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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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celebrating the coldest we've seen all winter. we have to deal with some snow sherries . mike woods tells us what to mike woods tells us what to expect .some are surprised by which republican candidate came in second. bernie sanders comes up with a bigger win. it's a clinton campaign had hoped for. they know he would win but they did not think he would buy this much. sanders is starting his day in new york city. we are taking a ready is
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>> smoke and fire above the world trade center because we will tell you what it it is 5:00. february 10. it's the beginning of lent. it's awfully cold outside. it will get colder this weekend. mike is back from sunny florida. you said it was not even that warm in miami 's before the first day was not so turned into the mid-upper 60s and it was a little bit windy. compared to here it will be like 120 on sunday. >> something was going on. >> good wednesday morning! we will show you what's happening around the tri-state. this is something we need to talk about. coastal flooding is a problem today . minor flooding expected out
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2 feet above normal. we will see flooding in the low-lying areas along the shore again today. it's mainly western long island and the jersey shore. it's the south western long island. here is what we had. it comes to the snow and a lot of folks are concerned it's fairfield county and connecticut into litchfield . snow showers are coming through in the central section of long island. these snow showers don't last for too long but it doesn't take too long to conditions. be aware of that as we have light showers for you. this morning i should slow you down at 330. same thing in newark and . 31 in bridgeport hovering around the freezing point. the wind is coming in from the southeast at three 9
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region. here's what we have in the radar. we take a broader scope look at the snow showers. the area of low pressure will keep things going and we have another troth back here to the north and west keeping things unstable. the snow chances don't dropped on immediately so we see them around for the morning. 32 is your high tomorrow. colder air than in breezy with snow showers and is dry on friday with a high of 27. sunday is valentine's day and it's very cold. high temperatures of 190 and it's breezy. the deep breezes coming at you this weekend. that's the one folks will
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>> a lot of politics to talk about. donald trump celebrates a big win in new hampshire. chris christie returns to new jersey. he is going to ponder his presidential future. on the democratic side, hillary clinton makes a campaign changed to bernie sanders. robert moses joins us live from outside the restaurant in harlem. that's where sanders is later on this morning. >> good morning. senator bernie sanders is scheduled to have breakfast here at sylvia's. reverend al sharpton and sanders and trump could not be more different. this morning they have one important thing tapping
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>> fresh off of the second-place finish donald trump basked in the glow of victory in new hampshire. he thanked his parents and his family members standing with him. they had a firm rebuke to the root party establishment. >> we will do something so good. we will do something so fast and so strong . the world will respect us again, believe me! ted cruz finished third in fort casey, the strong showing in new hampshire allows him to press on. >> maybe we are turning the page. maybe it's the dark heart of american politics. tonight the light overcame the darkness. marco rubio and chris christie had a disappointing night. he will return home to new jersey to assess the campaign.
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bernie sanders beat us to a wide margin. sanders victory delivered a blow to the political establishment. >> the road will likely get much harder for him following new hampshire but for now, they are enjoying incredible momentum. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment , the economic establishment and the media establishment. [cheering] congratulated him but she says his campaign is far from over. >> he takes the campaign to
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revoked in every state. she will invigorate the campaign. there is appearances on the view and on the late show with stephen colbert. robert moses for us uptown. police have identified a man that sexually assaulted a woman on the upper east side. crimestoppers. the attacker was this man 32-year-old gregory he is described as 5 foot seven and 145 pounds. billy on saturday morning, he grabbed a woman on e. 94th st. . he robbed and sexually assaulted her. it's 94th and second. call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips if you have any information. jury deliberations resume
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liang. closing arguments are yesterday. >> two different narratives are presented. this happens at a chance for both times . >> these two narratives were this a scared and reckless rookie or an inept increase in cop . those were what the prosecutors and defense attorneys said. it's a trial of peter liang. they delivered tuesday and they will be back this morning. they have the life of this new york city police officer in their hands. >> happens here was a tragedy. it was not a crime.the prosecution is urging panel
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police officer accountable. it's no good rean quite instead of pointing his flashlight at the noise, he points his gun on it. he pulled trigger ! he shot at todd gurley. jurors heard from the housing project in the course of the trial. he tearfully testified what his weapon first discharge at brooklyn's pink houses. he did not think he hit anyone. >> his first reaction wasn't that he had an
