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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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rain is on the could be heavy at times. mike woods tells us how much >> get ready for a bad hair day, girls! >> /is a live report. research has spread in a new way, not just from
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research on bedbugs. i hate that we have to show the video. >> we apologize. for that, good morning everyone. >> i am in for juliet. hopefully she is sleeping soundly someplace. that. >> it's early february out there. money. bad hair day for all the women out there. >> a feeling that? >> we should have a lot tri-state. it's a warmer southerly tropical moisture. we will have some showers and downpours later on.
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problems. this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon the rain comes through with a lot of snow pack. there's a lot of ice on the ground. the rain hits that stuff and it will start melting and coming downhill. look out for central sections of new jersey. with 450 here and winds to the east at 6 mph checking out reasonable temperatures right now in white plains for 360. yonkers, 310 and 31 in the bronx. there is pretty cool and mild temperatures. they are for a good time of the year but not bad. mostly cloudy skies and the clouds help the
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there is a southerly flow that warms us up but you can see they are getting closer and closer heading towards the poconos and the catskills. for us, looks like we're getting solid rainfall out of this snow. there has been a lot of blizzard conditions back at the midwestern states in the upper planes. for us, it's rain and it could lead to thunderstorms coming in here. in the morning commute, you will be fine up to 550 by the midday. showers and storms come on through and we go into tomorrow heading into a dry sky with high temperatures up to 540. there is a small chance of some snow flurries passing to the east. some of the models are saying that it's getting closer but for the most
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let's get over to ines. in new jersey, you are fine. on 70th and 280 looking great in connecticut on the parkway. that's go to the cameras and take a look at the staten island expressway. there was a traffic called with an open lanes everything will be fine in both directions. it's across the alexander hamilton bridge with no issues to report. major moves find both ways and trains are running fine. >> more police officers in the subway system lately. please say the nypd are stepping up patrols and working with the mta. live from penn station it's in east new york with more on what's being done. >> good morning.
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attack was a culmination of a dispute that started on a platform here at the pennsylvania avenue station. the police commissioner calls this state of recent attacks isolated incidents but still, they are striking fear in the hearts of subway riders. news of the recent subway slashing occupies the front cover. the latest attack comes on monday afternoon when a man identified as student stephen bradley got into an argument with another math platform on the pennsylvania avenue station. they boarded a train and separate cars but the dispute continues. he approached his victim and slashed his chin. he was arrested. shortly before, the police commissioner said that the slashing is an aberration. >> occasionally, the media and please get focused on a series of instances. that's what's happening here.
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news there are 10 subway slashing victims this year. police did not confirm the number. last month, a 71-year-old woman was attacked in the next day, this man attacked a woman in brooklyn. police made arrests in both of those cases. in an effort to show that the subway safe, bratton took to the rails with his security detail in tow. although the slashing's have generated all of this attention , there are other concerns . >> the issue of concern that we have is more constant and significant . it certainly solves the series of assaults with stabbings and flashings. the consistent problematic crime that we have is pickpocketing and electronic equipment that. stephen is facing multiple charges including criminal
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assault and menacing. he is due back in court on friday. >> that is the latest. thank you, robert. mayor deblasio's wife has pled not guilty to manslaughter. kari nordlinger is accused of stabbing a 60-year-old boy and edgewater new jersey. they say he is a drug dealer in the teenager work for him. the lawyer says he was defending himself during a robbery. his mother rachel was the former chief of staff for schilling red. >> an update now in the search for the missing student . they will only be unsealed if there is evidence leading to a criminal charge. hear from greenberg new
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june 2011. you focus on a rural property focused on a man arrested several times in the past for decent exposure. the lab tests are confirming a whole new wave of how the zika virus can be spread . the first nine traveler was infected in the dallas area. it was spread through a sexually transmitted disease.
