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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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the 13 had nowhere to go but in the back of him. like i said, nobody's checking up right now. >> keslowski and austin dillon have come to pit road. unchained melody right here. >> now paul wolf told gerry kelly the car chief to add about five inches of tape to the nose. they're going to add fuel to the 2 car. also keslowski told them to take a look at the damage possibly the splitter area. he thought also he might have gotten a little bit -- you see them trying to push that hood down. they're going to have to try to seal that off with big bear bond. you can see them going to work right there. also an update on the 11 of denny hamlin. mike wheeler told him as soon as the caution came out, save, save, save, save, save. they feel they've got one shot here in overtime. >> man. >> mike wheeler. he's got to be chewing his fingernails off. >> you can save all you want but the bank's not paying a lot of interest. >> no, but i believe the number of cautions we've had, even with
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they're in pretty good shape. but how about this. the first race of 2016, we'll >> that's right. >> we're going to check out this new procedure that we have, that nascar's implemented with the nascar overtime. i would say that, yeah, he can handle maybe one overtime. i'm not -- i don't know if he can handle a lot of overtime. >> i think we're pretty optimistic we're going to have any cars left to do overtime. >> let's check with vince. >> jeff gordon described it as bumper cars, kyle. what'd you see out there? not much lace for you to go. >> no, i seen the 19 and the 2 really fighting for a spot. for my vantage point that's all i could see. i could tell we were going to wreck. i tried to check up a little bit. then it's on from behind me. but nothing else you can do from there, i guess vr it's funny when the guys behind you get through the wreck and they're able to go on the rest of the way. i hated for our m&m camry -- still pushing to 13, working really good together. i was going to push him to see
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ourselves a chance to win. hopefully benefit our teammates can do it. >> thanks, kyle. >> thanks, tell mates denny hamlin and and matt kenseth running first and fourth. >> wow, a lot of damage there. >> wow. >> carl edwards who moments before was in a position to challenge for the win. >> last year in this race, half the field ended up wrecked in the garage. and we were hoping not to have a repeat of that tonight. however, that's pretty much where we are. >> well -- >> i'm not going to say anything about the attrition rate anymore. like you said, business picked up. >> you just become so aggressive and you can't let out the throttle. you've got to stay on the gas. if that means pump along guy, trying to push him forward so you can go forward, sometimes it pays off. when it doesn't, hello!
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kind of been a staple of daytona racing for a long time. >> and tonight. >> it has been and you can do it, you've just got to be careful, make sure you're squared up on that bumper. if they start to weave back and forth you've got to get off of that bumper of the person in front of you. we may have been hopeful but the reality is, i'm not surprised. i expected this to happen in this race. >> i did too. >> let's join matt with denny hamlin's crew chief. >> anner jeer for much of kenny hamlin's success at daytona, the rookie crew chief mike wheeler, my crew chief thinks you're about good to go on fuel. what do you think looking at your calculations? >> i hope larry mack's right. i think we can do this one. if we get extra time here, might come up short. which kind of stinks. he's running good, we're happy to be here. >> describe the excitement and the nerves. your first time especially in a situation like this. >> so far, so good. not too bad.
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and you can have fun. victory lane. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> here's vince. >> a little bit frustrated, would elshow you the replay with carl edwards. what'd you feel like happened there? >> well -- brad's still not that. no, i'm kidding. from the replay i saw, looked fault. i stuck it in this here, high-risk maneuver. i thought, okay. we've got a shot. brad. he got a little bit more of a run i thought. i could feel him. i shouldn't have come up that far, that's my fault. we came down here to win this race. had a lot of fun, learned a bunch. sorry to the guy whose car i tore up. like to end them something. man. just having fun. i don't know. that's the kind of race it is. i wouldn't feel right if i didn't try to get up there. i just went too far. >> understand that. thanks, carl.
