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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: "good day new york." it is february's forward. greg: what sleep we had. weatherwise. what do we have? rosanna: a little rain out there. mike woods has all the details. talking about some snow tonight. greg: a man may have correct a woman with a needle did. rosanna: the city council.
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it is tuesday. ted cruz cheated that the iowa caucuses. a do over or get rid of the results. having a trump tantrum. the city may be getting its very own streetcar. it only cost a few. what to do we think last night? all kinds of tubes and send
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there is a lot of stuff. i thought it would be impossible to sleep under these circumstances. how do you sleep, rosanna? i forgot to shut the phone off. they tackle issues like sleep at the up. narcolepsy. they can be. although wires that are linked to organs. >> i will tell you, i do not know if i have it.
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i need to turn over. i need to prop up the pillow. when you are dreaming, you are not aware of the wires. rosanna: sounds good. instead. maybe we should use it. nobody looks beautiful. we have thursday going on. we still have a few showers around town.
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sooner than you think. that is what we see on fox5 sky guardian. it could cross through the rest of the tri-state. generally speaking, we are trying out. your temperatures have been coming down this morning. it will be the general trend. what is out there right now, not normal at all. we do have some showers again. a couple areas of lower pressure boundary. it is more about snow. tomorrow morning, two-4 inches.
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that is thanks to a coastal low. we have that's no chance coming to you tomorrow. it is just because of the model changes that we have had. let's bring in nine is right now. we also had some fog out there. ines: watch out for a major accident. let's see how things are moving this morning. the entrance, that is an accident right there. you have two lanes open.
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traffic moving okay so found. as for the trains, all running on or close to schedule. greg: we had another slashing in the subways. another bizarre incident. rosanna: the police commissioner says do not bother falling asleep on the trains. that could be a problem. i am not sure that people sleeping is a problem here. this woman, no indication as she was asleep initially here. >> reporter: good morning. police believe it was a needle. this all happened last night. here are 49th street and seventh avenue.
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station last night when a man bumped into her. her husband saw the puncture wound and called police. police are looking for a man in his 40s that may be responsible. police commissioner bratton held a news conference yesterday. he said officers will be waking people up on subways. >> we believe the safest and overall crime. at the same time, we recognize certain categories. >> it will help, i guess.
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nothing is being done about it. >> we need to feel secure. a band-aid approach is not a real thing. adding additional officers underground in the next few weeks. that is the latest live from near midtown this morning did back to you. greg: think you. this man tried to rob two people on the subway. the first attack happened thursday night. greg: here's a sketch of the guy they think did it. the second attack happened early on tuesday morning. he punched a man and also cut them in the face with a razor. please call crime stoppers if
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18577 tips. so far ted cruz one. he cheated out iowa. the two remaining democratic candidates. a complete story. he is accusing ted cruz of voter fraud. getting to the polls and threatening them. even friendly.
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now, a battle royale is brewing. >> you sounded humble. >> we finished second. i want to tell you something. i am honored. >> he tweeted cruz did not win iowa. he stole it. based on the fraud committed by ted cruz, either a new election should take place or cruise results nullified. the campaign warned people that the secretary of state rated people based on their past. thompson situation was that cruz picked up votes that would have gone to him.
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donald would have nuked denmark. my girls are five and seven. they are better behaved than a presidential candidate that were spawned by insulting everyone every day. >> tonight it is the democrats. clinton narrowly won in iowa. last night the two spoke separately at a town hall meeting in new hampshire. >> you are a moderate on one date. >> senator sanders stirred himself up to be the gatekeeper. >> reporter: and then there were nine republican candidates, that is. greg and rosanna. greg: thank you.
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we are undecided. we have some local news. the young boy went missing back in 1979. pedro hernandez was indicted for murder. that trial ended right there. a hung jury did the parents said that they are convinced that pedro hernandez killed their son. that is important. a civil judgment was rendered where he was responsible for the disappearance and death. >> this will not get jose ray most out. >> as you know, that first trial
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council tomorrow. the details have not been worked out. the stable would be moved to central park. also, the number of forces would be genetically reduced. rosanna: the timing is kind of suspect. they are expected to vote on a pill to give themselves a 32% pay raise. in advisory commission put together by the mayor has recommended a raise to 135. a 10% raise. not a 32% raise. apparently, this has never
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>> i think that it is a part-time job. >> they are allowed to have outside businesses. apparently, they would have to curtail the outside his answers. this is all happening on the same date. greg: i think you might have a point here. let's take a quick timeout. greg: he has stolen the forecast. i do not hear anything until today. mike: in the forecast yesterday. rosanna: okay. sorry. mike: let show you what is
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we are tracking some snow. it will not snow with temperatures in the mid- 50s. tonight, it starts to make that changeover. it is actually two separate storms we are talking about. later tomorrow morning, it looks like it will be changing over to all snow. it is mainly long island. parts of connecticut. mild right now. fifty-six out of central park. forty-one took reasonable on the cello. with coming in from the west at this point. depends on where you are viewed as far as writing goes, it is starting to dry out here it moving on out of the picture. that area of low pressure will be heading out along with it. that one looks like it will be pulling in a lot of the colder
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it changes the next round of precipitation. yesterday it looked like it may stay far enough off short beard it looks like it is bringing us moderate snow right on top of the morning commute. in the city, probably just something to look at here. we get a coating to 2 inches. two-4 inches are possible. you have to travel the l.i.e. it could be a slow one, tomorrow. today, mostly cloudy for you. forty-two as a hive. long island, into the city. there is still that rain / snow chance. right now it looks like the chances still there.