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and started showing symptoms. it was found in his sexual partner who never left the country from venezuela. this is one week after it was declared a global emergency. the races on the us to develop test and vaccines. >> is not only for existing viruses but prepared for the next disease on the horizon. the who officials estimate 4 million cases of the gut could show up in the americas within the next year. at the center of the epidemic , army soldiers and health workers checked
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they are hoping to eliminate the mosquitoes. this is causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the cdc has recommended postpone trip to latin america and the caribbean. the traveled and left is in popular travel destinations. according to the department of health, there are nine confirmed cases here in the states of those range from nassau to orange county. lots of people are concerned this morning. >> as gross and disgusting as bedbugs are, we apologize in advance. they could help humans. how so? >> a team from the museum of natural history plan to have three years of research and they found the dna of bedbugs could lead to battle and set asides and blood thinners.
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tracked all over the city to find them. they found that bedbugs are everywhere. that includes down in the subway. >> its fragments of dna that can get there in many different ways. it's not that they were running around in the subway system . >> i think they needed a clause to adhere to. >> scientist discover that bedbugs, in different parts of the city, had different genetic makeup which means they are tarrying themselves to survive. why is that ? why do you need to survive ? ben: that is disgusting! it makes me it's just thinking about it .>> 5:11 am. this is a series situation. mike is keeping track of the forecasts before it's
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5:15 am . ben: video capture this tornado going through ellisville, alabama. the twister damaged a correctional facility. this tornado in mississippi knocked down power and no deaths just minor injuries reported. >> no tornadoes here. just wet weather our way. >> very warm today.>> it's warm, wet and windy. it is the same storm that came through. it's the one that's coming to us today.there could be thunderstorms that put down the rain and the wind. i don't think tornadoes will be a problem for us. what we are looking at out there the rain could be substantial. flood watches are in effect
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will be periods of heavy rain today. maybe some thunderstorms with rain totals around an inch -and-a-half. that helps us out since we're so far behind. sunny and cool coming back to us here starting on friday.>> temperatures are getting closer to where they should be this time of year. today, much normal and warmer than normal. thundershowers out there in pennsylvania heading into the tri-state region. they will work their way in at 450 in central park and 440 in montauk. 36 in monticello. clouds are thickening up as we speak and showers are closing in with son coming into the poconos. it showing up on the radar and we will see if it makes it to the ground. it takes a little while to get into the core of the tri-state.
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pressure driving the warm front through. it's the northeast and eastern seaboard is where you will see the majority of the storms. by the time he gets here it has weakened considerably from what we had. that should be the case here. >> here is the storms . right in the core of the day from midday evening. you have pretty solid rain and maybe a line of storms. they get showery as we head into midnight. we will keep an eye on the area of low pressure offshore .we could see some wet snowflakes down long island in the eastern tear. i am not too worried about that being a problem. windy, warm and wet with high temperatures getting up into the city. 42 on friday and 46 on saturday. it's cooler but still above normal.>> let's bring in ines
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>> if you are taking the ferry i just received word there is a modified schedule in effect . the boats will be running every 20 minutes. the commute is doing fine at no problems at the lie. let's go to the cameras and take a look. still wrapping up construction i 79th st. we are heading to 61st and will slow down. lincoln tunnel in the city and you are fine and bound. with the subways, we as a maintenance going on by 72nd st. two and three trains with delays. part of it is running local between 96 and 42nd st. >> i don't know if you heard about this but another car service is slashing prices.we told you about over dropping affairs but now lift has decided to drop prices 15%. it sent an email saying the
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a limited time. lift says it has a driver incentive program that its competitor lacks. also added that lower prices is necessary to stay competitive. >> this could be a make or break a for bill cosby. the comedian is expected to be back in a courtroom . >> the judge could decide today if a sexual assault case goes to trial.stacy joins us now with the latest. >> court proceedings yesterday. bill cosby with charges of sexually assaulting the employee 12 years ago. the committee and walked into the district attorney court in pennsylvania with the aid of two men. bruce castor junior was the former montgomery da. he was the star witnessed yesterday . the case against cosby first came to light .