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carl edwards. now tomorrow we will set the front row for the daytona 500 on fox. >> tomorrow on fox, daytona 500 qualifying. catch the sport's biggest stars as we set the starting lineup for thursday. and determine the front row for next sunday's running of the daytona 500. it all starts tomorrow, 1:00 eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific, only on fox. >> you'll see all of tonight's drivers and nearly 20 more hopeful of earning one of the 40 starting positions in the 500. >> mike, overtime. >> we're going to overtime. >> overtime! >> nascar style! >> yeah, baby. >> all right, here here's newt rule. they'll wave the green flag at start/finish as usual. and if it is a clean restart and the leader makes it around to the overtimeline on the back
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flag waving, then the next flag, yellow or checkered, will end the race. if the leader doesn't get to the overtime line before the caution waves the line will back up and do it again. again flag in overtime. denny hamlin, joey logano, and the rest of the field. >> look how organize the outside lane is. a little bit better. see if that pays off for the 22 and the 20. >> larson fell way back down. shifted gears, i don't know if he didn't -- just lost a little momentum, i guess. >> if he goes on the outside, this thing's over for him. but he didn't. ended up going back to the inside. here they come on the outside three wide. >> there's the overtime line. >> we made it to the line. >> can we make it to three more? >> can we make it back around? >> 42 going to the top of the 20. 42 first to recover. >> the 22 and 11 being side by side it's anybody's race to the line. we could have a photo finish here. >> white flag this time.
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>> one thing i bet you hamlin doesn't do is go below that yellow line when he comes down here for the win. >> wow. whoa! >> whoa. >> no -- >> all at the back. >> we may make to it the checkered flag. >> leaders on the back straightaway. coming hard. caution waves. it's over. >> caution, hell yeah! >> 25 cars start. eight cars finish. >> denny hamlin must still make it around to the checkered flag under reduced speed. and he will be the sprint unlimited winner for the third time in 11 tries. >> what a great game -- >> hamlin, checkered flag, wins the sprint unlimited over logano --
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>> well, well done, man. 21 caution laps made it happen. >> he's feeling good right now. new crew chief. >> what a way to start off. >> three unlimited wins for hamlin. second most in the history of the sprint unlimited. as coach joe gibbs leads the team prayer. it's hamlin's sixth win at daytona. and his fifth in speed weeks. it will be the eighth time coach gibbs goes to victory lane in the unlimited. here's the hey medical on the last lap. >> looked like hamlin put a big block on the 27 car. the 20 gets in there behind menard. and then as they got into turn one, looked like they just ran the 1. he was side by side with the 2. then kind of the 78 in that as well. >> woo. one wreck right after another,
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>> it happens when the 11 blocked the 27's run, the 20 was behind him, stalled them out a little bit. the 1 car had momentum coming to the center. he saw an opening there. and then the closing laps of these races as i mentioned before, you don't check up. you don't lift. you can't if you're going to win the race. and it's really all about winning. stay in the gap even if that gap closes right in front of produce. >> yeah, you can't drive your car and the other guy's. when the other buy has trouble you're going to hit him and that's going to cause more trouble. it's just -- causes a big, big mess. >> gosh. the car in the garage area for heaven's sake. >> the car that won the race is torn up. whole right side caved in. >> see how much fuel he has here to do his burnout. >> oh, he got -- >> joe gibbs racing has won the unlimited four of the last five years. >> he was very kind to the beautiful grass. >> he got the memo on the grass.
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going to pay for it. >> not sure about all this. >> a lot of smoke. that's pretty awesome. >> nice delivery. >> always nice to make your mark, first race, daytona speed week 2016. >> look at coach. yeah i think i got a handle on this deal. >> denny hamlin's team celebrates his victory. the sprint unlimited.
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explorer card. imagine where it will take you. get ready for the hash tag 500, a twitter race happening during the daytona 500 that lets you compete for real gear being used in the race. like helmets. and gloves. and car parts. >> thanks, kyle. >> randy! start! >> i will! >> i got the hood! >> the checkered flag. >> danica, you really shouldn't have! >> fire suits. >> seriously? >> seriously, race fans. follow nascar on twitter and watch the race for multiple
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being used in the daytona 500. from our forehead riends at sprint thank fots are tuning in for fast racing. are you on the fastest network in the sprint lte plus network delivers faster download speeds than most national carriers. switch now and you'll save 50% on most carrier rate plans. hurry, it's a limited time offer. today. toyota ends last season with a championship. starts this season with a win. in victory lane. matt yoakam is with denny hamlin. >> he told mike wheel over the radio "one race, one win, bat batting 1000." i don't know what was more impressive, the block on menard or the poise and composure of your rookie crew chief on the box, working the fuel. >> i don't know if he was poised. he was poise on the the radio. such a young team of crew chief,
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they're a bunch of high school kids. but they did a great job. i'm so happy for mike wheeler. to start 1 for 1 with a good win at daytona. thank our partners. this win first of all couldn't be possible without my teammates. you know, matt sacrificed so much, pushing me at the right time. carl at the end as well. total team effort. just like cale's championship. we win as one. this is a joe gibbs racing win. thank toyota, fed ex. toyota for their commitment to this daytona rising. sprint, coke. the jordan brand, the greenbrier. short clips and the fans. it's great to open up with a win. >> the spotter that told you? or you sensed the 27 of menard? >> well, i mean -- i knew -- i when had in my mind what he was going to do. when the cars are closing that fast, you've got to -- you almost have to anticipate where they're going to go or else you're going to get wrecked. so luckily it worked out for us.
