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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: welcome, rosanna. rosanna: tuesday. february 9. greg: weatherwise. what do we have out there? rosanna: it is cold outside. a little snow, possibly. greg: we are worried about flooding. more flooding and beach erosion expected through tomorrow. greg: the new hampshire primary is on. it started late last night. four or five people voted. rosanna: donald trump is making news.
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need to be repeated. >> i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he is a [bleep] greg: it was a bad word. he said it in front of a lot of people about ted cruz. rosanna: i think he does it just to make people laugh. the ship ran into a mega- storm. check out some of the damage. rocked the boat so hard. passengers thought that it was going to turn over. greg: we will talk to one of the people on board. i have never been on a cruise. rosanna: i have been with my in-laws. greg: all you can eat and all
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rosanna: good family fun. you cannot go anywhere else. they have the bingo. they have the afternoon games. greg: we have a couple months to go. we're bringing in a world-class trainer. we hope that these are the results. our six pack abs. are they even possible? rosanna: i've only seen them in advertisements. [laughter] forget it. we will just retire from the
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>> we enlisted her once before. she has made quite a name. her book is flying off the shelf now. greg: look at that book of tonya. when you have a fan for the photo session, you know that it is big-time. rosanna: i thought that those were your stomach. audrey: you are very sweet. i have lines. just not a sixpack. greg: we will see how close we can get.
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greg: two is scrawny. rosanna: what about christina stoffo? audrey: that is my beach body coach. rosanna: i have seen pictures. christina: they were photo shopped. [laughter] we are expecting more snow across the tri-state area. you have to be you. let's talk about coastal flooding. it will continue to be a threat today. we have that new moon in place. the tide is usually about a foot and a half to 2 feet above normal.
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also be an effect. this is in anticipation of snow coming across that area. it looks like it will not be quite as intense as yesterday. we had a few snow showers. pushing north into the capital district. i think we will stay relatively dry for much of the day. temperatures definitely cold enough for snow. belmar is our words. checking in at 30 degrees at this hour. the wind flow will help push the water along our sure points. there are two areas of low
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on. influencing our weather over the next couple of days. starting with the first round tonight. high amounts across southern new jersey. not a major snowfall. temperatures will be cold all day long. we stay in the 30s for the next several days. highs will only be in the 20s as we go into saturday and sunday. we will have windchill factors at or below zero. we will talk more about that coming up. christina: things are definitely starting to pick up on the roadways right now. we had a couple of issues on the bqe east.
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the williamsburg bridge. the fort hamilton parkfield, it will cost to just over an hour. definitely something to keep in mind. we are definitely seeing a ton of traffic here. we are also looking at an accident. eastbound remains closed. and accident investigation. that closure will be ongoing until further notice. greg: we could have really serious flooding across our area. rosanna: flooding in new jersey and long island. later tonight into tomorrow morning.
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what is going on, teresa? >> good morning. they are bracing themselves for what may come. it is very cold out here in long beach. it is quite windy. there is somebody out in the ocean. a few people standing by to watch him go. he has been out there for 15-20 minutes or so. there is a coastal flood warning
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we saw something similar in the rockaways yesterday. they are expecting more of the same today. there is concerned that they may experience the same thing and just a little bit. they are also going to try to keep it clear as much as they can. here in long beach, about 3 inches. the east end of long island, they got the worst of it. travel was certainly impacted. it was quite bad. audrey keeps telling us that we will see some flurries. we expected to start back up again. the big word today that is on everyone's mind happens to be
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checking in on our server friend. hanging around. i will sendhings back to both of you in the studio. >> that is intense. rosanna: have you heard about this? there is some lk about former mayor michael bloomberg throwing his hat in the presidential race. now he is admitting he is considering it. let's read some quotes here. he feels that the current political discussion is -- rosanna: the public deserves a lot better.
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candidates in new hampshire. a big primary going on. greg: let's go to robert moses. >> reporter: donald trump is leading cruise. a rambunctious heard of presidential candidates is desperate for every last vote. >> he is a child. >> reporter: calling trump a loser. a liar. a whiner. a woman in the crowd at one of his rallies described cruise. listen to how trump responded. >> okay.
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she said, i never expect to hear that from you again. >> not responded to the comments. he did make his own last-minute pitch for votes. they are both out of touch. they both have the same left-wing policies. >> christie accused rubio over. in the same lines over and over to account president obama. the florida senator is not ready for prime time. >> not spontaneous. he is not a leader. a lot of people have not made up their minds. that will be a key thing to watch. greg: what about the democrats.
