning terminology through science lessons. so many of the students have potential for their lives in a whole new way. >> who started the big bank? >> it's a question that humans have been asking for millennial, why are we here? didn't happen or is there someone else involved, higher power perhaps? >> there are tons of scientists who are serious people of faith. >> one of the real success stories when it comes to helping a former military member transition. >> behind the numbers they're
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christina: streaming music to put a dent in album sales and big-time artists like connie and gannon are going to great lengths to hide their albums. baruch shemtov's shows us how they're using social media to do it. reporter: while digital downloads have decreased by 12.5% all of this means an increased challenge artists as they strive to connect with their fans and drive album sales. the results? some very eye-catching stunts. back in 2013 beyonce released her fifth studio album called beyonce
6:37 pm
the singer surprise the world by dropping the album a unexpectedly on itunes and that was enough promotion on at some. within three day she sold nearly 830,000 albums making beyonce the fastest selling album in itunes history at that point. kanye west no stranger to self-promotion tweeted is on january 24 declaring an upcoming album swish would be the best of all times. he quickly followed that up with another tweak, clarifying it would be quote album of the life end quote rapist is building up to the release of kanye's's seventh album along with his third collection at madison square garden in what is -- a grand promotional extravaganza. brianna is also building anticipation around her new album anti-, and are anti-to earth at a quick glance at her instagram feed reveals the promotion is hard to miss.
6:38 pm
level building off a album's level building off a album's cover art by releasing a cover costing $808,095 and you'll encrusted headphones complete with a built-in ground. >> our music critic says these artists are wise to make a splash. >> there so much music coming out everyday so you've got to stand out and if you are the level of kanye or rhianna you will stand out even more because she your reputation is extravagant ready. reporter you will have to wait until the album sarge release to determine whether the hype pays off. baruch shemtov "fox 5 news." christina: sex drugs and violence becoming common theme some say hip-hop is heading for an emergency. >> you were talking about the state of hip-hop with i worked
6:39 pm
only -- funk master flash. state of emergency and hip-hop? >> absolutely. hip-hop can seem like a nonstop stream of lyrics about drug dealing, women, guns and violence. a lot of it about the fast money money -- like drugs. fleck says too many aspiring artists mistakenly think they can buy a career. >> you can go down just as quick i'm okay with that. reporter: he tells me the real hip-hop crisis is a lack of creativity. >> there isn't as much originality in hip-hop is or used to be. be original was the blueprint for success in years past.
6:40 pm
dj says their artist to stay true to their boys and make great music just not as many as before. >> kendrick lamar, we have the drakes and the jay-z's of the world. reporter: they are the artist who earned and accolades aside after his annie awards statue. >> it's so important because when your record is tragic is silence but if your record is rocking you are back. reporter: one new artist against approval as paterson's fetty wap. he has created an original and it's paying off to.`he has created an original and it's paying off to. >> it's working for me. it puts out 10 more records. reporter: he tells me one thing
6:41 pm
hip-hop is that will change very about the state of hip-hop on the next episode of "street soldiers" but i hope you will join us. lisa evers "fox 5 news." christina: you go watch lisa "street soldiers" after evening newscast. some people can find beauty in just about anything. how much one person is willing to spend on a picture of a potato. audrey: the weather was pretty picture-perfect compared to last weekend. we are expecting partly cloudy
6:42 pm
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christina: mattel is giving an iconic dolly body makeover. the new barbie now comes in all shapes and sizes. reporter: the blue-eyed blum -- bombshell is changing with the times. for the first time in close to 60 years the iconic doll will have a new body, actually free to choose from tall, petite or curvy. >> seems to be an issue for some people. it isn't for me and it would have been years ago either. reporter: mattel the maker of barbie said she needed a makeover after continuous drops in sales. they realized one size doesn't fit all. >> i think it was more a man's ideal world than it was for
6:45 pm
themselves as they were playing with these dollars. reporter: psychotherapist dr. axil --. >> they finally have toys that look like the people they recognize. reporter: until this change eight gave little girls and unrealistic idea of what little girls look like. >> you need to teach her daughter that's this is just a doll and his acacias look that way. reporter: the new looks are part of the fashionista lima seven skin tones and more than 40 eye colors and hairstyles. for the first time that also come with their own clothing tailor to their bodies. >> it gives young girls a better image of themselves instead of having to look like a perfect model. reporter: you won't be able to to -- barbie will have different size shoes. according to mattel the new look will be available in stores in
6:46 pm
