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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone on this tuesday temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday and highs should reach upper 40s still not bad for this month. right? >> no. >> mike woods has your complot forecast. >> republican presidential hopeful ted cruz on top in iowa defeating donald trump in the iowa republican caucuses. florida senator marco rubio strong showing for him not far behind in third place. >> on include side hillary clinton is barely head of bernie sand rs but the race officially remains too close to call. sanders is calling it a close toss.
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in carriage horses is intensifying. time for the city council to have a vote on that proposal. >> good morning >> i'm liz dahlem . >> i'm if ben simmoneau thank you so much for being with us it is groundhog day 2016. pretty warm week out there and we're hoping that -- it is going to be an early spring. >> maybe a previewfer good weather to come? mike, what do you think? >> sun knop sky usually groundhog it means six energy weeks of winter not good. but sometimes they do their own we'll see. high temps average time is 39 degrees we beat that by 20 yesterday in central park. 58 your high in newark. 6 in belmar and 60 also for bridge port as well as poughkeepsie. high temps were impressive this. this morning start off considerably cooler.
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monticello. high pressure is in control again and showers came through not a big deal. a little more significant with capability of pulling up more moisture and bringing or more solid rainfall. yesterday one hundredth of an park. clouds they cannen thicken, in 7:00 in the morning light to moderate rainfall with that warm southerly flow keeps pumped up close to 60 but then rain shuts down after that. according to future cast when we should see a drier sky and days to follow. ahead of the storm no problem. high of 48 and don't don't a lot but they'll pick up a good amount tomorrow. windy and wet, warm, high up to
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just one day of rain allowed until thursday. keep it sunny for the rest of the week but keeter. let's bring back ines and see what the commute changes have taken police place for us here in the triare state. >> an eye on southbound approaching 147 two lanes blocked with an accident. other accident is on the taconic and hope junction southbound approaching route 82 traffic slow because of this accident there. no problem crossing newburgh beaken bridge. belt parkway that camera shot, traffic moving slow heading towards leopards boulevard westbound. trainses on or or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. liz and ben. >> big night for presidential candidate as voterses in iowa gathered for first in the nation caucuses. >> robert moses is hoar with
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good morning to you. >> two big stories really this morning. first of all, hillary clinton holds a raiser thin lead over bernie sand percent and not been yet declared the, winner. ted cruz defeated donald trump who sounded humble yet still vowed to win the nomination anyway. >> tonight -- iowans awarded ted cruz and strong support among evangelical christians with a win. >> tonight is a victory across iowa and across this great nation. cruz captured nearly 28% of the vote. donald trump finished in second marco rubio had a very strong third place, and jeb bush out o the top six.
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iowa still second place finish humbling for a man who only o talks of winning. >> we finish second. i want to tell you something i'm honored. rubio strong third place finish provides with momentum and it shows he has not gone away. >> it is a clear message, after seven year of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. [chanting] >> thanks. >> this morning hillary clinton is feeling the burn to borrow bernie sanders campaign slogan they're locked in a virtual dead heat. >> the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and by the way, with to the media. as sanders and clinton campaign in new hampshire today she is girding for a fights with a man
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>> we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. >> even as some candidates return to the campaign trail today, others do not. martin o'malley and mike huckabee each bowed outs. they have weak finishes in iowa. i would expect that we would see something similar after new hampshire. just one note of speculation here i don't think i'm making a huge leap here. obviously krits chris christie has investigationed time and energy in new hampshire. if he doesn't have a strong finish there, perhaps second or better -- he may be in trouble after new hampshire. so we'll see these candidates continue to weed themselves out or maybe voters are dong that actually. >> robert thank you so much. okay. mayor de blasioen play to downsize carriagous industry is facing new opposition. >> could be o in jeopardy as
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negotiated a deal that does not do enough to protect them. teresa priolo has more in the good morning. reporter: good morning liz and been when the deal was announced that concerns these horses housed it on west side it was expected to be just a conclusion that thftion going to be passed by the city council. but now it doesn't appear to be the case. aware hearing from some lark it is that they want to hold back. a deal that appeased both sides. city council members wanted to lay in the vote implement horse carriage ban believes there's too much at stake to rush it. representing kairnl workers reduces number of horse-drawn carriages on city is streets from 180 to 95 by 2018.