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ines: a little fog out there. a little dreary outside. speed restrictions in place. make sure you follow them. there is a stall on the upper level after gwb. it could go up to 42. the new jersey turnpike, 30 minutes from each approach. they are working on an oxidant. the loss claimed is blocked. as for the l.i.e., what delays. this is past the grand central parkway. a messy commute here. you can see that is why having to the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte
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or may not have been unaccounted for. outside aviation expert said the damage looks consistent with the bomb. they have not officially ruled the. take a look at some of these images. greg: u -letter per flight 811. this was, i believe, was on his way to a wave. a huge chunk of metal chipped away. this is not a bomb. just metal fatigue. the whole roof inside the plane with the way. juliet: we live in a different world now. the zika viruses spreading. it has expanded its travel
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in the south pacific nation of tonga added to the growing list. florida has also issued a health emergency in some areas. earlier this week the cdc said it can be late to artificial who knows. it seems like information keeps changing daily on this. greg: take a look at this worker video in california. rosanna: i think you are looking at a picture of brazil. carnival begins this week. greg: i have never been there. arnold schwarzenegger went there. he had a great time.
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let's talk about that wacky video. the car on a roof in california. rosanna: how did the car and up on the roof? he slammed into it our car and somehow went airborne and landed on the roof. the injuries were minor compared to his other items. greg: it is a real problem for a lot of people. mozilla and i went to the hospital last night feared. rosanna: who wanted to lock us up as soon as we got there. greg: they wire up their subjects. roseola and the. they evaluated our sleep patterns.
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rosanna: very, very nice. greg: fred came in the middle of the night. one of the wires came loose. dr. raj: you had a bit night call. when you're told start with a specialist. start with a
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>> all right. how's it looking this morning? >> ever been to that place on tonic? >> no, what is it? >> hot spot. >> is it a nightclub? >> you can get food there, but i think it's for other things. >> i have to say, you get around. >> i am a minor league early or compared to -- you're derek jeter when it comes tonight life. >> you think? >> you think? [laughter] >> i've been taking it easy lately. >> you're right. i only saw you with bob deniro twice in january. [laughter] >> i call him bobby, by the way. >> do you really? >> no.
7:28 am
do you remember -- i mean, i'm old enough to remember when it was scary to go to times square. first of all, the peep shows and the robberies and the stuff going on, like, when you went to theater, you were like this walking around. now it's like disney world. >> let's take another look at it, shall we? one more time? it's been like this for about 25, 26 years. one more time. >> it's so pleasant to go to times square now. >> some people think it's lost a little bit of its grit, a little bit of the, you know, authentic new york. i think, quite frankly, we are better off without all those -- >> me too. >> -- sleazy spots. >> me too. >> did you ever go to any of those spots? >> i didn't. >> just on a lark? >> no. the closest i've been to that is, like, chippen dales, but i took my mother and item with me. >> it's funny, when the girls go to the strip club, it's good,
7:29 am
but when the guys go, it's like, oh, you degenerate. >> my grandmother at the time, i was making sure she had some dollar bills. it was so much fun. >> that was a big deal. >> it was on the east side. like the 60s and maybe first or second avenue. >> don't act like you done know. [laughter] you know exactly -- >> what are some other establishments rosanna should check out? >> that's where scores -- >> you might be right. >> i've been to scores. >> exactly. i had to do it for research as well. >> i think it's great. i think it's fantastic. [laughter] >> where have you been? >> haven't i be? [laughter] what's up? >> all right. let's talk -- you can see what it's like outside, still gray, still damp, a little bit of fog, and we're still getting rid of
7:30 am
tristate, it's just kind of foggy and damp feeling. 56 degrees, your temp came down from three hours ago at 58. 51 in islip, and the rain, well, let's talk about that. the rain hasn't completely moved on, but it's almost out of here. your 2e6r7 changes, everyone's still warmer than 24 hours ago, but it's now getting cooler. thing cooler or air is just now arriving. we still see some showers mainly suffolk county into connecticut, light to moderate showers coming through with an area of low pressure passing by, but there's another one that's going to intensify and pull a lot of cold area to our northwest into it. we're going to get a wintry mix going on again not today, but more like tomorrow morning. and the future cast is bringing snow close to us here in the city, we might even get a coating, but your snow totals will go up quite a bit out in
7:31 am
it's coming through during the morning commute, and then it's out of here. this is what you should be left with, about a coating to 2 inches for the white-shaded areas, 2-as much as 4 inches as snow especially out in long island. our temps are going to be the in the mid 50s, tomorrow that snow shower comes through, and the biggest deal will be the commute. folks who have to drive in long island, that could be a problem tomorrow morning. let's bring in ines and see what's going on. >> it's, traffic's a bit jammed, a few things going on. the major deegan, traffic delayed to the thruway southbound by fordham road, there's an accident, route 80 westbound by exit 58 also has an accident. northbound, normal delays. let's look at the southern state parkway, oyster bay expressway,
7:32 am
accident in the left lane, expect delays, on the eastbound, you're fine. you can get on the parkway just fine after that, it's before, by the entrance, where you have that backup. with the trains, everything running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna, as your reminiscing about times square, you remind me of my parents. kids, lock the car! >> roll up the window. >> is and then there's that one. >> all right, ines, thank a lot. does new york city need a trolley car? they've got 'em in san francisco. >> it's kind of fun, but it's going to cost,, what a few billion dollars to do that here in new york. >> well, you're looking at fancy photos, renditions really, photoshop items of a trolley car in new york city. the plan would link brooklyn and
7:33 am
>> i think it's called a trolley car, yeah. >> they're calling it a streetcar named de blasio. [laughter] >> why do we need one of these? >> i don't know. liz dahlem is in downtown brooklyn with the details. what do you think? >> i think there's a lot of mixed reviews. i feel like a lot of people feel like it's a great idea, but are the roads wide enough to handle extra traffic, vehicles, streetcars going through them? this is all mayor de blasio's big idea. he feels this will help commuters cut down on their commute approximately by about 18 minutes, and he's hoping this will move forward. the brooklyn-queens connector would look something like this. the futuristic streetcar line would cruise along a 16-mile route connecting sunset park brooklyn to astoria, queens.
