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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. temperatures. 50 degrees! i mean people have little jackets on today. greg: yes, it is not that cold. a week ago today we were dealing with the aftermath of the blizzard. welcome to everyone. if you can hear us, mayor deblasio, you probably can't, he's in iowa. rosanna: he's taking a few days of from being the mayor of new york city. greg: he's iowa and campaigning for his old boss hillary clinton. rosanna, it is not like he's giving a speech, he's walking
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rosanna: they call it the grunt work. he's going door to door. greg: it is a little weird. corn stalker. take a look. hill rerebuffs the offer to help out but the mayor can't take the hint and sticks around. now go back to the pictures. walking around, the grunt work, might be suitable for a college kid or a high school, intern, he's got responsibilities here. 8 million people live in the city, and 3.2 in iowa. he's taking the time off and ringing the doorbells. does that make sense? rosanna: he feels he owes hillary clinton and feel he's a movement. greg: whatever. look at iowa.
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look, i'm not complaining, but it is crazy, 3.2 million live in the state. we have more than 8 million in the city alone. rosanna: that's it, let's call him. greg: we have word on where mayor deblasio is staying. he's probably sleeping. rosanna: let's try to call him. greg: go with the embassy suite is. put that on speaker. louder. rosanna: okay. not ringing yet. hold on. okay. greg: bill deblasio please. can you connect us to de eblasio's room.
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your hotel. >> nope. >> might be under mcgray. rosanna: he's a tall guy and wearing blue jeans and a blue sweater. >> no one by that name either. greg: check mccree. >> nobody by that name. greg: tell the guy come back to new york and you have a job to do. are you sick of the candidates coming through the hotel. try the holiday inn express at drake university. rosanna: got it. speaker.
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oh, here it is. greg: so great if we get put through. >> thank you for calling, how can i help you? >> we are looking for bill deblasio. we are on the air. let me see here. rosanna: we are from "good day new york." >> what is the last name? >> deblasio. rosanna: he's a tall guy, grayish hair and blue jeans and a blue sweater. greg: he's probably telling people what to do. how are things in iowa? >> things are going pretty decent. rosanna: are you going to caucus caucuses tonight?
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greg: good for you. is he staying at your hotel? >> i am not finding it. >> mccray? the problem is we are looking for him in new york city, we have alternate side parking is reenforced today. greg: say hi to him, nobody in iowa knows who that guy is. rosanna: he's going door to door in iowa and he has to move his car in new york.
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>> spell that name again. >> mccray. >> i don't have that. >> who is your name? >> julian. >> good luck tonight. who do you hope wins? >> bernie sanders. >> interesting. >> we hear east hot right now. >> they are chill out there. ool now what? >> well, we have tried. he's taking a vacation day. rosanna: it is okay. you know, he's a politician. this is how he got the start, campaigning for people. greg: excuse me, rosanna, this is weird, this is the mayor of new york city and he's knocking on doors, one vote at a door. he ran a foul of her. there was a time he could have
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beneath the mayor of the city of new york. rosanna: he choose to do this. she didn't more surrogates there. he wanted to do the grunt work and answering the phones, and knocking on doors. greg: rosanna, they have college kids to do this. this a complex machine, the city of new york. all right, if you agree or disagree, let us know. via facebook. rosanna: yes. greg: we are going to find out where he's staying. rosanna: maybe one more. mike, what'd you think? greg: we have to remind people valentine's day is coming up, february 14th is sunday. rosanna: you better know what day it is. greg: we have sunday is a high pressure day. rosanna: do you have a valentine?
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rosanna: really, interest. greg: interesting, what? rosanna, i'm damned if i don't. it is all about the women, pleasing the women on valentine's day generally speaking. rods roz usually the guys get something out of it too. [laughter] rosanna: don't you? greg: well, mike woods, what's up. rosanna: by the way, we have a match maker coming up. do you want to get in the mix? mike: i'm okay right now. rosanna: whatever happened to you guys over the weekend, ines is good now. they were hanging out and now not hanging out. it is a complex relationship.