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stable in central park and within baas peltty cabs from 86th street in the park. a lot of jobs, a lot of livelihoods on the line. new york potion reports may or yo about what personally calling legislators to garner supports. cityspeaker say the vote will happen without delay adding to injury words that carriage drivers feel the union that has left them down and did this deal with the mayor without their consent. to that union leaders say, quote, while this is no the the bill we would have written on our own, the goal has always been to preserve this industry and final legislation ensures that horse-drawn carriages will be a permanent fixture in central park. >> added piece of controversy when we're talking about about horse carriage ban. this vote on friday also coincides with a volt that will be happening by city council to raise its own pay. 32% -- ben and liz some people are
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trading of their own going on here trading both on one issue for another issue. city council members are not commenting on that. that's the latest on west side this morning. back to both of you. >> forced in on horse carriages very clever thank you treetion. police looking for group of people who shoved a police officer on a subway tracks in japan jamaica queens. >> outside the station. police say officer an hiss partner went to stop a group of four people who went through a security gate avoiding fare but one of the men shoved officer on to the tracks. hiss partner pulled him to safety while group got away. if you've seen these suspects call crime stoppers. after several months of rally it is town hall and diner drop-ins presidential candidates packed their bags an saying good-bye to iowa. >> first vote of the race for the white house finally in the books. doug luzader is live in des
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good morning to you. >> there were some surprises yesterday and some things that were not surprises. first of all ted cruz want the republican caucuses here, this was more or less a two-person race we knew that between ted cruz and donald trump. real surprise mask that last minute search for marco rubio to the point that donald trump was fighting to come in second. but we head now to new hampshire. still waiting to find out whether, in fact, hillary clinton has beat bernie sanders here. that race is still not yet been officially ul kawed by associated press or by fox news. but either way they're going to leave iowa with virtually sam number of delegates. >> doug i'd say that was a big victory for him. he was underdog months ago and probable going to get about the same number of delegates out of this rks right? >> that's right. at one point bernie sanders was down double digits significantly behind hillary clinton.
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and yet enthusiasm from young people and furs time caucus goers propelled him almost but maybe not quite to victory. we'll see what the funnel race count with the final delegate count ends up being or here. even if he doesn't beat hillary clinton in iowa here. the fact he got so close is going to help him down the road into new hampshire where he has a bigger advantage over hillary clinton. >> so let's head to republicans now what does cruz's victory mean for the party and rest of the race, doug? >> again it's not a shock. cruz had a lot of support here in iowa. almost tailor made for kaws cuss of republican caucus goers here and mounted a very conventional campaign of that door to door kind of retail mr. speakerring where you show ups at school and fire houses and restaurants, and coffee houses. i mean, getting to know individual voters here that's what iowans expect that helped cruz win.
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didn't do that kind of retail politics from cruz and may have hurt him and skipped out on the and him. >> a factor among iowa vote centers >> it's difficult to say. or there two ways of looking at that. one hand supporters thought he was showing backbone standing up to what was perceived as political establishment on the other hand some iowa goers could have seen that as a snub. we don't know to what degree that really caused him to miss out on caucus goers yesterday. >> doug luzader live for us in iowa thanks so much. >> thank you doug. still to come here this morning is 6:12 we have more news. >> mike is here with a check had of weather before we go to break. >> that's right liz and ben another clear day out there. first of all a lot of sunshine. 39 degrees. mostly sunny skies coming to you and cooler nflt it is from what we have yesterday. average high for today is 39
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all right so i will confess groundhog day. i worked in harrisburg, pennsylvania, i was tellings you guys. what people doapght realize in pennsylvania is basically every lings town has their own groundhog so we would have to get up in middle of the night and year after year after year -- everybody would be in working to cover groundhog predictions so i'm over ground hog day. >> kind of. >> i have to say i wanted to hand the mayor what he did two years ago to chuck charlotte i'm okay with it. [laughter] ben. >> brutal over here. groundhog day all over again. what i understand and doing research it is always like you said regional. each one can say something else. >> different prediction. they're just overgrown rats and don't know what they're talking about. >> mine is nicest one here.
