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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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5:00 and a winter storm warning is in effect out east. the rain is quickly changing to snow and mike woods tells us how much we can expect. it will be a couple of inches for most people >> police officers are covering after being shot covering after being shot and then met his dad. we had a live report on what went down. ben: a human rights says she should be freed. we will tell you what he plans to do now. the democrats they are stage. hillary clinton and bernie
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they tried to win the votes in new hampshire before next week's primary. >> it's getting pretty ugly! the gloves are off! i thought all the attention will be on the republican side but the democratic race is turning out to be more interesting. >> it's a establishment versus antiestablishment. that seems to be the steam. >> 5:00 pretty chilly at 340 in just above freezing now. we are seeing snow across the region. good morning. i am ben simmoneau . theresa: i am in for juliet huddy. we are in and remitted for friday. we get it . >> we will see a few inches. the thing is it will be here by lunchtime. it's heading out of here and things do get better as time goes on. it will be a sloppy morning commute
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the workweek here. here's what's going on. buys reason the warnings with a winter weather advisory in the purple shaded area. that's the lesser of the two indications here and that means you will get accumulations in the pink shaded area with moderate or major accumulation here and here is what we could expect for how much snow to get in the city over most of new jersey. two 4 inches and the numbers come up from yesterday. the model keeps coming up in the afternoon yesterday and even this morning. they are up higher and it's a decent storm at four 8 inches. is maybe a little bit less with rainfall there but still, this is a significant storm affecting us here in the tri-state region. what we have now rain changing to snow and it's heading to the east as time goes on. it has been rain and eastern sections of long
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temperatures dropping down and it's now at 34 in islip. it dropped another degree in newark and it's 340 in belmar. they continue to drop because colder temperatures pulled in and the snowfalls with colder air in temperatures falling quickly. the precipitation is really going in the north wind is pulling in the north ararat 10 20 miles per hour. you could see the rain and snow line heading to the east. it will see snow and we deal with it for the majority of the morning commute . later in the afternoon it's out of here and we will see clearing skies with temperatures up to 400. it's breezy with no rain or snow over the weekend. high temperatures are just a hair above normal. there is a future out there on tuesday of next week. >> let's go to ines.
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getting caught offguard. ines: we are having problems on long island. watch out for new jersey . cleaning rules. . we have an accident on the eastbound by sixth avenue with all lanes subject to closure.we have some delays there with a tractor-trailer flipped over on 78 eastbound on liberty avenue. it's pushed out to the shoulder since some of those have a spin out northbound near exit 98. speed restrictions on the parkway heading north of 8949 miles per hour. let's go to the cameras and will tell you what else going on. visibility is poor but you
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with all lanes close. as far as the trains those are doing fine and everything is running on or close to schedule. >> long island could see a fair amount of snow this morning. with lydia as a rondo is seeing it quite wet out there. >> we are leaving the city from long island it's raining and you can see it snowing. it's a nor'easter here on the way on the lie. we saw the salt spreaders out here here at the li double our station.i just went inside. all the trains are so far so good and on time. is take a look at the snow. it's a snow at a heavy and stickies snow. it's accumulating. i was out in the blizzard about one week ago and it's
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hopefully we won't see conditions like that but it's looking pretty bad out here. if you remember during the blizzard, on the day of, the service was completely suspended and it was suspended the next day. it was the day after that with massive delays so hopefully it will not be the case here . will talk to commuters and bring you the latest live updates. that's here in hicksville. back to you in the studio. >> stay warm out there. >> in other news two police officers were covering after being shot while on patrol. >> the shooting happened around the time that the mayor was saying how much crime has dropped .he was delivering the state of the city address and this happened in a public housing stairwell. that's what started. carrie drew his light outside lincoln hospital in the bronx.