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>> he faces five counts. he could see him spend the next 15 years behind bars. they urged the jury on tuesday to isolate liang situation. >> he is not the same.he is not the same as the police officers. it's not a conviction of the police department. >> they want to make sure they can separate him from the other officers. they are day in and day out protecting us. he feels like he violated his oath of office. the deliberations are expected to resume.he faces assault, criminal and negligent homicide and official misconduct . . this happens to be a secondary manslaughter which is more serious. >> it's a cruise that many
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. the anthem of the seas is expected to pull into port around 9:00 tonight. the royal caribbean ship departed new jersey on saturday but ran into 30 foot high seas and hurricane winds off of north carolina. despite damage, there was only minor injuries. royal caribbean is offering passengers a full refund and a 50% discount on a future cruise. >> that is a huge ship ! one of the largest ever built . ben: smoke and even flames spotted at the top of the world trade center. there was no fire. get that it was a combination of steam and light creating the illusion. >> it did not stop people on twitter from worrying. >> we look at the top and i
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we said wow, it could be a terrorist attack . >> we were like we have to get a picture. we were looking through the other one and we got the picture. >> it's steam and lighting creating the illusion of a fire. the port authority says it could be an hvac issue. >> a lot more still to come. this is including this. >> the dad uses bruce steen as an excuse for his daughter being late to school. the classic know her father rose going viral. >> we have snow showers out there. not that big of a deal. some snow showers here or there. 330 is the start up here
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station. is a lightning storm. she capture the video and she was in the midst of a six-month mission above the international space station agency >> mike woods is here now with a look at the forecast. it's valentine's day and it's appropriate. >> the whole weekend it's a small alert . it's a forecasted high but when you get to the weekend , on saturday, you get to the high of 19 for the high on sunday. the low is dropping down to the single digits. very cold stuff and we
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see this weekend, being valentine's day, temperatures in the teens and 20s for the high . the snuggle alert is issued. 330 out of central park. we have wet roadways. it's not for everyone. it's mainly long island and connecticut. three in boston and 29 in syracuse. let's take a look at the radar and we will see the snow showers coming through in sussex county and parts of failed field. there is a few snow showers out in pennsylvania and new jersey. it's scattered all over the place and that's what it
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this is becoming very cold and unstable affiliate the next area of low pressure comes in here to kick up some snow showers for you. it comes in with another reinforcing shot of colder air dropping out of canada. the high temperatures will come down we should see clear sky by the time we get to friday. in the low 30s with light snow showers around and in the afternoon with a high temperature at 390. a few snow showers are out there at 390 for the high
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sunday . rain or snow is in the area. then, over to you. >> 5:18 am. it will not close the l train tunnel until 2018. that's according to a report in the daily news. the tunnel needs repairs following sandy. any closure would inconvenience riders in williamsburg and fully there in to brooklyn. they say there are several proposals being positioned. both in each direction taking 18 months to fix. the other would be a partial closure on nights or weekends with 12 at a time. there is now three people with confirmed cases of the
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county. racing to create a vaccine to combat the disease. the virus is spread by a type of mosquito which does not live in our area. it can be spread through blood in one person got into sexual conduct with a special person. these moms deliver their babies just minutes apart. nicole montgomery was on her way to deliver her daughter when she learned her pregnant sister was headed there. they deliver their babies six minutes apart. their shocking whole family. >> we had a doctors appointment because we were due on friday. we said we had to go to the hospital. nicole and mitch were on their way to. >> they were born six minutes apart. the kids were born three minutes apart. they delivered across the
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the twins are named the twins named their daughters cora and luisa. they are cousins. congratulations to them. >> i'm sure they will gloat grow up very close.the springsteen excuse. it's a late note that he wrote for his daughter after a springsteen concert . >> patrick took his 12-year-old daughter isabel and her sister to the concert in albany on monday night and he was honest about it. he wrote the late note for school the next day. it says, this may not seem like a good excuse but have you ever wondered how many kids would be late or missed school outright if god were to suddenly appear? obviously he is comparing bruce springsteen to god . >> a lot more this morning
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fiber one. people who have speakers will now be able to stream apple music . the service goes live today, two months after the test program. 90% of the music is live streaming. that could be the catalyst . >> here is something he thought you would never hear. gas prices could drop below
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at a 12 year low according to analysts say they could see 90% gas. we might not sequel prices at low. the national price is a dollar 72 per gallon. it's $.45 less than this time last year. >> united says the lower average price in a downturn and travel with people affected by the oil industry has contributed to the drop in revenue and ticket prices. delta said the revenue fell by 3% because the strong dollar hurt sales overseas. >> red lobster is seeing a lot of green. that's thanks to the beyonci ad. >> this is after the singer mentioned red lobster in her new song formation. >> i missed it. she sings about taking a man to red lobster after sleeping with him.