7:34 am
>> with it's a very novel idea, but, i mean, like, during the daytime, there's a lot of traffic here, you know, all the construction going on, so you have all the trucks and everybody going about. maybe if it was a wider street, definitely. but i don't know, i don't see it happening in this area. >> the cost to build? $2.5 billion in taxpayers' money. the mayor beliefs it would connect commuters to areas otherwise isolatedded from the subway. this is about equity and innovation. we are mapping brand new transit that will knit neighbor may noted together. the dqx will cruise at an average speed of 11 miles an hour. a trip would take about 40 minutes. it would be the same cost if a single ride metro car but making this reality is far off. construction would not start until 2019 after lengthy studies and a community approval process.
7:35 am
until 2024. so the bqx would stop here on j street and would connect people to a lot of different subways, the a, the c as well as the f. those trains as well as the ferry lines and bus routes all across the city, so it would open up other transportation options for a lot of people here in manhattan, brooklyn, bronx. mayor de blasio plans to unveil this plan tonight at his state of the city address which will take place at 7:00, so we'll get more details then. back over to you guys. >> we're going to stay on this for a moment. rosanna and i have both been to san francisco, we tried trolley cars, and it's very quaint. it doesn't move a whole lot of people. >> a lot of people are criticizing this. they're saying it's going to cost at least two billion, and that's not even counting overruns -- doctor and in san francisco, those trolley cars stop at the red lights.
7:36 am
>> i don't know, between the bicycles and everything else, really do we need now a trolley car? let me get back to this, $2 billion. >> oh. >> why not use that money and help with the housing? let's focus first. we have real serious housing issues here in our city. >> i think you can do a couple things at a time. >> you can? >> you can. >> do one thing at a time well. >> i'm not sure if -- no. the mayor, you're in charge of transportation, housing, a lot of issues. hey, i do like this about the trolleys, king friday and mr. rogers every now and then that trolley would come out. anybody remember? this was cool. i was fascinated. oh, there it is. the late, great mr. rogers. were you into him as a kid? >> not really. >> no? >> no. there's something -- well, he was a little nerdy for my taste. >> you were about to say creepy, weren't you?
7:37 am
>> here he is checking out king friday. all right, anyway, trolley cars, we don't have to worry about it for a long time. >> navigating new york city is not always easy especially if you're directionally challenged. >> it's pretty easy in manhattan. >> except if you go downtown, the village, lower east side where they have names instead of streets, that's when you can be a little confused. >> here's promotional videos from calc -- walc. it's a new app, it's free. they'd like to get it out there. what is different from google maps or apple maps? enter i don't know. >> listen to this. >> put in your definition, and then you're on your way. so typically, if there's a landmark nearby, it will say do you see this landmark. if you do, you say yes. if you don't, you say glo. so, wait, you're in the app as you're sphwhawg.
7:38 am
the mcdonald's, i guess, instead of -- >> on yours it would say, oh, stop right here for mcdonald's. [laughter] >> greg, we know you want to, go ahead. >> shamrock shake, coming up. >> oh, yes, that's right. >> check it out, walc on the app store. >> meanwhile, you're about to see video of the loneliest animals in the u.s. >> who's that? >> that that's -- el jefe -- >> the that a tighter? >> he's the only known jaguar. >> yeah. prowling the mountains outside tucson, arizona. >> there's only one jaguar in all of america? >> environmentalists have been tracking him for three years. they use dogs to trace his scent
7:39 am
>> i met someone once very wealthy, he owned a jaguar, but he insisted on saying jag-u-ar -- >> that's right! [laughter] >> i feel like if you don't have one, you can say jaguar. >> or jag. good for that cat. is he okay? >> i guess so. >> he could use a mate. he might prefer the zoo. let's look outside. >> what is on the way tonight? >> what are those people so happy about? >> i think they have new sunglasses. >> in the old days, they'd be smoking cigarettes today. >> good-bye, flurries, let's go somewhere warm. >> whatever product they're selling -- >> we want it. >> it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough.
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>> stephanie mills, beautiful song of romance and love. >> yeah. that was good. good song. >> the guy really turned her life all around. >> i believe she was on broadway, right? wasn't she in the wiz? >> i'm sure at some point. diana ross was in the wis. >> all right, 7:44, it's almost 7:44. nice to have you with us.
7:43 am
mike is saying we're going to get some snow overnight. >> look at that festival of lights, it's like paris! >> but look how gray the sky is. >> let's look at something we should buy. whats the get luxe thing? >> i don't know. >> get luxe. let's see, it's the green thing in the middle. who is that guy? >> i don't know. duke's here, that sports person right there. >> is this for a man's -- >> it looks like a basketball player. duke, how -- >> i can't make anything out there. i can't see that far. i'm not -- >> okay. >> the headphones? >> all right. >> they're make a killing. >> oh, yeah. >> everybody wants beats. let's beat it over to mike woods right now, how about that? >> sounds good to me. can we beat this weather? [laughter] >> you tell us. >> that was good. [laughter] no credit? come on, man.
7:44 am
>> it wasn't that good. anyway, here's what we have for you. what to expect, showers, they are going to be coming to a close. the rain's coming to a close here in the city. quick sprinkle's not out of the question. wintry mix is coming at i us later tonight, and by tomorrow morning it's snow which could add up to a few inches only for a few folks out east. 56 degrees, central park, still a lot of clouds and some showers left over in suffolk county. those do seem to be winding down, but it is still a little damp out there for starters. the first wave of low pressure still riding by, but we're going to have another one developing, and that one will be bringing us our snow. about a coating to 2 inches for the white-shaded area which does include the city, the five boroughs, then in the eastern sections of long island, you get 2-4 inches of snow. so a little bit of winter try
7:45 am
ski conditions, 42 of 44 trails scope and in hunter mountain you've got loose, granular conditions there, 49 t trails. didn't get a whole lot of snow except for that one storm, and even that one wasn't a big one for them. anyway, mostly cloudy sky today, high temp up to -- well, we already had it, 58 degrees. we'll hang in the mid 50s this afternoon. snow showers popping through early tomorrow, especially for long island. look out for a tricky commute tomorrow morning. all right, let's -- oh, yeah, the fox 5ny weather app is at the apple itunes store and google play store, and it is free. here comes ines, and she's got the latest with our slow spots out there. >> at least some of that fog is going away right now, tappan zee bridge coming from lockland county, normal delays d rockland county, normal delays.