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evidence to charge him. the actor could not plead the fifth because it was no longer a criminal case. he and his lawyers made a verbal agreement that cosby would not be criminally prosecuted if he testified freely. now, 12 years later, the new prosecutor wants to use the testimony as evidence. >> it's like a law school exam problem in question. one prosecutor says you won't be prosecuted so you can give testimony in a civil case and then you do that and then a new prosecutor comes in and charges you and now the civil testimony is used against you. >> more than 50 women have assault. he has denied all charges. it's not clear when the judge will rule but it could happen today. the issue is there was no agreement put in writing. it's he said she said. is it something
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into writing ? i guess you would have proof. here's a document that we made in the agreement. words. >> it's the challenge of the elected office. the da's come and go. >> this da basically ran it. he ran on this and saying he would charge the guy. stacy. >> the presidential candidates are descending on new hampshire. it's the race of the party's nomination.the winner of the caucus, ted cruz, heads straight there. he goes past front-runner donald trump. he pulled in the second highest vote total in history behind cruise. marco rubio pick up an endorsement from south carolina senator, tim scott. south carolina's next in the big race. hillary clinton beat ernie sanders in the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. six of clinton's delegates
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toss. now, in new hampshire, we will start on the world again! >> you treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. there is millions of americans that are counting on each and every one of you . >> new hampshire primaries will be held next tuesday. >> in japan, we know exactly what to do if one of its animals get loose. it's thanks to an unusual preparation plan. staff members in tokyo as the zebra and other chase him around. >> they ran the muck before getting caught. more than 150 staff members believe the fire department
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hundred and 50 people. it's a biannual simulation. the zoo had animals escape with a panther, elephant and a monkey. >> sounds like you have a problem with animals escaping them. >> this is the best they could do? >> you see that one person? the man dressed in the zebra costume ?>> if it works for you, that is great. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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umbrella but not for the morning rush but definitely for lunch hour and on the way home tonight >> the explosion forces a plane to make a landing after takes off. these images are from a journalist based in salami. somalia. they are calling to register for the draft. they are calling a change in policy. imagine feeding the parking meter with yourself on. no longer a dream. it's a reality. it will
5:29 am
>> that's the worst when you have to run out and feed the meter. you get there too late in the ticket lady is there. >> that is frustrating. i think you have experience that . >> please no i am right here. >> sorry, ma'am you are late . >> there should be a five-minute grace. >> i am teresa, all riled up. juliet huddy is off today. hopefully, she will be back soon. i am filling in for her . ben: im ben simmoneau . mike is here. i believe there is a five-minute grace. ben: did they give you a five-minute grace period? mike: i think they do. >> what is the price of an expired meter parking ticket ?
5:30 am
>> what is the price? i don't know? i think it $65. before sounds about right. theresa: between that and parking in the right place and nominally my car. >> let's show you what's going on out there. bring the umbrellas. the rain is coming. the fred watch goes into effect is not here yet . it looks like it will be here by later this afternoon. you could see where showers are lined up over pennsylvania and not on top of us. 450 at central park and clouds are gathering . showers make their way into the tri-state region as time goes on. looks like from lunchtime on you have light moderate rainfall with pockets of heavier showers coming through and it will be windy and warm.
5:31 am
out after midnight. here is what's going on with the staten island ferry. chemical problems running every 20 minutes. let's go to the cameras. let's look at the commute on the lie. we have mechanical problems on the trains. two or three are affected and you have delays
5:32 am
42nd st. the rest of the mass transit is running correctly . ben: she says you don't get parking tickets and she says you do. >> i get parking tickets for other reasons. theresa: i park where i'm not supposed to. sometimes the sign is there saying the truck is loading or unloading i think ines and i have kept the parking authority in business. they know us well . ben: the recent increase in the subway slashing are as many as 10 now. the nypd is stepping up patrols at subway stations. they are working with transit cops to cut down on crime. robert moses joins us live from the pennsylvania avenue station in east new york with more on what's being done. robert: good morning to you. we pulled up.this very busy station this morning and we saw a visible police presence.