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still trailing bernie sanders. it seems like there's a lot of room for him prove it there. >> sanders has predicted to take this one home. clinton is trying to diminish that. voters know clinton from her husband's two campaigns. she actually won it in new hampshire back in 2008. they actually share a tv market and part of the state as well. clinton and sanders coming down to the wire. >> i am the only candidate
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nomination that does not have a super pack. >> universal health care coverage wanting to start all we cannot go through another national debate on healthcare. there. sanders washed away without one. guys. greg: thanks a lot. did you hear about this charter bus that left queens, headed for a casino, flipped over on a highway in connecticut. >> just came out of flushing queens. snowing conditions. apparently caused it to go off the highway. seventy people were on board at
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whether may or may not have contributed. the investigation underway. >> you fantasized about a cruise. now it has been cut short heading back to new jersey after ran right into the path of a huge storm. it was royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. >> it left on saturday. right now, it is on its way back to bayonne. 30-foot waves. rosanna: it was so bad that the captain ordered everyone to get to their cabins immediately. lots of people were posting
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actually on that ship. >> it is going to be called today. we will have achieved flurries. it will be minor to moderate flooding. we have a winter weather advisory. it will be the coldest area of the season. it is pretty chilly outside. islip at 26. we did have a few snow showers earlier.
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satellite and radar shows what we just mentioned. you could see the sun trying to struggle to break through. the clouds will win out. this will keep us unsettled for the next couple of days. snow showers will be likely. isolated snow showers us with going to wednesday and thursday. in the meantime, we are expecting one-3 inches across that area. let's see what you can expect on the roads this morning. >> lots of things going on. we have this huge delay going on. this is an accident that is
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we have the brooklyn bridge. those two have cleared away. we are looking at a ton of traffic. it will take you over an hour to get into that spot. it will take you a little bit over an hour. we are also seeing an issue on the northern state west. that is because of an accident investigation. eastbound side. here is by proudly. now we're going to take a look outside.
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we have an accident here. so much activity going on here. right next to the area on the george washington bridge. long beach long island. let's take a look. what happened to our friends? >> they are looking for him right now. >> he has one of those signs. rosanna: why not. a very happy birthday. seven years old. he watches with his mom.
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be careful. hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers.
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beneful. healthy with a side of happy. rosanna: 7:22 a.m. in the morning. greg: if you serve, it seems
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around for that perfect wave. rosanna: the waves will kick in a little bit more. greg: there he is. i hope you knows what he is greg: let's talk about other news happening. crash. nine people have died. fifty very bad this morning. greg: two trains slammed into each other head-on. rescues were extremely difficult.
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he shot a girl in a brooklyn stairwell. a darkened stairwell. the officer has said his gun went off by accident. he panicked. did not realize that his oldest had hit anyone at first. >> you murdered my son. i need justice for my son. on administrative duty since the shooting. closing arguments are expected this morning. greg: how many homeless people are there in new york city last
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you have mayor deblasio thayer. the speaker of the city council. how secretary julian was there as well. thirty-third street to 31st street. >> we want to figure out what will get them to someplace better. some kind of place that they feel more comfortable. >> theirs are tens of thousands. that is what last night was about. >> nearly dirty 200 people living on sheltered. >> the carriage horses. that pig the paint. the mayor is going to wage this
7:26 am
>> planning to restart negotiations. representing the carriage drivers. pulled out of the top. that caused the city council to cancel a vote. while running for mayor, bill deblasio made a promise to ban all carriage horses. just trying to placate the people that gave him a lot of money. basically, this is a land grab. >> you probably want to give this one up. >> you do not have the city council behind you on this one. greg: who knows. anything is possible. rosanna: what are you saying,
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rosanna: melancholy this morning greg: sadness there, of course. rosanna: it is beautiful. greg: it is her birthday today. happy birthday to carole king. way. rosanna: maybe we should go find good time charlie in florida. rosanna: the logistics are
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>> we will see. we have some cold weather across the area. you head out the door this temperatures are below the freezing mark all across the region. coastal flooding was also an issue. some of our long island beaches. that will be another threat today. we will see the tide about two-3 feet above normal. expect coastal flooding. peach and dune erosion will also be an issue. we also have snow on the way. we are expecting just a couple of inches. that is enough to coat the roads. that is something to be aware of.
7:31 am
no rain in the forecast. to the south of us, expecting higher amounts across sections of new jersey. right now we are sitting at 28 through the park. the wind is relatively light. you are looking at readings in the 20s. looking at 23 and white plains. we had a few snow showers a couple hours ago. more snow showers working their way into southern portions of new jersey. some will struggle to break both of these will keep us unsettled as they go through the next couple of days.
7:32 am
your tuesday. we stayed unsettled until the weekend. going for some of the high readings. it will be pretty brutal across the region. christina stoffo is here. let's talk about some stuff that is going on. the southbound hutch is closed down right now. all names on the southbound side will be closed down. you definitely want to stay away from that spot. by the cross bronx, we have a stall tractor-trailer. the southbound didi and is not looking so good. we have to scratch. one lame plot.