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>> good morning. both of the officers a male and a female nypd officer being treated here at lincoln hospital. both are expected to survive. both were shot last night while patrolling a public housing complex. the gunmen turned the gun on himself ultimately. >> we have kids coming out here. it's dangerous and scary. >> residence on 156 street are shaken by gunfire on thursday night. the officers were conducting a routine patrol in the sixth floor stairwell around 8:00 when they were shot . >> encountered two individuals one of them produced a firearm and shot at our officers. >> female officer was shot in the lower torso in a male suffer degrees wound to the face. the suspect made his way into a second-floor apartment where he was
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and a parent self-inflicted gunshot wound. both officers have been with the nypd for two years taken to lincoln hospital where they are recovering from their injuries. both officers have been alert and communicating. we are praying for the best here and our hearts and prayers are with their families. as another example of what our officers see every day when they tried to keep us safe in the streets of new york city and in the stairwells in the hallways of our housing development. >> the male and female officers are being treated here . both are expected to recover from the injuries. located in the 40th precinct in the bronx.
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25% crime increase. light snow is falling. incorporated you for the update. >> in a video shows the suspect who stabbed a woman in the subway with a needle. he wears glasses and has short blonde hair. blue jeans and a gray hoodie with a blue jacket. police say he bumped into a 37-year-old woman on the and qr train on 49th st. and seventh avenue.she felt a sharp pain in her right arm and was treated at astoria general. if you have any information that can help , please call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tips. >> it's 5:09 am. the human rights panel says she should be freed from the arbitrary detention in england. swedish prosecutors want to question him over allegations of rape . he denies the allegations and accusations but he has
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and has been living in an ecuadorian embassy since june 2012. the panel says he should be freed and entitled to compensation. this man jacked up the price of a life-saving drug 5%. he went to capitol hill and angered a whole bunch of new people. the lawmakers kept trying to find out why he was a drug company ceo. he raised it $13 to 750. he appeared smirk at times during the testimony. he never answered one question . have a look . >> what you say to the signal pregnant woman who might have aids knowing she has no income ? she needs it to survive. what you say to her when she has to make that choice? >> on the advice of
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amendment. he made lawmakers angrier when he tweeted this hard to accept these in the styles represent the people in our government. another presidential debate. hillary clinton man bernie sanders square off in new hampshire. they are both trying to sway the voters ahead of the primary. sanders says voters like him because he's not part of the same old washington while his opponent is. >> secretary clinton represents the establishment. i represent , i hope, ordinary americans who are not all that enamored with the establishment so i'm very proud to have people
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them in the house .i think easily person that would characterize me, a woman running as the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. i have to tell you it is really quite amusing to me. >> people support them and they know their life. >> i hold the debates mounted. >> the gop debate will not feature another woman. carly fiorina she did not meet any of the networks criteria. it would just be her and jim gilmore. the republican committee will finish higher than chris christie and john casing in iowa. she won a delegate their as did jeb bush. ted cruz has called for her to be included in the
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>> the republican national committee sanctions the debate . >> they give themselves a pretty big payraise one day after they put a stop to the mayor's central park carriage horse plan. we will have the latest downtown . theresa: snow is the word of the day. mike is keeping track. good morning, mike.mike: good morning teresa. every 20 and once we get there, we keep it dropping it sticks more . right now it's snowing but melting in the morning snow will come to a close. it will be breezy at times and sloppy for the morning commute. on the fox five weather app , you can check it out the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl.
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well, we are getting another storm. it's a little bit more. >> it was such a tease the last few days. now, we're back in the middle of it . mike: it's back to business. we are getting pictures in and we appreciate that.