6:17 am
>> on the desk, ben is like no over it. don't want the stuffed animal near him. >> you don't want to know what he's saying. you want a piece of me. watch out these things are vicious. anyhow happy groundhog day everyone. out the door to the bus stop, look like weather here is going to be more spring-like already. we have cooler as far as our temp is concerned from what we have yesterday but it is going to be dry and sunny outside. morning temperature right around 38 degreessed as you step out the door to the bus stop. 33 in newark, 24 degrees in sussex, of course, gets cooler once you head out of the metro areas but some spots freezing some not so much. but we have a clear sky. here's that pushing out into the atlantic waters that's where they will stay today. nice and dry for the time being. this is our next wet weather maker as this area of low pressure, these two actually over southern plain states that
6:18 am
direction and replace that high with some wet weather. but again it takings time for that to happen. clear throughout the day today but showers are already showing up by 7 amy that means commute will be shower is rei. windy and wet is what we're looking at throughout the majority of your day. so have goods umbrella around the and showers break down as we head towards midnight and drier sky basically from thursday on. today motionly sunny. keel or high temp up to 48 degrees, and then clouds increase tonight and rain develops by day break tomorrow morning and lows between 33 35 there's your ssk a high of 48 for groundhog day. 59 tomorrow. windy and wet also possibility of localized flooding with some of that snow and ice melting with cooler temples follow but sunshine into the beginning eve next week and monday they thinks looking on the dry side. other o thing we're running with
6:19 am
to send it out o text weather to 73077 and cost you basically message an data rates apply cost you nothing. all right let's bring in ines rosales right now, she's going to give you the information you need to know what's going on with the roads, rails. u how are ines? >> garden state parkway accident southbound. tow on scene and taconic a slow ride this is approaching route 82 there's an accident blocking a lane fast that route 84 doing fine. no problem it is on throughway there newburgh and beacon county. your commute this morning on staten island if you're tag the expressway heading to the verrazano bridge here approaching verrazano things slow down just everyone getting on the bridge . for the most part you're fine and there's staten island expressway to the bridge. george washington bridge beautiful sunrise shot this morning and traffic is good there. ten upper, lower level no delays
6:20 am
you have nor normal 30 to 40 minutes fin bound. ben. >> thank you so much. 6:1 son of a former de blasio top aid charminged with aggravated manslaughter after stabbing a murderer. 19-year-old carey stabbed a teenager in edge wart, new jersey. investigators say he was among a grouch teenagers trying to rob him and he stabbed the teen. rachel is ex-chief of staff for mayor's wife she left that post in november 2014 after her son was arrested for trespassing in the scrutiny over her personal life. >> city reloosed a school card showing it 21,000 violations at city shelters at last year and peeling paint host of the open code violations were found at 265 cluster shelters for
6:21 am
buildings rented out bid city. the scorecard of the city 643 shelters was supposed to have been released last may and doesn't include reports of crime. >> not guilty plea from drunk driver accused of crashing into a minivan. facing vehicle manslaughter and other charmings related to that accident. police say he was driving the wal-mart truck that crashed into the limo on new jersey turnpike back in june of 2014. the crash killed comedian james mcnair. seriously injured morgan and others. investigators say truck driver had not slepght for 28 hours before that crash. a tuesday morning we have a lot more still to come. >> good day will be right back. (group chatter) dude, dude, dude.
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in today's "health watch" world health organization has declared the zika virus an international emergency. the main concern is that zika may be linked to a dangerous birth defect in babies. yesterday official added costa rica to growing list of countries pregnant women should not go to as concern grows so do questions including how the virus develop. one sphears theory being passed around social media is that genetically modified mosquitoes blame scientists who study
6:25 am
>> any time it is attached to anything people are cautious and weary of in regards to whether it is the cause. many viruses we never figure out the cause so research needed to be done. in fact, since vaccine development is slow and pesticides are get less effected genetically modified mosquitoes may be best way to if fight it. modify would make offspring die and since they bite humans no genetic modify cases would remain in the wild. >> cdc has had ended chip total e. coli investigation. no now outbreaks have been reported since december 31st. outbreak is unknown. revamped the methods at more than 1900 locations after more than 200 people were sickened. also new safety standards are going to reduce rsk for future
6:26 am
questions. >> taking that real seriously. long island village of-free fort says it is now use license plate scan iser to protect pits community had. scanners have been posted at every entrance for the village. we're told the goal is to find unregistered drivers, stolen vehicles and help solve krill. scanners put place in november and several have been impounded. more than 2,000 summons issued and led to 25 arrests including one in a murder case. mixed on that. nothing to be concerned about. top story when is we come back. u ber drivers demand they make a urk turn on fare cuts.