7:33 am
a 40 minute jam. the left downside of that oit, you definitely want to allow yourself some extra time here. there is a hotspot there. one lame blocked off. let's go to the staten island expressway. we do have an accident right by the verrazano bdge. right now, the belt parkway is jammed up. bumper to bumper duvets at this time. it left saturday. down from florida and the caribbean. a huge storm erupted on sunday.
7:34 am
to new jersey. the captain ordered everyone to go to their cabin for safety. >> can you imagine seeing 30-foot waves? one of the passengers, we talked to theuy. >> back and forth. we see one of the workers kind of drop everything. taking the storm itself. that is when we immediately knew something was off. >> it warned of a strong storm days in advance. >> did he get that weather report? >> i don't know. royal caribbean says no one was
7:35 am
control. rosanna: just to wish them well when they come back. look at this guide. inside the first of new york. this is on west 57th street. the man she was with graft the for and stuffed it on the jacket. a second couple is accused of doing the same thing. this guy is very -- rosanna: it looks good. >> they have a special tax on
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>> you have not taken it off yet? >> new jersey. let's go outside. >> in long beach. we will get back to you on that. you can go in there and get a
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or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. greg: we lost track of our server. >> he caught a few waves. he is okay. >> maybe he has to go to work. >> carnegie deli is open for
7:39 am
a problem, i think, with the gas line. >> remember that place blew up. carnegie was closed for a long time. you can get a rosanna scotto sandwich. >> it is full of baloney. >> i really have not had it in a very long time. i think about a baloney and potato chip sandwich. did you ever have a baloney and potato chip sandwich? >> you look at that video from long beach. they are actually going into
7:40 am
probably get out of the water. high tide cycle later on this evening. we have unsettled winter weather. we are expecting scattered snow showers over the next couple of days. now we are catching a few snow showers. it is definitely cold enough for snow. temperatures are in the teens. twentys. nineteen in poughkeepsie. the wind is much lighter than they were yesterday. that helps kind of pushed the water and. into the western long island sound.
7:41 am
the area. these will keep us unsettled the next couple of days. i think it will be quiet for much of today. sunshine peeking through from time to time. temperatures will be close to the freezing mark today. we will have our coldest air of the season yet. overnight lows in the teens. our windchill will be near zero. you can track the weather along with us any time. twenty-four hours a day. it is a live interactive radar. you can download it free at your google play store. let's get a check of the traffic
7:42 am
rosanna: we have a lot of bad accidents. we are definitely seeing some trouble if you are going to be traveling on the deacons. we have a tractor-trailer that is stalled out. you will see a ton of slow-moving cars moving into that spot. that is because of an unauthorized truck that hit an overpass. that highlight ee, it will be the westbound side. looking out over an hour delay. you want to allow yourself a lot of extra time here. that is an accident. eighty-four. it will be the westbound side of the road. if that accident happened right by the area did the roadway is closed down.
7:43 am
beacon bridge right now. unfortunately, that will be going on. i will show you the delays moving into the verrazano bridge. we do have to laze although it back to bradley avenue. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. everything you say -- >> my boss is having a heart attack. >> you should be watching. >> thank you. >> let's talk to duke. >> at the garden last night. rangers hosted the devils. can you imagine that?
7:44 am
one time her right there. one-zero. miller beats cory. nine goals. obviously, big news yesterday. it happened around 11:00 o'clock. derek fisher. espn new york. day to day basis. this is pretty bad. does the move surprise you? >> i think the timing surprised me a little bit. >> they have lost nine of 10. carmelo dealing with soreness on his knee. i figured phil would say let's give him the all-star break.
7:45 am
still did not see it that way. >> there were also court decisions. ivc, derek fisher. they got into a scuffle. i guess derek was seeing the wife after derek recently got divorced. playing into the firing on all. >> no. embarrassing the organization. i have a hard time believing it did not at least factor in. >> i am sure that it at least played a factor. let's go over who may be the next head coach. obviously, he knows phil. he won two championships out in
7:46 am
in a room head coach. >> he is a candidate. if there was one thing, it was the next coach going to be running the triangle. how much of this is phil jackson's fault? obviously, when you make a decision to fire a head coach, you run it by the owner. the attitude this whole timeas been let's fill handle the basketball stuff. he signed up on it.
7:47 am
at what point does he say -- >> there was hope. it is going to be interesting. a day to day basis. greg: we told you about that cruiseship that it really bad weather in the atlantic ocean. we have one of the passengers with us. her name is leon. can you hear us? >> hello. you are still at sea. >> we are still at sea. you have no idea. i feel so lucky to be even be on the phone with you guys. rosanna: tell us your experience >> we have a video of our room
7:48 am
this captain is unbelievable. he knew exactly what to do. he stopped the ship and let the storm just go by us. we saw 50-foot waves. 150-mile an hour wind. it was out of a horror movie. greg: the captain may have handled the crisis well. he drove into the storm. >> you have no idea. rosanna: they said they knew about this four days ago. >> i wish i could show you. it was a small, small system. within an hour, it became a huge system. you have no idea. rosanna: that is good to know.