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app. you can see the snow falling out there and i'm sure it's wet at this point. some places are getting more snow and some are getting rain. you are all set to go. on the fox 5 weather . let's look at the morning commute. it's a snowy one out there and it's a mix of heavy and wet snow for the early morning commute . it's now until 10:00 am and it's just snowfall from 10:00 1:00. it will start shutting down from the west to the east as time goes on. we had throughout the afternoon and temperatures will be fairly mild. here is what we expect. two 4 inches for the white shaded area. if you are in long island
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it's really going to slow up your morning commute . it's northwest and you are missing out on the heavier totals. right now, we have 340 in belmar and 33 in central park.your temperatures are not quite freezing and that's why a lot of that snow is not sticking yet . once we get down to 320 it will really start to stick and that will start hours. it will become a problem out there. we have a lot of slippery spots out there around the tri-state region. here's the area of low pressure. it will go along the frontal boundary and it will go down to the nor'easter. it pushes down with a cold air and really goes down northward today. i don't think the snow will stick around for long.
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morning commute. keep in mind with a high temperature at 400. 460 on sunday and both of those are in the rain and snow chance looking like a mix on tuesday now . >> let's get you over to ines. >> street cleaning rules are suspended in the five boroughs. if you look at problems we have accidents this morning with the bronx in the accident southbound on third street. it's blocking two lanes and we have delays there with a problem in an accident merging getting cleared away with an overturned tractor-trailer on 78 eastbound by exit 33. let's look at the commute. an accident is working here westbound as you approach the expressway . most of the accident is off to the shoulder but you can see that it's tough to see out there. you could see the delays as
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as for the reds river parkway , you are fine with no delays heading into the city. the same goes for holland in the george washington bridge. >> apparently, the nypd says don't worry if you fall asleep on the subway. it's okay. the commissioner raise some eyebrows when he said officers would be waking up the sleeping writers. officials clarified that. >> they change their tune. ben: people are dozing off, officers will not bother waking them but , they will wake up a person if they had a cell phone out in the open or anything else of value that could be a target . the police chief calls it a common sense approach. >> is a busy week for the new york city council. they rained in mayor diblasio's plan to overhaul the horse carriage industry . it's another big item on the agenda.>> stacy is here .
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own pay.>> it would be good. >> isn't that a little bit awkward? >> obviously most of them will say, hey, we deserve it. >> regarding the payraise many will say they deserve a 32% increase. it's a big amount . the advisory commission recommended that councilmembers get a raise of 25,000 in return for giving up outside income. councilmembers say their job is so tough that they deserve more. currently, they make hundred $12,000 per year. the commission has recommended they get hundred and 38 thousand but the council wants $148,500. the councilmembers haven't had a raise since 2006 but the 32% increase may not sit well with voters. the council tackles another issue that we have been talking about for a long time. that's the horse carriage industry. the mayor
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counseled the number of characters and he wants to bring it down to 75 and bring it to central park but the city council canceled the vote after the union who represents the carriage drivers pulled its support.the mayor says despite the setback, he hasn't given up . >> we are going to find a way forward. we are disappointed that the vote won't happen tomorrow. >> i think it's been talked about for a very long time. at several different iterations in its wise to move on at this point. >> the horse carriages are still free to roam the streets for now. we haven't seen the one. this has gone on for quite a long time and it's a battle that continues . we will see if they come up another compromise . >> the mayor is extending a lot of political capital. they are encouraging them
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>> he pledged he would do this. it has taken longer than people thought. >> thank you, stacy. >> did you ever get a salad at mcdonald's? you might want to forget about it. apparently some of the salads are less healthy than a big mac. >> i believe that. with the dressings and stuff on top that looks
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>> i never heard of her before. >> neither have i. >> we now have a couple of school closings. don't get excited, kids. there is only a couple and they are out east in sussex county . it's a couple. >> top stories, when we return. mike is keeping track of the weather and will have the latest, coming up. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough.
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ben: mike woods tells us how much snow we will get and when it will be out of here. ines is keeping an eye on the roads.