7:46 am
approaching the hutch there's an accident, then you have an accident northbound approaching the mare neck avenue causing delays all the way back to the cross-county parkway. long island, a couple offish shies. lie, normal day thats by jericho turnpike, but the southern state parkway, left lane with a accident by the seafood oyster bay expressway. then the northern state parkway by wolf lille westbound -- hill west bowp, there an accident. take a look at the staten island expressway by bradley avenue, normal delays. the george washington bridge, there was a stall on the upper level, that's been cleared, left a 60 minute delay on the upper level, 30-40 on the lower level. the holland tunnel, 20 from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> okay, thank you. >> all right, let's talk sports. >> hey, dueck. >> it's funny, yesterday i was telling the story, i spoke hands
7:47 am
i have a pretty good grip. >> yeah. >> what happened? >> he,ic -- like, one of the strongest grips i've ever seen. >> was he trying to intimidate you? >> no, not at all. nope. >> you better not try that with this marine, i'll tell you right now. >> listen, we know. >> the headline is johan has a firm handshake? >> we know. stop it! >> it was a great deal for the mets. they resigned cespedes, this was the scene yesterday at citi field. cespedes, he was actually supposed to go outside and take pictures with his jersey and bat, but it was raining out there. nonetheless, great deal for the mets. washington said offered a lot more money, a reported $110 million, so i asked him, hey, why did you come back to the mets when washington was asking for a lot more money? >> it's not always about the money. i think the amount of support i
7:48 am
organization as a whole and from my teammates, i don't think i was going to find that with any other team. >> he definitely helps us offensively, and i think he's going to be better defensively as well, so i think that not that everything will revolve around him, but having that solid core in the middle of our lineup is going to be tremendous hi valuable. >> cespedes' deal is three years, $75 million but, remember, he can opt out after the first year. i asked him if he planned to play for the mets more than one season, he said, of course. basketball now, the pacers rolled into town, and it wasn't good for the nets. pacers trounce brooklyn 114-100, brooklyn's fifth straight loss. all right, this is a big deal. hockey, dennis wideman. no longer indefinitely suspend. >> he totally took out that ref eerie. >> i still want to give him the benefit of the doubt.
7:49 am
>> no, but, greg, i think he banged his head prior to, didn't know where he was. i just don't understand why a guy that's a veteran in the -- >> watch it again. this is what he does. you tell me that's not deliberate. see that ref? watch. that was on purpose. >> i'd like to believe he didn't know where he was. i've never e suffered a concussion. you said you have -- >> duke, this guy deserves to be punished. >> he got 20 games, and it's going to cost him $565,000 in lost pay. >> he's lucky he's not in jail. >> that's true too. >> all right, just four days away from super bowl 50. a lot of hype going on, as always. the panthers, problem cose took -- broncos took time off from the media and actually practiced yesterday, how about that? we start with the carolina panthers, they spent an hour on the grass field yesterday at san jose university. spartan stadium. cam newton getting his work in.
7:50 am
workout, nobody makes contact in practice anywhere. rumors swirling around that quarterback peyton manning could retire after sunday's game. but he spoke to the press yesterday, kind of nostalgic. >> there's no question when you play in a super bowl that you are playing for your teammates, you're playing for the broncos' organization, but i also feel that you're plague for your family, for your friends, for your hometown, for your high school football coach, for your university. and i'm, i'm proud to be playing for a lot of those people. >> so there you have it. it sounds like he's kind of saying good-bye here. i mean, there are some reports that the rams want him to go out to los angeles. i think i saw that this morning. he's got another year left on this denver contract, but sounding like a guy that this might be it. he's 39 years old. >> 39 years old, he's got the rest of his life to spend how many hundreds of millions of dollars? >> a lot in enforcements and commercials.
7:51 am
>> if he wins, we'll even see more. >> good for him. >> that's our look at sports. >> if you've got it, grab it. why not? >> why not. gosh, i want some so bad! >> >> give me some stupid money! good day's coming right back. (harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there?
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7:54 am
it's going to be fun. the commercials in years past have been pretty good. >> yeah, pretty good. pretty, pretty good. >> here is one with amy -- this is going to be in this weekend's super bowl, amy schumer and seth rogn. >> just wait until you see our pockets. >> we've got the biggest -- >> they're members of new beer party. fight! we're going to live on, we're going to survive. today is our independence day! >> oh, that's cute. all right. look at this ad for hyundai. it's all about ryan reynolds 24/7. check it out. >> a car that doesn't get distracted. auto-emergency braking with
7:55 am
new hyundai elantra. >> that's like a regular commercial. >> he plays a million different parts. you know when you have ryan reynolds on the mind? be. >> you suffer from that. >> i do. >> what's this one about? >> this commercial is avocados. >> most amazing of all are the avocados from mexico. they're always in season, so you can -- >> that looks cute. >> scott baio is in this? oh, well. >> i think we missed it. >> lil' wayne and jeff goldblum are in an ad for >> and grilling some beans, my good man. >> but this could be the best one. t-mobile got drake to play around with his hotline bling. >> just add device eligible for upgrade after 24 months. >> genius. >> also you need to include that streaming music --
7:56 am
>> all right. >> it was cute. >> during the halftime or what? who's the halftime show? >> don't you know it's coldplay, beyonce, lady gaga's going to sing the national anthem. >> you sound like you're working on the welcome committee. >> thanks so much for saying nice things about us, bianca. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hi, everybody. it's thursday, a couple days before the super bowl. what else is going on? it's foggy outside. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. we've got plenty going on. fog this morning, but there could be some snow overnight. the temperatures, by the way, already in the 50s. i think it's 56 degrees in new york city, but mike is saying maybe snow overnight. >> huh. all right, also, another attack on the subway. what have we had, like a dozen this year? it's been crazy underground and aboveground. this time a woman was pricked with a need. >> presidential candidates donald trump and ted cruz going head to head. the two republicans trading insults after donald trump accused ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses. we'll explain coming up. >> said he cheated at it. also does new york city need a streetcar? you know, like a trolley car from, well, they have them in san francisco d. >> right.
