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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: good morning. it is going to bring mike crazy. rosanna: the rain is moving in this weekend. mike woods has all the details for us. greg: a fight break out. somebody grabs a knife. hurts them pretty bad. media hype. rosanna: and explosion midair. actually suck out of the plane. by the way, you know, they do
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bomb on them or some explosive. greg: a big call would open up on the plane. they are still looking into what happened here. the zika virus. it is a sexually transmitted disease. the city wants that. i think they want the money one way or another. you put a little piece of paper on the dashboard. rosanna, you are going to learn something today.
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have the best sleep of your life. greg: how are we going to sleep with all this stuff. greg: rosanna and i are going to go to the nyu sleep center. we are going to figure out why you are waking up that 230 in the morning. >> i am a pretty good sleeper.
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>> to use nor? no one has told you? >> this is going to be very interesting. greg: i like that. watching people sleep. i do not snore most of the time. every once in a while that happens. mike: i wake myself up sometimes. i do not know if they are giving you the sedative. you guys are can have separate
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>> is going to be interesting. >> we have the rain coming through. mostly during the day. let show you what is happening right now. it is mainly the central sections of new jersey. when you have the rain coming through, you will see localized flooding. the city is not quite here yet. it is closing in on us quickly. temperature still going up. that is largely because the wind is turning more southerly. this is just the leading edge of the rainfall. looks like you have your stuff is coming at you later on today.
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of something passing off shore. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. what has happened there? >> starting off with the garden state parkway. there is an accident in the local lanes. you have to laze both on local and express lanes. on the southbound side, you are fine. staten island ferry. running on a modified schedule. let's go to our cameras and take a look at your commute this morning. the van wyck, watch out for an accident.
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traffic backed up to the cute gardens interchange. the grand central it self is doing fine. trains are running on or close. greg: we have yet another slashing. this happened about one hour or so after we heard from the top cop in the city that these episodes were simply aberrations. the central of media hype. rosanna: it is a little unnerving. getting a lot of people upset. that, robert, is where one of the last attacks of voice. >> correct.
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documents, the suspect poured coffee on the victim and things escalated from there. news of the recent spate of subway slashings occupied the cover of this morning's daily news. a man identified as steven got into an argument with another man on the platform of the subway station. bill bratton said in a radio interview that the slashings are an aberration.
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attacked a woman in brooklyn. patton himself took to the rails. he said that although the slashings that generated all the attention, there are other equally pressing concerns. >> the issue is constant concern. serious assault will always be a high priority. it is an electronic. >> the slashings have gotten the share of attention in the last month or so. he faces multiple charges.
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a weapon. that is the latest from east new york this morning. greg: a pickle in the side of a commercial jet. rosanna: this is the aftermath pictures. outside aviation expert told the associated press that the damage looks consistent with a bomb. just a short time ago, they said there was no evidence yet of what they call a criminal act. passengers were evacuated from the aircraft. information still pretty catchy.
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a united airlines plane. new york state police believe the person was somewhere on long island. a green laser beam was observed. officers to various speeches. seeing if they can find someone doing this. it is federal law. it is illegal to aim a laser pointer at an aircraft. it aligns them. politics. they are all in new hampshire higher. i think donald trump may have a pit of a point here.
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ted cruz won iowa. rosanna: calling it a humbling loss for donald trump. donald trump got fewer votes in iowa then ted cruz. rosanna: he uses his own money. >> i spent less than just about anyone else. frankly, everyone told me i could not do well there. i came in second. marco rubio, good guy, by the
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i came in second by a lot of votes. rosanna: some people pick it up. greg: it is wild. he made that crack about buying a farm. let's see what is happening next. rosanna: a very tight race in iowa. the closest democratic caucus in history. awarded via coin toss. can you imagine. theory, very scientific there. greg: heads i win, tails you
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that actually worked with rosanna. rosanna: supposed to be another tough fight. bernie sanders has a double-digit lead. >> i am so thrilled that i am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. [cheering] greg: he is right next door. vermont has an advantage. >> holding a meeting tonight. greg: okay. let's go into other stuff. it is a sexually transmitted disease. it can be transmitted through sex. rosanna: a patient in dallas,
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virus through sexual contact and not a mosquito bite. rosanna: we have the health commissioner here the other day. it was kind of pretty cut and dry. >> a colorado man. during the most recent outbreak, we had not heard of cases like this until now. doctors and researchers are rushing trying to develop a vaccine and educate the public. >> a person in texas had contracted the zika virus through stacks. the virus was then found in sexual partner who never left the country. this was one day after the world
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state of emergency. >> a single test. used not only for existing diseases like zika virus, but to be prepared for the next on the >> it could show up in the americas in the next year. >> even if we got lucky, the procedures would take years. >> reporter: army soldiers and health workers checked home for water. the virus is spread to the insects. maybe linked to serious birth defects. the cdc has recommended pregnant
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than two dozen countries. mostly latin america and the caribbean. greg: doctors have not confirmed -- another concern, so far, nine confirmed cases in the u.s. >> a 9-year-old girl was saved. she jumped into the arms of police officers. rosanna: this 9-year-old girl trapped by the smoke and the fire. she was caught by three officers. she was okay. the fire damaged 12 apartments.