5:33 am
combination of a dispute here on the platform on monday afternoon. the suspect is identified as stephen bradway. he got into an argument with another man early monday afternoon and poured coffee on him. according to records, he boarded a subway in a separate car but the dispute did not stop there. he approached the vic them , allegedly, chin. he was arrested and according to one count there has been at least 10 slashing all across the city this year. one hour before monday's attack , the police commissioner called all these instances in operation. >> this is new york. occasionally, the media and the police get focused on a series of instances. that's what happens here .
5:34 am
instances that involve people with psychological problems. the suspect in this case faces multiple charges like menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. the explosion ripped a hole in the side of the commercial jet forcing an emergency landing in some only a. this is the aftermath. these pictures are from a journalist based in somalia. an outside aviation expert said the damage was consistent with a mom. a short time ago, somalia's aviation authorities said there was no evidence get of what they would call a criminal act . two people were hurt and the ap says there was an unverified report that one person fell out of the hole. they landed in mocha d sku and evacuated.
5:35 am
about the spread of the zika virus. >> there is a report of the first case in this country. it spread through sexual conduct. more on this development. >> we still have so much to learn about this. >> absolutely! here is what we do know. the cdc has become infected with the zika virus. a man traveled home to the us showing symptoms of the virus found in his sexual partner. they are sending morning. it's just one day after the world health declared a global emergency. the race is on now in the country to develop vaccines. it will take a while. >> we will develop a single test that could be used for existing viruses. it would prepare us for the >> at the
5:36 am
and health workers check mosquitoes. the virus is spread through the insects with serious birth defects causing babies to be born with really small heads. the cdc has recommended pregnant women postpone trips to country in latin america and the caribbean. it's not confirmed if zika virus is passed to the baby through nursing. it's another way that could spread. a lot of people , just so much more to learn. early stages here when it comes to it. in the beginning of the week we heard it likely won't last seven days in your body. there is some people saying people were trying to get pregnant and should wait two months. people are showing symptoms longer than that timeframe.
5:37 am
>> mayor diblasio has a new program for all metered parking. >> drivers will be able to use the smart phones to pay for a spot and receive credit for unused time. the same technology will allow traffic agents to find out whether it's paid or not paid . additional methods will still be allowed . 13,700 m in the five boroughs. 85,000 spots. if you are using your credit card to pay initially, why would you be able to use it to refuel? >> no rain this morning but by lunch. we have showers coming
5:38 am
west. heading towards warren county as they work their way through the tri-state region. we get into the early afternoon and it's a pretty significant lineup with showers and storms coming this way. that's what we will deal with for the second part of the day. it looks like the showers are coming through here with a high temperature getting up to 500. tomorrow, the highest 54 and 46 on saturday with a cool temperature. we have a live interactive radar taking you down to the street level. >> let's bring in ines and see what we have in the roads.
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this morning. one lane blocked in the palisades southbound. no problems in the bridge in the westchester side and the sawmill. their jersey commute traveling on the garden state parkway heading up towards the bridge no issues there. let's go to the camera and take a look at the commute. starting to see some volume but no big issues. in brooklyn let's go and look at how it's holding by industry city. parking moving find . both directions are smooth sailing. >> much more to come. between the angels and the devils go at it. i always heard fios was a lot faster
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as the giant goliath moved in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one of his stones at goliath' s head. and goliath fell face down on the ground. who will stand up for you? wednesday morning at 5:44 am. the real estate era, robert durst, is expected to plead guilty to federal gun charges. it will clear the way for him to be extradited to california. he will stand trial for the murder of one of his longtime friends , it 16 years ago >> the top army and marine corps general say they
5:43 am
have to register for the draft. the combat jobs are open to them. political readers have locked in to the draft requirements. >> a wide record on metro-north. the long island railroad. 86 million people rode the retro north . that's an increase of 2%. the highest number of writers since 1949 was a total of 87.6 million. very close. the 30-year-old is a fencer from maplewood. last weekend she earned a bronze medal at a competition. this gave her enough points for the world standing to secure the spot for the games in rio. she took up fencing as a teenager because the uniform cover her body as her religion required.