8:00 am
would it work here in new york? an idea proposed by the de blasio administration getting some attention. way, way, way off and very, very expensive, by the way. >> yeah. it's going to cost over $2 billion, and speaks of billionsing? are you watching that show on showtime? you have to watch it, and you have to watch this actress. malin ackerman. she is unbelievable. i saw her here already. 6:30 this morning. >> this is the show i'm up-to-date on, and i love talking about it. that red-headed guy is a billionaire financier, might be crooked, might not be. we don't know yet. >> yeah. and his wife, his wife is a tough -- it rhymes with witch. >> oh -- >> yeah. and by the way, she looks un believable. >> she came in, not a stitch of
8:01 am
but she's no nice, but she's so gorgeous without a stitch of makeup. i'm just saying. >> she's just saying. something else that's kind of wild, how about the extra kinky arrangement between the prosecutor and the -- >> and the wife. >> mrs. prosecutor. and the psychiatrist's wife. >> some pretty serious stuff. show. >> right now they're just having a chat in the bedroom. things get more interesting. >> we should ask her if she really does have the too -- tattoo. >> she's in the waiting room right now, she's hearing all of this. >> keep it clean. how did you sleep last night? >> fantastic. we went to the nyu langone sleep laboratory. here we are, rosanna and i getting all wired up. rosanna's in her pjs, i'm wearing kind of a cool t-shirt, i think. [laughter] i always thought how do you sleep with all of this stuff coming out of you.
8:02 am
>> well, i had an assist from ambien, by the way. >> i was wondering how you fell asleep. >> i went right out. but the cool thing here, we're going to be evaluated. how do we sleep. do we have any issues? sleep apnea? >> ekgs, a lot of stuff kind of, you know, hooked up to us. >> we were monitored throughout -- i slept for about six and a half hours. at this point they haven't told me if i got up and walked around the room. we're going to have dr. rodriguez come in, he is a sleep expert. lots of folks suffer from sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and i heard this, jet lag, some people never get over that. they go to london and for the next year they're still out of whack when it comes to sleeping. >> interesting. well, you know, we both slept in the same bed, not at the same time. i was going to leave you little treats under the covers, but then i was afraid that maybe bedbugs. i was going to leave you like a
8:03 am
>> the a nice thought, you should have done it. it was a little cold in there, but overall very interesting. want to thank christy, we look forward to meeting dr. rodriguez. >> the staff was fantastic. mike, do you have sleep issues? >> i do, bigtime. >> you oversleep. >> i've never overslept, i don't sleep enough. >> i would never talk about his sleep patterns, because what time do you get here in the morning? >> around four. somewhere around there. >> we're here an hour later. >> what? >> 4:21. what time is he on the air? >> 4:30. [laughter] >> you have a sleep problem. oversleeping. >> a guy who can kind of roll in here, you have no hair -- >> women, we need all the makeup, the hair -- >> takes 30 seconds for makeup. >> well, rosanna does go to the beauty parlor every weekend. i guess you don't say that anymore. [laughter] all right, in the meantime, what else? >> let's talk weather.
8:04 am
we've got still a gray sky around the tristate. the rain is moving on, let's take a look at what's going on with the temperatures. are they going down? yep, they sure are. we dropped another two degrees here in the last hour. now it is 54. when i came in this morning at 4:00, it was 58 degrees, so we've lost four degrees since that time, that means the cooler air is arriving. 55 out at newark, 39 in monticello, and this will be the trend throughout the day. winds are now starting to turn more northwesterly, that means that colder air up to our northwest is going to start working into the tristate region is and, guess what? that's one of the ingredients we need in order to get some snow here in the tristate, and it will be coming to us here. starts off maybe as a wintry mix, but it changes over to snow. these two areas of low pressure are bringing us the precip. the second one is the area of low pressure that's going to deepen and actually pull down a lot of that cold air later
8:05 am
that combination of the moisture coming in with the cold air will leave us this, about a coating of 2 inches of snow for the white-shaded areas and about 2-4 inches in terms of the eastern section of long island and parts of connecticut. so it could be significant for some folks, but for the most part, it's just a storm that's taking place a little too far offshore to be a major storm. during the day today our temps are in the low to mid 50s, tomorrow a high of 42. there's the morning snow showers, again, saying long island commuters, you're the ones who will be affected by in the most. we dry out and keep it cool over the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales and see what's going on on this thursday morning. >> good morning, mike. yeah, we've had a couple of problems this morning, especially westchester, there's an accident eastbound as you approach the hutch, northbound on the hutch traffic jammed as you approach the may neck
8:06 am
grand stall, watch out for as store ya southbound, there's an accident blocking a lane, traffic blocked up to the q gardens interchange. northern state parkway, we also have delays here. traffic barely moving as you approach wolf lille, there's an accident blocking the right lane. take the lie as an alternate, that's westbound. as for the george washington bridge, upper level a 60 minute delay, lower level 40. the holland tunnel, 10-15 from even approach. >> thanks a lot. somebody else arracked on the train with a sharp object. a woman pricked with a needle. we have had now something like, i think, ten underground, a whole bunch above ground, people walking up to others and cutting them. >> the police commissioner's warning everybody, do not sleep on the trains. i think they're calling it wake and shake or shake and wake. >> a lot of these victim were not sleeping on the train. we know that.