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it is under investigation. mike: things are starting to move their way into the tri-state. here we go. we need the rain fall. you know how it is. this is a live radar. it looks like it may hold up a little bit. light to moderate showers. your temperatures are mild. 36 degrees and monticello. wind will start coming in from the south. it will take some time to come through.
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into the tri-state region. it starts to shut down. dryer for you tomorrow. i am not too worried about that. let's get over to ines. here. >> the major deegan right now. an accident has a lame blog they are. long island, for the most part, doing fine. let's go to our cameras. not too bad here by 79th street. hudson river crossings. your normal 45 minute delay. taking the lincoln
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rosanna: i remember this.
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rosanna: it is. please on his ipod. greg: what is happening today? it is going to rain. an all nighter. rosanna: . about what is happening in philadelphia. four bullies need of a girl. they left her unconscious. they posted the video online. greg: she actually posted it again. she has some things to say about what happened to her. >> i was locked in my school bathroom by four girls. while being unconscious, no one
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i never had a chance to defend myself. i was unconscious and unable to fight. this was not okay. i was assaulted by four girls bigger than me just because they did not like me. >> you know, boy, did you see anything this bad? >> no. never. there would be no way we would even think about that. >> she carried the ruler. she never used it. we had to sit with our hands up the edge of the desk for hours. there is something to be said about discipline. greg: media is the mandate
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rosanna: bill cosby is going to be back in court. fighting charges of sexually assaulting an employee. >> the district attorney, well, he offered words of defense. >> he gave mr. cosby community years ago. he thought he may have been guilty. he could not prove that he was guilty. back in 2004, he did find sufficient evidence to charge him. a new prosecutor wants to use
7:24 am
this criminal case. prosecuted. you do that. several testimonies being used against you. >> fox legal correspondent. we need to understand that. >> dozens and dozens of women have accused. it is not clear. that documentary, we were all kind of upset for robert durst. he will be packing court in new orleans today.
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to federal gun charges. that happened 16 years ago. rosanna: that is the durst. he has been linked to three killings. another episode, he admitted to killing his roommate 10 years ago. he disposed of the body. he did not tell anyone. he threw the parts into the pay. arrested the night of the
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greg: remember that time we met lady gaga. that was a long time ago. people had not even heard of her yet. rosanna: the last song she was ever going to sing. >> remember that one? remember that. >> it is so funny. rosanna: i do not remember her. she had on something underneath.
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right now. one person with an umbrella of thayer. did they break up yet? >> it was explosive. and ending where you scream at the end. >> mike woods. >> i thought we were talking about a movie. >> what happened?
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am going to do next. rosanna: that is so funny. he likes to watch hd because he says that it is relaxing. greg: there are some sprinkles out here in front of the studio. it will be picking up intensity as the day goes on. just kind of takes a little time to get going. new jersey. central sections of new jersey. period the frame that will be heavy at times.
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happening for you. there are things going back and forth. light showers cruising through northern new jersey. there is also some of the hutson right now, a cloudy sky officially at central park. light showers here and there. the cloudy skies. making the way into the tri-state. there is a lot more to the west of us. there could even be a line of thunderstorms cruising five later this afternoon into the
7:33 am
also, some localize flooding. forty-six on saturday. temperatures not so bad. let's bring in ines. see what we have. >> a modified schedule. approximately every 20 minutes. normal delays heading towards the verrazano. an accident northbound. still working on an accident by exit 123. the george washington bridge, about a 45-50 minute to lay. it was involving this box truck
7:34 am
the toll lanes. forty-five-50 minutes. delay. the holland tunnel, 10-15. greg: parking your car on a public street. throw some money in the meter. you don't put a nickel in the machine. >> you can still get a ticket. it is a bit of a hassle. >> you pay online. maybe with your phone.
7:35 am
>> parking in new york city about to enter the 20th century. we will print out the ticket. those days are finally number. at the end of the year, you will be able to pay with your smart phone. it rolled out as a pilot program. tomorrow the mayor will announce citywide by the end of the year. you download an app on your phone. each of these leaders will have signs with numbers on them. you open up the app and enter the number. you have your credit card stored just like you would in any other
7:36 am
you click enter and that is it. the traffic agents will be going around the city to check license plates. overall drivers we spoke to this morning seemed pretty excited about this upcoming of great. >> you do not have too, to review. >> i am so excited about it. i love this. corner. it is a pay problem. >> reporter: a lot of us have certainly have those problems. i have it on my phone.