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the pot. we are getting into february and we have the nice weather. 51 central park. 52 islip. 36 allentown. but it is still going to be a nice day out there. this is what it is looking like the radar and the satellite. looking okay. it is a murky sky in the tristate. a cold front is dropping in and bringing in scattered light showers. will we get anything as the front is crossing by, well the possibility is there but it is a slim one. not a lot of moisture nor not a lot of lift. without those things we are probably not going to pull out much in terms of rainfall. the showers are popping through quickly as we head to the
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later on tonight we are going to see the showers, if you get anything, in and out quickly. most of it near the jersey shore. another opportunity of rain coming in on wednesday as a stronger front is swinging through at that time. up until then, not bad. 54 for the high. groundhog day 45 degrees. temps back down to where they should be at the end of the week here. back to you. greg: okay, mike, beauty contest time. the new miss new york. a couple of weeks ago crowned. rosanna: rosanna: she's here with us this morning. greg: she's competing in the
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rosanna: no mixup with the crown? >> no. they were adamant about the first runner up and the winner. he said the first, the first, the first runner up is. greg: congratulations. what happens next? >> i now prepare for u.s.a. i have to workout and working on the interview skills. greg: they pose the question and you have to answer on the spot. rosanna: we'll come up with one. >> no. rosanna: let's talk new york. what do you think about the mayor of new york city campaigning in iowa for clinton? greg: go. >> wow, this is on the spot. it is nice for him to get around. iowa is different from new york.
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iowa. greg: i see the poise. rosanna: did you always want to be miss new york? >> miss universe. rosanna: wow. >> that is the goal. i would see the women and so confident and beautiful, on the inside and the outside and inspired me. it was a dream. greg: what'd you grow up? >> new city. i moved to sufern. rosanna: when they say they are from new york and just moved here two or three years ago and they are really from iowa. they come from iowa and come to
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>> i was born and raised in new york. rosanna: okay, good. >> it doesn't make me mad. some people have to move. it could be a dream of theirs. greg: half of all new yorkers came from some place else. we are constantly turning over. rosanna: they find a loophole. greg: turn the volume down. what do you want to accomplish? >> i want to speak about the american heart association and in order to lead a happy life you need a healthy one. my father passed away eight years ago with a sudden heart attack. i want everyone to understand to it is very important to get your
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rosanna: now i know that you are albanian and there is big pride in this community. >> yes, absolutely. rosanna: do you like certain foods and how do you get the culture out there as well? >> certain foods yes. i love baking and cooking. rosanna: what are albanians known for? >> not really a food. they are known for owning restaurants. they own italian restaurants. greg: remember nino's on first avenue. i think he's albanian. >> yes. rosanna: they like the italian food too? >> absolutely. greg: miss new york, you can't
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>> why not? greg: there is another one chom ping at the bit. what do you want to do with your life apart from pageants. what's next? >> well, i'm modelling new york city. that us dn't last forever. i went to school for criminal justice and would love to work for the fbi. rosanna: you could be a good spy. don't you think? >> under cover. greg: what is the show with jennifer gardener. she was put in the cost costumes. al alias. rosanna: think about it. that could work. greg: you would be on our side.
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when is the contest? after miss new york i binged. >> what is the food? >> ice cream and oreo cookies. spot. come up with something good. something really, really easy. rosanna: leave it up to miss new york. >> why are you proud to be from new york? >> rosanna: i love the diversity and we can do anything attitude, we'll rise above and we'll be in
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to the very last breath. greg: wow. >> amen. greg: give me something. anything. >> what is your definition of success? >> greg: my deaf finition of success, such as do not have success and there such as for america. >> such as. rosanna: give him the crown. greg: thank you so such. >> thank you for having me. rosanna: we'll keep your eyes on the look out for you. >> yes. rosanna: now does steve harvey do that one? >> we have no idea. i assume so. greg: that is something we should have researched. >> it is okay. greg: thank you, miss new york. rosanna: do you have a boyfriend?
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greg: he's here. mr. new york. rosanna: we are asking because we have the love brokers here. greg: valentine's day is just around the corner. it is february 14th. it is a sunday night. >> let him know. rosanna: we have advice coming up. we are going to find love for ines rosales if it is the last thing that we do. we'll be right back. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours.
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greg: it is february 1st. about two weeks to valentine's day. the biggest phoniest holiday. you can only lose. you can't get ahead on valentine's day. that is my personal opinion. what is bad if you don't have a special someone on valentine's day. you are feeling out of it. rosanna: they are buying things and you are at home in the flannels. greg: well, there are advantages. we are bringing in the experts right now.
9:22 am
friends, certified dating coaches. nice to have you both here. are you guys in demand this time of the year, valentine's day is looming, people looking for love? >> this is the busiest season. it is cold, people are calling us off the hook. greg: a lot of folks break around new year's, is that true? >> yes, between new year's and valentine's day is a time to break up. rosanna: so valentine's day is a pressure day. say you are just dating, and no commentment at this point, do you acknowledge it or blow it off, it is sunday? >> it is catastrophic if you blow it off with someone you are
9:23 am
>> you are saying it is not serious, if you do invite her, that brings the relationship to another level. rosanna: what is the biggest mistake people make when dating and they want to seal the deal. greg: time out, seal the deal. rosanna: get a commitment. >> the biggest mistake, they look at a yes or no. rather than looking at it is developing, it is sometimes more yes, sometimes more no, they like some parts of you and catching up on the other. the recommendation don't think about it as a yes or no. let it develop. greg: same yes. >> slow and steady wins the race.