jody goldberg "fox 5 news." christina: ready cool, right audrey? get a barbie that looks just like you but i think they're still on the skinny side to. audrey: i didn't know there were 22 different shades. we do like to shoe shop and buy coats when it's cold outside. we may be able to shed the layers we gone to the next few days per temperatures above average and more springlike as they go into next week. high numbers were averaged. today this is what january temperatures look like. highs mostly in the 30s across the region although we did crack 40 in poughkeepsie as well as belmar. right now 36 and saw 638 in newark liberty airport long island in the upper 30s islip and montauk raid 38 degrees towards bridgeport at the moment. elsewhere across the northeast a lot of readings in the 30s
6:47 pm
buffalo but check out the milder temperatures in pittsburgh. this current temperature is 52 degrees and we will see 50-degree readings across our region next week believe it or not. their satellite and radar shows we have a disturbance passing up to the north and that is where we'll stay. club spelling and across the area so i will call for clout -- partly cloudy conditions and i'm main focus on the system sitting towards the west. this area of low pressure has a cold front associate with that will swing to the nation is regarded next couple of days and it will bring us a chance of rainfall late in the day on monday. before that happens we will see a surge in temperatures. it mild weather coming into the southeastern states with highs in the mid-60s atlanta and raleigh and upper 40s in new york city. we will see milder temperatures above freezing with precipitation expected monday in the former rain and not snow. a look at our futurecast
6:48 pm
sunny skies and a battle with sun and clouds the day. as we go into monday mostly cloudy a friend starts to work and from the west and you can see the rain associated with it. by the morning hours it will be moving into syracuse and pittsburgh but as a friend makes his approach our region it will fizzle out so i think we will see clouds on monday and squeak out a few showers but not expecting a widespread rainfall. the chance of rain will last into the evening and things will clear out i monday night into tuesday. tuesday waking up with mostly sunny skies in her next rainmaker comes in a wednesday. tonight no in the forecast just partly cloudy skies. it won't be as cold as last night but upper 20s to the mid-to low 30s. tomorrow the mix of sun and clouds nice temperatures. above average with highs mostly in the middle to upper 40s and 50's as we start at the week they will chop and in the 40s
6:49 pm
tuesday rather had wednesday her next rainmaker comes in as temperatures soared to the upper 50's in the city. no doubt we will see a 60-degree reading and parts of new jersey on wednesday in temperatures stay above average for the second half of the weekend to get nice and dry. christina: it sounds very nice. audrey, thanks. how much would you pay for a picture of a potato? a spokesperson for a celebrity photographer confirms he found a picture of an organic irish potato for more than $1 million. european businessman was having a glass of wine and a photographer's paris home. he was transfixed by the work's title potato, number 345. he said the million-dollar
6:50 pm
tino survive sea is here with a look at sports. survive sea is here with a look at sports. reporter: the land down under was the home to the season's first -- so while you were sleeping the women's final of the australian open. see how her quest for a grand slam thi [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. i am tina cervacio. serena is ranked as the number
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it was stunning when serena lost to unranked roberta's hinchey. overnight at the women's final and he is trying and open it happened again despite being a six-time champ serena seemed out of sorts. it was on match point williams over hit a forehand volley and couldn't believe it. kerber beats serena in three sets to win her first major title. serena's quest for a calendar slam this year is already over. browns quarterback and a lightning rod for controversy johnny mademoiselle is having off the field problems again. the troubled qb is in the being investigated by texas police were reportedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. according to the police report police were called by 23 a woman saying she was involved in a disturbance with her ex-boyfriend. when police arrived at the apartment questioning ensued. a sergeant on duty identified him as a suspect.
6:53 pm
the browns had not make comments but police are determining if the crime occurred. this is the second time men sell cell has been questioned by police following an argument with his girlfriend. there are some good things happening on the football field and they involved a giant sound odell beckham junior is pro-bowl in hawaii and about this guy? look at legends jerry rice's reaction to one vote dells one-handed catches and even in slow motion it's still amazing. this guide does this all the time. as they prepare levi stadium in santa clara for next week's super bowl here's a look at the end zone where they painted the broncos logo again. it was a little hard to see there but they had to start covering it quickly because they needed to cover it up to put the panthers logo on their so to thinking who might have made this mistake and it turns out it
6:54 pm
who messed up the chiefs and sun a few years back. who were the shafts? that was made famous in the 1997 snickers commercial and this week in the san francisco bay area it proves life sometimes imitates art. there you go, big mistake. panthers fans can't be happy about that. audrey: it looks like a quiet weather weekend and it will continue tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures rising into the upper 40s and 50's on monday with a chance of showers in the afternoon and more rain on wednesday. this will be more substantial rain as temperatures close in on 60 degrees excellent day. enjoy this week as i see cold
6:55 pm
winter is still here. christina: that's the news for now. thanks for watching and we hope to see you again after usb on fox. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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