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>> good morning everyone. looks at that view. spectacular. my goodness.
6:30 am
a beautiful city it is you have u 30 and lying out there. go for a run. best skyline in the world rites there. a good chance that chuck will see hi shadow this morning. highs in upper 40 u. mike woods has the full groundhog day forecast coming up. >> vermont senator bernie sapped percent so slightly behind hillary clinton in the iowa democratic caucuses. basically they're tied at this point. the race too close to call. right around 50 purkt for each of them. ked cruz defeated trump and marco rubio wasn't far behind. trump feels honored don't hear place finish. >> u ber drivers protest latest rounds of fare kulings cuts but it makings them boost demand.
6:31 am
i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm liz dahlem in for juliet huddy this morning is flying by. >> getting light outside. pretty warm so i shared my feelings on ground hog day, ten, 15 minutes ago o. joking when i said the mayor killed the groundhog. but i was but you're not ep happy it be because you're compared to a large rodent. >> and it is awfully popular and stealing my thunder. totally. so whatever -- anyway so figured maybe you
6:32 am
see if you can, you know -- that was worse than what the mayor did. >> hang here. anyway let's show you 39 degrees your temp central park right now. we've got a keeler start to the day but still doing well. high pressure is in control. high pressure for you today and high temp up to about 48 degrees later on today. tomorrow is wet one. be ready for that. high temp of 59 degrees for you tomorrow but it will be windy as well that's always we get with the rain this week. ines rosales shaking your head. >> cook the groundhog with the liewght. bar cue, poor guy. still alive. here is this morning garden state parkway clearing away by 147 southbound one lane blocked there. but cleared away this fox on taconic by route 82 traffic moving again. fine crossing newburgh beacon bridge and route 34. cameras fake a look at orier
6:33 am
e. by the jericho turnpike fine peb eastbound, normal delays. traffic slow as you past grand central parkway westbound heading towards queens boulevard eastbound side you're fine.e3 ben and liz -- are you okay? >> guy have a name. a he or she? >> look under -- i don't know. really did. there's the grouped hog. politics now big night for anti-establishment presidential candidates as voters in iowa gathered for the first in the nation caucus. >> robert moses is here now on the results of a new details to go over. >> lates news from fox news that hillary clinton is declared winner of the iowa caucuses. this is not -- it's a big deal in some ways, it's not a big deal in other ways. iowa is not a win or take all
6:34 am
get 22 delegates as a result of last night . bernie will get 21. clearly bernie had a very is strong showing last night and you have to think he's in pretty good shape as it goes from senator in nearby vermont and tip kales they do very well in new hampshire. so that's on the include side. on republican side ted cruz picked up a win which wasn't entirely unexpected. now, we mentioned help that becomes very important for donald trump. >> tonight is a victory for the grassroots. [applause] iowans have spoken. rewarded ted cruz who visited all 99 counties in the state and enjoyed strong support among christians with a win. >> tonight is a victory for conservatives across iowa and across this great nation. cruz captured 2% of the vote. donald trump finished in
6:35 am
marco rubio had a very strong third place finish. ben carson, jeb bush rounded out top since. trump had a minimal operation in iowa. still, his second place finish humbling for a man who usually talks of winning. >> i want to tell you i'm honored. strong third place finish provides with momentum entering new hampshire primary that shows he isn't going away any any time soon. >> after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. [chanting] thank you. this morning hillary clinton is feeling the burn to borrow bernie sanders complain slogan they're locked in a virtual dead heat. >> people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the
6:36 am
way, to the. >> sanders and clinton campaigned in new hampshire today she appear to be girding for a long fight or the man once kiered a fringe candidate. we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. again breaking news that hillary clinton has been declared winner. she gets e delegates. bernie gets 21 we don't know how that 44th delegate will be determined. also we want to mention martin o'medicalmally had weak showings in iowa. >> may be a tie on paper buttic in reality it's a win for him. he was a long shot a k. months ago. he's well ahead in new hampshire. so he may come out of the first two con testing with a lot of momentum. >> got to be some anxiety in the
6:37 am
redouble efforts going for the because bernie is not going away. police looking for the man exposessed himself to female passengers on two subway cars. around 7:30 on the southbound 4 train near grand central. he pulled up pants and went to next car on the train and did it again. if you have any information on this man call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. >> wonings again new york state senate has voted to legalize professional mixed marshal arts, 6th time it's been approved by the senate but failed to pass in the democratic controlled assembly. sponsors gathered in the assembly but no word on when it may vote. new york is only state in the country that bans professional maa matches. >> fox means business. joining us from fox business
6:38 am
with a look at the fallout on u ber numbers. good morning to you. >> remember iewb per sents out an e-mail to all of their users said we're cutting prices by 15%. right on u ber is cheap. they thought and they still think that those two prices would mean their drivers were constantly busy. therefore, making more money. turns out drivers aren't buying that and many of them protested yesterday say look we lose money when you cut fares this much. still u ber qowld say that history shows when they cut prices like they -- did summer of 2014 drivers were busier they spent 42% less time without a fare in the car. money. even though some of the drivers would say the opposite. >> that's the case during the busy period. but morning, late at night. i don't know is that the case? they claim it is.