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the bronx and the gunman killed himself. a new jersey man was arrested after he flew his drone into the side of the empire state building. >> he did something a lot of evil think is pretty stupid. >> you could call it a lifesaving site. find out how tender helps a woman on long island. >> very interesting. >> i am teresa. although . >> it is friday morning. very's pretty chilly outside but right around the freezing mark. the snow is falling. let's go to mike woods. how much will he get? >> the models bring it into the close in we get a significant snow for most of us here in the tri-state. we are missing out to the west into the north seeing
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most of us are seeing two 4 inches in the white shaded area. it's four 8 inches of snow coming through and just getting going.snow cover roads with bridges in the overpass as they tend to ice up first. here's the live radar with the snow line not all the way east but making its way out toward sussex county. more cold air is being pulled in and the current temperature is 330 in islip. 33 in belmar and 32 when it starts to thicken. we are not quite there yet . the wind comes in from the north that 10 20 mph and it pulls in more of the cold air to help and make the change. it hasn't happened completely. snow totals and accumulations haven't been a huge problem but slick spots are happening and again, the general trend is
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the east. this will be with us throughout the morning commute . this is the area of low pressure pulling it together with a coastal low in the area. it's only going to be here for the morning commute. it's not here for long. 40 is a high temperature later in the afternoon and we get sunshine in their with snow not sticking around much because we have sunny skies over the weekend with high temperatures in the low 40s. the low will be with another snow chance. still trying to hang tough. >> let's bring in ines and see what's going on. the roads will be slick but ac . >> it will be one of those mornings. >> street cleaning rules have been suspended citywide . they are trying to treat the roadways with some salt.
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southbound with two lanes blocked. on the major deacon there is a big accident by 33rd st. on the freeway, if you travel southbound, there is an accident by co-op city with one lane closed. in new jersey eastbound on exit 33 with a tractor-trailer flipped over blocking one lane to the south. there could be rubbernecking delays before fine. watch out for the accident by 136. this happened one hour ago. it's hard to see visibility but i want to show you the flashing lights. you can see the traffic moving slowly on and off. here is the lie as you approach the expressway. use the parkway . as far as the trains last look at the checklist. everything is running on schedule. >> long island could see the most snow out of the system. let's go back to lidia as
5:34 am
conditions there. you said the li double r was still running. is that still the case? >> that is still the case. once again it says everything is on time. i have no idea what i did to upset you guys ! i am just kidding. it is a coastal storm. it's a heavy sloppy snow. you can see it here on the ground. it sticking towards newbridge road and you can see the cards are moving. you could see the salt spreaders on the lie. again, we went inside to the li double r station here . service was suspended the entire day as well as the day after.
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massive delays. we spoke to commuters and they decided to get an early start to the morning. take a listen. >> the roads were so bad that they were slippery. remember in the blizzard it was shut down ? >> are you worried that there will be more delays? >> is on they get home right. >> there is not supposed to be that much snow 6 inches. handle it . >> you would think so. >> the train to penn station which is heard it's here coming into hicksville.
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another gentleman that i spoke to saying he has to be to work at 9:00 so he has decided to leave now and get onto the 5:30 a.m. train. i am guessing it was a wise decision. that is the latest . back to you in the studio. ben: it's picked up since we saw you 30 minutes ago. we could tell on camera. >> we have more school closings. they are building as we go throughout the morning. theresa: the other big story this morning with two police officers in the hospital after being shot while patrolling a using project. touting a drop in crime. let's go to carry drew live outside lincoln hospital in the bronx. carrie: that is the good news. they are recovering. the two nypd officers, a male and a female were
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at all in the bronx where they are recovering. ho complex in the bronx lastight. though that meant turned the gun on himself. it's 100 36treet.j a female officer was ot inhe tlower too. a male oicer was grazed in his face.the main suspect ma his way to a seventh floor apartment where wafound de. had an a in parent selflicted gunshot un thboave beenn the job for two years and were taken here to ncoln hospital. ey are expected to survive . >> both officers are alert and communicating. were praying f orthe best re and of course, our arth thei families. 's anotherexame pl
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day they keep usafes the stetand t halays he
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