7:49 am
were you knocked around? >> they said, go back to the room. state of emergency. i started crying. i cannot look at m&ms ever again. that is for sure. the staff walked around with water and bananas and food. they did the best they can. greg: the ship. a beautiful vessel. it never made florida. i think we have a picture. >> there are like satellite cells. glass fell everywhere. >> how long did the storm last? >> we were called back to our state rooms around 3:00 o'clock and we could not leave until 1:00 a.m.
7:50 am
thought we were going over. rosanna: you are okay. you are heading back. >> we will get back tomorrow morning. wednesday at 6:00 a.m. they are leaving. i am going on a cruise again. this was the best. >> you are amazing. i have a feeling you don't speak for every passenger on board right now. [laughter] >> the staff is unbelievable. they are doing everything that they can to keep us happy. it is unbelievable. greg: where are you from? what do you do? >> i work for a doctor in east
7:51 am
he is the past. greg: you are something else. thank you. rosanna: we need to have a party
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greg: through all of our netflix binging, sometimes we forget that there is some great culture here. this is a new whitney meum. >> we have to go there. greg: absolutely. she has been exhibited. it is inspired by thermal radiation. left over by the big bag. >> they have all kinds of sculptures and photographs on display. they have been working together for 30 years. >> it is called how to work better. music and video called answer me. over at the new museum. >> during the 9:00 o'clock hour,
7:54 am
take a look at this. >> it really happens. >> that is our little franchise. rosanna: gloria, it is all about
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greg: hi, everybody. welcome to the "good day new york" show. i am great college. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. a little bit of snow tonight it may depend on the accumulation. greg: today is primary d in new hampshire. it could be a big deal. donald trump is feuding with ted cruz. >> they repeated a word that somebody in the audience says. it is a word that we cannot say
7:58 am
greg: remember the comedian? >> get ready. carnegie deli is reopening here at closed for the last 10 months to fix a reported gas problem. just go there until you are sick. greg: they still have the rosanna scotto sandwich. rosanna: we will find out. we will get to the bottom of it. greg: bedbugs back in the news. some of the most prestigious hotels in new york cy have bed bug problems. rosanna: a 40% jump in bedbugs reported last year. they were trying to go to the bahamas.
7:59 am
horrible storm. the ship is almost toppled over. it was a huge mass. rosanna: go to your room. greg: terrified. totally happy looking forward to her next cruise. >> i just have to say this captain is on believable. he left the storm just go by us. rosanna: speaking for everyone aboard that ship.
8:00 am
feels. >> i would thinko. greg: we will meet her. rosanna: the glass half-full. i would be like i could never look at it again. money. >> how are you doing? audrey: rate. we are anticipating more snow. we are anticipating more snow. enough to coat the roadways and make things slick tonight. let's look at our graphics first.
8:01 am
beginning the threats. minor to moderate flooding. the tide will be above normal. factoring in a northeast wind flow. waves at six-10 feet. causing beach and doing a roche in. it will be coming in later on this evening. the winter weather advisory has been coming in. our radar is showing that we do not have snow right now. a lot of clouds in place. temperature readings are in the 20s. factor in a light wind.
8:02 am
morning. they are coming out of the northeast. again, with those astronomical high tides, flooding will be exacerbated. look at our satellite and radar. not quite in the immediate tri-state area. one is to our south. one is to the great lakes. by tomorrow, anticipating temperatures hovering near the freezing mark. week. high temperatures only in the 20s. factor in gusty winds.
8:03 am
roads this morning. christina: so many accidents out we will just quickly move from the area. we are also seeing a road closure. we have an accident on the harlem river drive. that is two lanes. that is a crash in the left lane. bumper to bumper delays as you travel into that area. the westbound light eat, it stays very heavy for you all the way through exit 28. one lane is blocked off here. not looking good at all. the palisades parkway, we have
8:04 am
that is really messing things up. am accident involving a tractor-trailer. things are not looking good for you if you are approaching the bridge of his time. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. greg: thanks a lot. they have all kinds of flooding to worry about today. >> minor to moderate flooding could take lace. again later tonight into tomorrow morning. greg: what is the issue here? rosanna: i think that it is coming from the ocean. if you are living in a place like long beach, sometimes they meet in the middle which creates some pretty serious flooding conditions for the residents
8:05 am
not my kind of peach day. then again, i am not a diehard. three out there in the distance. i also have some video to show you. the concern here today is moderate coastal flooding. that happens during high tide. it does not look so bad out here right now. as i mentioned, they are used to that is why city crews are making sure that they are pricing to create better conditions for residents. >> are you warm?
8:06 am
>> why? >> this is why i live here. >> a rescue dog from the little shelter. >> no matter what. >> do you always run? >> every day. every day i run. >> you have to hand it to them. just trying to enjoy it there sport of choice. yesterday was quite bad. the streets were flooded. it is doing what it can to minimize some of that flooding. that is the latest from long beach.