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idea beyonci would mention them. some of that may be to the new lobster fast menu. i feel like it's always lobster fest. >> i have not eaten there in a long time. hearing that makes me want to go. those biscuits are good ! top stories with low weather and traffic , coming
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lady liberty. look at that. ben: winter weather advisories are canceled. not a lot going on out there, weatherwise. it's just a chilly and dry morning with colder temperatures on the way for the weekend. mike woods has details, coming up . >> you could call it trumped . he doubles the percentage of votes at the other
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new hampshire primary. the live to new hampshire in just a few minutes. >> trump to burns. bernie sanders is rock sanders and hillary clinton is feeling the burn. she promises to do better in south carolina and nevada. >> is interesting. the life expectancy is shorter than other countries. we will tell you why, coming up. >> i am carrie drew and for training juliet huddy . dari: ben: im ben simmoneau. before i was down in miami and i wore a tank top . the guy at the front desk said no, never. she was in a sweater .
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>> we got to bundle up. we haven't seen anything like that yet. here we go. in the next few days, we have to deal with coastal flooding and a coastal advisory and for western long island. the new york harbor with high tide about 1 foot -and-a-half above normal. we see issues than the last several days. as far as snow goes, we ceased showers in the overnight hour. we go into new england and we still have some over eastern long island and parts of connecticut. snow showers or squalls will come through the tri-state region here. especially in the morning. 33 in central park and 270 in monticello with the wind coming in from the southwest. it's around three 8 miles per hour.
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is a little bit . with radar and satellite we keep wings unstable because we have a couple areas of low pressure working through the tri-state region. that's why there is snow flakes flying.after the morning snow flour shower we have peaks of sunshine later in the day and as we go to the next seven days it's up to 340 with snow showers in the mix. high temperatures only in the teens and low 20s. it will be cold the entire weekend.>> now we find out what's going on with the commute. we have kelly in here for ines. >> it's pretty quiet on the roadways. no trouble spots in new jersey. it's quite along route 80 moving okay and it's at route 24 with no issues to report .
5:31 am
at the southern state parkway by baldwin road. it's a live look now at the george washington bridge. no delays on the inbound tunnel. they are all close to schedule with parking rules suspended. we still have to feed the meters. >> new hampshire results in trouble. she has hired obama's former deputy campaign manager. huge loss to bernie sanders. robert moses joins us live from harlem . that's where sanders will
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>> senator bernie sanders will be here in four hours or so. he will be dining with al sharpton. consider it a reward for a hard one vic three. he beat him there with 60% of the vote compared to clinton's 38%. he won across the board with men, women, independence and it's a top to bottom win. it's a blow to the establishment and it doesn't come as a surprise considering his a senator. the road will get harder for sanders going forward. he moves to the primary in the southern states and that's where clinton is expected to fare much better. it's going to be a long and drawn out fight up to the convention. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the
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by the way, it's going to the media establishment. >> now, we take this country. we will fight for every vote in every state. we will fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. >> in that same speech, sanders. like tromp on the republican side, sanders has managed to tap into the well of anger that people from all ideologies are feeling towards the status quo and establishment. that is the latest live from her harlem . not a good night for new jersey.