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seen. and luckily we were able to bring it home. >> good luck. looking for his first daytona 500 next weekend. jamie? >> joey logano, for a minute i thought it was going to be a denny. you send up second. looking back is there anything you would have or could have lap? >> i'd have to watch the replay. i saw the 27, looked like he was going to try to put it three wide, which is a good move on his part. i had to block that. then i saw the 42 with a big run. i went to get that push. and then i just seen kyle get really loose behind me. then there was a lot of the smoke. at that point you lost all your help. the replay, i missed it. overall i'm so proud what was that team's done. shows we're picking up where we left off with the shell pennzoil 14. looking forward to get to the 500. >> defending daytona 500 winner, says he has a shot at the pole tomorrow, guys. >> thanks jamie. back to mike and jeff. there are only four of the 25
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crash tonight. >> only two without significant damage, logano and larson. 25 started and two can drive and say we're good to go, wow. >> yeah, i thought it was -- this race had it all like we thought. a saturday night special. you saw everything. a lot of crashes, and we saw an overtime. we didn't know why they would do this? now we know why. >> folks a the home, that was no a individual grow came, that was real life, real cars and drivers sliding all over the place, a wild way to get 2016 started. >> wild is the word. wild and great start for speed weeks for denny hamlin. >> and hamlin, he had the surgery on his right knee in the offseason. the wreck early, was involved, you saw the tape on lap 13. he leads the most laps with his new crew chief. the third different crew chief in the last three years. team. he says this is the last crew chief i'll ever have. after this start, i think connection here. >> denny loves wheeler. wheels they call him. they've got a great relationship, they complete each
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i talked to denny, he said i don't know what to expect, haven't raced since november, how my going to do? looks like he did pretty good. that move to block the big run paul menard had was amazing. >> this is the setup or a sampling of the daytona 500, tomorrow we'll set the front row. denny hamlin, age 35, hasn't won a daytona 500 what do you expect from him and some of the others trying to get that position for the running of the great american race? >> you look at the crew chief/driver combination. jimmie johnson, chad knauss, the magic they had. dave rogers, kyle busch. those rips get you over that next -- to the next level. i think that's what can exactly happen with mike wheeler and denny hamlin. they will be a solid team all season long. >> as they continue to celebrate here at the start of the 2016 nascar fox season, tonight on fox, late local news, animation, domination, high definition after that. tomorrow, 1:00 eastern, from
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couple hours. michael waltrip will hop in the car and try and set himself up to be in the dual races thursday which you'll see on fs 1. for michael waltrip, chris meyers, welcoming jeff gordon to the nascar fox broadcast team, denny hamlin the fed ex toyota winner, thanks for being a part of nascar on fox. >> sending the boys and girls off. >> boogity boogity boogity! let's go racing, boys! >> oh! >> hard in the wall. >> hamlin. checkered flag.
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without the authorized written consent of nascar broadcasting. nascar would like to thank all of our fans for your support and we hope you enjoyed today's broadcast.