8:07 am
that he is thinking very seriously about running for president. yes, he is saying that he is taking a good hard look. >> looking at all the options. three people familiar with this plan. taking early steps for a potential run as an independent. outrage and insult to voters. greg: he also said distressingly banal which means boring. >> never winning the president of the united states. it is like all the rules are thrown out. >> quarreling with the mayor. former mayor. robert moses joins us. he has all the details. >> reporter: good morning to you.
8:08 am
not so nice mean things to each other. deciding who stays in the race and to must drop out. >> he is like a child. is ke a spoiled child. jeb bush responded to donald trump's words. trump made headlines by what you said about ted cruz. describing cruise. listen to how trump responded. and i never expect to hear that from you ever again. she said he is a [bleep] >> reporter: cruz has not yet.
8:09 am
they are both out of touch. chris christie and marco rubio continued to sniping each other. the florida center is not ready for prime time. >> not spontaneous. a lead over clinton. a husband and daughter on her side. a husband and daughter that may not both for her today. >> i will always support you. the next-door neighbor of vermont. >> you have the right to determine the future of america did not just a handful of billionaires. >> voter preferences in new
8:10 am
many are still undecided. greg and rosanna, trump has a rosanna: the polls have been wrong in the past. whether the snow could be a factor. greg: here it is in outline form. it starts with, you know what. sometimes, your imagination runs away with you. rosanna: i could have let my imagination run away. greg: let's go to new hampshire. i will try to keep it clean. by the end of the day, we may have a better idea of who is going to stick around and to
8:11 am
anticipation was high. even if the stakes were low. the gop winner by one. john kasich. all four democrats went for bernie sanders. the state were so many voters are leaving their options open. >> still undecided. >> we are starting to look at the candidates. >> i feel sorry for my postman. >> the last minute, there are a ton of undecided voters here. only 60% of likely democratic voters in new hampshire are decided. it drops to just 50% for republicans. the stakes could not be higher. bernie sanders cannot win here,
8:12 am
win. thing that gets people in their cars on a snowstorm like we're going to have. >> certainly some of the people showing up our undecided. we've been undecided. >> it is still a bit process for me right now. it could go hillary clinton. it could go bernie. dropping out after results get in. he denies that.
8:13 am
greg: that one guy was wide open. rosanna: i don't think you missed a candidate did anyway. let's talk about what happened on the upper east side. you see that sky here. you see that guy here. he was accused of sexually groping a woman last weekend. she was on her way to work. greg: here is the guy they think did it. then made her walk further down the block. please call crime stoppers. saturday morning. also, up in the bronx. police are looking for a guy stairwell. this happened last week. this man followed her into an elevator.
8:14 am
and sexually assaulted her. it was in uniondale on saturday. look at how cute this puppy is. if you have any information that leads to an arrest, the spca is supposed to give an update later today. greg: somebody through a copy out of a moving car. that is crazy. rosanna: bedbugs. apparently, they even recited some of the fanciest hotels. marquis. according to the bedbug registry. bedbug reports and complaints.
8:15 am
more than 44%. rosanna: bedbug free. greg: we had a siding. rosanna: all is good. >> flooding is an issue. flooding will be an issue again. winter weather advisory issued starting tonight. by this weekend, we are expecting a blast of cold air. far this season will arrive on saturday and sunday. not much in the way of accumulation. temperatures are definitely cold
8:16 am
19 degrees at this hour. we are anticipating snow showers. we had two areas of low pressure we're watching. both of these will combine to deal with unsettled weather for the next couple of days. struggling to break through from time to time. for the most part, it will be cold and damp. by noontime tomorrow. today's highs near the freezing mark. let's check in with traffic. >> so much going on. the bqe has been so terrible. we are still dealing with two incidents. by the cross bronx, there is a stalled truck.
8:17 am
that takes out one lane. the southbound side was closed by the cross bronx. the damages done. absolutely jammed for you moving into this spot. we still have an accident there. it is absolutely jammed moving eastbound side of the brooklyn bridge we have a crash. we have some debris on the roadway. let's go outside to the garden state parkway. northbound side moving away from me. your next shot will be the lincoln tunnel. thirty, 40 minutes. we are also seeing a pretty heavy delay. just to get into the toll plaza,
8:18 am
greg and rosanna, back to you. >> before reality tv. the trial of o.j. simpson. the whole country is assessed with it. rosanna: we've watched him for a highway. greg: american crime the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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8:20 am
rosanna: happy birthday carole king. rosanna: i pet her office building was right near there. greg: she did a lot of her work in new jersey. talking a lot about new jersey.