5:44 am
clothing for young women. congratulations to her. >> the all-stars are over. in the third period, the game is tied at one. they walk across to jt miller. red-hot back to the net . miller is red-hot. the second of the night in the last five games. the rangers are up in moments later joseph went easy on the rush. in the second career goal game later in the third. devils are on the power play. he scores and the season double wins it for the final score. >> nelson cuts down to the slot and he gets the goal . it's his 20th of the year making it 3/2 in the third. he fires one back in the
5:45 am
john frangois gets his first nhl victory. basketball now the next and not playing well at the garden. they play host to the boulton cell six. avery bradley hits the jumper. boston is down in the third quarter down by three. check it out. he gets the rebound and he kicks it to anthony for the three. the next have six points and anthony has a free throw. anthony has a three-pointer to follow up . >> they take the lead in the fourth. it's an overtime and he misses. they beat the next 97/89 for the final score. colin kaepernick walked out of san francisco and the place that he once went for the jets. this is according to a daily news report.
5:46 am
past two years.according to the report the jets are aware when his right he is a dynamic player. he's headed back to the super bowl with michael or in the left tackle. he's welcome to the panthers with open arms. he sent michael or a text inside, we need you. he was struggling with the titans buddies driving in carolina playing in 98% of the snaps. >> everyday pinch myself.
5:47 am
get up early every day. he underwent surgery last march.matt harvey and steve and matt had the same surgery. you never get your hopes up too much. it's reassuring to know that they did well. i think you eight linden the second half.
5:48 am
add to that rotation. does he know you have a man crush on him? >> if anyone knows noah let me know. >> it's a couple weeks away . >> i leave on the 15th or 16th to port st. lucie. >> baseball season in spring. >> thank you, do. >> you take vacation down there after that works let's check the forecast. it will feel like florida today. it will dried up the air to us here at the tri-state. it's always welcome in the winter. get a little break. we also have to take what comes with that with some
5:49 am
it's not on top of the snowpack. from this afternoon and tomorrow when the radar gives us the live look now we don't have the ring on top of us yet . it will continue to do so. we go into the afternoon with cloudy skies and 450. winds are light and they will be picking up more so in the southwest. you could see showers and storms coming into pennsylvania and looks like summer heading into the western new jersey side. maybe a thunder shower in the area. generally speaking, all of this will work its way into the tri-state region . the future cass has been going back and forth. anytime between midnight or lunchtime district
5:50 am
tri-state and it will be heavy at times with pockets of heavier could be popping through in the dry air conditions come midnight. there is an area of low pressure offshore but it doesn't look like a huge might try to throw us in some showers. that will be in eastern long island primarily. it's windy and wet in the high-temperature gets up to 500. snow showers again flirting with eastern section in the tri-state. it hugs close enough to the coast so we have sunny skies and cooler temperatures for you friday, saturday and sunday with another rain and snow chants out there for you on tuesday of next week. keep an eye on that . let's bring in nine as. ines: you will be where? >> it doesn't matter.
5:51 am
you are taking on this morning, look for the modified schedule. mechanical schedules so the boat should be running every 20 minutes. the expressways doing fine. westchester and watch out for the roadway here on the southbound palisades. you will have one lane closed when you approach the freeway. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. on the nonstate parkway by mile marker 186, no problems at the george washington bridge. let's look at the camera shot with traffic moving fine at the lincoln and holland tunnel.mechanical problems expecting two or three problem southbound and it's only between 96 and 42nd st. delays on both the southbound lanes. trains are running on in close. teresa and ben. >> much more to come. >> entertainment and lady gaga getting ready to perform at the super bowl.
5:52 am
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