5:34 am
to take stock in new jersey. the governor picked up a percent of the vote in new hampshire. 20,000 was good for six place. he said he will head home to consider the campaign future. >> we will go home to new jersey and weigh in by tomorrow afternoon we should know. it will allow us to make a decision of how to move from here. >> mary patens in the background looking pretty emotional. even if she decides to stay, he might not make the cut . the top three are from iowa in the top five are from new hampshire. automatic inmates with the top five in an average of polls. without chris christie on stage, mike rubio could have a easier time after he was hit hard at the last
5:35 am
>> donald trump came up big. the big surprise was governor john cusick finishing second. doug joins us now with a big look at more on the republican numbers.>> we said all along the interesting race to watch would be for second place on the republican side. we knew john kasich was doing well. he wanted which is in indicative of anything except for the fact that he covered every corner of the state. trump had a decided victory as he spoke to his supporters last night. >> we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong. the world will respect us again. we will turn the page. darkness
5:36 am
[cheering] casey has been an understated candidate. if you have perform well, we would talk about him possibly dropping out. he had a strong showing. would he be able to translate that into success? >> the time is 538. let's get a look at mike florida. it's pretty cold here. you could have brought the warm back. >> 39 is better than what it was. >> 58 600. that was a treat.
5:37 am
distant past. >> it will get colder here soon. some of the air makes it down to florida. we will have the other issue of coastal flooding. one more high tide cycle could make us at one two degrees above normal. it's down to new haven and london county. there is minor snow showers out there that they are not producing much. 330 in central park and it's a cloudy sky now. we have cold temperatures throughout the northeast but temperatures have come
5:38 am
we had recently. nothing is all that organized in terms of snow. we will see it coming to the tri-state region but there is minor snow showers here cause of areas of low pressure coming through. first one is moving on but another is on the way tonight . that will keep a very small chance of a few showers out there. we appreciate it here in the tri-state region. it will come down into the cold air with a arctic last coming through saturday and sunday. that will knock your temperatures out . the morning snow showers in the afternoon with a high of 390 in the city. it's between 18 24 . the highest 32 in its breezy with 210 on saturday. on valentine's day it's sunny with a high of 190. we see snow chances coming on monday and rain chances on tuesday.
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google itunes store . download it for free and you are ready to go. let's bring in kelly with a look at the wednesday morning commute . >> could be worse. >> good morning mike. very quiet on the roadways. no major trouble spots or accidents and it's nice and quiet at westchester. the bridge is moving all right . no trouble to report along 95 or on the merit . let's look i live look at the northern state parkway. you can see travel is flowing freely. not too much traffic out here now. let's look at the bqe. everyone is still moving the speed limit . not bad here. trains are on or close to schedule. the metro-north in the and i double are. alternate side rules being suspended but feed the meters.
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ben: thank you, kelly. it was a different coach but not the different
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checking the headlines for you. jury deliberations in the trial of peter liang starting yesterday.they continue today charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of gurley in a darkened building scare well. their delphi the man who sexually started a woman on the upper east side. 32-year-old greg lee anderson surrounded his victim e. 94th st. the anthem of the seas is one of the largest cruise ships . it departed on saturday but ran into some incredible seas. defeat high with hurricane force winds off north carolina last weekend causing some serious damage. carrie: americas lived two years less. they blame drug overdoses, drug injuries and car
5:44 am
they found the life expectancy for american men at 76.4 years. for women at 80 3.4. duke is here now . the next hope for a different result last night. duke: they fired mike fisher. they come to washington and this is not the start of what he wanted. phil to put up a tweet on leadership. it is deep . the next or sharp. down 14 of the first quarter. it was the loudest deficit. he is not happy. in the third quarter, porzingis braved the next down on him. 10 seconds left. he drills the three. he brings it within one! galloway again with the buzzer it's another three
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111 108. rangers are on the road trying to make it for the greatest goalie that number 30 . oilers game at home. he went to the raptors and saluted the fans. the devils hang on at 2/1. the islanders are out . this was tied at two in overtime didn't solve it. we go to the shootout and he scores! it's the eighth straight time at 3/2. scary moment at college basketball with one of the all-time great coaches collapsing on the sidelines.