7:37 am
all you have to do is enter those numbers from the meter. then you are good to go. we will say it. thanks a lot. >> you started this whole program. the u.s. marshals service is set to auction off some of the jewelry. he has shows about him coming up. >> i think that he is up for parole next month. >> they want to auction off this
7:38 am
more than $21000 each. >> $822,000 diamond tennis bracelet up for grabs. >> it must be gold. it runs through february 6:00 p.m. >> september 2008 when he got locked up. they both died. >> good day is coming right the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the
7:39 am
3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. mike: all right. welcome back. the flood watch in effect for central parts of new jersey. there is still snow and ice on the ground. rainfall coming into that area. the rain coming in. it could lead to some flooding.
7:41 am
at a pretty soggy day. most of the heavier more solid showers are to the west of us. that is the lighter stuff. the heavier stuff is back to the west. 47 degrees in islip. cloudy skies fair. the rainfall back to the west of us. light to moderate rainfall, also some pockets of heavier rain. later this afternoon into this evening. most of the rain has already moved through. then we will see clearing skies up through tonight and tomorrow. what was especially the second
7:42 am
high temperature gets up to 58. there is a quick little offshore snow shower. i do not think it will be a big problem. the fox5 weather app. it comes in handy. download it now. let's bring in ines. ines: always have problems out there. you do have some slowdowns there. there is an accident. no problems putnam county. let's take a look at your traffic coming towards us is bound by exit 42. as for the trains, let's go to
7:43 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna: let's talk basketball. duke: they won at the garden last night. hitting a baseline jump. boston down to. we go to the third quarter. six points and one possession. greg: that is how that happens. the celtics beat the knicks. hockey is back. newark. playing host to the rangers. sending the puck across. moments later, same score.
7:44 am
scores. tie that to. islanders. second. that is the 20th of the year. finding the back of the net. five-three the final score. football news. this is interesting. colin capper nick wants out of san francisco. he wants to land with the jets. greg: what is so good about this guy?
7:45 am
cornerbacks in the nfl. midway through the season. this report is not true. >> he has a winning smile. the snake. passed away at the age 69. he donated his brain to boston university. we have seen many players. the times quotes the university of saying stabler had stage three, chronic traumatic.
7:46 am
they played under peer bryant. >> frank gifford. they are looking into that. >> the family donated his brain. you know, this is a problem. we do the story. football now. now headed back to the super bowl. michael or has found a home. greg: the one from sandra bullock? duke: he has been welcome to the panthers with open arms. he struggled with tennessee.
7:47 am
>> that is why i work so hard. why i get up every day. it is not somewhere i want to go back. >> a little bit about his background. he was taken in by family. sandra bullock's family in the movie. he became a dominating left tackle in college football. had it picked payday in the nfl. it is not exactly how it happened in the movie. nonetheless. >> hollywood exaggerated or distorted. >> he kind of said that
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rosanna: barracuda. rosanna: i remember them.
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greg: this song, the girls were misrepresented. they are just like they were lovers. rosanna: interesting. let's get down to dr. raj. she has some advice this morning. greg: what's up? >> a false sense of security with the warm weather. flu season is absolutely well on its way. quite severe in terms of young adults getting sick. even some fatalities. usually whirring about the
7:51 am
super bowl coming up. one day where we may be seeing more people becoming infected with the flu. >> double dipping. there is a lot more. greg: super bowl parties are a health risk. >> parties in general. greg: staying at home alone. >> go to the parties, watch your -- wash your hands before and after. do not double dip, greg. rosanna: i have seen new double dip. >> alcohol and pregnancy. there are cultures where some women do continue to drink during pregnancy.
7:52 am
level of alcohol. they are warning women to avoid alcohol altogether. if you are having unprotected sex and you could become pregnant, you should not have any alcohol. at conception time, alcohol can develop the development of the they are saying that it is a real problem here it up to maybe 1% of children in this country suffered two disabilities related to alcohol during pregnancy. not even before. if you get pregnant and you are not aware, the first few weeks, you may be exposing that fetus
7:53 am
the science is not 100% clear. because it is not 100% clear, why take the risk. >> is this more research needs to be done on this? >> even if more research needs to be done, for what we know right now, i would say avoid it altogether. >> name something that we can do that is for fun. to to hear about this? what to do if one of its animals get loose. >> a guy in a zebras suit. let's pretend that this is a real zebra.
