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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 2, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> smoking en route 15. that is when it got crazy. >> any advice? >> believe it or not, this fitness expert putting on 69 pounds in just four months. >> before you judge them coming have a pretty good reason. bill: chasing a story about a police officer who barely escapes with his life. >> just a few days ago on thursday the police department almost lost one
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freak accident. a box truck was disabled and smoking en route 15 southbound. officers arrived on scene to handle what was a routine call. >> that is when i got crazy. >> you can see a lot of certain remnants from the truck and the path of it, which is crazy. you can see this path down here that leads to exactly where the truck ended up. in a video, it is actually on fire. officers cars were right in this area. you can see where it ended
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it could have been worse. >> the part of the police department, severely bruised the shoulder. so he set of work. less than several weeks hopefully. >> and eight year military veteran, and even with all that. >> you can see the concern turns in to a teachable moment.
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lives are more, just lucky to be alive. >> and near-death experience , something tragic like this, it turns into a teachable moment. bill: it also shows that the cops get up in the morning, no idea what they might see on a daily basis. >> on any regular day. >> well, i would say if it happened here vehicle we get as far away from possible and wait for the police to arrive. bill: i'm looking at this
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bill: thanks. >> the 6th such attack. waiting for the q train in harlem return to the men. the nypd. >> hundreds of mourners gathered. the former new york city public school teacher murdered allegedly by his roommate. >> complained. >> dimension mental illness. >> on the run.
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>> all your favorites. >> do you still watch them? >> of course. >> watch football. >> a young man walked into the public library and checked out a book about football, his favorite football, his favorite sport. >> did you remember checking it out? >> vaguely. [laughter] >> shortly after he had to undergo a procedure. somehow it did not happen.
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71 years overdue. >> i don't know. it is due back. >> the book was found when frank's daughter was going through some old possessions it is a fine old read in great shape, but 71 years overdue. >> the policy is what? >> it's actually $0.20 per day. the policy is we it a $10. >> one thing that has not changed his high school remains consistently on file.
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with a brash young quarterback. >> they look so innocent. a happy, productive young man. for years. >> is 71 years he had it marriage is gorgeous wife, raised several good-looking, smart children and served as the two-term mayor of bound brook serving as a silent witness. >> a really good book. no wonder you hung onto it for 75 years. >> i get it. and that is all fine since the book is under no real demand, and the library is modernizing.
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to celebrate the occasion since it is rare for a book like to find its way home after such a long time. would you love the book? hit us up on twitter. >> this is going to get your heart rate up really fast. >> personal trainers are known for their enviable bodies. believe it or not this is the daughter sil. the 6-foot one fitness expert putting on 69 pounds weighing in at 310 pounds. >> at 1st it was fun. >> never really had a
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like i love pizza. >> back to fit train is gaining a lot of weight to better understand the struggle. >> i want to be there with you. so i have to gain 60, 70, 80 pounds. >> his health becoming hazardous, his blood pressure through the roof. only able to drop to about 230 pounds. >> looking good. >> as we can see him he showed me some moves. i was there to cheer him on.
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sympathy? >> he says that he does. i don't think he understands , but i did not know this, he was spat before. he was a little chubby and depressed, but you lose that in the gym every day. actors don't really do it anymore because it is not healthy. someone is going to have a heart attack. >> important to note that his client has kept off the weight. bill: i will keep -- see you in the gym. >> we all remember.
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just auctioned off for $82,000. >> take a look at this photo. holding a little girl they found crying in the street. on the way back they saw woman visibly distraught and the adjoining building. >> popping up everywhere. >> is no fascia. >> around 2008, i guy in his mid- 20s started ranting about how he killed all those hookers. >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news.
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>> quentin's name. >> is it a coincidence? >> signs were popping up
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the eastbound strangler. working off a collection of strange drawings retired homicide detective and i decided to check out one of the few things that seem to make any logical sense, the name crazy horse in the phrase too many rules accompanied by some stick figure symbol. we went to the crazy horse cabaret just one town over. i can player -- compared with the skin of the drawings i have on my phone. a view of atlantic city, look across the marsh, very similar where for women working as prostitutes were found strangled murdered command left in a ditch. he had drawn sexually
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drawings with similarities. >> regardless of his involvement or noninvolvement, this does not tell us. >> no. in fact, it would suggest he did not because of the symbol was after 2010. >> we spoke with greg daily the dj. one of the few employees and we immediately show them. >> is this man looks familiar? >> no.
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>> no. >> we asked if he had ever seen anyone drawing pictures of the dancers at the club to some of the pictures contain drawings of women similar to those that look like they would be in the club like this toand to our surprise he said drawing pictures is not that uncommon. >> overture for years. though he occasionally people who show up. they are not drawing like a nine -year-old. >> and a real shocker. >> around 2008 or so i guy in his mid- 20s was all joint -- drunk here at the heart is a rambling about how he killed all those hookers. we call the cops. they came around and interviewed.
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twentysomething? did not remember the name. >> there is no mistaking him for a twentysomething. so it could not have been him. as we left the club we stopped at the office to thank the manager for his time. while we were in they're we talked to the doorman. >> anything odd? >> remember him right away. working at a bar called pistol pete. >> just wasn't there. he would come in, stand around the motor drink and then just sit there. it's weird. and it would freak people
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>> in the drawings the antisocial behavior that is evident in the eastbound strangler profile is also contained in his description. in the that fits the time. in the area around the time of the murder and inching closer to more proof. dennis, however left those pictures, and some and some twentysomething person who made a drunken confession in this bar to the eastbound
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bill: coming up next, jersey lawmakers go rogue. >> so many problems in new jersey.
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should be. >> if you saw an object fly across the sky on saturday, and it was not a hollywood movie. it was for real. a very bright meteor that was even seen in other parts of the country. bill: that they controversies going around the new circles, i group of new jersey legislatures went down to cuba and dated, as they said, in an unofficial capacity while the trip to
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nationally. we are joined by iliana schirmer, president of the council in hamilton. what do you think these legislators were after? >> my cuban newspaper. the minister of foreign affairs. i called asking if they knew. no. i called the assembly speaker. i didn't authorize the trip. i knew they were going, but we were not authorized by the assembly. bill: this is personal. >> very. >> i was two years old, but but i remember we were leaving and walking toward the airplane. i have a stuffed monkey with me.
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militia ripping the monkey out of my arm and ripping it open to see if there was money on jewelry. >> i left in 1970. i remember the plane ride them exactly where we sat. we flew to the freedom tower in miami and spent three days getting documentation and shots and clothing. bill: i asked, catching up with him today and he said, there is a medical development and cuba that we don't have access to. >> the fact that it is being spun as we went they're for assistance, expansion maybe. you know what we need to know, why you went. >> the fact that they came with a lobbyist is interesting, and if they disclose as they are
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