5:46 am
last night and he fell like he was not well. he fell over there and he has a history of vertigo. the team's medical staff took care of him and he was able to walk off the court . when he moves really quick there are stones in your ear moving and it sets it off. >> cam newton won't apologize. he is taking heat for acting like a sore loser. human to the podium after super bowl 50 with a loss and he got up and walked out. he was not sorry. >> i've been on record to say that i am a sore loser. show me a good loser . i am not here to have a popularity contest.
5:47 am
>> the panthers coach says he would have preferred newton to handle himself better. he understood what he was feeling at the time. >> he hasn't been the leak that long. it was a big spotlight. the example of peyton manning from a couple years ago after he won the super bowl. peyton was a gracious winner. that is the question? he plugged everything on the way out and made a lot of money. >> you are in a big spot. if he was a couple years older , maybe. >> he may look back at that and think, i wish i did not walk off. >> i don't think i would've been in a better mood. press conferences are weird. you have the broncos talking about how they solved carolinas game plan. he can hear everything going on. they have to do a better job of that .
5:48 am
play! ben: mike woods was here. did you watch a super bowl? . mike: i did not make it to that part which was very interesting. it did not look good. >> let's show you what's going on. we are getting into the dead of winter. temperatures take a tumble with 390 for the average high. we will be just below that here but we are taking a tumble down to 210 on saturday in 19 for sunday. it's probably the coldest day that we've seen so far this winter. it's coming up here so just get ready. when it comes to snow, we have to much to deal with. some snow showers flying off to the east end of long island.
5:49 am
litchfield county in new haven. we have snow showers in connecticut in litchfield. it's a little bit more working its way into the western section of new jersey. there is not a lot of now. we have 30 out in new york and 33 in central park.a lot of us are right at the freezing point but we don't have everything together. the white stuff it comes at us again. generally speaking, it will be a somewhat lucky day. it won't bring us, not only colder air but late snow showers.
5:50 am
80 above normal. the coldest day that we've seen is the ninth and the we are seeing the cold air . the high temperature at 390.32 tomorrow and a high of 210 on saturday. 19 degrees with cold stuff on sunday. what's going on with the roads in rails. how are we doing out there today , kelly? we have a trouble spot it just popped up on the bqe. it's right by the bridge and it takes out one lane so try to avoid that. staten island expressway. it goes in both directions clear. it's a live look at the new everyone is traveling the speed limit. the speed limit is 50 mph .
5:51 am
restriction in place as they sought the roadways. it's still between exit 124 and the new york state line. keep that in mind and keep it slow. trains are close to schedule in the metro-north and the new jersey transit with the alternate side rules suspended. you will still have to feed the meters.ben and carrie, back to you. a lot more still ahead this morning. fans can't let it go. frozen is headed for broadway. we will tell you when , when we come back .
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welcome back. the mx is recovering after he was found in a parking lot of a yonkers hotel without a pulse. his name is earl simmons and he was found in the parking lot of vermont in on monday. the new york post say they gave him cpr and administered our cam for a heroin overdose. no charges were filed in the drugs were found. dmx suffers from asthma and he is expected to perform at a concert this weekend in pennsylvania.
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>> the disney theatrical announced that elsa, anna and friends will come in the spring of 2018. that's the time your daughter will be eight years old. she will be into it by then. >> she will be six. [laughter] carrie: that's bad math. ben: you forget it's already 2016. >> i thought it was 2014. no word yet on who will start in the show. it's the 10th to play . it's crazy! american idol winners take on the role of mentors for the top 24 contenders on the show. >> it's reunion week . it's fantasia with ruben stuttered. remember him
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the contestants include a jersey girl with john isabella learning a lot from the former idol.
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