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"good day new york." wednesday. greg: it is going to rain today. a lot. rosanna: another subway slashing in the city. police are revealing details about the latest moment. greg: he had 10 now in the latest month. we have a real problem here. a person in texas has become affected with the zika virus. it happened through sexual contact. what does this mean for the spread of the virus? it seemed like it was only a few are pregnant and visiting the country.
7:58 am
>> there is a new study being done in the subway. i am hearing that the eastside was different than the westside. no, they have different characteristics. greg: it does not seem like there there's any place for them to nest. it is not like a cushion. >> we are thinking frozen. anna gilligan is checking out an entire village made of ice. this is crazy. couldn't you see a bad. he went up north. the dvd download from his
7:59 am
>> the i sped to remember that. you could be right. there is a movie. a few years ago. they were in a hotel made of ice. >> you need more sleep. going to a special sleep lab tonight. we may even have some. they even out do a your brain waves. >> do not worry about that. we will be able to see whether you are moving or not. that time is about 9:00 o'clock. we will find out how we sleep. >> you will not be sedated.
8:00 am
greg: a slumber party. greg: surprise surprise. that does sound interesting. i hear that it is going to rain. we have some pretty solid rain. through tomorrow afternoon because of the rain on top of the snow and ice. it is still out there. throw some water on top of that. it will melt. we have the flood watches
8:01 am
catching somewhat of a break. more showers back over pennsylvania. everyone is probably seeing some sprinkles at this point in time. 48 degrees. the rain will be picking up as time goes on. same thing for you and sunnybrook. you are checked in at 42 degrees. cloudy skies everywhere. starting to make the first pass. the more solid rain is to the west of us. the cold front will work its way through. the same storm that bring all that weather to the deep south. for us, it will be more moderate showers that we have here. your rain chances are picking up
8:02 am
90% by 7:00 p.m. your high temperature today is 58. there is an offshore low. i do not think it will be a big problem. we have all kinds of sunshine coming up for you as we head into the weekend here. >> staten island ferry. on a modified schedule. the expressway, heading towards the verrazano. reports of a stall right before the felt merge. route 80 westbound. watch out for a crash by exit 55. eastbound side, or multilayers. no problems westbound. everything is running on or close to schedule.
8:03 am
rosanna: have you noticed more police officers on the subway system? >> actually, i have not. a lot of those in the subway. the latest one happened just after police officials said the media was exaggerating the problem. rosanna: trying to step up patrols in the subway system. robert moses is outside the subway station. that is where the latest attack took place. what is going on? >> there certainly was and increased police presence. allegedly, the suspect for coffee on the victim.
8:04 am
the police commissioner has called the incident an aberration. still, frightening for those that are on the subway. >> the latest attack came on monday afternoon when a man identified got into an argument with another man on the platform of the pennsylvania avenue station. the dispute continued. he / him on the chin here it he was arrested. police commissioner said that the slashings are an aberration. >> the media and the police give focused on a series of incidents. that is what is happening here. the next day, this man attacked a woman in brooklyn.
8:05 am
these cases. practice himself took to the rail. all peeled with his security detail in tow. there are other equally pressing concerns. >> the issue of concern that we have, it certainly is serious assaults. priority. the problem we have in the subways is picked pocketing and theft of electronic equipment. >> clearly, it has been the slashings. there have been 10 slashings in the subway and elsewhere. all across the city in january.
8:06 am
court on friday. that is the latest live from the pennsylvania avenue station. back to you. rosanna: we also have this. a former prostitution ring led by a former cop. >> officials are telling the new york post that he had a stable of 10 or 11 prostitutes. he was fired from the department last month after failing a drug test. he was arrested yesterday. also a police officer. reportedly in court yesterday.
8:07 am
pleading not guilty to manslaughter. now we are hearing another side of what may have transpired in new jersey. >> this young man is a ruthless drug dealer. >> apparently this happened sunday night in edgewater. his lawyer denied the allegation. just defending himself during a robbery. the mother was the former chief of staff. and now the son is being held for, i believe, manslaughter. >> it is bizarre and it is sad. the taliban and is openly claiming credit. they killed this 10-year-old boy. you can see it here pictured.
8:08 am
the taliban and announced last year that he was celebrated as a hero for leaving a militia defense against the taliban. rosanna: he had fought for 44 days after his uncle was wounded. the taliban and murdered the board boy. she is the pakistani that was shot in the head back in 2012. she is 18 years old. i have heard her speak. hoping to educate refugee children.