8:07 am
the street -- >> they are. they're up. >> minding their own business. >> but i guess they're concerned with crime on the subway, and they're trying to keep everybody alert. >> carrie drew is in midtown with more. >> greg and rosanna, good morning. that stabbing incident you're talking about with the needle happened at the subway station behind me at 49th street and seventh avenue. let's get you up-to-date. a 37-year-old woman was walking here in the subway staying when a man bumped into her, and she felt a sharp painful when she got home, her husband noticed police. she was taken to a hospital, and now police are looking for a man in his 40s who may be responsible for this. there have been a number of recent stabbings underground, there were a total of nine incidents in january and three so far this month. police commissioner bratton held a news conference yesterday where he urged new yorkers to stay alert and awake as they ride the subway. he also said police officers will be riding the subways and
8:08 am
half of all subway crimes, the victims were asleep. >> we had by and large a very safe month. we believe the safest month in overall crime. at the same time, we recognize that certain categories of crime went up. >> i think having police around is definitely a good idea. it deters people. people have to be aware when they're on the subway. >> that's a good thing to do, yes. yeah, because if they're sleeping, somebody going to attack them. >> waking them up, yeah, it's helpful, but i don't think the people that were victimized were asleep when it happened. i think they were wide awake, and it was, you know, it was things that are random. it happened randomly. >> now, pba president pat lynch told the daily news police waking sleeping passengers on the train is a, quote, band-aid approach. the nypd says they will be adding additional officers to subway stations, so in the next couple of weeks you'll probably notice more officers in uniform,
8:09 am
just wearing plain clothes patrolling the station as well. that is the latest live in times square this morning, back to you. >> carrie, thanks. we've got the big new hampshire primary on tuesday, but donald trump is complaining about the iowa caucuses that were monday. >> yeah. he's accusing ted cruz of cheating in iowa and the two remaining democratic candidates are going to face off again tonight. >> a lot of folks think donald trump might have a point here. what ted cruz and his forces did, could it have been cheating? let's go to robert moses. >> good morning to you. cruz and trump can't even be called frenemies anymore, they're just plain old enemies, and their very public clash will make for interesting viewing next week during the new hampshire primaries. when donald trump came up short in the iowa caucuses, he sounded humble. >> and we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> fast forward to yesterday x his tone had changed completely.
8:10 am
iowa, he stole it. that is why all of the polls were to wrong and why he got more votes than anticipated. bad. and then this. based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. trump was referring to these mailings that the cruz campaign sent warning people that the secretary of state graded them based on their past record and that they'd get fs if they didn't vote. trump also objected to the fact that the cruz campaign implied during the caucuses that ben carson had dropped out, which he hadn't. trump's insinuation was that cruz picked up votes that would have gone to carson. cruz did not have kind words to say about trump's accusations. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum. we're liable to wake up one morning, and donald, if he were president, would have nuked denmark. my girls are 5 and 7, and i've got to tell you, caroline and
8:11 am
than a presidential candidate who responds by insulting everyone every day -- [cheers and applause] >> tonight it's the dem accurates -- democrats' turn in the spotlight as hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate one-on-one for the first time. last night the two spoke separately at a town hall meeting in new hampshire, and they each claim to be the standard bearer for progressives. >> you can't say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day. >> i was somewhat amused that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive. >> this is the end of the road for two gop candidates. rick santorum and rand paul have both bowed out, now there are only nine republican candidates left. trump, cruz, rubio, bush, or dawson, kasich, christie, fiorina and gilmore. back to you. >> all right. let's talk about breaking news yesterday. did you see this in? robert durst pled guilty to a felony gun charge in new orleans.
8:12 am
this guy. the 72-year-old safe to say weirdo, eccentric man, please guilty in a new orleans courtroom, but here's the thing. he has been linked, i think, to one-three killings. one he admitted to. he admitted to killing his roommate and then dismembering the body. believe it or not -- >> he got off of that. >> a jury believed it was self-defense. he did do some time in jail for cutting up the body. but back in the early '80s his wife disappeared. a lot of people think robert durst had something to do with that, and according to a new documentary, he actually admits to it. since he's pleaded guilty in new orleans, it looks like he's back on his way to california to stand trial for murdering a former friend of his. >> with us this morning, judge jeanine pirro and, of course, you have personal knowledge of robert durst because when his wife went missing, you were the prosecutor in westchester.
8:13 am
1982, rosanna, shah she went-- that she went missing. i was the d.a. in 199 but reopened the cold case of kathleen durst. and that case has brought on several other cases and one that happens to now involve susan berman, and robert durst has agreed that he will be extradited to l.a. for the purpose of answering the murder charge of robert durst -- >> okay, so is this a big deal now? he pleads guilty to gun charges -- >> right. >> he's going to jail regardless. >> yeah. i think he got a little over seven years. >> okay. so now he's going to l.a., facing possible murder charges -- >> right. he'll be extradited to l.a. >> okay. >> he's got to be arraigned by august of this year. then the question is how long will it take to get him to trial? probably in january or 2016 -- of 2016 if he lives that long -- >> 2017. >> sorry, you're right.