6:39 am
>> you wonder if drivers go back to ideal low cabs. i saw one -- former u ber triefers you wonder money. controversy will not be letting lauren thank you so much. you can catch plawrn on fox business network. >> if you're not sure where to find in fox business area where it is in new york city or log on channel finder. mike tell no name for this guy? >> well, you know, he is actually fred, our weather producer down stairs -- and i'm not sure am i allied to rename hmm? i called him fluffy. >> that's night. >> interesting name for a groundhog but sounds good to me. anyhow. angry. they fight.
6:40 am
cooler high temperatures today but it is going to stay dry at the same time. now, tomorrow clouds and showers do make a comeback here and not only see that but also potential for flooding because you have rain on top of the snow packed ground. yeah that can cause flooding issues out there. week will end with dry side with temperatures back to normal here in just a couple of days here but that's what we have. weather headlines now bring in ines and see if there will be anything that will mess up your morning commute. mples always is right now bronx, though, dealing with normal delay on cross bronx westbound heading it to bronx river parkway. henry hudson parkway a slowdown off the gwb. accident on garden state parkway causing delays back to essex tolls plaza. two lanes blocked with this accident. with trains let's go to our checklist everything on or close to schedule.
6:41 am
sm calling quits in super bowl opening night. used to be called media day. always a fun time. for cam newton and peyton manning. >> hear about retiring for modeling, we'll talk about that, good day will be right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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>> let's check had the headlines for you on a tuesday morning politics, donald trump is still vowing to win the republican nomination for president. even though he finished second in iowa. ted cruz came out on top with 28%, 4% for dontd and marco rubio came in a close third at about 23%. >> meantime hillary clinton host a very small lead in iowa. fox news reporting that she's been declared the winner it's a virtual dead heat with clinton at 49.9% to sanders 49.5 very close. city council set on the carriage horse proposal for central park but now it pars some counsel might bees want to hold off on that vote. some counsel members believe there's too much at stake to
6:43 am
>> announcement on facebook saying he's walking away with few regrets. third round by the giant where he played first nine years of the 11-year career with winning two super super bowls. he finishes with 353 tackles. 66 and a half career sacks blue. i covered the whole giants career. i have to tell you one of my all time favorite guys an awesome guy. >> nice to hear. and 50th super bowl in san jose, california last night press gatt everyday for annual media day also though media night. the league decided to hold it and , of course, televise it calling super bowl 50 opening night. thousand of members of the media their way trying to get tid bits they could and a lot of them funny costumes if you've ever been to one of these so peyton manning asking why they're
6:44 am
>> i really don't make comparisons that was a great team and did a heck of a job getting us to the super bowl. seattle deserved that, but i don't think you can make comparisons because a different coach, player and honored to have been on both teams. flrt so payton at three and cam newton -- asked how do you train to be great? >> like you have to put your mind to it. first off you have to enjoy doing it, and confrere to popular belief you have to be enthused about doing it. so if you've got those ingredient is -- >> yankees announced first baseman byrd will undergo surgery to repair a torn in his
6:45 am
mix the season. guys don't want to injure him. elbow. maybe are rotator cuff. but only because there's no room with him at first. dh48 games last year. 2015 banged out 11 home runs. nets and pistons barclays center, puts nets up by three. over two minutes to go, rem gee jackson going to pull up from top of the key and drain three pointer all tied at 98 but less than 30 seconds to go now. up a bucket. jackson again, a drive gets it to fall, and pistons win 105, 100. raise your hand if you find this really strange. yeah, us -- nfl debut a new ad during super bowl. it's this sunday. it's about kids and not making
6:46 am
bowls. i watched whole three minute commercial. dress like they're out of the harry potter movies. the ad has nine months after super bowl victory winning city rises first. first one you see in the ad are victory in 2008. it's part of the league's football is family ad campaign. >> falls flat here. i have to tell ya after you spend afternoon drinking beer, eating if nachos sound like a terrible idea to me. maybe that's just me. >> is anybody desirable after a end of a night like that? >> how do you come up with this? >> must be cute.