8:09 am
in africa. rosanna: there are new concerns this morning about the seek of virus and how it can be spread. you thought that only if you are pregnant you would be at risk. now, the cdc is confirming that a patient in texas contracted the virus. >> reporter: good morning. we knew that this could be a possibility. with the most recent outbreak, the first non-traveler has been affected in the dallas area. they are trying to develop a vaccine and rush to educate the public. >> confirming a person in texas have become infected with the seek of virus through sex. a man came home to the u.s. and started showing symptoms. the virus was then found in his
8:10 am
the country. declaring a global emergency. the race is on in the u.s. developing test and vaccines. >> it could be used being prepared for the next as he is on the horizon. >> reporter: estimating up to 4 million cases. it could show up in the americas in the next year. it will take time to develop a vaccine. >> even if we got lucky, the procedures with take, we are talking about years or months. >> reporter: at the center of the academic, they checked homes for stagnant water hoping to
8:11 am
the virus is primarily spread. they recommend pregnant women postponing trips. another scary part to all of this is it has also been found in breastmilk. doctors have not confirmed if it can be passed to a baby through nursing. there are nine confirmed cases in new york state. greg: thanks a lot. bugs. cases. rosanna: maybe they can help us. greg: scientists having test dna through the subway system. >> the past years researching the bed bugs. the scientists are looking at
8:12 am
thinners. eastside are different than westside. that is what they are saying. that is funny. bed bugs can be found anywhere. including in the subway. it is not that bedbugs are running at down in the subway system. greg: okay. rosanna: they are different in they could be tailoring themselves to survive. that eastside have, you know, sir in sheet counts. cop and with all those, you know, you know what i am saying. greg: there is egyptian cotton. greg: let's wrap it up. north new jersey had a problem with the snow.
8:13 am
job responding. what happened here? the city of newark dispatched only nine vehicles. >> newark contacted 40. even that additional manpower proved not enough. >> most of those streets down there have not been plowed. >> promising to retain more salt for plows for future storms. greg: great idea. rosanna: are we looking at a storm, mike, for next week but should mark. greg: it is going to happen
8:14 am
mike: that is rain. tuesday of next week. that one looks a little interesting. it has been sitting there for a few days. we are still in the middle of winter. picking up plenty of rain. we are expecting the rain to pick up. 37 degrees and monticello. another 42 in bridgeport. pressing the way through later on today. we see the more solid rain. having from lunch time to the evening rush. rain showers or a few thundershowers coming to you
8:15 am
high of 58 degrees. there is the offshore storm. we have sunny skies coming up for you. friday, saturday, sunday. the weather app has a live interactive radar. you can take it to wherever it is that you are. we have a birthday shout out today to this guy. happy birthday. he has lots of loved ones out there. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: traffic is getting messier. tappan zee bridge. traffic moving extra slow. traffic backed up to the
8:16 am
let's take a look at the pulaski skyway. one and nine. two separate accidents. a huge back up into the jersey city area. fifteen from both approaches. gwb, 45 on the upper. thirty on the lower. if you are coming into new jersey, 20 minutes. new jersey transit, a 15 minute delay. rosanna: thank you, ines. the ice hotel. greg: everyone looked at you like you are crazy. rosanna: a lot of people have come to my defense. i put it out there. i vaguely remember.
8:17 am
only slightly less awkward now. rosanna: meanwhile, we have a the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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greg: yahoo!. do you still use yahoo!? rosanna: cutting 15% of the work force workforce by the end of the year. $400 million cost-cutting effort. not making a profit. rosanna: ablate, some people are going to lose their job over this. >> it used to be black and white. whatever. it was to the point.
8:20 am
it is terrible. greg: social media does not like it. rosanna: it is a bit -- building blocks of the technology world. all of those things that lead together is uber trying to figure out their business in these countries. i would say overly thought. both social media confused by it. you are looking to get a ride home. that is what it looks like to you. >> a are making money. they are all over the world. making some changes to the soda. >> leave them alone. >> uber cup prices. with says, us, too.
8:21 am
nobody likes anything. here you are volunteering your marketing expertise. went on a company's blog and literally wrote a very long essay about the thought process that went into this. greg: good for him. when they change facebook, everybody went nuts. remember that. >> it is different. everybody loves it. >> you get confused when you see a new logo.
8:22 am
rosanna: thank you. >> bye-bye. rosanna: it is still a little confusing as to why they would change the logo. i am not going to read that very long explanation. >> we will be right pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens.