8:14 am
a way to the case of his wife who no one has seen since 1982. people who follow this case believe that durst, that that woman, ms. berman, may have helped him cover up -- >> what we do know, greg, and i talked about this in my book, "he killed them all," is she was his spokesperson in 1982. they've very close friends. he walked her down the aisle when they got married, and she was someone that he trusted. he, during my investigation, was moving money to susan berman, significant amounts of money. >> like millions? >> no, $25,000, $25,000. right before we were about to -- >> now, in the documentary the jinx, which you were also a part of, there was a key piece of evidence in susan berman's case. i believe it was a letter, right? >> right. >> i guess that's going to be crucial in this upcoming trial. >> whoever killed susan berman and even robert durst admitted
8:15 am
it's curious, even the word cadaver is something that someone who's married to a medical student that kathleen was would be familiar with, but they say ca carr at this particular address. his handwriting on another letter exactly matches that cadaver note that even he admits could only have been written by the murderer, by the killer. >> wow. >> so it'll be very interesting to see what happens in l.a. but here's the bottom line; she was kill on december 23rd of 2000, it is now 2016, probably 2017 before he ends up being tried for her murder. >> do you think he would have been prosecuted if he hadn't cooperated with this documentary? would he still be free? >> i think he would. i think he would, greg. i really think his ego of pushing the envelope has gotten him before l.a. authorities. >> all right. let's talk about bill cosby because everybody was kind of surprised that a prosecutor many years ago made this kind of
8:16 am
he wouldn't prosecute him because he felt that he didn't have enough evidence. but now the judge has ruled in a new case that they can go forward with the criminal trial. >> you know, it's a very unusual concept, rosanna, where one d.a. can bind a subsequent d.a. and say i feel there's no evidence, therefore, you cannot try this guy. really? but there is a legal theory that is very much respected of immunity. it wasn't put in writing. the judge who decided that cosby has to answer charges by the new d.a. basically said there was a credibility problem. i can only assume it was with the former d.a., caster. the bottom line is the guy's going to be tried. the only issue is whether or not bill cosby will have to face his testimony where he kitted using quaaludes. >> judge janine is on fox news channel on -- >> saturday, but this week sunday night at nine. some weekends saturday and
8:17 am
>> oh, good. >> or some just saturday. >> you're busy. >> we're all busy. [laughter] >> don't you think -- >> no, totally. you're a different personality. >> people always say to me, i love your restaurant. >> and people come up to me and say, i have a legal problem -- >> yep. >> love you. >> love you too. >> you too, greg. >> see you later, judge. [laughter] >> mike, what's up, buddy? >> you you know, i didn't realize the striking resemblance. it is that strong. >> it is. >> slight difference in the hair color. >> if you need me to take over your show one night -- [laughter] >> and then you fill in for -- >> when i was in politics, you could have stood on one street corner, and i could stand on the other. >> it works. >> greg's sweating over there. good morning, everyone. let's get to your weather here. 52 degrees out at central park,
8:18 am
victory boulevard, a little stop and go heading towards the verrazano. as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much, ines. >> how are things outside? >> huh? >> your cousin, the best. >> my cousin -- [laughter] everybody thinks we're related, by the way. >> thing look ominous. >> can we please talk about billions? when i look at this, you know, great big city, you think about wall street, and there's a show on showtime -- >> yeah, with the red-headed guy from homeland -- >> damian lewis. >> he plays a financier, and that's his beautiful wife. >> ma lyrics -- malin ackerman, and boy, oh, boy, she is one the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl.
8:19 am
or macchiato for $1.99.
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so you can love cereal... again! (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying your next one. >> oh. when was the last time you had one of these foot-longs, greg? >> from subway? quite frankly? two days ago. [laughter] >> and did you pay $5?
8:22 am
got extra this -- >> how did i know? >> what's up with this game show we're hooking at? >> i don't know. apparently, what you need to know is the sandwich chain is raising the price of its subs to $6. >> by the way, i guess this is new after jared, oh, boy, don't see him anymore. >> right. there are new promotions that you should be aware of, but just so you know, it's now $6. due to inflation. >> for a moment i thought they were getting rid of the 12-inch sandwich, they are not. it wouldn't be subway without the 12-inch. >> let's get down to business, it. >> it's friends today, do you know what that is? it's facebook's 12th birthday, and to celebrate, they're sending their 1.5 billion plus users video challenges on facebook -- collages on facebook with them and their friends. lots of folks on social media
8:23 am
had a picture of my ex and so and so who i'm not friends with and, oh, my dead cat. thanks, facebook, don't want to remember this stuff. but you do have the option to edit. check back in around noon, log into facebook, and by that time you should start seeing them. >> okay, thanks. we're looking at mark zuckerberg, he invented the whole thing, i believe, in his dorm room in college. >> correct. >> the social network was a pretty interesting movie even if you not into social media. he was kind of a jerky guy, right? >> yeah. >> remember? he didn't get along with anybody. >> i know. and there's talk about maybe he stole the idea -- >> oh, from those, the wonder twins. >> yes. winklevoss. >> they were the swimmers? what did they do? oh, they rowed boats. the social network, fantastic film. aaron sorkin. great movie. >> it was fun to watch. >> so 12 years ago today it
8:24 am
friends were on it. and now look. >> it was a school thing. , all right, lauren, we've got to thank you so much. colin quinn's coming up, and we have to get our a-game, he's ready to take us down, talk about brooklyn -- >> we do like colin a lot. sometimes he can be a little bit ornery, uh-uh think he would admit that, but he's got this great new thing. it's called cop show.
8:25 am
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8:27 am
greg: window washers. we actually met a couple. we've got them on the show. what do you see in some of those windows? they have seen everything. rosanna: it is such a dangerous job. i could never look down if i ever have that job. i would be so scared.
8:28 am
something can go awry. greg: good luck to those window washers up there. rosanna: it is going to rain later. greg: is it a tv show? rosanna: no. it is a tv show. it is a movie. you like star wars. p5 star wars is pretty good. yes. times square. it looks back if. rosanna: it is busy. i want to say good morning. greg: you have family in the south? rosanna: i do. they live in charleston. they have lived there a number
8:29 am
greg: i thought that they all lived here. rosanna: my niece is named ashley. and then, of course, her brother is anthony. greg: anthony. [laughter] rosanna: told me. spaghetti time. greg: let's get to work. what is going on. rosanna: rain and snow. mike: snow tomorrow morning. probably not coming until this time tomorrow. six-8:00 o'clock. that is what we are looking at. today we are still getting rid of the rain. now, we have maybe a few little sprinkles left over.