8:21 am
songs. greg: lauren simonetti, what is up? >> i am the bearer of bad news. the technology stock, down 15% this year. the facebook's, the googles, etc. if the market were to open now, the dow would be down into people are worried about their country slowing down. oil prices are at $29. nor is it good for the big exxon mobil's of the world. what will the fed do? will they keep raising interest rates? janet yellen speaks tomorrow and
8:22 am
heads right now. >> it is very complicated. john blair, my chief financial officer. c.c. sabathia. the new york yankee had some difficulty. word is, he is getting better. rosanna: coming with his wife amber. we will talk to c.c. also, actress kate walsh.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
rosanna: love story. love story. greg: right there it is. this is in front of mount sinai hospital. this is where they confirmed that jenny is dead. rosanna: i can believe it. i cried so much.
8:26 am
also gae back throughout. i believe that pavilion in still there. yep. it is still there. this is where it happened. ray says to him "i am sorry about this, oliver." he says? rosanna: i don't know. love means you have to say you are sorry. greg: i really felt bad in the movie. he is a father. he is trying to get back to the life a little bit. oliver thinks he is a snob. >> yeah. yeah. >> he doesn't want anything to do with him. oliver just love his wife. i think its okay. the movie came back in 1940. rosanna: yeah, i think so. greg: it happens to be row nan's favorite movie. it is. i guess, you know, in those days, it withs a nice salary, when you think about what they are did hegetting now $20,000? greg: how about that. one more time. there are places all over new
8:27 am
that is one of them. rosanna: that was one of the iconic movies everybody went to see. it was big blockbuster. music. everybody talked about it. read the book. greg: oh, the book. rosanna: the book. yeah. yeah. there you go. greg: do you remember that? rosanna: i do. greg: that reality show. rosanna: all right. let's talk weather. did you see it? >> i never saw. it is an american classic. it is better than "kung fu panda." rosanna: you will cry so much. >> i didn't cry in "kung fu panda." out. i will check it out. all right. what aim checking out though are the radars base am pick up snow area. we are going to see the flakes fly across thing gone for the next couple of days. not quite as intent as we saw yesterday. excuse me, long island, connecticut but labs like we'll
8:28 am
let's thattic a look at the graphics. flooding was major issue yesterday. i am still getting pictures je twitter of impressive flooding across the jersey shore. the back bay. that will continue to be a at the today, too. feel free to continue to accept your pictures to me on twitter. at the time of high tide. minor to moderate flooding can be expected as the tides will be 2 to 3 feet above normal. that is also being exacerbated by the new moon which is causing a rise in high tides. large wave heights of 6 to 10-feet are causing beach and dune erosion. this will be a problem for the next 36 hours. be prepared. they we have snow on the way. most of it will be happening tonight into early tomorrow morning. that is why the mational weather service issued a winter weather with advisory for the counties shaded in purple? that goes into effect until 6:00 until noon wednesday. definitely cold enough for snow. temperatures below the freezing mark. we have a light wind coming in out of the northeast. just enough to provide a bit of a chill. the windchills in the teens and
8:29 am
the light is showing we are getting snow showers popping up here. we could see quick burst here and there. more quill be happening today. two areas in the area t. that will be affecting us over the next couple of days. and by tomorrow morning, we should see about 1 to 3 inches across the region with higher amounts across southern portions of new jersey. it is going to stay unsettled as we go through the next couple of days. temperatures will be cold tomorrow as well as tomorrow ap thursday. then this weekend, the coldest air of the season arrives with highs only in the 20's. probably a good time to be covering up with the valentine by sunday. also sea she how it looks on the roads this morning. christina is here with the deals. reporter: good morning, everyone. lots going on now. a lot of bad accidents, so the dig gin southbound. we're still dealing with an accident and a stalled truck. the accident is by fordham road. the stalled truck is by the cross bronx. southbound is where you will find those. you are looking at bumper-to-bumper delays. it is going to be ninth street and has crash. that block one lane.
8:30 am
spot. 155th street had a crash blocking multiple lanes. that has cleared away. he we're seeing a jam move mooing that spot. also the hutch southbound shall are we have one lane blocked off by the cross bronx by a truck that hit overpass. they are trying to get that for you. if you are going to be traveling east bun on the staten island expressway. bridge because we are experiencing an accident off the brooklyn browned on the verrazano. the belt parkway eastbound. that is an accident blocking one lane. now on the staten island, you need go to the bqe, where we are dealing with these accidents. one is by the brooklyn bridge. then we have a debris spill by the williamsburg bridge. it will talk an hour and a half. something to keep hine. so much going on at your crossings. all going to cost you 30-40 minutes. alternate side in effect today. greg, rossman, back to you. greg: thank i have. the carnegie deli finally back open for bus mess. rosanna: they have the best healthy sandwiches.