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greg: very old school. you may remember this song when our friend was downstairs. rosanna: right. >> the long continuous shot. rosanna: they were playing this song? greg: they were. this happened in east brooklyn, by the way. rosanna: you know a lot of details about that movie. you were blon away. you remember. greg: i know it pretty well. you know what else is a real joy, one of those moments in life, beau invited foe the special reunion. they screened goodfellas, denare row was there. it was fantastic. all right. now i got to cover the bad word because everyone is going to
8:26 am
i yun erred stand. rosanna: this is east new york. queen, right? greg: this guy. got to cover it up. one more time. it is okay. my fingers over it. rosanna: it is not okay. greg: okay. >> it. no wince going to see. please. take a look at the face. trust me. his name is jeff. when somebody i in jackson heights parks parks where they shown. what does he do? rosanna: he puts a sticker on the car and calls them ana-word we know. anyway, he are intrigued by how he is trying to take back the neighborhood. and where we going to have open-on the show at 9:00. we want to find out, basically, what do they ned to be doing to get that. greg: you park il legally. he will put that sticker on it. i am ap intrigued he has not
8:27 am
we'll meet yev. rosanna: that sounds good. mike, what do you think about that? reporter: i am trying to picture the situation will be. rosanna: i am hearing you are in handicap or a fire zone. >> reporter: i is like vigilante justice. rosanna: maybe there is a big problem. i done know. we'll fund out. reporter: all right. anyway. first of all. we have rainfall that is making the way toll the tristate region. it is light-to-moderate rainfall now. we will see heavier stuff which on. in fact, we have a flood watch in effect for central sections of new jersey. that is on this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon because of the rain that is coming in, and the snow pack that is already there. in fact, that is going to add to the flooding. that warm rain comes in. that is hap present now. scattered showers are rolling across the tristate and actually looks like mainly connecticut seeing the there has been plenty of rain over new jersey as well.
8:28 am
not a lot. but a little light rain here and there. 48 is the temp. central park and islip. 46 in montauk. we are expecting a fairly warm day, but a wet up with at the same time. going to be breaks in the rain fall early on in the day. that is now. once we get beyond lunch time. scattered showers become more solid and more consistent through the second half of the diaz the cold front starts to work the way through the tristate reg fon. that will bring us more of a steady rainfall and perhaps some heavier shom thunderstorms from time to time. that should be about it. it look like an inch to an inch and a half of cast. you can see a line of thunderstorms coming by here later on. it should not go too for the evening. once we get to 9:00 or so. rain is moving on m. we see a drier sky from that point forward. we keep it dry for the majority of the thursday and there is an area seeing it here off the that is trying to throw back some moisture. some models want to give as you little snowfall thursday into friday.
8:29 am
that one f. is the one that comes up next week. it is concerning. so main thing we have to deal with immediatelies the rainfall today. temp-wise, 58 for high. then, compared to the normal high of 39grass greece. that is 20 degrees warmer than normal. warm, wet, windy day coming up for you today. 54 he is the high tomorrow. 42 on friday. that little snow chance is not much of anticipating this. don't be worried about that. sunny skies return for you. monday not too bad. ons day, looks like we could have interesting system with the rain-snow mix. highs in the it upper 30's. yeah. that is suspect for sure. but let's bring in ines to teak a peak at what is going on as we hat hit the roads at 8:30 something. reporter: good morning, mike. 6:33. some mechanical problems. the potboats are running every 20 mince. in new jersey, working on an exit. one lane blocked. the parkway, you can see, a lot of delays, especially 280 in the area. traffic is moving slow.
8:30 am
let's go to the cameras to take a lack heading toward the pulaski skyway. this is the circle. heading toward jersey city. car. traffic is not moving. they had it shut down. the roadway cleared one. they reopened it. now look like they stopped all lanes trying to get the other one out of the way. traffic jammed if you are heading to newark kiway. the inbounded side, that construction. as for the trains. new jersey transit in and out of penn station. a 15 minute delay because of amtrak problems. everything else running on or close. greg: you, too. the guys paying the parking meter. jay oh, yeah. greg: he had to run without with a nickel or dime. rosanna:way. a nickel and dime went far. now i don't know if you get five minutes for it. ja over the years, things have changed. ray paid guy $20 wash the car. there is hor rain by the way. a great girl. now lately, you set the receipt on the
8:31 am
that is also fast becoming obsolete. new system out there. why yeah. they are getting ready to announce a new pay by cell program for all metered parking. stacey delikat has the information now. she is on thor westside. stacey, how does the traffic agent know you have updated the ticket? reporter: so that is a good question, rossman. basically all the traffic agency are going to be getting new tablets. this is not just for the meters. this was already planned for them to get the high-tech tablets. with the tablettest there able to see where you are paid up through this app. now, just to give some background there. there is 13700 in the city by the end of this year, they will all have this pay by phone system. so let's talk about how it works. you have to download the app on the smartphone called the pay by phone app. then each of the meters will have numbers attached to them. when you park somewhere, you can see, okay, my number is, 3244. in ener that into the appment this you put it
8:32 am
to park for. you have the credit card saved. you press. that is it. no longer having to go tow machine, fumble for coins and printout the ticket and make sure it is facing the right way up in the dashboard. this tails lay ram that was announced by mayor bloomberg back in 2013 and they rolled it out of a pilot program in the belmont section of the bronx. so new yorker place tried. i tomorrow in the state of the city address, the mayor is going to announce it will be going citywide and will be providing details. we have been talking to drivers morning. most of them welcome it. they are excited to get the 21st century upgrade. >> i used to live in chicago chy. they had that system. it is convenient. you don't have to come out to renew. you can just do it by phone for af hour or rethu for another hour. >> i am excited about it. they have another european countries and in the middle east. it is going to be so convenient. i love. >> i yeah. reporter: if you had problems in the pasts?