8:30 am
getting cooler. fifty in islip did as well as bridgeport. wind starting to switch around. one of the ingredients we need. the colder push is happening even as we speak. area of low pressure getting up to see. we have another one over the southeast atlantic waters. about two-4 inches of snow. that is in the forecast for you. mainly suffolk county. i think most folks that are traveling, basically all the roads throughout long island. also coming down the i-95 corridor. it is on the lighter side. it is still too mild.
8:31 am
to mid fifth use. then we go to a high of about 42 tomorrow. another brain / snow comes to us tuesday of next week. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: have a lot of problems. a lot of red on the cameras. westbound there is an accident. the northern state. that has cleared away. left without delay around their. 287 is doing fine. traffic jam. everyone heading to work right now. let's go to our cameras. take a look at staten island. getting closer to the verrazano, you do have a slow one.
8:32 am
lower lincoln tunnel. route three in the turnpike. fifteen from each approach. greg: we have this. it hits very close to home. this happened friday night. the person inside an apartment building. hitting this guy. crunching him. making off with about $625 in cash. it is something that we loved so much here at fox5. he is one of our custodians. greg: he really wanted to get this on air. so do we. we want this guy caught. >> a hard-working man.
8:33 am
pays him up like half. on beach channel drive in far rockaway. do you know anything about this case? please call crime stoppers. rosanna: let's move on to mayor deblasio. he has a plan to link all of us from brooklyn to queens. it is kind of like a throwback. it is years off in the future if it does get approved. let's get some details on this thing. we have to list all him. >> reporter: good morning. what this would be called.
8:34 am
this is the mayor's idea. he says that will help a lot of people get to spots that they normally would not be able to. it will also cut down their commuting time. the connector would look some thing like this. connecting sunset park brooklyn to a story up plans. it would run above ground. >> a very novel idea. there is a lot of traffic here. area. rosanna: the cost of the field 2.5 million. connect to and commuters to otherwise isolated from the subway. this was about equity and innovation. transit that will omit
8:35 am
up we'll opportunities. it would take about 40 minutes. the same cost as a metro card making this idea a reality. construction would not start until 2019. thirty service would not be available until 2020. ten ferry landings. it would open up nevada transportation alternatives. the mayor is expected to unveil. back over to you. greg: thanks a lot. the san francisco trolley. i saw nothing different in the renditions.
8:36 am
it is usually two. rosanna: they pulled him out. greg: i am very fond of the mister rogers c car. dropping in from the nearby kingdom. the great late mister rogers. greg: rosanna, he like to just the way you were. rosanna: can we talk about the neighborhood of wall street? our next guest, she plays a ruthless wife of a hedge fund operator. greg: she seems very supportive. rosanna: really? greg: just sticking up for her husband.
8:37 am
rosanna: you are one behind. you missed a good one. the third episode. greg: this show is critically acclaimed. from what i can see, music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're
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greg: finally i feel in the know. rosanna, i am up to date. folks, a lot of people are talking about this. it is very, very good. here is a sampler. >> we do have consequences. come to work every day and pete just as strong. don't waiver. >> it is so juicy. it is really about a prosecutor and a hedge fund guy. greg: playing the wife of that guy.
8:41 am
it is called billions. lots of folks are talking about it. >> thank you for having me. you really, the claws come out. >> you do. i really, really love playing someone who is so strong and powerful. greg: and a lot of people see the show and there like that is about that person. >> are you a composite figure? who are you? >> i think we probably see these types of people in this world.
8:42 am
been inspired they have inspired personalities on wall street. rosanna: let's talk about who your character is. you play the wife of this pic hedge fund guys. one of the widows writing a book about -- >> his money. rosanna: you get a little underhanded. definitely a mystery of how that happens. that is sort of how the world works. greg: congratulations on this show.
8:43 am
cutting a chapter. making some minor edits here and there. i would be curious to hear your opinion. >> cannot wait to hear it. >> if you would like me to sign a nondisclosure about the stuff that i cut, would you? >> that would be lovely. greg: you guys hate each other. that is clear. rosanna: a major love scene. normally, it you know, interesting to watch. you have a big fat tattoo on your back. >> i do. rosanna: is that yours or the show? >> it is mine.
8:44 am
we felt that that suited her character. greg: you cannot miss it. it was a bit part of my life. i used to go to the temple as a kid. it is very much like gravitation. it just kind of grounds you a little bit. plant your feet in this crazy world that we are living in. rosanna: are you finished taping it? >> we are.
8:45 am
go into that, everyone was just shocked. we felt like it was the ending of the show. it just gets better and better. greg: a prominent prosecutor. could you rudy giuliani. i don't know. piecing it together. i am sure that, again, i am sure the writers had some inspiration rosanna: spending a little time with the hedge fund in new york. did you spend time with any of the wives of the hedge funders? >> i did not. set apart from all of those women. different than what we see. what we generally see in that
8:46 am
i have had the opportunity to be around different walks of life. having dinner in the process of sweden. it is like anything. axelrod. able to. >> you had dinner with the king of sweden? >> princess of sweden. rosanna: you have this new movie coming out tomorrow. >> yes. josh duhamel. quite handsome. and then there are these up-and-coming actors. anthony hopkins. it is a really dark and
8:47 am
it is reminiscent of the firm. i, of course, referred to the film. greg: running down the street. >> getting frame for something he has not done. we are trying to figure out who and i happened to be the victim in this film. she is great. this one is crazy. greg: we are going to reveal your tattoo. rosanna: we are? we are? are you up for this? >> i am staying with you. i am excited.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
greg: do your thing. rosanna: the contestants have been narrowed down to 51. check them out. rosanna: the singers only had one night to prepare. tonight is the 51 remaining artists performing. the top 24 are revealed. it will air tonight on fox5. good family fun. it is so good this season did the cast of hamilton will be performing at the grammys. they will do it via remote. they will perform the opening number. they will go via satellite. greg: remember when we goofed on that in a positive way. rosanna: i think they now
8:51 am
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