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>> remembering justice scalia one of the most influential members of the supreme court died at the age of 89. hello our top story antwan lewis has had the night off. justice scalia died of natural causes in texas leading conservative voice on the court and along serving of the the nine sitting justices. jessica here now with moreen o life and legacy of scalia. >> he served supreme court and appointed by ronald reagan. tonight those who u knew him are paying tribute. >> some call him most
10:24 pm
quarter industry. president obama offered his condolences. >> influenced a generation, judges, lawyers, and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. he will no doubt be remembered as most a judge, and he was a judge who department make the u law but said the law was constitutional or not. >> he probably be last justice to be confirmed 98-0 even ted kennedy who couldn't stand what scalia stood for voted or for him because nobody was gong to vote away first italian american to be on the supreme court. >> lifelong catholic who talked about beliefs a catholic prayer breakfast.
10:25 pm
god heck fist at least as easy to believe as big bang triggered by nothing. >> known for brilliant mind and style. influential conservative stand guided by originalism. he was strong opponent of abortion and affirmative action. >> focused on the supreme court not making the law just affirming the law an congress making the law. so although he was personally, possibly or probably against abortion or against gay marriage in his decisions it wasn't a personal thing. it was these are decisions congress should be maybe. not decisions the united states supreme court should be making. it was about the process. >> since 2008 opinion for the court in the favor of gun rights do heavily on history of the second amendment and most important moment on the bench. feral he told me decisions he was most proud of were prnlly he didn't like the outcome but he
10:26 pm
to do. >> the supreme court sent out this statement which reads in part his passing is a great loss to the court and country he so loyally served may you de blasio saying new york is proud to have one of their own in the supreme court. scalia leaves behind a wife and nine children. christina. >> jessica, thank you. the debate over who will rejustice gal is heating up a number of republican senators spoken out including ted cruz on cbs. they say president obama should not be allowed to nominate justice scalia replacement on the president obama briefly touched on the subject. inch plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. there are be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing
10:27 pm
>> senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing brawmtion to make one more appointee. released a statement saying american person should have a voice in their supreme court justice. therefore it should not be fulfilled until we have a new president. senator minority leader harry reid rejected call tweeting out president can and should send senate a no, ma'am p nominee right away and this can as soon as possible. debate is sure to be a hot button issue in the race for the white house. find out latest on the death of justice scalia and pits political implications coming up tomorrow morning on fox news sunday reg right here on fox 5 at 10 a.m. other big story in midtown as they go to the single digit
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it could get cold earl. here's sam jerry. >> temperatures have been falling since noon today and it is going to get even colder towards tomorrow morning. which is hard to believe if you've been spending time outdoors this evening we're in below zero. for most of new jersey with exemption of sussex and long island we have a windchill advisory and they'll be negative 15 to negative 24 degrees by tomorrow morning and just to the north for connecticut hudson valley, and twin tears negative 20 to 30 that's where there's a windchill warning in effect. so if you do have to head out you need to cover yourself up, frostbite very fast and try not toe spend too much time outdwhoors it is this cold. these are our temperatures right now it is 4 degrees islip. 6 in central park, negative 2 in monticello you've been frigid all day long. 7 right now in newark, and 10 in
10:29 pm
and temps continue to go down, and we have the winds. winds are still gusting close to 40 in spots from islip to montauk. winds about 25 miles per hour from new york city to newark, and that wind is what is making it feel so cold out there. so right now windchill are well below zero and wear your layers keep your pets in mind. frostbite occurs quickly tonight. let your pipe, water trickle so you don't get frozen pipes and make sure you have a safety kit if you're federalling. more details and a look ahead to valentine's day in a few minutes. christina. >> samantha thank you. weather may have played a role in the massive pileup in pennsylvania this morning. more than 50 cars were involved in the crash. three people were killed and doesenings more hurt. it happened just before 10 in bethel township in pennsylvania. snow squalls found winds and poor visibility may have been a factor. man police say killed three
10:30 pm
hotel is now fashioning murder charge hads. detectives apprehended michael sykes this amp in queens and tonight charged with three counts of murder and attempted murder. investigators say sykes stabbed the mother, his child and three daughters inside a holings in willow broke wednesday morning. the woman and two of the girls died. up with surviving child is recovering at a staten island hospital. the nypd says that people inside the minivan in this surveillance video kidnapped a man at gunpoint on east 54th street and flatbush and that victim reportedly beaten, stabbed and robbed and then dumped on east 39th and foster avenue. if you have any information that can help police please call crime stoppers 577-tips. environmental group says waterways around no, are teaming with palace tech. bay keeper says there are at least 165 million plastic particles floating in new york


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