8:31 am
rosanna. healthy. these will kill you. i love them. rosanna: health ty think as far as it is a big, like a lot of meat in those sandwiches. greg: there it is. 7th each the 50's i believe. i love that place. it has been out of commission rosanna: yeah. con ed found some ill legal gas hookups. it took them ten months to get the acts together. liz there is now. they are reopening. are they open yet, liz? reporter: they just opened a pew minutes ago. good morning to you, greg and row san ma. we're in front of carnegie deli on 7th avenue. a lot of people are happy to see this iconic place is open once again. it is where you get, like you said, row san ma, the healthy snacks, the sandwich, a good dish and pickles, too. they are poonly opening up after being closed for about ten months. i want to talk inside. we gat look, just a few moments ago, the wall of fame looking better than ever, lots of familiar faces, ry nan, taylor
8:32 am
passed through here, normal local spot. but chely was having some bad days a few months ago. hated to close last april after the city discovered an illegal gas hookup. all came to light after dead thisly gas explosion that took place in the east village and con ed started investigating buildings that had similar gas hookups an they came here in and decided to shut the place down and it reporteddedly took month force the restaurant to get back up to code. a was a big inconvince ons for the people who live november restaurant. they were are without heat and hot water for months. but hopefully, that is all behind them. the waiters with their bow ties and in in the landmark spot are ready to serve again. we spoke to the owner, mirrian harper refresh said it is great to be back home. >> it is fabulous. i am a ecstatic. reporter: was it hard for you not being open? >> yes, it was very hard for me because this rest president are a is part of high family.
8:33 am
i have grown up with it for 37 years. my dad took it over in 1976. so it is like a part of my family. and i miss all the excitement. reporter: today what is they are calling a soft opening. they are going to have a grand reopening next wednesday. they will have a little promotion here. anyone who orders on tray will walk away a free piece of cheesecake. another reason to come on by and say hello again to that favorite sandwich. live in front of carnegie deli, back over to you guys. greg: thanks, liz. for a little while you could order thero sana'a scotto sandwich. rosanna: it thats been stack in off the venue. it moise longer available s. rosanna: what was in it? greg: this was back in 2011. everybody. right this on the computer. joining the likes of woody allen, paul simon, carmelo anthony, rosanna scotto got her own sane witch. let's see here.
8:34 am
yours in the story by the way. let's see. it has ham, because she loves the camera, we get the truth from her, and turkey because she is no turkey, she is the real deal. rosanna: that is nice. greg: the staff came up with that. rosanna: like that. that was nice big healthy sand whip. greg: against with the healthy. rosanna: let me tell you something. i have full faith, if that sandwich was still around today, that cue take bite out of it. one big bite. greg: they challenged me to eat the whole thing. actual hi, there are certain things i cannot do when it comes to stomach. rosanna: really? greg: i don't remember that. would we had big paid raid for this sandwich. her memory is gone. rosanna: it is true. it has been documented. all right. but i know very well what the mayor has been doing by the way lately. he is not given up the fight to overhaul the city's carriage horse industry.
8:35 am
serious setback. hate looks like there is no deal. they were fog reduce the number of horse be a move the stable to central park. east jersey said, mo. we don't like this plan. fell apart. they were going to vote last friday. that vote did not happen. and really, the carriage horse drivers are declaring victory here. why with well, they are. you know, we are also hearing the mayor couple is up with a third plan to try to limit the horse carriage industry. city council so far seems to be not for the mayor's ideas. greg: okay. rosanna: all right. have you heard about this. a baby panda climbed the tree for the first time. the adoreable moment cutting on camera. somebody had social need ya going at that point, greg. greg: look at that little thing. d.c., right. rosanna: yeah at the smithsonian national about whether. he tried his best to climb up the tree yesterday. he triad few times. he finally gets the hang of it. he still needs his mother's help to get down. isn't that it would? greg: that is nice.
8:36 am
government, to get our own panda bear here in the city. rosanna: right. greg: she wants it in the central park zoo. she actually posed for picture. i think what do they eat here than bamboo? you got too close, with ap that ened? rosanna: they would probably maul you, don't you think? greg: i don't know. i have never seen that. rosanna: they look so pretty. already. meanwhile, coming up here on good day new york, yankees' pitcher cc sabathia coming here before heads to spring training in tampa. he and his wife are stopping by for kids. yao we're glad that c.c. is healthy again. remember, he went to rehab. he is back looking great. we are looking for word to gain. rosanna: also, hap birthday to joseph ap jack oc. they are twins. they are celebrating their tenth birthday. al the best the new caramel macchiato uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl.
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8:40 am
rosanna: well, dr. is here. she has been following ale the latest developments. >> yes. >> is it sun under control or what? >> well, unfire it hi, we're talking about zika. those that with smaller than usual brains. but there is new mu concern which is a syndrome that is a neurologicallal condition that we think is associated with zika. has not been a definitive link, with you the cdc and scientists are looking because they are seeing rapid increase in the zika. three people died of this and zika virus. so what is it? it is a condition where the auto, the immune system, basically, attacks the bod i did's nervous system, causing temporary paralysis, which can last weekors mon wheres, but during the time, it can affect the breaths which can lead to death. is serious. it is quite rare. they are seeing in crease the cases in these areas where we're seeing a rise in zika. there is a definitive link?