9:24 am
last. rosanna: we have somebody on the staff who the single and we love ines rosales. greg: she's been that way for a long time. we want to change it around for her. i'm not saying he's getting desperate. ines: hi. greg: she's on tv. she's beautiful. you know, she's picky. rosanna: she's a little picky. >> you should be. rosanna: and you have a match making service and what would you do for ines. >> i sit down for her and helping to date on all of the possible means online, mobile and set her up with the service. greg: what is your type? >> i have a trouble with that.
9:25 am
ines: he's not my type. greg: too muscular. >> a little meat on the bones? >> yes. >> do they have to be from your background? >> no. >> your parents are okay with that? >> yes. greg: or they could be? >> yes. taller. light. blond lately. greg: nothing worked so far? >> no. >> what is the age range? >> below 40.
9:26 am
>> 33 is the new 23. >> let's pretend she fixes her up and she likes the guy, give her the rules for date number one. >> date number one, don't try to get to know the person. just have fun. you have plenty of time to know the person. you get to know them later. have fun. don't have a checklist. does he this or that. >> what about kissing? >> only if you are feeling it. >> that is great advice. don't sit down and interview somebody on the first date. >> is it harder for women to meet guys in new york city?
9:27 am
it is hard to meet, pees are always looking for the next best thing, we are a city of ten million on any given day, it is easy once you find someone. greg: the tinder stuff makes it easier. >> well, it doesn't matter. >> you can find really good relationships on apps. and the name of hook up apps depends on the age. rosanna: do you have anybody for her. ines: i want taller than me. [laughter] >> i have a couple of ideas. greg: here is the deal, i want
9:28 am
will be here for the valentine's day party. rosanna: come back with guys for ines. >> i would love to. rosanna: i remember that. thank you so much. see you back here valentine's little. you will be here, right? everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet.
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rosanna: remember knowny tony little doing the commercials. greg: the hair. rosanna: he still has the hair. wait, no, a little man bun in the back. >> i tried the man bun. rosanna: let me see, it is really your hair. >> it is my hair. greg: look. tony little. all right. the fitness guru infomercial star. >> busy is bigger than ever, it
9:32 am
rosanna: i see you have a con trap shun. >> i have developed this. what this does, i can replace 18 sets of dumbbells. i simply roll it. rosanna: oh, you are rolling it. >> when i am down it is going back to zero. greg: do it without rolling it for a moment. >> it is like a chest press. greg: how much is it? >> 40 bucks. rosanna: you are still doing work at hsn? >> yes, the longest lasting brand.
9:33 am
>> well, 50 million people bought the products. greg: do you have the specials still? >> infomercials we don't watch. >> everything is changing. everything is 2 minutes. i released a 2 minute. it is doing well. i have a book for television. rosanna: you have food products. you have been through a lot. and i think very inspirational to people that were down and out and you have turned it around again. >> it is how you respond to what happens to you and you have to go forward. when my back was against the wall, it is the biggest successes. greg: what happened? >> you know, honest challenge
9:34 am
were born at one and a half pounds. they were in the hot for four months. life. rosanna: how many? >> four. i was hit by a school bus and lobster bus and hit a tree. rosanna: aun believable. then you lost your house because of the taxes? >> yes. right. i had ups and downs. that is an entrepreneur. rosanna: you are looking great. talk about the food. >> yes, simply it is number one selling at hsn. >> >> buffalo?
9:35 am
>> no growth hormones, no antibiotics. it is a burger. higher protein than a chicken breast. so we sell a lot of that. we just started a new turkey burger, all white breast meat unbelievable. the gobble up all natural protein burger. rosanna: i noticed greg is eating a protein snack. greg: this is good. >> it is a baked protein bar. that is a baked. total difference. greg: i like this. >> tony rosanna: the one and only, tony little, back, better than ever.
9:36 am
>> you have to believe in your. >> where'd you grow up? >> ohio. >> your break the first? >> i went on live on hsn. i was the first person on air for any of them. greg: you can do it stuff started. >> you can do it. it was a big one. rosanna: tony little. thank you so much. we have kitties coming up.
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greg: i made so much money shovelling. rosanna: recently? greg: last week. rosanna: you are kidding me. how much did you charge? greg: 200 bucks. tax free. rosanna: why didn't you tell me. greg: are you straineded, yes, i will help you out. actually i did it in high
9:40 am
back then cash was king. those days are over for now. rosanna: duke is sitting here. greg:'s up? >> this is actually a piece of electronic gear. take a look at his head. look to the left there. look at that. rosanna: does it hurt? duke: no. rosanna: are you feeling a vibration? duke: yes. a few months ago i saw the article about the company called thync. it is a device and using the impulses from the mobile device. greg: dude, you are going to get e electrocuted.