8:33 am
the credit card doesn't work. i have to go around the corner and getting teched while i am getting the ticket. it is a big prob. reporter: a lot of new yorkers are familiar with if he problems with the meters when you try to get one that doesn't work, you got to tray the other one now. you are able to take care of it the phone. a few more futures are the thu app. you will be able to add more time remotely. purp in two-hour spot. you only paid for af hour. go on the phone. add the machine no i the extra hour. then the app will also text you if you want when you are spot is about to run up. you will get credit back if you leave the spot before the alotted amount of time that you paid for. so interesting high-tech fee floors again. mayor de blasio is rolling out details of this one. he gives the state of the city address tomorrow. will be a much welcomed upgrade. by the way if you don't have a smartphone or don't feel leak using this app. well the transportation department says you will be able to put in coins or credit cards the old fashion way if you
8:34 am
greg and rosanna. greg: thans a lot. it was not demrs. see yes' idea. rosanna: no, mayor bloomberg started the pilot program. thank you so much, stacey. the city likes to make money when you done pay your time. that whens they, you know, they amp up the fines. i don't know what they use the money for. they put it somewhere. now if you are paying your time, how are they going to make money? greg: well, paying your time. by paying your time. rosanna: no. no. greg: you think they want to get tickets. rosanna: yeah they want to charge you $50 or $60. greg: look, it seems like improvement however slight. and you could be please with that. you don't have to be -- this is not the moment. rosanna: i know. why done it trust this? this is something about this that doesn't sit well me. greg: fine. there is so many oh kags now. i can rant. think we'll take this one for what it is worth. jay okay, fine. greg: politics, you can
8:35 am
lets take about new hampshire. they are all focusing their sights on new hampshire now. greg: including donald trump. was endorsed by the former senator, the former model, cot. think his name is. ted cruz came in first mace in i would. donald trump came in second place in iowa. marco rubio came in third place. everyone is talking ru about a he yos the big winner. sometimes i done understand. donald trump doesn't think the completed has been fair to him in all of that. i came in second. people said, oh, that was a disappointing evening for donald trump but marco rubio, good guy by the way came in third. they are saying he had unbelievable evening. by the way, i calm in second buy a lot of votes like over 2,000 votes. that is a lot of votes? by this? they did did say there with was a big turnout there. donald trump is admitting that maybe he should have gone the debate the other night. greg: i read that he said that. rosanna: yeah. greg: same time. i think he has point about the second place finish and they are like, oh, he is in trouble now.
8:36 am
6,000 votes. i mean, 30 million people watch the debate undown to 6,000 people. rosanna: the way way. ted cruz got eight delegates out of this. donald trump got seven. yeah. anyway, trump says he feels new ham shares real natural fit for him. sew is thinking he will do well in the primary tuesday. greg: incomes tuesday. all right. what else. rosanna: the democrats. greg: well, hillary is in a race with bernie sanders and bernie sanders has a come manning lead in new hampshire. he is from next door in vermont. rosanna: yeah. well, everybody is expecting he will do well at the primary next week. but even hillary clinton admits it is a dog fight. >> i am so thrilled that i am am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! [cheering and applauding] >> now in new hampshire -- [cheering and applauding] greg: have you been a political rally? zi, i have not. j i have only seen them on tv.
8:37 am
to go to one? greg: sure. rosanna: yeah. greg: i take that back. i saw president bush attend a bunch. i was neutral. what happens next? >> well, hillary clinton is in a televised town hall meeting today. there is a did he bait with bernie sanders tomorrow night. so the new mam hir primary set for taus day. it should be interesting. i am enjoying the political season. its something to watch. i a i prewith you. let's see. the super bowl is sunday. let's mack it interesting. rosanna: all right. receipts' eat! everybody is going to be going crazy with the wings and nachos. we are going to show you heal think version of things so maybe it is a pound and a half kind of a ta.