6:47 am
some cases talking about -- that -- they're singing about it. back to '67 with packers. look i watch the whole thing. i thought it was weird reading it. got to go back to watch it. three minutes long by the way. at 4:30 fight maybe it's just me and maybe -- i think it's weird. but i think we always -- >> 5:30 read it three or four times and at 5:30 i lost my concentration. i can't believe i'm reading this. >> thank you duke i guess. come up with an ad. what u do you think of this idea? >> check the forecast -- >> hey, mike how are we doing? >> doing all right. yeah, let that one go. out to the bus stop here cooler just this morning and it will be dry as well. yeah, you have quick showers yesterday evening. not a big deal.
6:48 am
38, 39 degrees is going to be cool earl out altogether. 33 newark right now. 30 in belmar. 32 in bridgeport an 11-drag drop for you from 24 hours it is in central park. 16 degrees cooler in belmar and 60 in bridgeport. we have a clear sky and tristate in general. that means lots of sunshine. this is next incoming storm and significant for you tomorrow. you need umbrella around the kind that can handle wind and rain. ghost buster we've got showers coming into town here. i'd say reeght around day break tomorrow. the first of the showers are are coming through and looks like light to mod rats rainfall for the marmingt of the day and evening we're going to see rain breaking up for us here and it will be done after that. we'll see drier sky come to fuss thursday with cooler temps. but when that rain comes through along with warmer temps and that
6:49 am
in section of flooding from wednesday into thursday as that rain comes down on top that snow pack and ice and it melts. so we're going to see a high of 48 today with sunny skies for grouped hog day. 59 tomorrow warm and windy at the same time. but look at all of this sunshine here thursday through sunday. even on monday a partly clouds did i sky with a high of 40. after colder temperatures and snow around tuesday or wednesday of next week but that's still a long ways out. anyhow daily and hourly forecast on fox 5 weather app at the apple itunes and googles play store. download today and it is free
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>> time now for entertainment with anna. >> bill cosby headed back to court to try to get that criminal charge he's facing dismissed. husband lawyers say he made a deals with prosecutors ten years ago that he wouldn't be charminged with sexual assault stemming from a 2005 civil case against him. at issue is whether that deal is pen forcible now expected to testify for him is former d.a. who made that deal with a late attorney. cosby admitted he gave her sleep pills before consensual acts at the home. charminged with one count of aggravated indecent assault against her which was only criminal charge after he was accused of sexual assault by dozens of women. taking back what she said about retiring for modelings. he told "rhapsody" magazine
6:54 am
turn he is 50. well now said in a lengthy instagram post she wrote there's a running joke yearly she says she's retiring from modeling. while she's change hadding her pox a bit not making any final statements with the fashion business taught her to say never say never. what if i turn down a million dollar campaign before she tried. >> let's check one the big stories following today. lidia curanaj out in staten island today. good morning lidia. >> we're here at the loud staten island zoo. we're waiting for chuck. hopefully he will not be seeing his shadow that means for spring our way. and right there in the plexiglas expected in about a half an hour. let's hope six or more weeks till spring. >> good news chuck mayor is
6:55 am
has he come out? oh -- something right here. is that chuck? >> elaborate carrier. might be chuck. might be chucking. oh, he's right there. >> getting ready for his day once a year right -- time to shine. >> thank you lidia check back with you in a little bit with tbreg and rosannas that's it or for us. have a great day everybody. see yo tomorrow. you can't predict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i'm neil patrick harris and no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to collections of art and superb new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers
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