8:41 am
the studies are underway now. they are seeing a strong association there. so fine are not flen or planning on becoming preg meant, this is one more reason why you need to be afraid of the zika virus. greg: speak of pregnancy, remember last week. some big medical group, the cdc maybe said, if you are child bearing age. rosanna: don't drink alcohol. greg: not on birth control. you should not drink. you got in hot water that, >> well, yeah. i mean, it was thought to be a a bit extreme to be going to that extent. but really, they want to reiterate the fact we don't know the level of alcohol for pregnant women. once we done know, the safest thing to do, at in shall are where is ferro in. there are many unintended pregnancies that occur in the this country t. this if there is a ups chance of that. rosanna: all right. there is a lot on the plate this morning. talkerring about hair loss. >> yeah. why do we lose our hair as we age inas we getle. >> er, the hair gets to be the upper. we lose more hair. now they are look at stem cells in the hair follicles think this
8:42 am
stem cells where i supposed to regenerate. they are so he ised to keep going forever and produce new cells. in case, new hair follicles those actually get we're and tear in terms of the dfa damage and those ten to die. why is it important? we can maybe reverse the hair loss that oh are coulds with aging. have thick hair as we age. rosanna: this is expermanental now? >> well, no, they are look at the natural stem cells and why we're losing hair. a new discovery as to why we lose hair as we age. greg: the tem cells come from? it is contro tro version right? >> it is controversial to take stem cells from em bee yos. greg: do they do that? rosanna: yeah. they to. greg: embryonic stem cell research. >> a lot of very important diseases. right now, he we're talking about whatpp that ens with our own stem cells j. oh, okay. never mind. >> it is controversial. rosanna: all good. all good.
8:43 am
she played one on tv. kate walsh, she was in private practice in "grey's anatomy." >> what happened to dr. mcdreamy guy? >> he left, too. he left "grey's anatomy." anyway, kate walsh is going to
8:44 am
rosanna: how are thing moving? greg: fifth avenue southbound just fine. as we listen to this stuff that i used to listen to. rosanna: all right. can we do a recap of x files? also get a down to some entertainment. we have a recap for you. spoiler alert. you may want to turn away if you have not watched it yet. greg: yeah. rosanna: okay. the latest episode combines blood and horror, as a man known
8:45 am
part a housing apartment employee who is drenching homeless people with a fire hose. greg: that is a catchy name. rosanna: i know. it is part of the plan to make way for new high-rise. while scully and moulder investigate the crime scene. greg: i which which one is which? i sam sorry. rosanna: do you get confused. scully gets a callle that her mom is the month. greg: he kay. rosanna: before dying, scully's mom mentions her grandson, scully's son, that was given up for adoption. just sew now. greg: okay. greg: scully feels guilt over the situation. eventually, the theme of personal responsibility takes over as band-aid man remain on the run in philadelphia. greg: all right. hugh jackman, all around great guy, row san ma and i met him once. man, oman. cre nice. what is going son in are a yale, hes undergoing skin cancer treatment on the nose again. people is reporting that it us the fourth time since hue you jackman has been treated for
8:46 am
greg: this looks look he is 24 years old. it is old footage. rosanna: the most common form of kin skin cancer. hugh jackman posted this photo of the nose bandage ad once again. you see it? he is urge everybody to get regular screenings and to wear sunscreen. something he says never did while growing up. greg: i bye the way, leave him alone at the game. remember that. the lady was hast ling im at the gym. all right. gwyneth paltrow, star, businesswoman, whatp that ened to her? rosanna: she was in court yesterday testifying against the man convicted of stalking her. she told the judge she was so worried another safety of her children because of the actions of michael. this man, he is a cues of sending dozens of letters and e-mails to her. in her words, they range from religious to pornographic to threatening notes. mrs. arrested this guy in ohio last year. he brought to los angeles. >> he is closer to gwyneth paltrow.
8:47 am
felony count of stalking and previously convicted and was put in a mental health facility in 2,000. greg: okay. today is fat tuesday. mardi gras is a huge celebration particularly in new orlean and other places because tomorrow lent begins. ash wednesday. rosanna: that is right. so today is the day you in dumbing or overindulge. fat tuesday. we got the fat down. and maybe the tuesday as well. it ties day. it is hard to go party too hard on a tuesday. rosanna: i know. well, there are lots of events to celebrate. the bell house ingo wan us in, brook in, a big party tonight at 8:00. or you can check out b.b. king's blue's club and grill and times square. george and the parliament going to be playing there tonight. yao wow. we have seen george clinton before. rosanna: yeah $45. greg: all right. so, a new miniseries the people versus o.j. on fx. the guy who plays johnnie cochran is a gifted actor. he drops by. why yeah f. by the way,s, the
8:48 am
we're going to see, let's see what smells. rosanna: cc going to be here.
8:49 am
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