8:38 am
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greg: good morning, new york. rosanna: good day, new york. greg: where is the food truck? rosanna: upper west side. greg: that is a tough job. rosanna: know. especially really bad weather. very mild today. all right. so wrecks exited because one of the former guests of good day new york is actually going to be at the super bowl. greg: that identifies herself. lady gaga will sng the national anthem at the
8:41 am
not the halftime show. rosanna: no right at the beginning. >> the national anthem. she has quit at voice, of course. rosanna: she is great. i love when she sings with tony bennett. you can tell what a great voice she has. she has been busy. she won the golden globe for the role in the hit story." greg: if you see her with tony bennett at a benefit, she wears something more subdued. why yeah. up for oscar for best original song for so it happen us to. would what movie is that in? you done know, do you? meat neath he do i. rosanna: a lot going on. she will do a tribute to david bowie. now david bowie's hit album will be gaga's musical director. lady gaga is up for grammy this year. she has won six. david bowie's legendary career. he won one by the way. as you no he, he died
8:42 am
greg: all right. i bought that album "let's dance." rosanna: i thought were you talking about the new one. greg: i did not, sorry. rosanna: i hear dogs barking. >> oh, yeah. i will get a dog. you take care of this. ji okay. heavy metal rocker def leppard are postponing all concerts due to illnesses with the singer joelle why it. the drummer rick allen tweeted if elliott continue sing, he could do damage. all of those shows which include runs in atlantic city and brooklyn, sadly, are going to be rescheduled. existing tickets will be honored. and do you remember the movie in the 1980's? what is it? repo man. never saw this move movie. greg: i never saw this movie. rosanna: yeah. well, that is right. it stars emilio esta
8:43 am
classic movie. >> he this is repo man. >> you want to give my car back. i got go to your house and shove your dog's head done the toilet. >> the misis to repo seas 1964 chevy, but hidden within the trunk -- >> its the most important discovery in the history of our planet. greg: kind of a cold classic, rosanna. this. it looks into nice. greg: you can see it tonight at the little 8:00. by the way, it is free. rosanna: are you going? greg: i may download it. look at this guy, huh? the puppy bowl. the super bowl, they got a! pi bowl. rosanna:s who your little friend? greg: this guy, i don't know your name yet. do know, he will be starring in the! pi bowl. he has starring role in the puppy bowl. why you know who is doing with to be here?
8:44 am
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greg: welcome back. rosanna: you and your friend are boning. greg: yes, he are. greg: anna gilligan has special ice thing in new jersey. what is going on listen to? rosanna: what are you doing? reporter: hi, good morning. i am at the sky land stadium. am catching a few zzz's on the ice bed. it is part of the frozen icy vent there. i gat little wet. this is the ice cabbie, as you can see. they have the bed. this is kind of recreating a house. we have got fake fireplace there with ice logs as well as a breakfast table. so bass chy, this is an event this very, that opens friday. it is run through the end of february. we're in agusta, new jersey. this is the event space off of the skyland stadium the minor league baseball team, the sussex county minors play. they put on the event because basically, bails is 50 day out of the year. there is a lot going on here if you are not coming to catch a game.
8:48 am
top of the ice slide here which you can rides the mascot. he will go down the slide now to guff you a taste. fun for the whole family. wow. it is fast there. that is no joke. so it is $20 for adult to come here. there is all kinds of cruel ice sculptures here you can see. nick here's the director and this is kind of, hes the man behind this idea. so where were you concerned at all, there would knob did he sir for more cold after the blaze hard? what was the idea behind going colder during the winner? >> we're thinking if there is a heat wave outside, that maybe they for got it is winter much when you come unhere, you are are going to remember. you can vouch for that, right? >> way, it is cool. he told me earlier this is like selfie heaven. i can attest to this. check out the beautiful ice sculptures they did here. how long it did take you? >> we finished the christmas light show that was outside right at the end of the year. january 5th.
8:49 am
they, it has taken as you month. it has been like giving birth. reporter: you ton have events here. next up shall with you have a boat show in april. people canton vet the space. oh, big time. we got events after events in. this event center gets traps formed time and time againment? you will see this. it is ice today. when you come back, it is indoor boat show. we got wine festle va, beer festivals? all sorts of family activities as well. reporter: okay. thanks so much. you we're end you a agusta, incomes. we're back in the next hour. we show you the fod and drinks you can get in the next hour. there is also an ice maze which i will navigate my way through. then, so it opens this friday. it is open wednesdays through sundays all february month long. it is $20 for adults. it is free for kids three and under. kids, all kids 12 ander tree on wednesday fuss with a president to been the family. back to you. greg: how far is augusta
8:50 am
get back to me. reporter: it talk to an hour and a half to drive here. rosanna: all right. james bond movie. yao better yet. the super man movie, rossman. christopher reeve when he was about to find out he was super man wentp to the north pole through the stick and a cave just happened out of the earth. the cold earth. jay oh. greg: and christopher reeve or clark kent found out he was super man. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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