9:41 am
i met with the co-founders. take a look. greg: can i see this thing. we use coffee, alcohol pills to manage energy, stress and now we have a clean way to do the same things. >> the ceo and founder of thync, they believe they can tap in the brain's natural aabilities and losing the latest technologies. >> it is about unlocking the potential from the inside. on. that is twha this is about. it is working by kt vat activating nerves. the nerves that get activated
9:42 am
massage or chewing gum. >> if you can decrease is conversation with yourself you are able to win and execute a will the more effectively. >> the sports and fitness community always looking at ways to improve performance, they are taking interest. >> with the fitness, people want to motivation before the workouts and wanting to recover after the workout. it is being your best and reaching into yourself. the ability to turn it on. >> with the performers the complaint is they are not sleeping well.
9:43 am
>> the doctor couldn't talk about the product, but did share his thoughts on behavior modification and nerve stimulation. behavior modification is important and possible. could you do that through a nerve stimulation, maybe. i think that it may not be the simulation of the nerve itself. >> the most important take away is that the begs recovery aid and performance inhanser is something free and over looked. >> you recover when sleeping. sleep is not turning your body off. your body and brain are active in sleep. they are recovering. talk about the complicated behaviors like in sports, it is combinations of muscle activities and programs, we know that is what you learn during
9:44 am
experience of doing something over and over and you don't get it and then you sleep on it and you have it. duke: it is exempt from the f.d.a., it is not a medical device and don't use it if you have implants or epilepsy. greg: now you tell me. duke: go to i have used it. i think it is the experience. putting yourself in there. greg: i am not feeling it. duke: the wifi is not so good in here. greg: how'd i look? rosanna: like you are part of the terminator movie. greg: thank you, duke, rosanna,
9:45 am
rosanna: a little kitty cat. bowl. this little guy. he's making a p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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greg: this is sounding like knight rider. >> this sunday is the super bowl. >> we have a party planned for friday. rosanna? rosanna: yes, i love the shorts you wore. greg: it was a frat boy thing. very casual. rosanna: is geno coming? >> maybe.
9:48 am
for five hours. and watch tv and have a party and in the middle of the super bowl is something special. the kitten bowl. look at little guy. they take a bunch of kittens and they run around. let's meet our new friends. rosanna: ollie and ted and alison. north shore animal league. are they up for adoption? >> yes. they are the spokes kittens right now. this is kitten bowl number 3 on the hallmark channel. >> what happens?
9:49 am
rosanna: what'd they do? greg: they run around. >> they play games. in are over a hundred kittens and there are four teams. they are competing. rosanna: can i put him on the ground. >> he's ten weeks old. greg: basically the kitten bowl, they are walking around? >> well, they have football. greg: they don't know how to play football? >> they do, they have their own version. it is a lot better and more exciting. greg: these kittens look great. talk about the north shore animal league. >> tim can take this one. north shore is having adoption
9:50 am
celebration of the kitten bowl game. rosanna: do all kittens get along? >> usually when they are young enough. rosanna: they won't eat a tic tac. >> adoptions are $50. rosanna: they come with papers? >> they are up to date with the shots. and they are ready to go. rosanna: who is the celebrity spokesperson? >> mrs. stern. >> is this kitty bowl live? >> it has been taped. all of the kittens are adopted. greg: it can't be live. it is an american institution. the puppy and kitty bowl.
9:51 am
we love the north shore anal league. my late dog came from your facility. may he rest in peace. he was a great dog. i miss him still. i think about him all of the time. spike and lulu. rosanna: lulu wasn't adopted from north shore. are these kittens available right now? >> they are available. greg: enjoy the super bowl. rosanna: thank you so much.
9:52 am
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rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. give the guy a kiss for us too. greg: we have to turn the music lower. i want to talk about what happened february 1, 1957. an airplane crashed into rikers island. on the way to florida, bad weather. the pilot lost spatial orientation and crashed into
9:55 am
that is next door to la guardia. there were 20 fatale sis and dozens of injuries. the inmates there, the inmates rescued many of the passengers. rosanna: wow. greg: let's see, after wards 57 inmates, 30 were released and others reducing the sentence. i like that, prisoners, everybody is a person, i think everybody. that is wide it happened 59 years ago today next door to la guardia. about. rods roz hopefully the people that were there then are still not there now. i hope they have had an alternativeover since then.
9:56 am
morning with you. greg: the you see mayor deblasio, tell him we said hey. he's in iowa right now looking for people to be impressed by him. rosanna: join in on the conversation with us. go to our facebook pages, we are going live there. have a good day, new york. fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme...
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oh no.
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